Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tonight's Sky

Beware of the Blob

Lake Worth November 8th - Children of Jacmel, Haiti

For the last five years, the artists of the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery have been supporters of the children of the Arts Creation Foundation in Haiti. These children suffered greatly from the earthquake that killed over 300,000 Haitians. Through the Arts Creation Foundation the children have learned to survive through the creation of art.

Every March the gallery holds a Haitian Empty Bowl Fundraiser for these children. Artists have made up to 500 bowls each year. These bowls are sold and the participants take them to 20 restaurants throughout town, each filling the bowls with wonderful foods. With the funds raised the children get water treatment systems, some housing and whatever their greatest needs are.

The reception for the children will take place from 6-9 PM. Art works created by the children will be on sale with 100% of the proceeds going to the Arts Creation Foundation. This is a wonderful opportunity to directly meet the children you have helped through your donations. The Foundation will accept additional donations as well.

Initiative and Referendum

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Sec. 9. Initiative and referendum.

Qualified voters of the city shall have power to propose ordinances to the city commission and, if the city commission fails to adopt an ordinance so proposed without any change in substance, to adopt or reject it at a city election, provided that such power shall not extend to the budget or capital improvements program or any ordinance relating to appropriation or money, levy of taxes or salaries of city officers or employees.

The qualified voters of the city shall have power to require reconsideration by the city commission of any adopted ordinance and if the city commission fails to repeal an ordinance so reconsidered, to approve or reject it at a city election, provided that such power shall not extend to the budget or capital improvements program or any emergency ordinance or ordinance relating to the appropriation of money, levy of taxes or salaries of city officers or employees.

I ate your Halloween Candy

Bobcat or Manx cat?

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Another photo showing the tail.

E. R. Bradley's Beach Club Ribbon Cutting

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The best thing about E. R. Bradley's Beach Club is its location at the beautiful Lake Worth Golf Course. The new outside decking overlooking the golfcourse and the Intracoastal Waterway has an unsurpassed ambiance. Umbrellas are on order and will be covering the outside tables, a perfect area for dining.

The city will receive $3,000 a month on a ten year lease (no escalation clause and no percentage of profits) that is renewable for an additional 10 years. The city of Lake Worth will be solely responsible for all utility fees and costs, including but not limited to: telephone, electricity, garbage removal, sewer and water service. Such a deal.

The ribbon cutting was yesterday but for some reason, the restaurant was unprepared to open to the public. In the lobby was a sign that its grand opening would be Friday.  A person identified as the owner, Nick Coniglio, son of the mayor of Palm Beach, did not seem too happy. I approached him on my way out and he said that he was opening earlier than planned...mentioned  that many of his staff were still untrained...and he just was not interested in a ribbon cutting. When I suggested that it was good publicity, he said he did not need the publicity. Well, it's true--E.R. Bradley's does have a reputation and following of its own but it's also true that it does need the public.

Yesterday was their first day and the kinks had not been worked out...only one computer it was explained. An ObamaCare "glitch" came to mind. The commission was there along with the Mayor and many of our residents who stayed for lunch to support Mr. Coniglio's new venture by spending money on lunch and cocktails. By the time I arrived there and eventually finished my tuna sandwich ($9.95 plus tax and tip) that included a small plastic bag of unopened potato chips, it was two hours later. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being tops or the most expensive, here are my ratings for the opening day that are bound to get better:

Service -- 0 -- Disaster
Food -- 3
Courtesy of Servers -- 5
Location -- 5
Price -- 3

I'll try again next month as this might have been nothing more than opening day blues.

Halloween Moon

11% of full

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bobcat Sighting at Bryant Park?

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M. Hill photo
Young Bobcat as seen at Bryant Park?

We have all sorts of stuff happening at Bryant Park, from a guy beaten to a pulp, the homeless hanging out, playground equipment where adults ride the swings and now a real life Bobcat according to the photographer!

The bobcat hunts animals of different sizes, and will adjust its hunting techniques accordingly. With small animals, such as rodents (including squirrels), birds, fish, and insects, it will hunt in areas known to be abundant in prey, and will lie, crouch, or stand, and wait for victims to wander close. It will then pounce, grabbing its prey with its sharp, retractable claws. For slightly larger animals, such as rabbits and hares, it will stalk from cover and wait until they come within 20 to 35 ft (6.1 to 11 m) before rushing in to attack. Less commonly, it will feed on larger animals, such as young ungulates and other carnivores such as fishers, foxes, minks, skunks, small dogs and domesticated cats.  Source;  Wikipedia

Let's hope that it is true that cats are not a big part of their diet as there are a lot of feral cats around Bryant Park and a homeowner who we all know and love who owns a few.

