Thursday, August 31, 2017

Morning and Evening Sky 8-31-17

Morning Sky

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If Harvey had landed in Lake Worth

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"Race War? I don't see it. I just see Americans."

Read Margaret Menge's article... that shows we're not divided by race although there are a few idiots trying to promote and believe that narrative.

Ugly women need not apply

Iran has instituted a new policy for the hiring of teachers – ugly women need not apply! Not kidding. If you are a female blessed with facial hair, fuhget about it! Likewise, an occasional zit. Moles? Beat it! Less than 20 teeth? NEXT!

Read about it...

FAU Poll on Confederate Statues

Sarah Sanders Press Briefing

View Sarah Sanders and her press conference that took place several days ago. President Trump's one million dollar donation to help with those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey will go to several charitie,s

Michael Moore predicts a victory for Trump in 2020

Read about it... and Michael Moore, who despises Trump, says he will win again!

Tropical Storm IRMA

UPDATE: 5:00PM Now a category 3 hurricane. I'll be buying batteries tomorrow.

In three days, forecasters predict this will be a category 2 hurricane.

Charlottesville - The Real Truth

The real truth about the cause of violence in Charlottesville has hit the proverbial fan. As the Mayor of the city and the Governor of Virginia seek cover from this story, it cannot be denied. The violence between Antifa and white supremacists could have been avoided.

To begin with, they had ample warning that both sides, REPEAT, Both Sides were gearing up for violence was already noted. The Department of Homeland Security had issued warnings weeks before the event. What did the mayor and governor do with that information? Was there, in fact, a stand down order given? How did the opposing groups get herded together in that one area? All this and more in the article. [Allen West]

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Evening on the Avenue on a Hiatus


City of Lake Worth
10 South Ocean Boulevard
Lake Worth, FL 33460

August 30, 2017

Contact:           Ben Kerr, Communications Specialist
Phone:             561.586.1631

WHAT:           September Evening on the Avenue Dates
WHEN:           Friday Nights through September       
WHERE:         Downtown Lake Worth                  

Evening on the Avenue, in the City of Lake Worth, is going to take a pre-season break through the month of September. Screen on the Green will proceed in the Lake Worth Cultural Plaza on September 29th with a showing of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Evening on the Avenue will return to Downtown Lake Worth on Friday, October 6th.

For more information please call 561.586.1631

Ben Kerr
Communications Specialist

Moon 8-30-17

Waxing Gibbous, 66% of Full

Sunset 8-30-17

After the Sunset

Antifa conscripting violent criminals to confront Republicans with violence

Beach Complex Meeting - Short and Sweet

The meeting of the Negotiation Committee, consisting of staff directly affiliated with our beach, met in the Conference Room today and an announcement was made that today's meeting would be to narrow down the companies in order to eventually choose the design team. This will consist of conceptual designs, cost estimates and possibly overseeing the construction of the project for the City of Lake Worth.

The Committee narrowed down the proposals to two companies as follows::

CPZ Architects, Plantation, Florida
Total points on bid sheets:  470
Chris Zimmerman, AIA, the owner of CPZ was present.

Kimley Horn, a large engineering company with offices in West Palm Beach had one representative there. They have experience in sports, entertainment complexes.
Total points on bid sheets:  457

On September 7, the Committee will recommend to the commission the two companies.

Juan Ruiz, assistant city manager, made a motion to have the two companies make their proposals on September 8 at 9:45 in the City Hall Conference room to the Committee.

There was no hint as to what they plan to do at our beach complex but our city attorney, Cristy L.  Goddeau, told us that there will be
  • NO lease situation
  • NO public private partnership
So, this means that their probable intent will be to use the penny sales tax proceeds.

Quote of the Day - Donald Trump

"Tragic times such as these bring out the best in America’s character.  Strength, charity and resilience are those characters.  We see neighbor helping neighbor, friend helping friend, and stranger helping stranger.  And you see that all over.  If you watch on television, you just see such incredible work and love, and teamwork.

We are one American family.  We hurt together, we struggle together and believe me, we endure together.  We are one family."

~ President Donald J. Trump

Tropical Wave formed in Atlantic

Too early to say if it would be trouble for the U.S. coastline. We should know in a week or so. If this develops into a hurricane, it will be named "Irma." We used to have a woman named Irma who lived in my building--she could be hell on wheels.

CRA renames the Shuffleboard Court Building

Just bring back our shuffleboard courts. I keep calling it the Shuffleboard Court Building no matter what wild name they want to change it to every year or so or how they spend our tax dollars doing it. At least those wild ugly colors are mostly gone.

