Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Recording Guide

If you can't read the graphic below-- Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

Tape recording laws at a glance

States checked--all parties to the conversation must agree to be recorded

Judge Jeanine on "Dirty Harry"

The interest that the Federal Bureau of Land Management has in Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy's acres used to graze his cattle has more to do with a land grab and solar power projects.

What is going on in America?

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The 81 year old owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, was ordered out of his team's business, banned for life, fined $2.5 million and is being forced to sell it over racist remarks, despicable as they were, but said in the privacy of his own home.

What is going on in America? We are becoming a police state. Everyday when I read Facebook, there is one horrible story after the next about police brutality--shooting first and asking questions later. 

The latest decision by the Supreme Court on detaining American citizens will leave you floored, says WND. The high court by its own order this week refused to review an appellate-level decision that says the president and U.S. military can arrest and indefinitely detain individuals just because they look strange or they believe that they are a security threat.

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This is what we got?


Crime downtown Lake Worth

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THEFT/LARCENY--14067746--100 BLOCK N FEDERAL HWY--Palm Beach County Sheriff--4/30/2014 5:02:00 AM

26 Florida Counties under State of Emergency

Read about it

Happenings on Lucerne

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Poor Greg Rice. No sooner does he paint over the graffiti when he is tagged again. This time it is small but large enough for the graffiti "artists" to tell everyone that they rule.

All gone now other than one out building.

Property values up in Lake Worth

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Big surprise!  Not only are Lake Worth's property values higher, they have risen by 8.2%. The county average is 5.4%. Lake Worth was projecting nearly half that. This will help tremendously during the budget discussions perhaps even during the infrastructure financing.

Read about it here...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tonight's Sky 4-29-14

Netanyahu tells liberal reporter the facts

Sylvia Moffett votes NO on Rybovich Village

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Last night, the West Palm Beach City Commission, that has never seen a development project it didn't like, voted to double the density on North Flagler Drive by voting for the Rybovich Village project.  The vote was 4/1 with Sylvia Moffett dissenting. She called the density “inappropriate.” “We’ve got several high-rises on North Flagler that haven’t done anything much for Broadway. If they stuck to the comp plan and did 32 (units) to the acre, they’d still get a pretty good return.”

Sylvia Moffett, District 1 Commissioner
Term 2014 – 2016
Phone (561) 822-1390 | Email
Commission President
Prior to her election as commissioner, Sylvia played an active role in her neighborhood serving as secretary and as president of the Old Northwood Steering Committee, editing the Old Northwood Newsletter, and representing Old Northwood to the North End Coalition of Neighborhoods.

Crime Downtown Lake Worth

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SHOPLIFTING--14067116--400 BLOCK LAKE AVE-- Palm Beach County Sheriff --4/28/2014 4:10:00 PM

Pedestrian struck by car in Lake Worth

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Florida NOT all Aboard

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Florida NOT All Aboard says, stopping a train isn’t easy. Stopping 32 trains a day sounds impossible, particularly when they’re traveling at speeds up to 110 miles per hour through our communities. But, we must stop these trains. Otherwise we’ll face traffic jams at crossings, boats blocked at bridges, air and noise pollution everywhere and public safety hazards every day. In time our tourism and property values will decline as well.

All Aboard Florida, the company behind these trains, is a subsidiary of a firm backed by Fortress, a $62 billion hedge fund whose only goal is profit for shareholders. Disruption, damage and danger for residents are not their concern. They’ve even gone so far as to claim they’re a private company while at the same time seeking a $1.5 billion loan from the federal government. They act like their unstoppable and don’t have to explain themselves to anyone. We call their train Big Choo Choo, evil on wheels.

We’re Florida Not All Aboard, a grassroots organization fighting to stop Big Choo Choo. With over 9,000 petition signatories, our movement is growing daily. Recently both Commissioner Sarah Heard and Congressman Patrick Murphy have begun questioning Big Choo Choo. In response, All Aboard Florida has hired a big PR firm to silence our growing public outcry using the vast resources and government contacts of Fortress.

Now we’re planning a major campaign including TV, print, EBlasts, phone calls, letters, emails and community presentations. Our goal is to stop Big Choo Choo in his tracks. To make this a reality, we need your support. Sign our petition. Join our “Stop Big Choo Choo Rally” in downtown Stuart on May 4. And, if possible, please donate to Florida Not All Aboard. We cannot do this without you.

Visit to make an immediate donation or send a check to P.O. Box 2043, Palm City, FL 34991.


Blight on Lucerne Avenue

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Well, we never have claimed that we didn't have
 innovative "blighters" in our city.

Ted Cruz in Tele-Town Hall Meeting tonight

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7:00pm Eastern Time tonight for the first ever Tele-Town Hall by For America! Senator Cruz has agreed to join the ForAmerica army for a conversation on the latest developments in Washington, DC and about the issues that are most important to you. The Tele-Town Hall format allows you to listen to the conversation and join in to ask questions about your concerns!

Click here to sign up and join Senator Ted Cruz on ForAmerica’s Tele-Town Hall!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunset 4-28-14

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Lake Worth Beach

Beautiful day today at the Lake Worth, hot, hot!  Water...warm, warm, warm! On top of that, there were plenty of people visiting...some snowbirds still here.  Mulligans was packed.

Demolitions in Lake Worth

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Top of Lucerne Avenue across from Lake Worth Towers

Rybovich Expansion

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The Related Group and Rybovich companies will be building six towers at the Rybovich Marina with 1059 residential units, 15000 square ft of offices, and 10000 ft of retail space.

