Saturday, November 30, 2013

Art and Wine at the Eco Centre

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Last year's Mango Groves Art & Wine fundraiser event
Karri Casper featured in photo

Celebrate the Season with Art, Wine, Food and Design Proceeds to benefit Lake Worth Children's Charities and Mango Groves Neighborhood Association

The Mango Groves Neighborhood Association will hold its second annual "Art and Wine at the Eco" event to kick off the holidays, on December 7, 2013 from 2 p.m. - 7 p.m. at the EcoCentre, “The Living Building”, located at 1005 Lake Avenue in Lake Worth.

The event features a holiday gift bazaar with original artwork from 15 local artists, perfect for gift giving.

EcoCentre architect John Szerdi will give tours of the magnificent “green” building, and guests can enjoy a Wine and Small Bites reception from 3 p.m.-7 p.m. There will be a raffle, storytelling, music and more. The event is open to the public. The Wine and Small Bites reception requires a ticket ($10), which can be purchased online at, or

For more information, please contact Linda Roman at (561)714-9812, or via email at

Lake Worth Subway Restaurant robbed

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Subway at 210 South Dixie Highway, Lake Worth, just robbed and the criminal was not looking for a roast beef sandwich.  Sheriff is now at the scene as well as helicopter.

Lake Worth Christmas Parade

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Now being called the 48th Annual Candy Lane Parade -- is this revisionism or some sort of paradigm shift away from religion or the Christmas spirit? A name by any other name--it is still the Christmas Parade and will be on December 14 at 6pm. Hopefully there will be some floats still depicting what this holiday is all about.

Unions still trying to take down the giant and change public opinion

A lot of area Democrats at this demonstration yesterday in front of Wal-Mart in Boynton Beach. Is Wal-Mart really the ogre that they say it is?

Walmart says that it got its start in Arkansas in 1962. Since then, the company has expanded across borders and overseas but the U.S. remains the heart of their business. Today, Walmart employs more than 1.4 million U.S. associates at more than 4,700 stores and clubs nationwide. Every year, they promote about 160,000 people globally to jobs with more responsibility and higher pay. In the U.S., the average, full-time hourly wage is $12.83.

The demonstration was backed by the unions who has fed the line of inferior pay, bad working conditions and corporate greed down the throats of all these protesters who don't want to see workers taken advantage of by some retail giant. Corporations are not supposed to make money in America, or at least not this much, according to them.

 If Wal-Mart employs over 2 million workers world-wide and conditions are so bad, why do they stay? This demonstration is nothing more than heavy handed unions that have used their influential brow-beating message  convincing the liberals that one of the most successful corporations in America is the devil. It is all about Wal-Mart's anti-union policies.

Quote of the Day - Jeff Clemens

“If those monies are going to charter schools that are serving a completely different need than public schools then that is a good thing. (But) if they are essentially doing the same thing as public schools are, I find that to be a waste of taxpayers’ dollars. I want to make sure that we are focusing on meeting additional needs rather than doing the same thing.”

~ Fl Sen Jeff Clemens

Senator Clemens wants to tighten charter school focus with Senate bill SB 452 which has yet to be assigned to any committees. Clemens said if it fails to gain any traction he will try to amend the language onto a bill addressing charter school accountability. We agree with him on this one.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Chirp, Chirp, Jabber Jargon, Tweets

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People get "clever" around election time.  They did it with the illegal banner this past March and even the chair of the Historic Board at its last meeting got the skinny from the city attorney as to what they can get away with again as far as The Gulfstream Hotel and erecting a banner. Well, now it seems that someone with a sense of humor is playing a big joke on Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell and has set up a false Twitter account in his name using his photo. Mention of this appeared in Pelican Pete when he chirped about it today. I called Mark Easton to confirm--

Results for ScottMaxwell2014

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  1. I dream of a Lake Worth where the white race is free to ride 4 wheelers on the beach without big govt's head up our a**es
  2. I'm only going to say this once..any allegations of reptilian involvement/ancestry are completely unfounded.
  3. It is time for my people to rise from the earth and reclaim our place in the anal of history.

