Monday, March 31, 2014

Knock-Out "Game" escalates in Louisville to Mob Crime

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We are not hearing much on television but it's still happening--black on white crime. This is the latest one in Louisville.

It's over for Big Sugar - No more dumping in Lake Okeechobee

No more toxic green slime--

Earthjustice contended that the South Florida Water Management District was violating the Clean Water Act by allowing the agricultural companies (Big Sugar)  to send fertilizer-laden water into public water supplies, instead of cleaning it up first. They just won an eleven year legal battle. The government can wear you down and wear you out using your own tax dollars to fight you.

U.S. District Judge Kenneth M. Karas in the Southern District of New York ruled today that the water transfer practice does, indeed, violate the Clean Water Act. Read how it got in the jurisdiction of a New York judge. And read about how environmentalists can make a difference.

It has to make you wonder why we even have to go to court to sue government and/or their agencies to do the right thing. Thank God this judge was sensible and knew his stuff.

Graffiti in downtown Lake Worth

Not to worry, we all are getting used to it!

Crime downtown Lake Worth

ASSAULT--14055823--100 BLOCK N FEDERAL HWY--Palm Beach County Sheriff--3/31/2014 3:56:00 AM

DISTURBANCE--14055817--100 BLOCK N FEDERAL HWY--Palm Beach County Sheriff--3/31/2014 2:40:00 AM

The question that comes to mind is--Does this have anything to do with the new nightclub?

Garrett McNamara teams up with Mercedes-Benz

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When you hear the name Mercedes you automatically think "quality."

Mercedes-Benz's team of engineers and designers teamed up with Garrett McNamara, son of Lake Worth resident, Laurence McNamara, to make a precise and high-tech surfboard. Garrett is the current Guinness World Record holder for surfing the largest wave ever surfed at Nazaré, Portugal.

Making of the Mercedes board for Garrett:

Riding the board:

MB online Mind Space with Garrett:

The Mod Squad of Lake Worth

MOD Squad meetings Every Tuesday Morning, 9AM at Brogues

April 1st, 9:00AM-- At the April 1 meeting, they will be discussing a comprehensive list of questions and concerns they would like addressed.

April 8th, 9:00AM-- Guest Speakers: William Waters, with Mark Woods of Code Compliance

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk

The most fascinating interview on 60 Minutes.

click here.

Sunset 3-30-14

Quote of the Day - Joe Biden

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"You know, 11 million people live in the shadows. I believe they're already American citizens. These people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to contribute fully. And by that standard, 11 million undocumented aliens are already Americans, in my view. All they want—they just want a decent life for their kids, a chance to contribute to a free society, a chance to put down roots and help build the next great American century. I really believe that. That’s what they’re fighting for."

~ Vice President, Joe Biden

Spoken at the recent US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s legislative summit. Does he really believe the stuff he says? REALLY?

Reflections of Judi Bludworth

Read about Judi Bludworth  Lake Worthian and retired art teacher and wife of former Palm Beach County State Attorney David Bludworth.

Spring Training Stadium - Is it needed at all - or is it just ego driven?

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Just a few weeks ago, the editor of the Lake Worth Herald was touting John Prince Park as a Spring Training stadium--the community needed a "boost"...setting aside the "impact of economic development"  he said, "The social positives can be just as beneficial." On March 4th, the commission on a 4/1 vote passed Resolution No. 10-2014 - to support a major league baseball training camp at John Prince Park believing it would be an economic boost to Lake Worth.

Even City Manager Michael Bornstein was batting for John Prince Park when he told Channel 5 News "the potential spot is the perfect centralized location. The area offers a Tri-Rail stop, easy highway access and plenty of roads. (It's good) not just for bringing people into the city that may participate and spend some money in our economics, but also to boost our ego. You know this is a city that has had some hard knocks in the past."

Today, the Palm Beach Post disagrees with that and says that baseball is no longer a power hitter and not adding much to Florida's tourism economy as it once did.

Former economic professor at FAU said, "Baseball is one thing you can do. But it isn't as important as beaches or theme parks." I think the kids at John Prince Park would agree that they like their Splash Park, one of many  amenities and things they enjoy.

From the March 25th article in the Post, sports economist Roger Noll, co-author of the book “Sports, Jobs and Taxes said: The Economic Impact of Sports Teams and Stadiums shows that as an investment, it’s silly. If they’re trying to sell it on the grounds of actually contributing to economic growth and employment, that’s wrong. There’s never been a publicly subsidized stadium anywhere in the United States that had the effect of increasing employment and economic growth in the city in which it was built.”

Another Bar in Lake Worth

Well, why not? We just don't have enough of them.

This spot used to be Mojitos.  They weren't doing so well and demanded that the city allow them to become a nightclub so that they could stay opened to the wee hours of the morning. They stayed opened past legal hours anyway in spite of what the City said. It then turned into a gay and lesbian bar. Now we have Tequila Ron, a nightclub?

Update on FEMA grants from Lake Worth's CAFR

UPDATE ON FEMA from the newly released FY 2013 CAFR (Audit) that was prepared by the Lake Worth Financial Department and audited by WatsonRice, our external auditors.  These figures are somewhat different than the FEMA reports of November and December 2012 as previously mentioned and there is no mention of the original questionable amounts, $470,244 and $6,998,095 in this report.