While most of us would like to be concerned with having fun with corn eating contests, Derby Day and other exciting ways to spend one's time, we, on too many occasions, have to literally "fight city hall" for not listening to the people or going against our best interests.  Elected officials think about ways to get more money, usually from you, or dreaming up give-aways for developers for ad valorem and compromising residential neighborhoods. West Palm Beach can't get enough of development.

I think West Palm beach has a secret desire to be Ft. Lauderdale. If a developer even looks its way, wow, they have an orgasm.  All the rest of you must watch out because the city will get its 22 stories right next to the waterfront and/or across the street from where you live and they will give waiver after waiver to allow it or in the case of Lake Worth, figure out a way to build $17 million in infrastructure on your dime to wishfully attract development or encourage commerce at John Prince Park or overturn a vote of the people.

Rybovich tried to block the activists in Riviera Beach by seeking damages for $10 million but the voters in Riviera Beach said no to Rybovich in 2010 when more than 4,000 voters in Riviera Beach  voted to change the city’s charter to prohibit leasing space to Rybovich Superyacht Marina for a new megayacht refit and repair yard. It took a lot of hard work by residential activists at the time as they said it was their right to keep all of the marina open to the public. I was right up there, banner waving with them on November 5, 2010. At the time, Emma Bates, whose Citizen’s Task Force had opposed the Rybovich lease proposal, said “I don’t trust Rybovich.” Huizenga eventually decided to build on land that he owns.

This time it's the Rybovich Marina 14 acre expansion that will be voted on today in West Palm Beach. They say that it will improve the West Palm Beach Broadway corridor as well as the Northwood area. The promise (we know promises are always broken) of improving the area is not why the West Palm Beach council will vote to give Rybovich nearly double the residence per acre density. It's all about $$$$.

When passed today, the project will be humongous. This will be a big revenue boost to West Palm Beach just in permitting fees of mega millions but will generate $5.8 million a year in taxes. Look for a possible lawsuit but the mayor is not worried.  Of course she isn't...elected officials never are... and it's the same all over especially in the corruption capital of the country...they work diligently and change ordinances to get their way.

Read about it...

Earth Day

Saturday was a great day to stroll the Cultural Plaza. Bought 3 magnet bracelets, bought a book at the Library book sale for 25 cents--The Dark Side of Camelot, by Seymour Hersh...can't wait to take the time to read it--wandered over to the Joey Bergsma Retinoblastoma Awareness Foundation booth. Pam Bergsma does such outstanding work on behalf of her late grandson, Joey. Lots of people taking advantage of the bargains from the vendors and the Tree Board was there with its give-aways. Utility Director Clay Lindstrom and his wife were manning the City of Lake Worth booth with a rep from another little keyring OUC flashlight.  The Lindstroms are looking to buy a house in Lake Worth. All you Realtors now can pounce on him.

Army Corps gives green light on Lake Worth Inlet expansion

The only ones happy about the port expansion are those who will benefit monetarily.  But isn't that the usual way?  Read about it... and how the Everglades Law Center might file a law suit.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunset 4-27-14

Shelley Vana, an easy mark

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Palm Beach County Commissioner, Shelley Vana, an easy "mark" for bullies, is your typical "bad" politician. Elected to office to represent the people in her district, she instead represents special interests, big business and shills for other politicians behind the backs of her own constituents. She even threw Century Village under the bus. She, like Scott Maxwell, NEVER reached out one time to get a point of view from those living adjacent to or across from John Prince Park..never contacted or called the ROLOH president...NOT ONCE. There is nothing worse than a self-serving, self-absorbed, narcissistic politician.

With municipalities trying every way possible to come up with revenue, neighborhoods are often sacrificed by politicians to achieve more tax base or in this case, hope that those attending Spring training baseball games will meander over to the City of Lake Worth before or after a game and spend their money. They believe in the Field of Dreams.

I remember when I used to like Shelley--when she was running for county commissioner the first time.  I trusted her then--how naive of me. Boy has she learned the political, corrupt ropes of politics since that first day I sat down with her at the Lake Worth Towers for coffee. I've learned something too--how unscrupulous politicians are.

My apologies to Bob Kanjian, Republican--I should have listened to his mother. Shelley Vana beat him by 57% of the vote in a Democratic majority District and I voted for her. This was right at the time my politics began to change and my eyes were opening. Kanjian had been appointed to the seat vacated by convicted felon Warren Newell by then Governor Charlie Crist in 2007. Just taking over Newell's spot (and this was blasted all over the news) was an image buster for him. In retrospect and as development minded as Bob was, I believe that the people would have had a better playing field with him as county commissioner.

Photo credit:  Sun Sentine by Carline Jean l

Rendering for ballfield at John Prince Park

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A whisper away from residential homes

This is what Shelley Vana, Scott Maxwell, Pam Triolo, the rest of the Lake Worth commission, and Michael Bornstein want. The city even authorized paying two of our attorneys to sit at the meeting on April 18 to promote their point of view using taxpayer dollars to do it.

Our environment will be impacted big time. We will lose all of our wading and nesting birds as well as our quiet enjoyment all for a whim of Maxwell's for his dream of economic development. This commissioner has really sold his soul to the devil.

Message from ROLOH on the political turn of events at John Prince Park

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John Prince Park and Vice Mayor Maxwell,

Just when you think its over it is not. Lake Worth "Vice Mayor" Maxwell (and I will include Mayor Triolo and Commish Andy) are still working behind the scenes to prove that they do not care about the Residences of Lake Osborne.

Coming out in the Post tomorrow (Sunday) will be a story that we will post after our own commentary. With that said lets get down to business.

