Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ronald Reagan's Easter/Passover Message in 1983

Early Morn Lake Worth beach

The Atlantic Ocean was smooth as glass early this morning.

Benefit in Parkland today - "This sh!t has to stop--It's about the kids"

Andrew Pollack, son and others speaking at  benefit, talking about their mission of love and safety.

Quote of the Day - Ronald Vitiello on border walls

"Our agents and officers have decades of experience and are vocal about their need for effective barriers to deny the entry of illegal aliens and contraband.

"The truth is walls work and the data show it and agents know it."

 ~ Ronald Vitiello
Acting Deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Backlash against the NRA is just plain stupid

The mainstream media and politicians have gone out of their way to paint the National Rifle Association as a villain — but the left’s politically-motivated actions aren’t doing much to stop crime. Instead, they’re hurting students.

Read more about it... and how a Pennsylvania School Board turned down a grant from the NRA.

The Conspiracy to frame Trump

House investigators have turned over texts to Fox News that suggests that Obama, FBI, CIA, and DOJ conspired to frame President Trump. For good measure, you can throw Harry Reid in there.

Read about it...

Early Morn 3-31-18

Taken at Publix at 7am.

Black man wants to kill all White folks

A Connecticut school was placed on lockdown after knife-wielding staffer threatened to “Kill Every White man.”

Police say that Lemon exclaimed that he “couldn’t wait for the Panthers to give the OK and a revolution begins” so he could “execute every white man he gets his hands on.”

In America, where every citizen gets an equal opportunity, this is what the racist Al Sharpton's of the world have produced.


Friday, March 30, 2018

Tonight's Sky 3-30-18

Eagles, E10 and E11, take first Bath

Iv'e been watching the SWFL Eagles ever since Harriet started nesting.  E10 and E11 took their first bath two days it below.

In a bold and confident move, E10 goes to the pond this morning and takes his first bath!! At thirteen weeks old - both E's seem to be on schedule to doing everything together! E11 joins E10 at the pond and watches as E10 wades in and does a butt bath first testing out the waters. Afterwards they both return to the snag and at 7:21 mark, E10 flies back down to the pond and gets in and splashes around - enjoying his very first bath!! E11 comes back down to watch the fun! When E10 is finished, E11 will chase him up the side of the bank at 14:27, says Lady Hawk.

Quote of the Day - Devin Nunes

…The left has continued to say, “This is Watergate,” and, “Trump is going to be impeached.” They have continued that. Well now this has effectively boomeranged on them. And you have at least half of the American people now know that the other party, the Democrats, appear like they weaponized to some degree the intelligence services by using the foreign intelligence surveillance apparatus in this country to go and target the opposition campaign. It’s totally unacceptable. And that’s what happened here…

~ Devin Nunes
Chair House Intelligence Committee

Conspiracy to Wiretap Trump

Six Different U.S. Agencies Attempted To Wiretap Trump

They’re all names you’ll know… James Comey (FBI), John Brennan (CIA), James Clapper (ODNI), Loretta Lynch (DOJ), Jeh Johnson (DHS), Admiral Michael Rogers (NSA). While there is alleged evidence that even implicates Barack Obama, sources in the know don’t have the definitive intel on linking him as a source and player.


Andrew McCabe

Ever notice that Democrats use profanity to make their points? They probably encouraged that Hogg kid to use it too.

“He didn’t lie just once; he lied four times,” Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Thursday. “Four times he lied. He lied to James Comey. He lied to the [FBI’s] Office of Professional Responsibility, and he lied twice under oath to the inspector general.”

Arnold is clueless about the Republican Party

Well, it's Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Californian. Everything is nuts out there.

High crime and unaffordable housing are driving people out of this state in droves. The state's one-sided liberal policies is the main cause. It's sanctuary state policy is ridiculous.

"Schwarzenegger compared The Republican Party To The ‘Titanic’ and Slams Trump? Former California governor and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, proves yet again he’s just another liberal lackey. In his recent interview with CNN, Arnold insinuates the Republican party is “dying at the box office”, something the actor knows all too well about.

He then takes several jabs at President Trump. This, from the guy who allowed California to plunge into a 42 billion dollar deficit and devised a budget plan so horrible that resident’s voted against it despite Arnold’s ‘scare tactics’. Take a look." [Fear and Blood]

The devastating effect of Opioids

Almost 1 million prime-age Americans were dragged out of the 2015 labor force by Chinese-supplied fentanyl, Mexican heroin and U.S-made prescription opioid drugs, says a report by the American Action Forum, a business-first advocacy group.

