Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sunset 9-30-14

It was amazing to see light after that brief electrical storm

And the Rains came

Major Security Failure

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"The fact is the system broke down," declared committee chairman Darrell Issa. "An intruder walked in the front door of the White House, and that is unacceptable."

It was so simple.  He jumped the fence. He was not spotted on cameras or by dogs. The door to the Whitehouse was unlocked.  And Omar J. Gonzales just walked in.

What if this had been a group of terrorists?  One of the president's daughters was in the house but the President could have been there. What then?  What can we expect next? Can you even imagine how serious this all is and everyone is treating it like kid gloves. If it weren't for the hard questions from the U.S. Congress and a whistleblower coming forward with the truth, this would all be swept under the rug.

Secret Service Director Pierson said she took full responsibility for the failures and "I'll make sure that it does not happen again."  "I wish to God you protected the White House like you protected your reputation here today," Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch told her at a hearing.

"Did you ever hear of these guys?'' Rep. John Mica, R-Fla asked, displaying an ADT security sign. Come on guys.  Change out this detail. It's no wonder we can't secure our borders. We can't even keep our president safe.

Obama's control

The Lake Worth commission must be following Obama's example on this one:
In July 2009, White House reporter Helen Thomas said: “The point is the control from here. We have never had that in the White House. And we have had some control but not this control. I mean I’m amazed, I’m amazed at you people who call for openness and transparency and have controlled… Nixon didn’t try to do that… They couldn’t control (the media). They didn’t try. What the hell do they think we are, puppets? They’re supposed to stay out of our business. They are our public servants. We pay them.”
Read all 839 examples of Obama's lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc.

The buck stops with everyone else

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Obama has had continued passes from the media until lately. Taking the above thought even further, "it seems there are some issues about which even the sycophantic media are unwilling to give President Obama a pass. On Sunday, Obama equivocated on missing the rise of ISIL when he told 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft that it was the intelligence community’s fault. By Monday evening, the intelligence community and the media were crying foul." 

Read more about it...

Now if we can just get the local media to stop giving "passes" to this commission, we all might be better off here in Lake Worth. If we can get the commission to stop bullying, intimidating, believing that we the people are misguided and finding fault by blaming everyone else for its failures, we could possibly have some progress in Lake Worth.

Bill Maher - What an Embarrassment

This liberal punk makes $2,769,750 per year after lifestyle, taxes and other expenses according to Rich but Broke. Every now and then he has a moment of lucidity--this was not one of them.

Rain, Reliability, and Smarty Plants

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The Post article says, "As of 11 p.m. Monday, fewer than 200 customers in Palm Beach County remained without power, according to Florida Power & Light. Earlier in the evening, nearly 2,800 customers had lost power." But guess what?  Lake Worth Utilities NEVER lost power--our electricity is the most reliable.  Read about it...

But what better weather for new plantings and new trees.  A few weeks ago, and just in time for all this rain, one of our Foxtail palms that had been struggling to survive over the past few years finally saw its last day. I was told that the new tree would need to be watered every day for the first 30 days and boy have we been getting rain.

Thanks to the suggestion of our former Tree Board chair, Gael Silverblatt, I drove to Amelia's Smarty Plants at 1515 N. Dixie Highway, picked out a tree, and they were here the very next day. It will take this little tree several years to catch up with the others but it looks healthy and happy.
If I hadn't read Smarty Plants' web site I never would have known that the Rugose Spiraling White Fly has subsided and no longer a problem. This will save me $1,160 a year treating trees that no longer need it. If you haven't been to Smarty Plants yet, drop by.  The business is situated on 2 acres and you will be amazed at all the inventory and special items that they sell.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Another Muslim Lunatic

A fired Oklahoma City nursing home employee was arrested after a female coworker reported that he threatened to behead her, the Oklahoman said.  He was asked why they kill Christians and he replied, “This is just what we do.”

Read about the crazies coming out of the woodwork.

Lake Worth Housing Report

Provided by Active Rain--Trulia and Realtor 

Click on graphic to enlarge

Quote of the Day - Allen West

"Barack Hussein Obama took out his pen and ordered our Military to enlist illegal aliens. In other words, this charlatan has allowed those who have disrespected our Constitution and are not citizens to take an oath to support and defend the very document, our rule of law, of which they are in violation."

~ Allen West

Why Holder Resigned

Thank God for Judicial Watch--
"U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates has denied a request from the Department of Justice to delay the release of a list of Operation Fast and Furious documents being protected under President Obama's assertion of executive privilege." 
Click here...

The Lake Worth Dais - They just won't "get it"

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Although this commission has now lost the last two elections, they still want to put the blame on the "victors" ...you know, the people who don't agree with their "vision" that represent over one half of the city. The mayor  honestly believes that we walk the streets knocking on doors bringing out the other side of the message just for the hell of it--believing that our intentions are dishonest. You sort of have to wonder about who's running this "funny farm."

We have always, since I can remember, had two distinct factions in Lake Worth--one that wants to develop every square inch even into the sky and the other that wants to maintain our small town look and feel--those who sleep with developers and special interests and those who don't have anything on their minds other than love of city.

On or around September 5, the Mayor said: "Now for all of you long time Lake Worth residents, I know the battles that you fought on every side of the issue. But somewhere along the line it became about the battle, not the issues. The military attitude of win at all costs, has pitted friend against friend, neighbor against neighbor and the friendships and the sense of the community is what is lost at all costs. Decades of past hurts and resentments resurface each time an election comes to town, and distrust prompts the distortion of truth or the apathy that prevails. 

The veil has been lifted, its time to put that chasm that has denied our progress over the last two decades to an end by coming together differences and all.  

We need to create plans together, that work towards realizing our city's full potential with every decision that we make, decisions that make a difference to the less fortunate in our city by bringing in standards that improve their quality of life."

Well, folks, to this day, we have not heard about Plan B for our roads and infrastructure.  We have heard political speeches. Is there going to be a Plan B or are they simply going to turn around and put the issue back on the ballot telling you to "go stuff it?"  No one who voted against this bond has received a phone call or an e-mail asking to sit down at the table. Not one word has been mentioned by this commission. Instead, they arrange petty little one-sided battles from the dais and relish in the fact that they might have made a few uncomfortable by allowing and encouraging bullying. That tactic won't cut it and the mayor and the majority on the dais still don't get it.

If there was going to be any change, the mayor would heed her statement about "coming together and making plans together." So far, all is silent and all mention of the vote outcome is "out of sight and out of mind." They probably believe it was all a fluke.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lake Worth Alumni Barbecue

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It was a nice Sunday afternoon -- great food and chatting with old friends. Some of the people there (we missed the Dorseys)  were Mr. & Mrs. James Addison, Sally Welch, Katie & Randy McGiveron, Ann Harvey, John Harvey, Virginia Thomas, John Adair, M/M Bill Thrasher, Roberta Stephens, Caryl Anderson, Lonny Mills, Randy Hall, Jenni Chastain, Phil Calcagno and my beautiful cousin, Laurie Figueroa. Paulette Burdick, Palm Beach County commissioner is seen talking with Katie. I was lucky enough to win the chocolate basket from Hoffmans.

