Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunset 2-29-16

Drew Martin In today's Palm Beach Post

Palm Beach Post
Point of View by Drew Martin

Chair of the Loxahatchee Group of the Sierra Club, an elected member of the Palm Beach County Soil and Water Conservation District, Group 2, and a candidate for Palm Beach County Commission.

Read his Op Ed piece: All will pay for loss of nature’s ‘ecosystem services

Quote of the Day - Fidel Castro

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“Comrades, I speak before you today because I feel energized by this new America that is being born in front of our eyes ... Socialism is coming to America, and its name is Bernie Sanders, the new face of Socialism. We have seen how Obama has brought universal health care to America, and now we have this presidential candidate, this Bernie Sanders, who in some way reminds me of my late friend Hugo Chavez in his will to bring Socialism to the American people."

~ Fidel Castro

Said in a four hour speech in October to thousands of people in this Marxist–Leninist one-party republic.  This crap started with Obama and the Democratic Party, a party that is socialistic today, catering to the "entitlement" generation. Read more...

Vote Republican!

Amoroso and McAlonan on the Gulfstream Hotel and Casino

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The Palm Beach Post asked the two candidates this--

Should the city continue seeking new uses for the Gulfstream Hotel and the Lake Worth Casino, two projects that have divided the city?

Frank McAlonan
The city needs to resolve the construction issues at the Casino Building without further delay so that the second floor space can be leased. It would cure any financial shortfall at the Casino Building. I think we all can agree that having the Gulfstream Hotel open again would be an enormous step forward for our city. I am hopeful that renovations will actually take place and very soon at the Gulfstream Hotel.

Andy Amoroso
These are two different projects. One is city-owned and the other one is not.

Potholes in Lake Worth- Commissioner Scott Maxwell blames residents on potholes

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Does anyone want to guess where this is located?

Once again, Scott Maxwell is blaming the potholes on the residents who turned down the general obligation bond he was pushing in the amount of $63.5 million over 34 years that would have ended up costing the taxpayers $131 million. He never mentions the real cost and never was forthright with the voters on bond details. He also ignores the huge amount of taxpayer money used to convince the voters ($50,000) on the general obligation bond in comparison to those who supported a referendum. He never tells you about the $3.2 million with each commissioner getting $800,000 of that bond money nor does he tell you about all the millions he was going to grab for the Park of Commerce. Now he says workers will be laid off.

How Scott Maxwell answered the Palm Beach Post question on Potholes:

The city offered a comprehensive roads and infrastructure bond referendum to the voters in 2014 and lost by 24 votes. [It was 25 votes] There is no pot of money available to address our pothole issues in our city. The best way to address the potholes is to replace the failing roads as required. Absent the proper funding to do so, we will need to find opportunities within our budget going forward of 1% across the board departmental cuts to help roughly double the annual funding for pothole maintenance. Scott Maxwell

His opponent, Ryan Hartman answered the question as follows:

Potholes are a huge problem and immediate action is needed. In the short term we should take the funds allocated from the capital fund for the Park of Commerce and redirect them for residential street repair (POC grant matches come from the electric and water funds). A smaller, transparent bond for our neighborhood streets, sidewalks and parks should be discussed and grants pursued for walkable, bikeable streets. We need traffic calming to get heavy vehicles off residential streets. Ryan Hartman

Sunrise 2-29-16

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunset 2-28-16

Lake Worth Candidates

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Read the Palm Beach Post on the candidates.

Jacques said she and Triolo have different ideas on how the city should move forward. “I don’t think Lake Worth will be bigger or better because of an industrial park,” Jacques said, referring to the Park of Commerce. “I would like to see that money directed to our neighborhoods and our streets. It’s important to put some of these grandiose plans on hold to focus on streets, urban decay and crime.”

Lake Worth Incumbents Campaign Barbecue at City Park

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1) Note that although 3 Commission members (Maxwell, Triolo and Amoroso) were there and speaking (campaigning), the meeting was not publicly noticed--see screenshot below.