The economic impact of this opioid drug disaster adds up to $91 billion in lost productivity during 2015, alongside 42,000 deaths in 2016, says the group, which also advocates for easier migration of foreign workers.

The report shows that 4 million prime American men and women — aged 25 to 54 — left the workforce between 1999 and 2015. The huge departure has been blamed on trade, on technology and the decline in blue-collar wages, and it accelerated in 2008 when the economy collapsed because of the government’s risky and bipartisan push to expand home-ownership.

Read more about it at Breitbart

Nikki Haley sends Warning to Russia

Russia retaliates...

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Year of the Boomerang - Sean Hannity

“We have unearthed shocking conflicts of interest and anti-Trump bias at the highest levels of the FBI and the DOJ, but we are one step closer in getting to the bottom-line truth in what is the biggest abuse of power in the history of this country,” said SZean Hannity.

Sunset 3-29-18

Gas leak on 3rd Ave South and South D Street

Lake Worth, Fl – Gas Main Break At approximately 3:15pm on March 29, 2018 a Gas Main was broken during road construction in the City of Lake Worth at 3rd Ave S and S D Street. The construction company took immediate steps to secure the area and contact the authorities. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and PBSO responded and carried out the evacuation of impacted residents. Florida Public Utilities, the gas main owner, carried out emergency repairs and the area is now safe for residents to return to their homes.

The City of Lake Worth and our contractors make safety our highest priority and we thank residents for their patience and cooperation during this time.

Located in central Palm Beach County, Lake Worth is a dynamic, multi-cultural city with an individualistic style. People are drawn to the City by its acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, historic districts, hip downtown and colorful arts district.


Ben Kerr Communications Specialist
City of Lake Worth
7 North Dixie Highway Lake Worth, FL 33460
 561.586.1631 K City of Lake Worth

Being a punk wiseguy bully is fun for David Hogg

Hogg believes he's taking on the world

Since the massacre, Hogg has been living his dream of being a player. Hogg went on an anti-NRA boycott rampage and also called for boycotts of Florida and FedEx among others. Now, once again, he's taking on the First Amendment, calling for boycotts to Laura Ingraham's show because she mentioned his college rejections.

Shhh, don't you know you're not supposed to talk about Hogg? I had someone come on this blog to tell me what a miserable human I am. It's tough to live in a country full of liberals who do not believe in free speech unless it is something they are saying.

An excerpt and video from the TMZ article about Hogg’s college travails.

HB 1013 - Florida Sunshine Protection Act.

Florida Daylight saving time bill signed off by all but 13 Florida legislatures.

Read about it... at Sunshine State News

Hudson Holdings and the Gulfstream Hotel

These are the people that the City of Lake Worth went to bat for (changing the zoning and even discarding a referendum on heights and stomping on the voters in this city). They literally were in bed with Hudson Holdings...the culprits?-Mayor Pam Triolo and commissioners Scott Maxwell and Andy Amoroso, the trio that was just voted back in for three years.. Throw in the city manager too!

"CDS Gulfstream, the company that owns 51 percent of the $65 million Gulfstream Hotel renovation project, on Tuesday sued partner HH Gulfstream, claiming company owners for years engaged in racketeering activities to lure investors into the multimillion-dollar project.

'The defendants have engaged in a pattern of fraud to induce our clients to invest in projects in Lake Worth like The Gulfstream Hotel,' said Stuart Kaplan, a managing partner at Kaplan & Parker, the Palm Beach Gardens law firm that applied the suit. We believe this is not an isolated event, and it’s a pattern of behavior that has been ongoing for some time.'”

Read about it...

Little Free Libraries - Celebration at the Hatch in Lake Worth

On April 7, the second BiblioArte! Festival will take place outdoors at the Hatch, 1121 Lucerne Avenue, from 11:00-3:00 pm. Free and open to the public, BiblioArte! Celebrates Little Free Libraries with hands on activities, music, a walk through a Little Free Library Village, and a presentation by Todd Bol, founder of the Little Free Library movement.

Hogg Hitler

Ronny Lynn Jackson, United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs Nominee

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sunset 3-28-18

Easter Services at Common Ground Church

The Bamboo Room, 25 S. J Street, Lake Worth
Come on down and hear the greatest pastor going!

