Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Message from Faye

"As today is my last day with the City of Lake Worth Fire Department, Chief Blockson and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the time and effort you put into training yourselves to assist the City of Lake Worth Fire Department and the citizens of Lake Worth during a natural or manmade disaster. Thankfully your services were never needed, but we are so appreciative of you willingness to reach out and help your neighbors, and Lake Worth

Your contact person from this point forward is Mr. Joe Kroll, City of Lake Worth’s Public Services Director, and he can be reached at 561-533-7334, or email him at"

Faye Fornah
CERT Coordinator
City of Lake Worth


Charlie says “we need change.”

Didn’t we hear that line in the last presidential election?

We know all about flip-flops.It happens all of the time in politics. Now that the tide is turning and Obama’s numbers keep free falling, Crist now says that Obama will be a one term President. Well, they are in different political parties afterall.

It was only seven months ago when president Obama was in Florida pushing the government give-away Stimulus, allowing Florida to fall into the trap of socialistic governmental hand-outs. Charlie was all for it…great thing for the State of Florida. Now he is afraid that the President is going too fast and too furious and will have a similar fate as did Jimmy Carter.

America is awake and we're coming back," he said Friday. The National debt is $11.4 TRILLION and ticking. Where was Charlie before we got into this mess?

As Slum and Blight Ravishes On

Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis

Timmy was heard shouting, CRA, CRA, yeah!

Wrapped up in today's News

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I'm Scared

It could be worse…we could live in Arizona where they are now allowing concealed weapons into bars. The worse we have to deal with is NOISE and Mojito’s wanting to stay open until 5am. Oh, and did I tell you—they petitioned their bar patrons and now are endorsing the nosiest mayoral candidate of all.

Through campaign promises and public pressure, Obama is winding down our involvement in Iraq. Troops are now being sent to Afghanistan

PB County called for a moratorium allowing developers the right to build extra homes for just $1 if the home is “affordable.” PB County can’t afford to give this "benefit" now as they can’t collect from the developers. It’s funny how developers always have these creative methods of making money.

Home prices rose 1.2% in June. At that rate it will take Lake Worth years to catch up to the tax base they just lost this year of 24% as the Unions, the Sheriff and Fire eventually do us in.

Remember the Lake Worth High School math teacher that was arrested last year for preparing fraudulent tax returns? She just got sentenced to a year and a day. No fuzzy math here.

Scripps just got some Federal stimulus of $1.4 million. Swedish scientist of Scripps, Claes Wahlestedt, said, “The bulk of it goes to salaries which is the whole point of the stimulus package.” Yes, Claes, but don’t forget the investment of Florida taxpayers of hundreds of millions to bring you guys here. Claes’answer—without them (Scripps) here, Florida wouldn’t have seen ANY money.”

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keep your fingers crossed and Pray

I pray that you bring a lawyer

Joint City/County Commission Meeting

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 3:00 PM

The purpose of this joint meeting with the Board of County Commissioners is to discuss an interlocal agreement for bulk water purchase.

Location: Palm Beach Community College
4200 Congress Avenue
Room NS29
Lake Worth, FL

Speaking of Audits....

Our “nice” magistrate, you know the one, the guy who lets these deadbeats off the hook a lot by reducing their fines by 95%....well, the City of Riviera Beach hired his law firm in August to see if there was any hanky panky going on with their Utility department when it purchased new water meters. Residents get the rate hike anyway.

Riviera Beach will now hire an Auditing firm out of New York to find out. They expect the internal Audit to be completed in 30 days.

How come the City of Lake Worth can’t get an Audit? Even if our Auditor started in February, what is taking so long? Now we have Mark Bates, another Finance Director leaving our employ before an Audit comes out. Sound familiar? It’s like de je vu all over again. And I hear that Ann Costello, our former Finance Director, is suing the City of Lake Worth even though our last Auditor said that she should be prosecuted.


Broken glass on North D on Recycling Day

I guess it was early in the year when the City switched to Waste Management and a one bin recyclable container for just about everything: newspapers, glass, tin cans, milk cartons and plastic cups to name a few. The BIG problem with this is when emptying the bins, a lot of the debris spills out onto the road. The garbage workers do not carry a broom and do not clean up the mess that they make. I just happened to see the above and took a photo.

At the time we elected to do this, Joe Kroll said that we would be making $1,500 to $2,000 a month on recyclables. Where is this money in the budget? We still don’t know where to put old batteries, cellphones, tires and old monitors and such. Did the City ever open a facility?

The goal of the City was to increase recycling by 30%. Now that we are recycling more items, have we saved any money at the landfill? What about those tipping fees? Has there been a significant reduction?

Maybe if we got an Audit we would learn about some of these "money makers."

Growth Regulation - We Need It

Blue Heron at Lake Osborne
Just one of the reasons why I love this place so much!

The Blue Heron is a bird that we need to protect just like the Florida Panther and the Gopher Tortoise. We need to preserve their habitats.

On the front page of the Post this morning there was an article all about landowners rushing to the PB County Commission asking permission to build more houses. The DCA has received 410 requests across the State, more in one month than in all of last year combined. Although probably none have done a Needs Analysis, they fear growth regulation. They fear how the average citizen might vote once Florida Hometown Democracy passes in November 2010.

Landowners and builders have a misconception--just because you own a plot of land does not give you the right to build anything you please on it. Because local governments have been in the pocket of developers for decades now, Florida Hometown Democracy will end the politics behind these bad decisions and the compromise of our comprehensive plans, our bible.

Lesley Blackner said, “They (city commissions) have the power to grant or deny land changes. It is all politics.” Florida Hometown Democracy will put an end to that. Decisions to change our Comp Plan will be in the hands of citizens. Why are local governments and politicians so afraid of that?

Vote Yes on 4 in November 2010.

Monday, September 28, 2009

McNamara for Mayor of Lake Worth Party

French wine and French pastries was the menu right along with good old American Lake Worth politics and interesting people: from grandmothers to a veteran and presently a Guardian Angel with a black belt, everyone was interested in hearing what Laurence had to say. Martin the Mailman was there and it was great to see that he was doing so much better.

Several things were discussed last night, some of which were:

Laurence McNamara was the one who stopped the developer from building The Lucerne Condo to 75 feet, 10 feet above what the Charter allows East of Dixie. Both the Commission and the P&Z exceeded their authority and violated the Charter's 65 foot height restriction by approving a 75 foot building. Laurence brought an official grievance to the P&Z on November 18, 2003 to that effect which essentially says: No building or any part thereof east of Dixie Highway may exceed 65 feet. The developer was persuaded to build per the Charter otherwise it would have forced a Referendum. At that time, Wes Blackman was head of the P&Z and Loretta Sharpe was highly aligned with him, both very much in favor of the higher height.