Earth First

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Anarchists alive and well in Lake Worth...just when you think they all went underground. Click the link for the complete schedule of films and times.

Earth First!
Film Festival Friday
Nov. 29-Sunday, Dec.1
Friends' Quaker Meeting House
823 North A Street, Lake Worth
Phone: (561) 320-3840

Art Gallery Designs

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Stop by and say "hi' to Annette and Katie...
next door to Dave's Last Resort.

Learn how to paint this!
Great for X'mas and something created by you is even more special

Clay Glass Black Friday

Setting up for the Holidays at Lake Worth's Cultural Plaza

Teddy Bear at the Cultural Plaza.
 Well, if you can't get a tree, this is the next best thing.

SUV crashes into Lake Worth home

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UPDATE FROM 11-27-13

Car plows into duplex on 8th Avenue South in the middle of the night and miss sleeping occupants by inches.

Read about it...

Fishing Tournament Lake Worth Pier

A Homeless Thanksgiving

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As we celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I am sure there were many of us who thought of someone less fortunate and we counted our blessings.  Some of us who do have employment in this economy live paycheck to paycheck. Others are a paycheck away from being homeless themselves paying ungodly amounts on rentals, food and the necessities. There are homeless who live in our midst. We see them in John Prince Park, Bryant Park and in our downtown...some just yards away from our own homes, who don’t have a place with a roof over their heads or a place to sleep tonight or any night. These are the homeless and they live in Lake Worth.

Stats on homeless
Read about church group ordered to STOP feeding the Homeless

Government abuse of Power

The IRS is attempting to change the rules towards conservative groups (T-Party) and trying to silence speech--again. They have dragged out applications for conservative 501 (c)(4's) and now want to change the rules so that the groups can't get their status--AFTER the fact because of this new rule change that they want to implement. 

Sounds like what this commission did to the heights amendment in Lake Worth.  It passed at the polls. Results were delayed for three months to see if Rick Scott would sign HB 537 as they twisted the meaning of the bill to suit their agenda. He signed it. Commission declared the election void.  Abuse of power.

Those who abused the people by abusing their power are Scott Maxwell, Pam Triolo, Andy Amoroso, all up for re-election.  John Szerdi is also among this group--he never even "understood the ballot language." Remember this when you go to the polls.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving sky

My Thanksgiving present

No one has ever had a pie delivered so beautifully. Thanks Barbara Jean. We are all too stuffed to eat it.

Quote of the Day - Marco Rubio

"Just days ago, Iran's Supreme Leader (Ali) Khamenei, who will oversee implementation of this agreement, was calling Israel a 'rabid dog' and accusing the United States of war crimes."

~ Sen Marco Rubio

Blue Bear on Thanksgiving

Cats are curious and Blue Bear is no exception. He jumped up on the counter to oversee BarbaraJean wrapping a Thanksgiving pie!!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Black Friday and small business Saturday in Lake Worth

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Shop downtown Lake Worth
Come on down to Lake Worth's downtown for bargains galore!

A "turkey" on South J Street

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No tag. Flat tire. Parked in handicapped spot. There for weeks. What gives?

The Turkey

The Washington Post reported in 2011 that “Iran’s government has mastered the critical steps needed to build a nuclear weapon, receiving assistance from foreign scientists to overcome key technical hurdles, according to Western diplomats and nuclear experts briefed on the findings.”

There are two states that Iran wishes to threaten with nuclear weapons: Israel and the United States.

Read John Ramsom and his article, Obama bombs wrong target on open Mic Night. The article was written in 2011 and it points out Obama's policy and animosity towards Israel. No one should be surprised now.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

May you choke on your banana, Maurice

Another lowlife but this idiot got caught--Authorities charged Maurice Owens after investigators say he faked an injury on a Metro elevator after tossing a banana peel to the floor.

Benny's on the Beach

Still the same except for new owners and longer hours.
Do they still serve the decadent raspberry stuffed granola French toast?

Assault in downtown Lake Worth

The 400 block is in the area of our Cultural Plaza and the assault happened on that side of the street.

