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The new bar Propaganda has just been given a crock of it...propaganda that is. It seems that candidate Rene Varela has promised to try to get the owners a 4 am closing time if he gets elected. Is that true, Rene? Tell me it ain't so, Joe.

Daylight Savings Time Ends

Daylight Savings Time in the US ends on Sunday, November 1 at 2 a.m.
Don't forget--time back one hour before you go to bed tonight.

The Power Grab Bunch is Back

The number one problem is NOT the Utility Department. That can be turned around by an excellent administrator surrounded with competent people. Stop the waste. Problem over and we will actually see a profit.

Today, the Power Grab bunch was back. You remember them don't you? Those angry faces on the anti-SuperMajority flier we got a few years ago? Well they were back in force this morning putting fliers on cars downtown (illegal I think) and placed under anonymity. They don't even have the guts to put their names on the flier and take responsibility for all the false information. Well, no wonder. They should be embarrassed. They want "green" but they hate tree huggers. This bunch of "unfriendlies" has always been unhappy and confused. Do you ever see any of them even smile? :(

Here are some of the positive and upbeat great things that have happened in Lake Worth sent to me by a Commissioner:

10/5/09- Lake Worth sculpts image as cultural capital - Palm Beach Post cover story.

9/21/09 - How businesses are persuading customers to buy local - Palm Beach Post Business Section Cover Story

9/18/09 - For South Florida homebuyers, small is the new large

9/17/09 - Oceanside market hits stride with downtown vibe

9/4/09 - Suzanne Mulvehill and Mark Barone interview with Jim Blasinghame - How to make your city more entrepreneurial

6/27/09 - Some South Floridians eschew gas, go electric

6/22/09 - Lake Worth students create Chinese-themed tabletop mural

6/15/09 - Ulysses, Joyce, and Drinks
A new writing center is bringing Bloomsday to South Florida

6/2/09 - Florida’s Best Kept Secret:
Bargain Beach Houses, $1 Beers and Lake Worth Bike Night

5/7/09 - Lake Worth pier named after man who was devoted to helping others. Palm Beach Post

5/7/09 - After years of repairs, Lake Worth pier rises again. Palm Beach Post

4/15/09 - This place is a dive, Man! Palm Beach Post

4/7/09 - Interview with Suzanne Mulvehill - Small Business Advocate Radio Show with Jim Blasinghame - Small Business Owners Getting involved in Local Politics

4/2/09 - Landscaper, volunteer ready for another stamp of approval - Palm Beach Post

4/2/09 - Artists transform Lake Worth hydrants into parrots - PB Post

4/2/09 - Palm Beach County Celebrates Pride - Boston Edge

3/24/09 - Ex-TV "psychic Miss Cleo revels new life - Miami Herald

3/24/09 - Miss Cleo, TV's proud "voodoo woman" joins Lake Worth's gay community - PB Post

3/21/09 - Palm Beach Florida prepares for Pride - Boston Edge

3/12/09 - Benny's looks forward to new Lake Worth Pier - PB Post

3/8/09 - Surfers deal a blow to a Beach Dredging Project - NY Times

3/2/09 -Off the Beaten Path - Wall Street Journal

3/2/09 -A Look Around Lake Worth - Wall Street Journal online.

2/26/09 - Vegetable garden feeds Lake Worth woman's spirit - Palm Beach Post

2/20/09 - Artists take to streets in Lake Worth - PB Post

2/19/09 - Street painting festival brings art to the people - Palm Beach Post

2/19/09 - Lake Worth garden a community labor of love - PB Post

2/9/09 - Single bin recycling a hit in Lake Worth - PB Post

2/5/09 - Lake Worth trail delivers fitness, with a view - PB Post

On November 3 the Power Grab bunch will still be frowning.

Crime Reports

Crime Reports

Go to this site and at the top where it says Gun Club Road, type in Lake Worth, Florida. You will get an eye-full, folks. Make sure you click on ALL crime. For all of you who say that we are "safer," perhaps. Perception is reality and this map will give you a perspective of what is real. One thing for sure, we have a LOT of crime.

At this site, you will be able to type in an exact location to find out about any crime near or around where you live.

Who are law and order candidates? Who are for strict code enforcement? Remember this when you vote on Tuesday.

Who are our best anti-crime candidates?

District 1: Ron Exline was a member of the C.O.P.'s and wants to reduce, crime, blight and will ensure effective code procedures. Scott Maxwell wants more Code and partner with PBSO and reintroduce the C.A.T. program. Both candidates will work on better public safety and driving the criminals out of our city. This is a toss up.

District 3: Jo-Ann Golden said that code was not working and agreed that a revamping of the department was in order. She increased public safety patrols in the neighborhoods and passed a new property maintenance code. Wes Blackman was a member of the C.O.P.'s.

Mayor: William Coakley wants to "throw all the bums out" and that includes the criminals. Believes in strict code enforcement as well as working closely with PBSO on all facets of public safety. Javier DelSol believes that crime can be solved through eduction. John Jordan wonders how all this crime has consumed our city and wants to end it. Loretta Sharpe wants to improve code enforcement and she supported merging with the Sheriff's Dept. Laurence McNamara will work with the PBSO to reduce crime. Has personally painted over criminal gang graffiti throughout the city. Rene Varela says he will work closely with public safety to ensure safe neighborhoods and prevent foreclosures when possible.

Source: Candidate web sites and/or literature

Dolphin Dealer

For any of you who missed the Dolphin Dealer last night at Lake Worth Media, it will be broadcast again, tonight at 9pm and again on Sunday, November 1 at 8pm. If you would rather take a stroll downtown, it will be shown Sunday night at the Organic Music Cafe at the same time, 8pm.

Happy Halloween

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Guess who!
Hint: A ROLOH the teeth

Another sleaze

"Club managers Kenneth Willig, 45, of Boynton Beach and Gregory Lenox, 34, of Lake Worth face charges of racketeering, felony public nuisance, deriving support from prostitution and allowing employees to engage in prohibited acts."

Read about it

Lake Worth Printing Companies

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Support Lake Worth Printing Companies
This owner wants Sharpe for Mayor

As we all want to support Lake Worth business whenever we can, I want to mention printing companies in Lake Worth and to help out in this regard so that no one printer here has a monopoly on business -- so that no one printer can ask a candidate, "What are you going to do for me?" Fair is fair, right?

The printing companies named below do not support any candidate over any other in Lake Worth and I am rather sure that they will treat you cordially and not attempt to engage you in any political discussion or impose their will. You will be assured of a pleasant shopping experience.