Laurence is also the one who helped save Old Bridge from a highrise condo. The County requires that parking remain on the land for all to use because like the Mafia, they made the City of Lake Worth an offer they couldn't refuse. You know about those kinds of offers from PB County. We all do. They said, we will resurface the lot and stripe it for you at our cost but you must use it for public access and keep the parking. This agreement is for 99 years. There was nothing Laurence could do regarding that bad decision on a 99 year agreement but he did save the property from unneeded and unwanted development on our valuable waterfront.

Crist and Rubio Polls plus FPL

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What is happening to Charlie in the polls? His own home county's executive committee will be taking a vote in December. Will he be able to hold Pinellas? Votes taken so far:
  • Marion County GOP, Rubio 40, Crist 8, abstain 4;
  • Hernando County GOP, Rubio 46, Crist 0;
  • Gilchrist County GOP, Rubio 11, Crist 1;
  • Republican Women's Club of Duval Federated, Rubio 65, Crist 4;
  • Northwest Orange Republican Women Federated, Rubio 49, Crist 3;
  • Jefferson County GOP, Rubio 30, Crist 6;
  • Highlands County GOP, Rubio 75, Crist 1;
  • Pasco County GOP, Rubio 73, Crist 9;
  • Lee County GOP, Rubio 60, Crist 9;
  • Florida Federation of College Republicans, Rubio 19, Crist 6;
  • Bay County GOP, Rubio 23, Crist 2.
What does this all mean? I haven't been reading much about our Governor lately. As Marco Rubio said, "You've got the highest unemployment rate in Florida since 1975. It's fair to ask, Who is in charge? Who is working on these things?" Rubio has challenged Crist to a series of debates. "When your campaign is 100 percent fundraising and 0 percent public policy, I think voters should be asking questions."

I think they are when you look at these polls.

In the meantime, FPL is playing hardball with Governor Crist who says NO to a $1.3 billion rate increase. FPL just announced that it will raise its rates by $900 million beginning January 4 without waiting for the Public Service Commission's decision. They could care less what Charlie thinks.

FPL officials say, "we need the revenue from higher rates to harden infrastructure against hurricanes and build hurricane reserves that are used after storms to ensure minimal power disruption to customers. The $12.40 increase on the base rate of a typical 1,000 kilowatt-hour residential FPL bill would be offset by a roughly $17 decrease in the fuel charge in 2010 (that's based on FPL projections for better fuel efficiency)."

The FPL spin: A net savings of $5 per month. Let's see what Governor Crist can do about this.

"Merchants have no Country"

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I'm a Florida Panther and I used to live in the forest
Developers want to wipe out our Florida panther

As Thomas Jefferson said, "Merchants have no country."

On a more local scale, we see the same mentality. Build higher, especially downtown and in the commercial districts, because this will bring more people and more people will therefore shop in our stores and dine in our restaurants. The tax base is secondary and used only as an excuse to support their agenda because any tax from anything built in the CRA District would NOT go to operate the City of Lake Worth. What is really non-existent is their mere thought of the over-all welfare of our little city, one of the most dense cities around, and its resources. Spend millions and they will come and we will worry about water, sewer, roads etc. later.

We have seen the Hammon Park project. We have witnessed The Lucerne. We have seen what has happened on 6 Avenue South after spending $5.8 million—nothing. 10th Avenue North, another 8 million, is almost complete and we have debt for 30 years. These are CRA brainstorms that have not benefited the city but it is always about two things - development and tax dollars for the CRA. It is all about the merchants and developers. Just take a look at the background of those who spoke against height restrictions at one of the last city commission meetings: a planner, contractor, real estate attorney, Realtor, merchants, land speculator, mortgage broker to name a few.The link to all is development…development at the peril of you and me but more importantly, to our City.

While our city burns, they are worrying about 10 feet! While our city burns, they worry about getting more density! The more people, the more traffic in their stores. The more density, the more that builder can make, the more units that Realtor can commission. You get the drift.

They are convinced that having a supermarket a block from our major downtown thoroughfares is good planning although it will be right next to single family residential houses. I agree with Commissioner Jennings but her argument fell on deaf ears. These are the same people who don't even recognize Publix Supermarket located in our City directly west of I-95 on Lake Worth Road and refuse to shop there because of its customer base.

The irony of this is, all these people will now shop at the new Publix on Dixie if that plan develops as I hear that Publix will close the one on Lake Worth Road. Those speaking never mentioned this store but instead brought up two Spanish grocery stores in the City as being the only other grocery stores here. When Publix comes to this location, ALL of the tax goes to the CRA, not to the City of Lake Worth. The other four commissioners listened to the lobbyists on this subject and they listened to the CRA, the very same body that they nearly took over just a few months ago for unwise decisions of taxpayer dollars. And the CRA has talked about expanding its boundaries.

Those advocating for taller buildings argue that the rest of the world is moving forward as Lake Worth stands still--that we should raise the heights of building in our city to get ready for the eventual market turn and development. For some reason they argue, but surely can't believe, that ten feet less will hurt their downtown business and it will "kill Lake Worth's viability." They say that we must give developers the opportunity to build 65 to 100 feet if they give us a public benefit otherwise they will refuse to ever build here.

There will always be developers who will want to build in our city. There will always be developers that will promise a benefit and will not perform...the old bait and switch routine. This is exactly what happened with The Lucerne Condominium downtown. The developer was to give us 80 public parking spaces. A year later, a new commission, and we don't get the benefit. That is why they are so anxious and so mad right now as they have always been able to project their will here.

This same attitude is what has ruined the State of Florida…the development at any cost. It has been a high price to pay as we see Builder Associations, developers, the evil Florida Chamber of Commerce, etc. fight citizen groups that are trying to protect what land we have left by smart growth decisions. We now have the Florida panther that once roamed our State by the thousands reduced to nearly extinction. Panther crossing signs are nearly extinct as well. It is a sad day when we have to press the federal government to do the right thing and protect our State animal from developers.

Vote Yes on 4 in 2010 for Florida Hometown Democracy. Let's take back our State and our cities. Remember this when you vote this November for a new Mayor and two commissioners. Keep in mind those who want to build high, who would have Fort Lauderdale in Lake Worth and who are looking to change our city for their own selfish gain.

Thomas Jefferson summed up that attitude in 1809 and it still holds up today when he said, The selfish spirit of commerce... knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Dori has to say - Florida Hometown Democracy

"Florida was, less than 100 years ago, a wetland-studded peninsula which was wet for most of the year. The early settlers clustered near the thin strip of higher ground created by coastal ridges, which, like the sides of a bowl kept water stored in inaccessible inland swamps. Today, Florida is densely developed. Usually the state enjoys plentiful rainfall (an average 53 inches a year), but in 2006, there was a 15-inch rainfall deficit. Lake levels were below their annual low levels and rivers were flowing below normal ranges."

