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Canvas Outdoor Museum to expand to Downtown Lake Worth

October 17, 2017

Contact: Ben Kerr, Communications Specialist
Phone: 561.586.1631

Lake Worth, Fl – CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show expanding to Lake Worth


CANVAS OUTDOOR MUSEUM TM SHOW, the nation’s largest outdoor museum show, is expanding to the City of Lake Worth this year. Artists from around the globe will assemble in Downtown Lake Worth for one-week from November 26 – Dec. 2 to transform the city’s streets into a world-class outdoor museum. Blank walls will be re-imagined with colossal murals, and monumental shipping containers, art installations and interactive sculptures will be showcased in high-profile locations within walking distance of the Downtown corridor.

“CANVAS is leaving a permanent footprint for visitors to enjoy year-round. It’s very exciting to bring this caliber of public art to the heart of Downtown Lake Worth to define a thriving arts district,” said CANVAS Outdoor MuseumTM Show founder and curator Nicole Henry. “When curating this year’s show, artists were selected based on their innovative ideas and interactive components to their work. We really want visitors to experience and interact with the art around the city.”

Participating artists will embrace this year’s theme of “unity” by expressing how art brings people together when there is so much division in the world. Visitors will be able to interact with artists working in real time to create public masterpieces. CANVAS will announce the artists and locations leading up to the live artwork.

The City of Lake Worth, Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County worked collaboratively to bring this event to the city. Additional donations will be provided by 120 SPACE and Florida Food & Farm.

“We are very excited to welcome the expansion of CANVAS to the City of Lake Worth”, said City of Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo. “Since its inception, Lake Worth has been the place in Palm Beach County where art is created. CANVAS joins our Street Painting Festival and Biblioarte in attracting world renowned artists to our streets and continuing our artistic vision. We couldn’t be more excited and honored!”

The City, CRA and Cultural Council are also working on finalizing an Arts & Cultural Master Plan for Downtown Lake Worth, which will be the first of its kind in Palm Beach County when it is released early next year. Adding CANVAS to the city’s lineup of major cultural events supports the strategic plan.

“We are thrilled to welcome CANVAS to our City, said Madlyn McKendry, Chair of the Lake Worth CRA. “This event highlights our continued redevelopment efforts that include projects with an artistic flair. Along with our local mural program, the new Hatch 1121 space and ethnically diverse events CANVAS and add a new element of creativity to our downtown canvas.”

CANVAS will also bring an important tourism component to the City of Lake Worth and to Palm Beach County.

West Palm Beach building in 2015

“Palm Beach County has several unique arts districts that attract visitors from around the world,” said Rena Blades, president and CEO of the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County. “The addition of CANVAS will strengthen the Downtown Lake Worth district and make it a greater tourism destination. It will also bring high-profile international artists to the city - each with their own following - that only adds to the excitement.”

Visitors are encouraged to download the free CANVAS Outdoor MuseumTM app from the Apple or Android stores for a self-guided tour of this year’s exhibition. A map of exhibit locations as well as artist information can be found at

About CANVAS Outdoor MuseumTM Show
Billed as the nation’s largest outdoor museum show, CANVAS brings together the most innovative contemporary artists, collectors, and art influencers from around the world. CANVAS is the creative vision of gallerist Nicole Henry, and is supported by the City of Lake Worth, the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County and the Lake Worth CRA. For more information about CANVAS, visit

Boynton Beach votes to have Medical Marijuana dispensaries

Last night on a 3/2 vote, Boynton Beach did something really stupid...they voted to have medical marijuana dispensaries. In August, they passed a motion that said they needed to vote two additional times in order to pass an ordinance to regulate them. The next vote is in November.

Gov. Rick Scott signed a law that went into effect July 1. It said that cities can't limit the number of shops in town. And state law says rules for locating dispensaries can't be tougher than those for pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens.

Read about it... You won't believe it. There is another city as offbeat as Lake Worth.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Alex Jones

McCain Claims Americanism Is ‘Unpatriotic’

The globalists admit the NWO is collapsing

Dennis Michael Lynch - The Truth

Today’s episode of “The Truth” is largely about a new report by The Hill which states the Obama administration ignored information given to them by federal agents concerning Russia and the Clintons.

Breaking News tonight on Hannity

Fundraiser and Costume Contest at Bamboo Room

October 31st, 7 to 11pm, is the date for this worthwhile and fun event.

State Rep Al Jacquet fined

There is abuse of power from local government right on up to Washington, D.C. And so many of these people, once caught or exposed, love to tell everyone it was someone else's fault...even to the point of why they lost a national election.  it is sickening.

Today we have Al Jacquet, a state rep (remember his signs all over the place especially on public property?) a former vice mayor of Delray Beach, a gentleman who wasn't even born here and now living the American dream, who tired to get a parking ticket voided. He's an attorney and knows better.

According to a Palm Beach Post article, that both Palm Beach County Commissioner Mack Bernard and state Rep. Al Jacquet, D-Delray Beach, had won their August primaries after personally helping voters fill out mail-in ballots.

Read about it...

Republican Club of Palm Beach County

Lake Worth to hire Internal Auditor

William Brown has been chosen to be our new Internal Auditor.

"The City Commission, after individually interviewing four candidates and completing ballots on each candidate, selected William Brown, currently Internal Auditor for the City of Rivera Beach, as the highest ranked candidate. Upon direction by the City Commission at the October 3, 2017 Regular Commission Meeting, the City Attorney’s office entered into negotiations with Mr. Brown to develop the terms of the Internal Auditor employment contract. The employment contract with Mr. Brown is being presented to the City Commission for its review and consideration."

