Monday, May 31, 2010

What have we learned in 2,065 years?

This was sent by a reader--Food for Thought

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."
Cicero - 55 BC

Memorial Day Service at Pinecrest Cemetery

From the advancement of colors, the Court of Flags, Lee Greenwoods' Proud to be an American, the playing of Taps to the final retiring of colors, it was an emotional service presented by Vogel-Lee Post 47, American Legion & Auxiliary and the Boy Scouts, Troop 24.

All the City Commission was there and Mayor Varela gave a profound speech.

Memorial Day, A Day to say Thanks

This Memorial Day, we pause to thank our military, who defend our great country. I’ll be remembering my father, a career Navy pilot, away at sea for long stretches of my childhood. Our men and women in uniform, and their families, make great sacrifices for the rest of us. Thanks to them, our democracy has survived for two centuries and we have real freedom and the power of a vote that matters. Thanks to them, the United States is still “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Thomas Jefferson described the foundation of our country’s political system when he said: “The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object is to keep that right…Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention.”

You may be surprised that some of Florida’s most powerful players are spending millions of dollars trying to deny we the people our right to vote. They don’t want us to have the right to vote on a certain local decisions that often determine the fate of our communities for generations to come. It boils down to this: They don’t want us to have the right to vote on whether our community’s overall plan for growth should be changed to accommodate even more development.

The very people who crashed Florida’s economy with speculation, flipping and over-building have spent $6 million to try to defeat Florida Hometown Democracy, on the ballot this November as Amendment 4. They’ve raised $1.4 million January alone. Our opponents have hired high-priced spinners to spread lies and scare you into voting against Amendment 4. Why are the Big Money players and the politicians who serve them so scared of voters?

Florida Hometown Democracy’s Amendment 4 is a grassroots, nonpartisan citizen’s petition drive that will simply give ordinary Floridians the chance to vote when a local commission wants to change their community’s overall land-use plan (called a comprehensive plan.). When a real estate speculator doesn’t want to play by the rules and insists on changing the plan, and the local officials roll over and approve the requested change (like they seemingly always do), voters will have the final say over whether the change should happen. New construction that goes where it’s already designated in the plan requires no vote. That’s it.

The citizen’s vote isn’t some new substitute for the regular approval process we have in Florida now, it’s just an add-on at the end. Here’s how it works: Under Amendment 4, local city or county commissions will, study, hold public hearings, and vote on proposed changes to the comprehensive land-use plan just like they do now. If they give someone the go-ahead to build outside the plan, voters will get the chance to veto or approve their decision on the next regularly scheduled election day.

Citizens deserve a seat at the table. We’re the ones who pay our tax dollars to extend the police, fire, water, sewer, schools and roads to these new developments. Is a new development worth it? We should get a vote before we’re forced to pay?

As we know all too well, the big money funnels campaign cash to politicians to rubber stamp whatever they want. Do you really want to continue to allow politicians to have absolute control over our communities? All you need to do is check your tax bill and get into your car and drive around Florida for your answer. The evidence of the politicians’ gross mismanagement of Florida is there for all to see. Voters need a seat at the table. Amendment 4 will give us common-sense oversight on this “pay-to-play” politics.

Voter control is the only way to change the status quo. If you believe in the power of your vote, please join our nonpartisan, grassroots citizen’s movement to pass Amendment 4 on Election Day, Nov. 2. You can learn more at Florida Hometown Democracy We need to stand up together for our democratic way of life, our votes, and honor those who sacrificed to protect it.

Lesley Blackner

Vote YES 4 Hometown Democracy!

Allen West Speaks - We are LIONS

Lt. Col. Allen West spoke to the South Florida 912 group on 5.27.2010 reiterating ‘principles over politics’, and empowering the American people instead of enslaving them.

West Palm Beach gets fooled too

West Palm OK's untested bid for $3 million grant

Well, we now have a sister city falling for the same old con game with us. We are not alone. Perhaps the next time a flim flam man comes to Lake Worth, we should call the PB Post to do an investigation first.

Simply pathetic. We all fall for the line. Is every Commissioner everywhere this naive?

Refer back to The Green Trojan Horse

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mexican Prison Warden Dismembered

16 cartel gunmen, 2 Mexican soldiers dead in
bloody Acapulco hostage fight last year

Even the good guys in Mexico are losing.

Mexican prison warden dismembered

And all these criminals want to cross our borders. We don't want their problems here in the United States. Mexico is under siege by the drug cartels and we continue to support a corrupt government that has lost control. Calerdon wants to blame their problem on us.

According to Wikipedia--"Mexico, a major drug producing and transit country, is the main foreign supplier of cannabis and a major supplier of methamphetamine to the United States. Although Mexico accounts for only a small share of worldwide heroin production, it supplies a large share of the heroin distributed in the United States. Drug cartels in Mexico control approximately 70% of the foreign narcotics that flow into the United States."

The Merida Initiative is a partnership among the governments of the United States, Mexico, and the countries of Central America to confront the violent transnational gangs and organized crime syndicates that plague the entire region. This law was passed two years ago with approximately $1.4 billion and they have given Mexico $400 million so that they would work on issues of security, crime and drugs. Mexico claims that most of the problem in drug trafficking is directly attributed to the U.S. consumer who spends $12 to $15 billion a year just in cash alone to keep this violent criminal activity alive in Mexico.

Mexican drug cartels have increased their co-operation with U.S. street and prison gangs to expand their distribution networks within the U.S.

Unfortunately, no wall is tall enough to keep them out. Our gun laws are too lenient and a big part of the problem according to President Calderon. It seems that he is blaming all the wrong people for all the crime and corruption and murder in his country. And of course, he wants us to pay and pay and pay.

It is all about "will." If our government doesn't have it, then we citizens must be insistent that they do.

On Tuesday, Commissioner Golden has brought forth a resolution against Arizona's 1070 on illegal immigration. We need to make a stand today to defend the laws of the United States as well as all other sovereign States.

You too could get the Avian flu

Right now, the spread of the bird flu to humans has been rare, occurring mainly among Asian poultry workers. And even more rare is the spread of bird flu from human to human.

If you have any of the following, don't over-react. Take an Aspirin or call your Doc...and he'll tell you to take an Aspirin.