"Florida's water supply must support more than 6.5 million residents and millions of seasonal visitors. More than 90% of Floridians get their drinking water from groundwater sources, which are primarily replenished by rainfall. Since treating sea water or surface water for consumption is very expensive, water conservation is critical to preserving the environment."

The above data is part of the current curriculum of Real Estate licensees. I recently completed my continuing education course for my brokers license renewal and this information, under "Water Consumption" in the "Green Design" chapter of Bert Rogers School of Real Estate curriculum. Interesting enough that it is 'educating' licensees about the unique way Florida uses/needs its wetlands (swamps) however, the solutions offered in a list of 8 water conservation techniques....the one main conservation technique is not mentioned.

The list includes:
  • installing native landscaping suited to rainfall in local area
  • keeping as much native growth on lots as possible
  • using water-pervious materials, such as crushed granite or open paving blocks to allow water to percolate into the ground
  • use rainwater catchment systems, such as gutters and rain barrels to catch and store water for irrigation
  • installing front-loading washing machines that use less water
  • reducing water and fertilizer needs by recycling yard waste and leaves as mulch
  • renewable or recycled materials

The one major conservation technique not mentioned: Leave wetlands and swamps to do what nature intended for Florida's unique peninsula...Keep growth and development from encroaching into wetlands and swamps!

Dori Sutter
Amendment 4 -Seminole-Orange Coordinator
Vote for 4 in 2010, for Florida, for You!
4 every thousand $10 donations, another 1000 voices will be heard
Donate Now at

"Efficiency" at Lake Worth Utilities

Actual showerhead

Well, I picked up my free energy efficient showerhead this week from LW Utilities Administration and installed it. Works great. They gave me a box with energy savings devices and say if I use all of them, I could save $60 a year on my electric and water bills.

As well as this, you can apply for the following rebates:

Clothes washer
Programmable Thermostat
Air Conditioner/Heat Pump

Click here for complete information.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another murder

This morning at 322 S. E Street, one stabbed to death and two more cut up in gang violence.

Read about it HERE

How will Florida Grow Up?

Randy Schultz asks that question. Ending growth management in Florida will hurt our State.

"The new Florida can't be one that relies so heavily on growth. Without new ideas, we'll be stuck with the worst, worsts and the worst firsts."

Read his opinion from Sunday, August 23. He gives interesting comps on what it all means. And remember next year, the Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment that will help ensure that when cities want to change their Comprehensive Plans, that the voters get a say.

The "progressives"

"If these guys just stand on the corner, they're not paying their taxes, they're tax takers, not tax givers," said National Socialist Movement member Jeff Hall speaking about illegal aliens.

Well, this report is attempting to blow my theory right out of the water. This is a Neo-Nazi Group that hates everything. This report considers these people as a “socialist” group. Well, what they really are -- hate mongerers that have a social political group that spread their hate ideology on every other group imaginable from Gays, Jews, etc. They hate everyone but their miserable selves. This group is far removed from the Socialist party and to all of us who just believe in Federal law when it comes to people immigrating to our country through a legal process.

The Socialist Party describes itself as follows:

THE SOCIALIST PARTY strives to establish a radical democracy that places people's lives under their own control - a non-racist, classless, feminist socialist society... where working people own and control the means of production and distribution through democratically-controlled public agencies; where full employment is realized for everyone who wants to work; where workers have the right to form unions freely, and to strike and engage in other forms of job actions; and where the production of society is used for the benefit of all humanity, not for the private profit of a few. We believe socialism and democracy are one and indivisible. The working class is in a key and central position to fight back against the ruling capitalist class and its power. The working class is the major force worldwide that can lead the way to a socialist future - to a real radical democracy from below. The Socialist Party fights for progressive changes compatible with a socialist future. We support militant working class struggles and electoral action, independent of the capitalist controlled two-party system, to present socialist alternatives. We strive for democratic revolutions - radical and fundamental changes in the structure and quality of economic, political, and personal relations - to abolish the power now exercised by the few who control great wealth and the government. The Socialist Party is a democratic, multi-tendency organization, with structure and practices visible and accessible to all members.

This Neo-Nazi group will be protested by another group that considers anyone against illegals as “racists.” Both groups, as well as the Socialist Party, stink in my opinion. Let’s just follow the law.

Now I know what the word "progressive" means when it is being used in Lake Worth politics.

Squeeze us Dry

Cartoon by Diana Summers, Orlando Sentinel

This just goes right along with my thoughts below on taxes. Diana Summers cartoon was in today's Post and it really hit the nail right on the head. The solution for cities is to get your last dime on everything imaginable.

The City of Lake Worth and its Staff went down every line item raising fees every where it could and our Commission showed no mercy on the taxpayers of Lake Worth. They nit picked us to death. A 50% increase in beach parking as an example. Pathetic. Get the meters fixed over there perhaps then you would get some revenue. Fine the deadbeats who don't pay.

My fear is what will happen next year as all predictions say it will not be better. Will the city be more efficient? Will the town further deteriorate because of NO code enforcement and NO plan in effect? What can we expect? This is a challenge for any candidate running for election.

Rene's Flier

Comment Up
Great flier, 22 by 11 tri-fold. I vote this flier, as far as visuals, the top of the campaign so far. Lots of photos, lots of pearly whites, Tanya and the dogs. Only one big gigantic mistake,
If you are going to work as hard as the people do to straighten out this city then we are ALL DOOMED. Trust me when I say that. Just drive down any street we have and look at the slum and the blight. Just ask the normal, average resident on anything happening within our city. They have NO clue. Even the few that are "in the know" have differing opinions and thoughts.

It's not that our housing stock is not affordable. It is the taxes on everything. It is our high electric rates, our water rates, our stormwater and solid waste. It is City Hall going up on all fees to compensate for the waste. It is our City raising ad-valorem by 10%. It is no-bid contracts. It is all the crap going on behind the scenes that gets us into big do do. It is getting into one bad deal after another with no way out but to continue on or count our tremendous losses and start over.

No one wants to buy here now and anyone opening a business here is taking a big risk.

I have no doubt that Rene is committed. I think he meant to say "A Mayor who cares about Lake Worth as much as you do!" It's just that I expect him to work a whole lot harder than I do.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Moon over Lake Worth

Last night's quarter moon

When the Glove Fits

I would love to know how much money Mock Roos & Associates has made off the City of Lake Worth over the last 50 years. This in no way implies that they have not done superior work or have given us bad service. However, when you waive a bid, you have no idea whether or not you are getting the best price for the job. How can you analyze anything without cost comparisons? This is the ONLY way that the public interest is served. Even an elementary school kid knows that. Why does the City continue to do this and especially with Mock Roos? The City Manager even admitted at Wednesday's meeting that the city had a credibility problem with the public.