Threats to the Freedom of Speech - Against Jihad terror and Sharia oppression

Britain is creating a terror state--

In Londonistan, there is a place called the Speaker’s Corner. It is a place set aside for giving speeches or to debate the issues of the day. At times it can get lively although perhaps not as lively as it was a few days ago.

Tommy Robinson was going to speak about the huge influx of Muslims and what it is doing to the country. This is what happened--

Economic Confidence Soars Under Trump Tax Plan - Lunch Alert! - at

Brain-dead Super Bowl losers aid and abet brain-dead snot-nose punks

How ironic is it that a football team named the “Patriots” would aid and abet a slimy group devoted to the abolishment of our 2nd Amendment? It just happened!

Read about it ... from the PowderedWigSociety.

Hitler Youth Gun Control march

History Lesson: Hitler Used Kids As Propaganda, Too

It was supposed to be about school safety--oh yeah.

Echoing the madness of the Third Reich, the propagandist-in-chief of the lunatic Left anti-gun movement is David Hogg, a profanity-laced, foulmouthed student who is seething with anger and seems forever on the verge of outright calling for all gun owners to be exterminated by the government. Foul-mouthed David Hogg insists all gun owners want to murder children. [InfoWars]

Read about it...

California teacher gets fired! Now who's the "dumb sh!t?"

"The California high school teacher who came under fire earlier this year after he was caught on video saying that U.S. troops were “a bunch of dumb shits” and “the lowest of the low” was fired on Tuesday, reports The Washington Examiner.

Teachers who are allowed to spread such lies and hate about the bravest people in our country and who serve our country to make sure we are free and safe should be ashamed and never allowed to teach again." [DCStatesman]

Read what the dumb shit said...

At least some people in California took a stand against a whacked out liberal.

Fake News CNN allowed David Hogg to lie in interview

CNN Host Admits He Allowed Parkland’s David Hogg To Lie on His Show

By Steven Ahle Steven Ahle March 28, 2018:

CNN Host Brian Stelter admits he let lies David Hogg told on his show to pass without comment, although did correct Hogg when he claimed Dana Loesch is the CEO of the National Rifle Association.

She is the communications director. But this shows you how little Hogg really knows and how little he has studied the topic.

Read about the punk and Fake News CNN

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sunset 3-27-18

Al Sharpton's half-brother charged with Capital Murder


This is rich! Saturday: Al Sharpton’s half-brother participates in an anti-gun march. Sunday: He is charged with capital murder in a shooting death

Read about it...

Quote of the Day - Devin Nunes

“We’ve been listening for over a year to the Democrats in this country scare the American people saying they have evidence of collusion with the Russians — no they don’t.

 We also found no collusion between the Trump campaign. But we did find links between the Clinton [campaign] and the Democratic Party to the Russians.”

~ Devin Nunes
Chair House Intelligence Committee

Secondhand marijuana smoke

I hate the smell of any kind of smoke being a reformed cigarette smoker for 34 years smoking a pack of Pall Mall daily. And when I see someone actually smoking a cigarette, I look in amazement that they are consciously killing themselves. Now we have a researcher from California, yes that crazy state, who says marijuana smoke is more injurious than cigarette smoke.

Secondhand marijuana smoke may be worse than secondhand tobacco smoke, research shows

Matthew Springer, a biologist and professor in the cardiology division at the University of California, San Francisco, tested the effects of secondhand marijuana smoke and found it takes three times longer for lab rats’ arteries to recover from pot smoke than from tobacco smoke.

Read more about it...

Guatemalan man living in Lake Worth arrested for rape of underage girl

The Palm Beach Post identifies him as a citizen of Guatemala. Click here. Why not call it what it is--we keep giving sanctuary to these criminals and they still hang out at the top of Lake Avenue. This one committed a horrendous crime in our city. Where is ICE?
Race: White
DOB: 01/05/1992

Address: 611 S C STREET ,LW,FL 33460
Gender: Male

Facility:  Main Detention Center
OBTS Number: 5002324356
Booking Date/Time: 03/21/2018 19:27

