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Sunset 9-30-13

Obama--Bragging on Islam, Iran and the holy Quran

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Another crime in ROLOH

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BURGLARY - RESIDENCE----13125817--1900 BLOCK RAMSEY DR--9/29/2013 2:47:00 PM

I want to spend, spend and spend some more

Obama reiterated that he will not negotiate over the budget or the looming debt ceiling, but said he is “eager” to begin negotiations over a long-term spending plan once the current impasses are resolved.

Read more... at The Washington Post.

Who do you trust?

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Who do you trust?
A Friend or a Thug?

Iran's president who says we must end our economic sanctions and then they might open their nuclear facilities to international inspectors--a country that has supported terrorist groups.


Israel's Prime Minister who has voiced deep concern over Obama's possible weakening of economic sanctions and his postponement of any military threat of Iran's desire to have a nuclear bomb and wipe Israel off the face of the map--the only democratic country in the Middle East that is our only friend.

American born Inman supports Jihad

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The keynote speaker at the fundraiser for the Council of Islamic-American Relations (C.A.I.R.)over the weekend was a notorious imam who has variously supported stoning or jailing apostates of Islam, the arming of American Muslims and turning the U.S. into an Islamic state governed by Saudi-style Shariah law. He also was one of the co-conspirators of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade center.

Siraj Wahhaj (born Jeffrey Kearse, March 11, 1950) is an African-American imam of Al-Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn, New York and the leader of The Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA).

We are definitely the "land of the brave."

Read more... at WND.

Lake Worth Budget Summary

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There is a city commission meeting tonight, the 2nd public hearing on setting the millage and approving the budget. This meeting should take all of 5 minutes.

The first one; the wrong one

One week later. Note--not one number is the same on the corrected Notice of Proposed Tax increase depicted below. Tonight the commission will vote to accept the Budget and the general city millage rate at the 2nd Public Hearing.

As one person said to me, "Why would the city publish a corrected TRIM notice informing the public of its taxes and allow, once again, an erroneous figure even if Florida law allows a discrepancy within 5% of the true figures. Why would you use a false figure to begin with rather than the true figure?" As the Finance Director explains it, "The $5,788, 123( in the budget) is 95% of the $6,036,864 (this year’s proposed tax levy) plus a small amount  estimated  for delinquent tax payments. No wonder the public is confused.

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Sunset 9-29-13

The Future?

Gaming the System

Well, the Obama quote of the day might have been a spoof, but this isn't.

Read how the U.S. is teaching Mexicans to "game our system" and YOU Are paying for it.

Incident at the Lake Worth Beach

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This incident occurred while I was having breakfast at Mulligans. I did not witness what happened. The man was on the ground along with his bicycle. There were 4 sheriff vehicles parked at the scene and several that drove by. A firetruck was there and the paramedics loaded him on their vehicle and drove off. He appeared to be okay.

Everyone needs to be cognizant of the two way loading and unloading passengers in front of the casino along with bicyclists and pedestrians trying to cross.

Morning at the Lake Worth Beach

The green parrots were chirping away at our Lake Worth beach

Getting ready for 10 am water exercises
Thursday & Friday | 7am - 11am
Saturday & Sunday | 9am - 5pm

Admission Cost
Adult | 13 years & over | $3.75 plus tax
Youth | 3 - 12 years | $3.25 plus tax
Infants | 2 years & under | Free
12 Week Pass | $100. plus tax

Instructor Valerie, waving.

Part of the ballroom is rented out for Yoga classes--Sundays at 10am, Monday and Tuesday at 6pm. The 1.5 hour classes cost $10. If you don't have your own mat, they have one you can borrow.

Morning Glories soaking up the Sun

Quote of the Day - President Obama

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Are you kidding me?
“The Muslim community deserves our full acceptance and respect. We have killed millions of Muslims overseas since the September 11th attacks. They are not all bad. In fact most of them are good. So from now on, November will be a month to celebrate the Muslim community, the Sunnah and the Quran.

I will be working with Congress in making it easier for Muslims to earn a Green Card and achieve American citizenship. Currently as it stands, obtaining a Visa or Green Card for a Muslim is very difficult. There are too many background checks in place and I plan to fix that. Muslims are hardworking people who are just looking to live the American Dream like the rest of us. Mr. Matei of the Muslim Brotherhood assured me they want to come to this country to help us, not harm us.” Source:  Minute Men News

~ President Barack Obama

(The above is satire) Two months after the Obama administration released $250 million in aid to Egypt in what Secretary of State John Kerry called “a good-faith effort to spur reform,” the country is witnessing a surge of anti-Israel sentiment, much of it stoked by the ruling Muslim Brotherhood.