Obamacare created jobs for foreign corporation, not American workers

Patriot85 says:

"In these days of recession, one would think this federal boondoggle would have been awarded to an American company. NOPE. Instead of wasting 600 million of our dollars here, the project was awarded to a Canadian company, CGI Group, with a reputation for maximizing profits and reducing expenses. Hmmm, what's the easiest way to do that? Farm out major portions to programmers from India. I have no problem with Canada or India, they all need jobs too.

My problem comes from the fact that the decision to give this project to a foreign company was made in the good ole U.S.A., by people who are supposed to be looking out for America. If you take it one step further and ask, what benefits are gained through the use of a foreign company in this situation? The best answer is: They're not subject to American Law! Now we the people have no legal way to discover the parameters, instruction, and scope with which the Canadian company was asked to operate.

I am SO SICK of seeing every opportunity to fleece the public and hide the truth being used by our elected officials"

Just another bad decision by President Obama..

Felony Battery Perp

Harold Tucker--
unmercifully beat a homeless man to a pulp
according to the PBSO

With an address of 100 Golfview Road in Lake Worth, the above has been charged with felony battery in Bryant Park on October 5. He is still in the Palm Beach County jail and no new charges have been filed by the PBSO. Rumors still have the victim as dying from his injuries after he was brought to Delray Medical Clinic.

In many areas, felony battery is a crime that may be punishable by a minimum of one year in a prison or penitentiary, depending on the severity of the crime.

For a crime to qualify as felony battery, the act must typically have been committed with the intent to do serious harm or restrain, such as in the case of rape or murder. The touching must usually be done in a painful, harmful, offensive or violent manner without the consent of the victim.

A conviction of Felony Battery is punishable by any combination of:

  • Up to 5 years in prison
  • Up to 5 years of probation
  • Up to $5,000 in fines

  • Now if the victim died due to his injuries, you have a whole new set of punishments.

    Quote of the Day - E. W. Jackson

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    "Planned Parenthood has been far more lethal to Black lives than the KKK ever was."

    ~ E. W. Jackson,  running for Lt. Governor in Virginia

    Mr. Jackson is a black Republican conservative and the latest target of the Democratic Racist left propaganda to " bully, intimidate, harass, menace, strong arm until they get what they want, no matter what they want, and then some, no matter how they get it," so says the Family Foundation. Also, of all the candidates running, his was the only sign that was defaced.

    People are sick of this.

    Tuesday, October 29, 2013

    Sunset 10-29-13

    Mobile home fire on Boutwell Road Lake Worth

    Grand Opening of E.R. Bradley's Beach Club in Lake Worth

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    E. R. Bradley's Beach Club
     at the Lake Worth Golf Course
    1 7th Avenue North, Lake Worth

    Grand Opening--Wednesday, October 30
    Ribbon cutting at 11:30 
    Will be opened to the public directly after ribbon cutting ceremony


    Prime restaurant space with ocean view on Lake Worth beach

    Photos of the available 2nd floor restaurant space by Brad Lucas.

    Located in our new Casino directly on the Atlantic Ocean in Lake Worth. No where can you find a space of this magnificence ready for a build-out.

    Chapel By the Lake - 30 Pieces of Silver

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    PB Post photo

    Another gorgeous 3.2 acres of waterfront property soon to be bulldozed for what neighbors describe as a 25 story monstrosity. It's all been delayed until January 6th as the West Palm Beach Commission was concerned about two towers instead of one. They should have concentrated on the set-back waiver to the developer and ruining the sky-line forever...or perhaps listening to the people?

    It is said that 1,000 people a day move to Florida and we are one development away from environmental ruination. If elected officials can't be trusted to save our waterfronts, who can?  Church leaders say the sale will get them out of debt. They did not listen to their members nor did they care.  It's always about the money...selling your soul to the devil--30 pieces of silver.

    Another shake-up at the Palm Beach Post

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    Read about it.

    Willie Howard has taken the two weeks severance per year of employment and Randy Schultz is thinking about it.  When you consider that this newspaper is so biased in its reporting, it developed problems with readership retainage.  Willie Howard, reporter and fine gentleman who had the Lake Worth beat for years, never allowed his politics to get in the way of his reporting.

