Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sunset 3-31-16

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Stay out of John Prince Park

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Ibis at John Prince Park

“We are not against the Atlanta Braves in Palm Beach County. Just not in John Prince Park. That park is used by people who can’t afford to buy a ticket to a spring training game,’’ said Katie McGiveron, president of the Residents of Lake Osborne Heights homeowners association.

Read the article... by Joe Capozzi.

Welfare Waste and Fraud

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This is shocking, folks!

Earth Day Festival Lake Worth

City of Lake Worth
7 North Dixie Highway
Lake Worth, FL 33460

March 31, 2016

Contact: Ted Brownstein

Lake Worth Earth Day Festival 2016

Earth Day Fest returns to Lake Worth’s downtown Cultural Plaza on Saturday, April 16th featuring family fun, rescue animal interactions, eco-exhibits, and an exciting line up of live acoustic and jam bands.
The Festival runs from noon – 9 PM beginning with children’s activities, crafts, Earth Ball Games, prizes and a kids’ music circle and an a “all-in” kids’ drum circle. At 4:30PM, the Mayor will read the City’s Earth Day Proclamation, followed by the annual tree giveaway. Late afternoon and evening will feature more adult music.

Plan on a day of celebration, music, green exhibits, healthy food and earth-friendly fun.

The Cultural Plaza is located at Lake Avenue and M Street across from the Lake Worth Library. Admission is free.

Exhibits will range from county wide water conservation projects to solar energy, home gardening, rain barrels and Florida wildlife. Contact Brian Kirsch at for more information about vendor space, provided free to nonprofits.

The tree-giveaway (Lake Worth residents only) will be by drawing. Be sure to register at the LW Tree Board Tent.

The Lake Worth Earth Day Festival is presented by Kiwanis Club of Lake Worth and Gray Mockingbird Community Garden. Sponsors include: Siemens, Florida Sugar Cane League, the Downtown Cultural Alliance, Lake Worth Interfaith Network, Betty Resch esq, Lake Worth Herald, Macaroni Kid, Mel & Vinnie and the City of Lake Worth.

Tea Party Demands

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To: All Members of the United States Congress

We the People DEMAND you:


I am very concerned about the direction my nation is going. I believe there is immense effort by those who are running the Washington Establishment to replace United States citizens with foreign nationals, to displace the United States citizenry, thereby giving our jobs and our votes to those not assimilating into America, and who know very little about our precious American heritage.

With this in mind, and as a proud member of We The People, here are my demands for the redress of my grievances as guaranteed by the first amendment to the Constitution.

• We The People demand legislation be crafted so that any vote by a citizen in a primary election be counted as a vote for a candidate, and the candidate with the most votes receives their party’s nomination.

• We The People will not be replaced by foreign nationals who are fast-tracked and then implanted into neighborhoods without notice or background checks.

• We The People demand Congress put a stop on foreign nationals relocating to United States, either legally or illegally, from terrorist-circle nations.

• We The People demand all foreign nationals wanting to relocate to the United States MUST go through all the background and medical checks that any legal immigrant goes through.

• We The People demand a stop all persons immigrating or relocating to the United States from Egypt, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and any terrorist-friendly nation until the threat of terrorism is eliminated.

• We The People demand the Border Patrol budget be doubled, and all lawful restrains be removed for capturing and detaining illegal aliens from entering the United States.

• We The People demand all illegal aliens be treated as hostile foreign nationals and be deported back to their country of origin when apprehended.

Election time is just around the corner, and we will remember in November.

We The People Are Watching!

City Light is Bright - Lake Worth

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North Palmway and 5th Avenue North.

The street light has been replaced by Siemens and is a light that literally lights up the neighborhood
It's like daylight, all night long...
harsh, glary and too bright

One of the neighborhood association presidents invited the mayor to meet with her at the light. She never got a response back until later yesterday and said that she could not make it. We are paying Siemens over $23 million dollars on this bad deal until year 2031 and the mayor signed the contract.

