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Stuart Mears, Lake Worth High graduate, running for State Rep District 86

Stuart Mears, the Republican looking to defeat incoming Florida House Minority Leader Mark Pafford, D-West Palm Beach.

“After graduating from Lake Worth Community High School in 1992, Stuart joined the United States Army Infantry and served his country proudly. Stuart served mostly in Vilseck, Germany, but he also spent a tour in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia as part of a peacekeeping mission with the United Nations. Stuart finished his service in Fort Benning, Ga., and was honorably discharged in 1996. Stuart is an educator with the school district of Palm Beach County and works at the administrative level as an instructional specialist at the Adult Education Center, says Allen West.

Key Issues:

  • Limited Government – Focus on reducing the impact of government in our everyday lives
  • Lower Taxes – More jobs and business opportunities create higher state revenues and lower taxes for all Floridians
  • Fiscal Responsibility – State spending should be limited to the revenues available similar to that of Florida households
  • Education
Common sense instead of Common Core. Let’s get back to the basics.

Provide teachers with a higher living professional wage as well as continued educational opportunities.

Jeff Clemens is offended

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Jeff Clemens has ordered his staff to cancel his subscription to the Lake Worth Herald. It's got to be tough to be a politician.

He said: "Having now been forced to read a Lake Worth Herald opinion piece for the first time since I was elected in 2007, I find the editorial to be reprehensible, and I have instructed my staff to cancel my subscription.”

Read about it...

Palm Beach Post gives some pot shots

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Frank Cerabino condemned the Lake Worth Herald on its editorial of last week that was unsigned. Mark Easton is the President and Publisher and is the one who covers the news in Lake Worth. Cerabino gave all sorts of kudos to the illegal population giving them credit for our job growth in Florida, etc.--typical liberal propaganda, even going so far as to talk about the Chinese in 1886. It's what Frank didn't say about illegal immigration that disturbs me--Illegal is just that--ILLEGAL. There is no excuse under this sun that people should be allowed to break our laws.

The Costs of Illegal Immigration to Floridians found that taxpayers spend:

$3.4 billion a year to educate illegal immigrant children and the U.S. born children of illegal immigrants. $290 million a year on non-reimbursed health care for illegal aliens. $90 million a year to incarcerate criminal illegal aliens. The total represents an annual cost to each of Florida's native-born headed households of $678.

The cost study also determined that the illegal alien population in Florida is now 950,000 persons. This represents 7.3 percent of the national total illegal alien population, and it is the nation's fourth largest concentration of illegal aliens after California, Texas and New York. It is also about 5.2 percent of Florida's overall population. Here in Lake Worth, the illegal immigrant population is vast.

Also, the City of Lake Worth was taken to task by the Palm Beach Post editorial on its recent Panhandling Ordinance even mentioning the mayor's complaint about a panhandler. As I agree with giving credit where it's due, I am with the city on this and approve of the new ordinance that will come up for another vote.

The Freedom of Assembly, Protest and the Press

This is definitely a Blast from the Past. My blog was only about 4 months old when this incident happened.

Everything I wrote then applies today even more so as rights are being squashed and lies are being written with impunity. And I would caution a certain person that he is on thin territory by writing and posting fantastical comments and outrageous personal attacks under the guise of "free" speech.

Click here...

Lake Worth and its lack of Integrity

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Rene Varela said it years ago, "Politics in Lake Worth is a blood sport." So much for this commission and its total lack of integrity. Talk about terrorists!

Yesterday I wrote them regarding Wes Blackman sitting on a city board and asked that he be removed for the lies and venom he spreads on his blog against this blogger in particular. Because he is a representative of the city by his political appointment as chair of the Historic Board, he should be subject to some sort of ethical standard, wouldn't you think? Well, the confidentiality request of my letter was not to be.  Only one commissioner and the city manager even acknowledged they received it from me--Andy Amoroso, who appointed Blackman, and Mike Bornstein. 

It is true that this is public information but no one expects their request of confidentiality to be ignored by the leaders of your own city. You go through the process of a public information request. If you constantly libel someone, slander them, present information that is a lie, hate speech, senior abuse, etc. you can be sued in a civil court.  Free speech is not absolute. And the city is now complicit?

Wes Blackman has no business being on a city board.  Free speech can only, by law, go so far.  You can not make up fantasy and hold it out to the world as truth--call someone a racist or call them anti-Semitic?  As a board member and its chair, he represents the city and all who reside here and therefore there is no place for his hate. 

How do you separate his being a representative of the city and his personal choice to spread disgusting venom? He can certainly have an opinion but his comments go far beyond what is acceptable especially for someone who represents the city. Members of city boards are held to a higher standard. This is more than just a difference of opinion between two bloggers. Should he be reporting the truth, not fantasy and be allowed to maliciously resort to lie after lie for political ends and to gain brownie points from this commission and his handful of haters?

THE LETTER I sent (his entire blog post was included along with the false comments):

Wes Blackman has no place as head of your Historic board.  Please remove him. His blog comments are lies and fantasy—calling me a racist and anti-Semitic for starters.

As an add, I have never been to Century Village in my life.

The first article was written by American Thinker, documented by a link and on incidents happening across the country regarding black on white crime. In his quest to ruin my credibility, he has resorted to HATE speech. This is not in good fun. This is libelous and character assassination. He feels he can intensify his false charges and defame me because of your not following rules of decorum at city commission meetings and allowing my public lynching.

