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Blast from the Past - Romano and Ramiccio

March 14, 2001
BYLINE: Scott McCabe, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

The master thumped his pupil.
Former mayor Rodney Romano easily bested his protege and former friend Tom Ramiccio in Tuesday's bitter mayoral combat. With every vote counted, Romano earned 60 percent,

The incumbent also lost in the District 1 race, where political newcomer Scott Maxwell knocked off three-term city commissioner Retha Lowe, Lake Worth's first and only black elected official. With every precinct counted, Maxwell had 50.5 percent, Lowe 49.5 percent. About 25.8 percent of the city's 14,572 registered voters participated. The mayor serves two-year terms and is paid $5,200. Commissioners serve two-year terms and are paid $4,200 annually.

The miniscule margin of Lowe's defeat was not miniscule enough to pull her within the one-half of one percent that would would have automatically triggered a recount. Late Tuesday, she was too upset to come to the phone, someone who answered the phone at her home said.

The mayoral race pitted mentor vs. protege, friend vs. friend, church lector vs. church lector. But in the end, Romano, 47, proved his name still carried the clout it had when he was mayor from 1993 to 1997. He convinced voters that he could make things better.

Ramiccio's spotlight-grabbing personality provided Romano fodder. Most damaging, the Florida Commission of Ethics cited Ramiccio for threatening to discontinue city use of a flower shop because the owner displayed his opponent's campaign sign.

Ramiccio was stunned at how soundly he was beaten."I guess negative campaigning works," Ramiccio, 39, said." (Romano) was able to distort my positive attributes." Romano couldn't be reached late Tuesday, his wife Lynnette said. The new mayor was on his way to give his condolences to Ramiccio.

Romano, an attorney, once worked with Ramiccio to turn the struggling city around. Ramiccio, owner of Dixie Carpet & Vinyl, joined the council in 1995 and took Romano's baton two years later. Together they were formidable. Romano was the forceful leader, Ramiccio, the energetic cheerleader. But the two had a falling out when Romano announced his plan to retake the mayor's job. He blasted Ramiccio for "resting on my laurels" and said Lake Worth's resurgence "would have happened had a monkey been in office."

Lake Worth Playhouse needs your help

They say,

We are looking for eager volunteers available any time after 10am on Saturday to help us finish Chicago's set.

We are also looking for anyone that is willing to come Friday (tomorrow) after 8:30pm to help paint and undress the set from Honk, Jr.

Could you spare some time during the day to stop by and lend a hand? Let us know if you are able to help! We need you!

Waterman/Blackman interview

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Rachel Waterman was to meet with Wes Blackman today. He gathered a bunch of questions from his friends with the purpose of pounding Waterman on her personal finances and other issues near and dear to him. The demolition of the casino is one that he keeps harping on. He won't let this one die. The meeting was to be held at his house.

If a candidate is going to go to this extreme to grant a private interview to a blogger who bashes that candidate to begin with, posts her photo up-side-down on his blog, etc., why then give him any special courtesy? Any meeting with the enemy must be held in a public place.

There is a lot to do between now and July 12. Ms. Waterman just received the Human Rights Council endorsement today. That organization saw no need to bash or to probe.

The Game - Lake Worth Mayoral Election

Jack Nicholson
A Few Good Men
You can't handle the truth.

"That may be one of the most famous lines in film from the past 20 years. But it sums up exactly how I feel about so many of the Democrats and mainstream media who have made it a full-time job to silence me and try to make sure I have an uphill re-election battle," so says Rep. Allen West.

West knows first-hand what sleazy attacks are all about. His opponent, Democrat Ron Klein, did that to him but he got elected anyway. Tom Ramiccio's campaign manager is a Democrat. She learned all of the Democratic dirty tricks and how to play the game. The people saw through it with Klein's attack on West as they did with Tom Ramiccio shooting at the hip.

All of the negative attacks done by the Ramiccio campaign and all the hateful, racist and made-up bizarre fantasies, will be over-shadowed by Rachel's good intentions, her experience, her education, her truth and her positive direction for Lake Worth:
  • Keeping the Sheriff
  • Rebuilding the tourism industry
  • Revitalizing Dixie Highway
  • Lowering electric rates
  • Cleaning up the neighborhoods
Let's make sure that Rachel wins on July 12. We don't need a few good men but rather a good and qualified woman.

Human Rights Council Endorses Waterman

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Human Rights Council Voters Alliance has endorsed

Rachel Waterman

in the July 12 Special Election

Click HERE

The endorsement has been approved by Rachel Waterman.

This paid political advertisement, which is independent of any candidate
or committee, is produced, sponsored and paid for by
the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Voters Alliance.

Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Voters Alliance.
Post Office Box 267
West Palm Beach, Florida 33402
(561) 804-9399

Ethics for Dummies - Lake Worth Mayoral race

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Graphic by Tom McGow

John Davidson - Sexy Still

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I remember John Davidson's Cosmopolitan cover photo--it seems like yesterday. Not much has changed in all these years...he still has great hair...he still has the big dimples...still can sing...has a super personality...and he still looks great in a pair of jeans.

A few of my friends and I ventured out to Atlantis last Sunday for dinner and to take in the show. I never expected it to be so well done. Full of humor, a beautiful voice, John has a way with the audience. Truly the performer, you could tell that John Davidson loves what he does. And the crowd loved him back.

If you get a chance to see John, he will be performing at a beautiful setting, the Atlantis Country Club, over the next 4 Sundays from 5 to 8pm. Don't miss this. Truly a wonderful night. And for all you gals, a night with John will bring back memories of when you first saw his photo in Cosmo 37 years ago.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another new Business in Lake Worth

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Casa de Mara, a new restaurant lounge, just opened in Lake Worth. Read about it HERE.

Lake Worth Mayoral Results - WPTV

Thanks Rene Varela

Ramiccio's Campaign Manager

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Diana says "we're ready to allow the adults back into the room and lock the liquor cabinet." Adults don't behave like her candidate, Tom Ramiccio, did during this election. Diana also says that Tom is the only one to fix the problems in this city. What problems are you talking about, Diana?

Are you talking about finally going forward with the rebuilding of our Lake Worth casino, a stalled idea for 30 years?

Are you talking about saving $3.5 million dollars by getting out of the County water deal and finishing our Reverse Osmosis System?

Are you talking about saving $1.2 million dollars on the Sheriff's contract that our city manager recently negotiated?

Are you talking about getting out of the Florida Municipal Power Agency's All Requirements and saving money on the price of power?

Are you talking about lowering our electric rate that will soon come up for a vote?

You can't be talking about the Snook Island project or the money set aside to improve our golfcourse greens, our streets and sidewalks, can you?


