Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mexican parents train 3 year old to say "We have to Kill Donald Trump"

"Minors mouthing profanities aimed at Donald Trump are nothing new – many of them have attended anti-Trump rallies across the country, but to hear the parents of a 3-year-old girl encouraging violent rhetoric is a new level of absurdity."

Personally I believe it to be much more than "absurdity." This is outrageous "parenting" and they are engaging in child abuse. Using a young child in this manner to incite other sickos to encourage murder of Donald Trump is heinous and criminal. I don't think violent speech should be a right and these parents are sick and dangerous.

Read about the horrible people out there

Sunset 5-31-16

This is what's so great about sunsets--you never know what you'll end up with.

Sunset 5-31-16

Another Shooting in Lake Worth

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Just two of the more violent notices that hit my desk:

5/29/2016 @ 7:15 PM
Palm Beach County Sheriff

5/29/2016 @ 3:41 PM
Palm Beach County Sheriff

South Grade Elementary on Lock Down

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Read about it... One man is in custody and PBSO is looking for the other guy...4th Avenue South and South L Street in Lake Worth.

Whitehouse was on Lock down

Whitehouse on Lock down yesterday after Obama returns from Arlington National Cemetery.

Quote of the Day - On Obama's actions in Japan

"Frankly, this isn't just egregious, it's dangerous.
While Obama might think his attacks on Trump’s 'ignorance' and 'cavalier attitude' will somehow help former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- as The National Interest magazine wrote in its latest edition, (attacks on Trump) in fact diminish not only Mr. Obama and his office, but the country he has traveled overseas to represent."

~ Nancy Smith, Sunshine State News

Read more... of Obama's disrespectful act while in Japan, not just against Donald J. Trump but the United States of America and its 319 million people.

Jeff Clemens speaks on Memorial Day

With so many Memorial Day Services happening at or around the same time in Palm Beach County, I guess our State Senator can't be everywhere.

Yesterday, Jeff Clemens spoke at the South Palm Beach Town Hall and did not attend the service at Pinecrest where he has attended for many years.

Read about it...

FEMA and Poor little Lake Worth

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Recently, I read an article on FEMA forgiving monies owed by several municipalities in Florida, one of which is Lake Worth. It is amazing how truth is wiped out after several years. Lake Worth committed and submitted many highly questionable acts and claims.

Read the article with even Lois Frankel getting into the act. She thinks it's all ridiculous and brings up the statute of limitations.

Poor Lake Worth. Well poor Lake worth was charged with lots of overstated claims submitted to FEMA for reimbursement back then. And on top of that, they didn't retain any proof of receipt for  some of the expenses they say were legitimate.

I keep bringing this information back as it is so significant but time has a way of healing all ills or totally forgiving them.

Department of Homeland Security - Office of Inspector General


Recommendation #1

:  Instruct the State to remind the City that it is required to comply with Federal procurement standards when acquiring goods and services under FEMA awards (finding A).

Recommendation #2
: Disallow $385,890 (Federal share $348,775) of unsupported project costs (finding B).

Recommendation #3
: Disallow $38,390 (Federal share $28,792) of ineligible labor costs (finding C).

Recommendation #4
: Disallow $21,289 (Federal share $19,160) of ineligible costs for activities covered by insurance (finding D).

Recommendation #5
: Disallow $8,570 (Federal share $7,713) of ineligible costs for small project work not completed (finding E).

Recommendation #6
: Disallow $16,105 (Federal share $14,495) of ineligible costs for nondisaster activities (finding F)


Recommendation #1

: Disallow $6,998,095 of ineligible costs claimed for contracts that were not procured in accordance with Federal requirements unless FEMA decides to grant an exception for all or part of costs as provided for in 44 CFR 13.36(c), and determines the costs were reasonable (finding A).

Recommendation #2
: Instruct the State to remind the City that it is required to comply with Federal procurement standards when acquiring goods and services under FEMA awards (finding A).

Recommendation #3
: Disallow $476,455 of unsupported project costs (finding B).

Recommendation #4
: Disallow $180,626 of ineligible cost for activities covered by insurance (finding C).

Recommendation #5
: Disallow $8,624 of ineligible costs for small project work not completed (finding D).

Recommendation #6
: Disallow $18,732 of ineligible labor costs (finding E)

Clay Glass - Lake Worth Exhibit

Monday, May 30, 2016

Tonight's Sky 5-30-16

Creeps deface War Memorial

and the police are "not actively investigating this case."  Imagine that. California.

The best pool across from the Atlantic Ocean - Lake Worth

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From the Lake Worth web site--Our Olympic pool will now be opened on the weekend:

Memorial Day at Pinecrest Cemetery

Headstones decorated with flags by Boy Scout Troop 204

Commissioner Ryan Maier, Mayor Pam Triolo, 
Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell

The Commander of American Legion Post 47, Herm Apol,
introduced the keynote speaker, Greg Rice
It was a solemn and reverent hour this morning with lots of prayers for our fallen soldiers.