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel - The Deadly Doctor

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is unlike any doctor I have ever known. He takes the cake and personifies everything wrong with extremists--

"I think this manic desperation to endlessly extend life is misguided and potentially destructive. For many reasons, 75 is a pretty good age to aim to stop."

~ Ezekiel Emanuel

Obama on War in Iraq

CNN recently reported that 113 Iraqi troops were executed by ISIS in the attack on the Sejar military base located east of insurgent-controlled Fallujah near Baghdad.  The U.S. is once again sending troops to Iraq.

Lake Worth has new Human Resource Director

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One of the reasons why Commissioner Amoroso did not vote for our new Budget was that he wanted to confer with our new Human Resource Director. In the first and second public meetings, he never was specific as to his concerns. There must have been serious questions regarding staff as our former HR Director, Mark Farrington, was here throughout the budget process and did not leave until August 1.

Germaine English, a graduate of Florida A&M University (FAMU) receiving her law degree in 2012, is our new Human Resource Director.

Per her resume, she has 15 years of experience encompassing employee relations, benefits, compensation, recruiting and management. No matter the experience, I would imagine that it will take some time to evaluate staff and be able to make recommendations to the city manager and department heads or even to Commissioner Amoroso.

Lake Worth has experienced a high of 521 employees in 2005 when we still had our own police department. That didn't change much until Budget 2010 when we went with PBSO. We lost 186 to the PBSO but gained 14 employees in Recreation and 7 in transportation. We had an all time low of 268 in 2013. In 2014 it went up to 342. In 2015, the total number of employees is proposed to decrease by 3, by eliminating 12 positions and adding 9 positions

Ms. English's last position was that of Chief of Personnel Services for the 15th Judicial Circuit Court, State of Florida. She oversaw more than 275 employees in five locations. In Lake Worth she will oversee policy for 339 employees. The City of Lake Worth is still the number one employer in the city.

A Muslim cleric who "gets it"

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tonight's Sky

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Crime stats Lake Worth

THEFT/LARCENY-- 14124591-- 1700 BLOCK 12TH AVE S-- Palm Beach County Sheriff-- 9/27/2014 5:21:00 AM

ASSAULT-- 14124538-- 500 BLOCK S PALMWAY-- Palm Beach County Sheriff-- 9/26/2014 10:10:00 PM

BURGLARY - RESIDENCE-- 14124501-- 500 BLOCK GRISWOLD DR-- Palm Beach County Sheriff 9/26/2014 8:10:00 PM

DISTURBANCE-- 14124457-- 400 BLOCK N D ST-- Palm Beach County Sheriff-- 9/26/2014 6:26:00 PM

DISTURBANCE-- 14124340 --2200 BLOCK 4TH AVE N-- Palm Beach County Sheriff-- 9/26/2014 1:31:00 PM

THEFT/LARCENY-- 14124301-- 600 BLOCK N G ST-- Palm Beach County Sheriff-- 9/26/2014 11:43:00 AM

VANDALISM-- 14124231-- 800 BLOCK 13TH AVE N-- Palm Beach County Sheriff-- 9/26/2014 8:54:00 AM

 ASSAULT-- 14124193-- 1100 BLOCK 12TH AVE S-- Palm Beach County Sheriff --9/26/2014 6:04:00 AM

STOLEN VEHICLE--14124177--900 BLOCK S K ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/26/2014 3:08:00 AM

ASSAULT--14124151--400 BLOCK N D ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/26/2014 12:19:00 AM

BURGLARY - RESIDENCE--14124143--1400 BLOCK 12TH AVE S--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 10:19:00 PM

DISTURBANCE--14124109--100 BLOCK S K ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 9:03:00 PM

BURGLARY - RESIDENCE--14124062--600 BLOCK N D ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 6:10:00 PM

BURGLARY - RESIDENCE--14124006--900 BLOCK S F ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 3:54:00 PM--

BURGLARY - RESIDENCE--14123996--000 BLOCK N C ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 3:38:00 PM

BURGLARY - RESIDENCE--14123982--300 BLOCK BANYAN DR--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 3:09:00 PM--

BURGLARY - RESIDENCE--1412396--11500 BLOCK BARTON RD--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 2:14:00 PM

THEFT/LARCENY--14123936--1000 BLOCK LUCERNE AVE--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 12:17:00 PM
THEFT/LARCENY--14123915--000 BLOCK N M ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 12:06:00 PM

BEVERAGE VIOLATION--14123872--3200 BLOCK LAKE WORTH RD--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 11:00:00 AM
BEVERAGE VIOLATION--14123858--2800 BLOCK LAKE WORTH RD--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 10:15:00 AM

ASSAULT--14123843--8TH AVE S & S J ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--9/25/2014 9:34:00 AM

Creepy Crawly

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Don't know what this is but it might be the red assassin bug...this is the first time I have ever seen this type of insect.

Don't mess with a Senior Citizen

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Woman shoots man at Century Village, housing community for Seniors.

Detours in Lake Worth

This 0.072-mile project began on Monday, Sept. 15, and is expected to be completed by late fall 2014. The project limits are on State Road 5/Federal Highway from 10th Avenue South to just south of 9th Avenue South, in the City of Lake Worth.

This project is part of a group of drainage improvement projects in Palm Beach County, and includes the installation of French drains, the replacement of sidewalks, curbs, ramps, and driveways, and the resurfacing of disturbed areas. Combined construction cost for this contract is $1.3 million. Work is being performed by Community Asphalt Corporation, with FDOT overseeing the project.

Detour Information (to last for duration of the project). Northbound Federal Highway traffic will be detoured east on 12th Avenue South, north on South Palmway and west on 8th Avenue South. Southbound Federal Highway traffic will be detoured west on 8th Avenue South, south on South N Street, and east on 10thAvenue South.

Typical Politics - Lake Worth - The Bullies

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Back in December 2011, a motion was made by Scott Maxwell and seconded by Andy Amoroso to fire our city manager.  We all knew that Maxwell hated Stanton because she didn't let him get away with his bullying. Amoroso didn't have a reason. When asked he said, "My motion is enough reason." Back then, Amoroso went along with the flow but seems lately to be coming into his own--better late than never.

Mayor Triolo voted to fire City Manager Susan Stanton because of Triolo's vision of prosperity and respect of all people. No kidding--that's what she said. Just three weeks after being elected, she determined that Susan Stanton did not have "her" vision and she gave no respect to Ms. Stanton. Actually, the mayor's own words get in her way as she has proved that her shoulders are not big enough to tactfully handle anyone who disagrees with her.

Often times with a lack of awe-inspiring decisions, many on the dais forget what they said and when they said it.  As Scott Maxwell would say, "I'm tired of the game playing" but this is typical politics from someone who knows how to play the game better than most.