Happy Birthday Rachel Waterman - The Magic of 40

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Happy Birthday Rachel

Knowing it would be nearly impossible going into this election without having a run-off, Waterman still won in every precinct except one where she lost by one vote to Ramiccio. She won by 16.7% of his and her combined votes. Her support was a mix from all over town--seniors, young people, those of the GLBT community, and coming from all races and cultures, black and Hispanic, all working in her campaign. She survived the brutal negative attacks from Ramiccio which were the worst I have ever seen.

Turning 40 years of age today and an age where you awaken one morning and the meaning of life just sorts of hits you right in the face, Rachel is pumped and ready to win. She is committed to working hard to keep the positive momentum for Lake Worth and is determined that our city will not go backwards. She is grateful for her supportive husband, Yure and her two children, the loves of her life. Surrounded by enthusiastic supporters, Rachel thanked every single one of them last night at Pegasus where many were there to give her their full support going forward.

Third place candidate, Lisa Maxwell, kept her campaign clean with no negative personal attacks. What was not said in the Maxwell mailers, were said by her workers while door knocking. The smear just was not in print. Today she is quoted as saying that she will shift her support to Ramiccio because "He is committed to the same things I am." Over the next few weeks we will probably be talking about those "commitments" and what they mean for Lake Worth, a city that has been working diligently to become a place that we all can proudly call home.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waterman & Ramiccio in Run-Off

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14 of 14 Precincts Reporting

Percent Votes
Javier Del Sol
2.01% 50
Lisa Maxwell
26.35% 656
Tom Ramiccio
29.84% 743
Rachel Waterman
41.81% 1,041


Today's Election

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Turnout light as Lake Worth elects a mayor.

Retha Lowe supports Ramiccio. And why not? They both took campaign contributions from Sun Recycling Companies. Retha got caught for questionable practices involving Sun and had to pay a $2,500 fine. But the fact remains, Sun Recycling ruined her neighborhood causing all sorts of health issues with residents in the Osborne neighborhood while Retha Lowe closed her eyes. She allowed Sun Recycling to dump all sorts of debris on our land and ruined it while she closed her eyes.

Make darn sure that you, the voter, do not close your eyes today.

Waterman - a LEGALLY placed sign

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If Tom were still head of the Chamber, would he have a fit about this sign? It was placed by the owner of a Lake Avenue business in front of his shop. The owner even bolted the signs to the display so that no one would steal them.

Lake Worth is tough, especially at election time.

We Voted!

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What about you?

Ramiccio - Another Illegal Sign

Tom Ramiccio has been "sticking it" in everyone's face this election, talking about dumb stuff like chickens and shhh, anarchists and all. His illegal signs are all over this city. He knows better. This just shows what sort of leader he will be.

The above sign takes the cake. It is within 20 feet of my community. Were you thinking about me, Tom, when you placed this sign on the swale with no regard to signage laws?

Lake Worth Fire Rescue Proposal

Folks, we have had our own fire department for nearly 100 years other than the two years we have been with Palm Beach County when a former commission made the wrong decision and shuffled us off to PBCounty giving away all of our assets. Now the political spin is, we as a city can't do it as well with our own fire department again. Who says? Tom Ramiccio? Lisa Maxwell? Why do people want to keep giving away our city to the county?

Rachel Waterman wants to properly fund our fire department and will ensure that happens. With Waterman, we will be able to make the right decision on staying with PB County or having our own Lake Worth Fire Department.

Fire Rescue Proposal

The City wants to re-assume direct responsibility for collective bargaining for pension benefits for all Fire personnel receiving a Lake Worth pension benefit. It wants to have a special assessment levied for fire. It wants to take back our fire house and have control.
In summary, the proposal would:
  • Change the agreement between the City of Lake Worth and Palm Beach County to a more traditional contract for fire/rescue services
  • Eliminate the Fire Rescue MSTU millage on City property
  • Establish the FY 2009 Supplemental payments as the base for future years
  • Establish an annual contract amount payable by the City to the County for fire/rescue services based on the value of City properties
  • Create an equitable formula to adjust the contract amount annually based on the percentage change in the Fire Rescue operating budget excluding reserves and transfers

Vote Today

Monday, June 27, 2011

Businesses are coming to Lake Worth

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Candidates for Mayor, Ramiccio and Maxwell, keep saying that businesses are not coming to Lake Worth and if elected, they will do something about it. Granted, there are some businesses that are struggling but merchants need to look to their landlords for more favorable rental rates. They need to look at their price of goods and be competitive.

Truth is, there have been 19 new businesses this month and 55 new businesses since March 2011. Someone please tell Tom and Lisa.

Lake Worth Business Development

Southern Law Center
2000 N. Dixie Hwy. #14

Finex International
1106 N. G Street #C

Ramon's Cabinets
941 Barnett Dr. #I-41 (pending approval)

Problem Solver Investors
419 S. Dixie Hwy. Rear

The Thinker Beauty Supply
400 S. Dixie Hwy. #5

Marianao Fashion Store
2105 N. Dixie Hwy.

Media Blitz Internet Promotion
1110 N. G St. #A

Capzer Pharmaceuticals
3677 23rd Ave. S. #A108

Palm Auto Color Inc.
526 N. G St. #B

A1 Integrity Components
905 N. Federal Hwy.

G&G Interservices Corp.
1922 7th Ave. N.

NYPD Pizza
127 N. Federal Hwy.

Rough Luck Shop, LLC.
1013 Lucerne Avenue

Total Injury Chiropractic
1622 S. Dixie Hwy.

Bellas Restaurant Cafe
726 Lake Avenue

Orrego's Multiservice
524 N. G St.

Perfect Dental
220 S. Dixie Hwy. #4

Universal Silt Fence, Inc. (pending)
425 Industrial St. #2

Creative Hair and Supply, Inc.
1600 South Dixie Hwy. #F

Maxwell with Friends in Low Places?

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Ron Book
Lisa Maxwell's Sugar Daddy

Several years ago, the Miami New Times had an article about Ron Book. In that article it said that Ron Book "knowingly violated Florida's campaign finance laws, not once or twice, but on dozens of occasions over a number of years.

Not only that, the article went on to say that at one time Book came under investigation and was caught on tape for "allegedly helping to bribe an Opa-Locka politician." The following year he got arrested for an insurance fraud case.

This is the guy who gave Lisa Maxwell $500 for her campaign. Tell Lisa on Tuesday that we don't want Broward County in Lake Worth.

Is "more" always "better?" - U.S. Immigration Numbers

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U.S. Immigration Numbers.

Talk about scary.

Election Lake Worth

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No, this is not Roseanne Barr playing this role.
In spite of the rare smile,
this is the DOOM & GLOOM candidate for Mayor


Don't be stampeded on Tuesday - Lake Worth Election

Don't be stampeded by the herd and the Chief Bison.
Bisons are gloomy and sort of scary.
They want to "right wrongs" but they don't know what that means.
They are always opening their mouths and inserting their feet.
The only place that they are protected is at the
Maxwell Wildlife Refuge in Kansas.

