Friday, November 24, 2017

Sunset 11-24-17

Some dark moments on Black Fridays

Outlaw businesses that hire Illegal Aliens

"The recent passage of mandatory E-Verify by the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee brings us one step closer to ending the root cause of most illegal immigration into the United States — outlaw businesses that hire illegal immigrants. Illegal border crossings, visa overstays, and children born in the United States to parents here illegally would all be dramatically reduced or eliminated if we ended the ability for outlaw employers to take advantage of those that arrive here illegally.

There are hundreds of thousands of young-adult children of undocumented immigrants who have been here since childhood because we have allowed outlaw employers to hire and employ their parents illegally for decades. Roughly one-half of the nation’s undocumented immigrant population results from visitors who entered legally but who do not leave when their time is up because Congress continues to refuse to mandate the well-tested and widely used E-Verify system. When visitors sense that illegal employment is widespread, the temptation to break their visa agreements grows stronger."

Read the rest of Ken Blackwell's opinion...

Thanksgiving at Mar-A-Lago

Our friends, Dee and Laurence McNamara, attended the luncheon at Mar-A-Lago yesterday.

Students giving back on Thanksgiving

Students are learning more than just the 3 R's --that of giving back to those less fortunate

Read about Palm Beach Harvest and Lake Worth High School students helping needy people--View the video.

DOJ files lawsuits

Thankfully, President Donald Trump and AG Sessions have put the safety and well-being of our nation and children ahead of the citizenship of criminal immigrants — as it should be. Watch the crazy ACLU get involved.

Read about it...

The only NFL turkey yesterday

Not So Thankful: Giants’ Olivier Vernon Kneels During the National Anthem on Thanksgiving Day

Olivier Vernon signed a 5 year, $85,000,000 (that's MILLION folks!) contract with the New York Giants, including a $20,000,000 signing bonus, $52,500,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $17,000,000.

And guess what? The Giants lost 24 to 10!

McCain gets the boot

Songbird McCain says he wore the orthopedic boot on the wrong foot out of a spirit of equality, because his injured foot was getting all of the attention

Read this hilarious story...

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Toby and Dude at the Dorseys

Lori Berman runs for vacant Jeff Clemens' seat

Photo taken at Lake Worth City Hall

Lori Berman Tenders Resignation from Florida House to Run for Vacant Senate Post

Read about Lori...

Give me a "high five!" instead of a hug

Children Now Warned Against Hugging Their Family During the Holiday Season

Liberals have gone stark, raving mad and need to stay out of parenting.  The Girl Scouts have an article on raising "happy girls" and say one in ten girls are sexually abused so children, don't hug your family, especially during holidays and family get-togethers..

Hillary said, "It takes a village to raise a child." No, it takes a loving family that gives hugs and shows love, giving comfort and security to their children. Tell them often how much you love them.

Tobacco companies make corrective statements about the effects of smoking

No pardon for this turkey

President Donald Trump's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation


On Thanksgiving Day, as we have for nearly four centuries, Americans give thanks to Almighty God for our abundant blessings. We gather with the people we love to show gratitude for our freedom, for our friends and families, and for the prosperous Nation we call home.

In July 1620, more than 100 Pilgrims boarded the Mayflower, fleeing religious persecution and seeking freedom and opportunity in a new and unfamiliar place. These dauntless souls arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in the freezing cold of December 1620. They were greeted by sickness and severe weather, and quickly lost 46 of their fellow travelers. Those who endured the incredible hardship of their first year in America, however, had many reasons for gratitude. They had survived. They were free. And, with the help of the Wampanoag tribe, and a bountiful harvest, they were regaining their health and strength. In thanks to God for these blessings, the new governor of the Plymouth Colony, William Bradford, proclaimed a day of thanksgiving and gathered with the Wampanoag tribe for three days of celebration.

For the next two centuries, many individual colonies and states, primarily in the Northeast, carried on the tradition of fall Thanksgiving festivities. But each state celebrated it on a different day, and sometime on an occasional basis. It was not until 1863 that the holiday was celebrated on one day, nationwide. In the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the bloodiest battles of our Nation’s Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that the country would set aside one day to remember its many blessings. “In the midst of a civil war of unequalled magnitude and severity,” President Lincoln proclaimed, we recall the “bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come.” As President Lincoln recognized: “No human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy.”