Early Morn

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tonight's Sky

Every Day Fighter - Ted Cruz

Drug Rehab Homes in Lake Worth causing problems - Gun shots fired

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Reported by a resident in the ROLO Neighborhood who says that cars are "coming and going" all night long:
"Last night around 10 there was a shooting at the rehab house on Sunset. Looks like it was a drive by and there were probably 5-6 shots fired. The police were there investigating it. This is why these places should not be in neighborhoods. All they do is bring trouble and make our neighborhoods look bad. This would have never happened here if it wasn't for that house."
Sober homes are popping up all over Lake Worth.  This particular house is at 633 Sunset Drive.  The owner owns 20 properties in Palm Beach County and it appears that this property was bought during the downturn of the housing boom in 2007. We have become a dumping ground for those investors who bought cheap and now taking advantage of federal dollars to convert their properties to Sober Homes or leasing them out to those who are operating them as such.

When you have "recovering" drug addicts living next door to you, your chances of encountering problems are real. The federal government (ADA) needs to stay out of our business as it has brought an unwanted element to our residential neighborhoods and put recovering addicts at the mercy of profiteers who all have found our little city.

Last year, a sober home opened up next door to my cousin's house and she is selling because of incidents that are not being corrected. She has been a life long resident of Lake Worth, has owned her home for decades, and now is thinking of moving elsewhere. Unfortunately, these sober homes are everywhere and drug addiction is on the rise.

Read SB 326-Sober Home bill by Clemens

Dog Park Funding cancelled at John Prince Park thanks to Atlanta Braves

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$2 million was earmarked to fund the new dog park at John Prince Park.  This has now been put on hold pending discussions with the Atlanta Braves, a billionaire corporation that wants us to give them some deeded property at our county park with certain county commissioners including a Lake Worth commissioner pushing the idea.. Read the letter from ROLO:

Dear Residents Of Lake Osborne,

The April 6th Scheduled for the ground breaking for the new Dog Park has been Cancelled.  Upon contacting Shelly Vana's  office this was cancelled due to the consideration of the Atlanta Braves Stadium.

This is proof positive that this could be a reality even with the deed restrictions and on the "To:" section of this email is the County commissioners email address.  I urge all of you to start emailing them in your non-support.

This will devastate the traffic situation in our humble neighborhood along with the noise and pollution that comes with the Baseball Stadium.

Also see the link:

Fill out the contact to the franchise form and let them know as much as we want them in Palm Beach County that we DO NOT WANT THEM IN JOHN PRINCE PARK. Please share this email with anyone you know that is a I (Heart) John Prince so they know our county commission is going against the will of the people.


Robert E. Waples II
ROLO Residences of Lake Osborne
Proudly serving the Residents
Of Lake Osborne

Message from Lake Worth City Manager

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He rarely ever gives a report during city commission meetings but he does write on-line. Bornstein said, "The Mayor and Commissioners have wasted no time in laying out several ambitious items for the City staff to get to work on. Along with the ones we are currently implementing, the new list of projects will take a lot of effort and will require everyone to work together to ensure the best outcomes." Click here to read about these ambitions.

Map - John Prince Park - Atlanta Braves

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Atlanta Braves has zero LOYALTY

At Turner Field since 1997, they are saying adios and moving to a new stadium. They are building new at a cost of $622 million in order to save on maintenance costs of $150 mil over 30 years at Turner Field. The county there is raising $368 million through bonds, $14 million from transportation taxes, and $10 million cash from businesses in the Cumberland Community Improvement District.

Read Joe Capozzi's article in today's Palm Beach Post where "sources" have indicated the Braves want land in the south end of John Prince Park.

Trump's Campaign Manager

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Corey Lewandowski is a Republican political advisor who has primarily worked in the Northeast. He is currently the campaign manager for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and now is "hot" as a newsmaker for all the wrong reasons.