Alton Nolen a/k/a Jah’Keem Yisrael

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The Facebook page of the dangerous criminal known to be unstable and violent in the past just happens to be a radical Muslim and  beheaded a woman in Oklahoma. Converting to Islam while in prison in 2011, Alton Nolen,  now goes by the name Jah’Keem Yisrael.

Sometimes you win; sometimes you...

We didn't get rained out but the Lake Worth Trojans just couldn't cut it last night.  The game at half-time was 35/6 with Royal Palm Beach ahead.  It ended with a score of 49/6.  Royal Palm killed us in yards rushing with 271 yards to Lake Worth's 73. Our one touchdown was by Williams for 81 yards.
About ten alumni were there to root our team on.
Lead by someone in the sportcaster's booth, we all sang Happy Birthday to Tommy, class of 1961.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Radical cleric and 8 others arrested in UK

Read about the "holy" terrorist here,

The Environmental Liberal Propaganda

These liberals are always blaming things on the Koch Brothers. But liberals NEVER mention the most dangerous guy of all--public enemy #1--socialist/communist George Soros who gave $23.58 million to various 527 groups dedicated to defeating Bush.  His early financial support helped jump-start Barack Obama’s political career and look what good came of that...$17.5 trillion dollars in debt and climbing.Since the Obama presidency, the U.S. has accumulated as much new debt as it did in it’s first 227 years.

Rules are for the other guy

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"What do you do when your commission doesn't follow the rules? Let's have some respect and follow the rules."

~ Mayor Pam Triolo, 9-23-14

The mayor said that she didn't believe in putting out any negativity towards anything...she forgot to say towards "anyone." Those who disagree with commission policy are not included in this respect for the rules thing.

Lake Worth gets an F grade

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Our problem in Lake Worth has been union benefits and retirement costs and contracts that are unsustainable. Because of what we have to pay into these accounts and money we have to pay PBSO for keeping us "safe," leaves Lake Worth in a precarious state.
The study printed in today's Palm Beach Post
gives Lake Worth an F grade. If you notice in the graph, Lake Worth has gone from C and D grades to F's for Employees and Police since 2010. According to the C.A.F.R. for the year ending September 30, 2013, the following are Lake Worth's unfunded liabilities:

The Employee’s retirement $ 43,463,807
The Police retirement plan $ 22,660,667
The Fire retirement plan $ 23,593,457

Rick Scott wins straw poll

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Rick Scott must love blueberries!

We have been reading about a lot of polls on Rick Scott and Charlie Crist being close but the forum and its straw poll just held in Orlando at the Orange County Convention center by the Farm Credit/Florida Ag Institute’s Candidates Forum knocked Crist out of the ballgame.

According to its web site, the forum attracts over 300 of the state’s most influential agricultural opinion leaders from virtually every commodity group as well as media (TV, radio, local print and trade publications) from around the state. The forum is held in conjunction with the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Associations (FNGLA).

Read about it...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Read about Boca and Pot

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Read about Boca

Legalizing medical marijuana will be before Florida voters in November. But before voters have a say on Amendment 2, Boca's city staff wants to keep the outlets out of the city until they can get a grip on regulating them, said Mike Woika, assistant city manager. An ordinance introduced Tuesday night would put a moratorium on the marijuana dispensaries for at least a year.

Great--they beat us to it.  Now they all can come to Lake Worth.

TD Bank robber

TD Bank robbed

This 2008 Lake Worth High School graduate didn't learn these "skills" at school:  screaming obscenities, bank robbery, firing multiple shots from his gun at a police officer and using it to hit tellers over the head. Somewhere over the last 6 years, Eddie Bean lost his way.

Eric Holder

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I guess he won't be coming to Lake Worth afterall---

Click here...

Lake Worth Chamber of Commerce

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Nearly three years ago and before the merger with the Central Palm Beach Chamber, Commissioner Mulvehill wanted to include in the motion that the debt that was owed to us by the Chamber be included in the contract. The "visionaries" did not want to include the debt and the Vice Mayor even went so far as to say, "It is inappropriate to put it on the agenda." Maxwell further stated that "It is irresponsible to make allegations; it takes away from the spirit."

The Chamber owed the city money in the amount of $10,450 that included a "lost" golf cart.  Also, it was stated that the merger would not trigger the repayment of the $300,000 that was given to them by the City of Lake Worth back in 2005 as it would not constitute a cessation of existence, an agreement in the structured deal. Read about another deal to the Chamber, Your Tax Dollars paying for Chamber Mortgage...just more shenanigans.

Now we learn Tuesday night that the Chamber of Commerce has this Lake Avenue building up for sale. This commission did not protect our interest in this building at the time of the merger.

According to PAPA:
Improvement Value $174,674
Land Value $177,820

Total Market Value $352,494

Decorum at City Commission Meetings

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In the latest Rasmussen Poll, only eight percent (8%) think most members of Congress get reelected because they do a good job representing their constituents. Seventy percent (70%) say most get reelected because election rules are rigged to benefit members of Congress. That’s up four points from last month and the highest level of cynicism in five years of regular surveying. Twenty-three percent (23%) are undecided. That's what the city commission did (rigging) when it exempted itself from the Uniform Municipal Election Act, another story.

This entire polling mindset trickles down to local politics. If you are at home watching meetings, you miss all of the commissioner smirks, all of the tempers, all of the rolling of eyes, and all of the "playing politics," enough so that there are plenty of times you just want to throw your hands up in the air and say, "Why bother?"

On Tuesday night, a few on the dais, and one in particular, was irritated with a few commissioners who did not approve of the budget.  This was under PUBLIC HEARINGS.  Public means just that. This IS the time for discussion--between commissioners and the public. No one should have to be intimidated to vote in lockstep whether it be the 365th day of the year or the first day.

A citizen had legitimate questions regarding the ECR facility on what they are going to build, why we need it and the overall cost of $112,794,000.00. None of his questions and concerns were addressed.  Why not? Why should citizens be treated so contemptuously and just mindlessly accept the decisions of this commission and then have to be ignored (other than McVoy who did make a statement) or publicly assassinated?

If a commissioner is going to address another commissioner, he should be cordial and use decorum--something greatly lacking these days. I was happy to to see Commissioner Amoroso standing up for his convictions and expressing his displeasure with the political rhetoric by the Vice Mayor who looked like he was about to explode during his "speech." Amoroso stated, "He's playing politics." Setting a budget IS a BIG deal ($167 million) so why should any commissioner  get upset with the process?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sunset 9-24-14

Medical Pot is dangerous for Florida - Vote NO on 2

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Medical marijuana in California has mutated into legal marijuana and that's what it will do right here in Florida. Can you even imagine walking down Lake Avenue and possibly having a Pot Shop on our main drag right next to the kava bar and Sen. Jeff Clemen's office? He is the one who is advocating for this and we will eventually see pot heads all over town.  All you will need to get a prescription is telling your doctor that you can't sleep. We will be legalizing drug dealers.  Vote NO.