Lake Worth, FL

A. Staples - Computer and Printing- - 561-357-1079

B. Toucan Press- 561-586-5331

C. Office Depot- - 561-969-1220

D. Exotic signs - - 561-585-9200

E. Banyan Printing - - 561-586-6220

F. Ideal Printing, Inc. - - 561-642-7766

G. A Affordable Printing - 561-642-9122

Wherever you go, support Lake Worth business when you can.

Friday, October 30, 2009

TONIGHT--Showing of The Dolphin Trafficker

At 9pm tonight at Lake Worth Media there will be a one time showing of a live stream video of The Dolphin Trafficker.

This is a MUST see.

Tired of dead-end development ?...Let's take back our Cities

Former Mayor Mel Kelly, city of Carrabelle from 2005-2007 says,

"Community comprehensive land-use plans, which are written for a 20-year framework using public input, and which are also prioritized and approved according to that public input, are instead being short-circuited when temporarily elected local officials respond to outside developer pressures."

You can read more about what she says at the Destin Log

Protest at Playhouse

Today's Letters to the Editor in Palm Beach Post

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Read them here

1. Maxwell aligns himself with questionable groups by Victoria Pearson

Well, I would say that Maxwell is aligning himself with Federal Law. Perhaps it is the other way around and those opposing Maxwell and dreaming up stuff to malign his character are really the ones aligning with questionable groups. We have a standing commissioner, Jennings, who scoffs at laws, refuses to recite the Pledge to our Flag yet advocates breaking American law in a country that has allowed her to make havoc, threaten businesses and lie...someone who thinks it perfectly fine for the taxpayers to pick up the tab for her anarchist views. What about that one, Victoria? I feel sorry for both candidates running for Commission District 1 because of subversive actions predicated on lies.

2. Mayoral candidate Varela has done little more than talk in Lake Worth by Annabeth Karson

After reading the article that accompanied the Palm Beach Post endorsement, I realize more than ever that Varela still has much to learn about the issues in our City. I don't want it to be on my dime or when our city is in crisis. Also, the fact that he divorced himself from those who helped him the most in last year's election, shows that he also has much to learn about being a politician. It's true when he says that we are a "friendly city" but we are also a city made up of activists who do know the issues and have an understanding of where we have been and the causes that have lead us to where we are today.

3. Give Varela an opportunity to show what he can do as Mayor by John A. Shanahan

Why should we "give someone an opportunity" to be Mayor? Is this like giving illegal aliens an opportunity for prosperity in America when they have come here illegally and ridicule American law? Should the position not be filled by the most qualified? This is not some gift we are giving. Even those immigrating here legally have to pass a test. When Varela became a veterinarian he had to take courses and pass tests. The Mayoral position should be filled by someone who is the most deserving and who can actually lead us out of the awful problems we have in this city and someone who has a clear understanding on how to do that...a Litmus test, if you will.

Varela says that his opponents like to "linger on to past arguments and past fights." It is imperative that he understands the past and the "players" who made the decisions in order to lead into the future. It is not someone who says he loves our CRA and it should stay independent with no budget scrutiny. It is also not someone who thinks it is okay for property owners on the water to take public land. It is not someone who says we had ineffective code staff and supports the code reduction.

May the best man win!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Criminal

Armed robbery on North Dixie

"Throw the Bums Out"

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E-mail from Annabth Karson - press conference to spew HATE against a local candidate

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Lake Worth Candidate Scott Maxwell Linked to Hate Groups; Press Conference Today

Religious leaders, human rights organizations and residents call Press Conference to expose candidate’s ties to hate groups and affirm Lake Worth as a City of racial diversity and tolerance


Thursday October 29, 5:30 pm at Martin Luther King Memorial. The public is invited to arrive at 5 pm

Corner of M Street and Lucerne Avenue, Lake Worth

Contact: Lisa Stewart 561-540-8913

Candidate for Lake Worth City Commission, Scott Maxwell has been cited as supporting hate groups on his recent radio programs called “Connecting the Dots on Illegal Immigration”. Audio archives of the radio program confirm Maxwell’s ties to the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR) a recognized hate group by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) who track neo-Nazi and other hate groups.

On his July 30, 2009 radio show on WBZT 1230 Clear Channel Maxwell refers to the hate group FAIR as a “wonderful organization” and encourages listeners to contact them for “advice” and to access them through the link on his website. The link to FAIR remains on Maxwell’s website to this day.

Scott Maxwell is growing a large national following, including members of the Minutemen, a right-wing border militia, who call into his radio show and commend him for his work. His website boasts over 800,000 visitors. Archived audio of his radio programs can be found at Maxwell’s recently blocked website at

His racist comments have been transcribed

Lake Worth Resident and member of Palm Beach County Coalition for Immigrant Rights, Adam Davis, responded to the news about Maxwell’s affiliations saying, “Lake Worth is one of the most diverse cities in South Florida. We are proud of our diversity and will organize against hate groups in our city. Every person deserves universal human rights, regardless of their skin color or country of origin.”

The SPLC added FAIR to their list of organized hate groups due to their ties to known racists and a long track record of bigotry. According to the ADL’s September 2009 data, FAIR accepted over a million dollars from The Pioneer Fund, a group that has been described by The New York Times as having been established for the express purpose of promoting research into eugenics, and which has sponsored projects based on the notion that Blacks are genetically less intelligent than whites. The ADL has also noted that FAIR has on its National Board of Advisors an editor of VDare, a ‘white nationalist’ group whose web site features the work of well known racists and anti-Semites.

At today’s press conference, speakers will address Scott Maxwell regarding his ties to hate groups and to express the need for guaranteed universal human rights for all residents. Speakers include Lucio Perez of the American Friends Service Committee, Dan Liftman of Congressman Alcee Hastings office, Bob Louis Juene of the Haitian United Task Force. Representatives will also be present from the following groups: Equality Florida, Palm Beach County Coalition Immigrant Rights, Friends Quaker Meeting. Other concerned business owners and community members will also be present.

PBCC student Genia Guirand who will be attending the press conference added, “We ask Scott Maxwell to address our concerns about his working relationship with hate groups such as FAIR. Maxwell has hidden the truth. As voters and community members we deserve to know about his affiliations with hate groups.”

