Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunset 1-31-16

Obama spends over $2 million for October vacation

If a Republican president ever did this, impeachment proceedings would begin immediately by every outraged Democrat in Washington.  But it was Obama.  He is an exception to every rule and any Democrat following him will be more of the same. Taxpayer dollars can be cyphoned from the pot.  Isn't that the socialist way? Or is this just the way of a King?

"According to the newly released records obtained by Judicial Watch, the Obama family’s October 11 flight from Los Angeles, where he had attended three high-dollar fundraisers, to San Diego, and then from San Diego back to Washington on October 12, required a total of 4.7 hours of flying time at $206,337 per hour. That brought the total flight cost to taxpayers to $969,783.90. The records do not include the flight time to travel from Washington, DC, to Los Angeles (through Oregon, Seattle, and San Francisco), nor the Secret Service costs or other expenses."  Previously released documents show the flight time from Washington to Los Angeles to be five hours, which safely adds $1,031,685 and brings the known total to expense to...


That's what he spent just in travel expenses alone to fundraise and play golf. Read what he has spent on vacations since elected It is SHOCKING.

We really need a fiscal conservative in The Whitehouse.

The Homeless

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As we are the most generous nation on Earth, there are ways to help those in need. West Palm Beach is tackling the Homeless problem with a new program.

See what they are doing by clicking here

Capitalism and Socialism in downtown Lake Worth

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Jon Jordan, a local business owner entrepreneur in Lake Worth and who owns  a bar called Propaganda located on J Street, is a big supporter of Socialist, Bernie Sanders. Jordan says Bernie's message is consistent and heartfelt.

Jon Jordan has obviously worked hard to have a successful business as well as putting on special events that make money or raise money. He caters to the youth that supports his bar and a large percentage of them support Democrat Socialist Bernie Sanders. He has fundraisers for Bernie; he even gets some old hippies to attend.

Owning a business is capitalistic and what makes America great. He has invested money, ideas and blood, sweat and tears to have a successful enterprise. But he supports a socialist who wants to take most of his money--who wants to stomp on that ambition--that he has worked so hard to make. Bernie wants to regulate and redistribute capital in ways that he believes strengthens the bargaining power of those who don’t own much capital even the deadbeats--in other words, having us all live essentially the same regardless of hard work and ambition and the risk we take to be successful.

Life sometimes does not make any sense and neither do people who support socialism who really believe in and are capitalists.

Jordan, who doesn't live here, says he has aspirations to be Lake Worth's mayor and has endorsed the present one, Pam Triolo, who is the polar opposite of a socialist. Perhaps Mr. Jordan is just a smart capitalist afterall.

Read about it...

Sunrise 1-31-16

Quote of the Day - South Carolina Legislature

“The General Assembly finds that it shall be the public policy of this State to protect its citizens from the application of foreign laws … when the application of a foreign law will result in the violation of a right guaranteed by the Constitution of this State or of the United States.”

~ South Carolina Legislature

Bill, H 3521 banning Sharia Law

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Trump debates himself

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Tonight's Sky 1-30-16

Florida losing more of its agriculture land to developers in the Agricultural Reserve

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"More of old Florida has gone to developers as some 10,000 homes — many selling for $1 million or more — soon could stand in a vast stretch of once-rural Palm Beach County. About 7,000 of those have already been built, and the rest are in the pipeline on the 21,000 acres known as the Agricultural Reserve," says the Sun Sentinel.

The purpose of the Agricultural Reserve is to preserve unique farmland and wetlands in order to enhance agricultural activity, environmental and water resources, and open space, by limiting uses to agriculture, conservation, low density residential development, and non-residential uses which serve the needs of farmworkers and residents of the Ag Reserve Tier.