"Rebel" Training in Syria

It just keeps getting more and more insane--now Syrian "rebel" training will take at least 12 months. ISIS has wiped out the border between Syria and Iraq in just a short time and this training program, that will take 3 or 4 months to implement, will take an initial $500,000.

"We think if we can restore the border, it goes a long way to beginning to put the kind of pressure on ISIL that will lead to its ultimate defeat," Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, using a common acronym for the group that U.S. intelligence officials estimate has up to 31,000 fighters."   Military.com

We can't even secure our own borders in the United States. Now we're going to "screen" certain "allied"  candidates in Syria for competence and loyalty and restore the border? How in the heck do we do that? I put these words in quotes as no one really knows if these "rebels" are friend or foe or if a friend now, will remain so.  Here is some background on some Syrian rebels.

History tells us that no clean end comes to wars conducted like this.

Lake Worth Commission passes budget with 9.7% increase

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The wild, wild West

The first motion to pass the 2014/2015 budget did not get a second. It went down in flames. Questions were asked as to why there was no second. If they had asked me I would have said, "Well commissioners, you are spending $25,000 on entertaining yourselves but only budgeting $15,000 for asphalt. That would have been a starter.

Vice Mayor Maxwell asked, "Is this politicking? I'm tired of the game playing. We have fundamental issues in this city that need to be fixed. Man up. Fix the problem. Cut it out with the politics. It's not a pretty job; it's a dirty job and we're kicked every single day by that faction of the city that wants to keep things the same since the wild, wild west was rule of the day. I'm over this. Like the mayor said, put on your big girl panties and let's move forward."

Playing the blame game and insulting your constituents just doesn't cut it, Vice Mayor. Making up excuses and denying that there is great concern, doesn't cut it either. Start listening to people. Shouldn't elected officials be honest instead of accusing people of "nit-picking the stuff" as Maxwell suggested?

This commission just raised taxes by 9.7%; it raised our water rates by 5% for five years and our sewer by 8% for the same amount of time. We will be paying on a new ECR facility that will cost its members $112,000,000 for 30 years. This tax increase affects this new budget. A new motion to accept the $167 million dollar budget was made and passed on a 3 to 2 vote with McVoy and Amoroso dissenting.

The Nonagenarian

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In her "golden years," Lee Antieau is just plain golden. And last night she was given a proclamation read by Commissioner McVoy honoring her 96 years as well as her long term residency in our city.  See the video

Those in the chamber signed her card and she was presented with a dozen long-stem red roses. When asked about it, she said that she was totally surprised and kept asking her husband Gary why he was "dragging" her to the meeting. Her family and many friends were there to pay tribute.

The mayor giving her a hug

Obama's Job Performance tanks again

"Obama's approval ratings are so low now - the Kenyans are now accusing him of being born in the United States."

Although Obama is now leading the war against ISIS, dropping missiles at night when all the bad guys are somewhere else, and has five Muslim nations (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Jordan) helping, his approval rating slid into the toilet this week showing just 35 percent of Americans approving of his job performance.

The poll

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Growing Islamic movement in America

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"There is a growing Islamic movement in America, and its endgame is to make the United States look more like Saudi Arabia and less like the land of the free and the home of the brave we know today."

And thank God for Governor Scott. I would even hate to think what the liberals would do. "We’re seeing some states like North Carolina and Florida resist the attempt to incorporate Islamic “sharia” law into our legal system by banning the use of foreign legal codes in state courts. This is important because many forms of sharia condone honor killings, polygamy and the suppression of women."


Gulfstream Hotel - The Plans

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Pineapple Beach Neighborhood Association held its meeting last night at South Grade Elementary School with Pam Bergsma, President, presiding.  Its guest speaker was Steven Michael of Hudson Holdings, the company that recently bought the Gulfsream Hotel.  Mr. Michael was enthusiastic and proud to own this historic hotel and we are very lucky to get a company of this quality coming into our city to restore it.

Phase 1 will begin with the interior demolition expected to be completed by the end of 90 days. They plan on leaving the hallways intact and preserve as many historical features as possible such as the lights and floors. It will have 97 rooms with a two story lobby. The roof-top nightclub, being designed by an architect from Atlanta, will be enclosed with glass in order to insulate the sound and it will have some sort of roof enclosure. There will be a fine dining restaurant, a spa and pool deck and up to 10-15,000 square feet of retail.  He anticipates that the hotel will be opened in about 14 months.

In phase 2, the plans are for building a 4 story 250 car parking garage on the vacant lot as well as a 60 foot addition that will have another 75 rooms/apartments. There is no start date projected for this phase.

Speaking to the audience Mr. Michael said, "You are our partners."  After the meeting, and in order to not make it political or the least bit uncomfortable for Mr. Michael (even though his firm gave $1,500 to the YES Pac in the recent bond referendum that lost at the polls), he was given a paper by a concerned resident explaining the circumstances of the heights referendum of March 2013 where 56% of the voters said no more than 45 feet could be built in that area.

An excerpt from that paper:

"In 2014, the Commission went to court to fight against placing this amendment in the City Charter and based their case on a 2013 Florida Statute that impermissibly included an ex post facto condition extending it back to 2011. The case has not been adjudicated. Ex post facto legislation makes a law effective from a date prior to its enactment, and is expressly forbidden by both the Federal Constitution and the Florida Constitution.

The proscription against ex post facto legislation has always been applicable to Criminal cases and is now extending to Civil cases, particularly when people’s rights are infringed upon. In this case, the rights of the voters to limit the heights in their city and environment are being squashed by this legislation.

The Charter has been footnoted to indicate this basis for not amending our Charter, probably as a caution to prospective developers to proceed at their own risk."

Termination for convenience - Chamber of Commerce

City Manager, Michael Bornstein, has prepared a letter of termination of the contract with Palm West Chamber of Commerce. This is on the Agenda tonight under New Business.

Via Facsimile Transmission (with confirmation of receipt) and hand-delivery
Palms West Chamber of Commerce, Inc.,
d/b/a Central Palm Beach County
Chamber of Commerce
Attn: Wayne Burns, President/CEO
501 Lake Avenue
Lake Worth, FL 33460
Facsimile: (561) 547-8300

RE: Termination for Convenience

Dear Mr. Burns:
Pursuant to the Agreement between the City of Lake Worth and the Palms West Chamber of Commerce, Inc., d/b/a Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce, the City of Lake Worth hereby provides its notice of termination for convenience. The Agreement shall be terminated on September 30, 2014.

Michael Bornstein,
City Manager

City Commission
City Attorney

Obama cracking down

Yesterday, the Obama administration cracked down on certain overseas corporate mergers and acquisitions, aiming to curb American companies from shifting their ownership abroad to shirk paying U.S. taxes.

Finally--making the correct decision--Read about it...

Stolen vehicle on Ocean Breeze

The bad guys just missed the YES Pac Chair's car.

STOLEN VEHICLE 14122959 200 BLOCK OCEAN BREEZE Palm Beach County Sheriff 9/22/2014 9:01:00 PM

Casey, Ciklin, was it the Culture?