Today, we continue to celebrate Thanksgiving with a grateful and charitable spirit. When we open our hearts and extend our hands to those in need, we show humility for the bountiful gifts we have received. In the aftermath of a succession of tragedies that have stunned and shocked our Nation – Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria; the wildfires that ravaged the West; and, the horrific acts of violence and terror in Las Vegas, New York City, and Sutherland Springs – we have witnessed the generous nature of the American people. In the midst of heartache and turmoil, we are grateful for the swift action of the first responders, law enforcement personnel, military and medical professionals, volunteers, and everyday heroes who embodied our infinite capacity to extend compassion and humanity to our fellow man. As we mourn these painful events, we are ever confident that the perseverance and optimism of the American people will prevail.

We can see, in the courageous Pilgrims who stood on Plymouth Rock in new land, the intrepidness that lies at the core of our American spirit. Just as the Pilgrims did, today Americans stand strong, willing to fight for their families and their futures, to uphold our values, and to confront any challenge.

This Thanksgiving, in addition to rejoicing in precious time spent with loved ones, let us find ways to serve and encourage each other in both word and deed. We also offer a special word of thanks for the brave men and women of our Armed Forces, many of whom must celebrate this holiday separated from the ones for whom they are most thankful. As one people, we seek God’s protection, guidance, and wisdom as we stand humbled by the abundance of our great Nation and the blessings of freedom, family, and faith.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim Thursday, November 23, 2017, as a National Day of Thanksgiving. I encourage all Americans to gather, in homes and places of worship, to offer a prayer of thanks to God for our many blessings.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this seventeenth day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand seventeen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-second.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Facebook creating an important tool

Breaking News from

Facebook announced Wednesday that it will create a tool to allow users to find out what Facebook or Instagram accounts are sponsored by Russia's Internet Research Agency.

"We will soon be creating a portal to enable people on Facebook to learn which of the Internet Research Agency Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts they may have liked or followed between January 2015 and August 2017," the social media company wrote in a blog post. "This tool will be available for use by the end of the year in the Facebook Help Center."

Tonight's Sky 11-22-17

Crooked Hillary - Witness in the Uranium One sale

It seems that the United States Senate has themselves a secret witness, who is no longer secret, for the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One scandal. Within this fascinating piece of information, there are stories of bribery and extortion. The Russians really wanted to get at Hillary Clinton and influence her to go with the Uranium One sale. What will this investigation uncover? This could get to be a real thriller, says Allen West
Read about it... and Crooked Hillary.

Woman asks man to stop "manspreading" and he punches her in the face

This is what our country has fallen to--there are way too many depraved people in our society today--no morals--no respect for others--no understanding of what's right or wrong. How did we get here?

Social Media opened the can of worms and made it worse. People are free to lie and say the damndest of things with no punishment...totally free from the injurious consequences of their actions that have trickled over to our daily lives. Facebook is the absolute worse for this sort of behavior.

Sex Scandal in the Hillary campaign

(Christian News Alerts) – Following the 2016 election, the American people heard Hillary Clinton come out and say that she lost the election due to sexism and misogyny. It turns out that there was sexism taking place, but not in the Republican party.

Read about it...

ISIS Threatens to kill Barron

ISIS Issues Grave Assassination Threat Against One Of Trump’s Children

Read about it... and the evil, repulsive and cowardly terrorists.

Latest Roy Moore Poll

Judge Roy Moore Leads Liberal Doug Jones 58% to 35% in latest Tribune Poll

We keep reading that Doug Jones is ahead. Even Fox News reported last night that Moore was behind by less than a point. But not in this poll that was conducted in Alabama--

Judge Roy Moore Leads Liberal Doug Jones 58% to 35% in latest Tribune Poll by Jim Hoft

The Trussville Tribune reported:
"In an unscientific online poll conducted by The Trussville Tribune, Republican Roy Moore led Democrat Doug Jones by a healthy margin.
The poll limited participating IP addresses to one entry and had 2,741 participants. The Tribune covers the cities of Trussville, Clay, Pinson, Center Point, Argo and Springville in Jefferson and St. Clair counties.

When asked who participants would vote for in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race, 58.5 percent chose Moore over Jones with 35 percent. Less than 4 percent said they would not vote and less than 2 percent said they would write in a candidate.

Asked if they were affiliated with a political party, 46.5 percent of participants identified as Republican, 33 percent said they were independent, and 22 percent said Democrat.

The poll participants identified as conservative 55 percent of the time, moderate 30 percent, and liberal 15 percent.

Asked if they believed the allegations about Moore, 50 percent did not, 36 percent did believe the allegations and 14 percent were undecided."

Gloria Allred lied about Judge Roy Moore?

Like no one thought of that possibility?

Read about it...

U.S. Naval plane crashes into Pacific

Read about it...