We have talked and talked about this at City hall. Even when Ms. Stanton first came on the job she said that she was opposed to waiving bids. It has happened with present and past city managers…the excuse?...time has run out. In fact, all of the plans Mock Roos has designed belong to THEM, not to the City of Lake Worth. In a lot of cases, we are locked into this engineering firm because of past contracts that do not protect our rights. I had a dentist at one time who would not give me my x'rays...said they belonged to him, not to me although I had paid for them. Same premise.

The truth of the matter is Mock Roos is like a comfortable glove. They are so entrenched here. As stated on the Internet Radio Show of Bill Coakley’s last night, they are members of the local Chamber of Commerce, are politically connected and hold a lot of the cards.

Our City attorney needs to go over all contracts to ensure that our rights are always protected.

Over the last 3 months, contracts awarded to them with NO bids are as follows:

9-23-09 Construction engineering services on our Reverse Osmosis System…$2,280,100

9-23-09 Design & permitting services for deep well…$482,000 This is the one they squeezed from Arcadis.

9-15-09 Engineering services for construction phase of replacement lift station…$46,500

9-01-09 Engineering services for structural improvements on existing lime softening water treatment plant building…$64,500

7-07-09 Revision of original RO plans…$236,556

7-07-09 Application services for State Revolving Fund loan…$39,900


You can well understand why Mock Roos wants that glove not to shrink.

Reef Rescue to the Rescue of our Staghorn Coral

We are asking for your help again - with another letter writing email campaign. This time aimed at the Town of Palm Beach.

As most of you may know Staghorn coral was added to the Endangered Species List in 2006. An aspect of the listing was for the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to establish an area of Critical Habitat, necessary for the survival of the species. NMFS did that and proposed an area in Florida to include all suitable reef habitats from the Dry Tortugas to the northern end of Palm Beach County. The wealthy Town of Palm Beach objected to having the reefs offshore of the town included in the habitat protection area. In November 2008, NMFS issued the final critical habitat designation and excluded the reefs offshore of Palm Beach, eliminating half of Palm Beach County from the protected area.

Reef Rescue filed a formal petition with the feds to revise the critical habitat boundary back northward to the Palm Beach Inlet (near where it was originally proposed) to encompass the Staghorn coral growing offshore of the Town of Palm Beach. NMFS accepted the Reef Rescue petition for reevaluation of the habitat boundary. FDEP sent a letter to NMFS supporting the Reef Rescue request and the neighboring City of Lake Worth issued a proclamation supporting the Reef Rescue position. The Town of Palm Beach on the other hand sent a letter to NMFS reiterating that reef protection will interfere with its beach renourishment projects and that the limited number of Staghorn coral off their coast does not warrant habitat protections. THIS IS WHY WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP.

In 2006, your emails convinced Delray Beach to stop dumping 14 MGD of partially treated sewage onto the reefs. In 2007, your emails persuaded Lake Worth to withdraw a permit request to discharge 4 MGD of wastewater onto Horseshoe Reef. More emails stopped St. Marys Medical Center from closing the only hyperbaric chamber in the county used to treat decompression sickness. Your emails influenced passage of legislation to close all the south Florida ocean sewage outfalls. And our last email campaign helped move forward the Coral Reef Protection Act.

Email the Town of Palm Beach and ask them to withdraw their objection to the Staghorn coral Critical Habitat Designation for the coral reefs off their shoreline. CLICK HERE to follow the link to our ACTION ALERT page which is setup for you to send an email. The page also presents more information on the issue and provides links to resource materials. It does not matter if you are a Florida or US resident or not. We found in the past, some of the most effective emails were sent from tourists who expressed their concern about visiting a town that was not willing to take the responsibility to protect our reefs. Reefs that are a national treasure and coral that is on the federal Endangered Species List.

Please forward this mail to everyone on your email list. We need your support. The Town of Palm Beach exerts a disproportionate amount of influence on Florida and National politics. Politicians do listen, when enough emails are sent.

Reef Rescue
Ed Tichenor

H.R. 324 passes in House

Roy Beck says that our phone calls won the day as the border security passed 259 – 167.

The situation in a nutshell: H.R. 324 (the Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area Act) was amended to ensure that nothing about the designation would affect the ability of the Border Patrol to carry out its enforcement duties. Without that language, there was a huge loophole that in likelihood would have been used to block efforts to stop the movement of illegal aliens across that expansive Arizona area.

The Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area encompasses about 3,325 square miles. Within its boundaries are cactus-covered slopes, open grasslands, rugged canyons, forested mountain ranges and rare desert streams. It also is home to Spanish missions, fortresses, ghost towns and old mines. Traces of human habitation in the valley stretch back more than 12,000 years.

Republicans voted unanimously 174-0 in favor of the pro-enforcement change. Remember Ron Klein and Tom Rooney voted FOR the bill and Robert Wexler and Alcee Hastings AGAINST. I guess Wexler is only interested in Israeli issues. We already know that Hastings is left of left. When you have 167 Congressmen voting against this measure then it only proves that we have a very long way to go in this country to reclaim it and get it back on track.

Stuff Going On

Lake Worth Attorney, Robert H. Springer, was publicly reprimanded following a July 2 court order. (Admitted to practice: 1973) What did he do? After representing a client in a matter, Springer improperly represented another person in the same matter in which that person’s interests were adverse to the interests of the former client. (Case No. SC09-971)

Two people were drinking beer in their driveway in Lake Wroth. Two men walked up to the victims and demanded money. When the victims said they didn't have any money one of the criminals pulled out a gun and shot one of the victims in the left shoulder before pistol-whipping the other man in the head. This area of the City continues to speak out on all the crime to no avail. How is that 91 year old gun toting naked man doing, by the way?

PB County Commissioner Steve Abrams voted against the 14.9% tax hike for the County and his political opponent, Pamela Goodman, calls him “despicable, disgusting and unconscionable.” Way to get votes Pamela!

West Palm Beach takes the same line as the Sheriff when they tell us that crime is dropping. What they want as a reward? Step salary increases instead of a salary freeze. Go Lois.

The House voted 406 to 18 to eliminate all premium increases for Medicare next year. Good thing as COLA will not be increased. Originally seniors were the only honest Group not part of any Stimulus consisting of 42 million elderly and disabled. All of our area congressmen voted for this. It now goes to the Senate.

The U.S. along with President Obama endorsed a strategy to halt the spread of nuclear weapons at the Union Security Council yesterday asking for a “world of undiminished security for all.” The bad guys, Iran, say no way—they say that its nuclear program is for civilian energy purposes while they still want to blow up Israel.

