Thursday, June 30, 2016

Blame algae growth on politicians

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Politicians are the ones who make these horrendous decisions allowing development on every square inch of any available property--even on property that is NOT available, like our Ag Reserve, or so we thought.  Read about growth in PB County

Pollution from population growth and urban development — not water releases from Lake Okeechobee — is the primary cause of the foul-smelling slime turning many waterways in Martin County a bright blue-green, an expert in expert in algae blooms said Thursday.

Read about it...

In November, kick all the bums out.

Rick Scott declared Algae emergency

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"As bad as the massive algae bloom on the Treasure Coast is now, sometime in the coming days or weeks or months, it’s going to die. And when it does, the impact on flora and fauna will make the current disaster look like a tipped bait bucket by comparison."

Read about this disaster... by Eliot Kleinberg now in two counties.

Benghazi Revealed

"F**k America," Muslim woman makes terrorist threats

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FEC goes after FOX News

Don’t you just love it when a government entity does things out of the Sunshine even to the point of a secret vote. Transparency and open government can just be damned. I have been told that dinner meetings behind locked doors at Lake Worth City Hall that include our city commissioners still continue in spite of the Palm Beach Post editorial condemning it.

"But this time it involves Fox News. And it is exactly what you would expect of the liberal, progressive, socialistic Democrats on the Federal Election Commission. They did not approve of the way FOX sponsored the Republican debates and tried to find a way to punish them. You will be relieved that the Democrats effort was shut down."

Read about it...

Early Morning Moon 6-30-16

21% of Full

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tonight's Sky 6-29-16

Major changes to July 4 Festivities in Lake Worth

Statement from Mary Lindsey on our July 4 festivities.

Due to algae in the Intracoastal, following is the agenda:

A painful yet necessary decision about the Great American Raft Race festivities has been reached. The full official joint statement from the City of Lake Worth and the NAPC with all the details will be published on the front page of the Lake Worth Herald tomorrow. For now, Here's the scoop:

The part of the Raft Race where rafts and rafters actually go into the Intracoastal has been cancelled. Hang on, there's more . . .

The NAPC Presidents Cup Kayak Race has also been pulled from the Intracoastal at the Pre-raft race party at the Beach Club Friday evening. The pre-raft race party at the Beach Club on Friday is STILL ON. In fact, all the pre-raft race parties are still ON! Stay with me, there's more and the news gets a lot better from here on . . .

On Sunday, July 3rd, the City of Lake Worth and the NAPC are hosting a Splashtacular Great American Pool Party for all Raft Race Fans (that means EVERYBODY) at the pool located at the beautiful Beach and Casino. Admission is FREE and get this - Parking is FREE for all attendees. The Pool Party starts at 5pm. At 6:30pm, the lifeguards will blow their whistles and call all swimmers to the pool deck. All the lane markers will be rolled up, the Kayaks and their Captains will enter the pool and the race around the pool for the NAPC Presidents Cup Champion of 2016 will start. The baby pool will of course remain open for the little ones throughout the event. But what about the Raft Race and the Parade on the 4th of July you ask . . .

On Monday, July 4th the Raft Parade is still a GO, except the parade will take off at Noon! Line-up is still on J St and Lucerne Avenue. Line up is now at 11:30 am.Raft teams may or may not choose to parade with their rafts - but the Parade Goes On!! Rafters (with or without rafts will still parade through the downtown all the way to the BoatRamp at Bryant Park and that's where the celebration turns a little different this year.

Raft trucks and trailers from the parade (for those teams that choose to parade their rafts anyway) will still have preferred parking in the boat ramp lot. Judges will select the winner of the Best Decorated category based on rafts and or costumes. The On Shore performances will still go on, except they will be held on the bandshell stage. The dunk tank (which may or may not be filled with blue-green jello-like grunge) will still be set up only moved a little bit north to Bryant Park.

Judges will still choose "Best First Timer", "Best Performance" and the crowd will still choose "Crowd Pleaser" trophy winners. The NAPC will decide at their Council meeting this Saturday, what to do about the "Mighty Grunge Cup Trophy", ordinarily presented to the raft that comes in first. The "Run Aground Trophy" usually awarded for spectacular failure and the "Paddle" trophy usually awarded for less than neighborly sportsmanship, are awarded this year in absentia (and without naming names) to every agency responsible for mucking up our beautiful Lake Worth Lagoon!

The government's secret plan to ban all guns?