•sore throat
•muscle aches
•eye infections
•severe respiratory distress

Memorial Day

Lake Worth War Heroes

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Army Pfc. Brandon Robert Sapp, 21, died August 15, 2004
Army Spec. David Joseph Brangman, 20, died February 13, 2005

Vietnam War
Thomas Edward Sheppard
Walter Edward Ii Gierman, (Bucky) b. September 18, 1947 d. April 16, 1969**
**Killed in Action. Hostile. Vietnem**. (Marines)
Raymond Patrick Reilly, b. October 29, 1949 d. August 29, 1968**
Arlen Jackson Jr Duckett,b. Oct. 13, 1946 d. Feb. 23, 1966**
**non-hostile-died other. Vietmam** (Marines)
Ismael Solis
Don Lee Unger
Clarence L. Jones, SP4. b. June 6, 1942 d. April 6, 1965**
** Hostile action Vietnam** (Army)
William Campbell, PFC b. January 26, 1948 d. September 25, 1968**
**vehicle crash in Vietnam, body recovered** (Army)
Rudolf A. Schrader, Sgt. b. July 14, 1943 d. January 23, 1968**
**Killed Hostile actions Vietnam** (Army)
Robert W. Bowe, Sgt. b. November 11, 1946 d. May 3, 1969**
**Hostile actions. Vietnam** (Marines)

Palm Beach County World War II

Come to the USA

Illegals protesting Arizona Law - How ridiculous is that?

Only In America

It is estimated that we could have 40,000,000 illegal immigrants in our country--people who just stick our law right in our face. And they protest that they don't like that we want them to follow U.S. law.

Now these people organized a country-wide protest against Arizona law transporting them into Tempe for a massive demonstration against the citizens of this country.

"Obama, listen, we are in the fight," they chanted in Spanish. A handful of protesters also carried a massive banner that read: "Where's the change? Mr. President how can we trust you for re-election?" Thousands March to Protest

The question really is, How can we trust the government to enforce its own laws when those making the laws are politicians? Why do these politicians keep listening to the ILLEGAL and not the citizens of this country who are living within the law and paying the bill?

Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, "Improper Entry by Alien," any citizen of any country other than the United States who:
  • Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or
  • Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or
  • Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact;
  • has committed a federal crime.
Violations are punishable by criminal fines and imprisonment for up to six months. Repeat offenses can bring up to two years in prison. Additional civil fines may be imposed at the discretion of immigration judges, but civil fines do not negate the criminal sanctions or nature of the offense.

On this Memorial Day weekend, we need our government to reflect on why our brave Americans fought and died for this country. Was it to be invaded by criminals as our elected officials sit there and do nothing but clap for Calderon?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gunman fires into crowd on S G Street Lake Worth

Shooting in Lake Worth

Victim identified

Does the Sheriff have the shooter(s) yet?

Blue Martini Salutes our Soldiers


In conjunction with Memorial Day, Blue Martini will be hosting the 2nd Annual “Blue Martini Salutes our Soldiers” Fundraiser on Sun, May 30, starting at 5:00PM.


All proceeds to benefit Forgotten Soldiers Outreach Inc. with their mission in sending monthly “we care” packages to our troops serving overseas. We are raising funds & raising our glasses for our troops at three South Florida locations!

550 S Rosemary Ave
Admission: $10 of items for our troops & receive a free drink.
Items:socks, books, beef jerky, baby wipes, etc

For further info, contact Tara Laxer, Chair of Blue Martini Fundraiser for FSO,
561-289-6031 or

History of Memorial Day

Gulfstream Current - Hurricane Season

Gulfstream Current around Mexico, Florida and Cuba

Researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Mississippi have crunched some numbers and warn that passing hurricanes (the season begins on June1), and the NOAA prediction of May 27th that it will be “active to extremely active”, could snap undersea oil pipelines in ways never before estimated, according to ABC News.

Sun Recycling

Sun Recycling says it's a good neighbor and that residents and activists' charges "lacked foundation."

All we know is, we will no longer have them doing business with our City, unfounded charges or not.

Florida Hometown Democracy - "Yes" is the right vote for Florida

Comment Up
"When a developer makes an offer that, if accepted, would violate the word of elected officials and the will of voters, the developer has to show that the offer would serve a greater public purpose. The idea is to present something that sounds so beneficial that those elected officials can't refuse, even if it breaks a promise sealed with the public's money," so says the editorial in today's Palm Beach Post.

This is exactly what we have been saying for years and exactly the reason why we so desperately need Amendment 4. Bad decisions for our State have been made from the Dais and it is time that changes.

The Post seems to be "getting it" and we are still waiting for them to endorse Florida Hometown Democracy in spite of their advertising dollars they make from developers, Realtors and members of the Chamber of Commerce.

Give the people a voice. Vote YES on Amendment 4 this November.

Publix , the TERMINATOR

Comment Up
Publix: Where Shopping Is a Pleasure unless you're a Sparrow

This Terminator story is not science fiction and all the characters are real--a giant corporation versus a helpless little Sparrow.

I have a soft spot for animals and birds and wouldn't kill a fly. Most of us are caring and want to protect our living creatures. Everything we do is vitally important no matter how minuscule we might think it to opening a window to shoo the bug out instead of swatting it. In the grand scheme of things our seemingly small actions add up to a lot. I am always showing my bird photos on this blog. Their habitats are threatened today and it is our responsibility to protect them in anyway that we can.

Over last weekend, what was described as a little house sparrow weighing about ¾ of an ounce flew into the Publix on W. Lantana Road. On Monday it was gone. Originally it was reported to me that there were two birds. Naturally I was curious…how did this giant, wealthy corporation, Publix, take care of (get rid of) this little tiny sparrow that had lost its way? I called the store manager, Thomas Zemaitis, and asked what happened. He knew "nothing about it" as he had just returned to work after having been off for a week. Once I asked for an official statement, he said that he would get back to me the next day.

On Tuesday, I got a call from Leslie Spencer, Director of Consumer Relations at Publix’s corporate offices in Lakeland. She told me that the bird was definitely not a Mockingbird (does it make a difference?) but a Sparrow and Publix had only received two concerned calls regarding the bird. (I guess the lack of calls made it insignificant). She said that the store has now put up deterrents so that hopefully little birds will no longer fly into the store. They recently installed kites with streamers near the center entrance and above the doors. They “fixed” a sign where birds were chirping and hanging out. I asked her what happened to the bird that flew into her store and she stated that the bird was TERMINATED.

Ms. Spencer talked about Avian flu and other diseases that humans can contract from birds and why it was so important to rid the store of this sparrow. Ways to keep Birds at Bay

The most expedient thing for Publix to do was to kill the bird. Anything else was going to be too big of a hassle I guess. When asked how it was terminated, she said she didn’t know. The store management apparently did not call anyone to help capture this little bird. Publix has no policy on this and Ms. Spencer indicated that each of its stores are different.

Although this bird was first introduced to North America in 1852 and is one of the most abundant birds in North American, Cynthina Plockelman, first vice president of the Audubon Society of the Everglades described the sparrow as an “exotic pest.” She indicated that lots of the stores have these little birds and normally they are just left alone. "You just shoo them out," she said.

Ms. Plockelman had no suggestions as to what a store should do if a bird flies in and when their ceilings are high. She suggested that I visit the Audubon Web Site. I took her advice but it gave no information as to whom to call or what to do in such a circumstance.