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The facts

Boose, Casey, Ciklin, Lubitz, Martens, O’Connell was the law firm we originally hired to help negotiate the Greater Bay contract, a contract that was signed by former Vice Mayor Retha Lowe when it was ripped out of the hands of the then mayor Marc Drautz in November 2006.  The following year, William Boose, a partner  at Casey Ciklin, went to prison, involved in the Masilotti scandal that put Masilotti in federal prison. The firm dropped the name of Boose.

Long time partner, Patrick Casey who helped start his firm in 1985, retired in 2012 and the firm immediately dropped the name Casey from the masthead. The firm did not honor his retirement benefits and he had to sue them in the amount of $511,200 and his share of the firm. Even the judge on the case said that managing partner Alan Ciklin's  testimony and credibility were questionable. Patrick Casey was just awarded $2.2 million and the firm is going to appeal. The judgment also affects every partner individually.

It came out during the trial that Casey, Ciklin had two sets of balance sheets dated October 31, 2012, the very day that Patrick Casey retired.  The Judge said that the evidence regarding another partner in the firm, Richard Martens, was a "charade being played out in order to manipulate a matter pending in the Family Division of this Court."

So, if a firm treats its founder this way and covers up for another partner in trying to eliminate alimony payments, and helped a former county commissioner hide profits from a land deal, you can't help but ask the question, "what else is or has been going on there throughout these 30 years?"  Is this the culture? You have to ask yourself, have all of their clients been represented fairly?

One of the partners, Brian Joslyn, was also the attorney that the City of Lake Worth hired to sue the petitioners on August 21, 2007 of We Love Lake Worth Political Action Committee of which Commissioner McVoy was the Chair. We Love Lake Worth, Inc. and its supporters were against the City's attempt to change our beach to a commercial zoning and allow a developer to grab our 19 acres of prime beachfront to develop a mall along with a parking garage. There was a citizens' law suit back then, McCauley/McNamara, against Greater Bay that stated it was not a 20 year lease but a 40 plus year lease as the development agreement had no time period where  performance was demanded. They could have tied up our beach for 100 years and our own attorneys missed this important factor. The WLLW case was dropped on June 23, 2009 after Greater Bay was relieved from its contract for non-performance. The private citizens' suit was dropped as well.

Casey, Ciklin represented the City of Lake Worth. They helped to negotiate the unfavorable Greater Bay contract and then after Greater Bay stalled for years and did nothing, they became our lawyers after the contract was terminated by the City Commission for non-performance. Who better to hire than the firm that actually helped draw up the original deal?  Brian Joslyn was then again appointed our "counsel," who helped drag out the case over three years and cost us $900,000 in legal fees just to end up recommending that we settle with Peter Willard and group (Greater Bay) for $1.6  million dollars. 

Joslyn put on some "mock" trials regarding Greater Bay. It never was mentioned in that public settlement meeting that he was arguing for Greater Bay during those "pretend" trials. Joslyn, the lawyer who was supposedly on our side, said that we "could have" lost millions more because he conducted four mock juries that "said so," a mockery in itself. This was all confirmed by Scott Maxwell. This majority commission that aligns itself with the original commission that got us into all of this costly predicament (other than Szerdi who was not yet elected and Christopher McVoy who was against Greater Bay) fell for the settlement deal, hook, line and "stinker."

Aside from this settle at all costs culture that we have at City Hall (suing its citizens is an exception), we put our faith and money in this firm and it cost us a bundle. Casey, Ciklin has been/is one of the most prominent long-time firms in Palm Beach County and now it's going to cost all of them with their prominent name dragged through the courts.

Monday, September 22, 2014

We are not secure in our own house

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As a citizen, I am totally outraged that anyone could breach the Whitehouse. What in the heck is happening to our security? What is happening in our country? It is no wonder no one feels safe anymore. Now the Secret Service says it is going to "boost" security and lock the door. God. Let's go back to Security 101. Mr. President, you should fire this team that is supposed to be watching over you and essentially watching over the free world.

Read about it...

Judge Jeanine - While Obama Dithers

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ISIS represents the greatest threat to our nation in its more than 200 year history – “Worse than what we faced in WWI, WWII – the attack on Pearl Harbor, and al Qaeda on 9/11...I’m telling you that ISIS – if not already on American soil – will be here. They ARE coming. And whether they come as a legion or lone wolves, the damage will be painful, and it will be extensive...we are not prepared and not ready for whatever attacks are planned." She cited Obama’s months of dithering as the threat grew, our insecure borders,  our inept Homeland Security and FBI.

Obama Policy - dangerous

It was only a week ago when Senate Democrats blocked the Republicans and their efforts to seize the passports of Americans fighting with terrorists overseas. Now 100 of these "people" have returned to the U.S. and the FBI is "looking" at them.  Now, for some reason, that's hard to believe especially when John Kerry says something stupid such as this:

"The threats posed by climate change should be addressed with as much 'immediacy' as confronting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and the Ebola outbreak."

These people should not be allowed back into this country...period.

Allen West on why Liberals hate Black Conservatives

The Political Baseball

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Mayor Jeri Muoio of West Palm Beach is playing a very dangerous political game.  On Sunday she said in her “insider newsletter” that “renewed talk of building a facility in Lake Worth is appealing.”

Sure it's appealing Ms. Muoio when you're playing politics. This is a game of hardball with the county.  "We own land that you and the national teams want but we want four parcels of land that you own in our downtown."  The County says "no" and the City of West Palm Beach suddenly came up with an outside buyer (no contract mind you) and they just played their winning strike. It seems that WPB has the winning home run here.

Muoio suggested that the County look again at John Prince Park. Maxwell and friends must be drooling as the city pirates have known about this for some time and have no problem with bulldozing a county park for private enterprise actually believing that money will trickle to our downtown.  They have been playing their own game of "take me to the ballgame" behind the scenes.

Retha Lowe used to talk about the political "football" when it came to our beach redevelopment.  Now it is elected officials playing the political hardball and the neighborhood be damned.  It's all about winning the game.

Briny Breezes

I'm forever talking about the cost of public safety but little Briny Breezes has no hope at all as public safety costs are very high in comparison to its ad-valorem revenues. It is a little town of 488 manufactured homes along State Road A1A. Those who reside and own their mobile homes consist mostly of "Snowbirds" from the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada. Briny breezes is one of two mobile home parks in Florida that are incorporated--those living there take care of all their own expenses and have interlocal agreements for some services.

Yesterday it published its budget which is 2.5% more than last year.
$345,000--advalorem taxes
$540,725--public safety
     $329,900--fire control

This town has nothing left over to fix potholes. 

Back in 2010, Briny Breezes had voted to pay Ocean Ridge $185,000 a year for policing on a three year contract. The police mainly check for unlocked doors or illegal parking for the beach. It receives only $900 a year from fines. It just renewed its contract in June that will go into effect on October 1. The cost will increase 1.5 percent per year plus any rise in the consumer price index.