We don't want to be swift-boated
and we sure don't want to be stampeded at the polls--
we definitely don't want to be buffaloed.

Vote smart

Sunday, June 26, 2011

State Rep Mark Pafford Endorses Waterman

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State Rep. District 88 Mark Pafford did a robo call tonight for Rachel Waterman for Mayor of Lake Worth urging you to vote for her on Tuesday, June 28.

Rep. Pafford:

Committee Membership
Agriculture & Natural Resources Policy Committee
Elder & Family Services Policy Committee
Full Appropriations Council on General Government & Health Care
Military & Local Affairs Policy Committee
Natural Resources Appropriations Committee

Legislative Service
Elected to the House in 2008, reelected subsequently
Democratic Deputy Whip 2010-2012, December 8, 2008-November 2, 2010
House Democratic Policy Council, member
Legislative Assistant, State Representative Lois Frankel, 1996-1997
U.S. Congressional Aide, Congressman Lawrence J. Smith, 1989-1992

Message from South Florida Wildlands Association

BELOW is an excerpt from a message I received from the South Florida Wildlands Association. Some of you will probably call these activists "anarchists" or whatever adjective you dream up to belittle their efforts. And to make matters worse, two of our candidates, Ramiccio and Maxwell, want to sell off our valuable electric Utility to FPL.

Florida Power and Light (FPL) is attempting to swap a utility corridor it owns inside the 109,000 acre East Everglades Expansion Area (Everglades National Park) for a new corridor on the east side of the park - but still inside current park boundaries. If permitted, one of Florida's most unique natural areas will gain a new industrial horizon consisting of 3 sets of powerlines carrying up to 500,000 volts of electricity across towers as high as 150 feet.

The lines would connect proposed new nuclear reactors at Turkey Point to points north and are a part of FPL's application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Although grave concerns regarding these reactors have been discussed on this list previously - the issue right now is not Turkey Point or south Florida's energy future. The only issue NPS will be considering at this time are FPL's power lines across Everglades National Park.

A map of the proposed "swap" can be found here.

A photo of existing powerlines heading north from Turkey Point (much smaller than the ones proposed for Everglades National Park) is here, photo by Matt Schwartz .

Potential consequences of the powerlines to the park could be enormous. They include:
  • damage to sensitive wetlands due to construction of towers and maintenance roads;
  • spread of exotic plant species on disturbed lands;
  • impacts to federally listed endangered and threatened species including the Everglades snail kite, eastern indigo snake, wood stork, and Florida panther;
  • likely increase in mortality of native and migratory birds due to collisions and electrocutions;
  • and degradation of the public's ability to enjoy a significant area of land already declared "wilderness eligible" by the NPS.

Of the 3 alternatives put forward by the National Park Service, South Florida Wildlands Association is strongly advocating the selection of ALTERNATIVE 3: ACQUISITION. As described in the NPS newsletter:

"FPL property would be acquired by direct purchase or, as a last resort, by condemnation by the NPS. There would not be any construction of transmission lines and associated fill pads or access roads in the Expansion Area."

The full "scoping newsletter" and many more documents relating to this important project can be found here.

A few things to keep in mind if you're submitting comments or speaking at the public meeting. The land at issue is known as the East Everglades Expansion Area. It began the process of becoming public land when congress passed and President George Bush signed into law the Everglades Protection and Expansion Act of 1989. As stated in the act itself, its purpose was to:

(1) increase the level of protection of the outstanding natural values of Everglades National Park and to enhance and restore the ecological values, natural hydrologic conditions, and public enjoyment of such area by adding the area commonly known as the Northeast Shark River Slough and the East Everglades to Everglades National Park; and

(2) assure that the park is managed in order to maintain the natural abundance, diversity, and ecological integrity of native plants and animals, as well as the behavior of native animals, as a part of their ecosystem.

A Land Protection Plan written by NPS in 1991 in order to implement the above act specifically excluded powerlines as a compatible use:

"Activities that would disturb the ecology, interfere with the restored hydrologic system, or prevent public enjoyment of the Addition would be incompatible. Major additions to existing developments or agricultural activities, as well as the construction of utility lines and roads, also would not be compatible."

For more information, contact,

Matt Schwartz, Executive Director
South Florida Wildlands Association
P.O. Box 30211
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33303

Campaigning is Tough

At any time of year, campaigning is tough, not just now when we are getting temperatures in the 90's with high humidity. It is not an easy job. I did it for years and this is the first campaign where I have bowed out. There comes a time when younger more abled people need to take over. That is how the world evolves. I give a lot of credit to all who become active and particularly all of those who stay involved. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute in different ways.

A couple of people were in my community today attempting to politic for a candidate of their choice. One nicely asked me if it was alright to solicit and I answered saying that this was not soliciting in my book but rather politicking. I personally believe that everyone should have the right to door-knock and enter someone's yard to speak with the owner regarding their candidate. This is America.

However, all campaign supporters, at any given time, can be asked to vacate private property. Private property rights are also protected in America. There are some in the condo communities who really believe that campaigning is soliciting. NO IT IS NOT. If that campaigner is asking you for a donation to his/her candidate's campaign, then it is soliciting.

We have No Soliciting signs and No Trespassing signs in and around our community that are intended to protect our residents from panhandlers or individuals attempting to sell products or services. Trying to get your candidate elected does not fall into that category. This is the American way. As long as everyone is respectful of the rights of the residents on their own property, why should anyone get bent out of shape?

But whatever we do, let's get it right on Tuesday and Vote via the PB Post endorsement.

Get out and Vote

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Tuesday's election will be won by those candidate who get out the most voters. That is the bottom line. Having the Palm Beach Post endorsement certainly helps but it is no guaranty of winning. Look what happened to Barbara Aubel who got the endorsement but lost to Dave Vespo. The Post got the endorsement right then too. Dave Vespo was a nice guy but a disaster for the City. We have been suffering ever since until this Commission. Maxwell supporters are in my community as I write.

We have the political neighborhood associations working hard for their candidates. College Park usually determines the winner. They know how to get out the vote. My community as well as Murry Hills is 75% vacant as owners are away for the Summer. Some snowbirds do vote here but most don't have the same interest as their main residence is out of Lake Worth. We know that College Park's neighborhood association president has been working hard to grab back the power and has a big influence on her neighborhood. She is a big Union supporter. Look what she did with the PBSO rally, nearly sabotaging the City's negotiations with the Sheriff. The City survived that and Susan Stanton and this Commission eventually saved Lake Worth $1.2 million.