The bird was frantic and chirping a lot, just looking for a caring hand.

It was stressed and looking for a way out of its situation.

Those shoppers that noticed the bird(s) gone were concerned.

It is our responsibility to remember that the interests of creatures must always comes first...wildlife, its environment, and the rights of living things. In any conflict of interest between birds, the welfare of the birds and their environment is a priority. Afterall, we are the ones who have infringed upon them.

Publix was NOT a pleasure that day at least for that little bird; Publix forgot that the life of this little bird is important and their responsibility to protect it was cast aside for the easy solution.

If you're shopping at Publix on W. Lantana Road today, ask about the little Sparrow.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Night's Moon

Unfortunately, I was unprepared for this Orange Moon and did not have the correct lens. I have never seen an orange moon before and it was most spectacular. Taken in North Palm Beach.

Stopped at the ocean in Palm Beach to look at the moon on the Atlantic. These are the times when you wish you had all the "right stuff" to get the photo.

You're "no" Sheep; You are Lions - Col. Allen West

We are Lions

Last night I went to my very first meeting which was held in Palm Beach Gardens. The room was filled to capacity. The main speaker was Col. Allen West. If you have never had the opportunity to hear him speak, you need to. And as he says, "I'm your guy."

As he was being introduced, some sort of a biblical statement was made that we were all sheep. I turned to Col. West who was standing next to me and said, “I’m no sheep.” As soon as he began his speech he said, “You are not sheep, you are Lions.”

He wants us to return to our roots as a people and as a nation, saying it’s all about character, not about color and the greatest days are ahead of us on November 2, 2010. “Get dog fighting mad,” he said.

I am. Aren’t you?

What Col. West says on illegal immigration

Cap and Trade the Democrats and send Calderon packing

They say that life comes full circle.

I became a Democrat right after Richard Nixon became President in 1969. After what our Congress did a week ago directly after Calderon’s speech and looking at Nancy Pelosi’s botox smile and Joe Biden’s grinning face, (elected officials who never had read the Arizona Law) that is just about to end for me. I will be hard pressed to vote for ANY Democrat.

This clapping and agreeing with Calderon’s lecturing and bashing American citizens on Arizona’s Immigration Law, was disgusting and borders on treason as far as I am concerned. He got a standing ovation for gosh sakes. When have you ever seen our government agreeing with a President of a foreign country whose citizens break our law on a daily basis and agree with him over one of our sovereign States in this Union? When? Was it back during the Civil War? And when do you have a majority Party saying that it is perfectly fine that Mexico break our laws and then have the nerve to throw Arizona's Law up in our faces?

This is a most outrageous action. Republicans were few in the Chamber. They were the ONLY ones that had the good sense to stay away as it was highly inappropriate for Calderon to say what he said. The worst was the Democrats agreeing with his blistering comments while over $30 billion dollars has been wired back to Mexico over the last 4 years from illegals in this country not to mention over 422 thousand illegals incarcerated for serious crimes, costing us over $25 billion of American tax dollars.

Click HERE for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, unlike the Southern Poverty Law Center. This group of lawyers is only interested in enforcing the law.

Something is really wrong with this picture. If you don’t think this country is in trouble and you don’t vote all these people out of office, heaven help ya. What we need to do is erect a border fence around Washington, D.C. and cap and trade all of these left winged idiots running this country. And let's wipe that smile off of Pelosi's face.

Google Desert Invasion and read about it.

See the Arizona Diablo Mountain and what the Illegals have done to it. If this doesn't make you wake up, nothing will.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Col. Allen West to Speak Tonight in Palm Beach Gardens

This evening we will be off to hear Col. Allen West, candidate of the Republican Party for Congress, Florida District 22.

He is appearing at the Hilton Garden Inn
3505 Kyoto Gardens Dr.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Finance Advisory Board Ordinance

The Ordinance establishing the Finance Advisory Board

Financial Advisory Board Member, Bill Thrasher, offers suggestions

As mentioned earlier, FAB member, Bill Thrasher, brought up ideas, changes and suggestions for the City of Lake Worth to get out of this financial hole. One is Rural/Metro which is a corporation located in Scottsdale, Arizona that has been in business since 1951.

Their web site states--Rural/Metro Corporation is a leading provider of emergency and non-emergency medical transportation services, fire protection and other safety-related services to municipal, residential, commercial and industrial customers in approximately 400 communities throughout the United States.

Mr. Thrasher has proposed that we privatize our Fire department as well as Medical Emergency Services thus saving money.

He has many suggestions and if it is determined that this Board is to be pro-active, then his suggestions should be given proper discussion and consideration.

As one resident said, “I think he should be listened to and his ideas probed further. Give him the opportunity to establish a trend of reliability."

Miami talking about Bankruptcy

City of Miami talking about bankruptcy. The reason?

"Increases in public worker salaries is one of the main reasons why the budget is so tight. The average salary for a Miami city employee is $76,000. The average salary for a Miami city resident is $29,000.

Employee pensions are choking the budget too. In 2000, pension payouts cost taxpayers $16 million. In 2009 that number spiked up to $70 million."

If Lake Worth does not solve the Union pension/benefits problem, look for very difficult times, higher taxes, lay-offs, reduction in services and higher fees for same.

Lake Worth property values drop 24.9%

Property values drop 11.8% in PB County; Lake Worth takes a 24.9% hit. Read the PB Post article.

Lake Worth Finance Advisory Board

Comment Up
Lake Worth Finance Advisory Board
to serve in an advisory capacity to the City Commission and the City Manager. The Board shall serve to promote transparency in the City of Lake Worth budget process and allow for additional citizen input on major financial decisions. The Board shall consult with and advise the City Manager and the City Commission in matters affecting the annual operating budget, capital improvement program and all financial policies.

That is the Mission of this Board. After reading it, it is impossible to know whether this Board should be pro-active or reactionary. It has also been impossible for them to function because they have not received anything but a Wish List of capital improvements from the various departments that want a budget and grab the cash. They do not have the knowledge nor do they have the time to delve into every desire of every department on the CIP. Anything given to them thus far is subject to change.

They have been stopped by Staff that has not yet generated the information they need to make recommendations. Union negotiations, if there have been any, are top secret. I agree with Thrasher when he said “this problem is solvable and the Board can be both proactive and reactive.” I disagree with him when he inferred that the Board should revert to Staff as “Staff has some ideas.” Staff has been the problem in this City spending our tax dollars on unnecessary projects…bringing them forth to a City Commission that relies on their expertise with the normal outcome of voting yea every time. Perhaps this is why their liaison, Susan Stanton, chose to attend Bike Night instead of the Board meeting. The Commission has said that she does not interact with the public enough. The Commission is her boss as it is to the FAB.

