Sunday, December 9, 2018

Brick by Brick

Little Adam Schitt

Little Adam Schitt, Democratic of California, who is poised to become chairman of the House Intelligence Committee in January, said "President Trump faces the real prospect of jail time after leaving the White House."

Lake Worth High School Winter Concert

At the Boynton Mall

The Mall was not that crowded yesterday but the major stores were busy. Most all the stores were having sales from 30% up to 50% off. Bought a pair of silver skinny jeans originally $50. With the discounts, I got them for $10.29. What a deal!

James Comey Closed Door Interview

Comey Transcript

Comey was as clever as always--trying to prove that he was the smartest guy in the room. This is the same guy who called our president "morally unfit." According to a statement from Trey Gowdy’s Office, Comey answered “I don’t remember” 71 times, “I don’t know” 166 times and “I don’t recall” eight times. When asked if the FBI had any evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign conspired to hack the DNC server, Comey gave a long-winded answer referring to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as to why he couldn’t answer.[MSN]

Influx of Illegals continues

Two large groups of Central Americans apprehended after crossing the Mexican border into the US

[Dept of Homeland Security] Both groups were found in good health and were comprised of Guatemalan and Honduran men, women, and children, ranging in age from 4 months to 53 years.

Agents transported the groups to the respective stations for further processing, where biometric and database searches determined that seven men and one woman have previous immigration violations, some with previous deportations.


Democrats go into the toilet

This is the party that pushed for transgender use of public bathrooms?

Anyone and his brother could use a bathroom of his/her choice--that's the way the Democrats wanted it. They made a big deal of it at their 2016 Democrat Convention. But these Democrat women objected to this guy using their restroom and now he's resigning.

Oh the hypocrisy of it all and the STUPIDITY. Just use the bathroom you're supposed to use--if a man, use a men's room, etc. Not so difficult.

Read about it...

Early Morning Sky 12-9-18

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Rainbow 12-8-18

The U.S. just surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia in oil production

Not only has the US just become the world’s largest oil producer, but the largest oil find in history was just discovered in TX and NM

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This will drive the Democrats nuts!

President Trump just keeps on winning and Liberals keep on whining.

Republican wins in Maine but ends up losing

Republican wins most votes in Maine, but new Dem-concocted convoluted law declares Dem opponent winner

Read about this convoluted process to steal an election...

And for some trivia, Maine went for Hillary in 2016--47.8% to Trump's 44.9%.

The Grinch who tried to steal Christmas

Anti-Christian Principal Loses Big After Trying To Ban Anything Christmas, Including Red & Green Lights

It's not just in our town but across America where there are way too many liberals who don't like Christians as well as  educators inflicting their own values, or lack thereof,  to our vulnerable youth.

This one wants to ban candy canes for gosh sakes.

"People of faith have protected rights."

This will get Lake Worth's Dylan Harrison "smokin"

"We need the FDA to ban Juul, e-cigarettes, and other vaping devices. These products have many hidden dangers. They are made with chemicals that can harm people. Middle School children and High School children are now following the trend of vaping. These devices are so discreet that they can vape in school and disrupt the learning environment for other children. Students are putting THC into their Juul and other vaping devices and are getting high while at school and under their parents' noses. These children do not understand the risk and schools are trying to figure out how to prevent them.

Juul looks like a USB drive and students can do it in the classroom without teachers knowing because students have learned to inhale and not exhale. I have heard of lungs bursting, the battery exploding in their faces, and other harmful effects. Nicotine, THC, and the other chemicals that are in these pods affect our children as their brains are not fully developed. Other countries have banned vaping, Juul and other devices that are similar. We need to protect the health of the public and our children.

Have the FDA ban and make illegal these devices. If they are not sold, and the pods with all the chemicals are not sold, then children will not be able to get a hold of them."

Sign the Petition...

Countries that have banned vaping

Early Morning Sky at Lake Osborne 12-8-18

Democrats want to change Firearms rule for congressmen

House Democrats Move To Literally Disarm Political Opponents

One of the House Democrats’ first moves once taking the majority in January will be an attempt to overturn a little-known rule that allows members of Congress to carry firearms inside the Capitol. [The Washington Post]

The measure has been brought forward by a California (of course) congressman.

Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie summed the problem with the move up in just one word: theatrics. “It’s proposing to solve a problem that doesn’t exist,” Massie said. “She ( Nancy Pelosi) is worried that members aren’t responsible enough to handle a firearm?”

Read more about it...

Friday, December 7, 2018

Sunset 12-7-18

Flags half-staff until December 30

The Whacko church in Dedham, Massachusetts

Liberal Church Erects Jaw-Dropping Nativity: Jesus in ICE Detention

It's s shame that we are finding out that there are a lot of whacko preachers out there--left-wingers with a ridiculous message. We saw a few at city hall on Tuesday night--do-gooders who have no regard for our laws. This one is so wrong, so stupid, so offensive and profanely blasphemous.

You have to wonder who in the hell goes to that church.

Read about the whack job preacher

Don Lemon called "petty and small"

‘You’re petty and small’: Cuomo condemns Lemon on-air for saying how he’d treat Trump at Bush funeral

Don Lemon’s smug remarks about how he would have handled President Trump at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral earned him a rebuke from his own CNN colleague.

Read about it...

Lake Osborne Boat Parade

One week from today on December 14th is boat parade day. It will start promptly at 7:30pm leaving Lakeside Anchor INN. The parade should reach Lantana Rd and Lake Osborne Dr at approx. 8pm. This is where most of the public viewing is.

The Parade will continue the Route North along Lake Osborne Dr, completing an entire circle around the lake by Lakeworth Rd Boat Ramp and heading back South along West shoreline and return to Lakeside Anchor INN around 9pm. PUBLIC VIEWING parade will be best on Lake Osborne Dr north of Lantana Rd all the way to Lake Worth Rd at boat ramp at John Prince Park or Campground. [Facebook]

I plan on bringing my lawn chair to watch this beautiful, local event.