Briny Breezes is now considering a high tech camera network that will photograph the license plates of those driving on A1A, a deterrent for the bad guys. Criminals move from town to town and this technology will be able to instantly read license plates. Those numbers will be compared to numbers in databases of stolen cars as well as owners who have any outstanding warrants. The town, like all the rest in Palm Beach County when it comes to public safety, has to figure out how to pay for it all.

Islamist group plots to bring down planes

The group known as Khorasan is led by Muhsin al-Fadhli, a senior al-Qaida operative who, according to the State Department, was so close to Bin Laden that he was among a small group of people who knew about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks before they were launched.

Read about the new plot to bring down airplanes

And now we have 3 Afghan soldiers missing from Cape Cod base.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Senate pledges $10 million for the arrest of those responsible for American beheadings

"...the United States will work tirelessly to ensure that the deaths of these beloved journalists do not go unpunished," said Marco Rubio.

Read more... at Al Arabiya News.

Charter Amendments - State vs. Lake Worth

Charter amendments. The governing body of a municipality may, by ordinance, or the electors of a municipality may, by petition signed by 10 percent (10%) of the registered electors as of the last preceding municipal general election, submit to the electors of said municipality a proposed amendment to its charter, which amendment may be to any part or to all of said charter except that part describing the boundaries of such municipality. The governing body of the municipality shall place the proposed amendment contained in the ordinance or petition to a vote of the electors at the next general election held within the municipality or at a special election called for such purpose.

Charter amendments
Section 9 c) Petitions.
(1) Number of signatures. Initiative and referendum petitions must be signed by qualified voters of the city equal in number to at least fifteen percent (15%) of the total number of qualified voters registered to vote at the last general city election.

As our city continuously cites State Statutes when its convenient in order to try and put doubt or over-turn an election, what about getting our Charter up-to-date? Our rules need to reflect State Statutes. Has anyone visited Lake Worth Muni-code lately? 

Oh, and just as a reminder--
The  election results won by the people on 45 feet in our downtown east of Dixie and 35 feet west, stand per Florida Statutes Section 166.031(2) and was effective on the date it was certified, March 19, 2013. According to the Inspector General's office, the date that the revised charter was filed or not filed with the Department of State, has no legal effect on whether or when the charter amendment is effective.

Doing the Right thing - Protecting single family neighborhoods

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I knew it would happen sooner or later...in today's Palm Beach Post, the editorial addresses all the concerns that we have regarding protecting our single family neighborhoods. It is hard enough when you have to deal with local politics and fight some of them all the way just to keep your neighborhood single family. Every neighborhood association in Lake Worth should 100% support this concept.

More sober houses and vacation rentals are popping up. Investors are buying entire blocks or even entire condo communities and converting them to housing for recovering addicts.  Vacation rentals are changing our neighborhoods into overnight hotels and competing against licensed places of lodging. These investors are motivated by greed and pay no attention to our zoning rules and could care less about our laws.

Read about it... and the Palm Beach Post's opinion that government must protect and preserve the local neighborhoods.

U.S. Marines at Camp Pendleton singing Days of Elijah

Allen West says, "Oh boy, this here video is surely going to send the head chucklehead of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Mikey Weinstein, into a apoplectic state of frothing hysteria. And you can imagine that the leadership of the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation is running about gnashing their teeth and tearing at their clothes. This video taken at Camp Pendleton shows U.S. Marines at a Christian worship service singing the upbeat Christian song, “Days of Elijah.” And as you will see, they are very enthusiastic about the song.

Snubbing Jesus?

The New York Times keeps sending me e-mails...for only 99 cents for 12 weeks, I can "stay connected to the world's events" they tell me. They forgot one wee important part-- "stay connected through the eyes of liberals." They failed to mention this administration and all the political correctness that we have to deal with that sometimes gets oh so sickening--all the militant atheists, enforcers and liberal courts that want to suppress Christians.

"New York Times snubs 'Jesus'. Maybe it was because the topic was Jesus ... approached from a Christian perspective ... by a well-known conservative ... with a family name that drives liberals nuts."

Read about it... at WND.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pineapple Beach Neighborhood Association

Pineapple Beach Neighborhood meeting Monday, Sept. 22 from 7-8pm
South Grade Elementary School (716 South K Street).

They start networking at 6:30. Jeff Perlman and Steven Michael, the new owners of the historical Gulfstream Hotel, will be the guest speakers. Pam Bergsma, president of Pineapple Beach say, "We would like to fill the room for this interesting and informative presentation. They will discuss the renovation plans and the future of the Gulfstream which I know is important to all who live in Lake Worth"

Clay Glass to have Fundraiser

Clay Glass Metal Stone Cooperative Gallery
A Cat-O-Strophic Affair
Opening, Saturday, October 4, 6-10 PM
A Fundraiser for Animal Shelters throughout Palm Beach County

Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery features some of Palm Beach County's finest animal and wild-life artists in an exhibit about CATS. The Cat-O-Strophic Affair opens on Saturday, October 4th and continues through Wednesday, October 15. Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery is located at 15 South J Street in Downtown Lake Worth. The exhibit is free to the public.

The Cat-O-Strophic Affair is designed to match animal lovers and art collectors with the exceptional art being created locally by artists. If patrons bring a card from their favorite animal shelter, 10% of that sale will be donated to the venue. Because the gallery is a non-profit cooperative, the works of art are accessibly priced for any pocket book.

Featured are paintings, pottery, sculpture and jewelry, all depicting cats; wild, home-bound, and anthropomorphic. The humor shown by the artists is rampant throughout the exhibition. Front and center is Mer-puss, the model for a huge MerPuss painting by Vandy. Strutting around the gallery are mouse toting cats. Conservationists will treasure the wild tigers and lions. Grab a cat-mug for a little cat-nip. Bracelets, pins and earrings have crept in on little cats' feet. Fuzzy felted cat-mobiles hang from the ceilings. Their felted cat relatives run rife. Wellington's contribution, a Cat-toon will be found on a wall.

Opening night features a huge mural on the outside wall of the gallery. This work, by artist Sharon Koskoff, can be installed on an interior wall, by Sharon, and embellished by the artist to look as if it were painted onto the wall.

Of the many artists featured in this Cat-O-Strophic event, many have gained national and inter-national fame for their depictions of whimsical, phantasmagoric as well as realistic renditions of cat-life in the world. Collectors will be faced with the widest variety of cat art and have access to artists for commissions of pet portraiture.

Clay Glass Metal Stone Cooperative Gallery is sponsored by the Flamingo Clay Studio, a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to provide affordable studio and gallery space for three-dimensional artists. The gallery is located at 15 South J Street in downtown Lake Worth. Hours are Sunday thru Tuesday, 10AM-5PM. Wednesday thru Saturday, 10AM-10PM. Gallery openings are the first and third Friday of each month from 6-9 PM with many special events in-between. For information call Joyce Brown-215-205-9441 or Joyce@flamingoclaystudio.org Gallery phone: 561-588-8344.