Everyone needs to look at who is behind the candidates campaign. Are they the normal, everyday residents or are some supported by big Unions that have a vested interest in our city for salary increases and cushy retirement benefits. Is it a firefighter knocking on your door for Ramiccio who got their endorsement. Ask yourself why he got it. Is it a candidate supported by one of the largest building associations around? What is their interest in Lake Worth? When someone knocks on your door, ask them if they even live in Lake Worth. If no, wonder why they are so interested in this little city. Also, look very closely to the campaign contributions and see exactly who is pushing a particular candidate like Sun Recycling and ask yourself "why?" Does Sun want to get back into Lake Worth. Do they want a settlement on the law suit for screwing up our 66 acres?

Tuesday is very important. Get out and vote for Waterman.

The Dog Wisperer and Howie Mandel's "Tiger"

This is especially for Katie and Azule
Get Adobe Flash 10.0.22 if you can not see this video
Click video to turn on or off

Blast from the Past - Union and Ramiccio

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The Unions were complaining back when Ramiccio was in office in 2000. Seddon didn't seem to be in love with Tom. Lake Worth has always been consumed by contentious politics but the year 1997 up to 2005 (the days of Ramiccio and Romano) were really the beginning of many serious problems that have finally caught up to us now. The economy over the past few years devastated Lake Worth because of its bad Union contracts as well as over a thousand families here who have suffered from sleazy bank deals. We are now working our way out of the pit. Let's keep the momentum on June 28.


A Division of the Federation of Physicians and Dentists,

July 2000
Message From the Director
Jack Seddon

Recent unfortunate events that have given rise to bad press for the City of Lake Worth, and has caused the resignations or disciplinary actions against bargaining unit and managerial employees suggests the following warning: Simply because one sees others involved in what could be considered wrongdoing does not excuse them for doing the same thing.

While the City Administration and the City Commission should and must accept responsibility for its lack of policy or reasonable enforcement thereof, it remains essential that our bargaining unit members always hold themselves above those who place Lake Worth in disrepute. While it only takes one to ruin the reputation of all, both the Professional Managers and Supervisors Association (PMSA) and the Public Employees Union (PEU) can collectively take pride in that they have always attempted to do what is right for the citizens they serve.

This recent incident reminds me of the situation where one is pulled over for speeding and asks the cop “ Why are you pulling me over? I was being passed by other drivers going much faster than I.” The cop’s answer is “ BUT I CAUGHT YOU !!!!!!”

We must be ever mindful that one bad apple does not spoil the bunch. This relevant adage runs contrary to the Mayor’s (Ramiccio) inference that even he was expected to tip, or buy a six pack of beer for public work employees who picked up extra trash at his carpet shop. What is he implying? Were the employees acting inappropriately or was it the mayor himself who was acting inappropriately? Either way, it seems that he is admitting that the buck should stop with the Office of Mayor.

Regardless of what may be said, as a group you work hard, you deliver a positive end result and are under paid and under appreciated. Hopefully this year someone or the Commission will recognize the contributions you make to the City. In the interim “ The Word To The Wise” is “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Saturday, June 25, 2011

More dirty tricks from Ramiccio

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Well, what can you expect? Just got another disgusting attack flier from Tom Ramiccio, called "The Anarchy Master Plan."

Hold your nose...what a bunch of smelly stuff. Tom is under some sort of impression that he is more popular than is Cara Jennings. He forgets that Cara Jennings is NOT running in this election. Whatever is Tom afraid of?

Tom says that it is time to elect a real leader "with proven experience." A real leader would not make up this garbage and put his name on it. At least all the other campaigns have stayed above Board and have not resorted to dirty tricks. Even Ramiccio's Firefighters' mailer is silly.

Tell Tom on Tuesday we have had just about enough of him.

Lake Worth Mayor - What we Need and What we Don't

Rachel Waterman was in my community today knocking on the doors of the "undecided." I was on her list of undecideds. When she told me that, I had to chuckle.

This election is very important in the fact that we can not afford to go backwards. We can not afford a mayor with no knowledge and with no desire to attain it. We can not afford a mayor who is unwilling to learn, request a document, study the facts and understands what a kilowatt is. We can't afford a person who has no repoire with the people. We do not want a bully. We also do not want someone who fires from the hip saying they want to sell our Electric Utility. We don't need someone who does not understand our Budget and believes they are smarter than our professional Finance Department. We do not need anyone who does not understand what a Bridge Loan is. We certainly don't need someone who says PBSO at any cost when we have a $4.5 mil shortfall. We don't need someone who is distracted by chickens. We do not need someone who runs on a platform of firing our city manager and mocks our dais. We don't need a candidate who only smiles during campaigning.

We need someone who really cares about our City and does not just listen to the almighty dollar but instead listens to the people. We need someone who is friendly and who does smile and who has an upbeat personality. We need someone who does not take campaign contributions and mailers from questionable people and sources. We need someone who is smart--someone not beholding to Sun Recycling, the Unions, The Republican Party or any Party. We need someone who is not beholding to the developers and one who wants to keep our small town charm. We want someone whose priority is good public safety. We need a mayor who understands why we need code enforcement, conservation and preserving our assets. The only one who fits into that category is Rachel Waterman, the grassroots candidate.

Vote on June 28.

The "Coolest" Person at Lake Worth Beach

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The Big Find

By Tripp Ciocci

I have been metal detecting for years. I am one of those mysterious people you see out on the beach, drifting along the sands looking for lost treasure. The whole experience of metal detecting on the beach is quite relaxing, as you are exercising, breathing the fresh air, and letting your mind leave all your troubles behind to focus on one task: listening for that one “beep” that could be the next “big find."

While looking for treasure, I feel sometimes there is a sign on my back that reads: “Roving Information Center; all questions will be answered.” The favorite question seems to be, “Find anything?” I usually answer with, “Oh, just a few coins.” This is true, because most of the time, what you find does not pay for the gas to arrive at your destination, so you really have to enjoy the hobby for other than monetary purposes.

I recently obtained a new metal detector and decided to try it out at Lake Worth Beach during Memorial weekend. I arrived at Lake Worth Beach shortly before dusk, as I wanted to make sure I had enough daylight to test out the new detector. I was quickly finding some pennies, dimes, and quarters. I wasn’t there very long, when suddenly a young man with a troubled look on his face quickly approached me. I thought he was probably going to ask me if they were catching anything on the pier. But instead, he said, “My wife lost her wedding ring, can you help me?”

In a blink of an eye, I went from being that mysterious hobbyist on the beach, to a real treasure hunter with a mission. My overall track record was pretty good, if you’re looking for lost pennies, or aluminum tabs. But my experience in finding gold wedding rings was zip! I accepted the challenge.

The young man quickly led me to his base camp on the beach. I arrived to meet an audience of not only his distraught wife, but also six or seven more family members. The pressure was on to find the symbol of their marriage. The suspected area consisted of about a 10-foot by 20-foot section of the beach. I began the search, and just after a few swings of the detector, I heard a beep! As I paused to inspect, everyone’s eyes lit up with anticipation, their mouths were slightly open. The anticipation was almost palpable. I thought to myself, I really don’t want to get their hopes up with me potentially digging up another bottle cap.