This entire process was unorthodox as the final interviews and rankings were not done at a public meeting.  Only two commissioners bothered to do their jobs and actually rank the four candidates--Andy Amoroso and Herman Robinson--they ranked Joe Rodriguez as tops. The remaining three officials (Triolo, Maxwell and Hardy) checked off only one box leaving the rest of the candidate ranking boxes blank thus giving the other candidates zero scores. By so doing, it skewed and manipulated the ranking system. As these candidates spent a lot of time interviewing and preparing/hoping to be hired by our city, they all should have been ranked and should be able to know how they faired.

As this was not done at a public meeting as it has in the past, commissioners please make sure that Mr. Brown reports and answers to you and not the city manager. Mr. Brown will be making $139,270.

Early Morn 10-17-17

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunset 10-16-17

Lake Worth to announce Cultural News


City of Lake Worth to Announce Big Cultural News at
 Press Conference Tuesday Morning
10 A.M. Press Conference to be held October 17 at Cultural Council Headquarters

WHAT:                 The Lake Worth CRA, in partnership with the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County and the City of Lake Worth, are hosting a special press conference on Tuesday to unveil an exciting event that will transform downtown Lake Worth later this year and bring positive economic impact and cultural tourism to the City in a memorable way. City Commissioners, CRA board members and downtown business owners will be on hand to hear the news.

  • Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo
  • Madeline McKendry, Lake Worth CRA chair
  • Rena Blades, President and CEO, Cultural Council of Palm Beach County
  • Special guest speaker

WHEN:                 Tuesday, Oct. 17
10 a.m. (Program will begin promptly.)

WHERE:              Cultural Council of Palm Beach County
601 Lake Ave., Lake Worth

CONTACT:         Ben Kerr, Communications Specialist, City of Lake Worth
Direct:                    (561) 586-1631

Ben Kerr
Communications Specialist

City of Lake Worth
7 North Dixie Highway
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Our Electric Power Plant - Billowing Steam

I looked out my window and saw what I assumed to be smoke billowing from the power plant. I drove over there and as soon as I exited my vehicle, the "smoke" ended. Wondering what was going on, I e-mailed the assistant utility director, Walt Gill.

This is his answer:

Hey Lynn It was steam…We are bringing the steam unit online.


Walt Gill
Assistant Director | Electric Department

City of Lake Worth
1900 2nd Ave N
Lake Worth, FL 33461
V: 561-586-1706

The Scumball and Liberal Sour Grapes

Hustler scumball Larry Flynt placed a full-page ad in Washington Post offering $10 million to anyone who provides info that will impeach Trump

Another whacked out liberal. Hey, porno king, this is not the time to even be talking about impeachment when your fellow hustler will likely get jail time. And The Washington Post must be very desperate.


Pelosi can't see the forest for the trees

214 American generals have said that "the agreement will enable Iran to become far more dangerous” and “introduce new threats to American interests.”

Benjamin Natanyahu praised President Trump’s choice ​to ​de-certify the Iran nuclear deal as “the right decision for the world.”

Back in 2015, 42 Senate Democrats succeeded at blocking a disapproval resolution. Ben Cardin (D-MD), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) voted with the GOP. At the time, Chuck Schumer said, "When I think the president is wrong, I go against him.”

President Trump needs 60 votes but now even Chuck Schumer who took a lot of heat from his party because he was in opposition to the nuclear agreement back in 2015, now says "it should be kept in place".

Read what Obama did back then...

And although Nancy Pelosi can't see the forest for the trees, now every single Democrat won't either. Politics can be a deadly game.

President Trump's statement on Iran

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

We are one of two cities in the entire county allowing medical marijuana dispensaries. And we will be the first city to have one opened for business. So far, six cities have banned them altogether.

What is the problem?

They have to be regulated like pharmacies or banned completely. So, since the present commission allowed FOR them, we cannot control the number of pot dispensaries that open nor can we dictate their hours of operation or where they are located, according to today's article in the Palm Beach Post.

If true, does this remind you of the Sober Home fiasco with owners opening them on every block in Lake Worth? We have a drug epidemic. Now with pot dispensaries allowed to open anywhere, will we have the same untenable situation?

Back in July, a few residents had something to say about it...Click here... Andy Amoroso said two was enough and Sarah Malega, running for District 1 commissioner, gave a politically smart answer.

North Korea, a clear and present danger

[Conservative Tribune] – During a House Homeland Security Committee hearing Thursday, various experts warned that a nuclear electromagnetic pulse bomb attack from North Korea could wipe out the majority of Americans within one year.

The experts specifically testified that such an attack could “shut down the U.S. electric power grid for an indefinite period, leading to the death within a year of up to 90 percent of all Americans,” as quoted by the Washington Examiner.

National says, "The testing of higher yield nuclear weapons gives North Korea the ability to attack electrical and electronic systems over a wide area. Detonating a nuclear weapon at high altitude, such as in low-Earth orbit (LEO), would generate EMP, which would fry electrical and electronic circuits over a large geographic area."


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunset 10-15-17

Following Your Dream

President Trump - So much Winning

President Trump won yet another battle when the Supreme Court late Tuesday tossed out an appeals court ruling that struck down his previous temporary travel ban targeting eight Muslim-majority nations that are known terrorist hotbeds.


So much winning.