    The above article reports that Republicans were angered by it but the fact of the matter is, everyone I know and who are all Democrats, no longer take the paper.  Even a member of my family just recently subscribed to Wednesdays and Sundays after canceling it for nearly two years because of cost.  We all got hit by the economy. She is the most liberal Democrat I know and voted for Obama because the "other guy was a nerd."  And where did she get that idea?

    It's all a business decision that comes down to money. Even though it is those 55 years of age or older who were offered the severance deal, it is not age that was the factor as they are keeping younger editors who are equally as biased--it is not left-leaning reporting as this is a heavily Democratic county albeit they did forget the 40% or so who are conservative--it was salaries, pure and simple.

    Wikipedia describes the Palm Beach Post: The Palm Beach Post is a major American daily newspaper serving Palm Beach County in South Florida, and the Treasure Coast area. It is the 80th largest daily newspaper in the United States and the 7th largest in Florida and has been around since 1908.

    I hate to see this happening and hope our newspaper survives. Businesses demand loyalty of its employees but when push comes to shove, it's always the bottom line.

    Monday, October 28, 2013

    Jerk of the Day - Michael V. Hayden

    We're in trouble!  Former National Security Agency Chief Michael V. Hayden got eavesdropped!   He was also once the head of the CIA. Read about it here.

    Just shows how a punk like Ed Snowden can drive rings around spy chiefs who should know better.

    Lake Worth - Employees

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    I always say, it could be worse--we could be living in Boynton Beach.  Most of our problems pale in comparison other than slum, blight and crime, of course.

    Now the latest is they age discriminated against an elderly man who was working for the library part-time to subsidize his income.  They fired him after he was considerate, arranged the surgery during the summer when it was slow and gave proper notice that he would be out for a short time due to hip surgery.  Boynton didn't like that.  They fired him.

    The truth be known is that corporations are hiring the older workers now.  It has been proven that they have good leadership skills; they're focused; they're loyal; they have a good work ethic; and they have strong networks. If they are over 65, they are on medicare therefore no healthcare costs to worry about.

    We in Lake Worth value our employees but at a huge expense I might add--union benefits are killing us, contracts signed during good times. Union negotiations are something we have not heard about under this commission.

    To set the record straight, ever since Commissioner Amoroso ran for office the first time and even though he was informed at the time he was using an erroneous figure when he said that Lake Worth, under Susan Stanton, laid off 70 workers, that figure has stuck.  Mayor Pam Triolo quoted it just recently. In actuality and during the 2011-2012 budget discussions, it was said that 39 positions were eliminated beginning in 2008--some due to austerity measures and the rest because of the contracting out of our police and fire, outsourcing of city services in the areas of park, facility and street maintenance the year before.  Some were probationary union positions or were  positions still listed on the chart that were never filled, thus making up the 70 plus positions.

     I have mentioned this before but local politicians (who never attended a commission or budget meeting back then) still like to use the larger figure to blame a former commission on everything imaginable especially on the lack of code enforcement by saying that they laid-off all these employees. They try to imply that we wouldn't have all this slum, blight and crime if the previous administration had not cut staff.

    Quote of the Day - Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo

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    "We can't keep putting the icing on when we haven't baked the cake."

    ~ Lake Worth Mayor, Pam Triolo

    Talking about the condition of our roads in Lake Worth and continually patching the potholes.

    The commission is getting in its propaganda (along with "cracks" on the Casino expenses), for it's Lake Worth 2020 program. The Palm Beach Post says that 2020 refers to the date when most of the road improvements will be completed. I say it has to do with 20/20 vision from the "visionaries." Either way, it could be both if the voters agree.

    The commission is beginning its education of the electorate/residents of Lake Worth looking for their vote in March 2014 on a general obligation bond--one that could commit the property owners up to possibly 30 years to pay off $80 to $100 million dollars. Most of the properties in Lake Worth are valued at less than $100,000 and pay little or no taxes.

    For all the liberals who are balking at picking up the tab, isn't that a progressive democratic philosophy--tax the rich to benefit the greater good? It's easy for politicians to spend someone else's money. As much as we need our roads repaired and even completely resurfaced in many instances, a vote of the people should be interesting if this gets to the polls.