One,  "Vice Mayor" Maxwell, asked if he should leave our meeting and his wish was granted. We did not ASK him to leave, he volunteered. (Not the first time that has ever happened).

Two, the Mayor when asked during a break at a public meeting stated that she originally only knew about this (John Prince park as a possible baseball site) 4 days before it was discussed at a Lake Worth City Meeting and then went to the county commission meeting to "swing" for their vote?

Third, well Commissioner Amoroso just does not get the truth and uses circumstances that have not played out yet to make commentary during a meeting that was reversed.

The story is that John Prince Park is now back on the table again. Why? Because our own County Commissioner, Shelley Vana (read the article) actually could care less about our neighborhood and the impact of a ballfield at this park....why?

This is her last term and she even showed up at the Lake Worth Marriage Equality Rally to show not just support for that issue but to prove that she is in collaboration with Lake Worth's Political Folly for the Baseball Park.

PLEASE Understand that we are FOR a Spring training park but NOT in John Prince Park and we have to wonder the motive of Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein when he encouraged a history of the park to be printed in the Palm Beach Post.

John Prince Park was dedicated in the honor of a WWI Veteran for the people of Palm Beach County and these Politicians just simply want to throw that memory away with no regards to the Veterans who served in WWI and WWII and other wars.

This is the commission we have in Lake Worth and Palm Beach County. Now, and for all the things that the Lake Worth commission does well, there are many things they do not. Having code visit the edges of Lake Worth for easy code violations for people who can pay fines for code and not addressing the "middle earth" of Lake Worth that is hell bent on absentee landlords and rentals which is where our blight is so present, is clearly a sin against the good tax paying residents of Lake Worth.
All the new regulations passed for Code Enforcement and yet no action, this commission is hoping on a dream and a prayer that a Spring Training Park will solve all their issues.
The Truth is that it will not do this and the only recourse for Lake Worth is to finally clean up its blight and not push for a whim like a Spring Training Park that is not in their City Limits with no commitment from the city to invest in this endeavor but giving up Very Valuable Park and Nature Habitat Land. "Lake Worth Commission....Not on our backs" is the theme here and on the County Residents who use the park every day.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Playing the Political Ball Game

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Arrogance abounds.

Lake Worth's Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell still wants baseball at John Prince Park and so do a few others who have no problem tearing up 80 to 100 acres of a deed restricted Palm Beach County park. These are probably the same group of people who dismiss the deed restrictions on our golf course and dream of development on the waterfront. A few officials have been working behind the scenes to bring the John Prince Park site idea to fruition. It doesn't matter what residents in Maxwell's district feel about it and that they don't want to play his ball game.

Dated April 12, 1940 the document states:

(This conveyance is made on the condition that the area above described is to be used for park and forest purposes only, and should said area be used for any purpose other than park and forest, the title to said land shall automatically revert and become the property of the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund of the State of Florida.)

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for this area. For us not to explore the possibilities is irresponsible," said Lake Worth Commissioner Scott Maxwell. Even Lake Worth city attorneys Glen Torcivia and Barbara Alterman attended the meeting to push for John Prince Park. It's incredible when elected officials and their hired help believe they know better than the people they serve.

Read the PBPost article where "leaders" from Lake Worth, Greenacres and Palm Springs have been politicking behind the scenes and where Maxwell has been telling all of you in his Lake Osborne District to "screw off." "Plans have been made that show the main stadium facing east toward Lake Osborne, creating the potential for kayakers to collect home run balls hit into the water – similar to AT&T Park in San Francisco, where balls land in San Francisco Bay."

Actually, if this were to happen, we will be able to catch balls standing on our condo balconies.

Sunset 4-26-14

Party of the Stoned

Apparently I am in zone 6E --Just got this--

Our little Lake Worth just got a Democratic Party Office in -- well, Lake Worth. Dixie Hwy at 9th Ave North. Press release is not out yet but I just shampooed the carpets and we move in tomorrow afternoon, April 26.

WE NEED YOU, AND YOU, AND EVERYONE to defeat Rick Scott with his special interest money and the Republicans in Tallahassee. Also we have two interesting items on our ballot this year in November: Medical Marijuana and all out Legalization. Two items worth thinking about. And, you can do it at home at your kitchen table - IN YOUR PAJAMAS ! Just make sure your VoteByMail ballot request is up to date. Lots of them are up to expire this year !

Meanwhile, think about what you can do for this vital mid-term election year and how you can help us out at the office. We want to keep it open as much as possible for our supporters to come in for voter assistance and to volunteer to reach out to the voters and supporters of Lake Worth and beyond.

Well, I just thought about it--time to change Parties before the County, the State and the Nation are totally stoned...and do it in my pajamas, of course.

Boz Scaggs

"Look What You've Done to Me", from the Urban Cowboy of the best songs ever written. For all you Boz Scaggs fans, he is appearing at the Sunrise Theater on Saturday, May 3 at 8pm and will be performing all his hits.

SB 1576 - Protecting Florida Springs

(SB 1576) and Amendment 1 made front-page news in the Orlando Sentinel. The good news is that the springs bill passed out of its final committee; the bad news is that the funding mechanism for springs protection was removed.

CS/CS/CS/SB 1576: Springs GENERAL BILL by Appropriations ; Agriculture ; Environmental Preservation and Conservation ; Dean ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Montford ; Soto ; Simmons ; Hays ; Altman ; Abruzzo

Springs; Requiring the Department of Environmental Protection or the governing board of a water management district to establish the minimum flow and water level for an Outstanding Florida Spring; creating part VIII of chapter 373, F.S., entitled “Florida Springs and Aquifer Protection Act”; requiring the Department of Environmental Protection to delineate a spring protection and management zone for each Outstanding Florida Spring; requiring the water management districts to adopt minimum flows and levels for Outstanding Florida Springs, etc.