Quote of the Day - French Foreign Minister

"We are facing throat cutters.  They rape, crucify and decapitate. They use cruelty as a means of propaganda. Their aim is to erase borders and to eradicate the rule of law and civil society."

~ Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister

Speaking to the acts by the terrorists known as ISIS.

Great Egret eating a Snake in the Grass

You've heard of a snake in the grass? We have a group of treacherous people in this city who enjoy the sport of  attacking, twisting points and calling people names such as "terrorist" or "sociopath" just for expressing a view. Some of these people are in leadership roles. It is no wonder Lake Worth is in the shape it is in. They prefer to do that and steam roll over anyone with a different view than just debate/explain issues or in the case of this commission, be honest with the people they serve. That would be way too exhausting. Overall, they may have the support of their fellow "snakes in the grass" but it's all a matter of time when they are eventually left at the bottom of the rung.

But this is a literal "snake in the grass" and this Egret enjoyed his prize.

On Islamic Jihadists

"...we can do a head count of Muslims who live with honesty, integrity and morality. And through polling we can also approximate how many Muslims around the world are driven to lie, deceive and even murder infidels (in other words, us)...It is time for our leaders to wake up to the fact that there is a large segment of Islam that is a threat to our national security and therefore it is time to stop pandering to this so-called “religion of peace.”

I am an Islamophobe because I am a realist...

Marco Rubio on Combating ISIL

Read speech...

“And so despite my concerns about the underlying bill and the budgeting that it entails, I will support this resolution. Because I think it’s in the best interest of our national security.”

They had better know, without a shadow of any doubt, that these rebels are not al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, etc., but is there any way of really knowing that?

Read another perspective where author Roger Zakheim of the National Review says Rubio gave a 'fearless' speech, shedding all politics, regarding peace through strength.

Friday, September 19, 2014

PBC has doubts about WPB national baseball stadium

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And who wouldn't have doubts about investing all those millions?   The complex is estimated to cost $140,000 million with the county contributing $90 million from bed tax.  The teams want an escalator clause that will generate $65 million more off the backs of taxpayers.

The economic benefits of having national league baseball are usually exaggerated and one-sided in favor of the teams. Palm Beach County's Administrator, Bob Wiseman, is not taking any curve balls when it comes to this bad deal.

Read about it...

Lake Worth's Budget and Millage

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By law, we have to publish our proposed budget and our millage rate which is 5.4945.  Both appeared in yesterday's Palm Beach Post. What wasn't mentioned was the MSTU Fire--that is a separate tax of 3.4581 mills for a total of 8.9526 that Lake worth will pay.

Although the millage is the same as last year, taxes will be going up by $582,800 or 9.7% due to the rise in property values.  The final decision on the proposed tax increase and the budget will be made at a public meeting on September 23rd.

The County and the City's projections are below relative to Public Safety--


Look at the difference and calculate the percentage on what we pay for Public Safety compared to what we bring in from ad-valorem.   

Does that seem just a wee bit disproportionate to you? This is one of the main reasons why we have no money to operate our city. Luckily we have our own utility company and from that as well as enterprise funds, we will have an additional $9,138,387. We get selected as one of the top crime cities in the state and rank 42nd in the country--crime is rising right along with costs.

There is a new biosolids improvement project in effect that will affect much of the present plant located near the turnpike in West Palm Beach. The presentation was dated July 14, 2014 but Lake Worth gave its presentation to the public on September 19, well after the election. Lake Worth is a member along with West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, and Palm Beach County. Tipping fees for waste has gone up to $56 per wet ton. The entire project is estimated at a cost of $112,794,000, so far, as designs are not totally complete and costs continue to change. This will be paid off through a five year bond.

We are one of the poorest cities in Palm Beach County and taxes are going up by 9.7% along with water (5%) and sewer (8%) for five years, an overall 40% increase, to pay for the biosolids improvement plant.  In June it was said that the Regional Sewer Fund was adjusted based on the settlement agreement reached with our contracted sub-regional customers in FY 2013. A true-up calculation was completed based on audited FY 13 financial reports.  At that time it was stated that they will only be charged a 1% increase by us. On 9-23, the commission will be voting on the final charge--it is on Consent Agenda.

 And just think, Lake Worth still wanted to grab $63.5 million more.

PM David Cameron Speech Scotland Rejects Independence Scotland votes 'no' to Scottish independence

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With a vote of 55 to 45, Scotland remains part of the UK.

Travel and Lodging and Seminar fees for Lake Worth City Commission

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During this past year, the Travel Budget totaled $24,500 that included registrations, travel and lodging. 

$1,500--Annual National League of Cities (3 attendees)
$   700--National League of Cities Leadership Training Institute (1 attendee)
$   600--U.S. Conference of Mayors in D.C. (1 attendee)
$1,170--National League of Cities Congressional Conference  (2 attendees)
$   100--Sea Level Rise Conference (1 attendee--you know the one that they condemn McVoy for)
$   530--Florida League of Mayor's Conference (1 attendee)

$3,800--Annual Florida League of Cities (3 attendees)
$5,400--Annual National League of Cities (3 attendees)
$1,750--U.S. Conference of Mayors in D.C. (1 attendee)
$4,400--National League of Cities Congressional Conference  (2 attendees)
$    50--Sea Level Rise Conference (1 attendee--you know the one that they condemn McVoy for)
$   550--Florida League of Mayors Business Summit (1 attendee)
$   550--Florida League of Mayors Millenial Summit (1 attendee)
$3,000--PB County League of Cities October Meeting

The budget was $15,000 but now has been upped to $25,000 as it appears they over spent their budget in 2014.  Of course, the city manager approves of this and signs off on it. Right under $20,000 was for the vice mayor who was the President of the Palm Beach County League of Cities and a few other commissioners, to attend League of Cities business. We have had one formal report from one commissioner on his travel expense--Commissioner McVoy whose trip cost a whopping $150.00 on Sea Level Rise.  The mayor gave a brief minute from the dais to report on her trip to Washington, D.C and rubbing elbows with Lois Frankel. The rest of the meeting reports to the public by commissioners?  Forget about it.

The city commission doesn't mind spending and believe that this is for the greater good. Scott Maxwell is the past president of the Palm Beach County League of Cities and his travel costs for their events are picked up by you. We don't know the benefit to the City of Lake Worth for all of this "education." As said in previous blogs, the League of Cities teaches elected officials how to screw their constituents and the people they are supposed to serve.

Still on the 2014 horizon for the Leagues of Cities are the following:


13-14 Florida League of Cities Legislative Conference – Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel

18-22 National League of Cities Annual Congress of Cities and Exposition - Austin, TX

$25,000 is a lot of potholes.

Sunrise today

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Palm Beach County

Read about how Palm Beach County is lagging behind in income and jobs.