2) Note their three signs all over Sunset Ridge Park. Campaign signs are not allowed on city property. From MuniCode: The placing of temporary political signs anywhere on public property is prohibited. Signs located on public property shall be deemed to be public property and shall be summarily removed by the city.

3) Note two City of LW trucks there.

4) Note Firefighters getting dragged in. Who doesn't love firefighters?

 5) Free food? Permit required?

6) Maxwell rented golf carts for this campaign. Cost, $1,034.  Not only were there carts but you can see them all over the city.  Maxwell is riding around at night with some volunteers doing "sign work."

7) Maxwell got a $500 contribution from the Firefighter FactPac

Quote of the Day - Sheriff David Clarke

“The only time that Barack Obama says the word "can’t," is when he looks at Congress and says ‘they can’t stop me,’ otherwise that word does not exist. He will find some way to wiggle around this. We will wake up some morning and find out that these detainees have been slipped into the United States and into some federal prison. That’ll be catastrophic.

Because you’re going to get some terrorist sympathizer group that’s going to go to federal court and say, ‘now that these people are on US soil, they have constitutional rights,’ which they don’t. But you’ll find some activist judge that will demand a hearing for habeas corpus and the next thing you know these people are going to have to be released into the general population. If I’m one of those terrorists and I released, I’m saying ‘look, you’re not sending me back. You brought me into the United States and I want to stay here.’ Barack Obama does not care about that. He cares about his campaign promise to close Gitmo.”

~ Sheriff David Clarke, Milwaukee

Sheriff Clarke does not trust Obama about not transferring Guantanamo prisoners to federal American prisons due to his past track record.

Ordinance on Land Development Regulations Lake Worth

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Reading Ordinances is dry and boring.  That's why we pay our city attorney around $220 an hour so that he can read them. The only people who ever changed land development orders or a land use map is the City of Lake Worth and this Commission with the recommendation of our present Planning & Zoning board.  Our Heights Charter Amendment had nothing whatsoever to do with that. Therefore, the commission/city's argument and excuse of applying HB 537 for not honoring the vote results are not relevant.

August 6, 2013

Ordinance No. 2013-34 – Second Reading and Second Public Hearing – adopt the revised Land Development Regulations

Interim City Attorney Torcivia read the following ordinance by title only:

Motion made by Commissioner Szerdi and seconded by Vice Mayor Maxwell to approve Ordinance No. 2013-34. It passed on a 4/1 vote (Maxwell, Triolo, Amoroso, Szerdi) with McVoy dissenting.

Community Sustainability Director Waters explained that it would be hard to make an educated recommendation or comment on the safety impact caused by the adoption of the Land Development Regulations because structures were not yet built. Currently 65 foot height buildings and new development had to go through a traffic and infrastructure study. If there was a negative impact on infrastructure, then the developer would need to make improvements to the infrastructure. He commented that traffic safety would improve at intersections because the current code allowed structures to be built right up to the sidewalks.

Now Staff is telling us that the Gulfstream has to have a Traffic "Management" Study six months after the building is erected.

The Charter Amendment was won by Referendum on March 13, 2013, five months before the city changed the Land Development Regulations on August 6, 2013 on a vote from the dais.

Palm Beach Mobile Park and Mayor Pam Triolo

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Back on November 10, 2015, the City acquired some land for rights of way. One of the land owners was Palm Beach Mobile Home Park LLC.  The city needed and wanted this land for their Park of Commerce infrastructure project which is pouring $11 million into it this year.

So, if you want something, you can legally take it by Eminent Domain. Eminent domain is where the government can (and does) seize private property for public use - to build a road, a school or a courthouse.  Now, in cities across the country, governments are also seizing land for private use if they can prove that doing it will serve what's called "the public good." And this reminds me of what former commissioner Nadine Burns said years ago regarding the senior condos along Lake Osborne Drive. She thought the property wasn't being used for its best use. When you get officials who believe that way, no one's property is entirely safe from government land grabs.