Cell Location:M-S-08-C-15L-F

Arresting Agency: 01-PBSO
Release Date: N/A
Holds For Other Agencies: Yes

Jacket Number: 0496786
Booking Number: 2018009711 Booking Date/Time:03/21/2018 19:27 Charges 794.011 5A (FF) SEX ASSLT - BY 18Y OLDR VIC 12Y UND 18Y NO PHY FORC VIOL Original Bond: $0.00 Current Bond: $250000.00 Bond Information 794.011 5A (FF) SEX ASSLT - BY 18Y OLDR VIC 12Y UND 18Y NO PHY FORC VIOL Original Bond: $0.00 Current Bond: $250000.00 Bond Information

Quote of the Day - on explotation of gun control

“They are exploiting these tragedies, they are exploiting these families, they are exploiting the deaths of these young people to try to push their left-wing, gun-grabbing ideology to try to disarm Americans, law-abiding Americans. We are here to say today we are not going to tolerate it, and we are going to fight back.”

~ Chairman Corey Stewart
Prince William Board of County Supervisors

Potential Trump bashfest quickly fades

"MSNBC brings on a panel of Trump-haters to pile on President Trump for expelling 60 Russian intelligence operatives masquerading as diplomats. Loading up the panel with Trump-haters, MSNBC also invited Barack Hussein’s ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, who has been critical of President Trump in the past." [PowderedWigSociety]

Watch what happens...

Allen West is wondering, who can he trust?

Allen West Loses Personal Facebook Page and Fighting Fires of Hell To Get It Back

I wondered about it, thought it odd, when I got a notice that Allen West had changed his Facebook page to a new name--Allen West Fans.

Read about what happened...

Monday, March 26, 2018

Time Trolley Tour in Lake Worth

Tonight's Sky 3-26-18

It looks like Trump snookered Congress

In a letter to Congress just after signing the Omnibus bill, President Trump declared that he was rescinding a part of the bill…

…. and using $16 billion of funding appropriated for State Department foreign operations (“division K”) as an “emergency requirement” (to build the wall), as noted in the president’s second letter to Congress explaining where the money is being taken from.

Read the story...

What's up with Floozy?

Can you even imagine our president bending over so she could spank him with a newspaper? Too wild. Too crazy. Too incredible. This is all about the money. She downplayed her appearance--no lipstick to speak of, no makeup and spoke quietly...the use of profanity is the norm for her but not in this interview. No Proof. A porn star going against the president of the Untied States with visions of $$$$ in her dilated eyes. And can anyone at all believe someone threatened her life? It's time for her to go back to the hole she crawled out of.

Facts on Death by Guns

The Liberal Media is pushing an anti-gun trend that is misleading Americans into thinking that Guns are evil or assault rifles are the most deadly weapons. They are doing a good job as you see these actors are all surprised by the positive facts that the Media fails to cover. The actors in the video below get to learn first-hand as they read out Gun facts for a PSA about Guns.[Fear and Blood]

Shanon Materio underwent brain surgery in Miami

Read about it...

Campaign Finance - Money Can Distort Public Policy

For a little bit of trivia on our Lake Worth election--

We have 17,943 registered voters in our city (and that's difficult to believe).
  • 2,847 people voted in the Mayoral race
  • 2,839 people voted in the District 1 race
Therefore, the following pathetic results dictate the outcome and direction of our city:
Out of the total number of registered voters only
  • 11.59% of the total registered voters cast a vote for Pam Triolo as she got 2,080 votes
  • 8.58% of the total registered voters cast a vote for Scott Maxwell as he received 1,541 votes
So, when the City Manager can sit up on the dais and cheer the reelection of these commissioners and say they are "solid politically," is a political statement in itself and stretching it to the point of brown-nosing your bosses.

Let's give all candidates an equal amount of money to run their campaigns. Candidates enter a race with high ideals that are quickly crushed when they realize all the money that is needed. We need to find new ways to engage more individuals in the political process so that public policy decisions can reflect the input of all citizens, not just those of the donor class, i.e, Unions, PACs, developers, and those who have an interest in making money in our city.

For most cases, you can't even follow the dots on the campaign finance reports. In one report as an example for District 1 Scott Maxwell, a donor was identified as a Business Owner and he gave $1,000. But it was not revealed that he is the CEO of a company that also gave $1,000. Why the secrecy? What does this company want from Maxwell? Is he just a nice guy that this company gave $2,000 that we know about? All of these reports should be transparent with full disclosure but candidates give you as little information as they can legally get away with.