    Bryant Park Homeless feeding - Live, Love and Burritos

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    Coral House is a religious group that started around 2008.  According to PAPA, the State and their own web site, its members live together (they own two houses and an apartment) and serve together by caring for the homeless of Palm Beach County, providing food, shelter, clothing and advocacy. SOUTH AMERICA MISSION INC (Coral House) with a mailing address in Fort Mill, S.C. owns a property at 5217 S MILITARY TRL, valued at $707,481. We have been unable to reach them to confirm. Click here

    Lake Worth became a Sanctuary city for illegal immigrants about 10-11 years ago but officially on April 13, 2009. Now we seem to be doing the same for the Homeless. It's been reported that every Saturday morning the homeless migrate from parts unknown to Bryant Park to be fed by the Barrito Project, Coral House. They set up at the picnic tables across from the Gulfstream Hotel. And although the PBSO has asked this group to leave, it was reported to this blog that the gal (Kathy or Cathy) in charge said "We will not leave."

    It was estimated that 85 homeless were fed Saturday morning.

    Healthcare Lady missing

    It's been suggested that she went over to the Spanish language site.

    Sunrise over Bryant Park

    Guest photographer, Maurice Luz
    While walking his famous dog Milton in Bryant Park,
    the sunrise cast a beautiful glow over the IntraCoastal Waterway

    Sunday, October 27, 2013

    Sunset 10-27-13

    Prayer Vigil

    Comment Up skit by Saturday Night Live

    Success doesn't happen overnight - The Lake Worth Beach Redevelopment

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    Andrew Marra's editorial in today's Palm Beach Post must have been fed to him by the Vice Mayor who wants to continually take credit for predicting that the beach redevelopment plan was not sustainable--that it would fail. He loves to tell us it is a "loser."  Of course, the Vice Mayor never wanted the casino expense to begin with and voted it down at every opportunity. The Big Picture was not considered, only pennies in the present.

    The truth of the matter is, yes, our costs were higher for this first year because many leases did not start until after their build-outs which were months after the beginning of the fiscal year. Therefore the balance sheet did not show a full year's worth of lease payments.  The pool is now opened attracting many more to our beach. We have five times the number of visitors than in the past and this is reflected in parking fees.

    If the current city administration said that the previous administration is responsible for underestimating the expenses per Marras' article, then they have to blame themselves...the key players (finance) ARE the previous administration.  This spoon fed line in the Post was nothing but politics. The finance plan was presented and approved by the Finance Advisory Board and the Finance Director, the very same director on staff today. When you do projections, you take your best shot completing all analysis and feasibility studies. No one can be 100% accurate in a new business. No one is clairvoyant. And no one wants to over-charge the beach merchants. We want them to succeed. Their success is our success.

    Right now, at least two of the merchants (don't know why only half) will be paying double or more what they were paying previously to reimburse the city for maintenance of the Casino. The merchants are paying extra for their outside cafe space which is over and above the basic rent. The upstairs ballroom is constantly leased out. A tenant for the upstairs restaurant space is a requisite to our Casino's overall monetary success and real estate agents are constantly working on that--a full commission is involved. Rents have gone up through lease escalation clauses. The Traffic Manager is writing tickets galore and enforcing paid parking...the kinks have been worked out and the meters are actually working properly. There are more people than ever before visiting our beach and casino--business is brisk. And just think, the Season has not yet begun.

    Any new business (our beach casino and redevelopment) needs time to succeed. Although we are not paying back ourselves this year for "borrowed" money that belongs to us, this too is a temporary situation. We are NOT subsidizing the operations at our beach park to the tune of $400,000 as Marra suggests--we are only delaying paying it back to ourselves on the books. What we will find is that our beach is the turn-around for the entire City of Lake Worth. Tourist dollars are desperately needed and we are getting more visitors than we ever dreamed.

    Floridians Trust in God

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    Florida's motto is In God We Trust. Florida is the only State that uses this motto on its seal as well as its flag. The motto of the United States itself is In God We Trust, proclaimed by Congress and signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on July 30, 1956.

    “Under God” was added to the pledge by various groups in the late 1940s and early 1950s and since it was  adopted by Congress,  it has sparked controversy among atheist and church-state separation advocacy organizations, minorities with big voices.

    "In God we trust" was adopted as the official motto of the United States in 1956 as an alternative or replacement to the unofficial motto of E pluribus unum, adopted when the Great Seal of the United States was created and adopted in 1782.

    "In God we trust" first appeared on U.S. coins in 1864 and has appeared on paper currency since 1957. Some secularists object to its use. Source; Wikipedia

    As we progress more and more into socialism in this country and the ACLU and other groups get into the act, on Thursday, the web designers for Obamacare testified under oath before a Congressional committee.  The words "so help me God" were eliminated. The U.S. Air Force Academy no longer requires anyone to say "so help me God" at the end of the honor oath. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, run by Mikey Weinstein, filed a complaint. That's all it took for one of our top military academies that teaches our brave future officers.