Candidate Scott Maxwell has also been invited to attend


Thursday October 29, 5:30 pm at Martin Luther King Memorial

Corner of M Street and Lucerne Avenue, Lake Worth

Contact: Lisa Stewart 561-540-8913

Media Contact:

Lisa Stewart


Nothing left to lose

There is a supposed press conference this evening at 5pm at the Cultural Plaza initiated by Commissioner Jennings to bring forth some sort of evidence that supports her allegations that Candidate Scott Maxwell is a racist and is involved in "hate" groups.

When I called Scott for a reply he said, "Its a free country." I then asked him if he or any of his supporters would be there and he said, "I won't be there. I have better things to do. I am running a campaign. I don't know about anyone else." His opponent, Ron Exline, knows nothing about any of it.

It reminds me of that lyric written by Kris Kristofferson for Janis Joplin--"Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose." Anyone can say anything on any given occasion about anyone and not be held accountable. Is there anything wrong with this picture? Screw loose, maybe.

Nature's Way or Anarchists' way?

Hand written "CLOSED" sign on the door

I spoke with the owner, Gary Dario, of Nature's Way this morning regarding the threat of boycotting his business and the many calls he received yesterday from Lake Worth's "social justice" citizens. It seems this group got wind that candidate Scott Maxwell was having a fundraiser there. The owner did not know Scott prior to this campaign event.

Mr. Dario said, "I have had it between the City Commission and the CRA. Commissioner Jennings' call was the icing on the cake to close my business. What can I do when a city commissioner threatens me?" It was rumored that he was going to close anyway but this was the last straw. Business owners have the right to make a living. An owner of a business next door who has been here for 17 years said that is why he will not even allow a political sign in his window... too hot in Lake Worth! The right of conducting a legal business doesn't sit well with some folks.

Approximately 2pm yesterday, Commissioner Jennings had called Mr. Dario and alerted him that Scott Maxwell was a racist, against immigrants and a white supremacist. She went on to say that she would quit coming to his store and tell everyone she knew not to do business at his restaurant if he planned on allowing Maxwell there...that he was not the type of business they wanted in Lake Worth.

Following her call, the owner took a barrage of calls. He finally put the answering machine on. I have been told that the local media, including television, will be following up on this as well as the State Prosecutor.

The right to conduct a business in Lake Worth is difficult enough but when you have people in power who bully shop owners in this fashion, it goes beyond what is decent and beyond what is constitutionally right. Mr. Maxwell is not a racist nor is he any of the descriptions and epitaphs credited to him by Cara Jennings and her supporters.

Scott Maxwell said, "there are some folks in this city that just don't want me to be commissioner."

Lake Worth Herald


Sharpe for Mayor

Maxwell for District 1

Blackman for District 3

AGAINST the Dredge and Fill ballot initiative.


Birds of a Feather

Comment Up

Scott's sign keeps appearing on the Pugh property without his knowledge or permission but there are two candidates represented here who think nothing of placing their political signs on a property that was the subject of one of the biggest and most corrupt decisions in our City--one made by the CRA that wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money. Not only did the CRA misspend taxpayer money on a sweetheart deal for this owner who never paid code violation fines, but the owner never completed our pool for which he was paid in full.

Scott Maxwell removed his sign there last week and unbeknown to him, someone put it back up. He has now removed it again. This is a candidate that is showing common sense. Who wants to be associated with corruption? Wes Blackman says, "perhaps they're (the signs) there since it's a visible property along a major thoroughfare and these candidates have the owner's permission to put them there." I suppose if Jeffrey Dahmer had a corner lot and gave permission then that would be totally acceptable too?

These signs are just a symbol of what's wrong by sticking them right in the face of the taxpayers of Lake Worth. They are telling you that they don't care what you think--that they want business as usual. They don't care if this owner was complicit in a CRA give-away where he benefited and not the taxpayers of Lake Worth. These signs say that these candidates are in agreement with that irresponsible act. These signs are a symbol of the horrible decisions of the past.

Jeffrey Dahmer is dead. These two candidates will be "dead" too by 7pm on November 3rd.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday

Maya, one year old today

Good Old Liberal Debate Tactics by Joe 6 Pack

1. SHOW UP WITH YOUR TALKING POINTS. Make sure you have something that you feel will show your opponents in a negative light, and make that the subject of the discussion.

2. DEMONIZE YOUR OPPONENT. Attempt to cover them with shame, the same way you would a 4 year old that touches his pee-pee.


4. ACCUSE YOUR OPPONENT OF SAYING SOMETHING HE DIDN’T. Attempt to define his statements in a negative light. Interpret them this way and state it as fact that he did actually say it. NEVER ask him…always TELL him what his meaning was.

5. CLAIM THAT IT IS “OLD NEWS” AND NOT WORTHY OF DISCUSSION. This applies especially when the discussion turns to the misdeeds of Democrat Party Leadership.

6. QUOTE AN UNSOURCED NEW ARTICLE. Always quote the article selectively, or describe it in a general manner.

7. IF ASKED DIRECT QUESTIONS ABOUT THE NEWS YOU HAVE PROVIDED, RESPOND INDIRECTLY. Never actually answer the specific of the question.


9. ACCUSE YOUR OPPONENT OF A MENTAL DEFECT OR LACK OF INTELLIGENCE. Personal attacks of this sort are especially useful as the target will almost always try to defend himself, thus changing the subject.


11. ACCUSE YOUR OPPONENT OF NOT ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS. Try to do this before he has an opportunity to. Try to infer that it you have given him multiple opportunities to do so. Do it even if the question has been answered. If he misses the question and asks you to repeat it DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REPEAT THE QUESTION FOR HIS BENEFIT.

12. RESORT TO INSULTS. Try to question your opponent’s masculinity, his resolve, ANYTHING, but try to diminish and demean him. (This is known as the “LBJ Rule” codified by him thus: “Accuse your opponent of being a pig fornicator, then make him deny it.) REMEMBER, IF YOU HAVE TO RESORT TO THIS TACTIC, IT MEANS YOUR OPPONENT IS WINNING!

13. ACCUSE YOUR OPPONENT OF BEING UNINFORMED. This works especially well when you are asked to provide your sources. It is especially effective if you work in a reference to someone you have already demonized. Rush Limbaugh is currently the Demon of Choice.

14. SPEAK CRYPTICALLY. Try to make it difficult for people to define your meaning

15. CHANGE THE SUBJECT. Try to get it back to your original talking points (see #1 above)

16. APPEAR TO AGREE. You will need to do this in order to achieve #15.


18. BAIT YOUR OPPONENT. Needle him, tease him, call him names until he makes an inappropriate post, then scream bloody murder to the Moderator.