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    The AK-47 Rifle accounts for…

- 5x’s less murders than a Knife
- 1.8x’s less than a blunt object
     - 27x’s less deaths than handguns.

From Conservative Alert:

Couple the above with 92% of the mass shootings occurred in “gun free zones?”
So here are the 2 important things you must take from those stats…

1.     The big shiny AK-47 is just the bait to eventually ban all guns, and it has less to do with the murdered citizens, and more to do with government control, and taking away any threat of an uprising.
2.    The chart points out, many murders in the US, happen with blunt objects, personal confrontation, and stabbings, all in very close range, within just a few feet…

Postcard to PB County School Superintendent

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Deciding that supporting schools was important in Palm Beach County in order for them to fix aging facilities and upgrade technology, the county's final vote was to lump all infrastructure into the one penny sales tax referendum to be voted on November 8, 2016. We were hoping that the School Board would not collaborate and have a separate referendum. We also agree that Karen Brill voted correctly for a separate referendum.

Our latest postcard is to the Superintendent of Schools telling him that if we find out (and I am sure the county will keep this under lock and key) that any part of this sales tax will go to support the Atlanta Braves at John Prince Park, then we will be voting against the sales tax increase.

Right now, all sorts of upgrades are occurring at John Prince Park such as electrical, clearing of trees and the 6th Avenue Bridge that would take people from I-95 to our county park. The county is denying that these upgrades have anything to do with the Atlanta Braves.

Let me know if you want a postcard.

Person Robbed in Lake Worth

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Read about it...

And now those who write criminal alerts are afraid of racial profiling. It described this punk as having black hair and brown eyes. Why don't they just say he was a black man?

PBPost Editorial slaps down Scott Maxwell

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The Editorial in today's Palm Beach Post was supporting the Commission's vote to give the architect and general contractor three more months to fix the problems at our casino building.  And they agree with me. Essentially, they slapped down Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell for his desire to file an immediate lawsuit and for saying that "retailers are getting rained on because of the leaks."

The one error that was stated was that the construction estimate soared to $8 million because the contractor found more damage than expected.

The facts of that matter are:  We spent $6 million on the building and we spent an additional $2 million on infrastructure at the entire beach property of 19 acres. Scott Maxwell is always insisting that we pay for infrastructure for developers but takes an exception when we own our property?  This infrastructure cost was already set aside in our budget for this beach renovation. And we don't know for sure that the architect cut corners in the design to meet the $6 million contract.

Read about it...

Build that Wall

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And build it high

Build that wall is a literal phrase as well as used metaphorically.  It means put an end to illegals and undesirables entering our country.

Take the problems in Idaho as an example.  90 percent of the 4,650 refugees resettled in Idaho between 2011 and 2015, or 4202, were medically screened within the first three months of their arrival, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Of those screened, 21 percent (896) tested positive for LTBI. And some with TB have been resettled in Florida. Read about it...

Also, since arrival there, some refugees committed heinous crimes. “President Barack Obama’s top legal appointee in Idaho is threatening to prosecute Americans who criticize the federal immigration policies which enabled Sudanese and Iraqi Muslim migrants to perpetrate a vile sexual attack against a five-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho,” Breitbart News and WND reported. Read about the 5 year old

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sunset 6-28-16

Total Hypocrisy in Lake Worth

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When you think about it, considering this Trio of Maxwell, Triolo and Amoroso, as well as the city manager wanting to bulldoze 100 acres of our county park and going so far as to lobby all the neighboring towns, this is the most hypocritical press release from the City of Lake Worth in a very long time:


June 28, 2016

Contact:           Lauren Bennett
Sales, Marketing & Event Manager
Phone:             561.533.7395


WHEN:             JULY 2016

The City of Lake Worth is honoring National Parks and Recreation during the month of July in an effort to raise awareness in our community about the value of parks, recreation and leisure services in Lake Worth!

Please join us for all of our exciting activities offered throughout the month of July! Check us out at for a full list of our special events and activities.

For more information please call Lauren Bennett at 561.533.7395 or Nicola Bohannon at 561.533.7363.

Drew Martin in Wellington and the County Commission's love of Development

On Sunday, I attended a discussion on the overbuilding in Palm Beach County and to support Drew Martin for County Commissioner District 3.

"I am running as a Democrat for County Commissioner from District 3 to help restore the voice of the citizens at the County Commission."

