Sunday, December 31, 2017

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Sunset 12-31-17

Shooting in Lake Worth

Shhhhh...we've had another shooting!

Incident #: 17169592
12/30/2017 @ 3:25 PM
Palm Beach County Sheriff

Florida Winners and Losers

Winner of the year

Richard Corcoran. "Critics see him as a bully and sanctimonious hypocrite, an utter insider pretending to be a populist. But the wily Florida House speaker from Pasco County has dominated the agenda in Tallahassee like no one since Jeb Bush. He outmaneuvered both the governor and Florida Senate in last year’s legislative session, and there is little reason to doubt he will do so again in 2018 as he raises his profile in advance of a likely gubernatorial run.

Losers of the year

The Florida Senate. Three senators — Jack Latvala of Pinellas County,
Jeff Clemens of Palm Beach County, the biggest loser of all and Frank Artiles of Miami-Dade — knocked out of office for being pigs of one sort or another. What’s supposed to be the more deliberative body looked more like the Animal House branch."

Read the rest at Tampa Bay Times

Lake Worth will pursue case in spite of Appellate Court's ruling

City Attorney, Glen Torcivia

It's difficult to even comprehend that a grievance filed against the City of Lake Worth has gone on for 17 years. But, Joseph Viera, a former police officer for the City, just got a decision from the Appellate court that he is entitled to healthcare benefits for an injury he received while on the job with Lake Worth..

Part of the strategy of any government is to make it financially impossible for Joe Citizen to sue. The government has the deep pockets--other people's money. The part that shocks me is that the City usually will negotiate and settle. They don't usually want a lawsuit. But they have been playing hardball lately...think of Nick Petrino, a small amount of money in the scheme of things. And they certainly played hardball with the Heights Amendment Referendum.

But even more surprising is that the city attorney, Glen Torcivia, says the city, in spite of the court's decision, will continue the fight. Why?  Because present city officials (who were not even around back then) don't believe Viera.

One thing that we as citizens can believe is--
it has cost the city a bundle in legal fees
the court has ruled Viera is owed his healthcare
it's folly to continue on--for a former cop's healthcare he is entitled to by Florida law for being injured on the job
What's next?  The state Supreme Court?

 Read about it...

Those running for Jeff Clemens' seat

Jeff Clemens gave his District a special present for the New Year and what a shocker it was.  He resigned (we won't mention why as everyone already knows why) from his Florida senate seat. I just don't know why he got involved with a total loser who ended up destroying his career. I hope Devon West gets her own little bit of karma in the new year.

— Vacant because of the resignation of Lake Worth Democrat Jeff Clemens.
— Includes part of Palm Beach County.
— Special primary election Jan. 30.
— Special general election: April 10.
— Registered voters as of October 2016: 305,998

Lori Berman A progressive, first elected on November 16, 2010--she is term limited in 2018 and stepped up to run for Clemen's seat.
Arthur Morrison  Who in the hell is he?
will face off in the Democratic primary.

Tami L. Donnally is unopposed in the Republican primary. It's hard to beat a Democrat in this district but her campaign is going well she told me.

A special election for the position of Florida State Senate District 31 has been called for April 10, 2018. A special primary election has been called for January 30, 2018. The candidate filing deadline was December 6, 2017

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Moon 12-30-17

Sunset 12-30-17

Gun Show at the Scottish Rite

Debbie and Awan

Another day, another plot twist to the ‘Awan Brothers,’ story. Daily Caller reporter Luke Rosiak discovered Thursday that the Awan brothers’ next court date, scheduled for January 8th, 2018, disappeared from the calendar.

Read about it...and the suggestions that Imran Awan was probably operating a foreign intelligence gathering operation on US soil

Harriet feeding her baby eaglets

Last year, only one egg hatched. We are lucky this year to see two eaglets, E10 and E11 with celebrity parents Harriet and M15.

Harriet, M15 and eaglets are broadcast on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, which is in its sixth year.

Trump Tweet - DACA and the Wall

Global Warming

Niagara Falls freezes

Project Gray Wolf - America to protect with missiles that can communicate

Trump Jumpstarts “Project Gray Wolf” which should strike fear directly to KJU

"Under a $26.3 million contract from the Air Force Research Lab, Lockheed Martin plans to develop “a directed energy system for aircraft, with plans to test the technology by 2021.”