19. DENY THE EVIDENCE EXISTS. Ask for evidence of wrongdoing by those you support. When that evidence is presented, continue denying that it exists.
Oct 28, 2009 @ 06:37 PM
joe 6 pack, Troll Stomping Liberal Basher

Dazzle them with Vapor

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W.C. fields said, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull." Is this the new vision for Lake Worth?

I gave Rene Varela the vote for the best campaign fliers. And they are! The one I just received in today’s mail is brilliant…a little far fetched in some instances and statements made by friends that sound good but Rene gives NO solutions or ways that he will actually perform any of these campaign promises…another brilliant move. Dazzle them with vapor.

  1. May Goodstein says--Rene saved the $5 million county bond money and created a plan to improve our beach.

NO HE DIDN’T do that May. Don’t you hate to be used like that? Now I am sure that you are a nice elderly lady. What Rene did was find Life is Beautiful, Michael Singer who designed a plan to take away most of our beach front parking. What has finally evolved is spending $5 million on re-designing parking lots without the vote of all Lake Worth residents. Less than 200 people got to decide on our beach. Does this sound like democracy to you, May? The $5 million is not yet cut in stone.

2. Lou Terrell says--Rene will fight to create the economic opportunities that produce high-paying jobs.

How will he DO THIS Lou? Fight with whom? Has he ever told you the plan? Someone call Lou and ask him to explain.

3. Sylvia Williams says--Rene Varela wants our neighborhoods to be strong and will make public safety a major priority and prevent foreclosures….

How will he DO THIS, Sylvia? What is his position on Code Enforcement? He will prevent foreclosures? That’s a good one. Obama needs him on his team. Maybe Charlie.

  1. Kathleen Holmes says--Rene will fight for grants to make our utilities more efficient thus reducing our bills.

HOW WILL HE MAKE OUR UTILITIES MORE EFFICIENT BY federal money? You will not get more efficient by more money. You WILL get more efficient by reducing waste and stopping the corruption.

This is all the biggest bunch of bull I have ever read but-----------------

It is a great looking flier and that’s all you need in Lake Worth to get elected. I told that to Rene over a year ago when he didn’t want to listen.

Wayne you're a Pain

Folks, the big lie perpetuated by the Florida Chamber of Commerce and builder lobbyists are convincing people of the dumbest things. Take Wayne Tedder as an example--


We have a very serious problem. Are people really this uninformed or are they just lying? Being that he is in the "building" business, I would bet that it is the latter.

Will someone set this guy straight--

Wayne Tedder, the director of Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department, said, "If you have to vote on certain amendments--it could be taking a single-family home and turn it into a small office, could be a very extensive cost for someone to do that. It could be the right thing to do for the community at the time. So, there would be a great cost associated with amendments if Amendment 4 does pass from our perspective"

These people are getting more desperate. Vote Yes on Amendment 4 next year.

Vote YES on Charter Amendment on Dredge & Fill

Comment Up
Although the Palm Beach Post Editorial Board seems to really like to impose its will on Lake Worth and now wants the voters to reject the Charter Amendment on Dredge and Fill, this is what the SurfRider Foundation says--CLICK HERE

We urge all voters to vote YES on this Ballot initiative and tell the Post to stick it and stay out of Lake Worth's business. Tell them loud and clear that we do NOT want dirt sand on our beach. Dredge and fill projects are detrimental to the coastal environment and harmful to Lake Worth beach. A Judge told Palm Beach that when it wanted to go forward on Reach 8.

The Post has not read anything about dredge and fill I guess and we urge them to read Surfline to learn more or visit Surfrider Foundation or go to Reef Rescue to get some sort of understanding.

How much more does the Post need to realize that a Charter Amendment is the only way that we can be protected from those wanting to ruin our beach. Commissioner Jennings got it right because she knows that a political change and a simple 3 to 2 vote can be detrimental to the health of Lake Worth and its beach.

Let's protect our beach. Vote YES on November 3rd.

Candidate for Mayor living off the backs of captured and dead dolphins?

The headline asks what everyone is asking--

Last night at the candidate forum, no one asked Rene Varela about the dolphin dealing. He was let off the hook. He has now been confirmed by the Palm Beach Post as the "best out of the six" to be Mayor of Lake Worth. A lot of us have often wondered how the Post knows anything about Lake Worth. The Post definitely ignored the information it had. The tragedy here is that the Post can have an influence on who leads our City by its endorsements, a newspaper editorial board that throws its weight around, not having a clue.

This came across my desk and it is too serious to ignore. Citizens have the right to know all the details regarding who may lead them. The following information is endorsed by the Animal Welfare Institute, Born Free USA, World Society for the Protection of Animals, Humane society International and others that say dolphin trafficking has and is happening. What we do know is Ocean Embassy was a part of the capture and shipment of dolphins to Dubai. Candidate Rene Varela is affiliated with Ocean Embassy.

We also know that "Dr. Varela was the vet with the American company that facilitated the export of wild caught dolphins in the Solomon Islands to a marine park in Dubai. His role was to check the dolphins to make sure they were healthy enough to travel" said Leigh Badgley, the producer of the Dolphin Dealer documentary.

Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill asks the question, "How could this not be a campaign issue? What if he was trafficking drugs? Would that be a campaign issue? Why are animals any different?" She finds little difference.

Humane Society International wrote a letter on behalf of its 9.5 million members to oppose the capture of wild dolphins for public display regarding Ocean Embassy’s proposal for the dolphin park in Panama.

Dr. Mark Berman, Director, International Monitoring Program; Associate Director, International Marine Mammal Project Earth Island Institute, says, "the ad below ran in April 2008 and shows dead dolphins in a dump that were part of the group of dolphins captured for Dubai."

Link now working

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: David Phillips
(415) 788-3666 x145
April 2, 2008 Mark J. Palmer
(415) 788-3666 x139
(530) 758-6022

Stop International
Dolphin Trafficking

Coalition Sponsors Ad in
International Herald Tribune

(see attached pdf copy)

The Save Japan Dolphins Coalition and the Humane Society International are sponsoring a new advertisement in the International Herald Tribune today alerting the public that tourist shows with dolphins and swim-with-dolphins programs result in the killing of thousands of dolphins annually around the world.

In several areas of the world, including the Solomon Islands and the town of Taiji in Japan, fishermen hunt and kill dolphins for meat and/or teeth. Dolphin traffickers, working with aquariums and swim-with-dolphins representatives, use these massive hunts to pick out the “best” show-quality dolphins.