Without haste, I deftly used my scoop to pinpoint the target and excavate the small section of sugary sand (about four or five inches deep). As the grains of sand were rapidly sifting through my metal scoop, I saw a glimmer. Could this be it? The treasure they were looking for?
I slid the ring shaped object into my hand, and I asked them to describe the ring, as if there were tons of gold rings on the beach. I just wanted to make sure I did not give them the wrong one. The young man perfectly described a breathtaking 18k white gold ring with yellow gold accents. It was truly a beautiful work of art of matrimonial proportions.

When I handed the ring to the young man, his wife shed a tear of joy, and the entire family began celebrating. They could not believe I found it so quickly, and that they had been reunited with their lost keepsake. As the celebrations were continuing, the family could not stop thanking me. My job was done, and for a brief moment, I was the coolest person on the beach.

Rachel Waterman gets PB Post Endorsement

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"Tuesday's election is important. The new mayor will help form next year's budget and will have an advantage in the Nov. 8 elections. For this short term, Ms. Waterman is the best choice to keep the right course."CLICK HERE

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ramaccio and his Big Bucks

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Tom Ramiccio has raised to date, $26,975, all for a little 4 month Mayoral seat. He raised $11,505 listed on the latest Report- G4.

On this T-Report, he has received $2,500 from Sun Recycling Companies, the very company that ruined our landfill,; and very much the same companies that contributed to the Retha Lowe trashy political campaign where she filed false reports and was cited and fined $2,500 for violating Chapter 106, Florida Statutes.

Prime Realty
Southern Aviation
All Start Toilet, that is listed with a PO Box, against election rules
Southern Waste Systems
Sun Recycling

Contributions of $500:
Firefighters PAC
PB County Firefighters
Realtors PAC
Outdoor Solutions (those awful advertising billboards)
David Brodie, P&Z
Laura Starr (Mrs. David Brodie)
Brodie & Starr
Cindy Tindell, Palm beach
Rocco Romanelli, PB Gardens
Emerald Furnari, Boca
Gioachino Furnari, Boca
Simon Chen, WPB

Gun toting Bike Rider

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Was this the sign stealer?
What does an anarchist look like?

Swiping Signs

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It's never a good idea to remove anyone's sign even if you know that it has been illegally placed. It happened to me several years back in front of Walgreens when Mayor Drautz had permission from the store manager to place it on their property on Dixie Highway. One of the Dirty Dozen decided to take it and not give it back to me until I insisted. Campaigns are contentious. It happens on both sides.

Campaigns should obey the rules and obey the laws. Do not place a sign on public right of ways. By simply following this one simple rule, no one would have the urge to take it down and ride off with it. They are not allowed to be on the public swale as a lot of Ramiccio signs are. Perhaps we will find out the details of these signs and where they were.

It bothers me that the sign removers have been thrown into a category of racial profiling....the buzz word for this campaign--ANARCHISTS. Another attack.

From: Diana H. Demarest
To: 'Lynn Anderson' ;
Friday, June 24, 2011 2:56 PM
Subject: Heads Up - People Caught Stealing Signs Today

Tom Ramiccio’s daughter was coming home from an appointment driving down Wellesley and his wife, Carol, was coming home in other direction and they caught two individuals riding bikes down the street with nine Tom Ramiccio signs. They were cornered by Carol and they refused to hand over the signs. They told her “They’re not yours…” and she responded, “No – they’re my husband’s…” and removed the signs from their possession.

The two bicyclists took off in two different directions. Tom’s daughter followed one and Carol the other. The police were contacted and they asked that they both stop following them for fear they could be hurt if they had any weaponry. We have given them an idea of where to look for these people. I was told they looked like folks from the anarchist crowd. This is their MO, after all.

Are you Kidding Me? Attack mailer out on Rachel Waterman

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An attack mailer hit my mailbox today. I knew that we couldn't survive without someone resorting to sleaze. It seems to be always the Republicans that do this better than anyone else but some Democrats have learned the trick as well.

Today it comes from a group called Voters Response out of Tallahassee. Voters Response has predominately paid Republican operatives and everything on the mailer is factually incorrect as far as what Waterman stands for and what she has said even down to the chickens. In truth, the MAILER IS ONE LIE as far as what Waterman is for. This is a Group famous for attack ads and even if you asked campaign managers about the attack mailers, you would get denial after denial. Everyone wants to distance themselves from any admission. It's not nice to be known as a bully. Why do they want to do that? Because they do not want to hear any explanation from the candidate they are attacking. That is not their mission. In war and in politics it is to attack and destroy.

There are always plausible and real explanations that make sense when people got hurt due to the downturn in our economy caused by Banks, Realtors, and mortgage brokers. There are a million stories. But electioneering committees are only used by those politicians in business to bring the other guy down. We saw this in some past elections but no side ever came out attacking an opponent who has suffered because of this housing bubble that burst...real people with families that had to do everything to survive when they lost their jobs and eventually their homes.

From the Dan Gelber campaign: More than half of its money (Voters Response) was spent on Data Targeting, a Gainesville direct mail company whose Republican clients have included Senate President Jeff Atwater, Attorney General Bill McCollum and the Republican Party of Florida.

Voters Response also paid Bascom Communications, a Republican consulting firm used by state GOP Chairman John Thrasher and incoming Senate President Mike Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island. State Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Sarasota, has also worked for the group.

Voters Response is run by Republican attorney Dave Ramba, a Tallahassee lobbyist whose clients include Callery-Grove L.P. and the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Ramba also played a role in a race-baiting mailer sent by another political committee in 2008 to Jacksonville Republicans that juxtaposed images of President Obama and black marchers and warned that Black Panthers and "armed thugs" could intimidate voters.

Voters Response also worked for a Democrat who ran for county commission as well as Dave Aronberg who ran against Gelber. In spite of its money bags, Dan Gelber beat Aronberg for State Attorney General but lost to Pam Bondi in the general election. I believe that Joe Abruzzo also had help from this Electioneering Committee.

Folks, you need to follow the money...connect the dots... discard the mailer in file 13.

The Federal Reserve

Jim Rogers, CEO of Rogers Holdings who appeared on CNBC back in 2009 sharing his thoughts on abolishing the Federal Reserve.

Contributions for "Bulldozer" Maxwell

As someone said, Lisa Maxwell, former Director of Re-Development for Lennar Corporation is close to the "money and power" people. She was also a lobbyist for the Builder's Association. One of her contributors, not only now but last year as well, is lawyer and lobbyist, Ron Book. You can't be much closer to the most powerful unless you have something in common.

Ron Book has not been jailed but he has had civil penalties: In 1995, Book pleaded guilty to 4 misdemeanor charges and was fined $2,000. For an additional penalty, he agreed to pay $40,000 to charity.