Let's hope we can contain Rocket Man until then.Watch the liberals condemn the President for this project by saying we are just giving Kim the Krazy incentive to strike sooner.  Or they will say, oh, this money should be spent on the poor.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Trump Tweet - Global Warming

Tonight's sky 12-29-17

Not much going on out there tonight. The sky was pitch dark to the north, east and south. It was freezing cold. I had on a of our snowbirds was out in his short sleeves!

Eagles Hatched

See the Eagle cam on right side of blog. Harriet and M15 just had their 2nd batch of eaglets, E10 and E11.

Quote of the Day - Nikki Haley

“In addition to these significant cost savings, we reduced the UN’s bloated management and support functions, bolstered support for key U.S. priorities throughout the world, and instilled more discipline and accountability throughout the UN system.

The inefficiency and overspending of the United Nations are well known. We will no longer let the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of or remain unchecked.”

~ Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley

On Christmas Eve, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley announced that starting in 2018, America would reduce its annual contribution to the U.N. by at least $285 million.

Citizens's Indictment of Hillary Clinton

Citizen's Indictment
of Hillary Clinton

This Citizen's Indictment of Hillary Clinton hereby acknowledges the MASSIVE, nationwide, multi-million dollar conspiracy between the DNC and Hillary Clinton to entirely bypass Federal Election Laws by effectively laundering nearly all contributions received by Hillary Clinton's numerous fundraising organizations.

Based on publicly available FEC records, repeatedly throughout the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton's fundraising organizations would receive large donations from "super donors", and would transfer said donations straight to the DNC, effectively negating FEC restrictions on donation amounts.

Because each donation received through Hillary Clinton's fundraising organizations were earmarked to be IMMEDIATELY transferred to the DNC, each contribution qualifies as a contribution from the original source to the DNC itself - thereby causing most such transactions to GROSSLY exceed federal limits of $33,400 per person.

WHEREFORE, Hillary Clinton and Respondents violated 52 U.S.C. § 30116(a)(8) and 11 C.F.R. § 110.6

WHEREFORE, Respondent DNC violated 52 U.S.C. § 30116 by making, and Respondent HFA (Hillary for America) violated 52 U.S.C. § 30116 by receiving, contributions in excess of federal limits from each other.

WHEREFORE, the Respondent state state party political committees violated 52 U.S.C. § 30104 by making inaccurate and/or incomplete statutorily required reports.

THEREBY, I the undersigned issue this Citizen's Indictment of Hillary Clinton and request the Federal Election Commission commence enforcement proceedings against Hillary Clinton and Respondents.

Jon Bon Jovi was in Lake Worth

A little younger here -- a hunk!

One of my all time favorites, Jon Bon Jovi who is a Jersey boy, was at Benny's at the Beach this week. On December 13, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced that Bon Jovi will be inducted in 2018! With over one million votes, Bon Jovi also won the fan vote.

Read about Bon Jovi at the Lake Worth beach...

Global Warming --What about an Ice Age?

As we look at the weather conditions all our snowbirds are enduring up north right now, you have to wonder about this global warming.

Uh-oh! A really inconvenient truth for Al Gore

It's increasingly looking like 2018 is going to be unkind to the climate hustlers, with their chicken-little predictions of global warming based on phony hockey-stick graphs.

They've already had to backpedal and rebrand scary "global warming" as rather bland "climate change."

But it's about to get worse.

For Al Gore and his army of climate alarmists, these 13 new scientific studies are the ultimate inconvenient truth. [WND]

Read about it... and the 13 scientific studies that  say an ice age is looming.  Didn't we go through this before? On New Year's Eve, the U.S. is predicted to be the coldest place in the world

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sunset 12-28-17

Roy Moore files Lawsuit

Republican Roy Moore filed a lawsuit to try to stop Alabama from certifying Democrat Doug Jones as the winner of the U.S. Senate race.

The court filing occurred about 14 hours ahead of Thursday’s meeting of a state canvassing board to officially declare Jones the winner of the Dec. 12 special election. Jones defeated Moore by about 20,000 votes.

Moore’s attorney wrote in the complaint filed late Wednesday that he believed there were irregularities during the election and said there should be a fraud investigation and eventually a new election.

“This is not a Republican or Democrat issue as election integrity should matter to everyone,” Moore said in a statement released Wednesday announcing the complaint.

Read more at the NY Post...

CNN Loses It

After not caring about President Obama’s golf habit for eight years, CNN suddenly finds it imperative for a functioning democracy for them to document every stroke of President Trump’s outings at his courses.

During CNN Newsroom on Wednesday, fill-in host Don Lemon and reporter Dan Merica were losing their minds over someone parking a box truck to block a gap in some hedges CNN was using to peep on the President.

