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Demolition scheduled in Lake Worth

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August 31, 2015

Contact:           William Waters, Director for Community Sustainability


Lake Worth, FL – The City of Lake Worth has scheduled the demolition of a structure that has been deemed unsafe by the building official.  Located at 417 South D Street, the house has unsanitary conditions and there is fire hazard constituted by the lack of water.  Further, the structure is damaged to the extent where it is a hazard to life and safety and is in danger to partial collapse.

The City’s Chronic Nuisance Service Remediation Program allows the demolishing of unsafe structures, boarding and securing vacant abandoned buildings, and clearing vacant, overgrown lots.  With more than 100 properties requiring these services, residents and property owners eagerly look forward to the removal of blight from across the City. 

What:              Unsafe Structure Demolition
Where:            417 South D Street
Date:               Thursday, September 3
Time:               9:30 am

Lake Worth City Manager on top of Brawl in downtown Lake Worth

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The City Manager is on top of the disgusting brawl and immoral behavior that occurred in our downtown. For those of you who haven't seen the video, Click here.


I saw this several days earlier.  It is a disgusting display of debauchery and what is most appalling is no one is calling the Sheriff.  I would guess the girl was more drunk than on flakka as she is still conversant.  Regardless this kind of public display is unacceptable.  I have already met with Captn Baer about the business and their problems and he is working with his deputies to address the situation going forward.


The Immoral Movement and the Big Lie

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Taking advantage of their First Amendment rights, Black Lives Matter protesters marched at the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday. The protesters were chanting, "Pigs in a blanket. Fry 'em like bacon" advocating for the killing of police officers.

I don't see why advocating killing should be legal. And the problem with this Black LIES Matter movement as Sheriff David Clark calls it, is that they are inciting angry people to violence. Clark blames the entire mess on Obama and Eric Holder saying that it was they who laid the groundwork for “this war on police” by supporting ‘activists’ who have disparaged law enforcement based upon a set of lies.

Are Smart Meters a Dumb Idea?

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Smart meters are probably not a dumb idea for utility companies but they might be for the consumer. We are reading about more and more utility companies installing smart meters. It has been reported that bills are going up since analog meters have been replaced. There have even been health effects and reported safety  violations. No one is talking about the privacy issues. So, the question is, do we really need wireless smart meters?

The mayor didn't want them. Siemens said that well, they're not really that "smart" but they are selling them to us. On Tuesday night, part of the Siemens plan is to sell us Smart Meters. What was the sales pitch for this when we just spent thousands replacing meters throughout the city.

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks, and data management systems that enables two-way communication between utilities and customers. Siemens says, the CITY shall continue to be responsible for reading meters until all commissioning and acceptance plan steps are completed for the AMI system.

As one person said and I thought it very enlightening--

“Smart” Meters do not allow for fair commerce or trust.

The “smart” meter internal program and calibration settings can be changed from remote at any time and in milliseconds. No one would ever know.

This is not fair commerce for either party. The power company could easily raise the calibration settings and no one would ever know since they are the only ones who can come and check the meter. Any inspection of the internal program would only be done by them too.

The incentive to do that is hundreds of thousands of dollars per month more for a very small change in the calibration settings of millions of meters.

Also, a “hacker” could easily change the calibration settings to make the meter read less kilowatt hours. The loss to the power company would be offset by other customers through rate increases since power generation needs would not go down.

Mechanical meters are fair to both parties because it can be seen through the glass that there are no tricks going on, and the spinning dial indicator can be used to quickly check the meter readings against a small load.

In a “hacking” or reprogrammed situation, the digital LCD display could be made to show anything the programmer wanted to show, so the normal homeowner couldn’t easily tell what the immediate power usage billed for really is. It may also fool power company employees.

“Smart” Meters are a dumb idea.

ISIS style cleansing of American History

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The statute of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, has been moved from the Main Mall where it has stood for 82 years on the campus of the University of Texas. It will now be housed at the university's Center for American History.  Perhaps there it will not be vandalized by politically correct ideologue progressives or those empowered to stomp on our history as if it never existed.