The local election seems mighty quiet to me. I guess Saturday Jo-Ann Golden will have her first door to door blitz with her literature. Sunday night Laurence McNamara will have another fund-raiser at his home from 7 to 10pm.

Susan Stanton must have thought our commission meeting did not go according to plan (citizens asked questions on spending over $23 million on our RO and $10 million on a bond plus millions that the County wants to charge us for getting out of their awful contract) because when the meeting adjourned she asked Laurence if he was sure he really wanted to be Mayor. This town is tough.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last night's sunset Lake Osborne

For the Birds

While at Benny's upper deck this morning having breakfast, Katie and I were watching the birds on the beach. A woman had left her blanket to go up to the boardwalk. On the blanket was a plastic bag and these birds flew down to investigate. They proceeded to open the plastic bag and literally pull items from it looking for whatever smelled good.

This bird was at the table directly behind Peter Timm who always sits at the outside decking. He managed to scarf up what was left in this little sugar packet.

We talked to Mr. Timm about last nights' meeting and what happened to Arcadis. He is of the same opinion as we--it was for the birds. Bill and I will be talking about that tonight on his radio show. Go to Lake Worth Media at 7 pm and click on the bar near the top of his home page.

Today at the Lake Worth Beach

Sheriff going Green too

In a "progressive" city where emphasis is on everything "green" even to the point of not watering your lawn to keep it that way, the Sheriff's Department is now green in Lake Worth.

Earlier in the year, the Sheriff asked the City of Lake Worth to buy them a few T-3's, battery operated vehicles. We said "no" as I recall...(Loretta and Dennis are the only walking Encyclopedias around). So, the Sheriff bought them. We now have two housed here at our "police station" (I can't call it anything else). Have you spotted one of them yet?

Operating costs for the T-3's are 10 cents a day; equivelant to 500 miles per gallon; save over $25, 000 per year compared to gas powered vehicle.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Big Squeeze

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It’s really impossible to understand what happened tonight when top ranked Arcadis (WPB) was bypassed for Mock Roos (WPB). If you recall, Arcadis was chosen as the city's top choice to be the engineer for design, permitting and bidding assistance to install a concentrate disposal injection well system (deep well).

Four companies made presentations over several hours back on August 25. We all sat there and listened intently—went through the process. Prior to their presentations that night, the City had a Review Committee and picked the top four firms. Arcadis ranked number one. Each company had 15 minutes to present. After the presentations and much discussion, the Commission chose Arcadis. This was significant because it was the first time that Mock Roos, a company with a total monopoly on city engineering business, got knocked out of the running and another firm was chosen for engineering design.

Arcadis is an international engineering and consulting company. In January this year it was awarded an $8.8 million work order from South Florida Management District. It is a company that is recognized globally in water management issues and has ongoing projects in the U.S. and abroad.

David Smith the Principal Hydrogeologist was in the Chamber and had a chance to speak. In a very diplomatic way, he implied that communication was non-existent with the City. He never had return calls, never had return e-mails, never even got a letter from the City of Lake Worth letting him know that he was their top ranked choice. Finally, after much frustration, he got his proposal in to the City. He said tonight that he was very disappointed that negotiations were terminated and that his firm was ready to proceed.

Our Utility Director said that she didn’t have a chance to review his proposal, that e-mails, etc. were handled by the Purchasing Manager and that she was uneasy with Arcadis because of a few "ripples." Therefore, she decided to bypass Arcadis and go with Mock Roos, whose proposal she apparently had time to review. Who asked Mock Roos to submit a proposal? When were they asked to submit one? Why didn’t Mattey call Arcadis? The Commission went along with this with only Mayor Jeff Clemens dissenting.

Arcadis got squeezed out. Why?

Dancing with the Candidates on Illegal immigration

Give me a break

Illegal immigration. No one wants to talk about this in Lake Worth. The candidates dance around the issue like it will come back and poke them in the eye. We have faith based groups involved in the encouragement and condonable action allowed by our City. We have a group that is supported from the public till that has convinced our commission that this is the Godly thing to do…educate and find jobs for our illegals, after all, they are just as important in the eyes of God. They all put a guilt trip on you. For not to believe that all human beings are valued would make you evil.

It reminds me of the Veterinarian who knows your dog has cancer but prescribes deadly medicine for it while it suffers, working on your heartstrings to do the right thing. And $1,000 dollars and two months later, your beloved pet passes on. The guilt trip of caring. It's used all of the time in various ways by master manipulators.

Doing what is right is obeying the laws of the land. That has not been done here in Lake Worth.

We constantly read about the illegal alien that has committed atrocious crimes. Just yesterday there was the article about Felix R. Sorto Velasquez who was finally captured in Virginia for a 2006 rape in Lake Worth. He is also being held for federal immigration officials.

Read about one of Arizona's most popular illegal alien crossing routes and the guy who followed it finding piles of garbage, trampled public lands, angry residents and the suspected presence of a vicious gang.

After talking to various people in other parts of the country on this issue, it seems that it is only Lake Worth that takes a blind eye to it all. How will our candidates approach this serious and costly problem to Lake Worth? I guess we'll find out on October 1, the first candidate's forum.

It's always about "me"

The same guys who moan the loudest are the very same guys who are breaking the City. And this is happening to every city around, not just West Palm Beach. The arguments—a pay freeze is unfair because” we go to work in a bulletproof vest and get shot at,” while the firefighters object to working 4 hours longer per week.

While the City of West Palm Beach will generate approximately $25 million less in revenue, the Police and Fire Unions are using their muscle not to give an inch. No one forced them to become police officers or firemen, did they? Their pay rate is high and the benefits are unheard of but neither is good enough even in a recession.

It’s always about “me.”

"Nobody does it better"

ROLOH had its meeting last night. Lt. J.J. Morrisey of the PB County Sheriff's Department spoke as did Deputy Santos. Joel Morgenstern of the C.O.P. program was there. The Sheriff's Department has done a lot of good over this past year instilling confidence in Lake Worth residents. They obviously work under great management. Their response time is quick and they scheduled more units on the streets. They treat the residents with courtesy and they are always on the look-out for the bad guys. I have yet to meet one that I didn't like.

Over the last month in our area we have had 13 burglaries, 2 vehicles stolen, 1 graffiti. The Sheriff did 97 residential and business checks. They talked about a few incidents one of which involved a gang member from Folk Nation.