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sunset 11-21-17

The Whitehouse Christmas tree arrived

Black Lives Matter Poll

Hilarious! BLM posted a Trump approval poll on Twitter. When the approval numbers skyrocketed, they deleted it, but we have a screenshot.

Read about it...

NASA just broke Global Warming advocates bubble

(Christian News Alerts) – Progressive global warming activists will be disappointed at this recent revelation. A new NASA study has found that a geothermal heat source underneath the ice caps, consisting of heated rock and volcanic activity, is the real reason why the ice caps are melting — not global warming.

Read about it...

A Rose by any other name...

Top name at major network accused of sex harassment by 8 women

One of the biggest names in the news business is suddenly accused by eight women of sexual harassment.

Being nude in front of them is just the beginning, and now serious action is being taken.

Read about it...

President Trump to "pardon" a Turkey

President Trump hasn't used his pardoning powers since Sheriff Joe Arpaio. But this afternoon a "pardon" ceremony will take place in the Rose Garden. Two lucky turkeys, Drumstick, and Wishbone, will get pardoned from the axe and will be able to live out their lives in turkey bliss.

There are two turkeys and they were both raised in Minnesota. It is no surprise that the state of Minnesota has turkeys. After all, they had former governor Jesse Ventura and now Senator Al Franken.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sunset 11-20-17

Terri Rizzo, Palm Beach County's Top Democrat

As Florida Democratic Party chair, Steve Bittel,  resigned because a handful of women said he "leered" at them, (it is now beyond the absurd) Terri Rizzo declared her intentions to run for the chair of the Florida Democratic Party.

I can't think of a more deserving person. She has done an outstanding job in Palm Beach County with the liberal agenda. I would like to see Republicans do as well or better.

Read about Terri...

NFL Boycott is working

The boycott is getting worse!...or better, depending on how you want to look at it!


The Infamous Derringers

We wrote about Daniel Derringer III in March 2017.

Back in February 2011, his father, a Lake Worth High School graduate, pleaded guilty in the Dirty Water Case which involved second-degree felony unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior. Click here...

Now son, Danny Derringer of Lake Worth just pleaded guilty to blackmail and child porn and could get up to 12 years in the federal pen.

Read about it...

President Trump to make an announcement on Elephant Hunting

President Donald Trump on Twitter Sunday called elephant hunting a "horror show" and suggested he would permanently block the import of elephant trophies from two African nations.

His post comes days after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said it would be issuing permits for elephant trophies following an announcement by the Trump administration last week that it was preparing to reverse the Obama-era ban. [Newsmax]

Charles Manson and Mel Tellis are dead

Murderous and evil cult leader Charles Manson (83) who thought he was invincible and country music star Mel Tellis (85), who was born in Tampa, Florida, but later raised in Pahokee, Florida, dead.

Which one will we miss?

Rey Maualuga of Miami Dolphins jailed and kicked off team

Read about it...

These guys aren't king anymore.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunset 11-19-17

Beautiful Lake Worth beach

"All Lies," says Accuser's Stepson

In response to these malicious accusations by Beverly Young Nelson, her stepson Darrel Nelson published a video. Darrel said the allegations against Judge Moore were all lies.


SCOTUS Short List

President Trump's Short List has been amended--five new names have been added for SCOTUS:

  • Judge Amy Coney Barrett of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Oklahoma State Supreme Court Justice Patrick Wyrick
  • Georgia State Supreme Court Justice Britt Grant
  • Judge Kevin Newsom of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

  • As Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 84 years old, I heard that Democrats say nightly prayers for her health even though many of them don't particularly believe in prayer..

    Republican Party of Palm Beach County Holiday Party

    Hillary and Uranium One

    FBI informant in Uranium One case has video of Russian agents with briefcases full of cash to bribe the Clintons for control of US uranium

     Read about it...

    "The Clintons appear to be chin-deep in the nastiest case of treason since the Rosenbergs were tried, convicted, and executed in 1953."

    Liberals are Obstructonists and Clueless

    Liberal SJWs protest ‘Nazi’ Ben Shapiro (who is Jewish so calling him a "Nazi" is absurd) but are completely clueless when asked one simple question--

    Saturday, November 18, 2017

    Sunset 11-18-17

    Confessions of a heterosexual male

    Dem gubernatorial candidate brags about trysts with 50 women

    An Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate is getting out in front of any sexual misconduct accusations that may be lodged against him. To that end, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill wrote a Facebook post on Friday about his own sexual escapades. “Now that the dogs of war are calling for the head of Senator Al Franken, I believe it is time to speak up on behalf of all heterosexual males. As a candidate for Governor, let me save my opponents some research time,” he wrote, referencing recent allegations that the Minnesota Democrat sexually assaulted a woman in 2006."