“Israel is our enemy,” senior Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leader Mohamed el-Beltagy chanted during a rally outside a prominent Cairo mosque on Friday, accusing the Jewish state of “irresponsible and apprehensible crimes against our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine and Syria.”

Read more... at CNS News.

As he pushes for Congress and world approval, Obama no longer can or wants to hide his proud allegiance and connection to the cause of Islam world domination and its vehicle of choice, the Muslim Brotherhood.  Hear him, recently, applaud the Muslim folk at the 50th anniversary of the Islamic Society of North America, that is spearheading the silent takeover of this country. Obama said: “My Administration is proud to be your partner in our shared efforts to promote economic opportunity, accessible health care and affordable education in Muslim communities throughout our country.” See YouTube video

Know they enemy!

A Bible, a Bullhorn and a Sign

Bible fundamentalists-
They are everywhere and against everything
not in the Bible

John Kranert, above, was arrested during our 2009 Gay Pride Parade for what he says was a violation of his First Amendment rights. The sheriff says he was disorderly for preaching against homosexuality. Kranert won that one as charges were later dismissed. Now he is suing the PBSO.

This gentleman stood on the corner of Lake Avenue and Toojays with his Are You Ready sign during the 2012 Gay Pride Parade. He didn't bother anyone--just stood there with his sign handing out literature to anyone who asked.

A Sunday message:

Christianity is, I believe, about expanded life, heightened consciousness and achieving a new humanity. It is not about closed minds, supernatural interventions, a fallen creation, guilt, original sin or divine rescue. I am tired of seeing the Bible being used, as it has been throughout history, to legitimize slavery and segregation, to subdue women, to punish homosexuals, to justify war and to oppose family planning and birth control. That is a travesty which must be challenged and changed.

~ John Shelby Spong, retired bishop of the Episcopal church

On the brink of a shutdown

House Republicans succeeded in pushing through a one-year delay in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act early Sunday morning. In a 231-to-192 vote, the House approved the delay as an amendment to a Senate bill funding federal government operations.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has already signaled that the legislation will not pass that chamber, and unless the House and Senate can reconcile competing versions of the funding bill before midnight on Monday, the U.S. government will shut down for the first time in 17 years.

Read more... at the Washington Post.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sunset 9-28-13

Lake Worth Teen in trouble for hugging soccer star

Looking obliquely sideways

China is known to be targeting U.S. missile defenses and is also developing its own missile defenses. China is now capable of jamming our communications defenses information of which was given to them by a US spy who was convicted of passing intelligence and now in prison for four years...not long enough. In another case, millions in trade secrets were handed over to Chinese.

Read more... and then draw your own conclusions why a Bradley Manning/Julian Assange or an Ed Snowden are no heroes for exposing American secrets. These are not some non-essential "leakers" or "whistleblowers."  Snowden leaked a secret NSA program and in the Manning/Assange affair, top secret videos, incident reports from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, information on detainees at Guantanamo and thousands of State Department cables were leaked to the enemy.

What in hell is going on with some people who live in the greatest country on Earth?  Where did all these skewed moralists come from?

U.S. on the wrong track

Allen West says, A new poll from Bloomberg shows 68% of Americans say the U.S. is on the wrong track.

Let me put that into perspective: 2 out of every 3 Americans believe this nation is heading in the wrong direction.

Clearly something is very wrong in Washington.

We have a president who doesn't know which way is up.

We have a Senate that's trying to prove its significance by refusing to compromise.

We have a House that can't even rally together members of the same party around a piece of legislation.

What we have is a disaster.

Inspector General and Kimberly Mitchell

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The Inspector General's office just ruled against West Palm Beach for reimbursing Kimberly Mitchell $7,325 for defending herself in an IG ethics violation involving a home cable problem with Comcast. Mitchell is the good friend of Shanon Materio who took the side of Mitchell. Originally the commission voted 4/0 to reimburse Mitchell her attorney fees.

The IG's office said that Commissioner Mitchell was not acting in her official capacity when she had a city receptionist use the city's official hotline to have Comcast at her home to fix her cable so that she could watch a football game. The suggestion was that the repair was not for the greater good of the neighborhood but for her personally.

West Palm Beach is one of the municipalities that is suing the County because of the fee that all cities are required to pay. Now I have to wonder if it had been a city that was not part of the lawsuit, if a simple call from the IG's office to the city attorney of that municipality would have ended the complaint in an instant.

The fourteen city governments that are suing more than likely do not want any outside office telling them if they have done something unethical. Even the cities that are paying don't want to hear about complaints either. They want to do it their way and there lies the rub for the 72% of the electorate that demanded this watchdog. Is there any politics involved? The County Administrator is not behind the office either and wants Steckler out of there. He is against audits whereas Steckler says "the fundamental tenant of an office of an inspector general is audits and investigations."
“The fundamental tenet of an office of inspector general is audit and investigations,” Steckler said. “If someone is talking about eliminating audits … you might as well just shut the doors and go home.” - See more at:
“The fundamental tenet of an office of inspector general is audit and investigations,” Steckler said. “If someone is talking about eliminating audits … you might as well just shut the doors and go home.” - See more at:

West Palm Beach told the Inspector General to stuff it...they want to get on to important business like serving the city.