Make America Great Again

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Laurence McNamara at the Lake Worth Alumni Foundation Hat's On Luncheon wearing patriotic colors with a patriotic message.

Highland Elementary School teachers are the "Biggest Losers"

Read about Highland Elementary and five teachers who just won $10,000 for partnering with the Biggest Loser TV show and coming in first place.

Memorial Day Tribute

Published on May 23, 2013, a tribute to the men and women who fearlessly defend the freedoms we all enjoy. God bless them.

Quote of the Day - Harry S. Truman

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“That bomb caused the Japanese to surrender, and it stopped the war. I don’t care what the crybabies say now, because they didn’t have to make the decision.”

~ President Harry S. Truman

Obama's visit to Japan and what he said was a total betrayal to our country, appeasing a mortal enemy who started the war by bombing Pearl Harbor killing over 2400 people and slaughtering thousands more, is a disgrace beyond forgiveness.

Threatened by starvation and disease, the Japanese marched 75,000 Fillipinos and American troops on Bataan known as the death march. 10,000 did not survive. Those who did survive, were shipped off on death ships to brutal prison camps.

After the war, the Japanese general in charge, Homma Masaharu was executed by firing squad for war crimes. Thank God for General Douglas MacArthur who understood that the Japanese army followed the samurai code of Bushido, stipulating that surrender was dishonor. They were never going to surrender. Japan waged war on us and MacArthur won the Pacific.

On this Memorial Day, we remember all those who died for this country. It's incomprehensible that Obama continues to undermine our country and its values at every opportunity and chooses to forget what happened here.

Let's Make America Great Again.

Early Morn 5-30-16

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tonight's Sky

Stop Florida Bear Hunt

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Make the call--

Missing dog in ROLO

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Bradley Harper for County Court Judge

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Bradley Harper, a sixth generation Palm Beach County native, attended the Lake Worth Alumni Foundation fundraiser on Saturday at Atlantis Country Club. It wasn't that many years ago that he was one of the top graduates at Lake Worth High School and received one of these scholarships. He says now, "It's time to give back."

Alone but not Alone

"Crooked" Hillary

Sunset 5-28-16

After the sun went down--

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sunset 5-28-16

Hat Contest Winners - Lake Worth Alumni Foundation Fundraiser

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To me this is always the most enjoyable of the year...I get to dine in a beautiful setting with wonderful Lake Worth friends. Doris Dorsey and her team ensure a wonderful day for all attendees. Today 150 tickets were sold and the room was packed. I was seated with Mr. & Mrs. Laurence McNamara, Katie McGiveron and Commissioner Ryan Maier, one of the judges. Dollars for Scholars has awarded $970,700 in scholarships for college bound teens to help with a few expenses. This year the organization presented checks to 42 students totaling $67,000.


Dorothy Jacks for Property Appraiser

Dorothy Jacks

is a Certified Florida Evaluator and an Assessment Administration Specialist with 27 years of appraisal and assessment administration experience in Palm Beach County.

As Chief Deputy Property Appraiser, Dorothy shares responsibilities with Property Appraiser Gary Nikolits, CFA, for the overall operation of the office and its staff of 250.

Often referred to as the “Mama of PAPA,” Dorothy led the design team that developed the Property Appraiser’s award-winning PAPA website and the new PAPA Mobile browser-based tool for smart phones and tablets. As Chief Deputy, Dorothy also oversees the office’s public service functions, including our five Service Centers, Exemption Services, Information Technology, Mapping and GIS sections, Public Records, PAPA and PAPA Mobile.

Dorothy was recently elected Vice President of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO), a 7,000 member worldwide organization of professional assessing and appraising officials. She will serve as president in 2018.

Closer to home, Dorothy is a board member of the Economic Forum of Palm Beach County, and the Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County. She is a former member of the City of West Palm Beach Zoning Board of Appeals, a past-president of Executive Women of the Palm Beaches, a past-president of the Friends of the Mandel Public Library, and an active alumnus of Leadership Palm Beach County.

Ms. Jacks is running for Property Appraiser as Gary Nikolits decided not to run again.

Don't we want an experienced property appraiser and not a term limited politician with zero experience and one who is trying to give away John Prince Park to the Atlanta Braves?

Vote for Dorothy Jacks.

Obama, Thumbing his Nose

President Obama and Iran are learning what it means to enter a deal without the support of Congress.

Thumbing his nose at Congress, Obama has touted the nuclear deal with Iran as a great thing for the United States, Iran, and the whole world. He forgot one little tiny fact of the Constitution. The Constitutional scholar slept through the part about Congress being in charge of International Treaties. It does not appear that his phone and pen are going to save this one for his legacy.

Read the article... from Newsweek.