Jefferson Davis, a graduate of West Point, fought in the Mexican-American War, served as the United States Secretary of War and was a United States Senator from Mississippi. Davis actually was against the south's secession in 1858 but he was a big supporter of States Rights believing that each state was sovereign and had an unquestionable right to secede from the Union. Back then, slavery was a legally recognized system going back as far as the 1700's and has spanned nearly every culture, nationality and religion.

At a reception in 1887 in New Orleans, well after the Confederate War, Davis said, "United you are now, and if the Union is ever to be broken, let the other side break it." The University of Texas has now broken history, relegating his remembrance to an obscure area.

Since Obama was elected, America has been wiping away its history. We have seen political and social "reforms" such as banning the song "Dixie" or removing the Confederate Flag or even changing the names of streets or schools that are named for Confederate heroes. Progressives today want to emphasize the positive rather than the negative and this is prevalent in the schools. It gets sillier--Now Obama is changing the name of Mt. McKinley to Mt. Danali in recognition of the traditions of Alaska Natives. But our history is what made this country the greatest on Earth.

Why should our government change names, move statutes or hide our history in a shoebox? 

Enterprise Funds in Lake Worth and Hudson Holdings

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Former commissioner John Szerdi was in office for two years and eight months. He walked into the position unopposed. Szerdi works for Hudson Holdings, a company that wants to grab our beach. At the Hudson Holding's meeting at our Casino ballroom, Szerdi first said that the beach was an Enterprise Zone.  Later he said that the beach was an enterprise fund. And then again he insisted that it was an Enterprise Zone.  When a resident questioned him about it, he told her she was wrong.

Our casino beach fund is not, according to the city, an enterprise anything. Therefore, the city must rely on funds from our operating budget to pay those expenses when there is a shortfall of revenue to cover the total costs. The only Enterprise Funds that the City of Lake Worth has are the following:

401--Electric Fund
402--Water Fund
403--Local Sewer Fund
405--Regional Sewer
406--Regional Sewer R & R
408--Stormwater Utility Fund
410--Refuse, Collection & Disp
480--Storm Water Utility Fund

Sources: Office of Financial Management;  Municipal Accounts.

Please read my blog of May 27, 2015 on Enterprise and Special Revenue funds.  Is it possible that John Szerdi really didn't know what he was talking about or on several occasions that night intentionally misstated the facts to confuse the residents (something he accused his opponents of doing when he lost his reelection) in his quest to make a point for grabbing our beach complex for his employer, Hudson Holdings?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tonight's Sky 8-30-15

Donald Trump Lets Loose

Lake Worth Beach today

Quote of the Day - Jack Cashill - unholy rise of progressive neo-puritanism

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“The irony is that the left has prided itself historically on being anti-judgmental. I mean, they have introduced that word ‘judgmental’ as though it were bad, and yet they are the most judgmental people on the planet...The neo-Puritan coalition invents new sins all the time.

~ Jack Cashill, Journalist and Author

Cashill said the above in a recent interview on Phyllis Schlafly’s “Eagle Forum Live” radio show.

Read more... of this interesting story about the hypocritical left.

Freedom of Religion

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Attribution: Christian Cross/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

Our rights are protected in the United States. We have a Constitution. The freedom of religion is a protected right provided in the religion clauses of the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

All Lives Matter

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Marching in Birmingham, marchers held up signs saying things like “God Is The Answer,” “Love One Another,” and “All Lives Matter.”

Early Morn

I awakened to rain, thunder, lightning and a cat mewing somewhere. A short while later, there was some light in the sky.

Roll-over on Federal Hwy Lake Worth

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Read about it...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Andy Parker Fears for his safety

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Last night in an interview Andy Parker, father of Alison the slain reporter and who is now heavily advocating for gun control, said that he is “probably going to have to get a gun” because of the culture in the United States.

Bad Day in Clinton Land

Marco's Message on China and trade

Trump leads over Bush in BizPac Poll

Latest poll results at BizPac

Poll Results
If the race for the GOP nomination was between Jeb Bush & Donald Trump, who would you vote for?

Jeb Bush--7%--375
Donald Trump--81%--4285


Mexico has some nerve

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Mexico threatens Texas--"You had better issue birth certificates to these are in violation of your 14th Amendment."