    Liberal attacks on religion are to blame. Christianity is "the one religion left that can be hated without running afoul of political correctness," says Drew Belsky at The American Thinker. Even the founding Fathers believed in God with half of them having a Divinity Degree.

    Benjamin Franklin
    Signer of the Declaration of Independence and Unites States Constitution
    "Here is my Creed. I believe in one God, the Creator of the Universe. That He governs it by His Providence. That He ought to be worshipped.

    Here in Lake Worth, a city of 6 square miles, we have 35 houses of God and many just outside the city limits in Lake Worth. You would think that this would be the kindest place to live by default. Even though we, the over whelming majority of Americans, trust in God, we need our government to do the same and re-establish its importance.

    Lake Worth's Monster Mash 2013

    You have heard of the best city commission ever--well for everyone who missed Monster Mash in downtown Lake Worth last night, it was the best ever!   In spite of all the slum, blight, crime and potholes, Lake Worth is a fabulous  place.

    Saturday, October 26, 2013

    Creating Scandals instead of Jobs

    "The moves by some states to outsource economic development functions to “public-private partnerships” have, by and large, become costly failures characterized by misuse of taxpayer funds, conflicts of interest, excessive executive pay and bonuses, questionable subsidy awards, exaggerated job-creation claims, lack of public disclosure of key records, and resistance to basic oversight." Read the Report here

    If you want to see the troubling facts and inconvenient truths about how the redistribution of income and wealth in America is up, not down as is so often claimed, read the new Good Jobs First report. And take it not with a grain of salt, but a dose of aspirin, says David Clay Johnson of the National Memo.

    Bob Beckel, ultra liberal, on Obamacare

    This is the friendly face you see when you go up to the government's web site, If you go to the site, make sure you are in good health as the face becomes less friendly as you click on anything-- it will definitely make your blood pressure rise.

    The website, as everyone knows, has "glitches." It just plain does NOT work. On Saturday Obama vowed that "in the coming weeks, we are going to get it working as smoothly as it's supposed to." In the meantime, he encouraged the public to call 1-800-318-2596 or visit  Obama must get this thing up and running. After all, this will be his legacy--socialized medicine.

    The basic architecture of the site, built by federal contractors overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services, was flawed in design, poorly tested and ultimately not functional. “You need there to be good people on the inside to make good contracting decisions and good people on the outside to do the work,” explained Clay Johnson, a Democratic technology consultant who recently worked as a White House fellow. “Right now, it’s the blind leading the blind.” Read more...

    As seen in the PB Post this morning, a Darrin Bell cartoon

    Nothing left but his ashes

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    Doodles is believed to be one of 580 dogs in the U.S. that have died in the past six years from eating pet jerky from China. Baffled by the cause and seeing another surge in illnesses, the Food and Drug Administration reached out to owners and veterinarians to help it find the poison behind the sickening of at least 3,600 dogs and 10 cats since 2007. Read more...

    Doodles was fed french fried looking snacks several times a day until his health failed in the eight weeks leading up to Sept. 9, when he at last succumbed to kidney failure thought to be from pet products made in China. The FDA has been investigating these products and they have one common denominator--all coming from China. They just can't determine what is in the products to cause sickness and even death.

    When you buy snacks for your pet, be sure to look where it was made. Many pet shops, have not taken these products off their shelves although they are all well aware of the risks. There is only a consumer advisory out right now, which warns consumers that treats made in China may sicken and kill your pets.

    Fixing a Pothole

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    Photo credit: M. Hill
    How many guys does it take to fix a pothole?
    1st Avenue and S. J Street

    L Street Parking Lot

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    The City, over the last 15 years or so, has been known to do some mighty stupid things.  Some call it corruption.  The lack of free parking on Lucerne Avenue has been to the detriment of those shops. For the City and some Commissions, it's always been about the tax base and/or helping "friends." Considering that this present commission says it is "business-minded," it now wants to rid itself, once again, of valuable and even historic properties to non-profits or to the CRA, but that's another story.

    Facts on the L Street Parking Lot
    1. The City sold it to Les Evans, their favorite developer, in March 2005 for $575,000 and he quit claimed it to one of his companies, 601 Lucerne Inc. in August 2005.
    2. LUCERNE Holdings LLC bought the property for $375,000 in December 2010. Why didn't we buy it back?
    3. Market value is $73,531 FOR 1 PARCEL, the same for another and $147,148 for the third parcel.