Palm Beach County Sheriff
11/26/2013 10:04:00 PM

Obama's Dystopia

Obama’s plot to “drag the economy down” and redistribute American wealth to the rest of the world – and financially cripple the nation – “is a transfer of hundreds of billions, in fact trillions of dollars, out of the United States and into other countries.”

Read more… at WND and what Dinesh D'Souza has to say on Obama undermining our allies, shrinking our influence in foreign policy and allowing our enemies to stay in power.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

One of our Elected Elites

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Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins was arrested on Nov. 16, on suspicion of drunken driving. Listen to his racist BS. This is one of our elected elites! Racist comments and threatens the police.  Where's Jessee?  Where's Al?  Where's Oprah?

The Human Wrecking Ball?

Graphic from Mark Bruzonsky's blog

Quote of the Day - Barack Obama

“I respect the passion of these young people because they feel deeply about the concerns for their families. Now what you need to know, when I’m speaking as president of the United States, and I come to this community, is that if in fact I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress, then I would do so.”

~ President Obama

The president's response to a heckler in San Francisco who wanted him to stop deportations of illegal aliens. Of course the heckler did not use the word "illegal aliens" even though that's what they are. The response shows the true intent of Obama, not only on this issue, but most all of them. The Constitution and the Bill of rights are in his way.

The Real Deal: ICBM's - Iran and North Korea

Credit: Reuters

While we lift $6 billion to $10 billion in sanctions relief to Iran over six months with additional relief depending on progress made toward a final deal on their nuclear program, recent U.S. intelligence assessments have said that both North Korea and Iran are expected to have missiles capable of hitting the United States with a nuclear warhead in the next two years. And all the while we are in Geneva "negotiating" with Iran, they are in North Korea working on the new, 80-ton rocket booster being developed there. And Iran is smiling.

Read more... on the secret Iran/North Korea long-range rocket boosters for ICBM's.

Could be headed toward a city near you!

Destructive pests threaten the neighborhood

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GUEST BLOGGER President of ROLOH, says:

826 Sunset Drive needs to be torn down not boarded up as satellite images show many holes in the roof which indicates i'ts caving in.  Also since they do not keep this "mowed" on a regular basis they are running vermin such as raccoons all over the neighborhood.  This has caused thousands of dollars in damages to homes--from several homes having their roofs ripped open to others having their side vents ripped open by raccoons trying to find a "new" home.  (5 homes that we know of so far and as we drive the neighborhood I'm sure we will find others.)

If the Sunset owners do not wish to provide continued maintenance then they should simply forfeit the property and move on.  One of the houses on the Sunset Property clearly has holes in the roof.  The other structures should be inspected for hazardous materials.  If the one small structure is a well, is it capped?  Another structure past the barn also appears to have holes in the roof.  What are the three round objects in the attached image?

Save Our Neighborhood, a political action committee that began about eight years ago to save the ROLOH neighborhood residential Single Family 7 zoning from upzoning, is still in effect. It was over the 826 Sunset parcel that was bought by out-of-town land speculators. The property languishes as the owners constantly threaten a law suit to get the upzoning they desire. But like everything else in Lake Worth, the property has been abandoned over all of these years and is now rapidly deteriorating causing untold problems throughout the neighborhood, especially the nearby houses located on adjacent streets.

Vermin and racoons have resided on and about the property and it has been suggested that they have literally taken over its occupancy. Raccoons look for weak spots on a house to get through and start their family and multiply. There are plenty of weak spots as depicted above. The only solution the neighborhood now has is to capture these animals themselves and then when that is done, hope that the city will enforce its code and make sure the property is maintained. Raccoons can also be a health hazard if in or around your house.  Raccoons may leave millions of roundworm eggs in their feces and after a month they develop to the infective stage. 