Jess Santamaria spoke about his time on the county commission where most votes regarding development ended on a 6/1 or 5/2 vote to allow developers anything they desired. Over eight years, 100% of development got approved. Paulette Burdick was the only county commissioner who would vote with him. When it came to the developers paying impact fees, the vote was 6/1 against and the county lost $69 million dollars that was forgiven to developers. Guess what they allowed developers to pay. One dollar ($1).  As said, it is a government for special interests.

With no workable plan for how citizens will pay for the costs of new roads, schools, fire stations and other services other than to tax you an additional penny sales tax for ten years, this is what this elected body of Palm Beach County Commissioners have done:
  • July 23, 2013 GL Homes expanded in the "protected" Ag Reserve from 995 homes to 1,319 homes, a 33% increase. It allowed the Bridges development to expand from 591 homes to 1,008, a 70% increase.
  • October 24, 2013, Highland Dunes--the commission approved a rezoning allowing 2,000 homes on 1,200 acres owned by PB Aggregates.
  • June 26, 2014, Boca Del Mar. Rezoning approved on a 5/2. Voted to build 253 zero lot line townhouses and  multi-family units where they had already allowed developers to take over part of the golf course that was deeded in perpetuity. If you recall, they did the same thing to Century Village years ago.
  • October 29, 2014 Minto West. Approved of 4,500 homes and 2 million sq. ft of retail and offices on agricultural land.
  • January 8, 2015. GL homes allowed to expand Valencia Cove by 71% in the protected ag Reserve.
  • April 12, 2016 Initial approval given to GL Homes for Indian Trails Grove, 3,900 homes and 350,000 sq. ft of commercial space
  • April 27, 2016, More commercial development approved in the Ag Reserve that could open up a 21,000 acre farming region to more commercial development.
Read Point of View in today's PBPost on Westlake's shady incorporation.

Little Big Liar

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Telephone Survey by Lake Worth City Manager

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On June 18th I got a call with a live person who was conducting a survey for the City of Lake Worth.  There were various questions asking what I thought about the present commission's job performance, whether I would consider supporting a $40 million dollar bond for roads followed by a question on whether I would support a $50 million dollar bond for roads and sidewalks. They even asked whether I would support the PB County 1 cent sales tax increase.

Unfortunately, there were no details along with the questions such as the term of the bond, its total cost including interest and what all it would specifically cover. The last bond the city wanted us to approve was for $63 million for 30 years that would have cost us a total of $131 million, a detail never discussed. That bond covered all sorts of things besides pothole repair even an $800,000 slush fund for each commissioner to spend as he wanted in his district.

To this day, under freedom of information, no one can get any answer from the city on this survey--not even a commissioner for whom I contacted was told about it--the city manager is remaining mum. There is no doubt in my mind that the trio of commissioners (Maxwell, Triolo and Amoroso) know all about it. It's sickening when decisions are made out of the Sunshine, requests by the public are ignored and democracy is relegated to an unimportant position.

1. Who authorized this survey?
2.Was our Commission informed about this survey?
3.How much did this survey cost the taxpayers?
4.What is the name of the company conducting this survey?
5.Who has access to the survey results?
6.Will the public have access to the survey results?
7.Will a neutral third party company be hired/is already hired to verify the survey results?
8. When was a telephone survey for a new roads bond discussed in public?
9. How many people were surveyed?  Were certain areas targeted?

There will be a Workshop on July 7th at 6pm at City Hall to discuss potholes. Perhaps then the details will be revealed.

Early Morning Sky

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunset 6-27-16

Diamond and Silk for Trump

Help us with our postcard campaign - Save John Prince Park

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Thanks to a big supporter to save John Prince Park from the County's as well as Lake Worth's resolution allowing the Atlanta Braves to bulldoze over 100 acres for commercial gain, we have postcards that you can sign and mail to the Atlanta Braves objecting to their desire to ruin a county park. Let me know how I can get some to you...some are stamped. Also, join our Facebook page, John Prince Park Preservation.

Perdue will improve animal welfare

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Perdue Foods, one of the nation’s largest poultry producers, is announcing a precedent-setting commitment to improving animal welfare. While there is still work to be done, Perdue’s commitment is the most comprehensive animal welfare policy ever adopted by a major chicken producer. Of the more than 8 billion chickens...

Read about it...