I want to know what's going on in our city and the only way to keep it relatively fair is to have an equal playing field--the same amount of money for all candidates.

Hypocrite Holder

Read about it... and the corrupt hypocritical politically charged and the only Attorney General in US history to be held in criminal contempt of Congress.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunset 3-25-18

Our Economic Surrender is over!

China has had a $500 billion trade deficit every year since 1993 with the United States. The western elites put China in power and gave them the one-sided trade deals to make communism work for the elite to leverage out the planet. China declared trade war on the United States but we're not going to be gang raped anymore, says Alex Jones.

Our economic surrender is over!

Update on Palm Beach developer and his attorney, Leslie Evans

On March 15, Robert Matthews and his Palm Beach real estate attorney, Leslie R. Evans were arrested by federal marshals. Well known attorney, Leslie Evans, has had a lot of real estate transactions in Lake Worth through the years.

Both are out on bond--Evans out on $250,000 from day one and now Matthews is out on bond as of this past Friday--$500,000.

Read the update... "on the case that involves fraud and money laundering as part of a conspiracy scheme that scammed foreign investors out of funds they expected would be used to develop the still-incomplete Palm House project at 160 Royal Palm Way."

Tim Tebow and the Cross

A fan at a game in New Jersey in which Tebow was playing noticed an incredible sight on the field directly in front of Tebow as his team was warming up. Appearing on the field in front of Tebow was the image (shadow) of a cross. Photo, below. [PowderedWig Society]

Read about it... and see the video.

God is going to clean house

The Navy Chaplain

This is how bad the liberal agenda and politically correct crapola has permeated our country. "The Navy recently hired an atheist chaplain. America's military men and women deserve the right tools to do the job we've asked them to do. They don't need fake tools. And that includes being given fake chaplains.

The fireworks are over, the smoke has cleared -- here's how it ended."

Read about what happened...

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sunset 3-24-18

Mitch and Ryan - You rolled over

It was the Democrats that passed this lousy bill. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell did not have the president's back nor did they consider his agenda, the party platform and why he was elected.

Here is a list of the 32 Senators who voted against the Omnibus spending bill:

Barrasso (R-Wyo.)
Booker (D-N.J.)
Cassidy (R-La.)
Corker (R-Tenn.)
Cotton (R-Ark.)
Crapo (R-Idaho)
Cruz (R-Tex)
Daines (R-Mont.)
Enzi (R-Wyo.)
Ernst (R-Iowa)
Feinstein (D-Calif.)
Fischer (R-Neb.)
Flake (R-Ariz.)
Gardner (R-Colo.)
Gillibrand (D-N.Y.)
Grassley (R-Iowa)
Harris (D-Calif.)
Johnson (R-Wisc.)
Kennedy (R-La.)
Lankford (R-Okla.)
Lee (R-Utah)
Markey (D-Mass.)
McCaskill (D-Mo.)
Merkley (D-Ore.)
Paul (R-Ky.)
Perdue (R-Ga.)
Risch (R-Idaho)
Sanders (I-Vt.)
Sasse (R-Neb.)
Sullivan (R-Alaska)
Tillis (R-N.C.)
Warren (D-Mass.)
Senators Not Voting:
Burr (R-N.C.)
McCain (R-Ariz.)
Toomey (R-Pa.)

Corrupt Legal Practices by Mueller's Right-Hand Man

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s right-hand man, Andrew Weissmann, was accused of using “corrupt legal practices,” and withholding evidence in a previous case involving the Colombo crime family, reports Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter.


Keep the President's Travel ban intact

If Supreme Court blows this one, Constitution becomes suicide pact

In the next few weeks the U.S. Supreme Court will address an issue that has been the elephant in the room for nearly 17 years.

How it's decided will do more to determine the future of the U.S. than any decision the court has made in most people's lifetimes.

The stakes are existential.

With this one, either the Constitution preserves us or becomes the tool of our destruction.

Read WND.

Man stole $600 surf board in Lake Worth

Man wanted for stealing surf board in Lake Worth

You're not going to believe where he stole it from!!!

Read about it...