The ad notes that prices for wild-caught dolphins can reach $200,000 per dolphin, subsidizing the brutal slaughter of the rest of the dolphin pod left behind.

“The dirty secret of popular tourist shows with dolphins is that many dolphins die in the process of capturing a few for the dolphin market,” stated David Phillips, Director of the International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute. “Tourists, when they swim with dolphins or watch a dolphin show in a tank, are unwittingly supporting the slaughter of dolphins in places like Japan and the Solomon Islands.”

The ad features a photograph of dead dolphins, tossed into a garbage dump in the Solomon Islands after they died in captivity, awaiting sale to an aquarium.

The ad calls upon governments to take responsibility and stop the cruel trafficking in live wild dolphins.

The ad is also running in the Solomon Star, Solomon Islands, and La Prensa, Panama.

The Save Japan Dolphins Coalition consists of Earth Island Institute, Elsa Nature Conservancy of Japan, In Defense of Animals and the Animal Welfare Institute. In addition to the Coalition member groups and Humane Society International, endorsers of the ad include Born Free USA, Cetacean Society International, Marine Connection, and World Society for the Protection of Animals.

For further information on dolphin trafficking and the dolphin slaughter, go to:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PB Post Endorsement

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Parrot Cove Candidate Forum

They all take the cake!

A lot of these candidates take the cake in one way shape or form. I said that this would be a nasty campaign and in my opinion, it is the nastiest one that I can remember. I was even pulled into it by forces that consider me a threat with the sole purpose to discredit. I hope that the best man or woman wins but I honestly have my doubts for Lake Worth.

There is too much corruption. There is too much of the "good ole boys" that want to win back the power in order to continue the waste. They have the money but want more at the expense of our city. They are spitting mad about the recent Comprehensive Plan height changes. They see dollars out of their pockets. They are also concerned that an "unfavorable" commission could result in the taking over of the CRA, a board with way too much power and one that has always advanced their development agenda.

On the other side, there are too many "progressives" that feel comfortable with Lake Worth being a sanctuary city and have ruined it. They believe that laws are for the other guy or even worse, they want to eradicate police powers. Until we get normalcy back and take it away from these groups that have been in control and we get more conservatives in power, I don't see how we can rise above the ashes.
  • Hardest campaign worker: Laurence McNamara
  • Best campaign fliers: Rene Varela
  • Most innovative campaign advertising: William Coakley
  • Most interesting or someone you would not want to miss: John Jordan and Loretta Sharpe
  • Best speaker: Scott Maxwell
  • Best catchy message..."Throw the Bums Out"- William Coakley and "I don't need on the job training" - Ron Exline
  • Most optimistic and positive: Jo-Ann Golden
  • Most desperately wanting Change: Wes Blackman and William Coakley
  • Best campaign Radio Show: William Coakley (I’m prejudiced and it’s my blog)

  • Most “green” and biggest idealist: Javier DelSol

  • Most laid-back, matter-of-fact and casual: Ron Exline
  • On top of the facts: William Coakley and Laurence McNamara
  • Totally fearless: John Jordan

Meetings today

**Please note that the City is going to try and go live.

1. 1pm joint workshop with the City commission and the CRA at the Compass building regarding the Cultural Renaissance Program

2. Followed by a city commission workshop on the Noise Ordinance

3. Parrot Cove's Candidate Forum at 7pm, 100 N Palmway (St. Andrew's)

To Betzy Rega

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In today's newspaper, Betzy Rega says that three of our candidates are anti-immigrant. This is the biggest, bold-faced lie and smear yet. None of these candidates are against immigration. What they are not happy with, Betzy, is the fact that these immigrants are coming to Lake Worth ILLEGALLY. Betzy, what is it you don't understand here?

What the majority of the CITIZENS of Lake Worth WILL understand after reading this letter is that these three candidates will WIN VOTES because of your blatant lie.

Betzy, you have said that we are "one nation under God" and that is true but you seem to forget that we are a nation ruled by laws, not what is right and wrong to your definition. Betzy, you believe that these people have constitutional rights and you are disappointed when anyone takes a stand on their illegal acts. On August 1, 2009 Betzy wrote to TCPalm and said, "Laws are not just because they exist."

El Sol does NOT shine nor does The Mentoring Center in Lake Worth.

Betzy's letter below--

Letter to the Editor 10-27-09

Lake Worth candidates are anti-immigrant

In next Tuesday's Lake Worth election, three candidates are anti-immigration, therefore anti-human rights. They have decided and have been very vocal that if they win they will close the Lake Worth labor center. This will not only be a step backward for the community in creating unity and harmony, but it will most certainly be an invitation for a major lawsuit.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Scott Maxwell at an anti- immigration meeting. I was not impressed with his stance. The words that I recall clearly are "We need to make them feel unwelcomed so they leave." These are not words of a leader who will promote growth or a sense of community. Loretta Sharp and Wes Blackman are just as vocal and plan to divide the city of Lake Worth.



Editor's note: Betzy Rega is a member of Reform Immigration for AMERICA and the Florida Immigrant Coalition, and Director of Sunshine Artworks, a division of El Sol Jupiter Neighborhood Resource Center.

Monday, October 26, 2009

More on Rene

New Times asks, is Lake Worth Mayoral candidate a dolphin trafficker? Read more about it,
New Times Broward/Palm Beach

Candidate Rene Varela - clearing the air

Rene Varela statement to the PB Post on dolphins

Playhouse Forum - It's all a Show

What the PB Post says about the Lake Worth Commission candidates

Commission race:

If the winners of last night’s candidate’s forum were determined on the ability of public speaking, then the winners are obvious in the Commission race: Scott Maxwell and Wes Blackman. Overall, Wes did the best to turn any question around to what he wanted to say. Scott also has that ability. Ron Exline and Jo-Ann Golden did a good job speaking to the issues.

Mayoral race:

If the winners are picked by who brought the most supporters or the loudest even going so far as to bang on the theater walls, the winners are Javier DelSol and Rene Varela.

The Playhouse seats 300 people. These are the people who always vote in Lake Worth and these are the people who care the most. Whether these 300 people can turn the election in their favor remains to be seen. This is free entertainment Lake Worth style and it's always a show. It's always the same people who show up and come to this forum and some of these candidates do not fit into any faction...and that might be a good thing. The question is, do they have a chance to be elected?