"The Reserve, a territory with special development rules, stretches between Florida's Turnpike and the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, spanning unincorporated areas west of Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Lake Worth."   A 60/40 rule was adopted by PB County in October 2015 (every four acres of development, six acres had to be set aside for preservation) but small owners of land there wanted the 60-40 rule set aside.-

Many of these owners showed up at the County Commission meeting and after some debate, the Commission voted in favor of dropping the preservation requirement for those who own less than 16 acres. The Palm Beach County Commission voted to allow more commercialization with Burdick and Valeche dissenting.

Read about it...

Frenchman likes Bernie the Socialist?

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Do we really care what a guy from France has to say? Since the 2012 elections, the executive branch in France is currently composed mostly of the Socialist Party so who would be surprised that some guy from France likes Bernie and isn't happy with anyone else running to get our country back on track.

Stan Belot
Stan Belot, French, husband, insurer, baker, mediator, etc.

"Quick review from a badly-informed Frenchman:

  • Trump -- you ARE joking, right?
  • Cruz -- No clue.
  • Rubio -- No clue.
  • Clinton -- Highly, highly, highly competent. Lots, lots, lots of baggage. And for some reason her charisma does not work on me.
  • Sanders -- Some interesting proposals and a reputation for clear thinking.

Honestly, hard to fall in love with any of the candidates."

Well, we're not that much "in love" with you either.

Col. Ralph Peters on Afghanistan

Florida House Judiciary approves Open Carry

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What we might see in the future while shopping at Publix

The Florida House Judiciary Committee paved the way for open carry Thursday, approving a measure to legalize a bill allowing open carry-- the bill’s last stop before heading to the House floor -- by a vote of 12-4.

Only one Democrat, Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasalinda, D-Tallahassee, voted to approve the measure.


CS/CS/HB 163: Weapons and Firearms

GENERAL BILL by Justice Appropriations Subcommittee ; Criminal Justice Subcommittee ; Gaetz ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Baxley ; Combee ; Drake ; Eagle ; Fant ; O'Toole ; Renner ; Smith ; Stone ; Trumbull ; Van Zant
Weapons and Firearms; Provides for construction of statutes that implicate right to bear arms or defend one's self; provides that certain persons & public entities that infringe on specified rights of individual may be subject to liability under specified provisions & have no immunity; provides exception; provides construction; provides that employer may direct employee regarding weapons; provides that employee has no cause of action against employer regarding such direction; specifies that law enforcement officer may arrest person for unlicensed carrying of concealed weapon only upon probable cause that such violation is being committed; provides that person licensed to carry concealed firearm or weapon may also openly carry such firearm or weapon as long as such person is in compliance with specified provisions.
Effective Date: upon becoming a law
Last Action: 1/26/2016 House - On Committee agenda-- Judiciary Committee, 01/28/16, 9:00 am, Sumner Hall
Location: On agenda (JDC)
Bill Text: PDF

Trump got tomatos thrown at him from punks supporting Bernie

Trump raised $6 million on Thursday night for Veterans but the socialists/communists couldn't miss his event with their protests--heckling, tomato throwing and just plain being obnoxious. They should grow up to be so successful.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Tonight's Sky 1-29-16

Pam Triolo's Speech and State of the City

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Click here... Triolo acknowledged the city has a “bad reputation” among potential investors, with some of the main reasons being high electric rates, outdated and inconsistent land development regulations and poor customer service, so wrote Thompson of the Palm Beach Post.

This Trio reduced electric rates even to the point of putting our beach park in a deficit position for 2016. Back in 2013, Utility Financial Solutions told them that without significant reductions in the costs of operations and increases to the general fund contributions, the proposed 4.5% reduction in electric rates would not be sustainable after 2014.

What did they do? They didn't even listen to a paid expert. Instead, they wanted to project a false image that they were really doing something to help the poor city resident who complained about his electric bill from time to time. They wanted to impress any possible investor, where just the thought of high rates, could deter him from coming to Lake Worth by saying we are near parity with FPL. They raised the water instead which really affects the residential community the most.