Please REMOVE HIM from that board. Anyone who disagrees with him politically in this city would be subjected to his inner prejudice and could have difficulty appealing their case if they had to appear before him. Free speech is one thing but what appears below is slanderous and libelous and inaccurate fantasy. His comments prove that he has no business being on any city board much less being the Chair of the Historic Preservation board.

This is a friendly notice via e-mail.

This e-mail is confidential and not to be forwarded. Thank you.

Quote of the Day - Obama

“It don’t make no sense… We need to strengthen the middle class for the 21st century. That means we need leaders from the 21st century who actually believe women should get paid the same as men.”

~ President Obama

While in Wisconsin at a rally for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke he made the above statement using double negatives. Is that how they speak out there?  Obama, who is the ideological scion of failed 20th century ideologues, pays female White House staffers less than their male counterparts. That may also explain how Obama fell under the misapprehension that all — or even most — women vote the way they’re told to by men."  Read more... at Personal Liberty.

What I worry about the most in this mid-term election is voter fraud.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

1st Quarter Moon 10-30-14

48% of full

Sunset 10-30-14

Halloween Bike Ride in Lake Worth

Now, who is a coward? It isn't Israel

Now tell me, which one looks like a coward or chicken chit?

“The United States administration is planning to throw Israel under the bus,” Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett said on Tuesday night, responding to harsh words against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu which were attributed to senior officials in the Obama administration.

“Israel is stronger than all those who curse it,” said Bennett, after Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic quoted officials in Washington as having described Netanyahu as “chickens**t”, among other things.

Read more... at the Israel National News.

Halloween Masks

Most polls have these two neck and neck. The latest Quinnipiac poll has Charlie slightly ahead. That's about as scary as these masks.
To download a life-size version of this completely wearable, absolutely frightening Halloween mask, click here!

Moms and Apple Pie aren't what they're cracked up to be - PB County School Board Race

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The School Board race in Palm Beach County is usually innocuous but the race for District 4 just became nasty. Who would think that a non-partisan race for a school board seat would turn into ugly politics with smears and lies from such a sweet looking mom.

I received the Whitfield flyer in the mail. It was produced by Fact Check Florida Electioneering Committee out of Jacksonville (Click here) so that she can distance herself from the attacks on her opponent that charged some of his contributors with no accountability, some anti homosexual agenda (she is attempting to get the large GLBT vote here)  and school vouchers...dirty pool. By stating that she is a Democrat, her campaign is capitalizing on the majority of registered Democrats in Palm Beach County to bring her campaign over the top. Even though Democrats are losing in opinion polls because of trust issues, her flyer states that she is "A Democrat We can Trust" and then proceeds to personally attack her opponent, Tom Sutterfield, because of some contributors.

Ms. Whitfield has received money from the usual suspects in Lake Worth that show up in every campaign, many against the best interests of our city...illegal banners and all. You know who they are without my even mentioning their names. Most of our city commissioners donated and Maxwell gave in the name of his company. They support development at any cost. Even Jeff Clemens has contributed to her campaign along with his PAC. There are land developers, builders, contractors, lawyers, plumbers, and engineering companies along with Associated Builders.

You have to wonder why this race is attracting so much money to Whitfield's campaign. Does the School Board Budget of $2,315,232,281 for 2015 have anything at all to do with it or the possibility of building new schools that might come up for consideration? The person who gets elected will be voting on multi-million dollar construction projects in addition to million dollar R and R projects, so would these contributors have her ear to influence her selection?

Whitfield to date: $50,241,33
Sutterfield to date: $33,166.95.

Why make a non-partisan race partisan? Some people resort to this type of tactic when the race is close or when they are losing and then have a PAC do the dirty work for them. This is not a good example for kids especially when your only credential is being a Mom and you choose to vilify your opponent by attempting to destroy his integrity.

School is all about teaching the Three R's...reading, writing and arithmetic as well as what's right and wrongEven her flyer got the District she is running for wrong.

Who can you trust to get it right?

Tom Sutterfield for District 4.

Halloween Event in Lake Worth

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sunset 10-29-14

Is Art subjective?

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West Palm Beach commissioner Shanon Materio doesn't like the art work that the West Palm Beach Outlet Mall has proposed.

Read about it... and let us know what you think.

Cold war with Russia?

Whitehouse hacked...Read about it at CNN Money and see the video.

In August, Russians hacked into four American banks.  According to Bloomberg, "At least one of the banks has linked the breach to Russian state-sponsored hackers. The FBI is investigating whether the attack could have been in retaliation for U.S.-imposed sanctions on Russia, said the second person, who also asked not to be identified, citing the continuing investigation."  Who cares whether it was retaliation or not?  Prevent it.

Why in the hell, with all of our technology and expertise, the technology field can't come up with a solution to what Russians are considering nothing more than a "moral" crime only.  If the government wants to protect this country and its citizens, it needs to strengthen our defenses and do it now.