Unauthorized Immigration on the rise?

Following a recession-related decline, U.S. unauthorized immigration may be on the rise

Because of the Obamacare debate as well as the mess in Syria, illegal immigration has fallen off the radar. No one is talking about it in the media. As we get closer to giving illegals a pathway to citizenship, these numbers will constantly rise. One of these days there will no longer be a South America and we won't have to worry about conserving public land--there won't be any.

According to RedState, "Those millions upon millions who have violated our nations laws in one way or another do not deserve to be rewarded with a pathway to citizenship. What they deserve is a boot to the ass as they are kicked out of this country (preferably by way of self deportation)."

Black on White atrocious and sadistic Crime in Tennessee

Where's Al?
Where's Jessee?
Where's Oprah?
Where is humanity?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Tonight's Sunset

Harry Reid - one sore whiner or "winner"

Ever notice when people win the vote some are still "sore" winners" or really losers?

And the sore winner:

Harry Reid: "Whomped Republicans" ... "Tea Party anarchists"... need to "get a life" and talk about something else.

The Mod Squad in Lake Worth

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Merchants of Downtown Lake Worth
The MOD Squad

For Immediate Release
Date: September 27, 2013

Merchants of Downtown : Lake Worth
The MOD Squad Arrives in Lake Worth
A New Merchant Movement in Lake Worth
October and the Mod Squad

In the early days of September, in the back room of Brogue’s Down Under, a new and vital organization emerged in Downtown Lake Worth. Calling themselves Merchants of Downtown (MOD), this MOD Squad hit the ground running. With freshness and enthusiasm this newly formed group has grown week by week, its members bubbling over with enthusiasm and ideas, all geared towards making Downtown Lake Worth an exciting and memorable place that neighbors and visitors will want to return to again and again. Their activities include dancing in the streets and on the sidewalks, music everywhere, block parties and special event gatherings. Mentored and led by Ella Riggs, Lake Worth Jewelers’ and a veteran of decades in downtown Lake Worth, this group is primed and ready. From a seedling group of eight they have quickly grown to over thirty participants, all eager to work together for the good of the community.

The October calendar is crowded. Each week brings additional events to the downtown. All member shops will be up and running for Evenings on the Avenue with goodies to share, musical events at their doors and sales and promotions for everyone coming through the doors. The 700 Block of Lake Avenue is a particularly active MOD Squad location. The Unknown Boutique is filled with unusual and affordable resort wear and Ramon Reyes has taken on the job of Block Captain, helping to organize the wonderful merchants and entertainment. Stop in to see Trinkets and Treasures and the Bees Knees who will be doing back alley yard sales every first Saturday of the month. The Lake Worth Playhouse and the Stonzek Theater have some of the best entertainment in the region.

The Dixie corridor is represented as well. Studio Dance Lake Worth’s dynamo Michael Puccio has offered to bring his dance and music to block parties held, starting in November, every second Friday of the month. Linda Stabile represents her many business allies on the 400 block South of Dixie.

The 600 Block of Lake has some major MOD Squad activists. Ella Riggs of Lake Worth Jeweler’s is vying for the best decorated Halloween Block with huge input from the folks at Brogue’s Down Under. Chad from the Sequel’s Boutique is single handedly, but with the support of the MOD Squad, organizing Girls’ Night out on Thursday, October 10th from 6-10 PM. This is a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Lucerne has jumped into the mix with some very special MOD Squad members. Maurici has two businesses in town. On Lucerne his Milton’s Grooming Parlor (for pets) has been very actively bringing wonderful events to the 700 block. With Marianne and Bruce Weber Galleries expect lively and high-end entertainment and events on a regular basis. Maurici’s Salon on the Avenue (500 block of Lake) is also awake and raring to go.

South Shores Tavern is an anchor in town with manager Karine Albano sponsoring every community fund-raiser that comes her way. She will be organizing her block with parties, music and great food.

And then we have the MOD Squad on J Street. With the newest shop, Coconut Planet, The Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery, Common Ground, Poutine Dog and Coastars not to mention the extravaganzas produced by Propaganda and Bamboo Room, this street really rocks. Elvie Lerner brings the crafts from her native Philippines to her shop, Coconut Planet. She sits in her quaint little shop sewing garments, making jewelry and interacting with all of the new visitors who have found her and are entranced by her wares.