    Read about it... and what Justice Bill O'Neill has to say.

    Quote of the Day - Margot Kidder

    “Corruption is corruption is corruption no matter how many laws there are allowing it. Or, to put it otherwise: finding deceit, dishonesty, lies, and corruption involving Hillary Clinton is like finding sand at the beach. It is everywhere the eye can see."

    ~ Lois Lane, a/k/a/ Margot Kidder

    Talking about Donna Brazile and the Hillary Clinton corruption.

    MS-13 Gang bust nationwide


    Almost 300 MS-13 Gang Members Arrested in Nationwide Bust -

    [The Washington Free Beacon ] Under the leadership of President Trump, the Department of Justice, and the FBI, “Operation: Raging Bull” led to the arrest of nearly 300 members and associates of the infamous transnational gang MS-13, making the country safer by taking these criminals off the streets for good.

    PBSO investigating two murders involving MS-13

    Targeting MS-13 means overlooking victims' immigration status, PBSO chief says

    After murders of undocumented workers, deputies arrest 6 accused gang members

    Read about the MS-13 gang killers... in Lake Worth. With so many illegal aliens in our city, it's a field day for gangs.The headline "kills me" saying that PBSO overlooks immigration status. They always overlook immigration status. Nothing new and then they tell us we're not a sanctuary city. The gangs know where to come to prey on the vulnerable.

    "The Donald" Trump burger

    President Trump made such a hit in Japan that hungry Japanese diners are lining up for a chance to eat “The Donald,” the newest, insanely popular “must have” culinary creation in Tokyo

    Read about it...

    Al Franken - Bombshell revelation

    41-Year-Old Franken Bombshell Sheds New Light: I Don’t Like Homosexuals, Glad That Homosexual Got Killed

    As everyone is holding everyone accountable for something that might have happened decades ago, here is what Al Franken said when he was age 25.

    It could be just as bad--now Democrats are saying Keith Ellison, a convert from Catholicism to Islam when he was 19, should run for Franken's senate seat.

    Friday, November 17, 2017

    Sunset 11-17-17

    Judge Jeanine: "It's time to Lock Her Up"

    Quote of the Day - President Trump

    “While in the Philippines I was forced to watch @CNN, which I have not done in months, and again realized how bad, and FAKE, it is. Loser!”

    ~ President Donald Trump

    And the Crap continues--

    UPDATE: Bittel resigns as chair

    Accusers say FDP Chair, Stephen Bittel, made them uncomfortable although he never touched them. Now it seems, you can't even look at a woman. Some are calling for his resignation. Hasn't it all gone too the absurd?

    Read about it...

    Death Wish

    The movie, starring Bruce Willis, is a remake from the popular 1974 version of the film, starring Charles Bronson and will be in theaters on November 22. I like the idea of "getting the bad guys." Some politically correct liberals are condemning it...old white Alt Right guy with a gun or something.

    You want to take a knee? OK

    [One American News] "It makes you wonder if any of the whining protesters are even aware of how the country they hate paid for the stadium that provides their job? In the end it doesn’t matter. The people are done with it and the GOP is on the job.

    The NFL can pay their own bills from now on, and if they don’t fix their attitude soon, that might prove difficult. In the video, you can see just how big the problem is and how the GOP is handling it. Take a look."

    Gang members arrested in recent Lake Worth killings

    Six gang members, five of whom are juveniles, have been arrested in two recent Lake Worth killings, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.

    Read about the scum...

    Early Morn 11-17-17

    Franken says it was all a joke!

    MSNBC, which, with all the other likely suspects in the mainstream media, has been flaying Judge Roy Moore for unproven, unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misconduct, and did the same to President Trump, is now very forgiving Senator Al Franken, even excusing or justifying his grabbing of a sleeping woman’s breast, which there is photographic proof of.

    Read about it...

    The joke's on you, baby.

    Thursday, November 16, 2017

    End Chain Migration

    Trump just said a DACA deal with Democrats can't include 'CHAIN MIGRATION'

    Read about what the President means...

    Al Franken accused of Sexual Misconduct

    Sen. Al Franken kissed and groped me...

    James Comey's job performance is ripped to shreds by former co-worker

    The liberal press mocks President Trump for drinking water

    "An understandably tired President Trump is home from a very busy and productive Asian tour where he secured over a trillion dollars in business from Asian trade partners. That is a one trillion dollar direct boost to the US GDP."