City of Lake Worth Campaign Spending

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Final accounting of the LW 2020 general obligation election campaign and educational outreach effort  that was paid through a Commission approved $50k budget. Lake Worth continually told the public that they were not campaigning, only "educating" the public.  Then why buy a voter's list?

Click graphic to enlarge

What's it going to take to protect America?

Judicial Watch had reported that they believed that Islamic terrorists would cross our border prior to September 11. Their concerns were dissed by Homeland Security.  Last night on the Megyn Kelly show, it was exposed by Rep Jason Chaffetz, who chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, that four men with ties to known terrorist organizations crossed into Texas on September 10 at two different areas.  Read about it...

There are so many people walking across our border that we can't sufficiently even protect our own country. What about the next crazy bunch of enemies who want to destroy us? Will we be able to intercept them? According to Chaffetz:
  • 466,000 people have been captured crossing the border over the last 351 days.
  • Those captured represented people from 143 different countries, including Syria, Iraq and Iran.
  • 157,000 got away per Homeland Security.
  • What about the hundreds of thousand who were NOT captured?
 How many terrorists are on our homeland ready to strike, bring us down, bomb our buildings, behead our citizens? What's it going to take, Mr. President, to protect our country?

Message from Carl Domino

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No man or woman left behind ...

That was our creed in the United States Navy where, for over 20 years, I served as a decorated naval commander of men and women in uniform. In Vietnam, I learned first hand that "no man or woman left behind" is more than just a military slogan. It's a matter of principle.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West also understands this code.

After a slim loss to Pelosi's "favorite" politician in 2012, West has now moved on to other battlefields.
West held the line against Nancy Pelosi during some of the darkest days of Obama's reign of destruction when he served in Congress. But the Democratic machine lined up its entire liberal resources and propped up Patrick Murphy to defeat West. Allen West was left behind, and now I am ready to defeat Murphy in the same seat he took from West and return it into its rightful Republican hands. Can I count on your immediate support?

In 2012, I personally hosted a fundraiser at my home for Allen West - it was the final fundraiser of his campaign - and he asked me to host it because I so passionately supported a conservative direction for our country.
Now as the official Republican nominee to reclaim and restore this Congressional seat, my marching orders are clear: put Washington back to work for the people by cutting the perks and hold the Obama-Pelosi team accountable.

Patrick Murphy had his chance to do this and he failed miserably. In voting 84% of the time with Pelosi, he has disgraced this seat. Now it's time for Pelosi's puppet to exit stage left. He will vote to restore Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and I will fight her on any liberal program she promotes. This seat does not belong to the Obama-Pelosi team-- it belongs to the Republican-Conservative team. It's a call to arms for America to stand up for freedom and the American dream.

If you agree, please follow this link to contribute $10 or more and help me restore Allen West's seat into the hands of another conservative champion.It's time for electoral payback!


Carl Domino
Conservative for Congress

P.S. Election Day is less than 50 days away, Murphy has raised almost $4 million dollars from his and Pelosi's liberal pals -- and I am currently outgunned. Please DONATE and bring that fight to the November elections.

Lake Worth Dangerous city

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The Sun Sentinel brings our city to the forefront once again as one of the top most dangerous cities in Florida.

Read about it...

#14. Lake Worth
( Scott Fisher, Sun Sentinel )
Population: 35,788
Total number of crimes: 2,189
Chance of becoming a victim: 1 in 16">

In our case, slum and blight and the steady decline of our neighborhoods have attracted criminals. The PBSO has its hands full but for the most part, they seem to be reactive rather than proactive. Until we eradicate the slum and blight, these stats will not improve.

By this report  for 2014, we rank 42nd most dangerous city in the COUNTRY.

A Pitbull in Heat

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Lake Worth and its legal team has its tentacles out all over the place still attempting to put a damper and cast doubt on Lake Worth's recent election. They like to "win the game" no matter who they step on--the Supervisor of Elections and two judges and even verbal set-ups of residents who opposed them. The city is sort of like a pitbull in heat taking the lead from the commission and its attorney.

The Palm Beach Post, the most accommodating and liberal newspaper in Florida, is agreeing with the Lake Worth City Commission that it needs to tax and spend and to get every property owner in debt for 34 years. They call the recent election voter "repression." You have to be kidding me.

Even if all 14 provisional ballots had been counted, the city STILL WOULD HAVE LOST. Out of 3,115 votes, 14 were rejected because of error. This is less than one-half of one percent and yet Lake Worth had the highest voter turnout in the County.

Read about it... at the Palm Beach Post.

Scary Business

“The U.S. military campaign against Islamic militants in Syria is being designed to allow President Obama to exert a high degree of personal control over the campaign, going so far as to require that the military obtain presidential sign-off for any strike in Syrian territory,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Obama is paranoid about this becoming another Iraqi war. Congress just approved a measure to arm Syrian rebels many of whom are the bad guys. Of course, most of our armaments eventually get into the hands of our enemies, even ISIS.  We armed the Iraqi army with high-tech American-made guns, artillery, tanks, and jeeps. Obama took our troops out and ISIS went in and took it all to use and to massacre innocents and behead children. Now we're going to bomb them along with all of our equipment that they stole worth multi-millions.

It's been reported that the two main factions of Syrian rebel units that are known to be Al Qaeda - Al Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant don't get along. So, we are going to arm Al Qaeda, an enemy?

And just think--Obama has his pen and his phone as he fights a brutal enemy from his golf cart.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

After the Sunset 9-17-14

Carl Domino launches first political television ad

I can't feature one without the other--Good message from Republican Carl Domino running against Patrick Murphy in Florida's 18th District.

Patrick Murphy - Upbeat and Positive

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Although Patrick Murphy has voted WITH Nancy Pelosi, 84% of the time, this ad is very effective.  Murphy's latest ads are all upbeat and positive and they are working.

New Lake Worth utility bill

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Has anyone seen the new utility bill format yet?  Unbelievable.  There was NOTHING wrong with the old format.  In fact, it was better. We were supposed to have a bill that compared in style to FPL's. (We are always comparing everything to FPL). How do you compare a municipal utility with one owned by a billion dollar conglomerate?  Why change things that are NOT broken.  What did this idea cost the rate payers?

On top of all of Lake Worth's problems, the total does not add up correctly...this time it is in the consumer's favor.  Obviously someone programmed the calculations WRONG. I have a call into the Electric Utility.

Constitution Day - Lake Worth commission political pettiness

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Our Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787.


We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

We have had 33 amendments and one of the most important is the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

As a news reporter said to me, Free speech is protected by our Constitution and "political speech, (or writing) about elected officials, public affairs, etc. gets the highest level of protection because it is the most important." Recently, those protected rights were stepped on at our city chamber by the mayor and the commission. The Free Press Clause protects the right of individuals to express themselves through publication and dissemination of information, ideas and opinions without interference, constraint or even prosecution by the government. We are able to publish information and opinions without government interference.

Today the city leaders need to reflect on this day and the rights that we all have as well as working within their own rules of protocol without setting-up their opposition and allowing them to be subjected to a verbal public "lynching" in order to "get even."