Maxwell has never met a developer that she didn't like. Not only did Maxwell get a $500 campaign contribution from Ron Book, she received the same from the Developers and Lobbyists:

Gold Coast Alliance for Jobs, 2101 Corp. Dr, Boynton Beach
Floridians for Sensible Growth, address as above
Citizens for Economic Growth, address as above
Families for affordable Housing, address as above
Skeet Jurnigan, a lobbyist from Ft. Lauderdale who only lists a PO Box, a violation.
Another interesting contributor is Carla Blockson, failed candidate for District 2.
There were several people on Maxwell's report with NO address listed, a violation of Election Reporting Laws.
Some guy on Golfview gave $500 twice, against election law.

Lisa Maxwell's latest Treasury Report, click on G4

Conflict of Interest Shuts down Ron Book's work for Bail Bond Industry

Read more on the most powerful lobbyist in Florida, Ron Book.

Last Night's Sky

Thursday, June 23, 2011


To all who have been trying to post personal attacks on all of the candidates...Javier DeSol is the only one for whom I did not receive any "dirt."

I have received anonymous information regarding all three candidates. I have not printed any of it mainly because it has all been anonymous as well as the nature of the charges. Anonymous gives zero credibility to any charge or opinion.

Please do not attempt to post anything of this type. Thank you.

More from Sid Dinerstein - Republican Leader Speaks rudely to Registered Republican

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--- On Thu, 6/23/11, Sid Dinerstein wrote:

From: Sid Dinerstein
Subject: Re: FW: Palm Beach County GOP News Wire, June 16, 2011
To: "kkss21"
Date: Thursday, June 23, 2011, 12:43 PM

I wish you had told me in the beginning that this was all about Tom. Please, there are three other candidates. Find one you like. Or, like most voters in a city election, stay home.And, of course, there is nothing that prevents you from running for public office.But, as I said before, your town needs Tom's leadership.Good luck.

An advertisement from a warm and fuzzy sounding Group

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This is the sort of crap that reared its ugly head a few years ago with attack mailers. No one knows anything about this Group, Citizens For Lake Worth's Future... Another warm and fuzzy name.

Tom, we might not want to sell to FPL. FPL might not want to buy. Why do you say you will sell our Utility. You don't have the power to do that, Tom. We have already kept the PBSO. You will create jobs? This city commission has created jobs by developing our Casino.

I called the City Clerk's office and she never heard of it nor has it registered with her. Palm Beach County knows nothing and neither does the State of Florida. His own campaign manager says she has never heard of it. It appears it is just someone(s) circumventing the law. It's sort of like the anonymous poster who comes to this blog. We might never know who is behind this postcard.

Sid, don't tell me it is you!

The Money Man - Tom Ramiccio

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Lake Worth Doom & Gloom Candidate

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Graphic designed by Tom McGow

Casino Demolition

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It was emotional watching the demolition of our casino building, a place that I first visited as a kid in the 50's--a place that still had the tunnel leading from close to what later became John G's--the days of the old Clock across from it and the wonderful long-time merchants, many of whom became friends and like family.

In one month the entire building will be razed other than some pillars here and there, etc. In 1.5 years we are to have an outstanding structure that will look like our 1922 building that gave the city so much pride and literally helped develop Lake Worth, attracting people from all over.

Just another thing that this Commission and City Manager has accomplished, something that has been discussed for 30 years according to Retha Lowe. Lisa Maxwell can now take that off her list of complaints. We are on our way as well to a breathtaking building and the financing is on track.
Once built, this building will attract world tourism to Lake Worth.

Moe, Larry and Curly

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God, it's bad enough when we have Moe, Larry and not so Curly, candidates running for Lake Worth Mayor (a possible tragedy for our City because one is a Socialist who hates us all, one is, well, you know, and the other is someone who knows NOTHING and hates the rest of us who do), and then we have to think about national problems that are greatly affecting us all. Foreclosures, unemployment, off-shoring and the national debt rapidly approaching $15 TRILLION DOLLARS. On a local level it is the Unions and run-away retirement benefits.

We have slap downs of our city manager and our city commission and then from the same little herd, praises for PBSO, the biggest political entity in Palm Beach County that had screwed us in a Contract with benefits that are unaffordable. Lisa Maxwell gave her two minutes one evening, threatening the entire commission with a Recall if they did not keep the PBSO, all the while eyeing the middle chair. Of course, she had no idea of the costs involved or gave any solutions. Some fire and police employees retire and are rehired back by the City making small fortunes, all for our safety at a gigantic cost.

Now the herd is complaining about the Fire, and honestly or dishonestly, believe that having PB County Fire Rescue for 2 years when we had our own Fire Department for 111 years, is better. For every dollar the Fire is paid in salary, we taxpayers of Lake Worth, pay them $1.72 (172%) in retirement benefits when the taxpayers are lucky to get a matching 3% in their 401(k) from their employers. They are the same moaners who dream up stuff just to complain. These are the same cry-babies that come to City Hall and have fits on a monthly basis, supporters of Larry and not too Curly.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's efforts to stop the leaky economy have been unsuccessful. His latest effort of quantitative easing — known as QE2 — is running out, and the bubble he created is deflating faster than one of The Three Stooges' helium-filled cakes. Read more at Personal Liberty Alerts. Perhaps it is time to get rid of The Federal Reserve?

And it certainly is time, in just 5 days, to elect a Mayor who knows her stuff, someone who has been the subject of a disgusting personal attack from some of her opponents who have been knocking on doors telling the most vile of fantasies..."anarchists," "chickens" and all. These are the tactics of the National Republican Party as well as the Democratic Party that really takes the prize. We don't need that either in Lake Worth--their money influencing elections or their sleazy lies.

Let's put it all to rest on June 28.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sid Dinerstein - It's tough to be Head of the Republican Party PB

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What a loser! Katie

--- On Tue, 6/21/11, Sid Dinerstein wrote:

From: Sid Dinerstein
Subject: Re: FW: Palm Beach County GOP News Wire, June 16, 2011
To: "kkss21"
Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 5:57 PM


The Robocalls i did for Rene were paid for personally, and I never mentioned my position as Republican Party Chairman. There were no Democrats in the race. HUH? But Rene WAS a Democrat. I am proud that I helped to elect a moderate Dem as opposed to one that might have moved the city in the wrong direction. You confuse me, Sid.

But I'm still missing your point.
Are you suggesting that political parties not participate in non partisan elections?
Or is it only the Republican Party that should be excluded?


Quote of the Day - Jeff Clemens

"Can you imagine the governor showing up to celebrate your unemployment?"

~Rep. Jeff Clemens

Clemens was referring to Gov. Rick Scott's visit to the South Florida Water Management District today located on Gun Club Road in West Palm Beach. His latest Bill will shave off $128 million in property taxes at SFWM but nearly 2,000 workers there will possibly lose their jobs.