Previously, Lewandowski worked on the U.S. Senate campaign for Bob Smith (R-N.H.) and spent six years with Americans for Prosperity, one of the most influential American political organizations and backed by the Koch Brothers. It is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization focused on limited government. Source:  Ballotpedia and Wikipedia

Charged with misdemeanor battery. Our State Attorney, Dave Aronberg, gets to decide whether to prosecute a simple battery allegation or not.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wellington PBSO District Commander suspended

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Click here.  Guess who replaced him.

Answer from Parks & Recreation regarding Atlanta Braves

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Hello Lynn,

Thank you for contacting the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department. At this time, it hasn't been determined where within the park the Braves may be considering. We are currently in the process of gathering all the facts regarding these matters and once additional information becomes available they will be made known to the public. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you,
Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners
Parks and Recreation Department
We create opportunities for healthy, happy living!

Commissioner Vana's office responds to e-mail on Atlanta Braves

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This morning, I sent an e-mail to the County Parks and Recreation Department as well as to Shelley Vana's office regarding the Atlanta Braves and what location at John Prince Park is of interest to them for a stadium.  This is Commissioner Vana's reply:

Ms. Anderson-

Thank you for your inquiry. Our office has not been provided any plans or location of a ballpark within John Prince Park.


Danna Ackerman White
Senior Aide to Commissioner Shelley Vana
301 N. Olive Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from local government officials regarding are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications may, therefore, be subject to public disclosure.

Lake Worth Beach Decals now on sale

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On sale at the Lake Worth Annex, 414 Lake Avenue.

Resident Beach Decal applicants will need to show a Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration, and proof of residency, in the form of, City of Lake Worth, Utility Bill, Homestead Exemption Card, Ad Valorem tax receipt, Voters Registration, Notarized Lease, or Landlord or Management Company’s Notarized letter verifying residency.  $42.40

Seasonal Residents will need to show proof of seasonal residence in the form of a Utility Bill, Homestead Exemption Card, Ad Valorem tax receipt, or Voters registration.$63.60

Environmentalist John Arthur Marshall dead

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Really sad news.
Read about it...

Atlanta Braves Lobbyists

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The Atlanta Braves hired public affairs consultants Tom McNicholas and Rachel Ondrus as lobbyists for the team; McNicholas was key in Palm Beach County and West Palm Beach landing a joint training camp for the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros and has been working on that project in recent months. Source:  Ballpark Digest

Rachael Ondrus, Executive Director (561) 355-2406

She works for the McNicholas firm and for Palm Beach County. The Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation Office is a nonpartisan office that serves all thirteen members of the Florida Senate and House of Representatives who represent Palm Beach County in Tallahassee.

Tom has had an interesting career.

Tom McNicholas is the president and founder of McNicholas & Associates, a Stuart, Florida-based firm that specializes in public relations, governmental affairs, and marketing. His web site says, Over the years, the McNicholas & Associates team has been privileged to work with a diverse group of national and local, private and public companies, organizations, agencies and municipalities. Click here for client sampling.

Some of his friends on Facebook are Greg Rice and Shelley Vana

Quote of the Day - Rush Limbaugh on Liberals

“It makes no sense why anybody would passively sit by and let this happen. [attempts to create a worldwide Islamic caliphate] It’s been my question about liberalism for as long as I’ve been alive, and the answers are scary.

They’re either really stupid and naive and can’t see what is right in front of their faces, or they share the belief that the United States is an immoral, unjust place and has been from the beginning and deserves this kind of overthrow, redefinition, transformation, whatever you want to call it. I rather think it’s the latter, because I don’t think they’re so naive and ignorant they can’t see this. They see it and they’re just not bothered by it.”

~ Rush Limbaugh


Monday, March 28, 2016

Quote of the Day - Mike Huckabee

“It’s really embarrassing that the secretary of state wants to say that the carnage that we saw in Brussels is the result of us doing something wonderfully right. No, it’s a result of a complete breakdown.”