The network’s mouth foaming outrage began on Tuesday when political reporter Manu Raju gloated on Twitter that part of Trump’s round of golf was “captured by CNN cameras.” Raju’s description of his colleagues “capturing” video of Trump sounded more like they were trying to film a nature documentary or hunting Bigfoot rather than doing serious reporting. [News Busters}

Read the rest of the story...

The Trump Effect

Retail sales are up a whopping $33 billion from last year, reports Investment Watchblog. Retailers are reporting $598 billion in holiday season sales as experts claim that “Fewer people are living paycheck to paycheck.”

Read about the Trump effect...

And silly pussy cats still are seeking safe spaces. Can we "get real" in 2018?

Facebook locked my account

There are a lot of idiots out there whose only desire is to shut all conservatives down and shut them up. Happy to know that Facebook is on top of this.

Hi Lynn It looks like someone tried to log into your account on December 28 at 7:04am using an unknown device. Your account is safe; we just wanted to make sure it was you who tried to log in from somewhere new. If you don't think this was you, please log into Facebook so we can walk you through a few steps to keep your account safe. Thanks, The Facebook Team

Famous evangelist invites Rosie O'Donnell to not go to hell

"He's among the top American forces in the world of Christian evangelism.

And now, this household name is setting his sights on Rosie O'Donnell, saying, "You don't have keys to hell, but I know who does"

Read about it... and Franklin Graham inviting Rosie O'Donnell to avoid hell.

Early Morn over Lake Osborne 12-28-17

No Collusion with Russia by Trump

For all you liberals who still have not grasped the reality that Hillary LOST, who are in dreamland and keep pushing the false narrative (hateful, wishful thinking) that president elect Trump colluded with the Russians, this should put it all to rest--

The most recent FBI witness (Deputy Director Andrew McCabe) admitted to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that the Russian dossier lacks substantial proof that President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

All along, our president has said, "No collusion; no evidence--FBI tainted."

Read about it...

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Sunset 12-27-17

Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission requesting data on voter rolls from U.S. states is legal

U.S. appeals court rejects challenge to Trump voter fraud panel

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) watchdog group, which filed the lawsuit, did not have legal standing to seek to force the presidential commission to review privacy concerns before collecting individuals’ voter data.[Reuters]

Perhaps they will find some voter fraud in Alabama.

Netanyahu says "Merry Christmas" and invites Christians to Israel

FBI Offered Anti-Trump Spy $50k if He Could Prove Russian Connection

It's all coming out--all the dirty dealings. Our democracy is in deep do-do.

A report revealing that the FBI offered former MI6 spy Christopher Steele a cash payout last year to corroborate the since-debunked information in the infamous “Trump dossier” raises troubling questions about the agency’s integrity and commitment to truth. [Conservative Tribune]

Trump's at Bethesda By the Sea

Darkest Hour - Winston Churchill

What a great movie.  Gary Oldman's performance is sensational as Winston Churchill.

If it weren't for Churchill's leadership, our entire plant would look totally different today. Churchill led Britain to victory during the Second World War. At one point when the survivorship of England looked doomed, he appealed to Franklin Roosevelt to help and was turned down because of our Neutrality Acts.

The Neutrality Acts were passed by the United States Congress in the 1930s, in response to the growing turmoil in Europe and Asia that eventually led to World War II. The acts were largely repealed in 1941, in the face of German submarine attacks on U.S. vessels and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. [Wikipedia]

He led the Conservative Party for fifteen years from 1940 to 1955. His spirit, patriotism and vision and going directly to the people who he served reminds me of our president, Donald Trump. 

Instant Karma

Antifa domestic terrorist with a weapon.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Sunset 12-26-17

Lake Worth's Top Stories for 2017

1. Hurricane Irma knocks out power

2. Gang’s killings tied to MS-13

3. Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

4. Hurricane aid at John Prince Park

5. Lake Worth makes changes to Historic Preservation Policy

Read about the Palm Beach Post.

Quote of the Day - Ann Coulter

"It has to be said that many of the legal and illegal low-wage workers, they’re incredibly hard workers, they’re really nice people, and it occurred to me … that I actually like all of the illegal immigrants except the DREAMers. They’re the ones I want deported first because they’re the activists. They’re the obnoxious ones. They’re the ones who go to congressional offices and stamp their feet and say, How dare you not rush to grant us amnesty? Whereas the other illegals don’t have the time to be protesting; they’re busy working, being polite, being so friendly and nice and saying, Merry Christmas.

