Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sunset 8-22-17

Lake Worth beach closed - Bacteria in water


August 22, 2017

Contact:           Ben Kerr, Communication Specialist
Phone:             561.586.1631
Email:              Bkerr@lakeworth.org
WHEN:          TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2017             
WHERE:        LAKE WORTH BEACH                    
WHO:             BEACH PATRONS


Lake Worth, Florida – A swim advisory has been issued at Lake Worth Beach for the next 24-48 hours due to elevated bacteria levels in the water. Due to this advisory Lake Worth Beach will be closed to public swimming. All Casino Building tenants and Benny’s on the Beach will remain open.

Health officials plan to retest the waters and will inform the public when bacteria levels are within acceptable health standards.

Please contact Ben Kerr, the City of Lake Worth Communications Specialist with any questions or comments.

Bikers for Trump in Phoenix tonight

City police forces can't keep thousands of protesters at bay but now they will get a little help. Trump will have his own volunteer private security tonight...no standing down by these folks.

14 "resist" organizations are showing up to protest Trump and we know how violent some of these people are--Antifa, socialists, communists, Occupy this or that and God knows what. The bikers will be there to stand up for God and country and our President.

The Left-Wing News Media Influence on America

We see the Left-wing punk progressives trying to tear down our history and being allowed to get away with it. All of a sudden some people can't seem to function by seeing a memorial of an American Confederate soldier or even a prominent and famous American who once owned slaves or even George Washington himself. It's been suggested that some of these violent protesters in Charlottesville were paid thugs. People will sell out their country for a dime.

There is a concerted movement to whitewash (sorry for the pun) our history. Alt-Left Democrats want to erase it all as if it never happened. Even the Democratic mayor of West Palm Beach has moved a Confederate statute from the public cemetery.  What next?  The coffins of people buried there that they don't like? It's all a slippery slope and ridiculous political correctness.

As you will see in this video, as the older generation dies off, the younger will be filled with a distorted view of our values and of God. In many ways I have to blame it on the parents, the older generation, for losing control of their children and not instilling in them the values of what has made America the greatest country on Earth.

The New York Times is shocking in its push to accept socialism and communism.

Read more on the danger of this historical revisionism.

Why aren't normal and sensible people outraged? This is no different than Hitler's book burning.

School principal might solve the problem of pot dispensary in Lake Worth

Instead of our city commissioners solving the problem, it might be solved by a Charter School principal at Academy for Positive Learning that is an A rated school on North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth.

The pot shop, that will be located at 1125 North Dixie Highway, is across the street and less than 200 feet from the school. The new law says that a pot dispensary must be at least 500 feet away from a school.

When asked by the PB Post reporter, Andy Amoroso, Lake Worth Commissioner District 3 said, “I don’t know that it’s surprising to me. But again, you know, um she has the right to do what she thinks is best for the school. It’s gonna have to be a decision for the courts."


Is it a coincidence or a cyber attack?

My friend Gary posed this question yesterday. It is something that has crossed the minds of many Americans. The United States Navy has now ordered an investigation into the possibility of a cyber attack on the USS John McCain that caused a gaping  hole in the ship along with 10 missing sailors. Included in that investigation will be the earlier incident involving the USS Fitzgerald.

Read about it...

Jeri Muoio, the Moralist

“We have asked them to remove their monument. They have not done that so we’re going to do that for them,” Mayor Muoio said. “I feel strongly that they are symbols of hate and bigotry and we don’t want that here in our city."

Read about Jeri...

Thank God she's term limited. She did not mention the vandalism. Wasn't that manifested by hate? Although West Palm Beach likes to call itself a "welcoming city for immigrants," the city is a sanctuary. Our history be damned but those who cross our border illegally oh, come on in. What next? Are we all going to have to watch what the inscriptions on our tombstones say??

Monday, August 21, 2017

Sunset 8-21-17

Protect American History

Write your congressman and let them know that they need to preserve our history, that left-wing lunatics must not be allowed to destroy monuments and statues.

As Jesse Watters said, ""Maybe the left wants to tear down these statues so the country forgets that the Democratic party enslaved black people. But I actually think many on the left want to destroy any monument of revered historical American leaders."

Watching the Eclipse

Watching the Event of the Century from the Truman balcony at The Whitehouse

The Right are Wusses

It's a fact. The right are part wimp and part pussy. We just let these anarchists (Hillary losers) say and do anything they want and we roll over like Fido with fleas or cower in dread that we might be called "racist. " They all go home at night and read Rules for Radicals and get the game down pat. Now the buzz word of the day is "Nazi." Horse s*it.
"I pray I am wrong about this, but I have seen no evidence whatsoever suggesting that We the People will stand up and fight. All of the evidence suggests that we will surrender and allow the left to win this year-old war, and in the process, sell our children and grandchildren into slavery." Rush Limbaugh

Read about it...

Steve Bannon is the only one with balls beside our President. I expect Bannon to unleash and that President Trump can move forward with his agenda. It's ridiculous what's been happening to our country. Don't lose focus. We voted Trump in to Make America Great Again...it's still on track--it's just taking us longer to get there.

The Hate group Trump also needs to condemn

Antifa is a hate group. (Christian News Alerts) – Only a truly delusion liberal can break the law in America, on video no less, and actually expect to avoid the consequences.

The Durham County Sheriff’s Department reminded leftists that the department has jurisdiction over the criminal act of the toppling of a Confederate memorial statue in Durham, North Carolina. Authorities said they will be looking to arrest those who brought it down. Those responsible could then face 10 years in prison, according to Breitbart.

Read about it...

Graffiti--Vandalism or Visual Art?

Ok, when is this graffiti going to be gone on 2nd Avenue South? How long do we have to put up with it? We have an ordinance about this sort of thing but because we are an "art destination" perhaps this is considered some weird form of art...Which is it? Vandalism or a new kind of visual arts?

A Disgrace

Although it took her 4 days to apologize, she won't step down. Where's the outrage from the Left/Fake News Media? How about you Democrats? It's no wonder you are held in such low esteem.

Slum and blight on Lake Osborne Drive

Some low-life dumped his mattresses and an old chair on Lake Osborne Drive.  I'm sure they did this under the cover of darkness like all cockroaches.

Other than a few idiots on Wright Drive who use their properties as commercial establishments and a few on other streets who love to park on their front lawns, err weeds, and commit other infractions, people are trying to fix up their properties out here and have respect for their neighbors and themselves.

Celestial Event of the Century - Don't Look Up unless...

you have the proper glasses. Don't even think about looking at the eclipse today an event that the PB Post describes  as the "celestial event of the century."

Don’t have glasses? Don’t look up.

Begins at 1:25; ends at 4:19

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