Read about it. And the anchor baby joke continues as Mexico says if Texas doesn't do this, they are screwing up our entire relationship with them.

I don't think we have much of a relationship and we know there is a huge trade imbalance. And for the first six month of 2015, there is a trade disparity of -27,831.9. 

Aside from trade, Anchor babies are a huge problem. "This is the practice of having an pregnant illegal alien enter the country, or they get pregnant while in the USA, accounts for 10% of the current birth rate in the entire USA! This is an abuse and loop hole of the 14th amendment. Why do they do this? Well, they use their ( Usually from Mexico ) babies to circumvent citizenship laws, thus the parents ( and other Central / South American relatives almost always ) then ride the child for permanent rights in the USA and then bring other relatives in through the child.,1249,600147361,00.html

Did you know that more Americans have been killed by ILLEGAL Immigrants in the USA than in the IRAQ war. Did you know that the U.S.A. total financial support of ILLEGAL Immigration with all its direct and indirect costs is greater then the IRAQ war." Source:  Protect Our border

2014 : U.S. trade in goods with Mexico

NOTE: All figures are in millions of U.S. dollars on a nominal basis, not seasonally adjusted unless otherwise specified. Details may not equal totals due to rounding.
Month Exports Imports Balance
January 2014 19,111.7 21,947.1 -2,835.3
February 2014 18,420.1 22,349.3 -3,929.2
March 2014 19,951.1 24,835.9 -4,884.7
April 2014 19,853.5 24,459.2 -4,605.6
May 2014 20,964.1 25,327.4 -4,363.3
June 2014 20,080.0 24,986.0 -4,906.0
July 2014 20,770.2 25,153.4 -4,383.2
August 2014 20,337.9 24,691.5 -4,353.7
September 2014 20,010.1 24,878.6 -4,868.6
October 2014 22,298.8 27,414.3 -5,115.4
November 2014 19,669.9 24,188.2 -4,518.2
December 2014 18,781.2 23,843.2 -5,062.0
TOTAL 2014 240,248.7 294,074.1 -53,825.4

Friday, August 28, 2015

Oh No, we can't get rid of these people

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It's sort of like a virus--

Lake Worth Beach Fund Budget for 2016

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Beach Fund Analysis using 12 year pay-back
The scenario kept parking rates the same at $2.00 an hour and the same loan term of 12 years. By using this scenario, there would have been a deficit in the beach fund of $410,321.
This scenario was approved by Mayor Pam Triolo and Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell.

Beach Fund Analysis using 14 year pay-back
This scenario raised parking to seasonal rates of $2.25 June-Sep and $2.50 Oct-May. This scenario got consensus and would show only a $29,965 deficit.
This was approved by Commissioners McVoy, Amoroso and Maier to be evaluated after one year ending September 30, 2016.

It is always unfortunate when you have to raise fees but this entire commission did not have any compunction  just a few weeks ago when it voted in 27 pages of increases to Business Tax Receipts by 5%. It also did it when it had consensus to not use the roll-back rate in ad-valorem. The "Visionary" tried to do it when it wanted the General Obligation Bond to succeed at the polls by raising taxes for 34 years and spent a fortune of taxpayer money to win.

With the beach decision, we will not be robbing our positive fund balance and taking nearly half of our account in order to pay back the loan to ourselves sooner. By raising the parking fees, it is expected to generate $300,658. McVoy, Amororo and Maier took the business approach and voted correctly.

In this case, there was an urgency to hire more lifeguards because of the numbers of people who use our beach and the numbers of saves by our guards. Hopefully the $185,280 that the city will spend will be made up in parking revenue rather than in closing the beach at 5pm. Many people use our beach after working hours.

Lake Worth Pier closed today

Public Service’s Notice to Close the Lake Worth Pier

The City of Lake Worth’s Public Services Department would like to announce they will be closing the Lake Worth Pier to remove the wooden decking today August 28, 2015, until further notice due to storm preparation lead times and the forecasted significant wind gusts/wave heights from Tropical Storm Erika.

 At this time the Lake Worth Beach, Benny’s on the Beach, and the Casino Building will remain open until further notice. For more information regarding Benny’s hours of operation please contact them directly at 561-582-9001. For the public’s safety and safety of our employees, please heed all warnings and advisories from the National Weather Service (NOAA) or visit their website at

For more information on this press release, please feel free to call the Public Services Administration Office at 561-586-1720.