Candidates State Rep District 90

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This is my new District--90. One reason why people became registered Democrats, as far back as the 50's when my Mom registered, was the simple fact that no Republicans ever ran for office. People are reluctant to change Parties and it took me nearly 40 years.  Now we see the same thing happening in District 87 as well as District 90--no Republicans. In Palm Beach County, Democrats outnumber Republicans by 120,706 registered is a liberal leaning county and those running know where the voters are.

Berman, Lori (DEM) *Incumbent Qualified

Lurie, Artie(LPF) Qualified

As of this date, recorded with the State, Berman has raised $61,750 and raising money for two years whereas Lurie has raised zero having just filed on June 22.

Martin County gets an Award

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This sounds like something that could be decided upon in Lake Worth, not the entire county commission of Martin County.

Read about it...

Sunrise over utility wires 6-27-16

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Exercising at John Prince Park

Bill Maher on Guns

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Poinciana starting to bloom

Poinciana Tree beginning to bloom
 on Wright Drive

Clay Glass Exhibit

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Gulfstream Hotel - Broken Promises

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Like a bad neighbor, they ain't there!  Not only did the Historic Board and the City Commission give them everything their little hearts desired from re-writing the LDR's, upzoning, giving them waivers and ignoring the Heights Amendment, to this day not one thing has been accomplished on the historic Gulfstream Hotel renovation.

This trio commission bends over backwards for development and what is the end result?  The finger. We can't even get the owners' original and basic renovate the existing hotel.

It sits idle with only frequent visits from vagrants, feral cats and probably rats. The only thing happening there is slum, blight, decay and the Homeless.

Quote of the Day - Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell

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"There are folks out there that are concerned, but I think they are clearly in the minority," said Lake Worth City Commissioner Scott Maxwell. "I think it's premature for any of us to get excited about what the site will look like and the impacts. It's going to have to wait until we see the plan. The plan hasn't been unveiled yet."

~ Scott Maxwell

Read the article... on the Atlanta Braves wanting to build a stadium with John Prince Park still in consideration, by them, the county and local politicians.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sunset 6-25-16

Trump is the leader we need

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Obama Defies Supreme Court

President Obama said most illegal immigrants still won’t be deported, even after the Supreme Court’s tie ruling Thursday upheld an injunction on his broader deportation amnesty.

Read about it... at The Washington Times

Jeff Clemens blames Republicans for his Democratic opponent Irv Slosberg

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Democratic Rep. Irv Slosberg of Boca Raton, wearing a bright orange "Let Irv Serve" ball cap, moved from one Senate race to another in the final hour of qualifying, and will challenge Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, in an Aug. 30 primary for the District 31 Senate seat in Palm Beach County.

"Let the people decide," said Slosberg, whose residence is in Senate District 29, where another incumbent, Democratic Rep. Kevin Rader, is running. The 29th district dips into northern Broward County, while the 31st is wholy within Palm Beach, including Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Lake Worth.

"It's going to be a bloodbath," said a Democratic operative who was part of the crowd hanging out at the state elections headquarters in Tallahassee.

Read about it...

Clemens response? "I'm not surprised at all," Clemens said Friday. "I've been hearing for weeks that Republicans were trying to find a Democrat to run against me, and it appears they finally found their man."

Ted Cruz on Brexit

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“The British people have spoken clearly: They choose to leave the European Union. The results of the ‘Brexit’ referendum should serve as a wake-up call for internationalist bureaucrats from Brussels to Washington, D.C. that some free nations still wish to preserve their national sovereignty. The British people have indicated that they will no longer outsource their future to the EU, and prefer to chart their own path forward.

The United States can learn from the referendum and attend to the issues of security, immigration and economic autonomy that drove this historic vote. In addition, we should treat the ‘Brexit’ as an opportunity to forge a closer partnership with our historic friend and ally, including immediately starting negotiations for a targeted US-UK free trade agreement.”

~ Ted Cruz

Friday, June 24, 2016

Sunset 6-24-16

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Young voters are totally uninformed

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Democrats Grandstand and Lose

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The Democrats are conceding that Barack Obama's policies have failed and the terrorists have won. By their own standard from the Bush era, they now want to curtail our constitutional rights because they are scared and admit neither their President nor their good Uncle Sam can keep them safe. But they'll be damned if you are allowed to keep yourself safe.

Even the ACLU is against the Democrats.

Read about it...

Quote of the Day - Andy Amoroso

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"We've had a lot of problems with homeless people, but they're not really fighting over turf issues. They're just fighting  among themselves.  My biggest problem is they leave their garbage behind and they're urinating all over the place."