There were fears that we would belly-up. We have $9 million in reserves so we are not going bankrupt. The County would not “take us over” as Board member Plotkin suggested. If there was a financial emergency, the State would do so under “very specific criteria,” per Steven Carr, Finance Director. John Pickett asked a few times what Chapter 9 would look like. Staff needs to be 100% candid and truthful with this Board.

On May 19 , Board member Bill Thrasher made suggestions as to what he believes will turn our city around—drastic measures. At last night’s Board meeting, he was clearly frustrated that no one had addressed his analysis of one week ago. He seemed upset last night and some of it had to do with protocol. Exline did not follow protocol when he spoke in front of the Commission giving an opinion of what the Board discussed rather than a stated motion. Jessica Plotkin was wrong in calling out the Chair for this error in front of the City Commission. It was finally agreed that it will be only the Chair that speaks for the Board and if the Commission asks anyone else to speak, the Board should decline and follow proper procedure. It was Mr. Exline who asked that John Pickett and Jessica Plotkin speak at the Commission meeting still trying to maintain a "friendly" Board.

Perhaps now Exline has learned that this is not a relaxed Board but one that is driven to make some substantial decisions and everyone should follow protocol and Robert's Rules 100%. Mr. Thrasher stated that he was the ONLY one with financial experience on the Board. This statement did not set well with some members of the Board. What he probably meant to say was that he was the only one with government financial experience and even that would not have been completely the case. The Chair now needs to regain control of this Board and even limit discussion on some items if necessary.

This Board is only going to be as good as the information it receives and the direction from the City Commission. As member Laurel Decker said, “to be pro-active, we need Staff time and get clarification from the Commission.” This Board can spend 5 million hours on a segment of the Budget or the CIP and it may be just spinning wheels. Chair Exline stated the same thing when he said, “We are here to listen to the Commission wants….you don’t have to agree. It is the Commission’s authority to put the budget together."

When this Board was formed, I thought it would be pro-active. I thought that they would be taking every line item and “tearing it apart” as Jessica Plotkin believes. There are still members of this Board who say we should be “looking at the bigger picture.” There are others who believe that they are there to help the Commission and therefore need to know what the Commission needs from them.

The Chair has said from inception that he wanted a “friendly board” and that he will be an unbiased Chair allowing the Board to develop and reach its conclusions. He continues to ask for motions and not one Board member has ever proposed one until last night when John Pickett, Vice Chair, made the first motion of this Board after ten meetings:

The Financial Board directs the liaison to the FAB to request a meeting with the Finance Advisory Board and the City Commission of Lake Worth, as soon as possible, by schedule, to ask for and discuss its role as it relates to the Commission.

Perhaps this will be settled once and for all.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Lake Worth beach Today

The beach was packed today. As I was taking the shot of the Pier, a guy walked by and said, "Isn't that a great view?" You betcha.

We live in the best little city on the sea. As soon as our Casino is restored and brings in the tourists, the swim teams and the ballroom reservations, our city will be on its way. People love the beach the way it is right now. I have never heard anyone complain about it other than the same people who just complain to complain and want "green" before convenience. Yes, it needs some TLC and refurbishment. We are in the process of making it all happen.

Tonight at the Financial Advisory Board they will be speaking on all city owned property leases which will include the beach merchant leases.

Katie Speaks before Sewall's Point Commission on Florida Hometown Democracy

Last night, Katie McGiveron spoke before the City Council of Sewall’s Point, Florida on Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment 4. Sewall's Point is a peninsula on the eastern part of Martin County with approximately 2000 residents in the upper income bracket. The density there is 1,578.1 people per square mile.

Her approach was—no slick stuff—just talk on the issue--how this affects her as a lifetime resident of the State of Florida, a working mother with two children, a wife with everything to lose if we do not change how we treat growth in this State and how bad-development has affected our communities, our homes and our taxes. We must give the voters a seat at the table.

Her opponent, Toby Overdorf, past President of the Palm City Chamber of Commerce and currently president of Crossroads Environmental gave a professional Power Point Presentation. He is a former South Florida Water Management District research associate, in private practice since 1995. Mr. Overdorf is a member of this year’s Leadership Florida class and is a member of both the St. Lucie and Martin Counties Economic Development Councils. Mr. Overdorf has an M.S. in Biology and an Environmental M.B.A., both from Florida Atlantic University.

Impressive, right? He should be smart, right? You would think that Mr. Overdorf would be able to give the opposing side with even a small degree of honesty but we already know that millions of dollars has been poured into this campaign by the Chamber of Commerce to defeat any grassroots effort in this regard. He even brought up St. Pete Beach as an argument. They know better but the bottom line is they don’t want the people to have a voice at the table.

Vote Yes on November 2 for Amendment 4.

Bike Night or Finance - which is the priority?

Tonight there are two things going on within our city:

1. Bike Night, meeting at 6pm at the Cultural Plaza commemorating the League of American Bicyclists National Bike Month and memorializing Lake Worth residents that have been killed or injured while bike riding in the community

2. Financial Advisory Board Meeting at 6pm at City Hall -- a Board of community volunteers that is trying to curb a tax increase within our City and look for ways to save money and prevent waste.

What event/meeting do you think will garner the most attendance and attention? What really IS the priority to Lake Worthians? I know which one I would bet on.

The Green Trojan Horse?

The Green Trojan Horse? That's what Mary Lindsey called it, a "Trojan Horse."

Just mention the word “green” and some people go absolutely nuts. They are hooked and nothing you can say or do will open their minds to anything else but more dumbness.

Companies do marketing studies all of the time to find out what slick words turn on certain people. Local governments are no exception and in fact, government is where the money is and they are easy marks. And what could be worse than a smooth talking guy with political connections who has learned the game?

The buzz words at yesterday’s meeting were enough to choke a green horse: partnership, carbon footprint, global sustainability (love that one), green careers, quality of life (I know that one works, I use it), going green, and don’t forget, renewable energy. It drove our Commission just a little bit giddy. The next thing the presenter did was name drop and did he ever even going so far as to using the name “Obama” in connection with its cause. You then have hooked the Mayor…what a coup. Varela’s eyes turned green and he said that he "has a lot of hope in this one." :) "Hope"... we should add that to the buzz word list.


Lake Worth was approached by Creative Sustainable Solutions LLC. Just the name of the company is an indication of their smoothness when they use the word “sustainable.” Its subsidiary is called “Down to Earth.” It’s got a nice ring to it, right? Sort of like Hands On Consulting. That was another one that came to town with a crafty idea.

Well, they came and made a presentation. They have a scheme to get a $3 million dollar government grant that they will help all us poor folks living in Lake Worth to weatherize 300 houses over two years. The gentleman presenting had all sorts of family connections to politicians and said that “politics was his love.” He had all the answers. Politicians usually do. He just didn't have a business card when I asked for one...changed briefcases or something.