What: Closing of the Lake Worth Pier
Where: 10 S Ocean Blvd.
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Contact: Jamie Brown, Public Services Director
Phone: 561.586.1720

The Hudson Holdings' Gambit

Quote of the Day - Marco Rubio

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People are upset and they have a right to be. For 30 years political figures in both parties have been saying things are going to change; they don't change. It is good to be upset about the direction of our country because that motivates us. But after you're upset and you're motivated, you have to have a plan that actually has a chance of working.

I'm more frustrated about Washington than they are. I have to work there every day. I ran for office to try to make a difference. That's why I'm leaving the Senate and running for president, because I can make a difference there that we haven't been able to make over the last four and a half years under this President.

~ Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio actually has 21st Century solutions. The above statement was said during's Speakeasy with John Harwood –

Good News on Erika

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As of 5am this morning, the projections are now away from Palm Beach County and it will not become a hurricane but remain a tropical storm. The map indicates that it will travel straight through the middle of Florida, making landfall by 2 a.m. Monday on the mainland.

And here I was all set to run out and buy staples like peanut butter. But stay tuned--Erika has been a roller coaster ride.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tonight's Sky 8-27-15



Gun Control is not the answer

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See Allen West debate guns with Richard Fowler.
Obama has set race relations back 50 years.

Hudson holdings --Take down those signs

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"The only motive is to make a better beachfront and downtown for future Gulfstream Hotel guests and the public at large...We don't look at it as a profit center."

 ~ Steven Michael, Hudson Holdings

Isn't that the biggest piece of BS you've ever heard?

I mentioned the illegal sign placement to John Szerdi at Hudson's meeting on Monday night but he feigned any knowledge. Well, you can't know everything, like the beach is not an enterprise zone as stated that night.

Mr. Michael, please respect our code ordinances. Article 5 Sec. 23.5-1. - Signs.9-- Any unauthorized sign on city property is prohibited. So unless you have permission by the City to have signs promoting your development and control of our beach complex, please take down these signs now. Public Works was notified.

Today's Palm Beach Post Editorial

The Palm Beach Post's editorial today was on our casino. It was a pretty good editorial even including the propaganda of Hudson Holding's that said that their only motive is to make a better beachfront and downtown for future Gulfstream Hotel guests and the public at large. If you're going to incorporate a self-serving opinion from the developer who hasn't done one thing to his Gulfstream Hotel in 15 months but manage to get code violations and one lien, quote a resident or two with another view.

There were just two flaws in the Post's analysis:

The Post said that "Lake Worth officials should be calling the shots," not a developer.  I say, it is the residents of Lake Worth who should be calling the shots and they have already spoken just a few years ago.  Countless meetings with charettes and countless hours of discussion came up with what we have today--a beautiful beach park. The other is the Post's continued insistence that we can't pay back our loan. They fail to tell you that the money was borrowed from two city funds that will have zero impact with the reduced payment amount.

We are proud of our beach complex that cost $13 million and our new casino that just opened three years ago.  We just want developers to keep their hands off our beach.

Tuesday Night's Beach Fund Discussion

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Well, I was wrong.  The most serious discussion was not on the electric fund and the rate parity with FPL even though Scott Maxwell is dead set on raising rates once again even though we will lose a million or so. It's impossible for me to grasp that concept when I believe in balanced budgets without using reserves and efficiency to achieve that end. The active discussion was on the beach and it lasted two hours longer than necessary.

Back in October 2014, the city manager said that the casino was running on a shoestring with shortfalls in the Beach Fund. There was no storage, no staff office space and the crew was doing the best it could. So, to solve his dilemma, he came up with the idea to use the ITN process...maybe someone else would have some ideas to get out of this tough spot--not enough staff--not enough money and we needed the 2nd floor space occupied by a tenant. Snitkin, the commercial real estate broker, could not do it. We thought, at the time when the ITN was first mentioned, that it was for proposals to lease the upper level at the casino and/or ideas to improve our complex.  We had no idea that it included more concrete (development) on our beach that involved a long-term lease of our prized asset. A Select Committee was formulated and three entities were vetted and narrowed down to two.