~ Mike Huckabee

Talking about John Kerry who appeared on the weekend talk shows defending Obama and said that the fight against ISIS was going well.

Lake Worth has jobs

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It was just a few short weeks ago that all incumbents were promising all sorts of job opportunities that were coming here to Lake Worth. We heard outlandish statements anywhere from 4,800 to a low of 300 jobs when they finished pouring $15,000,000 into the Park of Commerce, etc. for private enterprise. Well, the city has many of its own jobs they can't yet fill: Current Job Opportunities City of Lake Worth

Deputy Clerk, pays $54,766.40

Community Code Officer, pays $18.53 - $20.38 per hour
Community Code Technician, pays $13.17 - $14.49 per hour
Housing Planner, pays $42,494.40 - $46,779.20
MD Inspector (Mechanical), pays $24.84 - $30.00 per hour

Customer Service Representative- PT, pays $12.54 an hour
Mechanic, pays 429.84 an hour

Accountant II, pays $16.81 - $23.03 an hour
Budget Analyst, $30,097.00 to $47,918.21
Management Analyst, pays $21.24 - $34.32 an hour
Supervising Senior Accountant, $45,000.00 to $60,839.17
Treasurer, $45,000.00 to $60,839.17

Custodian, $9.36 - $9.73 an hour
Lifeguard Beach, pays $11.94 - $12.60 an hour
Pool Lifeguard, pays $10.00 an hour
Groundskeeper, pays $9.82 - $10.21 an hour
Maintenance Worker, pays $10.32 - $10.76 an hour

Garage Equipment Mechanic, pays $14.52 - $19.75 an hour
Grounds Equipment Mechanic, pays $14.52 - $22.03 an hour
Maintenance Technician, pays $12.55 - $13.52 an hour
Street Sweeper I, pays $15.24 an hour

 Line Technician

John Prince Park

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John Prince was a member of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners for 18 years. In the 1930s and 1940s, thanks to his efforts, developers and the State donated more than 1,000 acres in Lake Worth for a community park. The park was named in his memory after his death in 1952, and it is believed to be the second oldest County-operated park in Florida. Source: Our Century, Palm Beach Post

Deed Restrictions: John Prince Park--

Deed 18537 that states "for Park and Forest purposes only, forever."

Deed 584 from Grantor dated July 28, 1939.

Property conveyed Map shows the exact property that was deeded.

What the Braves want and what Palm Beach County might give to them--
A big piece of OUR County Park.
I admit that I did vote for Shelley Vana and have confessed on this blog that I made a big mistake.

See WPTV's article and video

LED lights by Siemens too bright in Lake Worth

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Dear Friend and Neighbor,

During the rainstorm Thursday night, I got an urgent call from a member of Dark Sky Lake Worth. 

I was told that a new LED streetlight was installed at the southwest corner of N Palmway and 5th Ave N.  It replaced an old burnt-out high pressure sodium streetlight. High pressure sodium streetlights are what we currently use in the City.

There were definite concerns about the LED light being too bright. Felt like daylight was being mimicked all night long, and that it light-trespassed into neighbors yards and homes .

I bicycled up to that corner before sunrise Fri. morning to see it myself.  I agree this street corner is over-lit and there is light trespass into yards and windows of the houses.  (With the new LED technology we can get good and ample lighting with lower wattage lights.  We do not have to settle for this level of harshness.  It is also cheaper for the city to use lower wattage lights.)

Last night, I took another member of Dark Sky Lake Worth to look at this new LED streetlight.  This member also agrees that it is too bright. (see attached photos & letter)

At the only public hearing last fall, Dark Sky Lake Worth officially went on record in opposition to LED streetlights that are way too bright – we called for 19-watt LED lights for neighborhoods, which is equivalent to the 80-100 watts in High Pressure Sodium lights currently in use which is ample and safe lighting for residential areas where people want to also sleep at night)

I am writing to ask you to go see this new streetlight yourself.  