They have had 4.5 years to turn around whatever negative image our city may have. The mayor even owns a marketing company. She must have had a few idea during all this time.

Armed man surrenders to SWAT team in Lake Worth

UPDATE 1-29-16
Click here

1-28-16 An armed man barricaded himself in a home on South F Street in Lake Worth, prompting the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to send in the SWAT team just before 2:30 p.m.

I don't know if this guy is involved in the shooting earlier today.  Same neighborhood.

Lake Worth settles a lawsuit with Palm Springs

Who knows what the City of Lake Worth pays for legal fees.  The mayor likes to tell us that we pay "hundreds of thousands less" now that they hired Glen Torcivia Law firm. The budget tells us differently. All we know, is that mistakes continue to happen under this Commission majority of Amoroso, Maxwell and Triolo.  Law suits are settled sometimes for very large sums. This time it was settled through credits rather than in cash.

Under the Consent Agenda 9-E, Palm Springs claimed that the City of Lake Worth owes uncollected public services tax and franchise fees due on property annexed into Palm Springs during the period from 2010-2013. Staff requested direction regarding the claim at the August 4, 2015, Regular Commission meeting.

The City engaged Manson Bolves Donaldson P.A. to resolve the claim, due to a stated conflict of interest of the City Attorney. The Settlement Agreement resolves the claim through credits over a three year period, instead of providing a cash settlement. Interest of 3% is included in the settlement amount.

The settlement agreement, regarding public services tax and franchise fees with the Village of Palm Springs amounts to $286,589.04 over a period of 36 months.

Football coach at Lake Worth High fired

Lake Worth High School announced that Jessie Hester is "OUT" as Lake Worth's football coach.

Click here... to find out why.  The reason might surprise you.

Glenn Stubbs is "IN"

Electioneering at Mayor Pam Triolo's State of the City address?

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There seems to be a big push to "get out the vote." First we had the LW YES Pac send out a reminder to vote and where our precinct is located and now Michael Chase Flack Fox with a voter's registration table set up at the Lake Worth Casino where Pam Triolo was giving her State of the City political speech and who is up for re-election on March 15, 47 days from now.

Florida passed a law in 2012 that requires groups that register voters to turn in completed forms within 48 hours or risk fines, among other things. If Mr. Fox was affiliated with a voter's registration organization or someone from the Supervisor's office was there, he could register voters.  Otherwise, he could pass out the forms but not collect them according to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections office.

The problem that I see in this endeavor is the fine line between a State of the City speech which is full of every positive/embellished thing an elected official can muster to bring attention to her achievements, true or false, and its timing of the event. The very fact that it was given on public property with an election just weeks away is problematic. I would imagine that she ran it by the city attorney first, thus costing the taxpayers of this city.

104.31. Political activities of state, county, and municipal officers and employees
(1) No officer or employee of the state, or of any county or municipality thereof, except as hereinafter exempted from provisions hereof, shall:
(a) Use his or her official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with an election or a nomination of office or coercing or influencing another person's vote or affecting the result thereof.

The Winner? Marco Rubio

The GOP debate last night was great without Trump. I even enjoyed the early debate--all of the candidates are "right on." I understand that Trump raised $6 million for wounded veterans...time well spent.

Sunshine State News says that Rubio was a "winner."

Marco Rubio: The U.S. senator from Florida is always best when he's swinging at Barack Obama and the Republicans' opposition in this race, not at his debate opponents -- though he did score a major point against Ted Cruz, saying Cruz is prepared to do or say anything in order to get votes."We're not going to beat Hillary Clinton with someone who will do or say anything to win an election," he said. In fact, even though he was momentarily on the defensive, caught in a flip-flop, Rubio did plenty of the right thing Thursday night.