It's unfortunate the policy decisions are being made from what comes out of budget workshops where there is no public input.  Instead of votes, they ask for a consensus and then the administration proceeds to formulate a budget. In the case of the beach discussion, there was no back-up for anyone, even the commissioners.  They and the public had to view the Power Point presentation that was produced by Burton & Associates.

The commission spent some time changing the options using a toggle system so that they could see how certain expenses would affect the bottom line. The objective, or so I assumed, was to not run at a deficit.  The commission insisted on adding in more expenses that the Leisure Services Manager wanted: lifeguard staff that will cost $156,282 which provides guards for ten hours a day rather than eight. We will be getting two more custodians and a full-time parking technician. The pool will continue to stay open 29 hours a week. They will put aside (savings reserves) $100,000 a year for annual repair and replacement projects.  Seasonal parking rates will increase from $2.00 to $2.25 for the months of June through September and then $2.50 from October through May. This should reap an estimated $300,658 in additional parking revenue based on this year's usage.

After constant dissing of past commissions for just about everything during past meetings, the absolute silliest suggestion of the night was Maxwell's insistence that we pay off the loan to ourselves at the rate approved by a previous commission. He would not accept a lower amount or a longer term that would help balance the fund. Instead, he wanted to escalate the time period from twelve years to nine, making the payment even higher than the original pledged amount of $551,225 a year. His rationale was that we hadn't paid the full amount for the first three years. We have been paying half that back to ourselves and missed a payment in 2013, the year the casino opened without full rents.

Things change in business and you have to adjust. Paying $250,000 a year, as we have done in the last two years, will not affect the Water Department's budget said Larry Johnson, Water Dept Director, nor will it affect the Self-Insurance Fund where the $6 million was borrowed.  Scott Maxwell has been negative on our beach project before inception and loves to tell all who will listen, "I told you so..this model was flawed from the beginning"  or his other favorite saying, "How much longer are we going to kick the can down the road?" Mayor Pam Triolo said that she had a business and that she too wanted to stay with the original amount and term. I can't imagine running a business that way--going deeper in debt, taping into a limited fund balance to pay for the cost overages of taking on more employees, more costs and not adjusting the loan terms especially when it is paying back yourself.

Mike Bornstein gave the summary of the commission agreement: The consensus was a 3/2, going with a 14 year pay-back on the loan instead of 12 years and seasonal parking increases that will be evaluated after one year (evaluation was the suggestion of Commissioner Amoroso who was thinking of the impact on the beach merchants and all those who visit our beach).  This will leave us with a deficit of $29,000 + which is better than the deficit of hundreds of thousands initially suggested by Maxwell and Triolo. Commissioner Maier's original suggestion would have kept us with a positive balance of over $11,000 but the rest of the commission, at Juan Ruiz's plea of public safety wanted to fund more lifeguards to cover 10 hours at our beach ($156,282) rather than pay overtime hours ($30,000).

Commissioner McVoy, Amoroso and Maier made up the commission consensus to approve the final numbers on the beach fund...good move by all three with Scott Maxwell accusing Commissioner McVoy of having a "political problem." There were only two on the dais playing politics and their names were not McVoy, Amoroso or Maier.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stormy day


Bad guys chased by cops

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Cops chase bad guys who turned out not to be the bad guys they thought they were but turned out to be different bad guys.

Read about it

Common Ground Church Free 4 All

Watch out for the Elephant in the Room

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This is a blog by Guest Blogger in response to a comment on my blog that was submitted anonymously yesterday in support of HH.

Guest Blogger
Anonymous Lake Worth Resident

Re: Hudson Holdings presentation at the Lake Worth Casino

I was afraid that this is what would happen at the Hudson Holdings meeting held at the Casino ballroom. Steven Michael is smart in picking up on the fact that people want to be heard.

But that's the trick--another bait and switch: let them voice what they want, then choose which of the above they want most. HH will compile all of the data derived from the comments and naturally they are just there to please us, or so they try to tell us. They ignore that their message is clearly not working--it's not even on the map.

People fall in love with their own ideas. Notice how more to the end of the evening they were all "good little children" and all coming up with more and more "creative ideas." People remember what they hear last.