Although out on 7th Avenue North and Joyce Street  was just a small piece of private property, the city said that the acquisition of the three (3) parcels involved will be used to address required corner clips for improved turning radius.

I believe that Eminent Domain in this instance was used for future private development, not the public good.

As part of the negotiations to acquire the properties and the eminent domain proceedings filed by the city, the owner(s) incurred legal fees for this land grab. The City is responsible to cover those legal fees in addition to the actual appraised value of the land. The total cost for the three (3) parcels including the legal fees incurred by the owner(s) is $41,637.50.

This is just another step by the city to cause concern for all those who live in the park.  It is the city that is instilling fear with the Senior residents who live there. And now they have the garbage incident.

This is a MUST read. The highly charged political letter by Pam Triolo to the residents of Palm Beach Mobile Home Park.

Pope to Trump

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Marco on Trump

A 55 second clip where Marco Rubio goes on the attack with Donald Trump, criticizing Trump's spray tan and joking that Trump flies on 'Hair Force One."

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sunset 2-27-16

Kelly Clarkson - First American Idol

Public participation is important in a Democracy

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We're always talking about more public participation and commentary as well as more transparency at City Hall.  It's even a campaign cry for some who are running for office here.

I personally don't speak as often as I once did. It was obvious that my words were falling on deaf ears by this majority. You can watch them while residents speak. A few are doodling; some are looking down at some paper in front of them; sometimes the vice mayor leans way back in his chair with his eyes closed--but there are a few who always look at you and seem to be hearing every word. But the proof is in the pudding--look at how they spit in the face of voters on an important democratic issue like the Heights Charter Amendment.

The people want to believe that their opinions and concerns matter to those elected to represent them. It's been unpleasant at times at Lake Worth city commission meetings. Often there is a lack of decorum in the room and we have actually had some incumbents such as Maxwell and Triolo calling us names like "racists," and "liars." It's incredible behavior when you think about it.

But on to another questionable decision by the Mayor--Workshops. They are important. This is where policy is formulated or where this commission votes on million dollar items. But it is a meeting where the public cannot speak--Mayor Triolo does not allow it. We can't even comment on a presentation and one is coming up on Tuesday night that is highly controversial--our electric utility. This is where staff comes forth and "snows" the commission to their point of view.

The County has been experiencing some of the same things that we have. Now the County attorney has said "Don't ban public comments during workshops."

Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary Lou Berger had made the suggestion on Nov. 17, immediately after being selected and sworn in for the mostly ceremonial mayor’s post. She also suggested eliminating the two regular commission meetings a year that are held at night.


Trump caught in another lie

Lake Worth Hotel Manager assaults PBSO Deputy

This will do wonders for tourism--

A Lake Worth Hotel manager who felt she was getting no satisfaction from a deputy, stabbed him with a cigarette vaporizer. The incident took place at 1528 South Federal Highway.

Read about it...

It Ain't that simple, Mr. President

'Constitutional professor' Obama gets schooled on Constitution.  Obama's spokesman has confirmed the president is going to try to jam a replacement for the late Antonin Scalia through the Senate.

Just one big problem, says this senator who has played a role in confirmation of every justice on the Court.

And he explains it so even Obama can understand it ...

Read more... at WND.

Brrr! It's cold outside!

Lake Worth, FL
Saturday 6:00 AM
Clear 47° RealFeel® 42°
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Friday, February 26, 2016

Sunset 2-26-16

Lake Worth Union Vote now tallied

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65 - NO
5 - YES

The union met today at the Osborne Center. Our city employees who are members got to vote on whether or not they wanted to accept the city’s terms. As the vote was ‘no,’ it will probably go to arbitration or start over?

Message from Marco - Trump is a Con Artist

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In last night’s debate, America saw firsthand that Donald Trump can’t even talk about, let alone do anything about, the dire problems facing our nation.