The Environmental Coalition and some of the Green Party were there to support Javier. Actually he spoke well. I don’t want to be forced to live with illegals, however. John Jordan has the guts to say what a lot of people believe. I have no problem with diversity but why is it that I must be the one fitting into their culture and not vice versa? The Mentoring Center is a disaster and a disgrace. Just admit it. Look at our city...that's all it takes.

Our City Manager, Susan Stanton, was sitting next to me and she got an ear full last night particularly on Code Enforcement. Bill Coakley asked the question about one faction's concern about Lake Worth becoming a "police state" thus the elimination of our code enforcement officers. I still believe that there has been a lot of quid pro quo and Stanton is doing her best in a City in crisis. If there is a better way to clean up the slum, blight and crime, let us hear about it. No one has given us the remedy other than Javier who says we should "educate." The ship is sinking. We are way past education.

Bill Coakley looked and sounded good. Laurence McNamara was on his game. Loretta got better as the night went on. John Jordan always adds some spice to the mix. Thank God he tamed it down from last year's performance. Rene Varela was clearly annoyed at the demonstration in front of the Playhouse brought on by the report that he is involved with a company that captures wild dolphins for re-sale. He had wind of this and was prepared for any adversity. His supporters were present. Everyone should send a message here…buy this Florida license tag.

Dr. Chris McVoy demonstrating by holding a Dolphin balloon

Sierra Club, what do you say about this?

As candidate John Jordan was thoroughly dissed last night from the Socialists when he brought up the illegal alien situation here in Lake Worth and the problems with the "Mentoring Center," I wanted to remind you of the tremendous problem we have with criminals crossing our borders every day and making our American landscape a living nightmare. Just take our Mentoring Center and multiply the mess there by thousands and you will get the picture. Something needs to be done.

73% of Americans say they want a reduction of illegal aliens according to a CNN Opinion Poll.
Read about it here

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Panagioti speaks out on Nuclear

"The nuclear power plants are moving full speed ahead. They're about to propose more offshore drilling,'' said Panagioti Tsolkas, co-chairman of the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition, who did not attend the summit.

His group is fighting a gas-fired power plant that Florida Power & Light wants to build in western Palm Beach, which he says will annually emit 12 tons of carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas. FPL was among the sponsors of the regional conference."

``It still seems the priority is keeping the energy empire happy,'' he said.

Read about it Here

Florida Wonders Which Way Is Up

Give Yourself A Vote on Growth

William Coakley for Mayor on the Lake Worth Casino

Coakley's Casino Report - Short Video

NA Council Forum

Please attend the most important
Candidate Forum
of the election season--
Tonight, October 25 at 7pm
The Lake Worth Playhouse

See you there!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ron Exline

Always with an infectious smile and someone you can't help but like, Ron Exline spoke before owners of Murry Hills Condominium Association this morning which consists of 518 residences, a significant voting block.

He introduced three of us from Save Our Neighborhood Political Action Committee and gave us credit for forging ahead during years of adversity, law suits and Lake Worth politics. As everyone now knows, the Sunset decision was finally decided from the dais on a 5 to 0 vote. Prior to that, petitions were blocked by then city attorney Larry Karns and Save Our Neighborhood filed suit.

The outcome of this recent commission decision protects the Lake Osborne Heights neighborhood of over 400 homes as well as all of Murry Hills. What could have been towering condos looking down on their property and what we thought was a totally inappropriate land-use and zoning change will now stay as single family homes. This is a candidate that wants to protect the single family neighborhoods throughout Lake Worth.

Ron, a former city commissioner and mayor of Lake Worth, talked about the Utility and other important issues and his perceptions of the problems we have. He says, "I know where the bodies are buried." He then took questions from the audience. Ron is asking for your vote on November 3.

Small is Better

Miami Commissioners voted 4 to 1 to scale development from large to small. They say that this will put Miami on the road to sustainability, make neighborhoods more walkable and retail stores more accessible. Miami is finally saying, "enough."

As more and more cities are finding out that small is better, our present city commission just did the same thing by changing heights in our Comprehensive Plan.

We sure don't want Miami in Lake Worth. Remember all those candidates on November 3rd who support the recent vote in Lake Worth and want to retain our small town charm.

Next November, Vote Yes for Florida Hometown Democracy to protect yourself from commissions that are not responsible.

William Coakley for Mayor Ad #4

958 ads appearing on 21 different cable channels.

Lake Worth Attorney "Rising Star"

Padma G. Hinrichs, a shareholder in the Litigation Practice of Greenberg/Traurig, a resident of College Park in Lake Worth, has been recognized by Florida Super Lawyers as a "Rising Star" in Business Litigation.

Our own Palm Beach County law firm, Greenberg Traurig is ranked #1 in the U.S. It has 281 attorneys (13 in Palm Beach County alone) in Best Lawyers in America 2010.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Comment Up
Art-Deco Publix in Miami Beach

Read about what PUBLIX is doing and how they are one of the better corporations watching over our environment.

From their re-usable bags to their recycling program, they are truly into the "green" routine. They want to further reduce emissions of ozone-depleting refrigerants.

Publix should definitely attract other businesses near it on Dixie Highway once it comes to Lake Worth. They have agreed with the Commission on an art-deco styled building. That should fit in much better with the Hammon Park project.

No sooner did the Commission vote on height limitations of 35 feet on the Comprehensive Plan when Publix admitted that their new building would be 48 feet.

Election time in Lake Worth

Comment Up
The "Kanyes" of the world, a name I have been using of late, is a metaphor that describes all those who lie to achieve an end and are what is wrong with it...what's wrong with Lake Worth. At election time we see more of them come out of the woodwork. If someone knocks on your door for a candidate or if it is the candidate himself, ask the hard questions. Ask them what they will do for you.

Former Commissioner Nadine Burns says we are either not on our meds or that we are paranoid or just plain "lunatics." She used these adjectives regarding those of us who spoke out on the security breach at the Utility. These are typical words by the opposition and ALWAYS what the opposing side says that has had its way with Lake Worth for far too long. They are ticked off that they are out of power. They make personal attacks with NO solutions. These are people who made bad decisions from the dais along with their friends and continue doing so to promote their political agendas.

I remember when some of these people were telling us that we had to demolish the Casino building...Look out for a law suit when the building comes falling down, they would say that the rest of us were "crazy." We always knew they were full of it.