Hands across the Sand

Hands Across the Sand 15 minute Protest scheduled for this Saturday at Noon,
Lake Worth Beach.

Congressman Allen West on Sean Hannity tonight!

This evening, President Obama will be giving a highly anticipated address to discuss America's future role in Afghanistan. The presidential address will begin at 8 p.m. ET.

Directly after the presidential address, Congressman West will appear on The Hannity Show on FOX News Channel to give his response to the President's address. Rep. Allen West said, "I hope you will tune in to hear my reaction to President Obama's future plans for our servicemen and servicewomen in Afghanistan."

According to Operation Enduring Freedom there have been 2,541 casualties in Afghanistan with 1,632 from the United States.

Decorum at Lake Worth City Hall Jumped off the Cliff

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Back on March 15, 2011, the City Commission amended the Rules and Procedures to add "Rules of Decorum for Citizen Participation." It had gotten to the point that some citizens, organized by a few in the neighborhood associations and easily influenced by their political agenda, had become unruly. We all thought that by passing this Resolution that behavior in the Chamber would get better.

During election time we have to endure some candidates who feel that making some stupid political statement is in their best interests. We usually tune it out if they are respectful. However, Lisa Maxwell spoke last night and said 1) that this commission wanted to close the library and 2) that library hours were being shortened. Neither of her statements were correct--she mis-spoke again, but Lisa did what she does best. Any candidate running for office should know the facts. Lisa does not and is unwilling to learn. Last night, those married to the little organized herd, bent on political destruction, tossed out the City's Resolution No 04-2011 and played by their own rules. Here are a few of the rules that they broke:

Rule #4 states that citizens must speak only to the matter for which they signed up. This was abused over and over again last night by the herd that was hell bent on sounding off with political sound bites, lies and personal attacks turning the subject around to what they wanted to sound off about.

Rule #7 states that speakers will conduct themselves in a civil and respectful manner at all times.

Rule #15 states speakers will refrain from making comments of a personal nature regarding others.

Rule #16 states that name calling is forbidden.

Rule #19 states that the audience should refrain from private conversation during the meeting.

Rule #21 states that no campaign placards, banners, or signs will be permitted in the city council chambers.

Can we please have some order in the Chamber and get back to civil, respectful and courteous discourse and behavior? That is what this Civility Resolution was all about--it passed on a 4/0 vote. Coincidentally, both Maxwells were absent that night.

Whitehouse supports Terrorist Group

Can anyone even imagine funding La Raza? La Raza is a “radical…pro-illegal immigration lobbying organization that supports racist groups," says Charlie Norwood of Georgia's 9th district.

According to Judicial Watch, federal funding for the National Council of La Raza has doubled in the years since Pres. Barack Obama appointed former NCLR Vice President Cecilia Munoz as White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. Since joining the Administration in 2009, La Raza's funding has increased from $4 million to $11.1 million, mostly coming from the Labor Department headed by former California Congresswoman and amnesty supporter Hilda Solis.

Read about it HERE and how your tax dollars are going towards supporting illegal immigration.

Are Non-Partisan Elections Really Non-Partisan? Sid Dinerstein takes the Cake

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Republicans target non-partisan elections.

And that's the bottom line of it. Politics has become more sleazy than what we ever could have imagined or what we have ever known. A prime example of sleaze came from some who appeared last night before our City Commission, but that's another story.

Tonight is the night for the Tom Ramiccio fund raiser sponsored by the Republican Party. How can anyone compete with a national party sponsoring a candidate and all of that money? How? Local politics has now taken a whole new turn. What used to be contributions from the local citizenry has now catapulted into big money from movers and shakers.

While I was asking Scott Maxwell about this situation last night, he asked the question, "And don't you think that the Democrats are doing the same thing?" Actually I have not heard that the DEC has involved itself in fundraisers for local candidates in elections that are non-partisan. Perhaps they do. My problem is that any national Party would do this.

It is also the phoniness of the top dogs involved. Politicians can always justify their actions, right or wrong. Sid did it 1.5 years ago when he involved himself personally as the Chair of the Palm Beach County Republican Party by endorsing a Democrat. You can NOT divorce yourself from your position and Sid took an oath of office to support Republicans. He can support one on a personal level, but dragging in the entire Republican Party? Sid has set precedents in politics to a whole new low.

Katie McGiveron, Chair of Save Our Neighborhood, Inc. and a registered Republican was so incensed that she wrote the Party. Here are her e-mails and her reply from Sid Dinerstein, Chair of the PB County Republican Party who didn't even have the courtesy of addressing her e-mail TO her but rather in a CC. That was his own personal put-down to a Party member, all done in typical "Sid style."

Latest one appears first.

From: kkss21
To: Sid Dinerstein
Cc: lynn Anderson
Re: FW: Palm Beach County GOP News Wire, June 16, 2011Mr Dinerstein, I doubt that you missed my point. In my opinion it is inappropriate for the Republican OR the Democratic clubs to try to influence non partisan races. When you did robocalls for Rene Varela, a DEMOCRAT in the last election, I hope that you did so as Mr. Dinerstein, private citizen and not as the head of my local Republican club. Get my point now, Mr. Dinerstein? Kathleen Mcgiveron

From: Sid Dinerstein
Subject: Re: FW: Palm Beach County GOP News Wire, June 16, 2011
To: "Greg Langowski"
Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 12:27 PM

Thanks for your thoughts.
I'm missing your point.
Are you suggesting that Democrats should not help Sheriff Bradshaw get reelected because it's a non-partisan race? Or any school board member? Or the Supervisor of Elections? Most elections are non partisan. We, the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, are proud to have a candidate like Tom. Lake Worth needs hin desparately. If we're not going to help him raise money, who will?

--- On Tue, 6/21/11, Greg Langowski wrote:

From: Greg Langowski

Subject: FW: Palm Beach County GOP News Wire, June 16, 2011
To: ""
Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 9:40 AM

kkss21 []
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 9:39 AM
Subject: Re: Palm Beach County GOP News Wire, June 16, 2011
I am a life long member of the Republican party. I find the fundraiser for Tom Ramiccio,who is running for Mayor of Lake Worth, highly offensive and inappropriate.This is a NONPARTISAN race in Lake Worth.Both Republican and Democrat clubs have no place in this.This is an embarrassing"special election"brought about because our former mayor,Rene Varela, left the office FOUR DAYS early. Because Mr. Varela could not wait to get out of town for FOUR DAYS, the citizens of Lake Worth are now going to be hit with a bill of over 25,000 to 30,000 dollars to pay for this farce..The "winner" of this race will only serve for about three months before the regular election in November. Meanwhile, Lake Worth is laying off city staff,like our librarians.Again ,partisan clubs should have no place in nonpartisan elections.Kathleen Mcgiveron

--- On Thu, 6/16/11, Palm Beach County Republican Party <> wrote:

From: Palm Beach County Republican Party <>
Subject: Palm Beach County GOP News Wire, June 16, 2011
Date: Thursday, June 16, 2011, 7:29 AM

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lake Worth Special Election advertised in Spanish

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First of all, English is the official language of Florida. Article II, Section 9, of the Florida Constitution provides that "English is the official language of the State of Florida."