I am available to join you tonight, Monday night, or Tuesday night around 8:30 p.m. 
Please call me at 561-231-3509 if you would like to go to see this light at 5th Ave N & N Palmway.

After you see the light yourself, I would love to have you write city officials, especially Mayor Triolo and City Manager Bornstein, and ask that the city not order anymore LED streetlights that are this bright, and that you don’t want these super bright lights on the street where you live and sleep.

Time is of the essence, because the city has a contract to buy more LED streetlights and you don’t speak up now, you will soon find one of these bright lights on your street corner.

Richard Stowe
Co-Chair, Dark Sky Lake Worth

More on Tom, a man who was beaten to death in Lake Worth

Those who live along North L Street near Fifth Avenue North, where Altman was found bleeding Tuesday morning in front of an abandoned apartment building, described “Lawn Tom” as a hardworking and respected man with “the kindest heart” around. Many, like Winters, considered him a friend.

Read about it... and learn how to give a donation by clicking here

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunset 3-27-16

Limpkin on the lake

A Day of Serious Crime in Lake Worth

Theft--    03/25/16 08:42 AM--    500 BLOCK OF LUCERNE

Assault--    03/25/16 05:05 PM--    700 BLOCK OF N H ST

Shooting--    03/25/16 11:40 AM--    900 BLOCK OF F

Theft--    03/25/16 12:41 PM--    700 BLOCK OF 10TH

Other--    03/25/16 02:37 AM--    1000 BLOCK OF G

Quote of the Day - Allen West

"In the Bible’s Letter of the Apostle James, Chapter one, verse eight, there is a warning to 'beware the double-minded man who is unstable in all his ways'.

The great thing about today’s media technology is that the hypocrisy of the 'double-minded man' is immediately illuminated – in this case, President Barack Obama after the Brussels ISIS terror attack."

 ~ Allen West


Sober Home residents overdosing in Lake Worth

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Read about it...

The property is at 1618-1630 South Federal Highway, Lake Worth, Florida. Are the Owners of record the very same who contributed thousands of dollars in our recent election for the incumbents? We'll leave that conclusion to you.

Property Detail
Property Detail

Anonymous Easter Prayer

An Easter Prayer

            Of all of God's gifts
            Easter shows us our fate
            Forgiven we will rise
            And pass through Heaven's gate

            This Easter remember
            The sacrifice of a Son
            And through His resurrection
            Eternal life we have won

            This Easter I pray
            That the love of God
            Is resurrected
            Reborn, renewed
            Inside your heart
            God Bless You!


Tempting Fate - Famous Last Words

Happy Easter

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sunset 3-26-16

Someone to think about - Gary Johnson for President

If you are like me and tired of the crazy politicians in both the Republican and Democratic Parties or just tired of the do-nothing Congress in general allowing Obama to get away with executive orders, etc., think about this man--

“I do believe that crony capitalism is alive and well. It’s Democrats and Republicans that contribute to that. I’d like to be that choice that is not going to succumb to that.”

~ Gary Johnson

Not advocating, just throwing his name in the ring. Other than the marijuana thing, he looks pretty good. Gary Johnson on the issues  

$135 million Ballpark of the Palm Beaches moving right along

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Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature earmarked $50 million toward the $135 million stadium. The Baseball corporations, Huston Astros and Washington Nationals, pay for any over-runs and they are tax exempt.

Quote of the Day - Muslim revolution in U.S.?

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"We had a revolution in the Middle East, why can't we have one in the U.S.?"

~ Khaliah Sabra

Sabra is a senior executive in the Muslim Brotherhood, but she also represents the Department of Justice in their executive office of immigration review.

Author John Guandolo sees a further coming together of the Muslim Brotherhood entities and the forces of radical revolutionaries associated with Black Lives Matter.

Read about the very possible danger at WND.

And where's Obama while more and more illegals cross our southern border? Our country is more susceptible to terror and evil than ever before while Obama dances the tango in Argentina.

