Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Democratic Party Agenda is a Communist Agenda

David Horowitz: BLM/Antifa far more dangerous than '60s radicals

No one knows leftist radicals better than David Horowitz, the former Marxist, Black Panther advocate and editor of the New Left's Ramparts magazine who had a political conversion and became a world-renowned conservative author and activist.

He says Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Occupy Wall Street all seek the same thing: a progressive, aka socialist, revolution in America – and they are far closer to achieving it today than '60s radicals ever were.


Crazy Mazie

Democrat Senator Refuses to Condemn Antifa, Then Abruptly Storms Out of Hearing

There are a number of rotten apples in both the lower and upper chamber. The vast majority of them will vote for Joe Biden in November. Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono is one of the worst.

She won't condemn Antifa!

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Democrats Tearing Down Parts of America

Nancy Pelosi Is Trying to Erase American History With This Jaw-Dropping Change

Nancy Pelosi is just getting started in her efforts to destroy America’s heritage.
She’s got big plans for the future.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to erase American history with this jaw-dropping change.

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Teenagers entered Mar-A-Lago with an AK-47

15-year-old boys with AK-47 in backpack illegally entered Mar-a-Lago property

"Three 15-year-old boys are in custody after police said they illegally entered the grounds of President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club on Palm Beach while armed with an AK-47 in a backpack."

What are 15 year olds doing out at Midnight armed with an AK-47? Can the parents be arrested?

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Governor DeSantis appoints Two Judges in PBCcounty

Governor Ron DeSantis Makes Two Judicial Appointments For Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County prosecutors Laura Laurie and John Parnofiello have been appointed by Gov. Ron DeSantis to fill judicial vacancies in circuit court and county court, respectively.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Early Morning Sky 8-5-20

NYC Health Commissioner Resigns

NYC health commissioner resigns, slams Mayor de Blasio on her way out

We all heard about this as it was all over the news. Good to see someone standing up for principle. But the Mayor knew better and that's why his city is a disaster.

“I leave my post today with deep disappointment that during the most critical public health crisis in our lifetime, that the Health Department’s incomparable disease control expertise was not used to the degree it could have been."


Cancel F-ing Culture

Director Oliver Stone Blasts “Cancel F–king Culture"

Says Russians Didn’t Interfere in 2016 Election

“I can tell you that if I made any of my films, I don’t think I’d last. I’d be vilified. I’d be attacked. Shamed,” Stone told SiriusXM’s Jim Norton & Sam Roberts. “Whatever you want to call that … culture, cancel f–king culture.”


The Facemask

The useless COVID face mask is not about health, it is about forcing a “culture of silence, slavery, and social death.” ~ Donald Trump

"The health and well-being of We the People is of no concern to the left. All that matters is that they are in complete control, and COVID has given them that control. They now have the ability to manipulate our economy completely via fear, to ignore our Constitution and mandate our compliance in the name of the “collective” good. Through their complicit media stooges, they can turn up the fear or turn it down, whichever the manipulation du jour demands."

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It's Now or Never - Trump 2020 is the only way to save our country


1. A Socialist president is elected whose administration is controlled and directed by the extreme liberal/Socialist arm of his Party.
2. Their party platform is developed to take advantage and to deepen, spread and entrench the social and racial bitterness that erupted from what was said to be political, social and income inequalities, throughout society. 3. The new administration launches a ‘Democratic-Socialist Revolution' that brings about the writing of a new constitution, the enactment of an anti-capitalist, pro-socialist and populist civil, social and economic policies.
4. The Socialist Government passes an ‘Enabling Act’ that makes the Fundamental Transformation of a free republic into a government-controlled one possible.
5. The first use of the Enabling Act will be the confiscation of all weapons owned by the citizens of the nation. All guns are declared illegal.
6. Through the passage of an Enabling Act, the Socialist Government will enact a vast array of federal government-controlled and state government controlled and regulated social, health and environmental policies into law.
8. The Enabling Act will give the Socialist Government the power to determine the criteria for designating a person as ‘wealthy’.
9. The Enabling Act will grant the Socialist Government the statutory authority to legally pass laws aimed at the redistribution of land and wealth.
10. This act will give the Socialist Government the right to silence business and labor concerns about the State concentration of economic and political power.


The Democratic Party’s dangerous and Anti-American shocking shift to the Radical-Socialist left should make us all fear for the future of the nation. They have continually shown their love of Marxism by promoting radical ideologies and policies, such as the Green New Deal, which is NO DEAL AT ALL!

Joe Biden’s new love affair with Socialism and its minions, Bernie Sanders and AOC shows his willingness to destroy his own nation to be elected president. The Democrats’ love of Marxism, the former Soviet Union, Fidel Castro and totalitarian states must not be allowed to even touch a door knob of the White House.

Rise up America! Stand up and make your demands known! Do not let the radical-Democrat-Socialist-Mob continue to turn America into a nation without the slightest resemblance of what we are prescribed to be, in the US Constitution! For, it is clear now that the greatest enemy to our prosperous, free, strong and just America is every single Democrat-Socialist current defiling the US Senate and US House of Representatives. End the treason! Condemn the treachery! Defeat, throw out, castigate, destroy the America-hating and treasonous Democrat-Socialist Party!


Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PhD

8-5-20 Moon over Lake Osborne early morn

Black Lives Matter was Hijacked

Dig Into BLM's Past and Associations and You'll Make Some Nasty Discoveries

This is a fair question, and grammatically correct, if politically incorrect. To understand the question is to arrive at the answer, and here is the key.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Sunset 8-4-20

Tonight's Sky 8-4-20

AG Barr

TikTok to be banned?

Trump To Take Action To Ban Chinese-Owned App Tik Tok From U.S.

“As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States,” Trump said.

When asked if people should download the app on their phones, Pompeo responded, “Only if you want your private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.


Media in Collusion with Criminal Protesters

US Attorney Shreds Reporters in Portland, Says Media Refusing to Report ‘Criminal Activity’

US Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams shredded a local reporter when touring a damaged courthouse Thursday; saying the media is refusing to report on “criminal activity” while describing the riots as “late night activity.”

“Do you feel like the late-night demonstrations are taking away from the fight for racial justice?” asked one reporter.

“These aren’t late-night demonstrations. This is criminal activity. There’s a difference. The media have failed to distinguish the two. You seem unwilling to call criminals engaged in criminal conduct as criminals, as opposed to lawful protesting,” said the Attorney.

“There needs to be a distinction made between lawful protests and this. This is unlawful. Whether you’re an opportunist or an anarchist, call it out for what it is. You seem to refuse to call something criminal,” he added. []

Biden delaying choice of V.P.

Biden Campaign Expected to Delay Announcement of VP Selection

However, reports now indicate that the campaign will delay their announcement until the days leading up to the Democratic National Convention, which is scheduled to take place August 17-20.

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I guess he wants to ensure some sort of enthusiasm for his campaign with everyone tuning in with anticipation.

Biden Forgets What Year It Is

Early Morning Sky 8-4-20