Instead he kicked and screamed, tried to bully his opponents, and threw up smokescreens to distract from his spotty business record and one-liner “plans.”

Donald Trump is a con artist trying to hijack the conservative movement and the Republican Party, and he cannot be our nominee. I need your immediate help to ensure he isn’t.

I am the only candidate who has presented common-sense conservative plans to help working Americans and has the experience to implement them from Day One.

Donald Trump talked a big game last night about how to take it to big insurance companies and strike tough deals abroad, but I’m the only candidate who actually stopped the ObamaCare insurer bailout and has passed tough new sanctions on America’s enemies.

As president, I’ll keep us safe and make America prosper again. I will also defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall, but only if I first defeat Donald Trump.

In order to defeat Donald Trump, we need all hands on deck from people who want a conservative candidate with real ideas. We need to reach every voter before they hit the polls on Super Tuesday.

I know we can and WILL win this, but I need your help RIGHT NOW.

Trump's ridiculous refusal to discuss the issues is dangerous for our country. I’m ready to stop him -- will you help?

Our nation’s future is hanging in the balance of this election. The actions you and I take right now will impact the lives of our children and grandchildren. I know this sounds grave, but it’s the situation we’re dealing with.

I need your help to continue exposing the truth about Donald Trump. Won’t you please chip in whatever you can afford right now?

Time is running out before Super Tuesday, and whatever you can afford will go a long way.

Thank you for your commitment to our country. I promise I will make you proud.


P.S. After last night’s debate, the momentum surrounding my campaign is growing even more strongly, but in order to win the nomination and take back the White House, we’ve got a lot of work to do -- and not much time to do it. Whatever financial support you can provide right now will go immediately towards spreading our message and get-out-the-vote efforts. The next generation is counting on us right now.


Lake Worth Easter Egg Hunt

One month from today--mark your calendar!

Lake Worth code enforcement threatens this woman with fines

Exhausting every option to find her missing dog, a Lake Worth woman says city code is creating an unintentional road block.

Janet Miller put up more than 200 signs of her missing dog within a 5 miles radius of her home.
Read about it...

Trump, serial Rapist?

Trump came across as a massive liar. Cruz caught him in lies about healthcare. Rubio caught him in lies about spending. Trump lied and lied and lied some more. Trump raped the truth repeatedly. He left the truth abused, battered, and in a dumpster.

Read more... of Erick Erickson's article.

Ben Shapiro ‏@benshapiro 8h8 hours ago on Twitter: It is not hard to take down Trump. It really isn't. But nobody seems capable of doing it. It's mind-boggling.

One Lying Loon

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This bird has no idea what end is up...he's more like
 a parrot than a pelican
 and spouts the Trio agenda with
 "lies that keep flyin."

Sunrise 2-26-16

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sunset 2-25-16

Zoning change in Lake Worth

Click to enlarge to see when the zoning was changed in Lake Worth, well after the Heights Charter Amendment.

Click here to see when and where it was publicly noticed.

As a Senior, I will do everything possible to help other Seniors when they have a problem. An owner in this mobile home park had a problem. She came to me. I printed her letter. I notified candidates that I support to contact her. Not sure if only one or more did but I surely hope so.

This is election time and everything is about politics. It is dirty and vicious in this city.

If you want to help the Seniors mayor, zoning can be changed from the dais. Just do it. Don't let them be surprised.

Lake Worth Public Announcement

February 24th, 2016

Contact: Jamie Brown, Public Services Director Phone: 561.586.1720



The City of Lake Worth’s Public Services Department would like to inform the community that beginning February 29, 2016 through April 13, 2016 (approximately 45 days), four parking stalls on the Westside of “J” Street between Lake Avenue and 1st Avenue South will be closed to utilize a construction fence and a dumpster for interior renovations at 801 Lake Avenue. The parking stalls will remain closed off each day unless a special event is taking place.