Any mention of leave our beach alone was met with "OK, sure you can speak" and promptly labeled as "negative."

And of course, as concerned citizens who love our beach-- you are now to feel invigorated and even more passionate about being a part of improving it (and the silent clause not spoken out loud: is that it, of course, will be with Hudson Holdings, Lake Worth's savior).

Who will save the day for all of us? Hudson Holdings says that you can have your cake and eat it too, as long as they are in charge. THAT'S THE DANGER. Do not trust these bozos. I place them in the same category as the Gang of 3 and City Manager Bornstein.

Expect reality from Hudson: The Beach is being addressed the same way Steven Michael is addressing the Gulfstream. That's reality.

It's a very pretty rug--just remember to be aware of the elephant underneath it. Smooth and dangerous and at any speed.

Our Lake Worth Pool

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Last night we were told that what we see on the bottom of the pool is a "stain." The problem with draining the pool to clean off the stain was mentioned.

Looks like algae to me.

This photo was taken four months later--only small
 "stain" by steps

Killed on live Television

TV news reporter and photographer killed while on the air near Roanoke.  Read about it...

Quote of the Day - Ann Coulter

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“Apparently liberals think ‘anchor baby’ isn’t pleasant sounding. They prefer words like ‘aborted baby'. But I have an idea. How about anvil babies – because that’s what anchor babies are around the necks of the American taxpayer.”

 ~ Ann Coulter

Manhole work in Lake Worth

Start Date: August 2015

The City of Lake Worth Department of Water Utilities is working with Lanzo Lining Services, Inc. performing structural lining of existing 15” Sanitary Sewer pipe on

Fordham Drive | Aug 21 - Sept 16
6th Ave South | Aug 24 - Oct 1
15th Ave South | Aug 24 - Oct 1

The contractor will be working in the Westbound curb lane of the roadway from Manhole. to Manhole. There will be minimal inconvenience to the residents in the area.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Illegal Immigration and Anchor Babies

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The liberals are making a big to do about Tump using the term "anchor babies" and as he says, this politically correct stuff has to stop.

The Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment does not confer citizenship on the children of foreigners, whether legal or illegal. Media commentators have gotten this issue dead wrong. Fox News’s Judge Andrew Napolitano says the Fourteenth Amendment is “very clear” that its Citizenship Clause commands that any child born in America is automatically an American citizen.

That’s not the law. It has never been the law.

Read more... at Breitbart.

Breitbart Poll Results:

Babies born to illegal aliens become anchors for their illegal parents. In 2014, Obama proved this with his DAPA executive action that offered work permits and legal residency to millions of illegal aliens because they had children who are U.S. citizens based on birthright citizenship.

Myths and Truths of the Illegal immigration Invasion.

Tonight's "workshop" budget meeting

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On May 30 and on August 11, the city had workshops on these exact same funds:

Beach, Electric and General with all three again on the workshop agenda for tonight.

At that first meeting, City Manager Michael Bornstein said that "budget transparency was a buzz word batted around." He more or less stated that numbers are meaningless unless we understand them. Workshops are for discussion purposes, not for making policy decisions or spending tax payer money. That would happen at a general meeting where the public gets to weigh in.

Why then do the Minutes state that the following changes were made to the 2016 Budget on the Beach Fund?
  • Keep the pool open 29 hours
  • Fund office space for staff
  • Fund additional staff
  • Increase parking fees to $2.50 an hour 
The most serious discussion will be on the Electric Fund and this majority's insistence that we continue on with their policy of rate parity with FPL.  Originally, this was done in order to attract business with the Park of Commerce in  mind, Scott Maxwell's dream. Since 2012, the city has reduced residential rates by 10.5%, 12.7% for commercial and 17.5% for large commercial. We are within 5.49% of FPL's rates.

It was also pointed out that if we do NOT raise rates for 2016, we will lose $1,276,208 in income next year. Why would any commission approve of a budget to purposely LOSE money.  This is a business.  It shouldn't be about politics. It is no wonder our city is in such bad shape.