In the meantime, advice from CBS Money Watch:
  • Never leave a router on its default password.
  • Never trust free, third-party free WiFi hotspots. Consider using a service to protect your devices and what you transmit. One free service to consider using when you're out and about is Hotspot Shield.
  • If you're using a website to conduct a financial transaction, be sure you see a padlock icon and "https" before the URL. That indicates the site is secure.
  • Be sure you keep your antivirus, browser and operating system updated. If you don't, you run the risk of both getting viruses and having a thief who uses a keylogger track your keystrokes, potentially capturing your passwords.
  • Never click on links in emails, even if it's supposedly from your bank.
  • Use two-step verification for email, social networking and any other account that offers it. That involves typing in a password that gets texted to you for one-time use.
  • Use a password manager to help you create more secure passwords and organize them so you don't have to remember them.

Charlie Crist Released his Tax Returns

Three hours after the Times/Herald posted an item about the commercial, Crist's campaign released his tax returns for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Read more here:

Beheading in Long Island

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Woman beheaded in Long Island.

Read about it...

The Rule of Obama's Law

Obama has ordered the secret construction of FEMA camps all over the country and he’s told his minions to do it as quietly as possible.  These FEMA camp’s may have the appearance of a helpful establishment placed there in preparation for a time of need (i.e. natural disaster), but look a little closer and you may see otherwise.

And then you have to wonder what is really going on with his idea of bringing Ebola patients to this country?


The U.S. thinking about accepting Ebola patients from West Africa for treatment

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You have to wonder at this point, if you haven't considered it before, this administration is just plain freakin crazy. These liberal left-wing do-gooders will end up killing us all.

Yesterday Fox News reported that it had obtained a State Department memo that confirms a report of October 17 from Judicial Watch, saying the same thing. Obama is considering a plan to transfer Ebola patients to the U.S. for treatment.

Shooting in Lake Worth

Palm Beach County Sheriff
10/27/2014 1:06:00 PM

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sunset 10-28-14

Palm Beach Post responds to the Lake Worth Herald Editorial

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The Palm Beach Post comments on Mark Easton's editorial of October 23 in the Lake Worth Herald...which was offensive in more ways than one. I haven't written about it as it was just so shocking and inflammatory.

The part of the editorial that was totally appalling was not so much against Guatemalans as it was against former commissioner Cara Jennings and "company." He suggested that they take up hygiene and culture adaptation. He was offended that anyone would protest the sacred PBSO. He made disgusting snide remarks in general. He made all sorts of assumptions to which he has no knowledge saying that they (Cara Jennings and friends) don't approve of life in a clean, safe society and would prefer communal living and should move out of Lake Worth and leave us all alone. How ridiculous is that? Easton believes they have no right to challenge the PBSO.  Well, why not?  Jack Scarola has.  I am rather certain that he doesn't fit into the "loser" mold of Mr. Easton's.

As far as the Guatemalan Maya Center, I do agree that they should be teaching these immigrants our culture and helping them to assimilate.  Learning English is a requisite to finding a good job.  Actually, obeying the laws in general would be helpful and teaching them how to immigrate legally so that the stigma of being "illegal" can be lifted and we no longer have to be politically correct by calling them "undocumented."

Town Manager Peter Elwell to leave Palm Beach

I guess home is where the heart is.

The town manager of Palm Beach is giving up sand in his shoes and a generous salary of $220,000 a year, for maple syrup. He is taking the town manager job in Brattleboro, Vermont making $95,000 a year, a town where his father was once the city manager. Brattleboro is the oldest town in the state and does not border the Atlantic Ocean.  Ahh, sometimes that quiet life is a treat but then Vermont also has Bernie Sanders.

Read about it...

U.S. responsible for Ebola outbreak?

Here's an article that gives one hell of a charge--that the U.S. is responsible for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. "Dr. Cyril Broderick, A Liberian scientist and a former professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Liberia’s College of Agriculture and Forestry says the West, particularly the U.S. is responsible for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa." The author poses this question--"Is it possible that the United States Department of Defense (DOD) and other Western countries are directly responsible for infecting Africans with the Ebola virus?"

Professor Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois, College of Law questions the Obama administration’s actions in West Africa.

Read this startling article.

Lake Worth Bridge to undergo repairs

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This is just a reminder as I have posted it before. Have had no problems crossing the Lake Worth bridge over the last few days but perhaps this is the day work began?

The City of Lake Worth would like to notify the residents, businesses and visitors of the City that the Lake Worth Bridge (FDOT SR 802 Bridge) as owned and maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation will be undergoing minor repairs and painting.

The work is scheduled to begin on Monday October 27, 2014 and last approximately 180 calendar days (6 months). The bridge will remain open to vehicular, pedestrian and vessel traffic as work progresses. FDOT will be shutting down one bridge span at a time therefore two way traffic will be relocated onto one bridge span making only one lane in each direction. Once the first bridge span is completed, the traffic control route will switch to the other bridge span.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact FDOT's District 4 office at 1-866-336-8435.

For more information on this please feel free to call the Public Service Administration Office at 561-586-1720.

Tom Sutterfield School Board District 4

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Tom Sutterfield is in the run-off election for School Board District 4. This is NOT about who has the best smile or a personality contest even though Tom has both, but it involves a very serious matter--the education of our kids along with being responsible for several billion dollars. Tom Sutterfield has vast experience involved in budgeting and was on the board of the Learning Excellence Foundation where he enabled an increase in pay for teachers.

