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Trump administration wants to arrest mayors of sanctuary cities

Trump FINALLY Going After Broken Immigration Laws And The Sanctuary Cities Who Defy Orders

According to News Week, the Department of Justice is considering subjecting state and local officials to criminal charges if they implement or enforce so-called sanctuary policies that bar jurisdictions from cooperating with immigration authorities.

Gallup Poll on increasing numbers of LGBT's

4.5 percent of our population in 2017 are gay or so they say

-- up from 4.1 percent in 2016 and 3.5 percent in 2012, with Gallup estimates suggesting more than 11 million adults identify as LGBT in the country today.

Read this startling news...

In Florida, Lake Worth is ranked #1 for a gay family friendly community. Click here

Democrats and Fake News Media

Liberal Media And Democrats Admit They Reported Fake News On President Trump – War Room Full Show

Reuters 5 day tracking poll

Reuters tracking poll: GOP now in the lead in our congressional ballot tracking poll

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tonight's Sky 5-22-18

Lake Worth beach has re-opened

May 22, 2018

Lake Worth Beach Has Re-Opened for Guests

Lake Worth, Florida - The Lake Worth Beach has received a satisfactory water quality report and is now re-opened to receive guests. 

The Florida Department of Health Palm Beach County conducts saltwater beach water quality samplings on a bi-weekly basis as part of the Florida Healthy Beaches Monitoring Program.  Water samples are taken from thirteen (13) Palm Beach County beaches as part of the reporting program.  Samples are examined for enterococci bacteria which may cause human disease, infections or rashes.  If detected, beaches will post warning signs or flags to advise visitors of the potential harm.

The City is pleased to announce the all-clear and to welcome visitors back to the Lake Worth Beach.

Located in central Palm Beach County, Lake Worth is a dynamic, multi-cultural city with an individualistic style.  People are drawn to the city by its acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, historic districts, hip downtown and colorful arts district.

Dolores Key, Economic Development & Marketing Director
City of Lake Worth
1900 2nd Avenue North
Lake Worth, FL 33461

Seattle's "Eat the Rich" strategy

Read about it... and the Socialist city commission in Seattle that voted to bite the hand that feeds them, the hand that has given them a very high standard of living (the 11th largest metropolitan economy in the United States) with economic development and jobs, the hand that laid the golden egg.

Seattle continues to go down the socialist path with its  minimum-wage law (a law that has punished its poorest citizens), gun tax (shootings are skyrocketing since that tax) and their vote on a special income tax on the wealthy. Being wealthy to socialists is a sin but they need them to continually bail them out for lousy government decisions.

It always astounds me and I will never understand socialism. It never has worked.  It never will.

This used to be a great city as was San Francisco when I lived out that way nearly 50 years ago.  Now it's just Senseless and Socialist and un-cool.

Rebuttal to David the Hogg

On Friday, David Hogg launched attacks against the current administration at Santa Fe High School as well as the National Rifle Association. Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland survivor, had a slightly different message for his peers.

"Why don't we blame the murderers for a change?"

One Nation Under Socialism

He said he was going to transform America. And during his presidency, he was responsible for more crazies than we ever could have imagined. Just look at California, Oregon and Washington and they're not even on the list when you consider GDP.  Look at New York. Florida is ranked #6 as one of the least socialist states.

Painting by Jon McNaughton
The Pro-Trump Painter

I expect all the liberal crazies to go "bananas" now.

Now we know what's wrong with Liberal women

New Study Links Abortion And Sharp Decline In Women’s Mental Health

Do women who have an abortion risk their mental health? A provocative new study shows that women who have an abortion face an increased risk for mental health problems including substance abuse, anxiety, and depression.

Read the report...

Zombie alert issued in Lake Worth

The City of Lake Worth's web site was hacked?  Well, that's what they're trying to tell us--Sounds more like an employee with a great sense of humor.

Read about it...

Californians - vote NO on SB 54

This testimony by a Hispanic woman at the public hearing for California’s sanctuary state bill SB-54 should tell you all you need to know about just how destructive such policies are. She says she lives in fear and wants sanctuary cities stopped.

Why don't liberals listen? Why don't they do the right thing?

Read about the bill

Trump Reverses Obama's prison guidelines on transgenders

Trump Scraps Obama-Era Rule on Prison Housing for Transgenders

This is going to drive some liberals bonkers especially in this city--Personally I am concerned about this and have mixed feelings on this subject. Perhaps separate cell blocks for men and women transgenders? Prisons are full of violent people and no one should be subjected to more than they deserve by just being sentenced in the first place.

Four biological women prisoners in Texas filed a law suit--they say it is cruel and unusual punishment as well as a violation of their bodily rights, to have biological men sharing their cell and bathroom.

President Trump is reversing Obama's guidelines..

Barack Obama set down guidelines mandating that prisons house inmates according to gender identity, allowing transgender men and women access to the cell blocks and bathrooms of their choice. President Trump has now totally reversed these guidelines.[ConservativeZone]

Read more about it...

Message from Facebook

Hi Lynn,

We're updating our Terms, Data Policy, and Cookies Policy to make sure you know how your data is used so you can make the choices that are right for you.