Maxwell, citing staff time and top heavy government, said it was difficult for people to trust government at times. I agree. Government has allowed these groups to exist. I find it even more difficult to trust all those looking for ways to grab the cash. Golden saying it was difficult for her to wrap her arms around the whole thing asked, “Is this too good to be true?” It was stated by Staff that this company was checked out but we did not learn of the specifics of their findings.

The Grant is for $ 3 million with one half of it going for salaries and administrative costs. Once Down to Earth gets a commitment from Lake Worth, they will make application to the Department of Energy for the Grant. They promise to use “green” technologies. Oh, I almost forgot—they get the $3 million, not the City. No accounting. Nada. No details. This is what they expect from us-

The City of Lake Worth’s part of this “partnership” is to

1. Market and promotional support of the program;

2. Provide venues for promotional events;

3. Personnel and technological support before, during and after promotional events; and

4. Multimedia and press support in the form of facilitation of providing maximum media coverage for all events and activities related to the implementation of the grant.

Basically this was about some group wanting to get its hands on all this money and using the City of Lake Worth to do it. These people just keep finding us; we keep putting them on our Agenda and then usually voting for it just because we were "snowed" by more of the same. But then, you know I am a cynic.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Noise problem Abated

One of the biggest offenders of noise complaints in our downtown was Ouzo Blue. You know the one--with the belly dancers and all? It has now closed.

Read about it HERE

Obama to secure our border

President Obama will request $500 million in extra money for security at the U.S. border and will deploy an additional 1,200 National Guard troops, according to an administration official. The decision comes as the White House is seeking Republican support for broad immigration reform this year.

For more information, visit The Washington Post.

Crime and Code in Lake Worth

Crime 33460

If you click on the above link from Crime Reports and then type in 33460, you will see all of the crime in Lake Worth from theft, to robbery to assault, you name it, from the period beginning May 10 through May 24.

It is great that our PBSO, a top organization that we can not afford (and never could) has a magnificent public relations team and is interacting with and "snowing" the neighborhood associations. They can fly to Haiti and their response time, when a crime has been called in, is quick. Facts remain that we still have a lot of crime in this city that is, in my estimation, a direct cause of property value decline (another 23% this year). Blighted neighborhoods attract the criminal and others to this city. We enact ordinances allowing cooking facilities for motels on Federal that will only encourage more of these people. We ARE the problem.

Houses need owner occupancy. We need tougher code compliance. It is difficult to digest at every commission meeting that a property has been coded for 3 years and finally the owner has done something to fix it up and then you go to a special magistrate meeting and all of the fines disappear.

We cut our Code Department and created another bureaucracy that shows residents how to be more energy efficient. This is budgeted at $1 million. And we are paying for this every month on our electric bill as an additional tax. This is money that should be going towards code enforcement. Even Commissioner Maxwell took advantage of the program. Stanton was to have another Plan when she eliminated half our Code Department and started this Conservation Program. Surely this can't be it. This is an unnecessary department and information on energy efficiency can simply go out in a pamphlet with our electric bill.

Susan Stanton has directed Wayne Bergman to put on a Power Point presentation at every meeting so that we will all feel like something is actually getting better. Let's appease the sheep. Why does this code process have to take so long? Why can't we get these people to pay fines? Why do they always seem to get amnesty from the City of Lake Worth?

Does any other city around here look this bad? We finally have the eyesore on N "A" and 3rd Ave N demolished. How many years has this taken?

There used to be a Typical Code Complaint Process on the City's web site. It showed the process from the original complaint to the final disposition. It was revealing and shocking. It has been removed. In fact, many things have been removed from this "updated" Web site, another story.

Top 10 Code Violations

Monday, May 24, 2010

Commission Meetings tomorrow

Tuesday at City Hall

Special Meeting
8:00 am Weatherization Innovation Pilot Program

Workshop Meeting
9:00 am
Capital Improvement Plan
Review of City Leases
Lunch Break
Dept. of Transportation on Tiger II Discretionary Grant Program
Health Dept. Update
Shuffleboard Court Update

Broken Immigration System can be fixed by following US Law

We do have a broken immigration system. It is past the point of absurdity when officials will not enforce the law of the land. We have become a joke to the entire world on this one issue alone.

I heard someone say that "Democrats are on the wrong side of the passing a $787 billion stimulus bill...on the wrong side of Global Warming... ehh, Climate Change..on the wrong side of Obama on the wrong side of Immigration laws." The Democrats are not alone here. We have a Green Party member here in Lake Worth who likes to correct me whenever I use the word "illegal" when speaking on illegal immigration. This is according to her feelings about it rather than what the law states on it.

What this is about is following the law of the United States when it comes to immigration. We are not all misinformed as Commissioner Golden stated. Did we all wake up one morning and decide that we didn't know what following the law meant? One thing about it, she at least lets us know exactly where she stands on this issue and I can respect the fact that she stands up for her personal convictions. However, this is not about "personal" beliefs. We are not all ignorant. We are in the majority of citizens who believe in law and order and will not stand for anything less. Anarchy is not in our dictionary. I would think that abiding by the laws of the U.S. should be some sort of a requisite when you take elected office. Too bad it is not. To pretend that you have no idea what the real reason for The Mentoring Center is, does not make us ignorant.

Here's another set of numbers from the new NBC/WSJ poll:

"Nearly two-thirds of Americans back Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law, which makes it a state crime for a person to be in the country illegally. The law also requires local and state law enforcement officials to question people about their immigration status if they suspect they’re in the country illegally.

65% percent favor this law, while 34 percent oppose it. But those numbers are essentially reversed among Latinos -- with 70 percent of them opposing the law, and only 27 percent supporting it.

In the latest Pew Research conducted between May 6-9, 73% of all people polled said that they would have no problem producing evidence that they lived in this country.

Enforcing the law is only discrimination in the minds of those who throw our laws back in our face and continue to come into our country illegally. I have to wonder why the liberal left media continues to emphasize all those against Arizona Law and Federal Law. Why do they not concentrate on the majority of citizens who are fed up with people crossing our borders and costing us billions of dollars.

The statute also prohibits localities from adopting any policies that allow less than full enforcement of the immigration laws, thus prohibiting so-called sanctuary provisions. Lake Worth is a Sanctuary city.

Last week, President Obama said the following:

1. We need to create an orderly border. The federal government takes securing our borders very seriously.
2. We need to make sure that businesses are following the rules.
3. We need to ensure that illegals are held accountable: learn English; pay back-taxes; that they get at the back of the line for citizenship. He wants accountability for "everybody."
4. Create a pathway to citizenship
5. The Arizona law was formed out of expressed frustration of the U.S. not fixing a broken immigration system. The President says that the Arizona Law has the potential to be discriminatory. He is having his Justice Department look into its legality.

This is all it's ever been about...following the rules...following the law. WE get it Commissioner. Why doesn't Lake Worth?