Please be cautious while driving in this area and obey all traffic workers. Safety is of the utmost importance for our residents as well as the workers.

Public Services would like to thank you in advance for your support and understanding during this renovation.

For more information regarding renovations of this building, please feel free to call RJ the Superintendent with Reel Builders at 954-224-4938 or Dax the Owner of Reel Builders at 561-573-0899.

Quote of the Day - Mobile Home Park HO Association president speaks out

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"All notices from the City of Lake Worth are published in the Lake Worth Herald and not in the Palm Beach Post.

The Lake Worth Herald's owner is in the pocket of The Trio. Maxwell admitted at the protest that he doesn't read the Palm Beach Post that he only reads the Lake Worth Herald [for news]. That should tell you enough. The Post reports the news; the Herald reports only what they want to have posted. As it is a low reader paper that is how they got away with what they did to the mobile home park and God only knows what else."

~ Jerri Greene
President of Palm Beach Mobile Home Park Homeowner's Association

Garbage collection classification and Zoning are two different things

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I received a comment last night that said "Stop the insanity." This reader was upset that their trio of Maxwell, Triolo and Amoroso was taking some sort of blame for what happened to the seniors at Palm Beach Mobile Home Park.
"Lynn, PLEASE address the fact that the ordinance was approved by a PREVIOUS Commission. At least be forthright in acknowledging this fact. How in your mind, is this somehow an "evil 3" enactment?? Stop the Insanity, please....."
City Manager Bornstein was told by staff that a resolution was passed in 2009 that rated certain establishments as "commercial" for garbage pick-up purposes. The mobile home owners were not aware of any change in their status as curbside pick-ups were done from the beginning when this land was plotted out for mobile home lots and that service continues. Some of the residents have been there, like its president, for over 30 years with garbage pick-up in front of their home.

What came as the surprise was when the park was notified just a few weeks ago that garbage would be handled differently than it had from inception. Little explanation and certainly zero sympathy was given to the mobile home owners.

I believe, and its only an assumption, that this all came to light when the City of Lake Worth contracted with Waste Management for Roll-Off services for commercial and residential properties back in August 2015. This Trio commission was getting ready for the Park of Commerce that was in the process of design, etc. and realized then that their big garbage trucks were looming down these narrow roads. Through discussions, the mobile home park's garbage designation was mentioned and that it had changed in 2009 to a commercial service and rate.

And don't forget, in January Waste Management gave Scott Maxwell a campaign contribution of $1,000.

Prior to that, in June 2015, the commission voted for Eminent Domain at the Park of Commerce. Eminent Domain, something Trump says is a wonderful thing, is used for the public good such as for government buildings and other facilities, public utilities, highways, and railroads. It is not used for the benefit of private developers. This trio of commissioners, Maxwell, Triolo and Amoroso voted for Eminent Domain at the Park of Commerce.

It is no wonder that the residents there feel like they have been treated like second class citizens. Garbage pick-up classification and their zoning are two different things. The first (garbage classification) took place in 2009 which was by Resolution and did not have to be publicly noticed. The other (land-use zoning) occurred in August 2013 under this commission and public notice was required.

Author Joyce Meyer said, "Don't just let the devil use your mind as a garbage dump."  A lot of people come over here trying to do just that.  There is NO insanity, just people who want to be treated right.

Is being Politically Correct Eliminating our right to free speech?

We’re moving towards where Europe is now and that means criminalizing free speech. Speak up, show up to fight against the effort to quiet us, says 100% FedUp.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sunrise 2-14-16

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A little glimmer of light this morning--

Terrorist murderers love Obama's plan

“The plan we’re putting forward today isn’t just about closing the facility at Guantanamo. It’s not just about dealing with the current group of detainees, which is a complex piece of business because of the manner in which they were originally apprehended and what happened. This is about closing a chapter in our history.

Keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. It undermines our standing in the world. It is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law.”

~ Obama
 talking about closing Guantanamo Bay and transferring terrorists onto American soil.