C. FEMA Grants
The City worked with FEMA to finalize all of the claims filed by the City related to Hurricanes Jeanne, Francis and Wilma in 2004 and 2005. Amounts received or receivable from FEMA are subject to audit and adjustment. Any disallowed claims, including amounts already collected, may constitute a liability to the City. The City received initial determination letters for all large projects (those with a cost of more than $57,500) in late December of 2011. The net questioned costs for the three storms were approximately $2.8 million. The City has availed itself of the appeal opportunities afforded under 44 CFR, Sec 206.206 Federal Regulations which allows for two appeals. That appeal process will not likely be resolved until FY 2014. Resources for any ultimately disallowed costs are available from the City’s $5.2 million emergency reserve.

City of Lake Worth, Florida 81 The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General (DHSOIG) conducted an audit of FEMA Disaster Declarations Nos. 1545 (Hurricane Frances), 1561 (Hurricane Jeanne) and 1609 (Hurricane Wilma) between January and May 2012. The purpose of this was to review the findings of the FEMA/State of Florida closeout audits. DHSOIG issued reports to the FEMA Regional Director in November 2012 and December 2012. In July of 2013, the City was notified by the State that there were additional net questioned costs for the three storms which were approximately $1.2 million. The City has availed itself of the appeal opportunities afforded under 44 CFR, Sec. 206.206 Federal Regulations which allows for two appeals. That appeal process will not likely be resolved until FY 2014. Reserves for any ultimately disallowed costs are available from the City’s $5.2 million emergency reserve.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

SB 392 - Jeff Clemens

“This bill takes myth and politics and replaces it with facts and engineering."

Jeff Clemens, FL State Senator

Talking about his bill SB 392 that passed on a 15-4 vote. It directs the state Department of Transportation to determine the safe minimum and maximum speed limits on all divided highways that have at least four lanes.

Look to July 1 for the higher speed limit to go into effect.  Sen. Clemens will be able to make it to Tallahassee that much faster.

SB 392: State Speed Zones

GENERAL BILL by Brandes ; Clemens
State Speed Zones; Raising the maximum allowable speed limit on certain highways; increasing the maximum allowable speed limit on roadways under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation, etc.
Effective Date: 7/1/2014
Last Action: 3/28/2014 Senate - Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading
Location: On 2nd Reading Calendar
Bill Text: Web Page | PDF

Read more here:

Ready for Gay Pride weekend in Lake Worth

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From: March 29, 2014 - March 30, 2014 - Bryant Park - Corner of Lake Avenue and South Golfview Road 201 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth, FL 33460

Hours are 12pm to 6pm Saturday and Sunday. The parade is Sunday at 11:30.

Crime on Lake Avenue

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This morning there was a stabbing on Lake Avenue...
blood all over the place. The guy was dead.
In spite of the sign alerting potential criminals that they will be video taped, it was not a deterrent in this case.

Crime is prevalent in this area.
Also, the city says it is concerned about this gateway that leads into
 our main business district but nothing is ever done
 to clean up this area.
People still hang out on the street.
We have all sorts of "pride" going on.
 What about this high crime area of our city?

Bees Knees closing in Lake Worth

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Well, we've lost another business. This time electeds can't blame it on a past commission. Is it brinkmanship in Washington? Very few people believe that the economy is improving. See CNN poll

Friday, March 28, 2014

Obama - no one clapping

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Lake Worth Chronicles - A Parody - Part IV

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A huge crowd is forming in front of the Gulfstream Hotel where poor Scud Maxwealth is hanging from a half ripped down banner. To the crowds huge relief, Maxwealth is able to work his way onto a ledge, but he is still stuck high up on the side of the building.

Windy-Runt: We’ve got to do something!

Rolaround Silver: We have a big problem. We don’t have a ladder that can reach that high.

Les Lackman: What?! Practically the entire budget of Lake Worthless goes to your department!

Rolaround Silver: What budget? Nearly all of Lake Worthless' remaining funds have disappeared and nobody can account for them. It all started back there around 2020. All of the city's departments have been drastically cut.

Suddenly the crowd parts as a huge ladder truck with the words “Andershine Aerodynamics” on the side makes its way forward. Neighborhood activist Marley Linseed is sitting on top directing the crew with her megaphone.


Scud Maxwealth is lowered to the ground and the crowd begins to disperse.

Windy-Runt: Scud, thank goodness you’re okay! And thank goodness for Lynnley Andershine! It’s a miracle!

Hermit Robertson comes speeding up in Glug Riceballs segway taxi.

Hermit Robertson: This must be a day for miracles. I just got the news- Mayor Pim Tralala is alive!

Les Lackman: What? How?

Hermit Robertson: Tralala was thrown clear of the stadium and knocked unconscious by the explosion. In the chaos following the blast, Tralala wandered off. She didn’t know who she was. Apparently she was picked up by a truck driver and has spent the last twenty-five years working on an animal farm in Alabama.

Windy-Runt: But how in the world did she get her memory back?

Hermit Robertson: A wild sow kicked her in the head and her memory just suddenly came back. She’s on her way back to town as we speak.

A huge white helicopter lands in the road in front of the Gulfstream Hotel. Lynnley Andershine, the richest woman in the world, steps out to address the crowd.

Les Lackman: She looks like an angel!

Windy-Runt: With the sun behind that gorgeous hair of hers, it almost looks like she has a halo!