A raccoon invasion 
Raccoons love abandoned houses

William Waters responded:
Mr. Waples:
We are in contact with the owners through Code Compliance and are following up with the order for Board & Secure. We will have to inspect the board & secure to approve the final certificate at which time we would have the legal opportunity to go on the property itself and assess the building. A board & secure requires that all openings are secure not just doors and windows. We will not be able to final the board & secure unless all the openings including the ones in the roof are secured. Based on the extent of the deterioration, the owners may decide to demolish verses secure. We will keep you apprised of their response and it will go to the Special Magistrate should they not respond as a notice of violation has been prepared and has been filed. Thank you.
William Waters, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Red Herring

It's really incredible that Obama will be lifting sanctions to a known enemy one that hates this country and its ally, Israel, and one who would love nothing more than our total demise. Obama is not capable of negotiating with any country least of all an enemy regime.  We should be supporting our friends in this region, not our enemies, who are now convinced that Obama has made America tired and weak.

Marco Rubio said, ”This agreement will not ‘freeze’ Iran’s nuclear program and won’t require the regime to suspend all enrichment as required by multiple UN Security Council resolutions. By allowing the Iranian regime to retain a sizable nuclear infrastructure, this agreement makes a nuclear Iran more likely. There is now an even more urgent need for Congress to increase sanctions until Iran completely abandons its enrichment and reprocessing capabilities.

This agreement shows other rogue states that wish to go nuclear that you can obfuscate, cheat, and lie for a decade, and eventually the United States will tire and drop key demands. Iran will likely use this agreement – and any that follows that does not require any real concessions – to obtain a nuclear weapons capability.

This agreement is a blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about America’s commitment to their security and it sends the wrong message to the Iranian people, who continue to suffer under the repressive rule of their leaders who have only their own self-preservation in mind.

Just days ago, Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei, who will oversee implementation of this agreement, was calling Israel a ‘rabid dog’ and accusing the United States of war crimes. Yet today President Obama is asking us to accept the pledges of this regime, which still refuses to end its support for terrorism and admit the illicit nature of its past nuclear work.”

Lake Worthians don't under perform

We have all sorts of unsatisfactory goings on in Lake Worth but this one happened in the County.  Can the Post get it right? We don't want to be given credit for bad sex out of our city limits. We have enough prostitutes walking on Dixie and Federal and the PBSO just had a recent crack-down. There were no reported complaints from "johns" here about bad sex.

Man charged with aggravated assault after refusing to pay for 'unsatisfactory' sex in Lake Worth.

718 North M, a house in Lake Worth's historic district

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Probably the most interesting item that recently came before the Historic Preservation Board was the following:

The house at 718 North M Street was constructed in 1939. The owner wanted to replace the existing galvanized metal shingle roof with a new 5v crimp metal roof. Metal roofs last much longer than other types. Other houses adjacent to and in the neighborhood have metal roofs.

Directly across the street--also with metal roof

Staff decided to hold the board’s feet to the fire and said that roof material can, in and of itself, be a contributing historic element of a building, but design is only one of seven aspects of historic integrity. Staff took into consideration previous discussion and the decision made by the Board concerning 918 North Palmway, and what they considered the ‘twin’ of the subject property. For that COA request for roof replacement (HRPB 12-00100181) the Board voted to approve the replacement of the original metal shingle roof with a new dimensional asphalt shingle roof. In other words, the owner’s request was denied.

It was the opinion of Staff that the proposed change from metal shingle to asphalt shingle roof is consistent with past decisions by the Board concerning similar requests. This change would be consistent with the original design of the roof covering, though the material of the roof would be changed. It was a pragmatic opinion and the board went along with staff's recommendation. Commissioner Herman Robinson, not a rubber stamp, was the only one who said, again, that the board's decisions need to be on a case-by-case basis and was visibly uncomfortable with staff's and the Board's direction.  Four board members were in attendance. Those absent were Judith Just and Mark Clary. The vote was unanimous to go with staff's (William Waters) recommendation--asphalt not metal.

So, once a decision is made on one property, you can't divert in a decision on a different property? As one general contractor said after his project (a different one) was later voted upon, the Historic Preservation board needs some paraphrase what he said--you can't allow other properties to have metal roofs and not this one--be consistent. This is how law suits develop.

Willie Howard, a Class Act

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As most all of you know, Willie was our reporter here in Lake Worth for many years, always attending city commission meetings and reporting on the commission decisions that affected all of our lives.  We have had some doozies.  His assignment was changed this past Summer and he began to cover the Palm Beach Gardens area. Announced in October, he is now taking early retirement.