    607 Lucerne Ave--38-43-44-21-15-509-0050 - $73,531
    605 Lucerne Ave--38-43-44-21-15-509-0060 - $73,531
    601 Lucerne Ave--38-43-44-21-15-509-0070 - $147,148 

    If you have been wondering why there is a meter back on the property--

    Finance Director Steve Carr says, "The lot owner did not want to renew the lease so the lot is in private hands and the meter is their meter. There is no City involvement with this lot any more."   
    Hey, if Lake Worth can make money off of my lot, then I can do it too, thought the owner.  I just don't think Lake Worth was making enough to cover the lease and expenses. The lot was empty again yesterday morning. However, the parking charges are more advantageous than what the City was charging.

    Friday, October 25, 2013

    Palm Beach Zoo Tigers

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    The tigers are being moved to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens on Monday so they can be used to breed. The public is invited to visit the tigers Jaya, Bunga and Penari during their final days at the Palm Beach Zoo this weekend at “Boo at the Zoo.”

    Bryant Park - Taking it back

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    We can't have too many of these trash containers in our parks or in our downtown. It is a total disgrace how visitors trash our beautiful Bryant Park especially during events. If you see someone trashing our park, please let them know that they can no longer litter anywhere in our city.

    Signage in Lake Worth

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    Signage Overload

    No one can find the cameras

    An illegal snipe sign placed on a corner by someone from
    this establishment whose owner was convicted of
     criminal deeds. He's now in federal prison. Some people
    have no respect for laws or our city.

    A little Blast from the Past--for fun!
     Also an example of Special Interest money vs. grassroots
    Thanks, Jo-Ann Golden

    Like an Ostrich with its head in the sand

    Comment Up

    No one in Lake Worth will ever talk about the truth, the cold hard reasons why our city has literally fallen apart and has become slum ridden and full of blight, breeding crime. They all want to be "politically correct" and of course, most of the voting base is Liberal. All these "do gooders" want illegals to become citizens. They cite the Statute of Liberty. Others blame our poor state on a handful of anarchists that they say brought down the town but they don't look to themselves. It's easier to blame the other guy. Instead, they get out on weekends and have neighborhood clean-ups believing they are really helping our city as the root problem gets worse.

    On today's front page of the Post is an article on food stamps being cut in Florida and they talk about a farm worker from El Salvador with a baby on her hip applying for food stamps at the Farmworker Coordinating Council, 1313 Central Terrace, Lake Worth, FL 33460.

    Of course this illegal would not be eligible for government assistance unless that baby was born here. And that's another thing these agencies probably tell them--Fornicate, have a kid and you are then In like Flynn--it won't matter if you crossed our borders illegally. That law must change.

    With offices in Lake Worth and Belle Glade, the council says it promotes self-sufficiency through various programs. Ms. Ramirez gets $367 a month in food stamps (not to mention all the other government assistance she gets) that might be reduced by $35 a month for a family of four and the SNAP program serves 48 million people costing $75 billion a year.

    The Farmworker Coordinating Council is in Lake Worth AND Belle Glade helping illegal immigrants while the American citizen supports and subsidizes entire families with average incomes of $14,000 a year! The city commission constantly brings up the fact that we are second to Belle Glade in poverty...they seem shocked by that statistic. And they wonder why this city stays poor?

    Prayer Vigil

    SATURDAY - OCTOBER 26, 2013 @ 8:00PM

     for crime victims
     OCTOBER 26, 2013 at 8:00PM


    Mark Parrilla who organized this prayer vigil says, Join Bryant Park and Genesis Neighborhood Associations Saturday October 26, 2013 at 8pm at the short pier just south of the boat inlet at Bryant Park for a candle light prayer vigil against violent crime in our city. I have invited Commissioner Shelley Vanna, Mayor Pam Triolo, all of our commissioners, City Manager Michael Bornstein, State Representative Jeff Clemens and Channel 12 and 25. I am pretty sure this is one issue every side of the political arena will join together in one harmonious voice toward a solution to make our parks and neighborhoods safer! Bring your own candle.

    Graffiti, or is it Art?

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    The City Commission and the CRA are hell bent on Lake Worth becoming an artists' destination--attracting poor artists to our city to create and sell their inspirations.  The above has been in our downtown for several weeks. Art or Graffiti? And just when we're trying to build up J Street. We had a policy under a former commission to eliminate graffiti within 24 hours.