Lynnley Andershine: I have decided to open a free wellness and healing mental health facility to help the many troubled people of Lake Worthless. Bark Eastmens has asked to be our first patient. In addition, I have agreed to buy the old Lake Worthless Herald and rename it the Lake Worth Chronicles. It is time for a new beginning.

Willy Waterson, (internationally known hair model): Thank God Bark is finally getting some help.

Someone from the crowd yells, "Yes, he never was quite right...but now...he’s gone completely batty.

Les Lackman: This has turned out to be quite a day. Where to next, Windy-Runt?

Windy-Runt: I don’t know. You decide.

As the sun begins to set, Les Lackman and Windy–Runt wander aimlessly back towards the docks. A low-flying Pelican, startled by Andershine’s helicopter, drops something on Les Lackman’s head.

The End.
Or is it?

Great American Clean-Up Lake Worth

Read about it... the big trash clean-up adjacent to the Lake Worth Golf Course at the Great American Clean-up on April 5.

One of the Good Guys

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City Commission regular, Peter Timm. There was a time I disagreed with him on almost everything...then the commission changed. Mr. Timm is always looking out for you! He goes into city hall the day of the meeting and reads most of the back-up. He is probably one of the most informed residents in the city. And to rhyme a phrase-- He always brings up important facts and never ever talks about cats. (You have to go to city commission meetings to understand!) I asked him how he felt to NEVER have this commission agree with him.  He answered with a smile,

 "I don't care."

Crime Downtown Lake Worth

THEFT/LARCENY--14054466--800 BLOCK LAKE AVE--Palm Beach County Sheriff--3/27/2014 12:41:00 PM

Lake Worth in a Good Position?

The Lake Worth Herald just headlined that Lake Worth is in a good position for Grants and mentions the External Auditors report from Tuesday night's meeting that said "the city has done a good job handling monies derived from government sources...there have been no findings for the past three years and this has put the city in the low risk auditee position (for grants).

But what about all the millions that the Department of Homeland Security told us that we owe for questionable FEMA claims that were revealed in their reports of November and December 2012?

After all, the city has not told us anything about this regarding the government demand as to confirmation or denial of alleged monies owed and nothing has been mentioned about these FEMA claims over the past 15 months.  This humongous government charge has never been discussed or divulged by the City since it first received the charge and any investigations that might have been made by the city to clear up the government's claims have not been revealed to the public. This all might fall under attorney/client privilege but then it has never appeared on any public information request for legal matters and no where can you find it in the budget. Maybe the cases have been settled, who knows, and it has all been kept low-key. Perhaps the Herald can respond with a pithy statement.

Department of Homeland Security - Office of Inspector General

HURRICANES FRANCES and JEANNE- Report of November 2012
Recommendation #1
: Disallow:  $470,244
: Instruct the State to remind the City that it is required to comply with Federal procurement standards when acquiring goods and services under FEMA awards (finding A).

Recommendation #2 : Disallow $385,890 (Federal share $348,775) of unsupported project costs (finding B).

Recommendation #3 : Disallow $38,390 (Federal share $28,792) of ineligible labor costs (finding C).

Recommendation #4 : Disallow $21,289 (Federal share $19,160) of ineligible costs for activities covered by insurance (finding D).

Recommendation #5 : Disallow $8,570 (Federal share $7,713) of ineligible costs for small project work not completed (finding E).

Recommendation #6 : Disallow $16,105 (Federal share $14,495) of ineligible costs for non-disaster activities (finding F)

HURRICANE WILMA--Report of December 2012
Recommendation #1
: Disallow $6,998,095 of ineligible costs claimed for contracts that were not procured in accordance with Federal requirements unless FEMA decides to grant an exception for all or part of costs as provided for in 44 CFR 13.36(c), and determines the costs were reasonable (finding A).

Recommendation #2 : Instruct the State to remind the City that it is required to comply with Federal procurement standards when acquiring goods and services under FEMA awards (finding A).

Recommendation #3 : Disallow $476,455 of unsupported project costs (finding B).

Recommendation #4 : Disallow $180,626 of ineligible cost for activities covered by insurance (finding C).

Recommendation #5 : Disallow $8,624 of ineligible costs for small project work not completed (finding D).

Recommendation #6 : Disallow $18,732 of ineligible labor costs (finding E)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Starbucks outside table area temporarily closed

Ordinance 2013-43 was passed on the First Reading in August 2013 to enforce ADA compliant laws.  There has to be a four foot unobstructed pathway down the sidewalk. It came back to the commission on a Second Reading and passed.

All businesses had been notified of it on several occasions. It's not like they haven't been warned. Today, Starbucks has closed down its outside cafe area as they are not in compliance.

All Aboard the GOP train -- "it's a comin"

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Nusiance Homes in Lake Worth

See Lake Worth mayor on Channel 12 News.

Crime Downtown Lake Worth

DRUNK DRIVER-- 14054335-- LUCERNE AVE & N DIXIE HWY-- Palm Beach County Sheriff 3/27/2014 1:35:00 AM--

THEFT/LARCENY-- 14054315-- 800 BLOCK LAKE AVE-- Palm Beach County Sheriff-- 3/26/2014 11:17:00 PM

Lake Worth Chronicles - A Parody - Part III

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The former bloggers, Windy-Runt and Les Lackman, finally make it to the fish house.

Hermit Robertson: Hey, it’s Windy-Runt and Les Lackman, two of my best customers!