Click here... to see Sen. Pat Robert's response.

City-Wide Community Barbecue at Sunset Ridge Park this Sunday

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Scott Maxwell says, "Join us this Sunday, February 28th at 12:00pm for our City Wide Community BBQ--

Sunset Ridge Park
1528 14th Ave N
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Corner of 14th Avenue and North A street)!! Come out and watch the Palm Beach County Firefighters and Paramedics show off their cooking skills! There will be plenty great food and drinks to help pass another beautiful South Florida day by. Hope to see you there!!"

The Siemens Loan deal - Legal Fees and Costs

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When I think of the Siemens deal, Donald Trump and the Iranian deal comes to mind. Last month when speaking about Iran he said that the nuclear deal with Iran was so bad he is close to wondering whether it was done poorly on purpose. “It’s almost like there has to be something else going on."

One thing that is going on with Siemens--the costs:
Click graph to read

Bond Counsel: $17,500.00
Financial Advisor: $5,000
Lake Worth City Attorney: $16,028
Bank Counsel: $12,500

TOTAL: $51,028

Now here is the BIG WHOPPER--The cost of these loans:

There are two separate loans that run simultaneously and the payments are impressive:

Loan #1 above is in the amount of $9,882,632.00 payments until year 2031 and is for LED street lighting, solar paneling, etc. At the end of this loan the interest and principal break-down is as follows:
INTEREST: $3,103,292.76
PRINCIPAL: $9,882,632.00

Loan #2 is in the amount of $12,663,088.83 payments to year 2031 and is for accessories, parts and other equipment.
INTEREST: $3,977,959.68
PRINCIPAL: $12,663,088.83

The interest compounds and we are paying a whopping 31.41% for these loans with some of the improvements not having a life of the loan. We will have to provide constant maintenance, something we don't do well or at all.

This is what all of the incumbents voted for and Mayor Pam Triolo signed the contracts.

To read it all, Click Here

Seniors Protest at Lake Worth City Hall - "We're being treated like garbage"

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They came in their wheel chairs, their motorized scooters, their canes and their pride. They were all senior citizens, some in their 90's, one with Multiple Sclerosis. One lady was on oxygen with one lung remaining. They were all there to protest about a city decision to end their garbage pick-up in front of their homes. City Manager Bornstein said they fell through the cracks as the Zoning was changed there in 2009 and garbage pick-up should have changed at that time. Not so, says the park residents...the city changed the zoning in 2012 but it was only recently that they received a letter from the city telling them that curbside service would end.

If you recall, about ten days ago the president of the homeowner's association at Palm Beach Mobile Home Park located off Boutwell Road in the Park of Commerce sent me a letter with all of their concerns...I posted it on my blog. The residents were upset that where they live has been rezoned to commercial from residential and now they say that the city wants to end their garbage pick-up in front of their house wanting them to deposit it in a central dumpster within the property.

Scott Maxwell showed up saying he would get to the "bottom of it."  The Park of Commerce is his "baby" and now, as that old cliche goes, the park residents feel they are being thrown out with the bath water.

No one from the city has explained to them what is going on or that we are pouring $11 million into the Park of Commerce this year for infrastructure to attract development. All they know is, they now are denied permits for their homes and have been told that they cannot get their roads fixed. The straw that broke the camel's back? Ending garbage pick-up in front of their homes.

Channel 5 video
Channel 12 video
Palm Beach Post article

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sunset 2-23-26

From City Hall Parking Lot

Class action lawsuit filed - Unconstitutional rate hikes cited

Thank God we in Lake Worth have our own Electric Utility Plant--for the moment.

Florida Power & Light  Co. and Duke Energy Florida have been hit with a class-action lawsuit alleging that millions of dollars in nuclear construction  costs the companies charge their customers are  unlawful, the suit filed Monday by  consumer rights law  firm  Hagens Berman says.

