Sunday, September 25, 2016

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Fans should boycott NFL over protests

Letters to the Editor
Palm Beach Post
September 25, 2016

Fans should boycott NFL over protests

Most all American citizens recognize and agree with freedom of speech and peaceful protest given to us in our Constitution.

Kudos to longtime Dolphin fan and World War II veteran John Jordan for The Palm Beach Post article, “Anthem protest rankles WWII vet, fan: I’m done with the Dolphins” (Sept 13), saying he will not watch and will boycott the Dolphins.

I feel that the overwhelming majority of NFL fans do not support the movement started by Colin Kaepernick and then followed by other NFL players, not to stand at attention for the national anthem. Maybe now would be a good time for NFL fans to show their disapproval by boycotting games, NFL products and companies that advertise on NFL games.


Trump Tweets

Gennifer Flowers says that she will attend, but Trump's team says "no."

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Massive Debt Bad Fix for Lake Worth

Letters to the Editor
Palm Beach Post
September 25, 2016

Massive debt bad fix for Lake Worth

The city of Lake Worth plans to take a 30-year loan for $40 million to re-do roads. With a 3.92 percent interest rate over 30 years, that’s $68 million. There are 13,000 properties in the city. One-third of those 13,000 properties do not pay property taxes because they are assessed at less than $50,000 of value. So, $68 million divided by 8,666 equals $7,846 per property. That’s an average. Some homeowners will pay more and some will pay less, depending on their property’s assessed value. This tab is landing in the laps of residents with a median household income of $35,000.

Sadly, before this debt has been repaid, those roads are going to wear out.


Propaganda at Propaganda

Tonight--propaganda at Propaganda

Catering to the young and never wanting to miss an opportunity...

Charlene, the Lord's helper

Charlene Forman, member of the Common Ground Church
at the Common Ground Coffee Bar.
Seen dusting the books and shelves, Charlene said,
 "I'm helping out the Lord."

The Spread of the Gospel

Latest Poll before Debate

Washington Post-ABC News poll, with the Democratic nominee's August advantage erased after recent difficulties and the GOP nominee still facing doubts about his qualifications and temperament.

Likely voters split 46 percent for Clinton vs. 44 percent for Trump, with Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson at 5 percent and Green Party nominee Jill Stein at 1 percent. Among registered voters, Clinton and Trump are tied at 41 percent, with Johnson at 7 percent and Stein at 2 percent.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tonight's Sky 9-24-16

"Liberalism is a Mental Disorder"

Dr. Michael Savage is a multimedia icon in the conservative movement, heard by 10 million listeners a week on “The Michael Savage Show” and syndicated across the U.S. in more than 300 markets. He is also a New York Times best-selling author who has written 25 books. He holds one master’s degree in medical botany and a second in medical anthropology. Additionally, he earned his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in epidemiology and nutrition sciences. His books include "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder," "The Enemy Within," "Train Tracks" and "The Savage Nation."

J Street is really buzzing

Lake Worth is buzzing with artists and J Street is the place to go for art, coffee and fun. Now we have a new store that recently opened at 16 S. J Street--Urquijo Photo Image. Don't bother asking me how to pronounce it but the owner/photographer says he is into multi-venue photography.

When I told him that I love to photograph sunsets he then told me that he does everything--I guess that means sunsets too.

So if you need a photographer for a wedding or an upcoming event or project, call Christiun at 954-706-6650. 

Lake Worth Olympic Pool

Sally's Water Aerobic class

For details on classes or hours of operation,

Commissioner Ryan Maier

Commissioner Maier with Uno

We have two commissioners who own their own businesses in the heart of downtown Lake Worth--Andy Amoroso who owns Studio 205 and Ryan Maier, owner of The Other Salon.

You will get to meet Ryan's dog, Uno at
The Other Salon
14 S J St · (561) 313-7222
Opens at 12:00 PM

Miracles do happen - I agree with Obama

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump played politics on Obama's veto of the 9/11 bill which would have allowed the families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia.

Hillary Clinton said that if she were president, she would sign it.  Donald Trump called Obama's action, "shameful."  Both opinions were not well thought out.

Obama's reasoning for vetoing the bill was that the legislation "undermines core United States interests upending the normal means by which the government singles out foreign nations as state sponsors of terrorism and opening U.S. officials and military personnel to legal jeopardy."

It would open a can of worms where anyone's relatives who had a family member killed by U.S. soldiers in the line of duty, could/would end up suing us and win.

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Bodegon, a Supermarket catering to the Spanish speaking shopper

Hey wait, this is the United States of America. People speak English here or perhaps they should if they are citizens.

In order to be a citizen, "you will need to show that you can speak and read in English. You will need to demonstrate your English skills at your citizenship interview. The USCIS officer who interviews you will of course address you in English, and observe how well you respond to questions and instructions. The officer will also ask you to read a short passage, and to write a sentence that he or she says aloud (dictates) to you."

I remember shopping in Bodegon when it first opened on Lake Worth Road at the Town & Country Shopping Center. It was only a few years ago. I had shopped at Publix there ever since that had opened. On that first visit to Bodegon, I encountered no one speaking English. Needless to say, I have not been back. Now I understand that they do have some employees who speak English.

However, is it possible that they are not interested in the American English speaking citizen as a shopper? Is it the ever-growing illegal alien population that they want to attract? Why would they have an insert consisting of two pages, folded, such as this in the Palm Beach Post printed all in Spanish? Why would they discourage an entire demographic?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hillary denied step-stool

No, no, no--not allowed at Debates

Debate commission denies Hillary’s request for step-stool
(Infowars) – Hillary Clinton routinely requires a step-stool for support during long speeches, but can’t use one for the upcoming presidential debate, a fact which could derail her campaign completely.

The presidential debate commission denied her request for a step-stool at her podium for the Sept. 26 debate, according to the Drudge Report, and as Infowars reported in Aug., Hillary cannot give a speech without having a step-stool – or a Secret Service agent – to lean on for support.

Evening on the Avenues Lake Worth

Lake Worth Beach and Casino

Everything was hot yesterday morning,
 even the beautiful Atlantic.

And our fabulous Lake Worth Casino
I didn't see any cops and everything seemed serene and perfect.

2 FL judges on Trump's short list

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Quote of the Day - Allen West

Let me make myself very clear here, whomever this misguided soul is, he or she has picked the wrong fight. This reminds me of the statement by John Kerry that if the media just didn’t talk about Islamic terrorism, it would not be an issue. This “administrator” at St. Louis University represents the most deplorable embodiment of fascism. Here we are less than a week from a weekend of Islamic terrorist attacks and this individual does not want students to have an in-depth discussion about the most serious, savage, and barbaric threat this Nation has faced — well, at least since the Barbary Pirates.

~ Allen West

Talking about his upcoming speaking engagement at St. Louis University where the university's administrator told students that in their advertisement for this event, they could NOT use the words "Radical Islam."

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