No. Let’s start by deporting the DREAMers. That’s point one."

~ Ann Coulter

"God is Woman," the feminist shouted as she tried to steal the Baby Jesus

"At the Vatican City on Christmas Day, a topless feminist activist started screaming “God is woman” and tried to steal a baby Jesus statue from a Nativity scene. She was quickly detained by police as she lunged for it."

Someone told me yesterday that I should try and keep politics out of Christmas. Not possible.

Draining the Swamp

In reality, the loss of employees at the EPA is simply part of the administration’s proposed plan to cut the agency’s budget by upwards of 31 percent, according to Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney.

Read about it...

Eagle cam

First egg is hatching.
Watch the Eagle Cam on right side of blog!

Taking names and kicking azz!

President Trump announces “significant reduction” in UN funding and reduction of funding to countries that vote against us

Read about it... and see the video.

The U.S. has been assessed more than 176 other member states combined for the regular budget and more than 185 countries combined for the peacekeeping budget. Who says America isn’t exceptional but we must get some value for our huge contribution.!

Marco, reaching across the isle

Before leaving Washington for the holidays, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., teamed up with two Senate Democrats to introduce a bill that continues the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Counterterrorism Advisory Board (CTAB.

“This bill will ensure that the CTAB facilitates a cohesive operational strategy so that DHS components and their partners are best enabled to detect, deter and disrupt terrorist operations,” said Marco Rubio.


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Blessings

Sunset 12-24-17

Bernie fans love the Trump Tax Plan

Ami Horowitz interviewed a procession of liberal weenies in New York’s East Village (“Liberal Mecca,” Horowitz calls it ) on the new GOP tax plan, telling his subjects that the plan is really Bernie Sanders’ tax plan. [Powdered Wig Society]

Your kid need a fake penis?

The fake penises are designed for ages 8-13, according to the product page. There must be a market for this! Maybe Christmas gifts!

If you recall, one year ago, the City of Lake Worth commission on a 5/0 vote prohibited state-licensed mental health professionals from engaging in conversion therapy on minors within the City of Lake Worth. Their thinking was that those who believe that the LGBTQ individuals have a 'condition' that needs to be cured is based on fallacy. They knew more than the professionals.

Senator Tim Scott's Twitter encounter with Racist Reporter

Read the article...

Christian tourism in Israel up 20%

20% increase reported, and Israel’s tourism professionals seeking to expand Christian tourism even more.

"Despite the on-going geopolitical drama related the impending move of the American embassy to Jerusalem, Israel is seeing a surge in the number of Christians visiting the holy sites this year.

Israel’s Tourism Ministry is preparing to welcome tens of thousands of Christian pilgrims over the Christmas season, finishing up a record-breaking year as the number of tourists reaches 3.5 million people in 2017.

A 20 percent increase in Christian visitors is expected over the holiday season compared to last year, according to Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, who attributed the record growth to his ministry’s ongoing international tourism campaign."


Saturday, December 23, 2017

For all the Just say "no" people - Liberal weenies

Sunset 12-23-17

Build the Wall

New report from DOJ and Homeland Security. A shocking 92% of all foreigners in federal prisons are illegal immigrants!

  • by Thomas Madison
  • Read about it...

    Quote of the Day - President Trump

    “For all of these nations that take our money and then they vote against us at the Security Council or they vote against us, potentially, at the Assembly, they take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes.

    Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We don’t care. But this isn’t like it used to be where they could vote against you and then you pay them hundreds of millions of dollars and nobody knows what they’re doing.”

    ~ President Donald Trump

    Republican Tax Reform

    WINNING: 9 Things You Need To Know About The Big Republican Tax Reform

    Late Tuesday night, the Republican Senate passed historic tax reform — a massive package of corporate tax cuts and well-sized individual tax cuts, combined with the repeal of the individual mandate and opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration. It represents the only significant win for President Trump and the Republicans in Congress — but it is a major win.

    Here’s what you need to know.

    Armed robbery in Lake Worth

    Read about it...

    PBSO is looking for the man who committed the crime at Valero Gas Station on Lake Worth Road near I-95. This is where I buy my gas!  Merry Christmas!!

    The "dumb deal" got dumber

    It was President Obama's doing, of course.

    Candidate Trump called it a "dumb deal," then, as president, agreed to honor it -- taking 1,250 rejected Muslim asylum-seekers off of Australia's hands.

    That was before an Aussie citizen from Afghanistan plowed his SUV into a sidewalk full of Melbourne Christmas shoppers on the 21st -- not because of jihad, authorities assure us, but because of "mental-health issues."

