Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yesterday's Storm

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Yesterday we had a brutal rain and wind storm that knocked out power in Lake Worth even causing a fire near the 1800 block of North D Street. Power lines literally fell on nearby homes. Here in my community, lighting struck a transformer according to LW Utilities and many of our residents had no power for about four hours. Winds were so strong that it blew a palm branch up to the 2nd level of our building.

The Utility company came last night to make the repairs and I was told not to get too close in case the transformer blew?! He was here for about 1/2 hour.


Anonymous said...

You dont want to get to close to those downed lines. It will make your hair sparkle and get frizzy.

Anonymous said...

It was the fuse on the transformer, they can't change a transformer in half an hour. Without the fuse, no power