This year the PB County School Board budget is as follows:
The FY15 all funds totals $2,315,232,281 comprised of the following:
General Fund $1,654,256,842
Special Revenue ‐ Food Service 107,769,081
Special Revenue ‐ Other 110,476,721
Debt Service 303,926,981
Capital Projects 383,335,627
Sub‐Total $2,559,765,252
Less Transfers: (244,532,971)
Total Funds $2,315,232,281

"The School District of Palm Beach County is the twelfth largest school district in the United States, and the largest employer in Palm Beach County with more than than 20,000 employees, which includes nearly 13,000 teachers and more than 7,000 support employees."

He has been endorsed by the Palm Beach Post as the best candidate to fulfill the mission statement. Their mission statement says, The School District of Palm Beach County is committed to providing a world-class education with excellence and equity to empower each student to reach his or her highest potential with the most effective staff to foster the knowledge, skills, and ethics required for responsible citizenship and productive careers.

The Child Sex Trade - A world-wide scourge

Operation Underground Railroad is an organization that rescues kids from sex slavery. It is an organization founded by Tim Ballard to rescue child sex trafficking victims across the world.

Read more... about these child sex trade traffickers.  This is horrendous and child sex trafficking continues to flourish, ruining the lives of two million children world-wide  because of sordid, sick lowlifes of society, the pedophile and men with sex addictions.

Our Lake Worth Beach

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There is a lot of passion for our beach and one conclusion with which we all can agree, we all love our beach park and want it to be the best around, rules not withstanding.  Even those who used to sneak and park in the decal permit parking area are doing so with less frequency...those tickets help. My biggest complaints are 1) the dogs allowed up there. Many folks walk around barefooted and Fido is allowed to do his thing like urinating on the leg of an outside table! 2) The other one is the lack of attention to our foliage and the overall ambiance in the landscaping department.

The clean-up crew does a good job blowing off the sand from the sidewalks every morning and emptying the garbage cans and cleaning up the restrooms. Thirteen million dollars is a big hunk of change and we expect our beach park to be maintained. Some of the visitors are not cooperating and do not discard their garbage into the trash containers. At times we need more trash containers.

Totally overgrown where you can barely walk by and you
can't see the ocean at all.
You definitely can NOT sit on this bench and see the ocean
Photo taken from being seated on bench
All you could see was sky.

The lifeguards are highly conscientious and flags are raised indicating surf conditions. For all of you who might have missed a flag or two when you could not swim--

Monday, October 27, 2014


This article just proves that some people will "sleep" with anyone!

Attorney Steven R. Andrews has filed multiple lawsuits against Rick Scott and lost. Many of the attack ads we now see on television produced by Democrats against Scott are fabrications and lies.

Now the tables have turned and this lawyer has been sued for gross negligence, and having an on-going affair with a client's wife.

Victims of Communism - 20% of the world

We read about the Muslim ISIS barbarians, but we still have twenty percent of the world's population suffering under communist oppression.  And don't kid yourself for a moment--all these supposed anarchists and socialists around here really are communists. "It is imperative that we shine a beacon of freedom in these dark corners of the world, and dark corners of classrooms around America."


Haitians in Lake Worth

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To what city do most of them migrate?
Top 100 Cities with the most Haitians

Lake Worth is number 29. (housing, pop. 35,133): 8.1%. There are good and bad in every group and we have both with minorities being preyed upon.

Many times Haitians are preyed upon by fellow Haitians.  Read this article about a Haitian suburban Lake Worth schemer who defrauded many honest Haitians out of their hard earned money.

Also there is a violent Haitian gang in south Florida...The Zoe Pound gang.  It was linked to the Black Mafia Family in Atlanta and is a rival of MS-13. The Zoes are Florida's largest and most dangerous gang with sets all over the state, and the 5th largest Black gang in the United States with members all over the country.  Zoe Pound operates in Lake Worth.

And now Obama is allowing thousands of Haitians into our country without Visas. PBSO must have its hand full. Its Gang Unit main line is:  561-688-4000.

Belittling and Bullying -

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The scale of civility starts at the top with Christopher McVoy as the most civil.  There has just been too much time observing this commission for this to be a rash judgment on who is the most civil because nothing in my mind has shifted nor has it waned. In fact, our leaders could use a few lessons.

In discussion, a Commissioner may condemn the nature of likely consequences of a proposed measure or initiative in strong terms but must avoid a discussion of personalities, and under no circumstances may he/she attack or belittle, either directly or indirectly, another Commissioner, staff or even the public.

Good sound advice? Absolutely. But this needs to be taken a step further. Our commission was elected to represent the people, ALL of the people, not just some of them. They are there to be respectful of all their constituents even those who disagree with them as well as other elected commissioners. There is no room for bullying in our city.

I continue to observe the belittling of Commissioner McVoy not only in what other commissioners say but what they do and how they handle his commentary on issues with which they disagree. Common courtesy is often times difficult for some--rolling of the eyes, sitting back in the chair, giving a smirk, inattentive or just plain "calling the question."  McVoy can't see this but we can. He chooses to focus on only the issue during his commentary even when they dismiss it out of hand and he always is polite and maintains his composure. Can you even imagine a mayor giving a time limit on a commissioner's comment on a voting issue? This attitude is noticed in the chamber and from those watching on-line. This contemptuous attitude plants a seed in the minds of some people who don't really know the politics. It is a form of bullying and it needs to end.