The 800 Block of Lake is waking up and beginning to stir. New merchant Eddy will be moving his shop from Worth Avenue to the anchor shop at the head of the Avenue. He is revved up and raring to go. Michelle from Carousel Antiques is the new block captain and excited to be working with the new restaurants and shops and galleries coming onto this block. Chelsea Lane juggles school and the Wallpaper and design business she and her mother Wendy so successfully run. We are looking for a re-naming, re-branding ceremony for them later this year.

The month of October is full of activity and surprises. Each block is pulling together to make the city shine. Halloween preparations are already underway. Ghouls and Monsters will be the themes of the month. Starting with Evenings on the Avenue, Have a Bloody Good Time at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery on Friday, October 4. Girls’ Night out will be celebrated on Thursday, October 10th on L Street. Saturday, October 12 is ARToberFest on J Street. The Full Moon Blood Drive will be held amidst Art, Music and Food at the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery on Friday, October 18. A Spirited Tour of Downtown Lake Worth will be held on Saturday, October 19th. The month of activities ends on Saturday, October 26 with the ever popular Monster Mash. For additional information on each of these activities contact

The Merchants of Downtown is a group that meets weekly to make Downtown Lake Worth a welcoming destination for neighbors and visitors alike. The MOD Squad, as they fondly refer to themselves, organizes block by block bringing activity, unity and camaraderie to the Downtown corridor. For additional information contact

Senate Cloture vote

The Senate voted 79 to 19 to invoke cloture on the House-passed bill. This vote formally ended debate on it so that it could be amended to delete House Republican provisions to defund the health-care law. The cloture motion required 60 votes for passage.

19 Republican senators who voted no:

Mike Crapo (Idaho), Ted Cruz (Tex.), Mike Enzi (Wyo.), Deb Fischer (Neb.), Charles E. Grassley (Iowa), Dean Heller (Nev.), James M. Inhofe (Okla.), Mike Lee (Utah), Jerry Moran (Kan.), Rand Paul (Ky.), Rob Portman (Ohio), James E. Risch (Idaho), Pat Roberts (Kan.), Marco Rubio (Fla.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Jeff Sessions (Ala.), Richard C. Shelby (Ala.), Patrick J. Toomey (Pa.) and David Vitter (La.).

How they all voted

Lake Worth Lagoon

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The Snook Islands Natural Area, just north of the Lake Worth Bridge, is one of the spots where water pollution from flood control discharges is killing habitat vital to fish, manatees and wading birds.

Read the Sun Sentinel on flood control water dumping is hurting the Lake Worth Lagoon.

PB County GOP Chair Resigns

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To the REC membership,
I hereby resign my position as Chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party effective immediately.
I am also resigning my position as Committeeman from Precinct 5128 also effective immediately.
It has been my honor to serve as your Chairman,

Mr. Sabin, 66, was elected Chair of the County Republican Party almost one year ago replacing Sid Dinerstein on the idea of revamping the party and raising money. He won by two votes. At the same time, Michael Barnett, a 35 year old African American, was elected vice chairman without opposition.

Palm Beach County is predominantly Democratic with 391,677 registered voters compared to 250,526 who are Republicans. Just a few months ago the County GOP closed its West Palm Beach office. Fundraising has been down.

You would think that the Republican Party in Palm Beach County would be on a roll in view of the fact that the country is on the wrong track as evident in the latest Rasmussen Poll that gives Obama a minus -14 rating with more people disapproving than approving.

Letter from House conservatives on today's Cloture vote

Click Here for a letter from House conservatives regarding today’s cloture vote in the Senate.

Get your Flu Shot

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Getting my Flu shot

Why vaccinate adults against influenza?
  • Depending on the severity of circulating strains, the flu kills between 3,000 and 49,000 Americans annually.
  • Influenza can cause serious complications in people with a variety of chronic illnesses, including asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and immunosuppression.
  • As many as one in five Americans get influenza each year, and while the virus can be mild in some years, it can be very severe in others, causing debilitating illness and death even in previously healthy people. 
  • Direct medical costs of a moderately severe seasonal influenza outbreak average more than $10 billion.

Which adults need influenza vaccine?

  • All adults need influenza vaccine every year.
  • You can get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available in your area or anytime during the influenza season.
  • Adults with certain health conditions including heart disease, asthma, diabetes, a liver or kidney disorder, or a weakened immune system are at especially high-risk for influenza and its complications. In most cases, they should also be vaccinated for pneumococcal disease.
Read more... at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases.
Why vaccinate adults against influenza?
  • Depending on the severity of circulating strains, the flu kills between 3,000 and 49,000 Americans annually.
  • Influenza can cause serious complications in people with a variety of chronic illnesses, including asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and immunosuppression.
  • As many as one in five Americans get influenza each year, and while the virus can be mild in some years, it can be very severe in others, causing debilitating illness and death even in previously healthy people. 
  • Direct medical costs of a moderately severe seasonal influenza outbreak average more than $10 billion.