In just a week's time we will have the opportunity to elect some smart and thoughtful people. Remember when you go to the polls, it is not the candidate who says what you want to hear but it is the candidate who has a performance record--one who has spoken, written or even voted on the most pressing needs of our city to ensure its health--people who have exposed waste and corruption...people who stick their necks out every day... and people who really care about you and the City of Lake Worth.

Truth does matter and it should go hand in hand with common sense. By now you all should know the ones who deserve your support--not the ones spouting hot air.

The major Forum of the election season is on October 25th at the Lake Worth Playhouse. Come on down at 7pm and give all these candidates your enthusiasm and support but vote for those who really can make a difference.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Decorum rule, can officials take it too far?

Occasionally, we complain about a Commissioner or about Staff during public commentary. There have been a few occasions where members of the public have been asked to leave or have been escorted out of the Chamber. But if you think our right to free speech is sometimes hindered, read Willie Howard's article on what Riviera Beach just did.

Barbara Petersen, president of the nonprofit First Amendment Foundation, said the city's decorum policy seems to give elected officials broad authority over deciding what is said during the public comment period. "This is a time when the public gets to express its opinions and concerns to elected officials," Petersen said. "Does the city only want to hear what we want to say if we're praising them? It doesn't make sense to me."

How to Save $$$ on your Electric

1900 2nd Avenue North

If you have never been to our Utility administrative offices, it is an impressive 32,821 sq. ft. building with a smaller warehouse on the property. This is where you go to receive your free energy savings kit as well as appliance rebates that Commissioner Golden has been telling you about.

The City is incorporating free in-house energy surveys to show you various ways to save money. Go to the City web site and read on ways to Save on Energy that Laurence McNamara helped to write while he was Vice Chair of the Mayor's Climate Protection Task Force.

Political Endorsements

Comment & correction from Wes

Have you noticed anything peculiar about this campaign versus any in the past, other than it being quiet, that is? Certain things come to mind for me—

  1. More groups want to have forums
  2. More groups want to have interviews
  3. More groups want to be recognized as important forces

Does this suggest that more people actually care about who might get elected and that they actually have open minds? Or is it all about finding that perfect robotic candidate, one that fits into their mold as to what is acceptable.

What about the Realtor Group giving an endorsement to Rene Varela. Is this possibly true? He isn’t involved in real estate. Maybe he has a distant uncle who is a Realtor in Miami or something. Maybe he wants to build high as does Wes and Scott who also got their endorsement. What happened to Loretta who actually is in real estate and wants to build high? Did she get an endorsement? You can bet that any candidate that wanted to retain our small town charm was culled.

What about Compass interviewing candidates? They are all into their own agenda. What about that $600,000 loan? Did any candidate ask "what loan?" I hope anyone who was interviewed knew who Kevin Jennings is. Maybe they were better off if they didn’t know.

Then we have the Christian Coalition forum. They didn’t ask one question pertaining to their agenda which is far right of right. They didn't even ask about guns. I can tell you that they know who Kevin Jennings is...probably called in the NRA.

Union endorsements are all political bull. It is about who you know and who lobbies behind the scenes for you—how much the candidate B.S's to the panel about worker rights being more important than the rights of the average citizens that pick up the tab. Convince the Unions that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and that you will sacrifice your first born to get them a raise and more benefits-- and you are in.

I think that the Sierra Club got it right.


Lake Worth has a few more failed businesses owned by Bella Lago LLC.

It seems they have a mortgage of $4.4 million and the bank has now foreclosed. The foreclosure pertains to the warehouse at 1105 2nd Avenue North as well as the retail building at 1106 Lucerne.

There is every indication that we will experience more and more foreclosures in the coming year. According to Bloomberg, foreclosures will peak by mid-year and home values will continue to decline throughout all 2010.

If you think things are bad now, wait until budget time next year.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sexy Tony

There used to be two guys (totally dissimilar as far as ethics are concerned) on the Palm Beach County Commission who I thought were "sexy": Bob Kanjian was one and the other was Tony Masilotti who managed to get himself into all sorts of trouble. Now he wants to get out of prison...don't blame him there. If Warren got his sentenced reduced then why not Tony Masilotti says Tony.

Sentenced to honest services fraud, he got 5 years in federal prison, paid a $25,000 fine and forfeited $175,000 and land worth more than $9 million. Stiff? Well he made $1.3 million on a land deal with South Florida Water Management District. And then he helped some land owner develop 2000 homes near Loxahatchee. He got about $50,000 for that. On top of it all, he then strong-armed the Diocese of Palm Beach to sell land in Royal Palm Beach to his associates. I think he made money on that too. Not too swift there, Tony...putting the arm on the "lord."

ANTHONY R MASILOTTI, 75825-004 53, -White-M, 12-24-2011, MIAMI FCI

This is the same facility where Manuel Noriega was held. What do you think? Should Tony be freed? Write him and tell him what you think.

Democratic Fund Raiser

"Dear Friend,

In just a few short weeks, (Nov 14) the fifth annual Democratic Gala, the Truman-Kennedy-Johnson Dinner will be held on Saturday, November 14th, at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. This event is our biggest fundraiser of the year, providing revenue to support the important body of work our Democratic Party invests in throughout the upcoming year."

At least Joe Biden got it right. He will be speaking in Des Moines, Iowa where they did not see the necessity to change the name of this event.

The very first thing you need to do is change the name back to the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner and you might get my attention because your reasons for changing it were predicated on baseless principles and a different century. We dishonor those forefathers who helped make this country great.

We have a heck of a lot of important issues like our national debt that has almost reached 12 TRILLION DOLLARS. I would bet that Thomas Jefferson would roll over if he heard that one! Would he believe that our national debt was rising at the tune of about $70,000 per second?

Realtors Soared to new Heights

Comment Up

You really need to attend city commission meetings to fully appreciate all that happens. That is the only reason I go—to really see the people, the expressions, hear the public commentary first-hand, listen to the undertones of those around me. I can tell you that there was plenty of that last night.

Everyone to the side of me, in back of me and in front of me were mumbling and totally, 100% against Commissioner Jennings and what this Commission was about to do...keep Lake Worth a low-rise city. Some of these people I have never seen before. Next to me was Nancy Hogan, a Realtor from Boynton Beach. Nancy, do you want our city to look like yours? How dare someone who does not even live here speak on this issue. Once we have a new commission, I want to suggest, again, that everyone who speaks before the Commission give their name and address. I want to know who these people are.