This commission is unlike any that has preceded before them. They feed and foster a culture of fear and intimidation. This majority wants its own way no matter what. They don't listen half the time to what you say. Hell, they don't even honor the vote of the people. They don't return calls or e-mails, only to their chosen ones, and they encourage their supporters to bully other residents. I used to think that Maxwell was the biggest bully of all but the leader of this commission has far out paced him in sometimes strident intolerance making it now the norm of this "leadership."

The commission needs to remember what Elisa Stewart said, "We must listen to the truth in our opponent and we must acknowledge it....then we must listen; we must listen and listen and listen." In so many words she told them to knock off their arrogance.

We do not operate in a vacuum. Our meetings and our local media coverage are available to a wide audience online. Even Channel 12 is no longer interested in Lake Worth. Strong arming is uncool. Why should the press get its hands tied? It is time for this commission to stop the bullying, get bigger shoulders and regain civility and tolerance towards all. And we, the people, are here to keep you honest.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunset 10-26-14

Today at the Lake Worth beach

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Quote of the Day - Paul Allen

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"Ebola virus is unlike any health crisis we have ever experienced and needs a response unlike anything we have ever seen. To effectively contain this outbreak and prevent it from becoming a global epidemic, we must pool our efforts to raise the funds, coordinate the resources and develop the creative solutions needed to combat this problem. I am committed to doing my part in tackling this crisis.”

~ Paul Allen

Well, just who is Paul Allen? He co-founded Microsoft with Gates in 1975. He is a US billionaire who made the first significant dent to the World Health Organization's request to help fight Ebola. He announced that his foundation would pledge $100 USD million towards fighting Ebola.

ISIS Brutality

They are saying that ISIS does not represent Islam--but ISIS members are Muslim and follow Islam and are followers of Sharia.  Right now the estimation is 31,500 Jihadist ISIS barbarians and growing daily..

Minto West

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What a damn shame.

Thank you to Jess Santamaria and Paulette Burdick who stepped up against development of Minto West.  Large crowds are expected Wednesday at 9:30 am when the county commission considers land-use and zoning changes at a public hearing before its final vote.  This is what elected officials do best--they call it progress; residents call it destruction of their quality of life.

People who moved to that area settled there for peace and quiet. Now it will get 6 square miles of concrete, widened roads, offices, 4,500 homes, townhouses, condos, shopping centers and congestion in an area that will be larger than the City of Lake Worth. Gone will be the trails and natural environments.

If you want to attend, the address is Sixth floor, Palm Beach County Governmental Center, 301 N. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach. The government center will provide areas with TV screens on first, sixth and seventh floors for the overflow crowd..

In Memory of Lance Cpl Sean P. Neal

In Honor Of Marine Lance Cpl Sean P. Neal ~

Lance Corporal Sean P. Neal, 19, of Riverside, California, died Oct. 23, in Baghdad, Iraq, from a non-combat related incident. He was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force - Crisis Response - Central Command, whose headquarters element deploys from Camp Pendleton, California. The incident is under investigation.

He enlisted in the Marines on July 22, 2013, and achieved his current rank on September first of this year. Neal was supporting Operation Inherent Resolve, which refers to the U.S. military campaign against the Islamic State in the Middle East.

Source: Department of Defense

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sunset 10-25-14

Ibis hanging out at Lakeside Point Gardens

Lantana mayor might shave off beard

This IS a BIG deal folks!!  Lantana Mayor Dave Stewart says, "If you raise $20,000 to Forgotten Soldiers Outreach by November 9, I will shave off my hair and beard."

Read about it...

Boca Raton

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At last night's football game, there was discussion on how to pronounce Boca RATON.  Just like it spells...raton--sort of like Baton...Rat-on..or Ra-tone.  Here is a cute video clip.Those from that city go "nuts" when people mispronounce their city's name.

Friday Night Lights

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Although it looked like it would be bad weather all evening, we did have this glorious sky right before the game with West Boca Raton.

Former principal, Dave Cantley

Last night was Alumni Night and the school had a special treat for us in the school's cafeteria: plenty of Bud's Chicken, cole slaw (which was fabulous), hush puppies and a dessert to die for made by the kids in home economics. All these kids are so polite to all of us Senior folks. 

The Lake Worth Trojans football team won Friday's home conference game against West Boca Raton by a score of 28-7

Mascot Trojans Team Varsity 14-15 Colors Maroon, Silver, White Coach Jessie Hester Address, Overall 5-4 District 3-3, National Rank 4047, State (FL) Rank 218
Read about the game

Quote of the Day - Allen West

Some time ago, President B. Hussein Obama delivered his ISIS strategy — he was adamant about not having American combat troops as part of any operation. Obama stated that the solution would be to utilize the Syrian Free Army — a group he once referred to as “fantasy” and just a bunch of “doctors, farmers, and pharmacists.”

But now there are reports that the Syrian opposition force to be recruited by the U.S. military and its coalition partners will be trained to defend territory, rather than to seize it back from the Islamic State. I read that as “whatever ISIS takes, ISIS keeps.” Am I missing something here? But it sure sounds like the Obama administration is giving ISIS a green light. Steadfast and Loyal

Allen West

Friday, October 24, 2014

Not All Aboard Rally at Lantana Inlet

Rally at The Inlet on 10/25!
 Please attend!
Florida NOT All Aboard

Congressman Patrick E. Murphy will kick off our rally at 10:00 a.m.! The Inlet will have food and drinks! Please come out and show your support so that Washington DC and Tallahassee hear us loud and clear. NO to All Aboard Florida. Go west or do not come at all!