Read about HATCH

Beach Complex meeting today

Don't forget, people---Negotiation committee meeting today 1PM at City Hall conference room to evaluate the bids on our beach complex.

Can't wait to see what these people in power want to do with OUR number one asset. The public is against public/private partnerships.  Will that be a main recommendation?  Hudson Holdings still in the picture?

Raw Partisan Politics from the "News" Media

The Media That Attacked Bush For Flying Over New Orleans Is Attacking Trump For Landing in Texas

By Erick Erickson | Wednesday, August 30, 2017

If President Trump were to go to Houston and walk on the flood waters carrying people out of their homes, the national press corps would attack him for being unable to swim. He cannot win with them and that is why so few Americans really respect or pay attention to the media any more. The press has given up objectivity for raw partisan politics even in times of disaster.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sunset 8-29-17

Tucker on Kathy Griffin

One of the most disgusting people in America--says she's no longer sorry.

“The most remarkable thing about victimhood is that it allows the alleged victims to commit the very offenses they are complaining about,” Tucker said. “Victimhood has more benefits, it turns out, than AAA. And it’s free. It means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Quote of the Day - Donald Trump

"My administration will never back down in demanding immigration control. The American people voted for immigration control. That's one of the reasons I'm here. And that is what the American people deserve and they're going to get it."

~ Pres. Donald J. Trump
   Phoenix, AZ rally
   August 22, 2017

Sheriff David Clarke's new book

With growing racial tension and hate towards cops, America is in need of healing and Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke knows where to begin! Helping us rise above our divisions, he encourages us to stop blaming others; face our problems head-on; take ownership of our family, community, and nation; and turn to God for solutions. 272 pages, hardcover from Worthy.

MSNBC Takes Cheap Shot

MSNBC has to be really proud of Stephanie Ruhle’s performance in front of the Governors of Texas’ Hurricane Harvey press briefing. In this video, she went right to the gutter and scooped up a page from the Rhom Emanuel playbook: “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste.”

Ruble had the audacity to frame a question about the safety of illegal immigrants during the storm evacuations. Would the Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, use the storm to go after them. Really? Did she go there? The whole world is focused on saving lives … except at MSNBC. You know what their focus is.

Read more about it...

Monday, August 28, 2017

KILL SHOT: Kelli Ward goes after Jeff Flake

Tonight's Sky 8-28-17

Marco Rubio - Working with President Trump on the issues

Terrorists destroy Statues - It's all about Power and Control

From a video posted on the Internet on February 26 shows Islamic State militants destroying statues in a Mosul Museum in Iraq. Dating from about 100 B.C. to A.D. 100, the figures were from nearby Hatra, now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

How deranged people can be.

There is no difference in this atrocity than what's going on in our own country by Antifa and other thugs.

Read about the terrorists...

Regarding the Confederate statues,“They’re not standing there talking... The statues are not preaching... They’re not shouting out some kind of crazy epitaphs... They’re just sitting there. So just turn around and don’t look at them.”

~ Charlie Daniels

Shooting in Lake Worth

Incident #: 17120105
  |  8/27/2017 @ 11:28 PM
Palm Beach County Sheriff

The Phony Anarchists in Berkeley yesterday

The peaceful people in this country can not have a rally defending well, peace.

Berkeley, the city that gave birth to Free Speech was inundated with hooded anarchists with shields that said "No hate" that decided only their hateful thoughts should be heard. They got unruly this past Sunday, shouting, rushing towards officers and attacked five people. They want to shut down Constitutional Rights of Free Speech. They smell blood thanks to the encouragement and appeasement of the liberal left-wing news media.

The peaceful rally was organized by a transgender woman and Trump supporter, Amber Cummings. She said, “It’s not a right-wing rally. Anybody that supports the Constitution, supports our country and loves our people is welcome.”

"Racist" is the word for the day and anyone not capitulating to the left-wing fascist agenda, is labeled as one.

Something going on around South Grade Elem

and it's not reading, writing or arithmetic.

Read about it...

Are Pirates taking over our beach complex?

And you, the public, be damned. That is the extent of it.

The city sent out a public notice on August 22 that the staff will be meeting in regard to the following item: Project Title: RFQ 17-305. Did anyone get this notice? This is an important meeting and is right up there with meetings on the bond referendum.  It could and probably will involve millions of dollars.  And no one knows about it. One bozo who did know wants the entire complex razed to the ground even our 6 million dollar casino building.