Rain Barrel Program in Lake Worth

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Tripp and Jennifer Ciocci are into the rain barrel program having recently bought a 58 gallon barrel. Commissioner Golden applauds our residents-- is proud that they are replacing their grass with native plants and says that "we live in an educated population."

Well reality is what it is. We are short on water, the worlds' most precious resource and Lake Worth had the foresight to reverse a previous Commission's decision on our water supply source in order to build a Reverse Osmosis Plant. This is one of the best decisions to date.

Here in Lake Worth we are giving residents a $25 credit on their water bills for everyone who purchases a 40 gallon plus rain barrel. Many cities are starting programs. Tampa Water Utility customers are eligible to receive a free rain barrel after attending a workshop.

Read about the RAIN BARRELS here.

Great Egret

Just one of the reasons why I love living near water. You get to see great wildlife. This guy was in my yard and I took the photo from a distance, hiding behind a bush. Not into fishing yesterday, he was looking for a different menu.

Great Egrets will eat anything they can catch including toads, fish, mice, and other small rodents. I have seen them eat those small garden lizards. A mature full sized bird can eat a 2-3 pound fish that's 15" long! They will take it down whole!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Post Office in Lake Worth gets Facelift

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Sandy Weston, Treasurer of Downtown Jewel Neighborhood Association, got stuck by a lightening bolt one day last October while driving by our Post Office. She took one look at its lack of landscaping and decided, "Let's do something about this." Her NA has always taken on community projects and our post office property looked shabby. She got in touch with the necessary people at the US Postal Service, went through all the bureaucratic red-tape, got the permissions and had them repair their sprinkler system. Once all this was done, Downtown Jewel and Sandy Weston went the next step.

Sandy spoke with the other neighborhood associations and raised money. Seven palm trees were planted: 4 Carpentarias and 3 Foxtails. Town & Country Garden Club donated $500 that went for the purchase of the Foxtail Palms. Many citizens donated time and cash with approximately 50 people showing up yesterday ready for work.

Seven months later it all became a reality when Downtown Jewel NA literally stopped traffic on Saturday when Wayne Marcinkoski came with his Bobcat. Wayne delivered the trees and prepared for the installation of the palms and all the new bushes and Tom McGreevy delivered all of the new plantings. Sandy says, "I never would have been able to do this without Wayne and Tom."

The project began at 9am and finished about 4 hours later. It was reported that Susan Stanton, Katie McGiveron, Robert Waples, and the Highland Elementary Mentor Group, that brought some of the little kids who helped plant and spread mulch, worked extra hard to make this beautiful. Katie told me later that she was so dirty that she was afraid to put her clothes in the washing machine.

Sandy, still working on Sunday

Andy Amorosa provided box lunches for all who were still there; drinks were donated by Amy Saleeby who is in charge of Friday Night on the Avenues, and Chrissy Benoit of Havana Hideout gave a gift card for beer to celebrate a job well done.

Congratulations to Sandy and her Downtown Jewel Neighborhood Association and all the people who worked so hard to give our post office a much needed facelift.

How Much is a Billion Dollars?

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Thanks, President Obama. Thanks Mexico.
This is to remind the American taxpayer exactly how
much money President Obama gave away to Calderon as he
bad-mouthed American citizens, American policy, as our
elected officials of the Democratic Party cheered!

It was "Stupidity" says Nathaniel Brazill

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Kids do stupid things, agreed. Putting chewing gum in someone’s hair or soap on the floor to watch someone slip and fall and make a fool out of themselves are pranks and certainly not condoned nor are they funny and they are definitely stupid.

Going home, getting a gun, loading the chamber, going back to school, cocking the gun and pulling the trigger and killing your “favorite” teacher was not a prank and it certainly was more than just “stupidity.” Nathaniel Brazill now implies that the devil made him do it. He has no idea why he would do such a “stupid” thing..KILL SOMEONE.

He was neither dull witted nor in a dazed state of mind. He knew what he was doing and it took time to go home, get the gun and come back to school to KILL.

After reading the second lead story this morning in the Palm Beach Post, I was more than saddened. It was a crying experience actually when thinking of the Grunow family, Barry Grunow in particular, a teacher who devoted his life to improving the lives of kids he taught to have his life ended by a punk whose only ambition now is to be freed early.

Brazill still thinks he should get out of prison, afterall he only committed an irrational act; he was being stupid. When he fullfills his sentence for cold-blooded murder, he will be 41 years old, 6 years older than husband, father and devoted teacher Barry Grunow on the day Nathaniel killed him.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

At the Lake

Robin Hood and Russell Crowe

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I would never miss a Russell Crowe movie. He has to be right up there as one of the best and sexiest actors today. He didn't even smile in this movie but he's got it...just someone who gets my total attention. I went into thinking I would be viewing the traditional Robin Hood theme but it was an entirely different perspective than what we generally think about when we think of Robin, a guy who robbed the rich and gave to the poor.

This was the very initial stage of what ignited Robin Hood (Robin Longstride) to become a fighter of corruption and evil. I have no idea if history was being re-written here and suspect that a lot of this movie was fantasy. It sure made a great flick if you like swords and bows and arrows, 13 century battles where the good guys win and an historical piece that reminds us that for centuries, we have had depraved leaders taking advantage of common folk who are forced to pick up the tab for their follies.

This is the perfect movie for a sequel especially at the end where he is declared an outlaw by the King and has told the Lady Marion, "I love you." Hope we get to see more of Robin Hood and Russell Crowe.

The Beach at Deerfield Beach

Yesterday I visited Deerfield Beach's beach. I love this beach! This reminded me of "old" Florida and the feel of Palm Beach decades ago. From its updated pavers to its grass (yes, GRASS, NOT XERISCAPING) and many palms, to say it's beautiful is an understatement. It is maintained to perfection--pristine perfect-- and you can still drive to the beach and look at the beautiful Atlantic without having to park at some lower level and walk 300 feet just to get a glimpse of the sea.

If the Lake Worth beach and Casino had been maintained throughout the years, we would not be going through this horrendous personal green initiative BS agenda, not to mention the tremendous cost, forced on the citizens of Lake Worth by a few commissioners.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Moon over Lake Worth

62% full

Lake Worth Post Office to get Landscaping Facelift

Post Office landscaping tomorrow, 5/22,
Be there at 8:30 for a 9:00 a.m. start!
Bring gloves, tools, etc.

What does Mexico require for those entering their country?

While all these Mexicans and other Hispanics are screaming bloody murder in Arizona and other States across our country and don't even want to show any proof that they even have a legal right to be here, this is what Mexico requires:

Entry to Mexico: As of March 1, 2010, all U.S. citizens – including children -- must present a valid passport, book or card, for travel beyond the “border zone” into the interior of Mexico. Entry by any means, for example by plane or car, is included in this requirement. The “border zone” is generally defined as an area between 20 to 30 kilometers of the border with the U.S., depending on the location. Stays of less than 72 hours within the border zone do not require a visa or tourist card.