The audience roared when he took hard shots at Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, saying Hillary's first act as president may be to pardon herself over her email scandals; and Sanders "is a good candidate to be president ... of Sweden." More laughter. Also, according to Google Trends monitored during the debate, Marco Rubio has the best plan to defeat ISIS, grabbing 30 percent of Googlers, compared to Ted Cruz's 23 percent and Donald Trump's 16 percent.

On immigration, he said his No. 1 priority will be to keep ISIS out of America. He would enforce e-verify, build a fence and employ more border agents, but he says he isn't going to deport 12 million people. "Securing our borders is not anti-immigrant," he said. The Iowa audience, if not Ted Cruz, reacted warmly to his response. Rubio desperately wants to come in no further down the list than third in Iowa. It was good timing for probably his best debate.

Read more... at Sunshine State News.< br />

Eric Erickson said, "The intentional winner of the Fox News debate was Marco Rubio. He had a really good debate. He was substantive and sharp, clear and polished. He came across as likable. He came across as someone who knows foreign policy."

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Marco in Iowa - Tune in to Debate tonight

Another shooting in Lake Worth

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The following was reported to me by Ryan Hartman, candidate for District 1

"Someone was just killed at 6th and S F St. The mobile command unit, a bunch of unmarked cars, and a fire truck are there. The deputy I spoke to implied that the fellow (a black man) was shot."

Wasn't the mayor just there yesterday having a photo op and ribbon cutting at La Joya Villages?

Shootings are becoming the norm in our little city by the sea.

The Crests - Doo-Wop at the Lake Worth Playhouse

Last night I went to see The Crests at the Lake Worth from my era and what a treat! No synthesizers were used--just pure sound from the drummer and keyboard player. Nothing can beat Doo-Wop from the 50's and 60's where groups performed with perfect harmony. It is a sound all of its own. These guys were sensational...boy could Tommy Mara still sing! 

Tommy Mara was not with the original group but joined The Crests in 1980 where he was the lead singer and still is to this day. He bought the rights to the name in year 2000 and performs all over the country.

The group had several Top 40 hits in the late 1950s and early 1960s on Coed Records, including the #2 hit, "16 Candles", "Six Nights a Week", "The Angels Listened In", "A Year Ago Tonight", "Step By Step" and "Trouble in Paradise."

Protest at Lake Worth City Hall

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Last evening, in spite of all the rain, there was a protest in front of City Hall by some who are against the recent ordinance (2016-06) that passed on second reading by Scott Maxwell, Pam Triolo and Andy Amoroso.  This ordinance provides that public property can be regulated regarding hours of use.

Of course, no where in the Ordinance does it mention the word "homeless" but everyone with half a brain understands why it was on the Agenda to begin with. Instead of dealing with the problem and coming up with humane solutions, it was easier to pass an ordinance making it illegal for the homeless to even think of stepping on public property after a certain time. The Homeless like to hangout at Bryant Park, the Cultural Plaza and some even in front of City Hall. 

Hours must be set as Resolution 06-2016 failed because Mayor Triolo did not stay and do her job and vote on the item. Supposedly, it will be on the February 2 agenda.

Click here to see the video and write-up at Channel 12.

Bad Decisions by Lake Worth Incumbents

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The incumbents can brag and brag and brag about?--

What they shouldn't brag about are:
  • Their pushing the general obligation bond for $63 million for 30 years of debt and using public money to "educate."
  • 30 year contract with Siemens for $32.5 million. I have to wonder if one of them even read the contract. Siemens makes a small fortune off the City.
  • Every business license fee up 5%, water up 3.5%
  • The certified taxable value of real and personal property within the City of Lake Worth increased by 10.47%. The city commission elected to not roll-back the tax rate to reflect the increased property values. Therefore, ad valorem taxes were higher in spite of the rates staying the same.
  • Upzoned the Gulfstream parcels ignoring the vote and never sent the vote results to Tallahassee. Waited 3 months to see if some future law would apply and then convinced themselves. Now there will probably be another lawsuit.
  • Considered more commercialization at our beach with Hudson Holdings and knew about their interest there well before the ITN process was voted upon and in process.
  • Voted to operate our beach park in the red.
  • Called citizens "liars," "broken" and worse at public meetings.
  • Did everything within their political power to bring a national ballpark to John Prince Park.
  • Changed the description of "resident" so that snowbirds could participate in our 50 beach decal spaces going around the intent of the resident decal parking.
  • Approved $15 million to put in infrastructure at the Park of Commerce in order to attract businesses/development instead of fixing the potholes.
  • Voted to criminalize the Homeless by voting in an Ordinance to open and close public spaces at set times.
There's much more but you get the gist.So, when they tell you what a great job they are doing (you will hear that tonight), remind them of the above.