Lake Worth Beach Complex Conceptual Plans Design, Cost Estimates, Construction Design and Construction Phase Services.
  • Subject: Evaluation Committee Meeting.
  • Purpose: Determination of qualifications of RFQ responses.
  • Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017.
  • Time: 1:00 p.m.
  • Location: City of Lake Worth City Hall Conference Room.
And check this out--Should any interested party seek to appeal any decision made by the Negotiation Committee with respect to the matter(s) considered at this meeting or hearing, such person will need to insure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. The is our city attorney working overtime.

People, there is nothing wrong with our beach complex. Please show up to see what they want to do with your beach and your money.

Antifa - Pushing their anarchist agenda

Patriot Prayer and No to Marxism cancelled their San Francisco Bay area rallies this past weekend due to the threat of violence from the left, but that didn’t stop Antifa and other leftist thugs from showing up and creating chaos and committing violent acts anyway.

Read about it... and the leftist thugs.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tonight's Sky 8-27-17

Wind River, the Trailer

Great movie!!!  Jeremy Renner is the this guy!

Incident on Lake Osborne Drive

This driver had no idea that there was the 6th Avenue bridge ahead as he barreled down Lake Osborne Drive.  Of course, there are signs before he even enters this street that says NO trucks. He had to do some heavy maneuvering to turn around.

Trump Job Approval

Even though the Alt-Left is doing everything possible to bring the President down, on Friday, August 25, 2017 The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 42% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty-six percent (56%) disapprove.

Liberals got rid of two; will it be three?

The Trump administration is now being called "white nationalists." Even crazy Maxine Waters has called it the White Supremacist House.

The Democrats continue to lie and name call and get their people out to protest even a prayer Group. . But finally they got rid of two strong advisers to president Trump. Why did Trump allow this to happen?

Stephen Miller's claim for this sort of fame?  Aside from being the President's chief speech writer, he dressed down the left wing media and Trump critics during media appearances and press conferences. He did a damn good job, too.

Melania and The Lord's Prayer

For those of us who still believe. Our religion and God is being hammered from many on the Alt-Left. We are "one nation under God" and that's the next thing that atheists and progressives want to change.

Charlottesville - Fallen Humanity

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Evening Sky 8-26-17

Piscopo: Leave our statue alone!

Jeff Flake - What some people will do for $$$

  • He objects to Trump’s anti-immigration policy positions and rhetoric.
  • Says Trump’s economic and foreign policies are insufficiently conservative
  • And he believes that Trump’s temperament and behavior are seriously flawed
  • He Flake also critiques the modern Republican Party for being too negative, destructive, and partisan and takes shots at Newt Gingrich.

By the time I get to Phoenix

Closed-door meeting with 'antifa' birthed surprise sanctuary city

The open-borders crowd wasted no time making inroads into this traditionally conservative area following their victory in November's election.

But they weren't very open or transparent about it. A lot of long-time residents may not even know their city is now a sanctuary for illegal-alien criminals.

And why should they? City officials and the chief of police made sure their meeting with this clenched-fist, anti-Trump "resistance" group wasn't public ...


Watters' Words

"Folks, we are living in “crazy” times. ANTIFA groups want to fight fascism while using the very methods of Fascists to carry out their political agenda.

We see the Democrat Party throwing fits over monuments built to remember their own party’s forefathers and somehow managing to pin the blame for the actions of their predecessors on the party that opposed them. These are strange times we live in and Jessie Waters summed it all of perfectly." [Thomas Robinson]

Sheriff Joe will be just fine

“So was Sheriff Joe convicted for doing his job? You know what, I’ll make a prediction: I think he’s going to be just fine, OK? But I won’t do it tonight because I don’t want to cause any controversy. But Sheriff Joe should feel good.”

~ President Donald J. Trump
at the Phoenix, Arizona rally

America's Historical Monuments in Jeopardy by Radical Left

James Woods Reveals why he left the Democratic Party

Friday, August 25, 2017

Tonight's Sky 8-25-17

MSNBC - An Enemy of the State

Evening on the Avenue Cancelled

Due to the unfavorable weather forecast for Friday, August 25th the City of Lake Worth has had to cancel Evening on the Avenue.

Evening on the Avenue will return next Friday, September 1st at the usual time. The City apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this cancellation.

Lake Worth Pool

This morning at the Lake Worth beach. I have a few more adjectives I could use to describe this travesty. And I have no intention of forgiving these commissioners and this present administration (City Manager Bornstein and Assistant City Manager Ruiz) for the mismanagement of this important asset. Of course, Ruiz was put in place to fulfill Bornstein's agenda of ridding Lake Worth of what he considers a "white elephant."