Hudson Holdings' Meeting at the Lake Worth Casino

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Last night's Hudson Holdings was the sameo, sameo, at least for all of us who have heard it before. They want our beach.  There are many people in this city who feel that they will get this deal because of politics and their "in" with the commissioners.  And we can't forget, that it was the city manager who opened up this can of worms. The meeting started at 5:21pm, 21 minutes late, because of the registration slow-up as well as people arriving late. I got there at 4:30 and the entire decal parking lot was filled. One lady really was mad that the city took out those 23 decal parking spaces. She thought that they had just eliminated them but we informed her that they had been moved closer to Benny's on the Beach. That is where I ended up parking.

All doors were locked to the ballroom other than one on the north side where they had a registration table. Besides the preregistration online and the ticket that they requested you bring, they wanted proof of who you were and if your license matched your registration.  We were told that they needed a driver's license ID.  Even Muslims wearing Burkas don't have to show their faces in some states across our country to prove identity. They gave us a blue arm band that you had to wear while there and you literally had to cut it off. As they were attempting to be fully aboveboard, they wanted to assure us that no commissioner or public official or anyone on the Selection Committee from the ITN was in the room. There was no way that they wanted to be accused of collusion. Open and transparent was the message but it had to make you wonder.

When we walked up to the casino there were four Sheriff vehicles parked in front. When I asked about it, I was told that Hudson Holdings had hired the PBSO as security. As they hired enough men for two vehicles, there had to be a third vehicle as two require a supervisor.  That was a lot of overtime.  The fourth vehicle was because of a burglary. I asked one deputy if there was only one door for egress and ingress and he said "yes."  When asking about a fire, he said that he would open the rest of the doors at the ballroom.  That was comforting.

Also, our pool was opened and it was packed with swimmers from the Swim Club.  It looked beautiful.   We are so lucky to have this gorgeous Olympic pool right at the beach.  Szerdi even mocked the murals of beach scenes on the inside walls of the pool area saying we had the real ocean on the other side of the wall. It was a desperate attempt to ridicule.

Most of the chairs that had been set up were filled but there were a few empties. It was hard to estimate the number of attendees as my estimation was half of someone else's.

If you only came for the food, well...
Most of Hudson's budget for this event was obviously spent on mailings and
signs illegally erected on city rights of way.

Former commissioner John Szerdi who works for Hudson Holdings did much of the presentation. They took questions from the crowd, some of which were right to the point even bringing up their failure to do anything at the Gulfstream hotel. Basically, and in my opinion, the crowd overall was not happy that anything could change at our beach and were not thrilled about Hudson. Commissioner Szerdi, to this day, does not believe that he lost his election because of Hudson Holdings...that we all lied. Hudson must believe that too as they use Szerdi for all presentations.
John Szerdi grinning and working the crowd

We left that meeting early and headed up to the Lake Worth Golf Course where there was a book signing about historic Lake Worth and the cottages. The proceeds from this book are all being donated by the author, Marion Cone and the Designer, Walter Harper to the Friends of the Lake Worth Library.

The golf course is another fabulous asset of ours that this commission always likes to tell people--"It's not making money" either. Folks, the beach is sustainable. It takes about three years for any new business to start supporting itself. The golf course IS now making money after we spent a lot of money re-doing the greens.

We like our beach just the way it is. Although different than Hudson's message, ours is "Hands off Our Beach."

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sky during the thunder

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What difference does it make?

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Hillary: "Bill, how long am I going to be in here?"
Bill: "At this point, what difference does it make?"

Debbie the Dunce just keeps "doin it"

Why I can't stand these people:

Steven Michael - Blast from the Past

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Fifteen months ago, Steven Michael made this announcement
and John Szerdi was still a city commissioner:

A Wes Blackman public video

Unfortunately, NOTHING has been done on this property other than to accumulate a few homeless, an occasional code complaint and a lien. Fast forward to today--John Szerdi got defeated; Wes Blackman resigned from the Historic Board and works for Hudson Holdings and nothing has been revitalized nor has new life been given to this historic property.

In yesterday's PBPost propaganda piece for the city Kevin D. Thompson continues to get it wrong. He, once again, omits the fact that the $6 million is money that we borrowed from ourselves to rebuild the casino and it has nothing to do with the city's propaganda that implies that we are having a hard time paying it back. The City has made this decision to spend the money on other things. They want it to look as if it is failing. We are paying back the loan, just at a reduced rate and at our discretion.