Effective Date: 7/1/2014
Last Action: 4/25/2014 Senate - Placed on Special Order Calendar, 04/30/14
Location: On Special Order Calendar
Bill Text: Web Page | PDF

Crime downtown Lake Worth

Don't fear while shopping in our downtown--but don't wear jewelry and hold on to your handbags and brush off those pesky little panhandlers--these two incidents happened after midnight and close to late night bars/nightclubs.

ASSAULT----14066156--100 BLOCK N FEDERAL HWY--Palm Beach County Sheriff--4/26/2014 3:02:00 AM

DISTURBANCE--14066130--000 BLOCK S J ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--4/26/2014 12:03:00 AM (this is a regular occurrence on this block)

Shopping in downtown Lake Worth

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From time to time I will hear someone say, "Gee I would shop in our downtown if there was any place to buy something." This is a unique occasion, featuring myself on my own blog, but this is all about shopping in downtown Lake Worth.

My ensemble, other than the shoes--from the flower clip in my hair (bought at Bali's) to the slacks and the crochet top (Trinkets and Treasures), the earrings (Ella's-Lake Worth Jewelers) and the jewelry was bought in our downtown. Trinkets and Treasures is one of my favorite places for clothes and accessories especially if you are looking for something special. There are other wonderful shops from new clothes to consignment to historical pieces that have been featured here in the past.

While you are visiting Earth Day today at the Cultural Plaza starting at Noon or the Zombie Crawl tonight, take a stroll up the avenues and support our downtown.

Quote of the Day - Sen Arthenia Joyner

"We make all these laws here that deal with women's bodies and it's time to spread the lawmaking to your bodies as men."

~ Sen Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa

responding to Sen Gwen Margolis, D-Miami and her effort to kill the late term abortion bill (HB 1047) that passed on a 24/15 vote in the Senate. She suggested making it a third degree felony to perform a vasectomy.

CS/HB 1047: Termination of Pregnancies

GENERAL BILL by Health and Human Services Committee ; Adkins ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Ahern ; Baxley ; Caldwell ; Campbell ; Coley ; Corcoran ; Cummings ; Diaz, M ; Eagle ; Fresen ; Hill ; Hudson ; La Rosa ; Oliva ; O'Toole ; Patronis ; Pigman ; Renuart ; Rodrigues ; Stone ; Van Zant
Termination of Pregnancies; Revises circumstances under which pregnancy in third trimester may be terminated; authorizes administrative discipline for violation of certain provisions by certain licensed professionals; requires physician to perform certain examinations to determine viability of fetus; prohibits abortion of viable fetus outside of hospital.
Effective Date: 7/1/2014
Last Action: 4/25/2014 House - Ordered enrolled
Location: Final Passage
Bill Text: PDF

Friday, April 25, 2014

Sunset 4-25-14


At Lakeside Point Gardens

Happy on a Twig at Lake Osborne

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Guardian Angels

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Someone posted that we should invite the Guardian Angels here to cleanup the streets.  They were in Lake Worth in 2007 to help with the gang problem. A few were upset with their presence as their fame and formidable stature were definitely intimidating as they walked through the downtown and on the streets in the south end. You couldn't miss their red jackets and red barets.

There are now more than 130 Guardian Angels safety patrol chapters throughout the world, with constant additions being made. And the grassroots community patrols that Curtis began also spurred the creation of neighborhood watch groups throughout the United States and around the world.

Trees at our Lake Worth beach

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We just can't seem to take care of anything. We had to rebuild the Casino because of the city's lack of maintenance through the we have a brand new $13 million dollar beach redevelopment and many of the trees appear to be starving for water--wilting, dry, turning brown or dead. All the flowers that were in the planters are about dead. In the first shot, all the Gumbo Limbos look dead.  The Seagrapes are nearly dead and many of the palm tree fronds are turning brown as well as the grasses in several areas.

Perhaps the city is watering but no one at the beach has spotted a watering truck all year. Trees have to have water and fertilizer--it can't all be left up to God. It would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace these trees. Are we still on the path to our own destruction? Who's in charge?

OPM - It's easy to spend other people's money

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It's easy to spend other people's money (OPM). City Manager Michael Bornstein is recommending that the city hire a project manager for the $78 million ($60 million perhaps on a general obligation bond plus $16-18 million in cash) for the 2020 Infrastructure program at $415,000 a year for 5 years or $2,075,000! On top of that, the city will be hiring more staff at $380,000 a year or another $1,900,000.  We have no idea whether this is for five years, whether it includes benefits, etc.  So, the city is talking about $4 million plus for project management for possibly 5 years. Imagine that...the 2nd poorest city in Palm Beach County and we will be DEAD BROKE and in big debt.

When I think of project managers I remember the fiasco at our pool. If you recall, back in 2006, Cara Jennings and Mark Drautz were the only officials who voted NO to a lease with Greater Bay to take over our entire 19 acre beach property with Lowe, Burns and Vespo voting YES.

Later,  Greater Bay was allowed to get back on our beach park property after non-performance and constant stalls. Cara Jennings was the only one who voted NO to allow Greater Bay to continue on and refurbish the pool. On February 8, 2008 and on a 4 to 1 vote with Commissioner Cara Jennings dissenting, the Commission voted for Amendment 1 to the Greater Bay Contract allowing them to proceed with repairs to our pool. Mayor Clemens, Commissioners Lowe, Golden and Vespo voted YEA. Karns, the city attorney who had been fired by the Burns commission, previously had given  legal advice against allowing them back on the property.