Les Lackman: Hermit,you have the best fish in town!

Hermit Robertson: I owe it all to my fish girls, Loritta Shatz, Narine Burnt and Piggy Fishbottom. Those girls can clean any fish in nothing flat. Loritta chops off the heads and Narine and Piggy clean and filet the rest. Piggy does eat the occasional catfish researching it to death but that’s okay. She’s a big gal and needs to keep up her strength.

Windy-Runt: Hermit, is it true that our ex-city manager, Nike Bornstone, is up for parole again?

Hermit Robertson: Yep. That’s a sad tale for sure.

Les Lackman: What exactly happened? It’s been so long ago…

Hermit Robertson: It happened right after the baseball stadium in old JPP got blown up by the radical male cheerleaders, Martian Passed, Grim Stapherd and Barty Illfeld. City Manager Nike Bornstone went crazy. He thought he was a pirate, kidnapped city clerk Pom Garcia, and tried to hijack the Casino Cruise gambling ship. Poor Pom, an angry mob of senior snowbirds, denied their rights to gamble, trampled her. She was so close to retirement, too.

Windy-Runt: How tragic!

Hermit Robertson: The only attorney that would defend Bornstone was ex-city attorney Gin Tivoli. Then Bornstone had the bad luck to get federal judge Denley Dorsii.

Les Lackman: Dorsii? There’s no tougher judge than Dorsii.

Hermit Robertson: Right. Well, the only person Gin Tivoli could get to speak on Bornstone’s behalf was former Lake Worthless mayor Ron Ex-lax. When Dorsii asked Bornstone to make a statement, he stood up and started shouting “Arghhh, Arghhh!"  Poor Nike Bornstone got sixty years in a Federal prison.

Thom Ramitchyoho, the day old bread salesman, has been eavesdropping on the conversation. At the mention of Bornstone’s name he begins weeping, trips over an empty rainbow colored can of Dunty Moor stew, and is almost run over by a speeding segway taxi, operated by Bobo Allende, Lake Worthless rat catcher.

Hermit Robertson: On a happier note, I managed to get my hands on a couple of copies of Kat McShiverin’s latest novel. “Your Life Sucks Compared to Mine.” Our local Kat got her start writing petitions.

Les Lackman: Wow, she really looks good for her age.

Windy-Runt: You’d look good too, if all you had to do was go to spas and live on your own private island, provided by Lynnley Andershine, of course.

Les Lackman: I think that they used to call it “Cuba.” Don’t be bitter. Windy-Runt, Kat Mcshiverin does happen to be the bestselling author of all time. I should have learned from Lynnley Andershine when I had the chance instead of my being a revisionist!

Everyone looks up as emergency vehicles fly by, sirens blaring, headed towards the Gulfstream Hotel where Scud Maxwealth is hanging from an illegal banner.

More to come...

Glenn Beck predicts New World Order

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Homophobia in Africa

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an article that will make you cry

Commission misleads public on benefits of Spring Training Stadium

Crane’s pronouncement is part of a master plan of Major League Baseball’s billionaire owners to justify the subsidy for a stadium by promoting a series of misleading information designed to deceive the public and the elected officials into approving the bond debt. It all began with the discredited Economic Impact Analysis foisted on the Florida Legislature and now to the county — the Bonn Report of 2009. Prepared for Major League Baseball by a non-economist, the incomplete data from the misleading report would be like your company counting gross sales without counting overhead. The report promises untold riches and jobs but omits serious economic realities while misapplying multipliers of spending growth. Dozens of independent economists have debunked it.

Read the article  at the Palm Beach Post which really points out the naïveté of elected officials falling into the trap and the big lie that ball fields will contribute to economic growth and employment.  

Fighting City Hall

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People wonder why so many residents in Lake Worth have thrown up their arms and have dropped out.  We like to believe that the good guys win but sometimes it takes a hunk of change and a big resolve to fight City Hall. The fight below is still going on in Riviera Beach

Fane Lozeman wins the battle but losing the war.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sunset 3-26-14

Not much going on tonight but one big ball of light

Pam Triolo begging

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Lake Worth Chronicles - A Parody - Part II

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Our garbage could make us a wealthy city-
Now that's turning a negative into a positive!

Windy-Runt: Since the Lake Worthless Herald went belly up, there’s no way to get the latest gossip. Why don’t you start writing your blog again, Les?

Les Lackman: I don't have anything to write about since Andershine left town. Without Andershine, there is no blog.

Windy-Runt: Anyway, we’re stuck in Lake Worthless. I hate to admit it, but we all would have starved to death if it hadn’t been for Carrot Jennings and her boyfriend Pantyslokesxyzqrszzyxx starting the Lake Worthless Community Garden. After twenty years of Obummer the Dictator...

Les Lackman: ALL HAIL OBUMMER! Be careful about what you say. There might be some rogue drones left.

Windy-Runt and Les Lackman continue their aimless wanderings down Lake Worthless main Street. Uncollected garbage is piled up on both sides. They decide to go down to the fish house on the Intracoastal, run by Hermit Robertson. Suddenly, a pile of garbage near Windy-Runt starts to move! Windy-Runt: Oh my God! That’s not a pile of garbage! It’s Bark Eastmens, the ex-editor of the now defunct Lake Worthless Herald!

Les Lackman: He’s gone crazy and turned violent! Run!