Which adults need influenza vaccine?

  • All adults need influenza vaccine every year.
  • You can get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available in your area or anytime during the influenza season.
  • Adults with certain health conditions including heart disease, asthma, diabetes, a liver or kidney disorder, or a weakened immune system are at especially high-risk for influenza and its complications. In most cases, they should also be vaccinated for pneumococcal disease.
- See more at:

Copper Wire

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Well at least they caught these guys who were stealing copper wire belonging to FPL.

Back around 2006, the City of Lake Worth had a lot of copper wire that was stolen. To this day, the city has no idea who absconded with our property estimated to be worth between $6 and $10 million dollars at the time. If they did know back then, everyone kept their mouths shut. They weren't talking. Someone was in charge but never held accountable. There was a lot of funny stuff going on back then.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tonight's sky 9-26-13

Quote of the Day - Allen West

“A hearty congratulations to Texas Senator Ted Cruz for being a man of principle who is fulfilling his oath to the people of Texas and the American people. In the face of incessant criticism and betrayal from his own party -- something I know about -- he has persevered and stood up for this constitutional republic.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also known as Obamacare is an abomination, an onerous piece of legislation passed in the middle of the night, strictly partisan, and as a Democrat leader articulated, ‘we must pass the bill in order to find out what is in it.’ The American people, and labor unions, now know what is in it.

And don’t ignore the unconstitutional delays enacted by President Obama. I want you all to ponder the waivers and exemptions granted, a sure evidence of cronyism, not to mention the unnecessary cuts to Medicare for seniors. And even as Lois Lerner retires, Obamacare will hire 16,000 new IRS agents.

 Steadfast and loyal, Senator Cruz, I got your back.”

~ Allen West

Quote of the Day - Pam Bondi - Enforceable Rights

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In Florida, transparency is not up to the whim or grace of public officials. Instead, it is an enforceable right.

~ Attorney General Pam Bondi

 Another thing that should be enforceable is TRUTH as well as election results. We don't always get that with elected officials, at least not in Lake Worth.

Section 166.031(2), Florida Statutes:
"Upon adoption of an amendment to the charter of a municipality by a majority of the electors voting in a referendum upon such amendment, the governing body of said municipality shall have the amendment incorporated into the charter and shall file the revised charter with the Department of State. All such amendments are effective on the date specified therein or as otherwise provided in the charter."
Our charter amendment became effective upon its certification by the Commission on March 19, 2013, Resolution 14-2013.

Lake Worth's Tax Notice

Today, Lake Worth's Revised Notice of Proposed Tax Increase was published. I still don't understand it. I guess it takes an accountant or a CPA to figure it all out.  One thing that we do know--the city will generate more revenue from ad valorem because property values have risen.

1.  the budget summary says that we will receive $5,788,123 in ad valorem
2.  the proposed tax notice says we will receive $5,739,394 in actual property taxes, a difference of $48,729
3.  using the proposed tax notice, we will have a tax increase of $297,470, a 4.9% increase, not a 4.6% as advertised in the Budget Summary.

Finance Diretor Steve Carr's explanation: 11:13am

Hi Lynn
The way the State requires this be calculated and  published is confusing. I mentioned this in the explanation on Tuesday, as I said then  it does not make logical sense. The $5,788, 123( in the budget) is 95%  of the $6,036,864 (this year’s proposed tax levy) plus a small amount  estimated  for delinquent tax payments.

The $5,739,394 (calculated in the ad) was the 2013 actual property tax amount that last year’s tax levy was supposed to raise after the Adjustments made by the County Value Adjustment Board which were made after we adopted the 2013 budget.

In the end the difference in the adjusted the 2013 levy of $5,739,394 and the 2014 levy of $6,036,864 is $657,470, however the City is required by statute to only budget 95% of the total levy of $6,036,064 which would be the $5,788, 123 plus a small amount  estimated amount for delinquent tax payments mentioned above.

In reality through July 2013 the City received $5,570,486 in actual tax payments which is slightly more that the 2013 budget of $5,529,126 but significantly less that the adjusted levy amount calculated by the State requirements of $5,739,394

If you compare the $5,788,123 (2014 budget) with last year’s (2013) adopted ad-valorem budget of $5,529,126 the difference is $258,997 which for all practical purposes is the actual increase in budgeted proceeds the City expects to receive from 2013 to 2014.

Thanks Steve

World Thrift

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World Thrift, a store selling previously owned clothes and products and where you can buy designer labels just bought the Park Avenue Grill property that is adjacent to its store. They say they are so busy that they needed the additional parking. World Thrift is located at 2425 N. Dixie Highway in Lake Worth.