U.S. citizens traveling as tourists beyond the border zone or entering Mexico by air must pay a fee to obtain a tourist card, also known as an FM-T, available from Mexican border crossing points, Mexican tourism offices, airports within the border zone and most airlines serving Mexico.

Upon arrival in Mexico, business travelers must complete and submit a form (Form FM-N 30 days) authorizing the conduct of business, but not employment, for a 30-day period. Travelers entering Mexico for purposes other than tourism or business or for stays of longer than 180 days require a visa and must carry a valid U.S. passport. U.S. citizens planning to work or live in Mexico should apply for the appropriate Mexican visa at the

Embassy of Mexico

Take the Lead from Harry - North Korea

This Emperor really does have clothes
Believe everything he says other than "I didn't do it."

The reason why we are in such “freakin” trouble is – NO ONE HAS ANY BALLS!

We continue to be a submissive nation looking out for the rights of some people who are our enemies and others who sneak into our country who don’t even have any. When it comes to our own country and keeping it secure or standing up for our allies, we fall right into the crapper as Kim Jong Nutcase aggressively promotes his dangerous policies.

Now that it is abundantly clear that North Korean is responsible for the sinking of South Korea’s warship, what does our government do? According to the Associated Press, top officials “huddled” together for days in order to prepare a response. “This act of aggression is one more instance of North Korea’s unacceptable behavior and defiance of international law.” Isn’t this pathetic?

Harry Truman would have had it figured out…”the buck stops here.” President Obama has said,” it’s above my pay grade.” Although talking about illegal immigration, Col. Allen West just said, "I can't stand President Obama." I am rather sure he would have said the exact same thing on the North Korean incident.

North Korea, the country from hell, said that South Korea was using the incident for political gain. Now how stupid is that? What does a warship cost? Billions? The "dear father" and former playboy, Kim Jong II says he had nothing to do with it and threaten all out war if there is any sanction promoted by sane leadership from other countries regarding this dastardly and deadly attack.

"Our army and people will promptly react to any 'punishment' and 'retaliation' and to any 'sanctions' infringing upon our state interests with various forms of tough measures including an all-out war," Pyongyang's National Defense Commission said.

And the free world sits back twiddling its thumbs wondering what to do about this despot, Kim Jong Nutjob and the stinking, sinking ship. Take the lead from Harry.

Fair & Balanced - The Poll on Fox regarding Immigration

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Fox News Poll on Immigration

Unlike Lake Worth, the little city by the sea that is more liberal than Jimmy Carter, (the only president we ever had who was attacked by a swimming rabbit and the worst president of the second half of the twentieth century who still believes that anyone with a different opinion is "racist")--

84 percent of those polled favor the requirement that people show documents proving their immigration status if officials have reasonable cause to ask for them.

In fact, the Federal Law is tougher than Arizona Law regarding asking someone if they are legal. This is a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court. Read about it HERE.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

SB 2044

Read the Bill

Why oh why do we have to continue to call the Governor on everything that this House and Senate passes? Are they that anti-Florida consumer?

From Pete Burkert, candidate for State Senate District 27: After days of delay, the House and Senate have now formally sent the insurance rate increase bill to Governor Crist.

This is the bill that will allow insurance companies to raise your insurance rates more easily and more often while making it harder for you to collect on claims.

Please join me in asking Governor Crist to veto this very bad bill.

(850) 488-7146

We just gave $1 billion to Mexico

PETA must be racist pigs...err, chickens!

Mexican President Felipe Calderón thanked the U.S. Congress today for providing over $1 billion in assistance to fight drug gangs. He pleaded with lawmakers for more help in limiting the flow of guns to Mexico. He wants our government to crack down on American citizens' demand for drugs that Mexicans are supplying to us. Did anyone see him on Fox?

Well, now we know why this guy is here. Money, what else. Oh, LOT'S of money, forgot that one. One billion ain't gonna be enough for this guy. He comes over here screaming about Arizona Law, wants Mexicans to cross our borders whenever they want, take money out of our economy, and tells us we are discriminating against Mexicans. "I fully respect, I admire the American Constitution," said Calderón.

Think about sealing the borders. Would that help? Keep your thugs on the south side of the fence. Stop selling drugs. Put them in prison.

We just eat this up. We have money to burn..what's another billion?...sort of like the "free lunch."

No more Free Lunches in Lake Worth

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I had some high hopes for this Board. I had my fingers crossed but all along I felt that it would not be effective. Last night the Financial Advisory Board approved the Capital Improvement Plan as presented; they would not add nor did they delete anything as they did not know the funding sources. No formal recommendations were made.

After nine meetings, the FAB decided it was not ready yet to do anything.

I understand that the City Manager has arranged having some sort of a dinner at the Golf Course to recognize this Board. This is where the FAB had a chance to be responsible by saying "NO" to the free lunch.

Disappointment is an understatement.

From the 1700's to Now on Illegal Immigration

Father of what is now
the Republican Party
No matter the generation, we have been talking about immigration. From the days of the first explorers, to the Pilgrims, and all the 234 years since our Independence; we are a nation as great as our immigrants.

However, illegal immigration is something we can no longer tolerate. And why should we?

Alexander Hamilton (January 11, 1755 or 1757 – July 12, 1804)
Opposed granting citizenship immediately to new immigrants: "To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens, the moment they foot in our country would be nothing less than to admit the Grecian horse into the citadel of our liberty and sovereignty." Instead, he recommended that we gradually draw newcomers into American life, "to enable aliens to get rid of foreign and acquire American attachments; to learn the principles and imbibe the spirit of our government; and to admit of a philosophy, at least, of their feeling a real interest in our affairs."

Theodore Roosevelt (October 27, 1858 – January 6, 1919
"In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birth place, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here."

Bill Clinton (August 19, 1946 - present)
"Most illegal immigrants are not by nature lawbreakers. Most are looking for the chance to live in dignity. Nevertheless we must continue to discourage illegal immigration for it undermines control of our borders...and even more punishes hard-working people who play by the rules and who wait for their turn to come to the United States. Therefore we must enforce our laws, but we will do so with justice and fairness."
(March 10, 1999 - San Salvador, El Salvador, text of speech to El Salvador Legislature)

The biggest problems started with Clinton, then President Bush and now Barack Obama for not securing our borders. We spent $50 million of taxpayer dollars on a fence that was literally thrown out with the bath water. Arizona, California, and in parts of Texas, people are just walking into our country. This is ILLEGAL. And what does this country do? Well, Arizona said "enough is enough. If the Federal government will not do anything to protect us, we will." Arizona took the ball.