Les Lackman and Windy-Runt run for their lives, but Bark Eastmens, fueled by insane rage, begins to overtake them. Out of nowhere, Glug Riceball and his Segway taxi swoops in and delivers Les Lackman and Windy-Runt from danger. Glug Riceball is one of the few remaining businessmen left in Lake Worthless. His Segway Taxi Service took off after gasoline became unaffordable for the average person and before the visionaries acted on Andershine's idea of turning all our garbage into fuel.

Glug Riceball:  Eastmens out of control. He used to be satisfied with chasing Pelicans down by the docks. Earlier today he took a bite out of some poor guy’s leg. I’m going to have to call Lake Worthless top cop, Rolaround Silver. Since Lake Worthless was awarded a national graffiti painting grant from the Andershine Foundation last month, Silver is going to be able to put more cops on the street.

Windy-Runt: He must be Lake Worthless' oldest cop by now.

Les Lackmen: And he’s still Lake Worthless' FINEST cop, if you know what I mean !

Lake Worth officials in Full Speed Mode on Infrastructure Plan

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Last night's meeting, as it turned out, was not the most important meeting for Lake Worth in its history so it didn't matter that only about 18 people from the public were there--they did not vote on a plan to spend your money... but it's coming. The mayor said that it would cost all of us. In fact, the city manager who seems to be great guns and full speed ahead for either one of the plans, (5 year or 7 year) reminded the commission at the end of the meeting that in order to get it on the ballot, they must have the legal language question into the Supervisor by June 20, 2014. The Primary Election is August 26th with the General Election on November 4. They are so anxious to get hold of this money and start this project that they can't wait until March, the month that was just voted in for elections in Lake Worth. The Supervisor of Elections says that there will be a cost to this and they will get back to me.

As mentioned, it is a super expensive endeavor. Lots of people will be making lots of money and about 36% of the residents will be paying for it.  Those with properties valued at $50,000 or less will not be affected. Throwing in the Park of Commerce and asking taxpayers to pay for infrastructure to attract developers is impetuous. Developers should be paying for their own infrastructure.

Of course, Scott Maxwell would disagree as he even suggested borrowing against the beach saying that the Park of Commerce is more important than the beach and again stating that the beach finance plan was a sham.  Former Finance Director Steve Carr was in the room who had approved of the very Plan he dissed. It's going to cost now over $17 million at the Park of Commerce if they do everything Maxwell wants, money that would take multi-decades to ever possibly recapture in ad valorem taxes. You have to wonder what it's really all about.

They mentioned one water option where all the 2" pipes in the city must be replaced with 4" hard PVC and how to pay for the replacement of the 2 inch water lines in the city, mostly laid in College Park . 1) water increase of 15% 2) special assessments costing $25 to $55 a month 3) a General obligation bond with an additional 0.7 mills or $1 to $9 a month 4) a GO bond stays 3.07 mils and use the $6.8 million we have available.

As someone stated to me, they would have serious questions about LW's ability to manage any further attempts to borrow funds to finance any projects. The city has demonstrated a complete inability to manage any project with responsibility and accountability. I refer to the electric utility bond of 2004--I have asked and have never received a detailed accounting of the dollars spent. Why not? The answer is apparent--they don't know where in heck it went.

We have so much debt still on the books: $76.4 mil according to the current budget.

$56.7 on the utility upgrade…and how’s that going?
$3.5 million on the Gateways still owed. $87 million or so in unfunded pension liability—how many millions is that? A heck of a lot for a city that is generating less than $6 million a year in ad-valorem. And we can't forget that public safety takes 2/3rds of our operating revenue.

This should be strongly opposed until the city can demonstrate the ability to function responsibly with taxpayer money. The city just took $12.5 million from unrestricted reserves. History is repeating itself and nothing has changed (just less transparency) to indicate the ability to make this project successful. The city "lost" 6 to 8  million dollars just a few years ago and no one can find the money and now they want taxpayers living in a poor city to essentially rebuild the infrastructure from scratch in a 100 year old city.

Most of the commission does not worry about credibility as they are the new leaders. This 2020 Plan was strategized and well thought out to discuss immediately after the March election as it could have been a killer. Just think how lucky they all have been with no opponents and not having to run on their platform of spending a possible $82,206,131.00.

This 2020 Plan which is now a 2021 plan, as they upped it by one more year, is their legacy. They now have to quickly convince the voters to go along and part with their cash.

Water quality comparisons. College Park sample on right.

Voters Reject taller buildings in Palm Beach

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Palm Beach voters rejected a town zoning plan for taller buildings in the business district on Royal Palm Way, one of the most magnificent streets in the country.

I worked in this town for 25 years and on this street for a real estate company located at the Royal Poinciana Plaza. Anyone working in real estate had pride in the properties, the streets and the ambiance of the town. 

Click here to read about a sensible vote.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lake Worth Prostitution Sting

The Mayor "hopes."

Arresting Johns and Janes is a "fun" thing to do.  Read about the Prostitution Sting

Behind bars--for the moment

Mr. Stanhope is one of our regular homeless guys who hangs out at the Cultural Plaza.

Name:  STANHOPE, EDGAR L .Race:  White DOB:  03/09/1968
Address:    AT LARGE, FL 00000

Booking Number: 2014012158 Booking Date/Time: 03/23/2014 23:37 Charges: 784.03-2560 BATTERY - TOUCH OR STRIKE Original Bond: $500.00 Current Bond: $500.00 Bond Information Booking Number: 2014012159 Booking Date/Time: 03/23/2014 23:37 Charges: 843.15-3163 FAILURE TO APPEAR - Original Bond: $2,000.00. Current Bond: $2,000.00.