~ Andy Amoroso,
Commissioner Lake Worth--View the article

With the 2nd highest number of homeless in Palm Beach County, the Homeless coalition says that housing represents the fundamental base-solution to the problem of homelessness, with the lack of affordable housing and the limited scale of housing assistance programs contributing to the current housing crisis and to homelessness.

Addressing hunger is a moral imperative. Here in Lake Worth we have some churches that help as well as the Burrito Project where volunteers gather every Saturday morning to prepare burritos and sort clothes to share with the homeless at Bryant Park.  There are some citizens who volunteer their services to give haircuts and shaves. And proudly, many of these volunteers attend Common Ground Church.

The City of Lake Worth has struggled with the homeless situation only in the fact that they are here and dealing with citizen complaints, some of whom are downtown business owners. Nothing has been done for them on a government level.

However, the commission just passed an Ordinance (4/1 with Maier dissenting) to give tax free mortgages to qualified poor people but we can't provide even a port-o-let for the homeless. That might stop them from "urinating all over the place."

Four Story building planned at 1 South Palmway and Lake Avenue

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The Planning & Zoning Board published a legal notice No. 30407 regarding a public hearing on July 6, at 6pm at the city chambers.

The request is for a major site Plan and Conditional Use Permit for the construction of a four story mixed use building with the first level being ground level parking and 3,386 square feet of retail commercial and a public plaza. The three floors above will consist of 14 dwelling unit. The project is located on the southwest corner of Lake Avenue and South Palmway.

Illegals - Deport or let them stay

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Should Illegal Aliens Be Deported Or Given A Way To Stay Legally?

 Legalized-- 2%

 Votes 20,457

Candidates for FL State Rep District 87

There are three Democrats running for Florida State Representative District 87--

State Rep. Dist 87      Darren James Ayoub (DEM)                 Qualified
State Rep, Dist. 87     Virginia Savietto (DEM)                       Qualified
State Rep, Dist. 87     David Silvers (DEM)                            Qualified

David Silvers

The Man Who Saved the World

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sunset 6-23-16

Trump on the S.O.B. Jihadist in Orlando

Roger Manning new mayor of Westlake

Roger Manning, the owner of Banyan Printing in Lake Worth, is the new mayor of Westlake...BUT he doesn't even live there.

 Read about it... I can't possibly write about this. It just never ends.

Westlake's founding council member now in jail for beating up his girlfriend.

Katie at Clary's Corner

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Katie at Clary's Corner dining on Cuban Quesadilla...
She says, "It's the best!"

LED street lights can be harmful

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The replacement of our street lights to LED is costing us $3 million big buckeraoos. And we have had complaints about the light intensity. But the city is and has not addressed the harmful effects even though they were brought to their attention. Now the AMA has released its official statement that they may very well be harmful.

AMA Adopts Community Guidance to Reduce the Harmful Human and Environmental Effects of High Intensity Street Lighting

For immediate release:
June 14, 2016

CHICAGO - Strong arguments exist for overhauling the lighting systems on U.S. roadways with light emitting diodes (LED), but conversions to improper LED technology can have adverse consequences. In response, physicians at the Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) today adopted guidance for communities on selecting among LED lighting options to minimize potential harmful human and environmental effects.

Converting conventional street light to energy efficient LED lighting leads to cost and energy savings, and a lower reliance on fossil-based fuels. Approximately 10 percent of existing U.S. street lighting has been converted to solid state LED technology, with efforts underway to accelerate this conversion.

"Despite the energy efficiency benefits, some LED lights are harmful when used as street lighting," AMA Board Member Maya A. Babu, M.D., M.B.A. "The new AMA guidance encourages proper attention to optimal design and engineering features when converting to LED lighting that minimize detrimental health and environmental effects."

High-intensity LED lighting designs emit a large amount of blue light that appears white to the naked eye and create worse nighttime glare than conventional lighting. Discomfort and disability from intense, blue-rich LED lighting can decrease visual acuity and safety, resulting in concerns and creating a road hazard.

In addition to its impact on drivers, blue-rich LED streetlights operate at a wavelength that most adversely suppresses melatonin during night. It is estimated that white LED lamps have five times greater impact on circadian sleep rhythms than conventional street lamps. Recent large surveys found that brighter residential nighttime lighting is associated with reduced sleep times, dissatisfaction with sleep quality, excessive sleepiness, impaired daytime functioning and obesity.