Florida Fracking

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"The measure, HB 191, allows the state to regulate and authorize the pumping of large volumes of water, sand and chemicals into the ground using high pressure to recover oil and gas deposits. It passed by a 73-45 vote with seven Republicans joining Democrats to oppose the measure.

It postpones the prohibition on fracking bans until a study on the impact of the state’s geology is completed in 2017. But the bill is also vigorously opposed by environmental groups and 41 cities and 27 counties — including Miami-Dade and Broward counties." Read more... at the Miami Herald.

Read more here:

CS/HB 191: Regulation of Oil and Gas Resources

GENERAL BILL by State Affairs Committee ; Rodrigues, R. ; Pigman ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Broxson ; Hill
Regulation of Oil and Gas Resources; Preempts to the state regulation of matters relating to exploration, development, production, processing, storage, & transportation of oil & gas after specified date; revises DEP rulemaking authority; prohibits department from issuing permits for high-pressure well stimulation until rules and study on the issue are completed; deletes provisions requiring Division of Resource Management to get certain approval from municipal governing bodies; requires division to consider additional criteria when issuing permits; requires DEP to conduct study; requires applicants & operators to provide surety; increases maximum amount for civil penalties; requires DEP to designate national chemical registry as state's registry; requires service providers, vendors, & well owners or operators to report certain information to DEP; requires DEP to report certain information to registry; provides appropriation. APPROPRIATION: $1,000,000.00
Effective Date: 7/1/2016
Last Action: 1/27/2016 House - CS passed as amended; YEAS 73 NAYS 45
Location: First Passage
Bill Text: PDF

Read more here:

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lake Osborne on a miserable day

We've had over 4 inches of rain today.
And for a little trivia--
This is the most rain on Jan 27th since 1980.

Donald Trump - A Man with an Ego

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I like people who get right in your face with their political views as long as they are honest. I have been very patient with Donald Trump because I like much of what he says. His ugly personal attacks against fellow Republicans are unacceptable, such as saying that Ted Cruz is a "nasty person."

However, his latest decision not to attend the Fox News debate because he believes that Megyn Kelly is biased towards him is dumb. Who in the hell does he think he is trying to control decisions at a major news network?  Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of Fox News, will not be intimidated by him nor will he remove Kelly, one of the three moderators.

Juvenile and stupid, that's Trump. Pulling this trick right before the Iowa Caucus is unbelievable. He can't get Kelly fired so now he will boycott and pout and hope that Fox News ratings will go down. God, this is like 5th grade.

He has now gone over the line of reason for anyone who wants to be Commander in Chief. Freedom of Speech is supreme and so is Freedom of the Press.  He needs to act like a grown-up and handle the questions. If it's not his way, he wants everyone else to take the highway. Not in America, Mr. Trump.

Fox News Replies to Trump

Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo to give State of the City

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January 26, 2016

Contact: Silvina Donaldson
Phone: 561.586.1730

Mayor’s State of the City Address – 2016: A Year of Opportunity

This year, City of Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo will be presenting her State of the City Address on January 28th at 6:00 PM at the Lake Worth Casino Ball Room. The Mayor will be discussing the City’s current progress and exciting plans for the future. City staff will have tables with information and residents will be able to meet with select staff to learn more about what is being done to move the City forward.