The Mayor spoke next and this is always a treat. He is personable, charming and funny...exactly the qualities that make for a good politician although he said he never reads blogs! Mayor, I'm hurt. Politicians lie well also. He said that the Sheriff's department is catching people, that crime is down 14% overall in Lake Worth, a statistic that the Sheriff's Department avoided. The most amazing statement of all was when he reminded everyone in the room that after November 3rd, there would be NO one left on the Commission who voted FOR the merger to the Sheriff's Department and to "Keep that in mind when you are voting." What he failed to say was that two of the main reasons that commissioners were against this merger were 1) cost and 2) losing control of our own police department. In about two years we will be lucky to afford the Sheriff.

He also talked about what he considers good things for Lake Worth: Publix coming to the downtown (good for the merchants he says) and that the Palm Beach Cultural Council is a real coup for the City (another good thing for the merchants). What he forgot to say is that our CRA will be giving them $700,000 to come to Lake Worth with no performance guarantees.

The meeting was summed up when the Sheriff told ROLOH that no neighborhood association does it better as far as looking out for their neighbors and reporting possible criminals. After leaving the meeting and one block away, I encountered some sort of a crime? scene.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PB County Environmental Coalition legitimizing itself

The Group that continues to get arrested for its causes is having a Candidate's Forum on October 1 from 6:30 to 8pm at the Organic Music Cafe. One of the things they will be hitting upon is the candidates' thoughts on the rights of immigrants. How come they didn't use the word "illegal" here? That's really what it's all about, isn't it?

Win for the Citizens - Florida Hometown Democracy

"Now is a good time to discuss the lone reason for comprehensive land-use plans: Comp plans are drawn up to ensure balance in how we develop our communities. Changing those land uses, even a little, means changing the character of the community - forever."

Read more about the BIG WIN FOR CITIZENS

Vote Yes on 4 for Florida Hometown Democracy in 2010!

Rebecca Hinson on the Lake Worth Beach

Bird at Lake Osborne,
Singing the right tune

The night Rebecca Hinson spoke at City Hall, she was dynamic and hit the "progressive" Commission right between the eyes with truth. No one has an objection to refurbishing our beachfront property. However, to do what this Commission voted to do is arbitrary to common sense...taking $5 million to redesign parking lots and remove convenient parking at the upper level as well as losing control to PB County is stupid. This is not about decal passes for Lake Worth residents. It is about the total "green" insanity that is going on here. The right of the people to vote was discarded. Just ask the people who go to our beach. This is Ms. Hinson's Letter to the Editor of the PB Post printed today--

Lake Worth must reject beach deal with county

If Lake Worth accepted the deal from Palm Beach County, as The Post wants the city to do, we essentially would be selling our beach to the county for a measly $5 million. And our tax dollars would maintain it for the county. In exchange, the county would limit resident access to 30 decal spaces. Currently, 994 residents who hold parking decals can park anywhere at the beach.

If we spruce up the casino hall and rent it on weekends, and offer pool passes, we can generate income, along with the parking revenue, and plant our own trees and grass and rearrange our beach layout ourselves, while maintaining decal parking.

My pleas are falling on the deaf ears of Commissioners Cara Jennings, Jo-Ann Golden and Suzanne Mulvehill. Mayor Jeff Clemens and Commissioner Retha Lowe oppose this insanity. Thirty spots for 994 residents with decals is the commissioners' plan. Do the math.


Coakley launches Radio Show

William Coakley

With his opening theme song of "Throw the Bums Out," Bill Coakley launched his new Internet radio show last night at 7pm accessed from his web site at Lake Worth Media. The tape of that show is up on his site now if you missed it last night. Everything about it was spontaneous...nothing was planned or thought out in advance. When he asked me to come over I said "yes" reluctantly as I don't even like public speaking...hate it with a passion.

Bill hit on many subjects from the security breach, waste, campaign fliers, and the block on his web site from City Hall. He is planning on doing a show twice a week during the campaign and future dates will be announced in advance. Look for possibly this Thursday the 24th.

Another infamous Lake Worth personality, Mark Foley, launches RADIO SHOW as Jennifer Ross of WRMF gets fired from hers.

Mark Bates

Mark Bates speaking at the Masonic Temple regarding cost
of merging with Sheriff's Department

Our city manager is an anomaly to me. She knew months ago that she was going to replace Mark Bates and eliminate his position and restructure Finance. Why does she wait until he leaves to find a replacement? I just can't figure this one out.

Stanton is hiring Connie Hoffman, Senior Vice President of The Mercer Group again. If there is anyone I don't trust, it is she, but since she was the headhunter in back of the Susan Stanton finding, we are probably stuck with her for life.

I have always personally liked Mark Bates. I can say that he returns my phone calls and gives me an explanation on the whys of it even if I don't understand anything on the balance sheet. He said that he gave advice to the city on major decisions that often times was ignored from the dais. Maybe that was a good thing, who knows. He is always polite to the public. Even knowing he would be gone, he stayed in the position, a company man until the end and always gave the city manager credit where perhaps it was not even due. He has some class. Good luck, Mark.

Read the ARTICLE

Monday, September 21, 2009

Turtle Abduction and Florida Hometown Democracy

Development has encroached on animal habitats

This turtle was abducted yesterday to Lake Osborne and John Prince Park. I saw him walking across traffic on a 4 lane busy street several miles from here in an industrial area. He was determined to cross the road even though I picked him up and put him on the grass. He just turned around and proceeded across the road. We had to stop traffic to get him out of harm's way. Those who stopped couldn't figure out what to do with him. There was no pond close by that they knew of. The other side of the road consisted of nothing but buildings and asphalt. There was a big dog there. Worried about him getting smashed by a car, he was kidnapped and relocated.

After the first hour of his abduction, he was very quite...did not move. I checked on him this morning and he was gone. We hope he has a nice, stress free life sunning on a rock and meeting new turtles at Lake Osborne, a place we know can not be developed.

The DCA has been deluged by requests for comprehensive plan amendments for developments of up to 50,000 units ever since Amendment 4 was cleared for the November 2010 ballot earlier this year.

Vote Yes on 4 for Florida Hometown Democracy in 2010. And remember our wildlife.

Friends from long ago

When I reflect on my high school days, it seems like just yesterday. And when you meet old friends for the first time in a million years, it is all just natural as if time has stood still. What a great surprise to see these guys at my front door! Earlier they visited the Lake Worth library where they spent a lot of time while in high school. They strolled the downtown even stopping at the Webber Gallery, ending up at Too-Jays for lunch. Nice seeing you, friends!

People will Support Business if you have a Product they want

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Political sign at Maryann Webber Gallery


Commissioner Mulvehill has a lot of good ideas and spending local is just one of them. She declared last month Buy Local Month. We at our Condo Association always use Lake Worth businesses whenever we can. That is our commitment to our city.