 I have always believed that this action was the catalyst for Greater Bay to pursue a lawsuit on November 9, 2009, for if we were really serious in our charge of non-performance, we would never have allowed them back on the beach. Corey O'Gorman, former Director of the CRA, was hired as project manager and unfortunately the pool turned out to be a mess in spite of paying him and his firm $200,000 plus for oversight..

Our pool repairs originally were to cost $391,000. Before too long, the cost jumped up to $424,826. As everyone now knows--

  • the pavers sunk because sand was not packed correctly
  • an incorrect sized pool pump was installed
  • inferior materials used and the pool pump house was unsafe
  • the pool eventually had to be closed
  • Starting blocks installed incorrectly. Can't attract swim meets.
  • Two diving boards in contract; 1 meter and a 3 meter-- only one used 1m board installed.
  • Pool covers used to retain heat were made for residential pool--won't work on a competitive pool as they are too lightweight and will also blow off in a strong wind. We had to contract with Lincoln Equipment for a new pool cover because what we paid for was inferior in every way.
  • Heater not connected.

  • You get the drift?  Even after hiring a project manager, all this incompetence happened. Prevailing politics at the time even extended O'Gorman's contract (the commission loved the CRA, his former affiliate). Greater Bay couldn't even handle pool repairs and the city with all its good intentions, did not get its money's worth.

    There are certainly no guarantees with a project manager although I agree that we should have oversight on a project of this magnitude with experts on the job--a project that will use up all our cash reserves and literally put a debt noose around our necks. If you think you can trust the government to do the right thing, ask the Indians.

    Quote of the Day - Jeff Clemens

    "Most people innately understand how fast they can travel, and how safe they can drive. This bill allows DOT to set the speed limit based on engineering and science, not based on the whims of politicians."

    ~ Jeff Clemens

    Speaking about the Florida Senate passing his bill, SB 392 to allow 75mph on certain highways.  I especially like the piousness of the statement as if this was not pushed forward in the legislature on the whims of a politician.

    Thursday, April 24, 2014

    Sunset 4-24-14

    Warning flags at Lake Worth beach

    I was told it was Man-O-War, not sharks! Portuguese Man-O-War, through its venomous tentacles, can deliver a painful sting. It was a beautiful day at the beach with a few people in the water.

    Bryant Park's Derby Day

    Utility Rate Study and the Lake Worth 2020 Program

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    The meeting was all too mind boggling other than grabbing the cash. At Tuesday night's commission workshop meeting on the 2020 Infrastructure presentation, it was mentioned, on more than one occasion, that Burton & Associates had told us that we needed to raise our water rates at 5% for 5 years.  So, by adding another 3%  to that rate to pay to replace all the 2 inch water pipes costing $14 million through year 2019 was no "biggie" in their eyes...what's another 3 percent? It is all compounded over years. The power of compounding was said to be deemed the eighth wonder of the world - or so the story goes - by Albert Einstein.

    Rate projections have changed over the last few years.

    In actuality,  Burton & Associates recommended the following in 2012, the last rate study that was presented to the commission--Subsequently, there is a new rate study dated July 9, 2013. Perhaps this was presented during last year's budget process but I don't recall it. The public is told less and less or on a "needs basis."

    Although not relative now, because the city wants to spend bucko bucks of your money for a roads infrastructure program, (re-building half the city from the ground up) below are excerpts from the 2012 Utility Rate Study Update for Lake Worth by Burton & Associates:

    Water System:

    Reduce rate adjustment for FY 2013 from 5.25% to 0.00%
    Adopt new multi-year schedule of rates as presented through FY 2016
    0% in FY 2014, 4.50% in FY 2015 and FY 2016

    Regional Sewer System:

    Reduce O&M rate adjustment for FY 2013 from 20% to 15%
    Continue efforts to receive full payment from members
    Consider adopting FY 2014 rate adjustment of 5% as presented herein

    Local Sewer System:

    Reduce rate adjustments for FY 2013 from 13% to 0%
    Do not adopt any future rate adjustments at this time
    Dependent upon resolution of Regional Sewer collection issues by FY 2015

    **Now things have changed due to the Regional Sewer settlement and the Capital Improvements Fund**

    Going back to Water, while the FY 2013 RSA confirms no need for a rate adjustment in FY 2014, slightly larger annual rate increases of 5.00% per year are required starting in FY 2015 in order to provide sufficient funds for a larger multi-year capital improvement program (CIP). The five-year retail rate adjustment plan developed in the FY 2013 RSA is presented below.

    FY 2013 RSA RATE ADJ. FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018
    Water Rate Adjustment 0.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00%
    Avg. Res. Bill (5,000 GAL) $32.65 $32.65 $34.28 $36.01 $37.80
    Monthly Increase / Yr. $0.00 $1.63 $1.73 $1.80 $1.89

    Historically, this enterprise fund has faced significant challenges related to the disproportionate burden of wholesale costs from the Regional Sewer Enterprise Fund.  That's what the report said.

    The above does not seem to be quite the same as the rates presented on Tuesday night. The city commission is still reducing the electric rate each year until it is in parity with FPL all to attract investment. Screw the water users, though. The city will make up that monetary loss on the other end of the utility. If the majority of the city can no longer afford to water its lawns, then the entire place will turn to weed...slum...blight and then NO ONE will want to move here. I was estimating how much more it would cost our condo association on a yearly basis, if the city decided to go out on a revenue bond based on their figures and our last water bill,--- $4,047 more in year 2015 and $5,506 more in year 2019. Is that possible?