Obama's backdoor on Gun Control - The Treaty

"Progressives on both sides of the isle believe that we in America are more dangerous than even the most hardened terrorists around the Globe."

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sunset 9-25-13

Kerry signs United Nations Arms Treaty


Obama has stopped defending the Second Amendment. He did not get his gun control agenda passed in the Senate. So today, Secretary of State, John Kerry, signed away our laws to the global community and unelected U.N. bureaucrats with a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation. Can anyone believe that this government would so something like this and help stomp on our Second Amendment rights? Do they really believe that the "bad guys" will honor a treaty?


Allen West proud to be called an Islamophobe

"Recently the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) bestowed upon me a great honor, they listed me in the top ten of individuals and organizations they fear.

CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing case in America, the Holy Land Foundation trial. It is basically a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Also, it seems CAIR has a history of meeting with Iranian leadership, the largest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, during the annual UN General Assembly. I have yet to hear or see CAIR on any TV, radio, or newspaper op-ed pages explaining the recent vicious attacks by Muslims against Christians in Pakistan and against innocent shoppers in Nairobi.

To be forced to recite a koranic verse or die is simply barbaric. To conduct a targeted attack against Christians departing from church services is savage, not just in Pakistan, but in Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, and all across countries with Muslim governance (or lack of it).

If saying so makes me an 'Islamophobe' so be it. It just confirms that CAIR, and their ilk, fear those who will relentlessly confront them with the truth.

Lastly, to those who have the "COEXIST" bumper stickers on their vehicles, read Solomon's Proverb 17:28…you may may want to scrape it off."

~ Allen West 

Governor Rick Scott - Accomplishments

The "Skinny" on Governor Rick Scott:
  • Cut taxes 5 times
  • Created 370,000 jobs
  • Unemployment down to 7%
  • Budget surplus in 2014
  • Proposes $500 million cuts in taxes and fees
  • Grew the economy
  • Eliminated more than 2,600 regulations
  • Marketing our State and attracting business
  • Paid down the State debt by $3.6 billion
  • $1.5 billion in reserves
  • Pay raises for teachers
  • Rejected over $2 billion in federal funding for a high speed rail project from Tampa to Orlando. Estimated at the time, The Tampa Orlando high-speed rail line would have cost $3 billion more if its cost per mile equals the fast speed rail in California comps. All of these additional costs would have been the responsibility of Florida taxpayers and would raise their bill to nearly $3.3 billion.

Read more on Rick Scott Accomplishments

Huge settlement rejected by judge in Collier County

A Judge in Collier County rejected a $92 million settlement between landowners and the Commissioners. She said that the Bert J. Harris Act doesn’t include resolving the claim’s potential financial exposure against the county in the public interest test. She also found that the settlement amounted to illegal contract zoning and that she couldn’t find that the agreement complies with the Endangered Species Act. This is a lawsuit that has been ongoing since 2008, dragged on by landowners wanting their way.

The Florida Wildlife Federation and Collier Audubon Society, which teamed up to fight the settlement, also have filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of panthers and woodpeckers, seeking to stop development on the Hussey ranch,

At least there is a judge who understands contract zoning and the Bert J. Harris Act.

Read more....

Black on White Crime

An American, a white leader in Harlem, Professor at Columbia, and a national leader against white racism gets beaten to a pulp by a mob of blacks and his teeth knocked out.

Where's the national press? Where's Al?  Where's Jessee?  Where's Oprah?
A white doctor in Harlem. Professor at Columbia. A national leader against white racism. Frequent guest on the Huffington Post, New York Times and other liberal outlets. Active in U.N. public health initiatives for poor people
A white doctor in Harlem. Professor at Columbia. A national leader against white racism. Frequent guest on the Huffington Post, New York Times and other liberal outlets. Active in U.N. public health initiatives for poor people
A white doctor in Harlem. Professor at Columbia. A national leader against white racism. Frequent guest on the Huffington Post, New York Times and other liberal outlets. Active in U.N. public health initiatives for poor people
A white doctor in Harlem. Professor at Columbia. A national leader against white racism. Frequent guest on the Huffington Post, New York Times and other liberal outlets. Active in U.N. public health initiatives for poor people

Quote of the Day - Ted Cruz

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"There are lots of folks in Washington that can choose to throw rocks and I’m not going to reciprocate.”

~ Sen Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, wearing his black tennis sneakers for comfort, started speaking at 2:41 p.m. yesterday and is still speaking on Obamacare.

42 inches?

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This will be the exact same thing that will happen in our downtown with the ordinance just passed by the City Commission on ADA compliance of 42 inches instead of the 48 inches recommended by staff that allows those in wheel chairs, etc. to pass by with no obstruction.