    Speaking of art, I was told that a tattoo parlor has desires to locate in our downtown on Lake Avenue and had picked out a space but an arts shop beat them out. Thank God one landlord had some common sense. I wonder if he was inspired by the old bikers' night, the kava bar and the e-cigarette establishments. E-cigarettes are still legal but are being watched by law enforcement. Devices are growing in popularity, especially in states where medical marijuana is legal...think Jeff Clemens.  Shouldn't we have some sort of Ordinance to protect the city from businesses such as these?

    And speaking of Ordinances and such, why did we allow residential in our industrial Park of Commerce?   By its very name, commerce, could we not just as easily limited that area to commercial and industrial? 

    Jerk of the Day - MSNBC Chris Hayes

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    Hayes said — ..."along the way noting the 'game you have to play' these days to win the most Republican favor, which means they have to constantly feed red meat to an absolutely insatiable base.”

    Thursday, October 24, 2013

    More on Tsarnaev

    An interesting mess on a domestic terrorist. His body is buried at an undisclosed one would accept it. The Funeral Director considered sending the body to Russia, as Mr. Tsarnaev’s mother had requested, but he could not ensure that the authorities there would accept it.

    RIP as scrap metal

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    USS Forrestal, famous ship of the Vietnam War now at the Navy's inactive ship facility in Philadelphia, was eventually decommissioned in 1993 and was just sold for one cent. If we were to build the ship today, it would cost nearly $2 billion. Instead of dismantling it and putting people back to work creating jobs right there in Philadelphia and making money off the scrap, the government gave it to a private Texas company to do the exact same thing.

    It must be a government thing. Can't afford it, get rid of it or lease it out for one cent/dollar a year.

    Unemployed in Philadelphia

    Stumped at the Cultural Plaza

    Comment Up

    I'm stumped.  We can't afford a twig to replace the 75 year old Ficus/Banyan that was cut down to the ground with only a stump remaining--a mistake they said but NO one believes it. There would have had to have been an approved work order.

    Instead, we (we, meaning the city of Lake explanation for that obtuse person who continually comments on this blog) want to spend $80 million on roads and $18 million on a field of dreams.

    Alan Grayson a True Jackass

    Crime on Lake Osborne Drive

    Palm Beach County Sheriff
    10/24/2013 2:03:00 AM
    Once the affordable/workforce rentals are built, we will be seeing more of this in my neighborhood. Thanks, commission...another wonderful decision all for Lake Worth's tax base.

    Spooks and Goblins in Lake Worth

    LWHS Class of '68 Reunion Update

    Reunion in one more month!!

    The LWHS Class of '68 is having their 45th Reunion on Saturday, November 23rd at Brogue's Irish Pub in Lake Worth from 5 pm to 10 pm in the backroom.  There will be heavy appetizers and cash bar.  This event is for '68 graduates and people who were supposed to graduate in '68.  Casual dress.  Charge is $25 per person.  We invite you to stay after the reunion to hear the guys from the "Chevelles" play.  They are now called "FOG".   They will be in the bar from 9 pm to 1 am.

    On Sunday, November 24th, the Class of '68 is having a reunion picnic at the  Civic Center on Jupiter Beach from 11 am to 6 pm.  We would love to have anyone who went to LWHS during the 60's and early 70's join us.  There will be Barbecue Ribs, Chicken, Beef, Pork plus side dishes.  BYOB and mixers.  Sodas, Ice Tea, water and ice will be provided.  Casual dress.  The charge is $25 per person.  Spread the word to other classmates.  The more the merrier.

    Wednesday, October 23, 2013

    Coffee and Conversation on Sunday at Bryant Park

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    Rick Scott, the Fiscal Conservative

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    Governor Scott will end his first term next year as the first governor in Florida history to have less public debt than when he took office.

    Click here for Rick Scott's White paper on budget cuts for year 2014. He wants to cut state agencies by $100 million and taxes by $500 million.

    Lake Worth's Monster Mash

    Details of the Monster Mash:

    Part I – The Kids' Crawl Events – a family friendly romp that is sure to please even the 'big kids' out there. Experience the community-centered Haunted Village sponsored by Coastline Realty; enjoy face painting, music, a circus act, puppet shows, trick or treating, outdoor movies, costume contests, food, fun and the start of a spooktacular tradition in Lake Worth.

    DATE: October 26
    TIME: 6 to 8pm
    WHERE: Downtown Lake Worth. Event starts at the Cultural Plaza

    Part II: The Pub Crawl and After Hour Crawl. It's part carnival, part Halloween pub crawl, part adult trick or treating, part insane asylum for the funtastically inclined. Whether you stick to the Zombie Rampage section of town (Lake Ave from J Street to Dixie Highway) or trick your way across the other 5 sections (Disco Fever, Saints n Sinners, Clown Town, Monster Mash) you are bound to find more fun than you know what to do with.