    Downtown Lake Worth Crime

    Update on jewelry snatch and grab criminals at Brogues--they were caught!

    VANDALISM--14065021--300 BLOCK LAKE AVE--Palm Beach County Sheriff--4/23/2014 2:36:00 PM

    THEFT/LARCENY--14065019--100 BLOCK S FEDERAL HWY--Palm Beach County Sheriff--4/23/2014 2:22:00 PM

    ROBBERY - PERSON--14064959--2ND AVE N & N FEDERAL HWY--Palm Beach County Sheriff--4/23/2014 12:23:00 PM

    BEVERAGE VIOLATION-- 14064936-- 400 BLOCK LAKE AVE-- Palm Beach County Sheriff-- 4/23/2014 11:22:00 AM

    Clemens' State Speed Limit bill SB 392

    It seems like Sen Jeff Clemens is holding his ground on what he believes, and a bunch of women senators won't deter him regarding his bill SB 392 to raise the speed limit to 75 on some highways in Florida.

    According to men, what do women know about driving? Men think all women are lousy drivers anyway.  Several women senators are critical of his bill, calling it dangerous and an invitation to more car crashes. The opponents include Sens. Nancy Detert, R-Venice; Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville; Dorothy Hukill, R-Port Orange; Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa; Gwen Margolis, D-Aventura; Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood; and Geraldine Thompson, D-Orlando.

    So who are better drivers: men or women?
    The Answer Is ...
    In a study released by Quality Planning, an analytics company that validates policyholder information for auto insurers, women came out on top. The study analyzed different kinds of vehicle code violations (traffic violations) and then compared how many times men were cited versus women. The conclusion was that men break more traffic laws and drive more dangerously than women. Because they violate laws designed to make the roads safer, men cause more accidents and expensive damage.  See the stats,

    So, maybe Sen Clemens should be listening to these women senators who are against his bill.

    SB 392: State Speed Zones

    GENERAL BILL by Brandes ; Clemens
    State Speed Zones; Raising the maximum allowable speed limit on certain highways; increasing the maximum allowable speed limit on roadways under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation, etc.
    Effective Date: 7/1/2014
    Last Action: 4/23/2014 Senate - Placed on 3rd reading
    Location: On 3rd Reading Calendar
    Bill Text: Web Page | PDF

    Read more here:


    Just when the government is trying to give back-door amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens, our law enforcement departments are in full gear. There seems to be "over-kill" on rounding up nine to twelve illegals who came on shore. Police from Tequesta, Jupiter, Jupiter Inlet Colony as well as deputies from the Palm Beach and Martin County sheriff’s departments are on the scene this morning.

    Read about it...

    Crime in Lake Worth

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    Last year Palm Beach County crime was down. In fact, for the past six years, it has been down in the County. However, Lake Worth is not part of that trend--this year Lake Worth's crime is on the rise again. Although the County's overall crime stats have gone down, Lake Worth along with Delray Beach, Riviera Beach and Greenacres had increases. PB Post article

    There is nothing surprising in this report when it comes to Lake Worth. In fact, there is so much crime here that most of it goes unreported.  It would scare the living hell out of you if you knew the facts. No one would want to foot a bond measure for potholes. It is no wonder developers/investors don't come here. They read the stats too.  If they knew, the residents would all demand that this city do something about the slum, blight and the crime it all breeds.  They would demand that the CRA fulfill its mission of eradicating blight where most of the crime exists. They  would demand that the city start with the basics first. They would demand that the commission live up to its promises.

    For FDLE's annual crime clock, Click here.

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014

    Sunset 4-23-14

    Crime Lake Worth

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    VANDALISM--14064803--000 BLOCK S M ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--4/22/2014 11:16:00 PM
    Crime on this block is consistent. So is blight.  Did that owner repair the hole in his wall?

    BURGLARY - RESIDENCE--14064793--300 BLOCK LAKE OSBORNE DR--Palm Beach County Sheriff--4/22/2014 10:05:00 PM
    Decided to feature this one because crime is sneaking onto Lake Osborne Drive. As soon as The Villages are rented out, expect more in this area as it travels around the curve to the other side of the lake.

    Quote of the Day - Joe Negron

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    “In-state tuition discounts should, in my view, be reserved for legal residents of Florida. Florida law does not prohibit students who are undocumented from accessing our state colleges and universities. Once these students favorably resolve their residency status, they could become eligible for in-state tuition.”

    ~ Joe Negron

    Negron made the announcement last week in a statement issued by his office as the agenda for the Appropriations Committee’s final regularly scheduled meeting was being released.

    Mess of the Week revisited

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    Directly on the lake on Lake Osborne Drive, this house used to be beautiful.  Look what happened to it once it got in foreclosure and the bank took it back. It has been an on-going problem for over two years.  The yard is nothing but weeds. The renters sell personal items off their yard (constant unpermitted yard sales)  and have been trying to sell this boat for a year that is either parked on the front yard or under this questionable portable canopy on the driveway. Cars park all over the side of the property, on the public rights of way and the sidewalk.

    Owner according to PAPA: ONEWEST BANK FSB, 2900 ESPERANZA CROSSING, AUSTIN , TX 78758-3658

    This bank was acquired by Ocwen Financial last summer in a $2.53 billion dollar deal so who knows if this property is still owned by Onewest.

    There is no rental license regarding this property. And as of Monday, there was no open code file which is a real mystery. All kinds of people coming and going trashing the neighborhood.