I am a licensed real estate broker. When I was active, I was a Realtor and was one for 20 years perhaps, being a member of the Palm Beach Board of Realtors. Last night, this entire organization brought shame to the profession. We all had to listen to the same calculated rhetoric. The only outstanding thing about any of them was that their GREED showed bright and clear shining off that Realtor pin they so proudly wear. Their superior attitude and over-bearing presumptuousness was a trumped up display of “we know better than you and what you want” and it resonated in the entire chamber.

All those who were NOT endorsed this election by the Palm Beach County Board of Realtors should stand proud today because of the performance last night from those in this organization.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Small Town Charm it will Remain

Comment Up

With the room packed with dozens of Realtors, developers, land owners, unhappy residents, and even Paul Kintz one of the owners of the Sunset parcel who stated that he was an affected party under Florida Statutes 168, the City Commission passed heights of 25 feet for residences and 35 feet for commercial buildings.

Those who packed the room were clearly on the developer side of the argument. The audience groaned when one Realtor said, “I am not a special interest.” Cara Jennings stated that during the Master Plan process that 75% of those who commented on heights wanted no more than 3 stories.

The vote was 3 to 2 with Lowe and Clemens dissenting.

Environmental Coalition blasts local candidates for supporting Federal laws

Four candidates for this coming election are being blasted on the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition web site.

Their complaint? They are stating that these candidates are against illegal immigration. Well, let's hope so. They are upset that these candidates are against pushing Seniors off the shuffleboard courts and have spoken out on the deplorable conditions perpetrated by this Lessee, The Mentoring Center.

I would be confident that every candidate running for office other than Javier in this instance is for upholding our Federal, State and local laws.

Go over there and read for yourself. Illegal is illegal folks.

Where's the evidence that Lake Worth has less Crime?

Today my Letter to the Editor appeared in the Post. Below is the uncondensed version of it. I have had several people say that the tremendous cost of having the Sheriff should be no object--our safety should come first. Thank God these people do not run this's bad enough.

Money should ALWAYS be a big concern and it is definitely a knee-jerk reaction to the horrible crime, blight and slums we have in this City that attracts the most violent of criminals. We know, unequivocally, that our Police department was mis-managed and now we will be paying dearly just to even keep up with the rising levels of crime.

The Article--

Has crime really “dropped” as the Post and Shanon Materio claim? (See Letter to the Editor of 9-17-09).

The Sheriff's Department incorporated longer shifts and more presence on the streets under the leadership of Cpt. Silva with the exact same number of officers we had before the merger, 91. The Sheriff has developed good public relations with the neighborhoods. His deputies are more engaged and give reports to the Neighborhood Association Presidents. According to the Sheriff, rape and aggravated assault are the only crimes that increased in Lake Worth since the Sheriff took over. We have never had a comparison of crime statistics for 2008 versus 2009 from the Sheriff after they took over but we continue to read about horrendous crimes including murder in our City.

One thing that we do know, it is costing the taxpayers of Lake Worth a lot of money to have the Sheriff. This year we have budgeted around $15 million and this does not include overtime or special services. Salaries, retirement and benefits continue to escalate while we lost 24% in taxable value. This should be a concern to Lake Worth and all city commissioners, not just Commissioner Jennings. This has nothing to do with politics. We have to have the ability to pay.

Are we really safer or is it an illusion because response time is faster and the presence of sheriff’s vehicles are more prevalent? We are only safer than 2% of cities across the country. Chances of becoming a victim of crime in Lake Worth is 1 out of 70. The property crime rate is 1 in 12. Source: That is not too assuring. Crime continues in Lake Worth and it is not going down in spite of what some believe.

The Sheriff's P&R has been effective but facts are facts and Lake Worth has more than its share of violent crime and property invasions.

Lyin Ryan Houck

Ryan Houck, whose paid job it is to diss Florida Hometown Democracy every chance he gets, says, "I look forward to debating Blackner every chance I get, because the more people learn about Amendment 4, the more likely it is that they'll oppose it." He adds: "I do appreciate her willingness to engage in all of these forums around the state."

Well, what a disingenuous guy Ryan is. Read all about our Palm Beach County resident who started Florida Hometown Democracy and her ideals. Unlike Ryan, she is NOT being paid to speak on the environment and to protect our great State. That is the difference between her and Ryan Houck, a Florida Chamber of Commerce shill. How many people are willing to put their own money and time where their mouth is?

Read all about Lesley HERE

Throw them Out

"Throw the Bums Out" 4th Radio Show is now up on Lake Worth Media. Go there or click on the link below if you missed it first time around.
4th Throw the Bums Out

Haitian Gang in Lake Worth zapped

Perhaps some of the kids over the last few decades have not learned much at Lake Worth High School but one thing that six of them did learn was how to form a violent gang and participate in murder and mayhem. They met in high school in a class for “non-native English speakers.” That is a gentle way of describing a violent gang of invaders who have no regard to the American way of life and our principles.

The government has now dismantled Top 6, a Haitian gang in Lake Worth, that was in control of several other gangs. 91 indictments later, they will be brought to American justice.

Read about it HERE

Monday, October 19, 2009

Former Utility Employees file suit

Comment Up

Mayor once again opens mouth and inserts foot.

"The whole thing was a hoax perpetuated by Bill Coakley as far as I'm concerned," Clemens said.

Coakley was the chairman of the city's former Electric Utility Task Force and is a candidate for mayor. He said Clemens' comments show "how out of the loop he is" about power plant security problems.

Read more about it HERE

Message from Commissioner Jennings

Comment Up
Tomorrow Night, Tuesday October 20, 6pm at our Regular City Commission Meeting, we will be taking two exciting votes regarding public land and future growth. As always, your input on these issues is encouraged before or during the meeting.

Approving EAR-based Amendments
The Comprehensive Plan is a very important planning document; it lays out the current and future plan for growth and development in our City. We are required to amend the plan every seven years. The Comp Plan Amendments that we are voting on Tuesday night include important changes to ensure that future growth is harmonious with our existing neighborhoods and commercial areas. One of these changes is reducing building height limits to max 25 - 35’ throughout most areas of the city. Compatible development has been highly encouraged by our residents; finally it will be formalized into the Comp Plan.

Protecting Public Rights of Way for Public Benefit
This is an item Commissioner Mulvehill has brought forward to the Commission. The protection of public right-of-ways will ensure that we do not give away important pieces of public land including the roadways that dead-end into the Intracoastal. These pieces of land are important access points to public waterways and should be retained for public use and access.

I hope to see many of you at the meeting.

Best Regards,
Cara Jennings