The detrimental effects of high-intensity LED lighting are not limited to humans. Excessive outdoor lighting disrupts many species that need a dark environment. For instance, poorly designed LED lighting disorients some bird, insect, turtle and fish species, and U.S. national parks have adopted optimal lighting designs and practices that minimize the effects of light pollution on the environment.

Recognizing the detrimental effects of poorly-designed, high-intensity LED lighting, the AMA encourages communities to minimize and control blue-rich environmental lighting by using the lowest emission of blue light possible to reduce glare. The AMA recommends an intensity threshold for optimal LED lighting that minimizes blue-rich light. The AMA also recommends all LED lighting should be properly shielded to minimize glare and detrimental human health and environmental effects, and consideration should be given to utilize the ability of LED lighting to be dimmed for off-peak time periods.

The guidance adopted today by grassroots physicians who comprise the AMA's policy-making body strengthens the AMA's policy stand against light pollution and public awareness of the adverse health and environmental effects of pervasive nighttime lighting.


Media Contact:
AMA Media and Editorial
Pressroom: (312) 239-4991

Lake Worth High School Officials made Bad call

Politically Correct crap is getting all of us in it's a few high school ball players caught in the trap.

Lake Worth High School officials believing they were making the right call, over-reacted, acted prematurely and threw their own players under the bus.  Now there is a lawsuit.

Read about it...

Katie Mcgiveron speaks to Boynton Beach City Commission

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On Tuesday night, Katie Mcgiveron spoke before the Boynton Beach City Commission as they had a Resolution on their Consent Agenda (encouraged by Scott Maxwell to do so)  to approve of the Atlanta Braves coming into John Prince Park.  Following is her public commentary:

Mayor, Commissioners, my name is Katie Mcgiveron. Thank you for allowing me to speak this evening.

I was born at Bethesda Hospital a LONG time ago, grew up in Lantana, and my husband and I made the big move to Lake Worth after we were married. I am the president of my neighborhood association, ROLO, Residents of Lake Osborne. Again, thank you for pulling this item for discussion.

In the packets I sent to each one of you is a map of John Prince Park, a break down of the usable acreage in the park and a card to our Facebook page. I also included an article by Bloomberg News "The Braves Play Taxpayers better than they play Baseball."

To get to the proposed stadium site you must take either Lantana or 6th Avenue South. Right now the 6th Avenue South interchange is such a traffic clogged mess that FDOT has commissioned a study to see how the traffic problems in this area can be solved. The state does not do this kind of thing often or lightly.

John Prince Park is a public park that should never have even  been considered for something like this. Once our park is gone, it's gone. You can't just say "we'll put another park over there." There is NO MORE OVER THERE left in Palm Beach County.

But let's cut to the chase:  MONEY. Money is always the bottom line isn't it.? Your mission statement here in Boynton is as follows: "To create a sustainable community by providing exceptional municipal service in a financially responsible manner." IN A FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE MANNER!

Baseball stadiums are a bad deal for the communities that have to pay for them. Study after study after study is out there, by economist after economist after economist.

Go to the Facebook page John Prince Park Preservation that I gave to you, scroll down and read the articles. Do your research before you jump into a resolution like this. In closing, if I may be so bold, I have some homework for each of you. This weekend, go to John Prince Park and take some time to look around. Maybe even talk to some people using the park. Once this park is gone, it's gone.

Thank you.

Even our border dogs are dying because of Illegals

A canine unit who worked with border agents to apprehend illegal aliens unlawfully crossing the U.S. border died Wednesday of heat stroke while trying to rescue some folks who’d decided they’d just disregard the law and hop across into the United States. Via U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

It’s a dog that died because a bunch of people with no regard for our nation’s laws decided to cross a deadly stretch of land into the United States illegally and got themselves into a bind. Which just seems like a complete and unnecessary waste.

Read about it...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sunset 6-22-16

Build that Wall!

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Hillary, Are you ready for Her?

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Quote of the Day - Illegals being treated better than American Citizens

"The notion of an “anchor baby” has changed from having children in the US, to simply getting a child over the border, and then joining them. We’re treating these refugees and asylum seekers better than we treat our own senior citizens, better than we treat our own military veterans, who are committing suicide, 22 a day.”