Secondly, this provision was adopted in 1988 by a vote following an Initiative Petition. Can we please HONOR the voters and our Constitution? Is that too much to ask? We talk about diversity like that's the greatest thing going. That is all political rhetoric. Let's follow the rules. Immigrants need to learn our language.



Por la presente se AVISA que el martes, 28 de junio de 2011 se llevará a cabo una Elección Especial en la Ciudad de Lake Worth, Florida con elección de desempate, en caso necesario, el martes 12 de Julio de 2011. El propósito es el de elegir Alcalde para cubrir un período inconcluso que termina en noviembre de 2011.

Será elector todo ciudadano calificado conforme a los Estatutos de la Ciudad de Lake Worth, la Constitución, y las Leyes de Florida, que sea elector inscrito en el condado Palm Beach y cuya residencia principal sea la Ciudad de Lake Worth.

La elección será celebrada de conformidad con los Estatutos de la Ciudad de Lake Worth, Florida y las Leyes Electorales del Estado de Florida.

Pamela J. Lopez, MMC
Secretaria de la Ciudad

Lake Worth Mayoral Candidates answer Questions at Neighborhood Forum

Comment Up

Well, you can't call it a debate as no one got to rebut. Even when Waterman tried, she was stopped by the moderator, John Paxman. This was a typical love fest for the Lindsey neighborhood's favorite candidate. If you came and didn't know the candidates and didn't realize that what some of them said was so bizarre and factually wrong or impossible, then no one in particular "won." Some had a better message than did others.

From Top, Left to Right

Tom Ramiccio
Will begin conversations this Summer with FPL to buy Lake Worth Utilities. Says it is worth between $300 to $500 million. Now where did he come up with this figure? FPL bid on our Electric Utility in 1994 for $60 million. He has no idea of the capacity of the generation. The Commission turned it down. We still had generators that we were paying on then and we still have an outstanding Bond today of over $30 mil just on the electric utility. Says he does not trust the city manager and will bring stability to the City Commission. He just does not know that this is the most stable commission in years that has made all of the right decisions.

I contacted an expert on our Utility who says:

FPL has offered Vero Beach $100 million. But, I would doubt that they will offer anywhere near that much for LW. The reasons for the lower amount would be:

1) They would have to decommission the power plant. (Approx. $5 million)
2) They would have to conduct a system wide conversion (both 26 kV and 4 kV). (Approx. $30 - $40
3) The franchise agreement with Palm Spring expires soon and they will go willingly to FPL without any cost.

End result: I would not offer more than $60 million, knowing that I would have to deal with FMEA, the decommissioning and the system wide upgrade.

You do understand that these are "off the top of my head" numbers and in no way reflect what conclusions I might come to if I had the time and opportunity to study the sale of the utility.

Javier DelSol
Education and Prevention is his platform. Says paying 50% of our budget on police is foolhardy. Spend it on libraries. Get to the root of the cause of our "Some that we perceive to be the problem can be part of the solution," said DelSol.

Lisa Maxwell
Full of doom and gloom and making up stuff using words such as "triage," "system broken," "borrowing our own Utility deposits for the Casino probably illegal," Lisa says that we should be taking the advice of the Finance Advisory Board, (that will bring her a couple of votes) a Board that has done nothing in over one year; says that our city's assets are a priority and then in the next breath suggests the sale of our Utility; says our viability as a city is at risk. Fear and doom is her platform. She can't find anything positive about anything.

Maxwell had no clue, again, about our Utility. Like Tom, thinks selling it might be an option. Still does not know that we have generation and was corrected by Waterman. Said that we had no Brownfield Money left in Florida rebutting Waterman who previously spoke to the issue who is a professional Grant writer.

Maxwell ridiculed the approval of a contract for Professional Materials Management for warehouse organization and inventory management for our Utility department. The Utilities Department had identified an opportunity to streamline materials management, optimize inventory and storage space, and increase efficiency through improved management of the Utility Warehouse. An initial investigation of the previous three year’s warehouse data indicated that the material is turning only once every ten years. Items are overstocked, in some cases obsolete, and are not properly secured. It went out for bid and a firm was chosen. The City anticipates that this project will result in the sale of obsolete material from the electric warehouse that will generate a one-year revenue of approximately $500,000. Her favorite commissioner, Scott Maxwell,voted FOR this on May 17th.

Still uninformed about our Budget and the reasoning behind Staff decisions--asks why we are not paying the Fire bill. Says we can't charge more for a utility service than the revenues we take in--says "It's the law." Ms. Maxwell, Lake Worth can charge anything it wants. We own it. She must be confused with a not-for-profit company, not a private company such as Lake Worth Utilities. Maxwell says we don't need it to be a "cash cow" for the city--get it out of control of the city commission, taking a dig at Vice Mayor Mulvehill who beat her last year. Unfortunately, or I should say "fortunately, we need the money from our Utility to operate our city to a tune of $10 million dollars just to help pay for the high cost of policing and retirement benefits. Where does Maxwell think we will make up the money-- from taxes? She gives no solution.

Maxwell, again uninformed about the Bridge Loan the City will be structuring to itself for the Casino reconstruction, (wasn't that proposed by Chair Picket of the Finance Advisory Board?) says that we are borrowing our own Utility deposits for this construction and it is probably "illegal." Wrong again, Lisa, on just about everything.

Rachel Waterman
With a resume as long as your arm, Waterman says that she is a candidate that will do her homework. She speaks three languages fluently and has been involved in the planning of master plans and economic impact analyses. Says that we need to stabilize the Budget and look for more cost cutting measures. Says that we need to re-assess our electric commercial rates and tells us that the City will be giving a rate reduction in the upcoming Budget. Says the idea of selling our Utility is a short sighted solution to a long-term situation.

Waterman talked about being a grant writer and getting Brownfield Grants. Brownfield money can be used on any site within a brownfield designated redevelopment zone - which covers almost all of our city. The land does not need to be proven contaminated - just has to be perceived as possibly contaminated - which is the thresh hold for Brownfield designation. Once designated a Brownfield the money can be used for redevelopment of the site. Maxwell says that we have 300 acres of unused land at the Park of Commerce. Waterman again states the facts that we have 85 vacant acres there.
Brownfield Cleanup and Redevelopment.

Directly in front of her at a table was a group of Ramiccio supporters who tried to get her off balance every time she spoke. It did not distract her from her goal of telling you that she is all for trying new approaches and that she is the leader that Lake Worth needs. Vision, Creativity and Innovation will be her leadership style for Lake Worth.