I believe that it goes without saying that we all love our downtown and we love Lake Worth. In today’s business section of the Post was Maryann Webber and her gallery that participated in the 3/50 project that encourages consumers to pick 3 local businesses and spend $50 in each of them for a month. The paper shows a pretty and friendly photo of Mrs. Webber, in sharp contrast to her recent treatment at her store of two of my friends who are not aligned politically with her and a third one who was treated with distain. Businesses should not be political and if they are, they take the risk.

Some of the downtown businesses did suffer after the election when they supported the defeat of the SuperMajority even going so far as to hanging banners across the front of their business establishment against the initiative. The local Chamber of Commerce (that says it is NOT political) tried to get all of its members to vote against the initiative saying it "was bad for business." Some people actually believed that, not even understanding what it was about. Bizarre Cafe believed it. That business went south and the owners finally sold the restaurant and I haven't been there since that election.

Everyone should buy locally when they can. The problem is, Lake Worth does not have enough businesses that encourage people to return shop, many being specialty shops. Most people already have all the art they want and have accumulated way too many knick knacks and art pieces. The majority living in our city are lucky to have the money to make their car payment.

The CRA’s mission is now to make Lake Worth an art destination and has budgeted a lot of money to make that happen. The downtown is in the CRA district. I have to wonder about the rest of the CRA district that is struggling because the majority of it is comprised of residential homes and those people pay the most in ad valorem compared to the local businesses.

Our city is not just about business but it is about the people who live here whose tax money is being directed towards cultural redevelopment (an art community) who perhaps could be better served in their own neighborhoods by eradicating slum and blight. Perhaps then, businesses would want to come to Lake Worth. With Peter Meyerhoefer, a former business owner in our downtown and now the Chair of the local CRA, will that be his priority as he leads this Board?

Realtor's Association of the Palm Beaches' candidate's questionnaire--

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Along with all the normal information they require, such as have you ever been convicted of a crime, the questions are rather revealing, somewhat nosey and in a lot of cases depending on your current profession that sometimes can skew a point of view, you won't have a chance with this Group, if you're honest, that is..

Some of the questions (condensed)--

1. What major endorsements have you received in this campaign?
2. Amount budgeted to date?
3. How much money have you raised?
4. Current cash on hand
5. Will you accept PAC contributions?
6. What are the demographics of your district?
7. Have any polls been taken? What are the results?
8. Why are you running?
9. List 5 most important issues and how you plan on addressing them
10. How would you handle a tight budget year? Would you raise taxes?
11. Did you support the passage of Amendment 1 in 2008?
12. If elected, would you elect to increase the millage or keep it the same?
13. What ideas do you have to stimulate your city's economy?
14. What is your view on the city’s policy regarding signage, particularly temporary real estate signs in a slumping market?
15. Would you be in favor of requiring a supermajority vote to approve zoning changes?
16. What is your stance on Hometown Democracy?
17. Do you support height limitations in Lake Worth? If so, at what height and in which areas?
18. Do you know any Realtors®? If so please list their names below:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pelican on Pine

Pelicans have been around for 40 million years and we have several that live in the Pine tree in my front yard. This photo was taken for effect thus it does not show off the beauty of the brown pelican. These are the smallest of the eight pelican species in the world but they are still quite large standing up to four feet tall and weighing in at six to eight pounds with a six-foot wingspan.

I often wonder how they sit on a little branch.

He's Baaaaack!!

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"Our" peacock returned the other day. He was somewhat bedraggled and did not want to show himself for a few days until he prettied himself up. This is the first shot I managed to get since his return. He has lost all his large feathers naturally but you can see one of his tail feathers is bent. His feet were all dirty and he appeared to be very tired. Today he looks healthy and happy.

What the Shiny Sheet says on Florida Hometown Democracy

"Unchecked growth is an unsustainable extreme."
Amendment 4 a much needed realty check on development

Thomas Jefferson

Last year, the local Democratic Club dished the name of the Jefferson-Jackson Fundraiser and went along with the DEC by changing the name of it to the Truman-Kennedy-Johnson Dinner or some such thing. The DEC brought up slavery from over 200 years ago as a reason. Jefferson was a supporter of the separation of Church and State and one of the major events during his presidency was the Louisiana Purchase.

On Thursday, the local president of the Lake Worth Democratic Club and a candidate for Mayor in Lake Worth, Rene Varela, was one of the main speakers at the Jeffersonian Association of Florida’s meeting at The Chesterfield Hotel in Palm Beach. I hope Rene set them straight about Jefferson being a slave owner which overrides his importance to American history as Jefferson being one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence and all.

As a reminder of Jefferson politics--

Thomas Jefferson-- support a federal government with greatly constrained powers, and are strong advocates and followers of a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

Jefferson himself followed and exhibited these principles. Jeffersonian philosophy also called for state and local governments to safeguard the rights and property of citizens. Jeffersonians recognized both private and common property. During his early public career, Jefferson hoped that each State and County would be smaller examples of the national American Republic. He believed that republican governments established and governing at these levels would best keep the federal government in check.

The Jeffersonian philosophy held that all men had the right to be informed, and thus, to have a say in the government. The protection and expansion of human liberty was one of the chief goals of the Jeffersonians. They also reformed their respective state systems of education. They believed that their citizens had the right and should be educated no matter their circumstance or status in life. Internationally, Thomas Jefferson and the Jeffersonians believed that America was "the world's best hope. They believed that the United States would be an example to the rest of the world in establishing their own sovereign constitutional republics.

Original Jeffersonian thought also had agrarian elements, and believed that the farmer should be the backbone of any nation, supplying it with a strong work ethic and virtue.

Source: Jeffersonian Association

Don't wimp out

Population of the U.S. is 307,420,619


One birth every...............................   7 seconds
One death every............................... 13 seconds
One international migrant (net) every......... 35 seconds
Net gain of one person every.................. 10 seconds
Source: US Population Clock

Read what the Cost of Illegal Immigration in Florida is.

It's just my luck that I live in Lake Worth--the city of bleeding heart liberals--a Sanctuary City that welcomes illegals. It's also my luck, because of politics, candidates do not take a stand on the issue afraid of losing votes and public support from all the Socialists who have invaded our city right along with the illegal aliens they support. They forget-- they won't get their support anyway. This is just another reason why I have a low tolerance for politicians in general.

We actually have people running for local office who are NOT addressing this situation who say that the Mentoring Center is fine...just move it somewhere else. District 3 has a present commissioner who happens to favor the labor center, the original idea being to get these day laborers off the city streets. Her opponent favors it but just not in that location. This does not solve our problem. Isn't that what elected officials should be doing--solving problems? Should we vote in someone new who has no solution either? Ask the people what they favor? What about that novel idea?