Commissioners, what can you do for this loser? Gotta be something. Every other loser gets gifts of public rights-of-way, beach decal stickers, $1.6 million for non-performance on our beach, you name it.

Lake Worth Chronicles - A Parody

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Our story opens in a small town called Lake Worthless, twenty-five years into the future. Les Lackman and Anna Marie Windy-Runt walk hand in hand down the bombed out, bummed out and blighted main street of Lake Worthless.

Windy-Runt: I can't believe that you aren't gay anymore.

Les Lackman:(Singing) I like big boobs and I cannot lie... Sorry. There was just no more political capital in being gay.

Windy-Runt: Do you want to go over to the crater?

Les Lackman: No . It depresses me. Who knew Wobbles would be so right? The brand new baseball stadium in old John Prince Park, bombed by terrorists on the pre-opening day gala. We lost a lot of good people on that day...Mayor Pim Tralala, Commissioner Andy Imaloser...

Windy-Runt: It could have been a lot worse. Only the officials and local politicians were there. Are you sure that you don't want to bring your noodle, jump on your bike and go to Memorial Lake ? Ex- Lake Worthless commissioner Scud Maxwealth runs the paddleboat concessions there. He might let us ride for free and throw in a free burger or two.

Les Lackman: Remind me again why Scud Maxwealth and Christopher Mcvan didn't get blown up.

Windy-Runt: Rumor has it that Maxwealth was up late the night before partying with Marsha Foley and the old Lake Worthless Herald editor, Bark Eastmens. They were all passed out and didn't wake  up in time to make it to the ceremony. Mcvan boycotted the event and was off on a mission to save dolphins in Japan.

Les Lackman: Lynnley Andershine funded that dolphin saving trip. I can't believe that Andershine is the richest woman in the world.

Windy-Runt: I know. Andershine won the biggest Power Ball in history and left town with all her friends, the reason stated was because of all the corrupt elected officials who decided to put the baseball stadium in old JPP. Andershine's wealth and influence just kept expanding, getting bigger and bigger! I hate it !

To be continued by Anonymous Guest Blogger...

Lake Worth, more or less

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Coming up--a Lake Worthless parody by guest blogger

Fido just can't stay home - Rule Breakers Rule

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You all have heard the old adage--"The good guys win."  They forgot a word in that phrase--"The good guys rarely win" because they refuse to cheat. At least that's how it seems around here. And don't ever bet your last dollar on the people who abide by the rules--they don 't have a prayer right now winning in Lake Worth. Snowbirds scream and complain about beach decals--voilà--"you got them baby." The rule breakers rule and on top of that, they have an entire commission and a city staff giving into their wants and desires. Those who ask questions about it all are ignored--and never ask a question on a Sunday. Leadership seems to be a fleeting memory. Complacency is alive and well.

As everyone knows, there is an ordinance AGAINST dogs on our beach park property.  The City, in spite of that Ordinance, installed doggy waste stations that only encourage dog owners.   How do other cities enforce its laws?  Why is it that Lake Worth ALWAYS caves in to insubordination and allows law breakers to get their way?  Why can't people just understand the word "no?" They have learned that they can get away with just about anything in this city.

Juan Ruiz []
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2014 3:11 PM
To: William Waters; ''
Cc: Phillip Johnson; Michael Bornstein
Subject: RE: dogs at our beach park

Lynn, In response to your question regarding dogs at the beach complex, there is an amendment to the existing chapter 7 beach park regulations ordinance being prepared and will be coming forward next month.

The dog liter stations were installed to promote responsible dog ownership. Enforcement of dogs at the beach property has been extremely difficult and challenging along with other activities like skateboarding.  With that being said, staff will be recommending an amendment to allow dogs only west of the wooden rail along the sidewalk and east of A1A, on a leash with dog tags.  Obviously this item still has to be adopted and accepted by the Commission and if it is not then we will decide what to do with the liter stations at that point in time.

Fido's waste in front of our Casino

Downtown Lake Worth

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BEVERAGE VIOLATION-- 14052876-- 400 BLOCK LAKE AVE-- Palm Beach County Sheriff-- 3/23/2014 11:59:00 AM (What can you expect with every Tom, Dick and Harry having a beer/wine and/or liquor license?)

ASSAULT--14053018--000 BLOCK LAKE AVE--Palm Beach County Sheriff--3/23/2014 6:53:00 PM

According to our Ordinance--No person shall sell, deliver, consume or permit the sale, delivery, service or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises except for the following hours where a business holds a legal alcohol license:
(a) The hours of sale of alcoholic beverages of more than one (1) percent of alcohol by weight shall be:
 (1) 12:00 a.m. (midnight) to 2:00 a.m., and 7:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
 (2) 12:00 a.m. (midnight) to 2:00 a.m., and 12:00 p.m. (Noon) to 11:59 p.m., Sunday.
Who knows?  That might have changed by now.

Back in December 2011, Greg Rice, who was the vice chairman of the executive board for the Greater Lake Worth Chamber of Commerce, said allowing downtown restaurants to serve alcohol without getting a distance waiver will help make it easier to attract new restaurants downtown. City Commissioner Andy Amoroso,  a downtown merchant, said removing the need for waivers for downtown restaurants will help make the area more attractive.