    A trip of this magnitude would be exhausting for even a 40 year old. I admire the president's stamina as well as his results even getting the three UCLA basketball players home from what was a major embarrassment to the United States.

    Read about it...

    Time for a new Special Council

    Dobbs announced to viewers, “It appears tonight General Sessions has put it under consideration”-- regarding an investigation into the Uranium One deal.

    Deranged Democrats

    “House Democrats lack a positive message and are completely unwilling to work across the aisle, so instead they’ve decided to support a baseless radical effort that the vast majority of Americans disagree with. Republicans are focused on issues the middle class actually cares about, like cutting taxes and growing the economy.”

    ~ Michael Ahrens, RNC spokesman

    Talking about the group of Democrats who filed an Article of Impeachment against President Trump.

    Somali Muslim stabs people at Mall of America - Press silent

    Mall Of America Stabber Was A Somali Muslim Migrant, Media Un-Shockingly SILENT

    Read about it... and the Somali, Mahad Abdiaziz Abdirahaman, who stabbed two people who tried to stop him from stealing.

    Wednesday, November 15, 2017

    Tonight's Sky 11-15-17

    George Takei said he grabbed hesitant men by the c**k

    Hypocritical George Takei Critizes Trump for Harassment

    Read about it...

    Israel and Saudia Arabia Peace Deal?

    According to a Lebanese website, regional peace deal includes settling Palestinian refugees outside Israel, no annexation of Jerusalem and Saudi/Israeli cooperation against Iran.

    Al-Akhbar posted what it said was the full text of the document which lists five basic principles supposedly agreed upon between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which would constitute the framework for a regional agreement and the end of the Arab Israeli conflict.

    Read the 5 steps in the agreement...

    "Chicago is a disaster, a total disaster"

    llegal Guns are the Problem

    Chicago has strict gun controls--Last year Chicago had the bloodiest year ever and 2017 will surpass that record.

    It is clear that illegal guns in the hands of street gangs and drug dealers are the problem in Chicago, not legal gun owners. Guns brought into the city from out of state sell for top dollar on the street. This would indicate a problem with local government and courts. Addressing the uncontrolled gun violence rampant in his failing city, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel recently announced that 100 more police officers have been placed on the streets. Rahm baby says President Trump should show leadership instead of criticizing his city as a total disaster.

    Read about it...

    825 Sunset Drive - 12 years later

    The Sunset property at 825 Sunset Drive has been in limbo since 2005. That's when I joined the Political Action Committee, Save Our Neighborhood, my first involvement in Lake Worth politics.

    The Pac collected over 3,000 signatures city wide wanting the single family zoning kept in place. Former Lake Worth city attorney Larry Karns refused to forward the petitions to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections for verification citing a State Statute that you could not petition on less than 5 acres even though it was he who approved our petition. A battle in the circuit court then ensued between Save Our Neighborhood, Inc. and the City. Save Our Neighborhood won its case in the circuit court, but the decision was challenged by the City of Lake Worth. Even then the city was going against its citizens, favoring a developer just like it did on the Heights Amendment in recent years. The Sunset case moved up the judicial ladder into the Appellate court which then overturned the Circuit Court's decision.

    In a special meeting held on August 25, 2009, the Lake Worth City Commission voted to repeal two city ordinances that would have allowed MF 20 zoning (20 units per acre) into the single family Lake Osborne Heights neighborhood. The commission consisted of Commissioners Cara Jennings, Commissioner Retha Lowe, Mayor Jeff Clemens, Commissioner Joanne Golden and Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill. The undeveloped 4.02 acre property that was the subject of the commission's action reverted to its previous zoning of “County Agricultural” (five units per acre). Zoning is all political.

     Read about it... and about who we had to fight to keep our neighborhood. Wes Blackman even called us "whackos."

    So, 12 years later, we still are in limbo with the property. The owner threatened a Bert J. Harris lawsuit. We all were in mediation for a few years and nothing ever was resolved.  The property lanquishes and Code never does a thing about the condition of this property. Only the raccoons, snakes and possums enjoy it. So, 12 years later, it looks like this:

    Judge Roy Moore responds to Mitch McConnell

    "Ever since the Washington Post launched its smear attack, alleging that Alabama Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore had sexual relations with a 14-year-old, the Democrats and RINO hacks on Capitol Hill have unleashed a full-out onslaught on Alabama’s one true conservative

    The allegations are obviously still in question, and highly dubious at that, yet Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has gathered his horde of swamp alligators in condemnations of the pro-Trump Moore, demanding that he surrender his guns from the race."

    Read about it...
    The question is, will Roy Moore survive this massive political assault?