Click here

Muslim Day Parade in New York

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This should NOT be allowed!

Paul Spain running against Lois Frankel

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Paul Spain is running against Lois Frankel in District 22. Lois is the incumbent and a Democrat. Lois favors higher taxes on the wealthy; opposes absolute right to own guns. And you can't forget when she was mayor of West Palm Beach and did not honor the vote of the people on her government center. God, it's hard to accept people like that and we have a few with the exact same mindset sitting on the dais right here in Lake Worth.

According to the website GovTrack, Frankel missed 34 of 1,081 roll call votes from January 2013 to July 2014. This amounts to 3.1 percent, which is worse than the median of 2.5 percent among current congressional representatives as of July 2014.

As Lois Frankel rates a D grade by Numbers USA on immigration, I wrote Paul Spain this morning asking him about his stand on immigration, legal and is his response:


On Immigration...I am for adhering to the law...Democrats are not! I am for closing our Borders, counting the illegals that are here, then having a legitimate discussion regarding Visa's, Work Permits, and whether any should be eligible for citizenship (after Formal Application).

Then the people of this country should Vote to determine the status of Immigrants. That's what the Constitution says under States and that is what we should follow. We count everything else in this nation and a Political Party should not override that reality.

I would appreciate your Vote

Warmest regards, Paul Spain

Clay Gallery in Lake Worth receives $51,000 grant

On Tuesday night, during public speaking at the city commission meeting, Joyce Brown announced that Clay Glass was just awarded a grant of $51,000 by the Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin Counties.  They had been working towards opening their studio at 216 South F Street.

Joyce says, "This will pay for scholarships for ten senior citizen low-income artists.  They will have full studio access, supplies, tools and firings in kilns.  They will also have space in the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery.  It is hoped that at the end of one year, they will create and sell enough work to pay their future fees as well as increase their income."

Joyce also has been working on a large grant for a collaboration with the high school students in the Art Department at Lake Worth High School.  If they get that grant, they will teach these students skills, that will allow them to create a living for them and their families through the arts.

Assault on Lake Avenue

Palm Beach County Sheriff
10/23/2014 2:28:00 PM

Vote NO on FL Amendment 2 - the Pot amendment

Sad news for all those pot smoking lovers.

Read about the medical marijuana Florida Amendment 2 that is starting to go south. The recent poll also showed that 74 percent of the 25-to-34 age bracket were in favor and 56 percent of voters 60 or older were opposed.

Read about it... at the Tampa Bay Times.

Homeless man killed in Lake Worth

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Police are searching for clues to the killing of homeless man, Donald Fisk, whose body was found in the 1400 block of Lucerne Avenue.

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Early voting numbers

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Bliss amiss?

Lake Worth Lesbian who married in Vermont wants the Florida court to grant her a divorce from her partner who cheated on her. Florida law forbids recognizing the Vermont civil union, and therefore won't permit a divorce.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

New York doctor with Ebola symptoms

Ebola is not just in Dallas.  Now a New York City doctor has been rushed to the hospital because of Ebola symptoms. He was just in Guinea...was he screened when he returned? There are so many crises going on in the world and it seems that we are a depository for a lot of it.

Per The New York Times, more than 400 health care workers in West Africa have been infected with Ebola during the current outbreak and 233 had died as of Oct. 8. The W.H.O. said that the high rates of infection among medical workers could be attributed to shortages or improper use of protective equipment; not enough medical personnel; and long working hours in isolation wards.

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Stumping for Scott

Rigged and Stuffed

Read this... about massive, rampant Democrat voter fraud.

Charlie Crist jeopardizing jobs

At Tuesday night's debate, which was televised nationally, Crist's comment on raising the minimum wage was made in support of a policy that could cost the state 50,000 jobs, according to The Miami Herald.

Racial discrimination protest in Lake Worth

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Palm Beach Post photo
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We read about police brutality every day on social media but I am surprised that we would have it in Lake Worth. But when a complaint is filed with the top cop in the nation, Eric Holder, a guy who takes a discrimination charge very seriously because he believes that minorities are still discriminated against, this city is under the microscope.

West Palm Beach defense attorney, Jack Scarola, who used to be a prosecutor had asked the Attorney General, Eric Holder, to investigate the PBSO for what he says is a militaristic approach to its duties and racial prejudice towards minorities. Scarola is  particularly upset about the PBSO's alleged abuse of the Guatemalan community which represents 13% of  Lake Worth's population.

The biggest part of the problem with our illegal...oops, immigrant population is that many of them do not speak English. They need to learn English and obey our laws and when a deputy gives an order, jump.

Lucerne property destined for the wrecking ball?

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Is this the property?

This IS the property

At a recent magistrate meeting regarding code enforcement, it was decided that the City of Lake Worth is moving to foreclose on the property at 1320 Lucerne Avenue as it is an unsafe structure. There is also a lien of $18,364.50 on the property that has reportedly been unpaid.  The owner can obtain the proper permits and fix up the building, secure or demolish it and possibly get the fine reduced to 10% of the total or it will eventually be foreclosed upon and demolished by the City.  Each demolition costs the City around $15,000+ per property.