As this is a business driven commission, restaurants don't need waivers--they now all get them automatically no  longer having to come before the city commission.  This dais gave that responsibility away to the Planning & Zoning and Historical Preservation Boards. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

John Prince Park Weekend gathering

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A few photos

John Prince Park as a Spring Training stadium - More Residents speak out against

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View the video from 
Channel 12 on Saturday's nature walk at John Prince Park.

“Personally, it’s a horrible thing,” said Audubon member Dorothy Brindle, “and I certainly wouldn't want to see it.”

Spring training baseball in Palm Beach County

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See Channel 5's video from yesterday at John Prince Park: Channel 5 video

As some have always felt that they have no representation in their neighborhood in this area of District 1, this video proves it when their commissioner wants it and is pushing for it.

Special Meeting in Lake Worth - Funding for Infrastructure Plan

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Tomorrow night, the commission has called for a special meeting beginning at 6pm.  A special meeting means that the commission can/will vote on spending your money. On the agenda--

1. Fiscal Year 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and Management Letter

2.  Lake Worth 2020 summary presentation and discussion on potential funding sources

The city has provided a power point in its back-up, one that is similar to what has been presented in the past.  The most important aspect of its aggressive and costly roads infrastructure plan that includes the infrastructure for the Park of Commerce for the hopes of attracting development, has no mention about the financing. Why not?

Proposed 2020 Plan which is now 2021 or a Seven Year Road Improvement costs:
2015:  $14,010,000
2016:  $10,890,000
2017:  $  3,960,000
2018:  $  6,420,000
2019:  $14,280,000
2020:  $11,540,000
2021:  $ 7,820,000
TOTAL COST:  $68,920,000

Proposed 393 acre Park of Commerce Plan to be finished by year 2035:
Total cost  $17,600,000--it wasn't that long ago when it was estimated at $13 mil and back in 2010 at $11 mil.

For a grand total of:  $86,520,000 (in today's dollars)

There is a bill sponsored by Joe Abruzzo where our city might meet all of the qualifications:

SB 1622: Municipal Road Projects

Municipal Road Projects; Citing this act as the "Disadvantaged Cities Road Improvement Act"; creating the Disadvantaged Cities Road Assistance Program within the Department of Transportation to provide funding for certain road projects; providing criteria for selection of municipalities to receive funding; authorizing the department to administer contracts on behalf of a municipality; requiring funded projects to be included in the department’s work program, etc.
Effective Date: Upon becoming a law
Last Action: 3/10/2014 Senate - Introduced -SJ 217
Location: In committee/council (TR)
Bill Text: Web Page | PDF

Early Morning Palette

By the time I ran in to get my camera, the sky had drastically changed...not as beautiful but colorful, nevertheless.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunset 3-23-14

Flags flying at Half-Mast in Lake Worth

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Several people have asked, "Why are the flags in Lake Worth flying at half-mast?"

"The flag is displayed at half mast at federal buildings by order of the President upon the death of a public official. The pertinent section of the Flag Code says, "by order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of a State, territory, or possession, as a mark of respect to their memory. In the event of the death of other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag is to be displayed at half-staff according to Presidential orders, or in accordance with recognized customs or practices not inconsistent with law.

In the event of the death a present or former official of the government of any State, territory, or possession of the United States, the Governor of that state, territory, or possession may proclaim that the National flag shall be flown at half-staff." Source:  Click here

A local community, a company, a school district, or a federal agency can decide to have all of their flags at half-staff because of the death of an employee, a student, a mayor, or a local police officer.

Definite Half-Staff Dates:
  • Peace Officers Memorial Day, May 15 (half-staff all day)
  • Memorial Day (half-staff until noon), the last Monday in May
  • Patriot Day, September 11 (half-staff all day)
  • National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, December 7 (half-staff all day)

However, no one can tell us why our flags have been flying at half-mast for weeks. A citizen just asked our city manager who was at the steps of city hall and was told, "It's Sunday; I'm not answering any questions."  It was then cleared up by the mayor who said it is because a former Governor of Florida passed away on March 13, Reuben Askew. Now we know.

Handing over our State

There was a reckless decision made in 2011 when our state legislatures gutted 30 years of growth management. They now put politics back into the decision process by allowing city and county governments to handle it all.  They passed measures to restrict the public from challenging controversial development projects in the name of economic development. They dismantled the Department of Community Affairs and along came the Community Development Act signed into law on June 2, 2011.

Now we have a new bill. Aside from it being an overall lousy bill, one of the worst things in HB703 is the first step towards privatizing a public resource (water) by allowing Large landowners who participate in water storage programs to receive 50-year water use permits. They would then be allowed to sell that water to governments and utilities. No wonder the Fanjuls are on a buying spree. Someone should follow the money. This just keeps corrupt planners in business.

HB 703 - Environmental Regulation

General Bill   by Patronis (Republican)
Environmental Regulation: Specifies authority of counties to enforce certain wetlands, springs protection, & stormwater ordinances, regulations, & rules; provides vote requirements for adoption of certain elements of local government comprehensive plans & plan amendments; prohibits local governments from rescinding certain comprehensive plan amendments; authorizes durations & multiple commencement dates for certain consumptive use permits; requires delegated local governments to follow certain criteria & standards for well construction; provides that proof of insurance meets certain mitigation bank permit requirements; requires certain criteria to be incorporated into regional water supply plans; provides conditions under which DEP is required to establish certain greenhouse gas performance standards & repeal & revise certain rules; establishes solid waste landfill closure account within Solid Waste Management Trust Fund.
Effective Date: July 1, 2014
Last Event: Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee on Monday, February 03, 2014 5:58 PM. Next meeting: March 24.