Democrats, the Party of Slavery

"During the 1964 Civil Rights Act, every single segregationist in the Senate was a Democrat and remained Democrats until they died (except Strom Thurmond who eventually became a Dixiecrat).

The Democrats are the party of slavery, white nationalism, Jim Crow laws and created the KKK. So, if we want to eliminate everything that reminds us of our country’s racist past, I propose we start with the Democratic Party."

Read the letter from Colleen West of Worcester.

Tucker makes sense - The Slippery Slope

Tucker’s Thoughts: Slavery in undoubtedly evil. But remember George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and 41 of the 56 people who signed the Declaration of Independence owned slaves. Should we no longer preserve our institutions and just dismiss them as evil?

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

In an article on the front page of the Palm Beach Post today, "Medical Pot shops one step closer one thing became obvious to me--I doubt that Lake Worth will ever discourage any legal business. As long as Lake Worth can get taxes, all is cool. Lake Worth will be attracting folks from other cities to visit us. Pot heads from all over will descend upon our city.  I don't think this is the type of "tourism" most of us have in mind.

What the article revealed is:
  1. 3 cities have banned medical marijuana dispensaries
  2. Boynton Beach on a 3/2 vote is allowing them under the State guidelines
  3. 11 cities are considering a ban
  4. 7 cities are considering regulations. Lake Worth falls into category number 4, however regulations here would be the same as for pharmacies.
My fear is that these dispensaries will pop up in Lake Worth like the Sober Home epidemic and we know what sort of problems they have caused.

Bob Menendez goes to trial for corruption

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NY), the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has been indicted on corruption charges, reports The Washington Examiner. His trial is scheduled to begin next month, yet not one cable news network has aired a minute of coverage on the story.

Menendez faces 14 counts of corruption and bribery, to which he has pled not-guilty. But Conservative Review points out that though local newspapers have mentioned the story, mainstream media has been silent.

Read more about it...

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Best Eclipse Ever

Tonight's Sky 8-24-17

Antifa - Dickheads on the issues

In this marvelous video, you will see Man-On-The-Street interviews with members of Antifa as they were demonstrating in Laguna Beach, California. You will immediately appreciate how they handle the difficult questions that were given them (NOT). They were asked to explain what they were protesting. The responses were revealing. When that question was settled they were asked to define the racism that they had seen and what a Nazi was. The intelligence level was astonishing! (Right!). Watch if you dare. [Allen West]

One guy in the interview is wearing a giant penis on his head.  What a dick.

The Fake "News" Channel

One of the top promoters of fake news is CNN.

CNN does not report the news. It makes liberal left-wing opinion. One of the absolute worst examples of its bias was yesterday when CNN said in a "news" report that anyone who voted for President Donald Trump is a white supremacist and to blame these “ordinary” people for the violence in Charlottesville. How stupid to condemn one-half of the voters in this country and lump them as haters, racists,

When Ted Turner started this company he said, "There are no stars here, only news." That has gone by the wayside over the years. This has resulted in left-wing biased perception and propaganda  from a once respected news organization. No one can trust them anymore.

Read CNN and its outrageous opinion

Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County

NEXT MEETING THURS. September 7, 2017 6:00 p.m.

Michael A. Barnett, Chair of the Palm Beach County Republican Party and Vice Chair of the Florida Republican Party, will be our Speaker on September 7. Mr. Barnett says, “I’ve been a longtime supporter, volunteer, grass-roots activist. I was vice chairman for two years, secretary two years before that, I’ve put in my dues and I’ve sacrificed for our Republican candidates. I’ve been a lifelong Republican. I believe in the values of our party.


Be with us to hear our Chair tell us what he deems most important and urgent.

$16 members and $19 non members includes hors d'oeuvres, your preferred drink, networking, a door prize raffle ticket, and a bonus or two. Please attend, and bring a guest.

18 Wheeler crashes into Lake Worth owner's property

Semi crashes into Lake Worth man's home for the 4th time in less than a year

Read about it...

Foul Al

"No one in the history of humanity is perfect, and condemning an individual from the past with the moral standards of modern society is far from reasonable, regardless of the issue at hand."  But that's what Al wants to do along with all the rest of his crazy left-wing clan.

Read about it...

Anarchy in America

Sane people are allowing insane anarchists to destroy our history. When will sanity rule again? Has everyone gone mad? This is the worst thing liberal Democrats can do for themselves.

Read the latest...