Free parking will be available at the Casino and Beach Complex premises starting at 5:30 PM. Seating and parking will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

Admission is free.

Located in central Palm Beach County, Lake Worth is a dynamic, multi-cultural city with an individualistic style. People are drawn to the city by its acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, historic districts, hip downtown and colorful arts district.


PLEASE NOTE: Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from local officials regarding city business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure.

As I have heard all this cheerleading before, I probably will not attend and just stay home, relax and get ready for the Republican Debate that is later in the evening.  My question, as the election is only 47 days away, is a State of the City given by the mayor who is up for re-election even kosher? Is it campaigning? It is a very thin line and it is taking advantage of a public facility as well as providing free parking.

Lake Worth Golf Course

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For those who are paranoid about guns and flames--
this is especially for you!
How this cat feels when anyone suggests that our golf course should be used for anything other than golf or even suggesting that it has to be this hot revenue potato.

After speaking with Juan Ruiz, Leisure Services manager, he says: "The course made a little profit last year, but we’re still waiting for the complete close out of the year.  Yes, all 18 greens were replaced three years ago, yet the course still suffers from significant infrastructure issues.  We lost roughly $70K in booked tee times that were cancelled cause of rain and course closures due to poor drainage last year or inclement weather."


Candidate Ryan Hartman and Earth First

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In today's Palm Beach Post page B3--

At the Bryant Park Neighborhood forum:
"...there was a brief testy exchange between Amoroso and Hartman after the commissioner called Hartman a “self-proclaimed anarchist” [Hartman has already said that he is a philosophical anarchist who believes in benevolence towards others...See my blog]. The Post writer goes on to say that Hartman plans to bring a group of Earth First! members to the city in February to register to vote, per Amoroso. "Earth First! is a radical environmental advocacy group," the Post wrote.

Actually, Hartman has never said that he personally plans to bring this group to our city as stated in the Post article or has anything to do with this group's decision to come to Lake Worth or that he has any clout over a national movement. A radical is anyone who takes a position against the norm or just takes action for what he believes.  A simple definition of the word "radical" is that others are actually trying to get things done or take a different position than the norm. Most of us just sit around and do nothing when something "bugs" us. Constitutionalists are considered "radical" by progressive Democrats. I've been called a "radical" by some in this city for my conservative political views.

At the forum, Commissioner Amoroso said that we need to embrace all people but in this article he said, “They will be making decisions for you, the taxpayers,” Amoroso said. “It’s a wedge piece.” Hartman responded to the Amoroso charge by saying that the Earth Firsters are coming to produce an outdoor musical and even asked the audience if anyone wanted to help with it. “None of them, to my knowledge, will be sleeping in Bryant Park,” Hartman said.

Read the article...

Earth First describes itself as not an organization, but a movement.  They actually try to protect the environment and our planet that in many ways are being slaughtered by human activity. "There are no members of Earth First!, only Earth Firsters. It is a belief in biocentrism, that life of the Earth comes first, and a practice of putting our beliefs into action."

Earth First! has survived attacks by moderates, would-be leaders and the agents of the system, remaining the most diverse, passionate, committed, and uncompromising group of environmental activists. Our direct actions in defense of the last wild places only seem radical compared to an entire paradigm of denial and control, where the individual is convinced they are powerless, and the organizations set up to protect the wilderness continue to bargain it away."

Trump gets Endorsement

The man known as “America’s toughest sheriff” for his no-nonsense approach to law enforcement and his strong opposition to illegal immigration has endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Another tragedy in Lake Worth

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Man and boy hit by vehicle on 6th Avenue and A Street. The Post reports it as 6th Avenue North but we know that 6th Avenue South, one of our Gateways, is extremely dangerous for crossing.

Read about it... Few details.