    SB 582 - Regulation for Sober Houses Dies in Florida Senate

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    It crashed and burned for 2014 passage. Jeff Clemens' bill was posed for approval in the Senate Appropriations Committee until one Democrat and one Republican threw him curve ball amendments at the last minute. Clemens would not accept the amendments. One would have stripped his bill from proposed regulations and the other was to create a crisis stabilization database to track the use of beds at public mental health stabilization units. Joe Negron, chair of the committee, said they simply ran out of time which contradicts Clemens' explanation that Negron told him his bill would not be heard unless he agreed to the two amendments.

    CS/SB 582: Substance Abuse Services

    GENERAL BILL by Children, Families, and Elder Affairs ; Clemens ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Sachs
    Substance Abuse Services; Prohibiting a sober house transitional living home from operating in this state without a valid certificate of registration from the Department of Children and Families; requiring a sober house operator to annually apply for a certificate of registration with the department; requiring certain sober house transitional living homes to apply for a certificate of registration by a specified date; requiring the department to adopt rules pertaining to the application process for obtaining a certificate of registration, etc.
    Effective Date: 7/1/2014
    Last Action: 4/17/2014 Senate - On Committee agenda-- Appropriations, 04/22/14, 9:00 am, 412 Knott Building --Not Considered
    Location: In committee/council (AP)
    Bill Text: Web Page | PDF

    South B Street Painting event

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    Mark Parrilla's Slideshow:

    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Tonight's sky

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    Was 2 minutes late for the sunset but we had a colorful sky.

    Daytime "Rape" in a Lake Worth park

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    Pervert can't keep his pants zipped.

    Read about the low-life here

    Filmmaker Dave Janetta and his latest intriquing film

    A documentary film by my 2nd cousin, Dave Janetta. One review says, "The center of intrigue is where a well liked professor disappeared one night. Months later his scorched corpse was found bound to a tree on the outskirts of town past a very dense pathway. That mystery is the primary hook. It’s the surrounding elements that make the movie sing."

    Dave Jannetta is the founder of 32-20 Productions, a Philadelphia-based production company covering the full spectrum of film and video production with a focus on telling quality stories of all shapes and sizes. Dave has worked closely with Poe Ballantine to turn his story Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere into a documentary movie.

    Earth Day celebration in Lake Worth

    Each year, Earth Day -- April 22 -- marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement...the hippies, the flower children, and the tree huggers.

    There is a group in California that advocates Californians for Population Stabilization  that wants to stop human population growth-- says people are ruining the planet, ruining our Earth -- more people mean a terrible environment especially with the illegals.

    To protect the air, water and land in California, they want American immigration policy to become more like Europe, and not let children of illegal immigrants be citizens just by being born and enforce immigration laws rather than encourage illegal immigration by doing another round of amnesty. Just when I was thinking that everyone in California was nuts.

    Earth Day Celebration in Lake Worth
    When:  Sat, April 26, 12pm – 9pm
    Where:  Cultural Plaza, 414 Lake Avenue (map)

    921 South B Street Painting Event

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    Signature Healthcare personnel were there. Signature will be sponsoring three more community benefit events in year 2014. Several citizen volunteers along with Mark Parrilla, president of Genesis Neighborhood Association in Lake Worth who put this event together, were working right along with Signature when I showed up.  Fr. Terence Belcher, Director of Spirituality for Signature HealthCARE of Palm Beach had secured Hoffman Companies of PB County that did all the prep work (pressure cleaning, soffet repairs, etc.)  prior to today's painting.

    Home Depot, a large corporation always willing to help in community projects or fundraisers for worthy causes, exhausted its entire April budget for community donations by providing all the building materials, paint, brushes, etc.  Next month they have committed a new barbeque grill and patio furniture for this proud owner, Ms. Suk Grant who chose the color for her house.

    This should be on Channel 12 News this evening as they were there filming. When it is finished, it will look fabulous.

    2014 election

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    Come November, we will have a lot to vote for--Florida, Palm Beach County and a Lake Worth initiative is in the wings for August--I believe that the City of Lake Worth is not fooling around with committing the taxpayers to a big debt for possibly 20 to 30 years for infrastructure. If they go out on a general obligation bond, you will have to approve of that debt at the ballot box. And think about it--half the town will be gone and their valuable Snowbirds who do vote here will have flown the coop.

    Tonight in Lake Worth there is another workshop to inform the public and perhaps tell us how they want you to fund their infrastructure initiative. Clever ideas will be hashed and tossed about even possibly funding part of it through a 16% water increase. Even the utility is something they desperately need when it's convenient to raise money and using it basically as a tax for its initiative.  Our water rate is too high as it is. The Mayor has mentioned a revenue bond--a type of revenue generator (an assessment) that this commission was vehemently against just a few years ago.

    Two measures are certified for the 2014 ballot in Florida. Five additional measures, all legislatively-referred constitutional amendments, have been proposed for the November 4, 2014 ballot. We already know about Jeff Clemens' medical marijuana bill and his 5 mph increase.

    Some Trivia:
    • Since 1988, 80 of 102 or 78.43% of Florida ballot measures have been approved by voters. Lake Worth knows that once this infrastructure initiative gets on the ballot, it will most likely pass. People are sick of lousy streets.
    • Conversely, 22 of 102 or 21.57% of measures have been defeated.
    • In 2006, a measure was approved that increased the number of votes required to approve a proposed constitutional amendment to 60%. Since 2008, two measures were approved by simple majority, but failed to meet the supermajority requirement and thus were defeated.
    • And in Lake Worth, the voters can go to the polls, vote in an initiative and the city government says "screw you."