The Mess Gets Worse - The very bad joke

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All I can say is, "Thanks, City of Lake Worth."  You allowed an abomination to happen in our neighborhood and the unsightly mess continues to get worse at 535 Wright Drive. You enacted all sorts of new codes but why then do things like this happen?

Yesterday, the white van was moved on to the cement slab but the grass where it used to be parked is now nothing but dirt.  Now another truck is parked on the front lawn and I use the word "lawn" loosely.  And this IS the FRONT of the house no matter what BS the city wants to feed us.  The owner appears to be repairing a vehicle behind his fence and has erected a tent.  He doesn't want anyone to see what he's doing. A tent might be appropriate as this is nothing but a circus. 

Isn't government supposed to protect us? This entire street is going "down" and it will continue as long as situations like this are allowed to occur.

ISIS blows up temple in Syria dating back to 17AD

Photograph: G. Dagli Orti/De Agostini/Getty Images 

Crazy Militants from ISIS destroyed a temple dating back to 17 AD in the ancient ruins of Palmyra in Syria.

There are two different accounts as to when this temple was bombed--one month ago or yesterday. We have NO idea what this brutal ISIS is doing or when they are doing it. We can't defeat an enemy like this unless we change our policy.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunset 8-23-15

Commentary on Hillary Ad

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F bombs all over this commentary.  I thought it was a sweet ad.
I must be totally "out of it."
This ad will appeal to women.

Hudson Holdings

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Seen downtown at the vice mayor's favorite hangout.
A better beach? A better life? A better Lake Worth?
Because Hudson wants to grab our property?
And they think we will fall for this.

Human Life - A Gift from God

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Even the Piano is about Love

At the Common Ground Church, even the music is about God's love. This is the piano at the Common Ground Church on S. J Street in Lake Worth. Church goers wrote inscriptions of love on it.

Soon the church will be moving services to the Bamboo Room as they have grown out of their present space. They will make an announcement on the date in the very near future. In the meantime, come on down and hear an awe inspiring pastor preach love, not hate.

Sunrise 8-23-15

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tonight's Sky 8-22-15

Why we need a Conservative President

What a turn-around this country would have--
Make this dream a reality.
Vote for a Conservative.

Evening on the Avenue with the COP's

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As we have so much crime in Lake Worth, some of the members of the COP program, established in 1989, were at the Cultural Plaza last night in a recruitment effort.

The Citizen Observer Patrol (COP) is a volunteer unit of the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office. The program is comprised of over 80 individual COP units from neighborhoods much like ours.
  • Volunteers wear distinctive uniforms and drive specially marked vehicles
  • Each COP vehicle is equipped with a radio and police scanner
Spotted were Wally St.Cyr, Gwen Alexander, Yolanda Sanchez,
 Nadine Burns and several other volunteers.

Way to go, Egypt!

He's NOT smiling now

Egypt's state-run news agency says Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie and 16 others have been sentenced to life in prison on charges related to the killing of five people in an attack on a police station in 2013.

Baby Parts Merchant

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Baby-parts 'harvester', Cate Dyer who is the founder and CEO of Stem Express, "yuks it up over beheaded victims." Stem Express with 1,315 percent growth over three years and revenue of $2.2 million in 2013 was ranked No. 35 on Inc.’s list of the fastest growing women-led companies in the country. And now it's harvesting baby parts. Business must be booming.

"Most people are repulsed by the idea of shipping boxes of aborted baby heads across the country. Not so this flesh merchant -- she finds it funny. Now we can watch the video of the morbid humor she hoped the court would lock away forever ..."

Read about it... on

Earth heading for another Ice Age?

The Earth is heading for 'mini ice age' within 15 years so say Solar researchers at the University of Northumbria. River Thames could freeze over in 2030s when Northern Hemisphere faces bitterly cold winters, scientists say.

As a friend said to me, "This is one prediction that is actually believable. How will the Lake Worth City Commission, Al Gore, Obama and the Pope explain this away?"

Friday, August 21, 2015

Another privileged character

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Parking in our decal parking area with no decal! 
Fines need to be raised.