It is NOT fine when it is encouraging the illegal alien...when it is breaking Federal law. It is not fine when you have a hiring hall with a $1 a year lease that does not take care of the property. It is not fine when they ignore their Lease conditions with the City of Lake Worth. And Lake Worth, in spite of the complaints, looks the other way.

See William Coakley's video on the conditions at our Shuffleboard Court (the Mentoring Center).

I would wager that at the local debates that not one question will be asked on this situation. For some reason in this City, they think it is a hot potato even though illegal immigration is ILLEGAL. The first candidate that does not wimp out on this issue will get my attention.

Naked man and Rottweiler

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Naked 91 year old man and his dog catch home invader in Lake Worth. He was booked on a burglary of an occupied dwelling, according to the Sheriff's report. 26 year old Jose Pascuale has no home address listed. He sleeps around, I guess. Check out the benches at the Mentoring Center.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It could be Worse!

The Easy Way Out

We are closer than ever before to have Palm Beach County control our beach. All along I said that Commissioner Jennings was the one to bring this one home as far as retaining decal parking; she did.

The City Manager along with Commissioner Jennings and Kimley-Horn met with Commissioner Vana and County Staff on September 17. It appears that the County is amenable to 628 parking spaces with 55 of those spaces being Lake Worth resident decal spots. They are requiring another traffic study to be conducted in 7 to 10 years at our expense in order to determine that there is enough public access and whether additional parking would be required to meet the growing County need for public access to our (their) beach.

The County was concerned about the “improvements” to the upper dune; (DON'T BLAME THEM THERE) they were also concerned about equal access for county residents; they want the project to move forward quickly and have suggested it be completed within 3 years and the City of Lake Worth maintain the improvements for 30 years at which time their control will cease.

So, for approximately $167,000 a year for 30 years, we will be under the thumb of Palm Beach County. It seems to me that we could have structured our own "deal" and kept total control of our beachfront property.

Trojan Football

Our Lake Worth Trojans just could not stop Jupiter Christian's offense last night. Great game, nevertheless, and a perfect night to be out to cheer on the hometeam. The Trojans lost 21 to 40.

City Manager to Lift Ban

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Through a series of e-mails yesterday and ending at 10:09pm last night, the City Manager has agreed to lift the ban/block at Lake Worth Media. Susan Stanton indicated that now that he (William Coakley) is a candidate, she "will remove the block."

This is a start in the right direction. All blocks to all web sites other than those that are illegal, should be removed immediately in order to preserve the First Amendment. Restrictions of this nature never work and do more to bring down morale.

The City should have nothing to fear but the wrath of employees if it continues to restrict access to local information blogs or web sites. I have been told that there is already a policy in place whereas employees are allowed to view web sites during their lunch or personal time. To restrict this even further gives the very strong impression that the City is not open and transparent and is involved in a cover-up or has something to hide.

Last night's sky

The sky from the football stadium last night. The only thing spoiling the view is the billboard that shone all night...lower left of photo. In fact, from the stadium, three billboards are prevalent, one flashing 24/7. We have never received one dime from this blight and rip-off on Lake Worth.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sheriff Major under investigation

Remember Sheriff Major Michael Veccia who spoke in front of City Hall on numerous occasions telling us what a wonderful deal we would get by going with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department? You remember him.

Well, today we learn that he is under administrative leave for sexual harassment. Read about it HERE

Swift Kick of Censorship

It has been 24 hours now since the City of Lake Worth has been asked about its egregious act of censorship and the targeting of one candidate. How long does anyone think it will take from a city that has just complained about even fulfilling basic public information requests as too time consuming--upping the fees to boot for bad service.

Will the City do what is right and unblock this Firewall from this candidate's web site as well as any others for which they disagree?

Quote of the Day

The definition of "negative" to some in this city is when you do NOT agree with them.
Lynn Anderson

There are some who continue to ride the coattails of others instead of just writing their own article.

I welcome debate and rebuttal but it is still sport to a few as they use your face in graphics with the sole purpose to ridicule. To some, having a viewpoint other than theirs is totally unacceptable and they continue to go after you with a vengeance. My advice--Debate the issue; don't ridicule. That is juvenile.

Instead of ever agreeing with you on anything, they prefer to find the one statement, the one opinion that is opposite than theirs and focus on that to bring the author to his knees by condemning it or by using inappropriate satire. What they accuse you of being, they are. It just shows that real issues are not as important as the attack, not as important as "falling into their line."

Lake Worth is as progressive as North Korea

William Coakley’s web site is still blocked by the City of Lake Worth through a Firewall by SonicWall. This is Coakley’s campaign web site so this is a very unfortunate decision made by the City Manager, someone William Coakley has been challenging on various issues particularly our Utility. I say the City Manager because who else would it be? Doesn't the buck stop with Susan Stanton?

Do we live in North Korea? Is this a government that only allows media with its point of view? This is about government playing hardball with the First Amendment and stifling the freedom of speech. I or Bill Coakley didn’t wake up this morning and decide to attack the decisions of Lake Worth. These are real issues with real consequences for the residents here. Everyday there is something absurd or just plain bizarre to write about even at times, corrupt.

There are some private companies now that are blocking their employees from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, justifying their action saying that employees should be concentrating on company business, not their own.

In the City, I don’t believe there is any evidence that the taxpayers are not being well served if an employee happens to check a local blog a few times a day. More and more of the First Amendment is being eroded when local governments pull these bully tactics and block certain web sites that challenge them under a disingenuous claim of “protecting workers or the city commissioners.” It is Ms. Stanton, afterall, who has publicly stated that she doesn’t want a “police state.” Is the blocking of a web site just the very action she says she opposes? What web site will it be next? Glenn Beck’s? Fox News? The Drudge Report?

By hindering the Internet media for an unfounded assertion, is a solution to a problem that, given the odds, probably does not even exist. An outright ban because of views that differ from City Hall’s, will only have more negative consequences than the non-existent problem the ban purports to fix.

Unlike people behind restrictive national firewalls in countries such as China and North Korea where there is no guarantee of free speech, we are largely allowed to access anything we wish as long as it is legal. So why is the City of Lake Worth being arbitrary? What are they afraid of? Surely not the First Amendment.

We must continually fight for the freedom of press. More and more information is being produced these days by bloggers. If we don’t stand up for this freedom, we will lose it. Secretive policy making must be contested as it will lead to more corruption. It is the press and the blogs that will keep it all honest.

We urge that the City of Lake Worth immediately lift the ban on and any other blog that may be subject to discrimination, now or in the future, because of its popularity relative to its stand on issues. Focusing on challenging ideas and decisions made by City Hall should not be condemned. Banning a web site because of information or facts that may differ from the City Manager’s or the elected officials is suppressing the right of free speech.

This is a City that supposedly continues to purport that it is “progressive.” Censorship is not cool.