Homeless on a Lake Worth bench

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Instead of our commission worrying about "shiny objects" and the destruction of John Prince Park for the benefit of greed,  what about getting down to basics? What about eliminating and helping the homeless population that seems to love to hang out and is encouraged to come to  Lake Worth. What about the panhandlers bothering people in our downtown? The crime?

Taken last night in front of Callaro's
No one should have to live like this in America
and the rest of us should not have to put up with
the city looking like Skid Row.

Class Warfare in Illinois and Unemployment rates

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Bleeding heart Democrat in Illinois has proposed a 3% tax on all millionaires in his state.

And for a little trivia--there are twenty-nine Republican state governors in the country. Illinois is not run by one of them...neither is California or Nevada, states with the highest unemployment in the country. North Dakota is run by a Republican governor as is Nebraska, South Dakota and Utah, states with the lowest unemployment rates.

Unemployment Rates for States

Unemployment Rates for States
Monthly Rankings
Seasonally Adjusted
Jan. 2014p
4 UTAH 3.9
6 IOWA 4.3
8 HAWAII 4.6
10 KANSAS 4.8
15 MONTANA 5.3
16 IDAHO 5.4
17 TEXAS 5.7
21 ALABAMA 6.1
21 FLORIDA 6.1
26 MAINE 6.2
27 ALASKA 6.4
27 INDIANA 6.4
34 NEW YORK 6.8
36 OHIO 6.9
37 OREGON 7.0
41 GEORGIA 7.3
44 ARIZONA 7.5
49 NEVADA 8.7

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunset 3-22-14

Nature Tour at John Prince Park today on tonight's Channel 12 News

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Today we walked in some of the areas where the County has talked about the possibility of where a national Spring Training Stadium at John Prince Park could be built.

Watch the 11:00pm news tonight to see several interviews of Lake Worth residents who attended ROLOH member Dorothy Brindle's Nature Tour.

City Manager of Lake Worth told "no" on John Prince Park as a Spring training site

To read Audrey White's letter to Michael Bornstein of March 7, please go to the ROLOH web site.

Note:  Audrey Wolf is the Assistant County Administrator

Clouds over Lake Osborne

last evening

Update from FDOT

Palm Beach County Traffic Report
March 21 through March 28, 2014
I-95 Skid Hazard Overlay from north of 6th Avenue South to Lake Worth Road Work on this 0.5-mile project began Friday, March 14, 2014, in the City of Lake Worth.

Work consists of installing a high friction epoxy overlay and thermoplastic pavement markings to the bridge deck from just north of 6th Avenue South to Lake Worth Road. The project costs an estimated $1.8 million. The work is being performed by Ram Construction Services and is expected to be completed late summer 2014.

I-95 northbound will have three inside lanes closed, from 6th Avenue South to 10th Avenue North, 9 p.m. until 6 a.m., Sunday night through Thursday morning, through spring 2014.

John Prince Park as possible location for Spring training site through the eyes of a neighbor

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Regarding John Prince Park as a site for a national baseball Spring training site, the will of the people who will be affected by this enterprise is the primary consideration.  It's easy to armchair it ...if you're not the families impacted by this project. 

The prevailing thinking is... 'that's their problem and it doesn't affect me so let them deal with it.' Special interests bank on this thinking to isolate and marginalize the impact of their projects on the public.  This is how it happens that one day when a problem affects your neighborhood... no one is there to help and when you try to get neighbors involved they say "what can we do... it's just a few of us." 

The sudden reversal of zoning at Hypoluxo and High Ridge Road last year looked like an inevitable slam-dunk.  The neighbors to the project were few in number but we helped them get organized, appeared in photos and at commission meetings with them and stood in solidarity with their position which was appropriate and reasonable.  In the end, the project was voted down despite Commissioner Vana's desperate efforts to keep the deal alive for the developer who wanted a 24 pump RaceWay gas station across the street from their homes.  

Unless we are willing to accept that our neighbor's problems are our problems, special interests will continue to successfully nibble away at our quality of life one little neighborhood at a time ...and isolated communities are prime pickin's for those interests.  In fact, it's the first consideration... "are there any neighborhood organizations?"  And unless we connect with our neighbor's concerns, how can we expect them to connect with ours when our time of need arises?  Mostly it takes numbers and bodies to change things.

That being said, I think Mr Haine's indicated that deed restrictions moved this project to another location... so this may all be over before it begins.

One other thing, Lake Worth's problems are self inflicted and no matter how much money rolls into that city... the money will just roll back out again in the form of waste and in support of special interests.  No one there, once in power, is willing to address either the waste or corruption issues that have plagued that city for decades.  What other city has electric, water and sewer utilities they can rob and still can't balance their budget?  How do other cities without an electric utility do it?  Imagine losing 8 million dollars by a supposed accounting error or imagine not being able to find 4 million in CASH in a bond account.

William Coakley
President of the Lake Osborne Estates Civic Association, Inc.