Sunset 1-26-16

Florida bans Sharia Law

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"The Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee has just approved H.B. 903, the Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases, on Tuesday along strict party lines all 7 Republican members present voted to send the measure out of committee, and all four Democrats voted no.

Progressive Democrats will always stand against America and with Sharia Law, rather than with their sworn oath to uphold state laws within their respective states, and to honor our Constitution."  Read about it...

Read the law

HB 903: Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases

GENERAL BILL by Combee ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Adkins ; Ahern ; Artiles ; Campbell ; Metz
Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases; Defines "foreign law, legal code, or system"; specifies public policy on application of foreign law, legal code, or system in proceedings relating to dissolution of marriage, support, time-sharing, UCCJEA, & UIFSA; provides that certain decisions rendered under such laws, codes, or systems are void; provides that certain contracts & contract provisions are void; provides for construction of waiver by natural person of person's fundamental liberties, rights, & privileges guaranteed by state or federal constitutions; provides that claims of forum non conveniens or related claims must be denied; provides that act doesn't require or authorize court to adjudicate, or prohibit any religious organization from adjudicating, ecclesiastical matters in violation of specified constitutional provisions or to conflict with any federal treaty or other international agreement to which U.S. is party to specified extent.

Bryant Park Candidate Forum

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Last night this forum was held at the gorgeous Lake Worth Golf Course. The candidates were seated in alphabetical order. At one point during the forum, it was announced by Darrin Engel, president of the Bryant Park Neighborhood Association, that candidate for mayor, Diane Jacques, had a previous commitment and could not attend the forum.

Andy Amoroso: In talking about the casino, he said that this is the first year we have started to pay back the loan to ourselves and that the building needs to pay for itself. Also we inherited a bad business plan--everything leaks. He said that the recent Ordinance that he helped pass was not about the Homeless but rather it was about safety. When talking about the Sober Homes issue, he said that he didn't think that his opponent had talked to the Sober Homes at all. He said that "people will be knocking on your doors telling you that he wants to privatize our beach. That's a lie."  Gave the PBSO a 9.5 out of 10 rating.

Gary Antieau: The city has nothing for the Seniors. They took away the Senior center, the Shuffleboard courts, the Trolley. The addiction and mental illness that afflicts our city should be discussed with those who know how to treat them and get a solution. When asked about his lack of social media skills, he said, I'm not ashamed that I don't know it." Regarding the casino, he said, "Just rent the upstairs." Gave the PBSO an 8 rating.

Ryan Hartman: He will value the opinion of every single resident. We have increasing crime and need to tackle crime reduction, have safer streets and have more transparency in city government. Listening to the people is a top priority. Says that we need to advertise our pool and that this is an amenity that does not necessarily have to be profitable. We need to keep our entire beach 100% public. We need the city to go forward and there will be no homeless camp in Bryant Park or any park. Gave the PBSO a 7 rating.

Scott Maxwell: Was against the rebuilding of the casino and said that the money could have been spent at the Park of Commerce. We are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on the pool. Until we fix that building, it will be very difficult to market and pay the bills. The casino was to pay for itself; it hasn't. Says he is proud of lowering the electric rates and we are now the 4th lowest in the state of Florida. Gave the PBSO an 8-9 rating.

Frank McAlonan:  Says it's all about team work--the best team works together.  To make the beach park more profitable, parking rates should go up during the season on tiered rates.  Fixing our roads could be done for $20 million--take the money that's been allocated from the Park of Commerce. On the recent Ordinance regarding opening and closing time for public property, he said that he would not have passed an Ordinance that could put us into a lawsuit and that people need to read an Ordinance before passing it. He is working with a group on solutions for the Homeless. Gave the PBSO a 9 rating.