Early Morn

Friday, March 25, 2016

Letter to the Editor calls for non-reelection of County Commissioners who vote for Atlanta Braves, a billionaire corporation that wants to locate here at taxpayer expense

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Braves want John Prince Park

Letter to the Editor in today's Palm Beach Post:

Church Vandals - Crime Stoppers Update

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March 25, 2016

** Update to Media Advisory  **

Two suspects were captured on video vandalizing the Seventh Day Adventist Church between the hours of 5:50 am and 6:00 am, on March 22, 2016.

Suspect # 1 has long dark hair, a tattoo on his/her right forearm, and was wearing a dark colored hooded sweater with Cape May New Jersey in white lettering

Suspect # 2 was wearing a red flannel long sleeve shirt and dark pants.

If anyone can identify these suspects or has information regarding this graffiti/vandalism, is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS. 

The Takeover

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Kevin D. Thompson writes, "The $64,000 question is this — what should Lake Worth do with its prized beachfront property? The city is basically back to square one with the casino after city commissioners in October rejected Hudson Holdings’ plan to develop the property." Kevin further states, "The city is still trying to figure out what to do with the Lake Worth Casino, its prized beachfront property."

What do you mean that we are back to square one? What do you mean that the city is trying to figure out what to do? We already DID something...spent $13 million just 3 years ago on a total renovation and redevelopment. Nothing needs to be done at our beach property...NOTHING.

Contributor to incumbents has another idea?
Will there be a pay-back moment?

Leslie Gray Streeter writes about L-Dub

Read about it... and why she recently moved out of Lake Worth.

It's too bad that a reporter and resident of this city couldn't write about the politics and what is really going on here.

Truth in Journalism - Doesn't exist in local Tabloid

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Not only were the lies outrageous during this past election regarding Ryan Hartman and all the candidates running against the incumbents (lumping them all as anarchists or worse, even this blogger), and blown 100% out of reality, our local news "reporter/editor" was a part of the hateful and deceitful conspiracy to divide this city even further than it already was.

The trio, with professional guidance, reached into the soul of people and their basic fears and anxieties by over exaggeration, downright lies and character assassinations telling us if we did not re-elect the Trio, our lives and city would be doomed to slum, blight, crime and trouble. Their lies worked with the biggest landslide of recent memory.

Pelican Pete, who has been drinking the Kool-Aid back as far as I can remember, published his paper this week that mocks the Earth First group that he previously reported would be here for the Hartman campaign with its sole purpose of helping an anarchist. Scads of people were to be here even registering to vote. Of course, and as usual, there was no truth to his wild and twisted suggestion. But he ran with it and perhaps believed it but personally maligned a candidate.

Today he prints in his loony bird column: "By the way, this bird hasn't seen the musical supposedly being made in February, you know the one that called for people from all over to come to Lake Worth and sleep under the stars. The one that would like people with strong telephone experience to perform in.  Have you?  Didn't think so."

Sorry you missed it, Mr. Pelican.
Play performed by environmentalists' family and children

Can we ever get truth in journalism from our local newspaper?  When a newsman writes a story, he should be interviewing both sides in order to report honestly and fairly. This rarely happens here. Take his Christopher McVoy crack in this week's editorial calling him "less than honest." I would bet any amount of money on it that he never talked to Commissioner McVoy about the topic at hand (dinner meetings behind locked doors) nor does he talk to him about any matter. He listens to his preferred Trio.

The bird must have failed Reporting 101. Accuracy is essential if journalism is to inform the public debate. A news story needs to be balanced and representative of the widest opinion base in order to protect credibility. This is why Margaret Menge was so good at what she does and why she was so feared by this side of politicos in this city and why they brought her down. Honesty in journalism has little chance to survive here.

But this is all written by a political bird, so accuracy, credibility and honesty be damned.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Recent attractions at Lake Osborne

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There is a mystery creature here in the 3rd frame.
Please help identify it.