    Bomb Scare on North H Street

    Monday, April 21, 2014

    921 South B Street Painting Event

    The soffet was repaired today and tomorrow morning (Tuesday) the painting will begin. Volunteers appreciated.

    Sunset 4-21-14

    Thief in Lake Worth

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    Now this IS sad--Diaper thief in Lake Worth...Read about it...

    The Welfare State of Affairs

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    A record number of people are now on food stamps, social security disability, and long term unemployment assistance. Full time jobs are drying up faster than private sector health insurance plans, and the underemployment rate continues to climb. 

    Read more... on the Incompetent Socialist, Barack Obama.

    A woman approached me at the Home Depot parking lot--she had been renting a house with her two kids and, according to her, it was set ablaze by the Haitian landlords. I forget where she said this happened but it was somewhere south of here.  She is on Medicaid, food stamps, housing subsidies, you name it and she needed money. She has had a hard life, she says.

    Whether her story is true or not, there are millions of people needing help in this country, the most prosperous country on Earth and she has become another panhandler. We all ask how did this happen--why do we have so much poverty in America?

    As someone said an I don't remember where I read it, Ever so often they (the government) toss a scapegoat or an invisible monster to take blame for this societal and economic downward spiral of our American nation. Will it get harder? Probably. Is there hope? Hopefully. Since the end of the generation has brought prosperity in the '50's and social equality in the '60's down, down we go. I hope the next generation of kids wake up from their Xboxes, computers, cell phones and the rest of their mind-sucking gadgets and diversions and see that all is not well. Previous generations have failed you, don't follow in their footsteps........................Lunch is over back to the salt mines, good luck kid.
    PS take IT in college, no one cares about anything else.

    Of course you can see what Information Technology did to the Obamacare website. Another massive failure that has caused millions to lose their medical insurance and people forced to keep hitting the reset button.  What's next?

    A Serial litigant?

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    From time to time we see Ms. Taylor addressing the city commission.  She goes to the lectern in her motorized vehicle and gives the city hell. Charlotte Taylor must LOVE to sue; she's afraid of no one--is she a serial vexatious litigant or does she have legitimate complaints?  Did she get advice from our local newspaper to sue?  There are seven outstanding cases on the books involving the City of Lake Worth and on Tuesday at 4pm, the city commission is meeting behind closed doors to discuss the disposition of these cases. She bought her property on a Sheriff Deed back in 2002 and there has been nothing but problems ever since.

    Some of her complaints against the city go back to the Larry Karns days, in addition to the Contest of the Tax Assessment Cause of Action against the property appraiser of Palm Beach County. Her taxes that were due for 2013 are still outstanding. There are allegations regarding Violation of Due Process; Failure To Perform Ministerial Duties- Negligence-Violation of Statute; Civil Conspiracy which includes Civil Theft. The allegations include but were not limited to changing the classification of a property.

    The following are just a few of the 32 cases she has been involved in through the years:

    Last Name: TAYLOR     First Name: CHARLOTTE    
    @1607083 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE CHEVAL unavailable
    Case:     501994CP002274XXFOIY     CHARLOTTE S TAYLOR DECEDENT 16-JUN-94 @230093 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502004CA004084XXXXMB     CHARLOTTE TAYLOR V CITY OF LAKE WORTH APPELLANT 19-APR-04 @230093 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502004CA004084XXXXMB     CHARLOTTE TAYLOR V CITY OF LAKE WORTH PLAINTIFF 19-APR-04 @248437 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502004CA005310XXXXMB     CHARLOTTE TAYLOR V CITY OF LAKE WORTH APPELLANT 24-MAY-04 @378150 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502005CA001670XXXXMB     CHARLOTTE TAYLOR V GARY NIKOLITS APPELLANT 22-FEB-05 @378150 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502005CA001670XXXXMB     CHARLOTTE TAYLOR V GARY NIKOLITS PLAINTIFF 22-FEB-05 @430046 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502005CA005248XXXXMB     MARIA GRANJA V CHARLOTTE TAYLOR DEFENDANT 07-JUN-05 @430046 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502005CA005248XXXXMB     MARIA GRANJA V CHARLOTTE TAYLOR APPELLANT 07-JUN-05 @3340814 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502013CA015971XXXXMB     CHARLOTTE TAYLOR V JW LIENS LLC PLAINTIFF 23-OCT-13 @921300 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502007CA010354XXXXMB     CHARLOTTE TAYLOR V CITY OF LAKE WORTH PLAINTIFF 28-JUN-07 @1041537 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502007CA013909XXXXMB     CITY OF LAKE WORTH V CHARLOTTE TAYLOR DEFENDANT 21-AUG-07 @1492498 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502008CA025857XXXXMB     CHARLOTTE TAYLOR V GARY R NIKOLITS PLAINTIFF 28-AUG-08 @1552964 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502009CA011333XXXXMB     CHARLOTTE TAYLOR VS GARY R NIKOLITS PLAINTIFF 01-APR-09 @1892049 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502009CA023436XXXXMB     CHARLOTTE TAYLOR V GARY R NIKOLITS PLAINTIFF 09-JUL-09 @1995142 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable
    Case:     502009CA033120XXXXMB     CHARLOTTE TAYLOR V CITY OF LAKE WORTH PLAINTIFF 30-SEP-09 @2343613 TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE unavailable

    For what does our Republic stand?

    Why do people FAIL to recognize the truth?

    Read this... and start taking back your country and its ideals.

    Crime downtown Lake Worth

    All those little stick people figures--they depict thieves.