The suit filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida accuses Duke Energy and FPL of overcharging through alleged unconstitutional price hikes that increase customers’ electricity bills to fund nuclear construction costs.

Read about it...

Heron Hiding

Kissy Faced Incumbents

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"I love me; I love me; I love me!
Just not sure about the electorate."

Sacred Heart Church Breaks Ground for School Pavilion

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Sacred Heart School
410 North M Street
Lake Worth, FL  33460

Contact:  Milka Santos
SHS Advancement Director
561-379-4593 (Cell)

Celebrating a Century!
Sacred Heart Parish

Philanthropists Mary & Patrick Donaghy, William B. Finneran,  Jean & Walter “Pete Phillips, Susan & Joe J. Plumeri, Priscilla & Richard J. Schmeelk, and Marcela & Gary Smigiel along with Architect Rick Gonzalez, Principal Candace Tamposi, Fr. Quesnel Delvard and Sacred Heart Parish announces the groundbreaking of the Sacred Heart School Pavilion.

Lake Worth, Florida, USA – Friday, February 19, 2016: Celebrating a century in downtown Lake Worth, Sacred Heart Parish broke ground on the Sacred Heart School Pavilion.  The Mizner design 61,000 Square feet Pavilion will make a historic presence on Federal Highway. 

Present at the event were Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, and members of the Central Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce. 

“We are eternally grateful to Philanthropists and Sacred Heart School benefactors Mr. Patrick Donaghy, Mr. William B. Finneran, Mr. Joe Plumeri, Mr. Gary Smigiel, and Mr. Richard Schmeelk for making this dream come true for the children of Sacred Heart School”, Said Candace Tamposi.

The Pavilion was designed by Rick Gonzalez of the prestigious architectural group REG and will be constructed by Martin Serraes of Serraes Construction. The Pavilion will have a basketball size court which may be converted for indoor soccer, tennis, and volleyball as well as offices, bathrooms and storage facilities. 

Fundraising for this campaign continues.  For more information, please call Sacred Heart School's Development office at 561-586-6416

Trump Blitzing Ahead

People are fed up; they feel betrayed by our government and want American great again. "You already know Donald Trump won the South Carolina primary and Jeb Bush has suspended his campaign...

He may be the first Northerner to so completely dominate the state since General Sherman passed through in 1865."

Read about it... at WND.

Sunrise 2-23-16

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sunset 2-22-16

Protest tomorrow in front of City Hall

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A Palm Beach Post photo

Mobile Home park residents to protest tomorrow in front of City Hall 6pm

Read about it... and why they're unhappy with the city.

Help End Bullying

Compass Community Center has advised that it is Pink Shirt Day on February 24. It is an international celebration event tied to year round Character Education efforts such as the Turning Bullies into Buddies program. The theme this year is: A Wave of Kindness across Palm Beach County.

The Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County, with support of the Children's Services Council, Prime Time Palm Beach County, the School District of Palm Beach County, PBSO, and other community partners, invite you to participate in this Bullying Prevention Event.

Wear PINK on February 24 to take a stand against bullying!

I hope that our Trio commission takes heed.

You scratch mine and I'll scratch yours

Comment Up

Everyone remembers this momentous event in Lake Worth. The owner of Propaganda and AOS Live had an event in our downtown supposedly because that establishment was endorsing the three least that's what he told us.

As it turns out, it was all a "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" event. The three incumbents paid the owner $1,000 each for his endorsement where they were appearing and playing bartender from 8pm to 10pm and taking questions from anyone who gave a damn other than the next Martini. The genius of this marketing scheme was the owner taking advantage of the occasion and using elected officials to draw customers to his bar without losing a dime!

Bull from the Bullies

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The Gang of Three, The Trio, The Visionaries--take your pick. They are still full of it.

They just sent out a letter signed by all three of them expounding on supposed accomplishments. Is this letter even legal--combining their campaigns in this fashion? The problem, is--everything written in it is a lie. Is this what politicians do the best? And these low information voters believe the bull from the bullies. As I've said before, it's the guy who screams the loudest or distorts the facts...sort of like a Donald Trump approach to politics...right in your face...he's the one who gets the attention. We have been taught to trust our elected officials and don't expect the opposite.