The property is owned by Greg Rice, Vice Chair of Lake Worth's Planning & Zoning Board.

Obama, OMG

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What is more toxic?  Obama or Ebola? The Congo has had its own outbreak of Ebola that started in July and has claimed the lives of 49 people.  And guess what?  Obama is allowing the Congolese to migrate here. A report from the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration shows 944 refugees were admitted from the Congo in July; 628 in August and 338 in September, for a total of 1,910 Congolese refugees.

Last week, The Daily Signal reported that the U.S. was still providing visas from the three West African countries at the heart of the outbreak.

Is our migration policy to take in every starving and sick poor person in the southern hemisphere?  What will this do for our country?

 Read more... at WND.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sunset 10-22-14

Crime on Ocean Breeze

Palm Beach County Sheriff
10/21/2014 6:03:00 PM

Lake Worth bridge jumper's body found

Click on the Palm Beach Post Update on man who jumped over the Lake Worth bridge. His body was recovered on Monday but authorities are not giving details or his name until family is notified. 

After hearing from the property owner where the body was found, he said, "He was discovered floating in the Intracoastal Waterway behind our property.  We are on the point of the Intracoastal and Palm Beach Canal.  The police received a report from a pest control man working next door who witnessed the body floating.  At approximately 9:00 a.m., the West Palm Beach Sheriff’s office retrieved him by boat and brought him to my dock where they removed him from the water, examined him by a forensic team, and had the coroner’s office take him away."

Some Highlights from last night's Lake Worth City Commission meeting

It was raining so hard last night that I missed attending this meeting, one of the few in recent memory.  Instead, I watched on-line.  You always miss things when you stay at home. Some Highlights of last night's meeting:

Given by Elisa Stewart of the Religious Society of Friends...not a prayer but a short speech giving a message to the dais and to the people to listen to the opposition.  "We must get out of our safe forums and our seminars...sit down face to face with our opposition...We must listen to the truth in our opponent and we must acknowledge it....then we must listen; we must listen and listen and listen."

I thought this an excellent message and one that is very necessary at the moment.  This is two invocations in a row that had powerful messages. However, the mayor lashed out at Christopher McVoy for not appointing a board member quickly enough and John Szerdi wanted the question called on Ordinance 2014-32 on LDR's as McVoy was giving his opinion that did not coincide with his. Elisa Stewart's profound message was short-lived.

The roll-back  millage rate was corrected from $5.0197 mils per $1,000 of assessed valuation to 5.0731 which is 8.307% more.

Sam Goodstein was re-appointed to the Library Board by commissioner Amoroso--a very good thing. Also, Amoroso appointed Jason Robinson to the Finance Advisory Board.


Germaine English, Human Resource Director, is re-organizing her department and has requested adding one new employee to her department, an assistant human resource director. The creation of the Assistant Human Resource Director will provide various functions currently not or under addressed within the Department. This change is within the current budgeted amounts and will not exceed the current departmental budget. 5/0 vote.

Code Enforcement Compliance Program was discussed in length (nearly 2 hours). About 14% of the properties are either abandoned or in foreclosure.  The city has 1,700 code cases with seven code officers.  They are close to being over-whelmed.  The Code Department's objectives and goals are (a) being efficient (b) being effective (c) being expeditious and (d) equitable.  The Code Compliance Division through the Community Sustainability Department undertook an exhaustive study of the City's current codes and initiated a series of changes including more than 40 ordinance changes. New or revamped programs include Nuisance Abatement, Chronic Nuisance and Vacant Property Registration.  This is to let people know the process. There is nothing in Florida law that will make people take care of their property but the city can eventually seize non-homesteaded property.  The city is divided into 7 zones and each code officer is assigned to one zone to work. 5/0 vote.

The property owner of 2269 2nd Avenue North wants to voluntarily annex a 2.301 acre parcel of land. The request for annexation falls within the scope of a small-scale comprehensive plan amendment. The City’s Industrial (I) Future Land Use designation is compatible with the County’s existing Land Use designation of Industrial (IND). The City’s Industrial – Park of Commerce (I-POC) zoning category is the appropriate zoning category to implement the proposed underlying Land Use category of Industrial. 5/0 vote

In 2013, the City Commission adopted Ordinance No. 2013-21 which created a new board appointment process to allow vacancies and appointments to be filled on an as needed basis throughout the year. The former process only allowed for appointments to be made during the month of June. Since that time, staff has had an opportunity to monitor the process and is suggesting the proposed ordinance be adopted. This Ordinance clarifies the appointment order hierarchy for elected officials, establishes a time-frame to appoint members within 30 days of notice from the City Clerk or her designee, and adds a provision to allow other elected officials to make appointments (if an elected official fails to timely appoint). McVoy stated for the record that he was against the current process and that it lacked transparency.  Szerdi said it was as transparent as you wanted it to be.  Motion passed on a 4/1 vote. I agree with Commissioner McVoy and Loretta Sharpe...go back to the old appointment process where everything was out in the open with the public invited to observe and all commissioners got to weigh in on the appointments.