Liberals Release Illegal Alien Murderer

New Normal’ Dems Side With Illegals And Release Murderer

Donald Trump - Respect for Country and our Flag

Man arrested for threatening to kill Congressman

Man Threatened To Kill GOP Congressman Over The “Green Stuff”

Police have arrested a Virginia Beach, Virginia man for threatening the life of Rep. Scott Taylor (R-Va.) and two of his staffers. Wallace Grove Godwin, 69, visited Taylor’s office on Thursday and threatened to shoot him and two staffers at an upcoming Saturday event

Do you give up on what the "green stuff" is? Click here... and find out. My only question is, why aren't all those twisted people out there arrested for threatening our president day in and day out? They can start with Mad Maxine Waters and then work down the crazy chain.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Sunset 3-23-18

President Trump arrives tonight in Palm Beach

It is expected that the president will arrive at Palm Beach International Airport at about 6:45 p.m. tonight and leave on Sunday by 5 p.m. Upon his departure from Mar-A-Lago, he will see the above sign.

The Sh!tholes

President Trump correct - Fair Reciprocity

Targeting China’s economic aggression

In the White House Diplomatic Reception Room yesterday, President Trump made it clear he’s taking a stand for American innovation. “We’ve lost, over a fairly short period of time, 60,000 factories in our country—closed, shuttered, gone. Six million jobs, at least, gone. And now they’re starting to come back,” the President said. “But we have one particular problem. And I view them as a friend . . . and that’s China.”

The President has directed his Administration to consider a range of actions to respond to China’s unfair and harmful acquisition of U.S. technology. Now, the Administration is proposing for public comment adding 25 percent additional tariffs on products that are supported by China’s unfair industrial policy.

“The word that I want to use is ‘reciprocal,’” President Trump said. “When they charge 25 percent for a car to go in, and we charge 2 percent for their car to come into the United States, that’s not good.”

Democrats' Policy Platform - Socialism

Ever get the feeling that your country is being sold out from beneath you? Well, it is. The Democrats are not interested in solving problems- only in creating new ones so that they can frighten people into voting for them so they can stay in their cushy Washington offices. [Patriotic Viral News]

"Lake Worth is off the wall," says property owner

Read about it...

Another Sunset from 3-22-18

The sky was so unusual last night. It was a bight sun setting (below) and the sky within minutes turned to bright pink.

Cynthia Nixon wants to be Governor of New York

That would be replacing one liberal problem for another one. She supported De Blasio.  Who is more liberal?  De Blasio or Cuomo? We've already seen all the problems in New York City. One of the downsides for leftists who engage in identity politics is they inevitably end up having to “out-identify” one another in the progressive hierarchy of oppressed groups.

Student attacked for supporting Gun Rights

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sunset 3-22-18

After the sun had set--

House Intelligence Committee ends Investigation on Russian Trump Collusion

There’s no evidence of Trump campaign “collusion, coordination or conspiracy” with the Russians, says the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which voted to end its investigation today.

Summary of findings... by the house Intelligence Committee.

Pride Fest Road Closure

March 22, 2018

Contact:           Ben Kerr, Public Information Officer
Phone:             561.586.1631

WHEN:           SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2018 9AM-1PM

Lake Worth, Florida – As part of the annual Palm Beach Pride Event a Parade will be hosted in Downtown Lake Worth starting at 11:30am on Sunday, March 25th. The Compass Pride Parade is the oldest running Pride Parade in Florida and attracts more than 30,000 visitors to downtown Lake Worth.

To accommodate the parade the following roads will have closures from 9am-1pm on March 25: Lucerne Ave from North Federal Hwy to North Dixie Hwy, Lake Ave from South Dixie Hwy to South Golfview Rd.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these closures.

For more information please contact City of Lake Worth Public Information Officer, Ben Kerr, at 561.586.1631


Trump's Twitterstorm

President Trump started a twitterstorm this weekend attacking the corrupt FBI. The swamp rats counterattacked

Read about it...

Trump Club to meet at PB Kennel Club

The Budget - All Politics

Read about the new Budget to avoid shutting down the government.

Not good enough. Democrats strongly objected to any funding for a permanent wall that will help control illegal immigration across almost 2,000 miles of the border with Mexico. There is $1.6 billion for border barriers that has been in there all along...the President wanted $25 billion. Trump has sacrificed the wall that not only he wanted, but what his constituents wanted, for the military budget that is needed.

Dreamers are not protected.

Will the president sign it?

Stop talking, Hillary

Hillary Clinton just returned from a disastrous foreign trip to India where she trashed white women, married women and Middle America. Then she fell down some stairs and broke her hand in a bathtub.[gateway Pundit]