    Which brings us back to those 1,250 rejects scheduled to be shipped to the U.S. and a bombshell revelation about their "acute mental-health problems."

    Now they tell us-- Read about it...

    Early Morn 12-23-17

    9th Circuit Court rules against Trump

    9th Circuit rules against Trump Travel Order No. 3 but stays its ruling pending Supreme Court review.

    "Recycling their (vacated) opinion from May, the same three Clinton-appointed judges, Michael D. Hawkins, Ronald M. Gould and Richard A. Paez, again held—unanimously—that the restrictions exceed the president’s statutory authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act. In doing so, they mostly upheld an injunction issued by the same Hawaii judge who blocked the March executive order."

    The Opinion... that has been stayed. President Trump's travel ban is still in effect.

    Friday, December 22, 2017

    Sunset 12-22-17

    Justice Department to Investigate Uranium One deal

    Read about it...

    "The move by the Justice Department suggests the Clinton Foundation is back in the crosshairs of the country’s top law enforcement agents."

    Obama Interference in Hezbollah's Criminal Network

    The Washington Post finally covered the Politico story and finds: “The pushback doesn’t cite any factual errors involving the story’s claims about shut-down investigations and the like.”

    Politico Magazine published an extensive investigative report by Josh Meyer regarding Obama administration interference in law enforcement efforts to take down the Hezbollah international criminal network in order to appease Iran during the nuclear deal negotiations.

    Obama allowed Hezbollah cocaine running into U.S. in quest for Iran nuke deal. See that post for the details, but here’s the top line from Meyer:
    In its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States, according to a POLITICO investigation.
    Read the rest of the story...

    Hudson Holdings just can't get it together

    Hudson Holdings, the investor/developer who bought the Gulfstream Hotel in Lake Worth in the historic district with the stated goal of renovating it to its splendor of the past, was just turned down by the Historic board in Delray for its lofty goals involving their plan to demolish some historic buildings as well as to rehabilitate and relocate others. Hudson Holdings also planned to build condominiums, stores and an underground parking garage.

    This development was to be on Swinton Avenue which is south of Atlantic. Hudson Holdings offices are also on Swinton.

    Lake Worth bent over backwards for Hudson Holdings and all it did was get a poke in the eye and voters mad when the Lake Worth commission of Maxwell, Triolo and Amoroso, did not honor our heights amendment vote won at the ballot box. Instead, they gave Hudson whatever it wanted and the mayor cleverly made the area a hotel district.

    To this day, the Gulfstream Hotel languishes.

    Delray Beach was smarter than we by rejecting Hudson for the sixth time.

    Read about it...

    Another downtown Lake Worth business moves out

    Affluent Finds that was located at 810 Lake Avenue for 8 years has moved to Delray.

    Read the Post article...

    I thought they had moved a month ago.

    Democrats in a tizzy

    The Democrats are panicking because their precious ‘insurance policy’ against Trump, Special Counsel Mueller is under attack for illegally obtaining the President’s transition emails.

    Chuck Schumer went on a tweetstorm Tuesday defending dirty cop Mueller against attacks. It’s funny to watch Democrats panic as their ace card turns into a joker.

    Read about it...

    Apple I-Phones

    Apple finally admits to slowing down your older iPhone

    Apple claims they have slowed down the performance of some of their older phones to preserve battery life.

    I bought myself a Christmas present and chose the Apple as everyone said it was the best. Now that I bought my first smart phone, the I-Phone 8 Plus, in a few short years I now can expect that I will have to upgrade? After spending a bloody fortune?

    Read about it...

    Thursday, December 21, 2017

    Tonight's Moon 12-21-17

    Waxing Crescent
    12% of Full

    Sunset 12-21-17

    President Trump's new grandson

    Trump Shakes Up the Internet With Viral New Photo of Adorable Oval Office Addition

    Eric Trump shared a photo of young Luke sitting at the president’s desk on Instagram… and unsurprisingly, half the internet lost its mind. Lefties went nuts.

    “Little Luke is working hard to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,” Eric Trump wrote on the social media site. [Conservative Tribune]

    Bestiality in Germany

    TIME Person of the Year for 2015, Angela Merkel, certainly has her hands full--Muslim refugees, crime and now bestiality. And she thinks WE have problems.

    Read about it...

    Plan to ensure Donald Trump never became president

    Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said he believed people in the FBI and the Justice Department were involved in “an orchestrated plan” to keep President Donald Trump from becoming president.

    Read more about it...