I think this letter is ridiculous. Here are the facts:
  • PBSO was increased this year by 2 crossing guards...not deputies patrolling our crime ridden neighborhoods.
  • A $700,000 savings to PBSO…over how many years? Not true. The facts are on page 3 of the latest budget:
  • 2012/13--$14,737,944
  • 2013/14--$14,818,565
  • 2014/15--$15,306,633
  • 2015/16--$15,019,483
  • Overall, they have spent $281,539 more in the years shown above and crime has escalated.
  • Their electric rates are not some of the lowest in Florida even though the base rate has been reduced. They are still in the top tier of overall rates. I have written about this on so many occasions. Click here for the proof
  • They got us into the Siemens contract for 15 years. We are paying a freaking fortune in interest until 2031 which comes to over 1/3rd of the principal to replace items that in some cases will not live the life of the loan.
  • This lowering of building heights they claim to have done really annoys me --“to preserve our small town charm,” especially when they totally ignored our Heights Charter Amendment and voted in 20 more feet for the Gulfstream Hotel.
THIS LETTER is a bundle of lies and just some of the reasons why we need to change this dais. THEY are out to con the public and are the BIGGEST "cons" ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET or ever to hit the City of Lake Worth. And that's a fact!

Is this really who you want leading our city?  Take a look around and ask yourself, is our city better today than it was when these incumbents first took office?  They like to tell us that it is but we know better. Is there more crime?  Are there more potholes?  Is there more slum and blight in spite of the 44 or 100 ordinances they claim that were passed to help code enforcement?

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Quote of the Day - Our military could crumble like Jenga Blocks

“Our military is the best in the world, but its strength and integrity cannot be taken for granted. It will be the responsibility of the next commander-in-chief to maintain and strengthen our military by restoring necessary resources and removing heavy burdens caused by social experiments.”

~ Elaine Donnelly
who was appointed by Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger to the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services. Later, President George H.W. Bush appointed her to the Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunset 2-21-16

Activists Sue Palm Beach County for violating Public Meetings Laws

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Alex Larson

Back about five years ago, our Lake Worth mayor wanted to limit or eliminate public comment during workshops. As she said then, "It is a workshop and this is the only time that the Commission can get things done." Since that time, the public has not been allowed to speak at Workshops.

The policy in Lake Worth on public commentary regarding items on the Consent Agenda (which is a section that should be used for housekeeping items) that sometimes can be upwards to 16 separate items involving a lot of money is two minutes for one or all items. Many items are dumped into this section so that they get little to no discussion.  This is another decision made by Pam Triolo to shut the public up.

Now two county residents, Fane Lozman, whose houseboat was seized by Riviera Beach and destroyed and Alex Larson, (love this lady) are suing  Palm Beach County where they get three minutes to speak on regular agenda items but now are being limited to three minutes total for all on the Consent Agenda.

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It's Time for Change says Gary Antieau

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One of the more honest and well designed hand-outs in this campaign.

Over 900 campaign contributions to Bernie Sanders under scrutiny with the FEC

Click here for Bernie Sanders' possible excessive and impermissible campaign contributions according to the Federal Elections Commission.

Sun trying to peek through 2-21-16

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

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Today is the last day for the festival!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lake Worth employees complain--We still don't have our raise!

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"The issue is this: The city said the money is in the budget for the raises, but it wants workers, who have been working without a contract since October, to opt into the city’s 30-year retirement program, a move that would force some workers to forfeit more lucrative benefits they can earn in the 20-year plan they say they’re in now."

Click here to read the Palm Beach Post article.

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Sunset 2-20-16

Tim Allen - Last Man Standing

College kids who like Bernie - Our future leaders

Street Painting Festival

Starts right now!