 ~ Paul Babeu
Pinal County, AZ Sheriff and Congressional candidate 

Crime Lake Worth

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With 88 overdoses since January that included 18 fatalities, drugs are a scourge on our city and these 88 cases are only those investigated by PBSO according to Cpt. Baer. Others are called into 911 that dispatches paramedics so there is no telling how many really occur here.

Two men told deputies they were approached by a man trying to sell them cocaine or heroin at an establishment in the 800 block of Lake Avenue. A physical altercation ensued, they said, but they could not provide details. Police noticed the pair had glassy eyes, slurred speech and the smell of an alcoholic beverage on their breath. Deputies then spoke to the alleged drug dealer, whose story was just the opposite; he said one of the two men offered him pot. He said he told the pair he didn’t smoke pot, and the two started a fight with him. Witnesses told conflicting stories as well. No one was arrested.

Read about two more cases.

The Wise-Guy "charmer" and the Gulfstream Hotel

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Now and then I get a real "charmer" who comments here.  He was answering the letter to the Editor on the Ag Reserve but somehow got diverted and talked about the Gulfstream Hotel. Here is an excerpt:
Unfortunately, your tired complaint of the vote being deemed null and void by the State of Florida is your constant fall back position. Oh Boo hoo.

The current Gulfstream Hotel lawsuit is evident of a certain diminishing element of narrowly focused crunchy granola types and trust fund babies, and serves as proof of their unhappiness. It's also proof that these select minor opinions are choosing to hold hostage the redevelopment of our city. It's the same select minor opinions who wish to cause increased expense to the city on a position that thy will lose - again - in a court of law.
This was just an ad hominem attack--the belief that an argument is a simple competition in which winning or domination is the goal. Name calling and ignoring a vote is egregious.  We have had plenty of that with this Trio commission where personal understanding is unimportant, and mutual understanding is completely irrelevant and the vote of the people is meaningless. The vote was deemed null and void by the City of Lake Worth, not the State. Think about it.  Three people can directly affect your lives whether you win the vote or not.

Your comment at 9:14 last night had nothing really to do with this Letter to the Editor. The present owners have never had any intention of renovating this historic hotel, IMO, and now want to use the excuse of a lawsuit that only has to do with our Charter that affects the new development of the parcels to the west of the existing hotel. They now use this as an excuse to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but let the existing hotel go to more slum and more blight. If that corporation was serious, the present hotel would have been renovated ions ago.

It is this present commission that created a lawsuit. It was this city administration that in all their arrogance, that is responsible for barreling over the people to do the will of three commissioners and not the 57% of those who won this vote to keep heights at 45 feet. And it is they who are directly responsible for this hotel remaining idle two years later with the present owners using the lawsuit as some excuse for not renovating it. They certainly can't flip it or develop it right now but they knew the vote when they applied for 65 feet and was granted it by this majority city commission.

I thank all of those who stand up for principle and democracy and trying to right the wrongs in this world--you are to be greatly admired even though the cards are often stacked against you. It takes a lot of money whereas the city uses the taxpayer's money to defend.  Sometimes the people win; sometimes we lose. But we have to keep trying to keep it all honest.

So, oh, boo hoo yourself, Mr. "Charmer."

Morning Sky 6-22-16

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sunset 6-21-16

Sales Tax Projects Palm Beach County

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Palm Beach County Sales Tax Projects in effect.

Many people have been asking about the 6th Avenue South Bridge as well as the construction that has taken place over the last several months. The uprooting and bulldozing of trees has been mentioned on John Prince Park Preservation Facebook page per the County's explanation.

One of the projects is the 6th Avenue South Bridge over Lake Osborne where they are replacing the bridge that was built in 1970 to meet current FDOT design standards that they say will improve traffic safety, deck/lane geometry, parapets, and enhance pedestrian sidewalk safety. Bridge is weight restricted and experiences heavy ADT (average daily traffic.

This is costing $6,000,000.00.

Illegal wanted to assassinate Trump

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It's all out of control and it must stop. This is just another reason why we don't want illegal aliens in our country. An estimated 40% of illegal aliens have over-stayed their Visas and we can't track them. This nut is one of them--

This one tried to kill Trump

Can we build the damn wall?

Daughter considering what to do with her Dad's puppets

Lake Worth's puppeteer, John Azzaro, died suddenly on June 2. You could always find him on Friday Night on the Avenues in front of Andy Amoroso's store on Lake Avenue bringing delight to children and parents alike.

Read about John...and his puppets.