Willie is an outdoorsman and as such he wrote his last outdoors column for the Palm Beach Post. It appeared in yesterday's Outdoor World. Read the article to learn about the photography exhibit now at the Cultural Council entitled "The Deep and the Shallow: Photographers Exploring a Watery World."

Willie said, "This is my final outdoors column for the Palm Beach Post. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to write about many aspects of Florida's outdoors for The Post since 1996, a job that included traveling to out-of-the-way places and meeting many people I still consider friends. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their stories and their expertise. See you on the water or in the woods."

We all will miss Willie.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nancy Pelosi defends it and black students cross their fingers that they don't get sick

God, this is another politician who really needs to take her meds. She believes her own incoherent lies.

And then comes some black students at Bowie State College whose majority all voted for Obama--their healthcare has gone up from $50 a semester to $900. Whoa!

Car Mess of the Week

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Just more blight. Lake Worth is a dumping ground?
This is totally illegal. No tag. No tires. Inoperable.

Crime on Wright Drive

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Unfortunately, we have reported on the slum and blight on this once pristine street and now we have criminals hanging out.  That is what happens when a city looks the other way to slum. Street conditions get worse and criminals take over.

Reported by the president of ROLOH:

Even on Wright Drive Crime Happens.

Range Rover with custom wheels with two white males in it parked on Wright Drive.  Obviously out of place and a neighbor went out to ask what they were up to.  So instead of replying with "we are looking at a listing or doing a home inspection" what ever they were up to, they told the neighbor to (in much more graphic words) to mind his own business. 

Well the neighbor decided to take a pic in which the man in the vehicle reached out and stole his iPhone and drove off.  Sheriff Called and report made.  So if you see a Range Rover with custom wheels sitting in the street go ahead and Make the Call ya'll as I'm sure the deputies are very interested in speaking to them.  


Quote of the Day - Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell

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This election will certainly be contentious but I have no doubt we will secure victory with your help as we continue to stand up for a better Lake Worth.

~ Scott Maxwell

Is the vice mayor talking about all the increased slum, blight and crime since he's been in office that has now made our city one of the top crime cities in the country? We are now safer than 4% of the cities in the country.  Back in 2009, when he first campaigned for office, he promised to improve the "overall health, sanitation and safety conditions of our homes" and provide "cleaner and safer neighborhoods."

Perhaps he means contentious when he's referring to some of the horrible decisions and statements he made from the dais over the last two years (especially the one where he told the voters that their vote didn't count) and then went ahead and voted in a hotel district.

Is this the "common sense" and "uncommon leadership" he was referring to back then? Is it the lack of transparency that has been implemented from the dais when he talks about "uncommon leadership?" Is it "You'' do it my way" and forget about what the people want? Trust is paramount when one is talking to and representing residents. Or is uncommon leadership just all the unfulfilled promises that went by the wayside?  Our city has regressed in the nearly five years that he has been in office but his personal political career has taken off.

A politician is known by the promises he keeps.  ~Author Unknown
Promise only what you can deliver.  Then deliver more than you promise.  ~Author Unknown

As Scott Maxwell says he does not return phone calls or e-mails and also says he does not read blogs. I trust someone will forward this to him. 

located in District 1, one of many

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tonight's Sky

Art Gallery Designs

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Are you opened?
With a main focus on art classes, Art Gallery Designs opened today.
Located next door to Dave's Last Resort

Annette's hand-painted furniture

PBSO on prostitution crack-down in Lake Worth

PBSO still working on cracking down on prostitution in Lake Worth and looking closely at abandoned houses where they hang out.  Fun.

Read about it and view the video.

ArtFest at the Lake Worth beach

One more day for the most fabulous event ever at our Lake Worth beach or anywhere!  Don't miss this amazing ArtFest---better than SunFest. This will be a destination event for Lake Worth and will be as important as the Street Painting Festival.  I envision having to bus people to this event in the future. Bring your money--

Lake Worth Casino Black-tie Event