BARACK OBAMA, (August 4, 1961 - present)
"We can't turn law abiding American citizens and law abiding immigrants into subjects of suspicion and abuse. We can't divide the American people that way. That's not the answer. That's not who we are as the United States of America. And that's why I have instructed my administration to closely monitor the new law in Arizona."

On his inauguration Day, President Obama had an 83% approval rating. We had high hopes for positive change that he promised. Today his rating is at 44% approval rating which is generous of the American people.

According to Ed Morrissey, at HotAir, Real Clear Politics (RCP) compiled state-specific public polling over the past three months, and found Obama’s net job approval rating is in negative territory in 28 of the 44 states where figures are available, including nearly all the battleground states critical to his and the Democrats’ future success. In Florida, the president’s net approval rating is -1.7. What is doing this? One main reason is how he is handling the illegal immigration situation and his government's policy of entitlements.

It is time to get our country back on the correct path and that includes a legal path to immigration. Take it back from political agendas, corporate greed and overall manipulation. Arizona has said it best! I no longer want to hear, on a local level, that these people are not "illegal." I no longer want to hear that it is a "federal problem" and I no longer want to put up with our elected officials looking the other way to illegal actions.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Financial Advisory Board

The City wanted the Financial Advisory Board to discuss the Capital Improvement Plan so that it could go forward to the City Commission for approval.

After listening to sidewalk improvements for 30 minutes, Bill Thrasher wanted to get into the nitty gritty—we don’t have any money. He said that it was unacceptable that the City can’t find money for 2010 projects.

Saying that we have “lost our ability to govern our City,” Mr. Thrasher came up with ideas that would immediately allow Lake Worth to provide the basic things and save millions of dollars:

1. Develop our own police department
2. Privatize our Fire Department
3. Strive for defined contributions immediately with the Unions
4. Limit the CIP to those items that benefit Home Rule.

Mr. Thrasher wants to look at all components and have an estimated Revenues and Expenditures list. He said that without this information, any recommendation to the Commission would make the Board look foolish. John Pickett agreed. Steve Carr, Finance Director, said that we were starting off with a $2.7 million deficit and that estimates on Revenue and Expenditures were not yet available.

The Board then drifted back to sidewalk discussion. That’s when I left.

Costa Mesa speaks out on illegal immigration

Unlike Lake Worth, Florida, a southern California city says it will NOT BE A SANCTUARY CITY

Their Mayor is even looking into E-Verify.

Financial Advisory Board

Tonight at 5:30, the FAB meets at City Hall to give its recommendations to the Capital Improvement Plan. This is the City's Wish List to spend your money. Don't miss it.

The Sun has Set on Sun

Patti Hamilton, Exec V.P. and
Charles Gusmano, founder and COO of Southern Waste Systems
"I was born and raised in the garbage business"

From garbage you came and garbage you will return...but not in Lake Worth.

Our Commission finally had some teeth and voted not to renew either contract with Sun Recycling and we will do our own rolloff containers. We had a dawn of a brand new day, in spite of Palm Beach County's decision yesterday with Sun to extend their permit for 6 more months.

Finally after years of putting up with a bad decision of allowing our landfill to be used as a staging area in case of a hurricane, it is over.

Our land had been dormant for 15 years. In order to reclaim it and for it to be usable for another purpose, it had to be dormant for 20 years. We whored our 65 acres for $1,000 a month. This was the start of the mess. No one listened to the public on this issue then. The Commission rarely does. It finally took residents in the Osborne area to complain loudly and often and for years. I'm surprised that, along with their other health issues, they have not lost their vocal chords.

We spent $483,208.94 on landfill remediation engineering services contracts with the ABV although only $171,000 was approved by the Commission. See Internal Audit Report on Landfill of December 21, 2007. This is when several people should have gone to jail. The City hushed up the entire mess and last year, the City Manager even fired Scot Menke our Internal Auditor who did the Landfill Audit. This guy was a hero as are all those who uncover corruption. Where was the FBI?

To give the excuse that commissions and staff change as a reason for not knowing what is and has happened at that property is an excuse that NO ONE BUYS. Bill Coakley did a tremendous service for the City when he exposed this company. Everyone in this City knew of his work. And everyone ignored it…did nothing…looked the other way…and the City was happy to collect a measly $1,000 a month. It is a disgrace particularly when you consider all the costs involved in closing that landfill 18 years ago. We have made $36,000 over the past 3 years and we spent obscene amounts of dollars to close it.

Staff continues to amaze me. Public Works Joe Kroll knew all the problems as we complained about the dumping by Sun years ago and the “fill” that was being deposited on our land. He came to a meeting last night without the answer as to when the contract started. It depended on a DEP permit. RENT commenced 10 DAYS AFTER the DEP PERMIT WAS ISSUED. He didn’t have that information. So, check your records and see when you got the first $1,000. That's a start. The City attorney didn’t have it. And then the City Commission asked Sun to furnish it to them. Why should Sun do that? Why don’t you have it?

When asked about where we would dump hurricane debris, the City Manager suggested the golf course or even back on our landfill. Joe said Route 441. Now I really hate to be picky here, but the GOLF COURSE? The LANDFILL? How come no one ever has the answer or solution? Storm related clean-up information.

Well, we all have had it. It is now over. To even consider that Sun will get this property into the condition it was before it was contracted to them is a pipe dream. It would cost them millions of dollars. They made a ton of money dumping on our landfill with the pretense of getting it ready for hurricanes. The City Commission fell for the bull marketing job from Sun 3 years ago; it fell for the spiel from Staff; it sold out the residents of this City. And then they gave Sun another Contract. It took a lot of screaming to end it all and now we can go back and try and reclaim this land.

That’s the bottom line of it.

Photo by William Coakley
The "Fill"
That's what got dumped on our land

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Socialist thinking Spreading like an Octopus

Octopus have regeneration--if they lose an arm, they grow one back.

And our democratic society right now is being taken over by the far reaching tentacles of the extreme liberal left politics. Cutting their arm makes no difference; they just grow another. They just keep coming and pushing their social agenda crap on all the rest of us. They are reaching out and influencing more and more people, not only here but across the globe. What a perfect time to do it when the world is under difficult economic times.

Michael Posner, the Assistant Secretary of State is on an official trip to China. Taxpayers are paying for this and what does he do? He trashes America to China--of all the damn countries in the world with the worst record of human rights and the most repressive regime in history. He apologizes for Arizona. Lock him up.

Back in 2008 it was reported in the Huffington Post that Chinese authorities committed killings and torture outside the legal system, coerced confessions of prisoners and used forced labor. The government also “increased detention and harassment of dissidents, petitioners, human rights defenders and defense lawyers,” the department said in the study.

Posner is pandering to the worst of the worst of the open-border people and the rest of the American bashers when it comes to illegal immigration.

What in the hell is going on people?