Marco withdraws nomination

Ah oh, now Marco Rubio is on the hot seat with liberal progressives. They are accusing him of playing politics and placating to the conservatives in the Republican Party. But both sides are playing politics. That's what politicians do.

Read more... on Marco Rubio withdrawing his nomination of the first openly gay black judge to the federal court in the Southern District of Florida.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Are you an Islamaphobe?

 Quiz: Do you qualify for CAIR’s Islamaphobe list?

Take the Quiz--you will love the questions. BizPac says, "Many people were disappointed they were not on the list of Islamaphobes released the other day by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, otherwise known as CAIR."

International Cleanup Day

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A message from Gael Silverblatt on the Snook Island clean-up--

The International Cleanup Day was very successful on Saturday for the Snook Islands Natural Area with 25 volunteers filling 34 bags and with a total weight of all the trash picked up of 610 lbs.

Totals of some items included 181 plastic bottles, 61 glass bottles, 86 cans, 129 plastic bags, 174 cups and plates, 276 bottles caps, 257 package wrappers, 60 take out containers, 131 straws,  52 plastic knives, forks, spoons, 37 plastic lids, 33 6-pack holders, 201 small plastic pieces, 194 small foam pieces, 13 yards of rope, 11 condoms, 10 syringes, 31 cigar tips, 91 cigarette butts, and 11 cigarette lighters.

Some larger items were two plastic chairs, a wood frame for pouring concrete, lots of 1'X1' foam construction pieces, and a matched pair of shoes.

Students from Palm Beach State College were a big help as were many residents of Lake Worth. We ran out of trash bags but not enthusiasm.

Code Compliance Division

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In the Back-up for tonight's special meeting is the following:

Department for Community Sustainability
1. What changes are planned for FY 2014?

· Administration Division
o Economic Development Manager moved to City Manager’s Office
· Business Tax Receipts/Use & Occupancy Division
o No changes
o Some increases in revenues due to improved collections and code
· Planning, Zoning & Historic Preservation Division
o Proposed half time Associate Planner to handle Business Tax Receipt and Use &
Occupancy applications due to increased work load demands
o Additional fee revenue from adoption of Land Development Regulations and
establishment of new fees.
· Code Compliance Division
o No staffing changes

o Some increases in revenue based on improved collections
· Building Division
o No staff changes
o No increase in projected permit revenue

So which is it?  Are we outsourcing this department as the city manager announced or are we not per the city's own documentation?

Lake Worth Budget Highlights

Highlights of the FY 2014 budget are:
  • No change in the General Fund millage rate
  • Use of approximately $372,060 of General Fund available fund balance
  • Electric Rates reduction of 4.5%. Rates have decreased each year for the past 3 years - a total of -11.4% for residential (including suspension of the Conservation charge), -12.2% for small Commercial and - 17% for large commercial (demand) customers
  • Reduction in Local Sewer rates of 10% on top of a 10% reduction made mid-year in FY 2013
  • No increases of Water, Garbage or Stormwater rates
The budget includes budgeted funds for Lake Worth 2020 and the Park of Commerce as they are configured at this time, any changes to these plans, as the development of these programs during the year will be incorporated as amendments to the budget at the appropriate time

The "Knockout Game"

The rules of the “knockout game” are typically the same no matter where it happens: Start with a group of black people. Find a white person. Punch him in the face. Don’t stop until the person is knocked out or your arms get tired … or the person is dead.

Read more.. about this black on white violence that is escalating across the country.

WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist. WND considers it racist not to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims. I agree.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Quote of the Day - Marshall Pass

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Sitting in the back of city commission chambers, tapping away on his tablet and smartphone, Pass surely holds the record for speedy blogging, updating his page at least a couple times per meeting. Pass declined to be interviewed for this story after being told that Anderson would be mentioned in it.

~Marshall Pass who writes a Facebook page

Quote in the Palm Beach Post article on area bloggers.

Violation of NO Pets at the Lake Worth Beach

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Pets at our beach park were never allowed until the commission granted the public permission to take their pets to the Green Market that used to operate on A1A and now is across the street at Old Bridge Park.  Their thought was that it was "business friendly." Prior to that, NO pets were ever allowed. And by making that one exception, it opened the door to abuse and/or confusion of our Ordinance against pets on our beach property. That is always what happens when we make exceptions to our rules and laws.

Little darlin-Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ya-ya-ya, yaaaaaaaaaaa
Ya-ya-ya, yaaaaaaaaaaa

Yesterday at the beach during the hour I was there, there were three pet owners walking their dogs in front of the casino and down the boardwalk. One had little Poo Poo in a carry-all bag. She is someone who can't go anywhere without her little darling. When pointing out the sign to the woman above, she said that the sign was meant for me.  Sounds like someone who comes to my blog from time to time. "I always bring my dog and no one has ever said that I can't, not even the police," she exclaimed.