Photos by one of my neighbors

Tree Board talk in Lake Worth

March 23, 2016
Contact: David Mc Grew, Horticulturist
Phone: 561.586.1677
City of Lake Worth Tree Board Talk at Lake Worth Public Library


Lake Worth, FL – March 23, 2016 –
The Lake Worth City Tree Board is proud to announce our 2016 Tree Board Talk.
This year’s talk entitled Invasives and Exotics takes place Thursday, April 7, 2016 at the Lake Worth Public Library on 15 North M Street in beautiful downtown Lake Worth. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Presentations begin at 6:30 and continue until 8:00. Refreshments will be served. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

The evening’s discussions will focus on the impacts of exotic and invasive plants to South Florida and how South Florida natives allow beneficial insects, birds and butterflies to flourish.
“It’s great to have our City Tree Board speaker series return to the Lake Worth Public Library in downtown Lake Worth,” said City of Lake Worth Horticulturalist, David McGrew, staff liaison to the board. “The speakers will explain the exotic pest plant problem we face in South Florida.”
“The speakers will talk about the need for exotic pest plant management” added Tree Board Chair, Richard Stowe, “These exotic invasives make our backyards, open spaces & city parks look outdated; now is the time to encourage native plant conversions.”

  • Laurie Albrecht, the UF/IFAS Cooperative Extension Agent at Mounts Botanical Gardens in West Palm Beach, will speak about emerging exotic invasive plants.
  • Christen Mason, Chair of the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council and an invasive species biologist currently at the South Florida Water Management District and previously at the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, will speak about invasive and exotic trees and plants in South Florida. Christen has monitored and treated non-native plants across more than 300,000 acres of the Everglades system.
  • Susan Lerner, President of the Palm Beach County Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society and Secretary of the Florida Backyard Beekeepers Association, will speak about the conversion of her half-acre yard to South Florida native trees, shrubs and groundcover. Susan is past president of the Palm Beach County Chapter of Rare Fruit Council International.
The City Tree Board is one of a number of volunteer advisory boards, which assist the City Commission. The City Tree Board meets at 5:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month. All members are selected by City Commissioners and the Mayor. Meetings are open to the public.
Located in central Palm Beach County, Lake Worth is a dynamic, multi-cultural city with an individualistic style. People are drawn to the city by its acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, historic districts, hip downtown and colorful arts district.

Fundraiser for Homeless

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Here's a group doing something for the Homeless:

  • Fri, Apr 15, 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Fred Astaire
    Fred Astaire Dance Studio Boynton Beach, Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach, FL
  • To all our generous friends:

    A little bit of love goes a long way! Spend the night with us for a special event that will benefit our local homeless community. Refreshments and food will be served. Please RSVP by April 1st so we can get an accurate head count and plan accordingly.

    100% of proceeds and services will be tax-deductible donations to South Florida Sanctuary, homeless 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. So come join us and step back into the roaring 20’s for a little music and a little dancing. We look forward to seeing you all in your 20’s gear (optional of course). Make sure you also bring your appetite as there will be plenty of food.

    If you want to do some spring cleaning through your closets and garages, you can load up some bags and bring them to the event. We will have pickup trucks and trailers on the premises. Here is a list of items that are greatly needed for our homeless friends:

    • Men’s shorts and pants (any size but mostly sizes 30-34)
    • Men’s sneakers with good soles (all sizes)
    • Men’s shirts (short or long sleeve but no button downs)
    • Adult backpacks
    • Adult Bicycles
    • Men’s belts and hats
    • Tents, sleeping bags, and other camping gear

    Entry $25 through paypal or at the door.
    Any additional donation will be greatly appreciated!
    You may also donate an item/service that will be entered into a raffle. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help beyond the event, or if you cannot attend the event but wish to donate, please visit our website, or contact us at (561) 301-8319, or email/paypal us at

    Any amount you donate is greatly appreciated and every dollar goes straight to the homeless!!