Pam Triolo:  Working hard to help Lake Worth realize its full potential...don't listen to the rhetoric or sound bytes--I offer real solutions, she said. On the casino, she said that the upstairs space is in litigation because of faulty workmanship and they can't rent it. Our beach will always be public. Says that there is still no Certificate of Occupancy. Nothing we can do about Sober Homes. Says she is still working on roads. Said that she was the only homeowner when actually there are three others who own their own home (Gary's is in his wife's name). Gave the PBSO a 9.5 rating.

Last night's sky seen from the Lake Worth Golf Course

Loretta Sharpe

Comment Up

Last night at the Bryant Park Neighborhood Association Forum it was announced that Loretta was in JFK. Shanon Materio came over to where I was sitting and told me that she had been given Last Rites. I was going to stop by today to see her and so terribly sad to learn now of her passing.

Although Loretta and I had different opinions on many issues affecting our city, she always believed that she had the best interests of Lake Worth and her beliefs are what drove her enthusiasm. I wish I had taken the time and  told her how much I admired her spunkiness and devotion to what she believed and her always working hard for those passions. She was a fighter in everything she did, even with her insidious disease. We were all hoping she would beat it.

May she rest in peace. It won't be the same now at city hall. It never is when you lose someone who gave a lot.
Lynn Anderson
R.I.P. Loretta Sharpe
The City of Lake Worth has lost one of its longest active contributors. You were a very energetic, giving, and caring force, in and for, this beautiful and needy city. So much was done that you were a part of and will live on. You can look down knowing whether people realize it or not that you have honored us leaving behind a Very Positive Impact. For that we will always be thankful.
You will be truly missed by, oh so many. There were those that might ha...
See More
Mary Lindsey
Rest in Peace Grand Lady
Loretta Sharpe
November 4, 1938 - January 26

The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Germany has one huge problem but we knew that was going to happen. Now they can't even track them and there is crime galore.

Thirty-one States across America have told the same thing to Obama who is NOT watching our back.  Once they're here, what would prevent them from migrating anywhere they choose. We can't track nor can we vett squat. And on top of that, it is the authority of the federal government, not the states, though individual states can slow up the process. Go Rick Scott. The states refusing to allow them are legislated by all Republicans but one.

Now it seems every day we read of some horrible story of what life is like in the New Europe dominated by Islamic migrants...horror.  There are heartwarming stories such as this one of a family who settled in Ft. Lauderdale.

"On Thursday, reports came out of Germany that female volunteers at migrant camps were being routinely threatened and sexually harassed. One woman relayed a story about a Muslim man who said, “I decapitate you,” if she did not help him find better accommodations. Others have complained of death threats if they could not meet demands for high-paying jobs or luxury items, the Express reported."

Read about it... and how Germany has lost track of over 600,000 Muslims and where George Soros says that the European Union is on the verge of collapse because of the migrant/refugee crisis. Elect a Republican for president.  It is the only Party that has your back.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Tonight's Sky Lake Worth Golf Course

Sunset over Lake Osborne

Quote of the Day - Sarah Palin

Thankfully, not everyone with an “R” after their name is happy with the corrupt status quo. And there are a lot more good guys in Congress now thanks to the Tea Party. So, no, it’s not time to leave the GOP. We’re going to make our abusers leave. We’re not going to let them hit us again.

It’s time to kick our abusers out of the House, change the locks, and keep a loaded shotgun next to the bed.

~ Sarah Palin

Read the article... at Breitbart.

Which candidate is more like Thomas Jefferson?

Which candidate running for president, either Party, comes closest to Thomas Jefferson and his principles--on debt, religious liberty and  the war on Islam.” Throw in individual freedom, limited government, and economic soundness.

Jefferson was one of our founding fathers and principal author of the Declaration of Independence. He was a Vice President and elected the third president of the United States; a proponent of democracy, republicanism, and individual rights, which motivated American colonists to break from Great Britain and form a new nation. He produced formative documents and decisions at both the state and national level. Source: Wikipedia

Find out by clicking here... as to whom comes the closest to Thomas Jefferson.