We did see beach traffic security drive by three times without stopping and getting out of their vehicle to patrol the areas.
It may possibly be the signage as NO Pets Allowed signs are posted on the railing throughout the beach property but not across the road at the Casino or in the parking lots. That one lady with a dog was sitting directly across from the sign but it did not register. She had much more fun deciding her way was the right way and the only way...little darlin. She fits right in to this city.

Juan Ruiz, Recreation Manager says, "Dogs at the beach are prohibited by ordinance. We are trying our best to enforce."

The Ordinance in Section 6-3 under domesticated animals prohibited on public property says: " shall be unlawful for the owner or custodian of a domesticated animal to knowingly or unknowingly permit such animal to enter or be upon a playground, school grounds, designated sports fields, cemetery, golf course, beach or casino and the beach parking area, or a road, sidewalk, pedestrian path..."

Pocket Parks - City Rights of Way

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Because of the constant turn-over in our city of elected officials and staff, major issues and even law suits fall through the cracks. What ever happened to the public rights of way of nearly 5 years ago where certain owners on the Intracoastal Waterway believed that they should own public property, the pocket parks adjacent to their houses. They wanted to grab city owned land and claim it as their own.

Commissions changed and politics being what it is, allowed this to "go away." These rights of way belong to the City and this issue needs to be re-visited. There are six blogs on this issue (LABELS Pocket Parks)--here are three of them.

Nancy Shepherd vs. the City of Lake Worth. This case was originally filed on November 9, 2009 and is still opened to this day. The City of Lake Worth has never filed the names of any new attorneys on the case. Elaine Humphreys and Jean Middleton are still the attorneys of record. There is no reason why a case of "grabbing public property" should be going on for 4 years.

Pocket Parks, city Rights of Way

Pocket Parks Again

A Planner's Dream on Royal Poinciana Way?

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Well, Palm Beach has them too. Some on the island of Palm Beach want MORE density, you know, those people who can't stand to live without height--they want more development--they want to make a perfect place MORE perfect.

The most controversial element of the proposed PUD-5 is one that would allow property owners to build up to 13 homes per acre (the maximum allowed under the town’s comprehensive plan), instead of the current limit of six per acre in the Royal Poinciana Way district. The higher density is intended as an incentive for owners to redevelop properties that do not contribute to the character of the street. The most frequently cited example is a vacant gas station owned by the Testa family.

And then in a big whoopi moment they say that Buildings or building facades deemed by the town as “architecturally or urbanistically” contributing would be protected from demolition.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunset 9-22-13

John G's

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John G's, formerly located at the Lake Worth Casino and now at Plaza del Mar in Manalapan, had a record crowd yesterday in celebration of their 40 years of serving and being a part of our community. Their dad, John Giragos would have been proud.

Lake Worth's Budget Summary

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If anyone read the Palm Beach Post this morning you would have come across the Lake Worth budget on page A-15 that is published by law. You would have noticed the discrepancy in the figures...$60,000 off or a figure that is unexplainable.

The biggest glaring figure in black and white (but not really a shocker as we have been reporting on this) is the cost of Public Safety. 

Revenues for 2014:  $29,516,000
Cost of Public Safety:  $20,787,907

Public Safety is costing us 70.43% of our general revenue before including our general fund balance of $372,600. The millage will remain the same as last year at 5.4945%.

E-mail reply from the Finance Director:
You are correct, the amounts are different and they should not be, I had seen the same thing.  The budget summary is correct.

We will be getting with the State Department of Revenue on Monday and publishing whatever correction is required by law.  I believe that we will have the meeting on Tuesday as advertised but not take final action on the budget and millage.  We would  continue the Public Hearing  and final action to a date and time certain to meet the legal notice requirements. We have until September 30 to adopt a budget.

Thanks Steve

Ted Cruz is as eligible as Obama to be president

On Friday, Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, was in the firing range of Chris Matthew's. Asked about Cruz’s constitutional eligibility given his birth in Canada, Farenthold said: “He’s as eligible as Obama is."  Read more... at WND.

Florida NO Texting while Driving law begins October 1

Beginning October 1, texting while driving will be against Florida law. Even though it will only be considered a secondary offense (cops won't be allowed to stop you just for that infraction), Florida will become the 41st state to prohibit this dangerous practice that often times takes two hands!

We should have a stronger law in Florida but this is a beginning. According to Text Free Driving organization:
  • 89 - % of people want a ban on texting while driving
  • 80 - % of crashes are caused by distraction w/in 3 secs. of the event
  • 57 - % of those drivers text while driving

Judge Jeanine - A Crisis in Leadership