Scott Maxwell, his Crazy Bat, Secret Meetings and $$$

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We already went round and round about this several years ago with the Astros and Nationals but Commissioner Maxwell who represents this neighborhood doesn't give a flying fig. He loves secrecy and intrigue and the hell with his neighbors. It's still, with him, all about the possibility that some $$$ might trickle to Lake Worth from all of this.  Just another one of his Field of Dreams. But what he is not considering, as it is not a priority, is the total ruination of a neighborhood.

This is posted as a reminder of the last behind the scenes discussions to screw this neighborhood and a beautiful Palm Beach County park that is deed restricted. Gosh, how soon everyone forgets.

Apparently a telephone survey went out yesterday on this. I have no details on it or who instigated it.

The PB Post said that there was a meeting on "Tuesday night at CityPlace that included officials from Lake Worth, Greenacres and the Economic Council of Palm Beach County, an influential group of business leaders that was a driving force behind the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches." Tuesday night is a curious date as Scott Maxwell was in a city commission meeting on Tuesday. At the end of the meeting when the city manager was asked if he had anything to report, he responded "no."

Palm Beach County is concerned about--"how to pay for the facility, which the Braves want to build in John Prince Park just west of Lake Worth. It could cost up to $100 million."

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Atrocious Crime in Lake Worth

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This is what we've become. We saw it with this commission criminalizing the Homeless. We saw the hatred and the venom last night at a city commission meeting towards elected commissioners and towards the public. This was a homeless man doing yard work trying to make money to afford a place to live. Someone(s) beat him to a pulp.

If anyone knows anything, call Crime Stoppers at 600-458- TIPS (8477)  $1,000 reward

The victim

Lake Worth Sewer Department at Lakeside Point Gardens

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Lake Worth Sewer Department working hard in my community today. There was a blockage caused by some cement...done years ago--"not by these guys," I was told. The sludge/water was dammed up and staff was there bright and early to correct it before we had a problem.

This department is under Brian Shields, the new Water Department Director.

Lake Worth Water Dept - He's Baaack!

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He's Baaack...can't believe it...Brian Shields is working for the City of Lake Worth making $125,000 a year.  He took over Larry Johnson's position as Water Director when Johnson retired. Mr. Shields has been here for about three weeks.  How come we never get any announcements when top positions change out?  Mr. Johnson was the go to guy when Bornstein was out of town. It's hard to keep up with all the changes going on in our city. Top management at our Electric and Water Departments has changed.

About eight years ago, Shields was literally the enemy when he worked as Director of Engineering Palm Beach County Water Utilities. The County's water department wanted to regionalize Lake Worth Water into its system. They had their eye on our water for years. They did not give a hoot that we had already invested $14 million into our RO system and they convinced a previous Commission, that had no clue, to enter into a bad contract that was going to cost us more than we had left in our bond. Lake Worth is famous for getting into bad deals and Jeff Clemens was responsible for that one. Retha Lowe even admitted several years later that we had made a mistake going with the county.

At the time I equated it to the idea of a parent stealing from his own child. Reprehensible. The County and Mr. Shields strong armed the City of Lake Worth, a poor city, for millions and wanted to steal our valuable water wells.

PB County attempted to lock us into a 40 year contract with a built in rate increase, thus forcing us into paying $2.5 million in piping only laid to bring other cities into their regionalization.

The County's settlement agreement was received by the City of Lake Worth on January 20, 2010 with the implication, take it or leave it because "we are confident that we could recover the full amount of our original costs should the matter be adjudicated..." The threat of law suits are always part of the game.

We ended up getting out of this very bad deal thanks to former city manager Susan Stanton who negotiated Shields and the county way down, and we continued on with our own Reverse Osmosis system, the best water around.

I also said at the time that we were well out of the county deal and thank God we wouldn't have to see Brian Shields again.  Spoke too soon. Let's hope that he will be as enthusiastic for Lake Worth as he was for Palm Beach County years ago when he played hardball and cost us a bundle.

No one understands our history.