These updates don't give us any new rights to collect, use or share your data on Facebook. The updated Terms better explain our service and what we ask of everyone using Facebook. The updated Data Policy and Cookies Policy reflect the new features we've been working on, and explain more about how we create a personalized experience for you. Updates include:

•    Adding information about features such as Marketplace, camera effects and accessibility tools

•    More detail about how our systems process things you share, such as text, photos and videos

•    More about how we share information, systems and technology across the Facebook Company Products, including WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus

•    Adding Instagram, a service provided by Facebook Inc., to the Data Policy

Protecting your data is a big responsibility and we take it very seriously. In addition to these updates, you'll see new ways to control your privacy and information on Facebook soon.

Erin Egan
Global Chief Privacy Officer

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Seditious Conspiracy to bring down a president

John Brennan issues veiled threat to Ryan and McConnell if they don’t stop President Trump, because he knows his ass is grass and Donald Trump is a lawnmower

Don't you love that headline? I love the way this guy writes. The only people who don't love it are flaming liberals, feminists and other liars. We hear from them from time to time on this blog and they actually believe I will post their deceptions.

Read the article...

Sober Homes - Bullsh*t - Amoroso commended

John Oliver calls ‘bullsh*t’ on scam of unregulated rehab centers that claim cures while sending patients off to die

"Lake Worth County Commissioner Andy Amoroso went so far as to urge people to 'stop sending your loved ones to south Florida, because we’re sending them home in bodybags'.

“Holy sh*t,” was Oliver’s response. “That is the worst, and yet, possibly the most honest tourism slogan for Florida I’ve ever heard.”

Read the article... and the opinion on Sober Homes.

Where's the 2017 Audit for Lake Worth?

Where's the audit that is produced by our External Auditors?

It seems to get later and later every year. Our fiscal year ended September 30, 2017.  So, how many months is that and we still don't have the audit?  What's  the hold-up? AGAIN?!

The external auditor just audits information provided to him/them  BY the city. They don't do any investigative work to see if the numbers jive but if they see any irregularities or illegal acts they will make a written report to the Finance Director. (We don't have a finance director yet!)

Last year's Audit found $7 million in questioned costs at Lake Worth Water Utility

It was reported by this blog over two years ago that the inspector General was investigating Lake Worth. At that time, the city manager Michael Bornstein gave an explanation as to why he didn't respond to the IG's survey of 2014: “I’m on my fourth finance director in 4½ years,” Bornstein said. “Organizationally, we’re still not where we need to be … but we’re improving.” It's amazing that we get so much bull.

The City has so much money to account for now with the General Obligation Bond and all the rest of the funky stuff like Siemens. Commissioner Maxwell doesn't like the word "transparency"...believes it's abused. Well, I can't find one audit on the city's web site for any year. Are you interested in the Audit, commissioners? And on top of that, there are no minutes this year for the Citizens Advisory Committee-Road bond, a committee that rarely meets to review all expenditures from the bond proceeds for improving local roadways

And where is our Internal Auditor? He's like a gossamer wing--unnoticeable. We never hear from this guy. And we still do not have a Finance Director so that makes it five directors Bornstein has lost? I wrote to the Assistant Finance Director to inquire about the Audit for 2017 and was told that it is not finalized yet.

Lake Worth to be Quite Zone for trains

May 21, 2018

Contact:          Ben Kerr, Public Information Officer
Phone:            561.586.1631

MEDIA ADVISORY            Lake Worth Quite Zone Press Conference            MEDIA ADVISORY
  • WHO: The City of Lake Worth
  • WHAT: Mayor Pam Triolo will be announcing the start of Lake Worth being a Quiet Zone for rail traffic and the safety measures that have been put in place
  • WHEN: May 21, 2018 | 2:00pm
  • WHERE: Lake Worth Commission Chamber, City Hall, 7 North Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth Fl, 33460
  • WHY: The City of Lake Worth has been approved to become a Quiet Zone for Rail Traffic starting May 21, 2018. From this date trains travelling through the City will only use their horn in case of an emergency or to notify workers on the line. This means that trains will approach crossings in silence which increases risk to those travelling near the tracks.

VISUALS:  The new quiet zone signage for rail crossings will be displayed and available to photograph

INTERVIEWS: Mayor Pam Triolo and City Staff will be available to answer media questions.

For more information please call Ben Kerr, Public Information Officer at 561.586.1631

Trump keeps another campaign promise

Trump Keeps A MAJOR Campaign Promise; Will Create Huge Job Increase With This Move

We have never had a presidential candidate keep so many promises. Now,  and in less than a year and a half,  President Trump has kept many of them despite opposition from Democrats and a few Republicans, hence most of his accomplishments were ones he negotiated and enacted on his own.

This week he kept a major promise by negotiating a deal with China to greatly reduce the 370 billion dollar trade deficit between the two countries, when China agreed to not only buy more goods from the United States, including food crops and manufactured goods but will also address the problem of China stealing the intellectual property of American companies. (Another campaign promise) [SteadfastAndLoyal]

Read about it...

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