Thursday, August 17, 2017

Stick It, Anonymous

Due to the nutty, obsessive haters and those of self imposed arrogance and contrived moral superiority using tactics right out of Rules for Radicals, for the time being, I am now eliminating anonymous posting.The new policy may last a few days--a week or two, who knows. These people posting personal attacks are the biggest cowards and haters of all.

You all can take your extreme and highly charged emotional comments somewhere else until such time you can have a debate on the issues instead of proving your ignorance. Tell me why you don't think people have the right to Assemble and have Free Speech no matter how abhorrent it may be. Tell me why Antifa and Black Lives Matter get a pass for violence.

Opinions are valued in America and so is free speech.. but hate is the rally point of the day with the Left-Wingers who have zero courage to stand up to their convictions by using their real name. It's easy to attack anonymously...dishonest and moral turpitude that  gravely violates the accepted standard of decency is not welcomed here. It's way too juvenile.

Let's Make America Great Again

Sunset 8-17-17

Sick Bastards

Have you seen the video of leftists in North Carolina tearing down a Confederate statue then kicking, punching, spitting on, and flipping it off?

Sheila Addison, wife of James

Sheila was married to James Addison 1953 (Deceased--two years ago on 8-14-15)
Sheila did all the Art Work in the 1954 Class yearbook.
She and Jamie both LWHS Graduates have 7 children who also graduated from LWHS:
Brenda, James, Brian, Michele, Kevin, Mark and Vicki 

Sheila passed away yesterday. Our sympathy and love go out to Kevin and the entire Addison Family.

She was a great friend to many.
Doris Dorsey

If you care to send a card to her son, Kevin, the address I have on file is:
138 N. 12th Place, Lantana, FL 33462--

MLK, Jr. - Will his statute be next?

Martin Luther King Jr. believed that marriage is the union of one man and one woman for life. He also believed in the sanctity of life. Will his statute be next in the hands of these unhinged whackos?

Let's be truthful about "hate"

Left-wing politics  - the use of resources
The only thing missing is a puppy

Let's "smash" all hate groups and that includes Antifa, Black lives Matter, the New Black Panther Party, The Nation of Islam to name a few. And throw in the Southern Poverty Law Center for good measure. According to them, Florida has 63 hate groups.I'm surprised they haven't included all registered Republicans.

Charlottesville - Where were the Police?

Happy birthday, Alma

Look at this woman--97 years old today and not one damn wrinkle! 💗
Healthy as a horse, and takes no medicine! 

Happy birthday to my friend, Alma

James Gibson - One of the original Highwaymen passes

James Gibson
January 1, 1938 - August 15, 2017
“Respect people, don’t give up, and put God first. Everything else will fall into place.”

Antifa and BLM were the instigators after all?

"There is much more to learn about the tragedy in Charlottesville, but as details continue to become public, it looks more and more like the instigator of Saturday’s violence was Antifa and BLM. Big shock, right?

Liberals have spent the last two days screaming about President Donald Trump talking about violence 'on all sides,' saying in so doing he was somehow trying to go easy on neo-Nazis," reports Young Conservatives.

Read more... and watch the video.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sunset 8-16-17

Republican Jewish Coalition

Washington, D.C. (August 16, 2017) --  The RJC released a statement today from National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and Executive Director Matt Brooks:

The Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists are dangerous anti-Semites. There are no good Nazis and no good members of the Klan. Thankfully, in modern America, the KKK and Nazis are small fringe groups that have never been welcome in the GOP.

We join with our political and religious brethren in calling upon President Trump to provide greater moral clarity in rejecting racism, bigotry, and antisemitism. [What is it about what he said that  is not strong enough?]

As representatives of the Party whose founder, Abraham Lincoln, broke the shackles of slavery, and of an organization with many members who experienced firsthand the inhumanity of the Nazi Holocaust, we state unequivocally our rejection of these hatemongers - you can expect no less from the Republican Jewish Coalition.

50 F Street, N.W., Suite 100 | Washington, DC 20001

This email was sent to

Jesse Watters - On Kaepernick

Trump Tweets Today

Democrat Congressman arrested for protesting in front of White House

Liberals continue to lose their minds--a broken congressman from an ultra-liberal broken city, Chicago. Meanwhile: 39 shootings in Chicago last weekend, 9 deaths. No national media outrage. Why is that?

"Anyone who has ever seen Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez speak knows what I am talking about. You wonder when he is going to blow a gasket. His eyes bulge and his jugular veins practically jump out of his neck. The guy looks totally unhinged, about to go postal. He has a history of being arrested for running his mouth and being a public nuisance."


Dr. Elvis Epps Lake Worth High School

Dr. Elvis Epps
Principal of Lake Worth Community High School

"It's not a job; it's a mission."

Dr. Epps has his hands full. There are so many students who do not speak English or live in homes where English is their second language. The majority of the students are black and Hispanic at 87%. 75% of the approximate 2,500 students are eligible for the free lunch.

It's all about Power, Debbie, and bad Politics

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (I even hate typing her name) now has a brainstorm!  She wants to call for the removal of the statute of General Edmund Kirby Smith at the Capitol in Washington D.C. General Smith was a Florida native from St. Augustine, who was a general during the Civil War.  Not only does she want the statute removed, she wants a special session called just for that purpose. It's that important to her.

Years ago I asked a former commissioner in our city what the word "progressive" meant. I was not familiar with the term.  Now I have learned. It is to destroy...tear down our democracy, our history.  The progressive impulse to purge public spaces of Confederate monuments isn’t about inclusion and tolerance, it’s about politics and power.

Monuments have everything to do with preserving our past--we learn from our past. It's not about siding with the confederacy or the fact they used slaves or they lost a war.

 It took a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, to free all of them. Then northern carpetbaggers blitzed through the south and brutalized everyone in their path. The aftermath of the war was in some ways worse than the war itself. It was a horrible time in our history but one we should never forget.  The South won't forget and they won't forget what progressives are doing to these monuments and their heritage. The current drive to erase all of our Confederate history is not about tolerance; it's not about unity, something liberals always expound but never show.  It's all about power.

Read about General Smith

Wasserman-Schultz should be putting her time to better use such as explaining to the American people why she continued to pay her Pakistani-born Imran Awan IT guy who was under investigation by the FBI for theft and cyber security-tied abuses.

Criminal who attacked PBSO Deputy arrested

Race: Black
DOB: 07/22/1990

Address: 715 NORTH "H" STREET, LAKE WORTH,FL 33460
Gender: Male

Facility:  Main Detention Center
OBTS Number: 5003413891
Booking Date/Time: 08/15/2017 22:06

Cell Location:M-S-06-C-10L-F

Arresting Agency: 01-PBSO
Release Date: N/A
Holds For Other Agencies: No

Jacket Number: 0333895

Read about it...