Monday, February 18, 2019


2020 Democrats are so gullible and filled with hate

Look how they all jumped on the anti-MAGA bandwagon with glee as they pontificated and positioned themselves as tolerant people defending gays and anti-racism...the Jussie Smollett fake attack story unravels.

They all proved how stupid they are and have no business running for anything.

Read about it... and the quick to judgment ridiculous remarks made by Democrats.

March 12 Election

Vote NO on sale of 501 Lake Avenue

This is the property/building, built in 1939, that the city put on the ballot so that you would give them permission to sell it. They want to get rid of a beautiful building so that they can raise more money for a downtown parking garage--cement. Have you ever been inside this building? It is well maintained and impressive and a beautiful building on our main street in Lake Worth.

The Chamber of Commerce was given a deed to this property at 501 Lake Avenue in 2005 by Arnold Greene. In 2016, the Chamber sold the building to the City of Lake Worth when the Chamber merged with Palms West Chamber of Commerce. We bought it for $250,000. The total market value of this property is $530,641 in 2018 according to PAPA. We know their assessments are low.

Below is what the city has allowed to happen on the east wall of this historic building. The Chamber of Commerce was first established in 1912. Back then, Lake Worth had 308 residents and I would suspect that all of them had some common sense. They were making history. And now, in 2019, we would like our history preserved.

Border Control is a National Security Concern

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Most voters rate border control as a national security concern on the level with North Korea and want to secure the border before dealing with the illegal immigrants who are already here.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 59% of Likely U.S. Voters think border security is a vital national security interest for the United States these days. Thirty-three percent (33%) disagree. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Everyone in their right mind knows this other than the 33% of dumbf*cks who said it wasn't a priority.

Morning Sky 2-18-19

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunset 2-17-19

Child Murderers

When I lived there and attended college, Tennessee was a great state where everyone respected their neighbor. Crime was virtually non-existent. It is in the Bible Belt with Tennessee having the highest proportion of Evangelical Protestants, at 52%.

So, what has happened to our society? As socialism is rapidly creeping into our schools, people continue to fall away from God. Now we have little children with no respect for the sanctity of life killing people for their stuff.

Read about this sad tale...

Richard Guercio - Lake Worth First

Richard Guercio, candidate for District 4 Commissioner Lake Worth

Last evening I attended a Meet & Greet at Gwen and Michael's house on N. Golfview. It was great talking with Richard about his view for our great little city. Primarily I wanted to hear his thoughts on the issues near and dear to my heart:
  • Changing the name of our city: He believes there is a better way to separate us from crime stats that are being attributed to us when in fact they are happening out of our city limits. He is working with the United States Postal Service to remove Lake Worth from all zip codes outside our borders. On top of that, Lake Worth has been our name for 106 years. We should be embracing and honoring our history.
  • Our Pool and Beach park: He does not want to sell our assets at the beach or make it private but believes a public/private partnership is necessary that will be responsible to maintain our most important asset. He talked about including a parking decal to pool members, a separate pass from residents' decals.
  • Our Golf Course: Wants to maintain it and make it a great course once again. It's a beautiful asset on the Intracoastal waterway...something we must cherish and preserve.
Of all the candidates, Richard is the most qualified to be a policy maker for our city. He believes that the present dais is dysfunctional with commissioners having personal agendas. He wants to bring professionalism back to the city. You and the city are his only priorities. Lake Worth First is the motto.

Any questions, please call him at 561-329-6961 or reach him on Facebook.

John Turley explains Trump's National Emergency Declaration

Law Professor Explains the Major Difference Between Obamacare Case, Trump’s Declaration

John Turley, lawyer and expert in civil rights and constitutional law,  predicted Trump’s national emergency will face court challenges but said Democrats will lose on the merits because Congress has already bestowed this power onto the president.


WJNO candidate Interviews

Click here... in order to listen to interviews of four of our Lake Worth candidates running for office.

For some reason, WJNO has been unable to reach Omari Hardy and has not connected with William Joseph, running for District 4.

After the Sunset 2-16-19

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sunset 2-16-19

Democrats on Illegal Immigration--Before and After Trump

Ya gotta love the BS hateful politics of the Democrats. They are keeping our country in harm's way.

Tthe most repulsive guy in Cable News

Jim Acosta up to his normal Antics At Latest Press Conference

Everyone has seen this boor in action for way too long. He is not a news reporter but a Trump hating disrespectful jerk. There is no other way to put it. And he talks over the president.

He hasn't helped the cable news network for which he draws his paycheck, as CNN finished in third place overall in 2018 with an average prime-time audience of 990,000—down 6% from 2017. Fox continues in its number one spot.

Read about Acosta... the guy who continues to accost the president of the United States.

It gets more stupid day by day in the School System

Parents outraged at first-grade teacher's decision to read book about gay bunnies to students

I can't even imagine teaching little kids about gays. They are way to young to understand or even care. If it is to teach them about discrimination or bullying, there has to be better ways than bringing gays into the discussion.

This is a Florida elementary school. Maybe we need Commissioner Hardy who is a school teacher to explain this rationale by this Pinecrest Elementary teacher.

Let's get back to the basics and concentrate on reading, writing and arithmetic.

Read about gay bunnies...

Covington Kids exonerated

Official Report from Covington Students Investigation Is a Slam Dunk for the Good Guys

"The Diocese of Covington released a report from Greater Cincinnati Investigations, which conducted an in-depth investigation into the encounter." [Conservative Tribune]

This report will never be mentioned on the fake news media that goes absolutely wild when they see anyone wearing a Trump cap or supporting our President.

Read about it...

Early Morn 2-16-19

Friday, February 15, 2019

Sunset 2-15-19

If a Condo Association can build a wall, why can't the President?

Even a condo president and Board can make a decision to build a wall around their community.


Suppose your condo President was able to prove that as a result of not having a protective gate or wall around your community, there is resulting crime and trespass? Can the Board of Directors simply order a gate to be built around the community? The answer is YES.

In Williams v. Sky Harbour Condominium Apartments, the arbitrator held that unit owner approval was not required for the construction of a fence on the condominium property where the condominium building, located in busy Tampa Bay, was vulnerable to intrusion by persons without any legitimate connection to the project.

The incidents ranged from potentially serious attacks on persons, to trespass on the property and in the pool, to theft of property, and to unauthorized fishing. See also Southridge Homeowners Association, Inc. v. Barbieri, Arb. Case No. 94-0382, Summary Final Order (December 27, 1994)(association could have properly determined to install security lights without a vote of the owners if there existed convincing factual predicate that the board's action was necessary to protect the common elements or inhabitants from a known danger).

In the instant case, the association demonstrated that people with no legitimate business on the condominium property had entered the property from the UniVest parking lot; a few thefts, a break-in and vandalism had occurred; trash from the parking lot was blowing into the condominium property; and a large number of unit owners felt unsafe and worried about the potential theft of their cars without a fence between them and the UniVest parking lot.

In short, a threat existed. Installation of a fence was a reasonable response to this threat. LegalBeat

Now if the president declares a national emergency at our border, will the Supreme court agree?

National Emergencies

National Emergencies:

31 national emergencies are still in effect since the National Emergency Act of 1976 was signed into law by President Gerald Ford.

There were ten national emergencies signed by Obama.

Donald Trump has had three and border security will be the fourth.

Read about them...