Ordinance 2014-34--This ordinance provides for a definition of panhandling and specifies the locations where panhandling is prohibited, which are primarily places where a person cannot readily escape from the unwanted solicitation, such as sidewalk cafes, ATMs, entrances/exits to buildings and parking areas. The ordinance also provides a definition of aggressive panhandling, which is primarily soliciting money in a threatening manner or after a negative response to an initial act of solicitation. This type of panhandling is banned throughout the city. If it is non-aggressive, panhandlers have first amendment rights per the city attorney.  Commissioner Amoroso admits that panhandlers have become very aggressive and asks about the penalties and what PBSO will be able to do. They will able to issue a notice to appear, fine of $500 or possible jail time of 60 days.  5/0 vote.  Several business owners spoke out about this deplorable situation. As far as I am concerned, any stranger who approaches me is "aggressive" by the very nature of his actions. They may have rights, as commissioner Amoroso stated, but I don't believe they have rights to hassle me for money or be in my face.

ISIS evil spawned in Saudi Arabia

Truth is, not much has changed in Saudi Arabia when it comes to their barbaric ways for the past half century. And if you think about it, not much has changed since the Prophet Muhammad, a man who had close relationships with young boys half a millennium ago. The big differences are the result of the discovery of massive oil reserves, which has created incredible riches. And all of that took off when the United States made a deal with the Saudi devils in 1945.

Read this interesting article... from Personal liberty on our sick relationship with the Saudis (who are as evil as ISIS).

On November 12, 2013 the IEA announced that The U.S. will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer by 2015, and be close to energy self-sufficiency in the next two decades, amid from shale formations. Read the article... at Bloomberg News. It's the politics that get you down.

Monica and Bill

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Let's face it.  Men are predators when it comes to women.  I don't know too many attractive women who have not been seduced by their boss (not that they succumb mind you) and this boss happened to be good looking and the president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world for gosh sakes. She was young; she fell in love.  Many of us were "in love" with Bill Clinton and fell in love with him from afar.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

President Obama Overreach

Friday, the Obama administration announced a new program (Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program) that will expedite the “family reunification” of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents who have family members in Haiti by allowing such immigrants whose family-based visa petitions have already been approved come to the U.S. two years early as well as protected status for people from Honduras and Nicarauga.

Read about Obama's irresponsible executive overreach by...Clicking here...

PB County Commission votes to give away $108 million in bed tax

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Baseball is that important to the County. On a 5/2 vote, with Abrams and Santamaria dissenting, the Palm Beach County Commission voted to give the Astros and Nationals $108 million plus soft costs of $5 million. They are now looking for another site in Palm Beach County.

What more can Shelley Vana do before she's term limited?

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Lake Worth's New Strategy

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Let's inform the people of what we want them to know--

Last night the city set out on a new course of action to inform the residents of the economic state of our city by presenting our financial picture to the Bryant Park Neighborhood Association. Michael Bornstein was invited to have a presentation and was asked to invite some of the commissioners to attend.  On several occasions in the past, Scott Maxwell has told us that the city had 30 plus meetings on the Lake Worth 2020 roads improvement plan of which few of us were aware. This time the City wants to change its strategy and "get it right."  Mr. Bornstein and Commissioner Amoroso had an interesting and informative meeting especially for all of those residents who are not familiar with our budget--how we make our money and how we spend it all.

City Manager, Mike Bornstein, led the Power Point presentation on the budget pointing out that we take more money ($9,138,387 or 30%) from our enterprise funds (electric, water and sewer) than we receive in ad-valorem taxes, ($6,315,694 or 21%) to operate our city.  Enterprise revenue funds more than supplement our budget and without them we would cease to exist. On the one hand, this commission is continuing its electric rate reduction to bring our rate into parity with FPL in order to eventually appease businesses, now within a 6.7% difference in residential rates (commercial rates are no longer the highest in the State), which means even less money for operations. Then the city tells us that the only way it can operate is to transfer funds from that Utility. Water is up 5% and sewer rates by 8%. Commissioner Amoroso said that he was never for selling our electric utility, an option that was recently panned by the Electric Utility Advisory Board.

Out of the $30.324 million 2015 operating budget, the city projects that personnel services will take 41%, up one percent from last year even though the city has eliminated one position.  Out of the total $30 mil operating budget, there is $20,914,270 in non-controllable costs or $68.97%. It was also mentioned that we have a shortage of personnel in some departments.

Answering a question on street maintenance, it was stated that we have $500,000 in the budget with $300,000 of that going towards street lights. According to the 2015 budget, Street Maintenance Actuals have been as follows:

FY 2009-2010: $1,027,719
FY 2010-2011: $ 850,688
FY 2011-2012: $ 523,186
FY 2012-2013: $ 550,145
FY 2013-2014: $ 511,016

So, the street maintenance budget has has gone down during this administration. Where has the difference been applied? Can you even imagine passing a budget by a 9.7% increase and not allotting more for road repairs particularly as the Commission just tried to grab $63.5  million in a general obligation bond for that very thing? Only McVoy and Amoroso voted Nay on the new budget.

Commissioners Scott Maxwell and John Szerdi were also present last night. Mr. Szerdi twice asked the attendees, "What do you think the city should do to finance fixing our roads?" And this is the new strategy for the city...let the folks know that we have very little left over after paying all the uncontrollable costs such as police protection, employee salaries, benefits and retirement. What then do we do to fix the potholes?