    Tickets are only $15 (pre-event)/$20 (day of event) and entitle you to “gimmes” (treats from participating bars such as shots, shooters, snacks, etc.) and drink specials that are ONLY available to ticket holders. Registration starts at South Shores Tavern (502 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth Fl. 33460). Participants receive a wristband and map that will open the doors to this little funhouse right in the heart of downtown Lake Worth. Participating bars/establishments include: South Shores Tavern, Rhum Shak, Rudy's Standup Saloon, Speakeasy Lounge, Brogues Downunder, Dave's Last Resort & Raw Bar, Igot's Martiki Bar, Little Munich, Havana Hideout. Super family friendly stops are Trinkets & Treasures, Studio 205 among others.

    Just shuff, shuff, shuffling along

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    Where Art (will be) made

    Why did the CRA get a one year lease on our shuffleboard Court property?  Because they asked for it and the Commission gave it to them.  Because the city had no money and wanted it off their table. Because it was a sneaky way of getting a possible government grant. Everyone else has their hands out, why not us? Because the city could care less about shuffleboarding, the Seniors, the voice of the citizens, or our history. This is a one year lease and may be extended for additional one year terms.

    The CRA can use the property rent free for artists and the city picks up the tab for utilities and services.  They don't have to pay taxes. The premises will be rehabilitated, converted and used for the establishment and operation of a Community Cultural Facility for artists. If they want to remove the courts, no "biggie. All they have to do is get  permission of the city.  We know how easy that is--one less thing for them to think about.

    Now, I love art. There is no room on any wall at my home to place one more piece. But this Artist thing is out of control. We actually want to attract more struggling artists? The Visionaries/Dreamers are dreaming of a place like Cocoanut Grove, without the slum, the blight and the crime I guess.

    And just like Obama who said he wanted to change America as we know it, author Dinesh D'Souza says, "with a makeover of America so drastic that the 'shining city on a hill' will become a shantytown in a rather dangerous global village," Lake Worth is doing the exact same thing...they just don't see that yet.

    The Dreamers - Lake Worth City Commissioners

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    This is what the City and the commission would like to do! To you!! I have to wonder if we are paying folks to sit around all day to dream up this stuff.  As the City has said, Lake Worth does not have enough functionally valued properties to afford itself. We were told the other night that the city must "think outside the box" even though we are poorer than dirt.

    As someone said, "I wouldn't under any circumstances allow LW to take out anther bond without them being able to provide a complete accounting to the penny of the bonds they took out in 2004 for the electric conversion and the RO plant. They have NO idea what happened with that money.  It is beyond a joke. Now they want to mismanage more money...are they serious?  Hold them accountable and accept no excuses."

    Roads and utilities79.22 mil
    Alleyway improvements6 mil
    Traffic calming262,500
    Landscape islands787,500
    Hardscape features525,000
    Entryway features70,000
    Thermo striping52,500
    Street Lighting2.1 mil
    Park of Commerce18.15 mil
    City Services Complex4.6 mil
    City Hall renovation2.6 mil
        (personnel will move to 1000 Lake)
    Municpal Auditorium1 mil
        (current city hall)
    City Hall annex1 mil
        (convert to historic arts bldg)
    North F street1.1 mil
        (conversion to arts bldg)
    Facility & land acquisitions5 mil
    Vacant/foreclosed property2.5 mil

    Domestic threat - Poverty

    People on the dole--we have millions of them and they are growing, thanks to Obama. There is so much abuse and fraud, and you, the taxpayer has been made a party to it all through growing socialistic government programs.

    With 20 percent of all American households on food stamps, amounting to 23.1 million households and 47.6 million individuals in July, an across-the-board cut in food-stamp benefits is scheduled to go into effect in November, even though most recipients know nothing about the coming change, says WND.

    The government won't even give you true facts on poverty in America. "The upshot of this is that in the old days what the poverty line was really measuring is the number of people who were poor after the things we did to reduce poverty. Today that same poverty line is measuring the number of people who are poor before all the things we do to reduce poverty," i.e, SNAP, Medicaid, Section 8, etc.

    And speaking of Section 8, don't be surprised if we don't get that at Boutwell and Lake Worth Road in the future.  This Commission was so intense about kick starting the Park of Commerce, it voted in 212 affordable, ooops, workforce rentals that are now under construction. Can't wait to see how that will change my neighborhood.

    Read more... at WND.