Obama, because of all his executive orders, continues to act like a dictator and that description is the number 4th spot on the last PEW poll asking the question in 2015.  Source:  Washington Post


Waaa to Wawa

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People around Hypoluxo and Highridge Roads are crying about WAWA...it's going to ruin their neighborhood.  Well, ain't that a kick in the pants.

Many of these people are the same ones who have ZERO sympathy with the Atlanta Braves wanting to take over our John Prince Park affecting not only the surrounding neighborhoods here but the environment overall. Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell lives off of Highridge Road and one downtown merchant with an Atlanta Braves sign in her window is one of the more vocal people against Wawa.

Read about it...

Letters to the Editor - Stadium sites abound not on public land

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Letters to the Editor
Palm Beach Post
May 28, 2016

Stadium sites abound not on public land

Why is the Atlanta Braves organization wanting a public park area? There are many disused shopping centers with areas that need revitalization nearby, including the former jai-alai fronton (in West Palm Beach), which would fill their needs.

Our elected officials should find organizations willing to come to our area without raiding the public land, treasury etc. Yes, sports venues are great, but for good affordable sports, go to the local high school and college events.

Maybe the local populace would be more accepting if the organization seeking to use public funds or lands for sports arenas would guarantee free admission to all citizens of Palm Beach County forever.


Lake Worth did not lose electrical power

A Channel 12 photo

1500 customers were without power during May 18th'a storm but it wasn't Lake Worth. Our service is and has been reliable. I always shut down my computer during an electrical storm but over the last year or so it has not been necessary.

Read about it...

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sunset 5-27-16

After the sunset

Quote of the Day - Marco Rubio

“A lot of times it feels almost like the guy who built this really strong building and it was in the right place, and it was the way these buildings have always been built, but he got hit by a category five hurricane.

It’s not that we lost, it’s that Donald Trump won … It was just a very unusual political year.

~ Marco Rubio

Talking about the Republican primary and Trump.

Read more... at The Guardian.

Lake Worth Potholes

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Click here... to see the latest Palm Beach Post video on Lake Worth potholes.

The article mentions a few of our residents and what they have experienced with potholes.

Jeff Clemens Releases his Endorsements for Re-election

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It would be fun connecting some of these dots--

  • State Rep. David Kerner
  • State Rep. Bobby Powell
  • County Commissioner Shelley Vana
  • County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay
  • Former County Commissioner Burt Aaronson
  • School Board Member Erica Whitfield
  • Boynton Beach Vice Mayor Mack McCray
  • Boynton Beach Commissioner Joe Casello
  • Delray Beach Mayor Cary Glickstein
  • Delray Beach Commissioner Mitch Katz
  • Delray Beach Commissioner Shelly Petrolia
  • Lake Worth Commissioner Andy Amoroso
  • Greenacres Mayor Samuel Ferreri
  • Greenacres Commissioner Jonathan Pierce
  • West Palm Beach Commissioner Shanon Materio
  • Lake Clarke Shores Mayor Robert Shalhoub
  • South Palm Beach Mayor Bonnie Fischer
  • South Palm Beach Vice Mayor Joseph Flagello
  • Lantana Mayor David Stewart
  • Lantana Councilman Philip Arydas
  • Atlantis Councilman Michael LeCoursier
  • Riviera Beach Councilmember Terence Davis

Quote of the Day - Rand Paul and Refugees

“We have had refugees attack us here. Ninety-five (percent) of our 70,000 Iraqi refugees are on food stamps, majority are in government housing, 46 percent are unemployed. It’s one thing to have a big heart and invite people to our country, and if you do it in a small fashion, the churches and the people take care of them; that’s one thing. But like in my town in particular, they bring ’em in and there is someone whose job and expertise is to sign them up for welfare as soon as they get here.”

~ Rand Paul

Read about this agency (USCRI) based in Washington, D.C. that gets $2,000 a head for every refugee it brings to the United States.

Nearly all of the Muslims coming to America are Sharia compliant.  This is the Muslimization of America and American citizens and the States have no say about it. In 2014, lobbyists won out and our State Department with Hillary Clinton, relaxed the rules that protect our country from accepting refugees with potential ties to terrorists.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sunset 5-26-16

IRS and prosecutors strong-armed a couple of cake bakers


Think Big Brother isn't watching every move you make? Think again.

Check out the nightmare this family is going through just for depositing money in the bank ...

Read about it... and this government's overreach.

Rick Sessa running for Palm Beach County Sheriff

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Here's a man running for Palm Beach Country Sheriff who is against Sanctuary Cities...sounds like my kind of guy.

Click here

“I feel an obligation to run. I can’t sit back and let this sheriff go unopposed for another four years. I grew up here, I policed here, and we need to do something.

~ Rick Sessa

Read this about one of Bradshaw's deputies. You won't believe it!

Atlantic - What it looks like today

Malcolm Cain, R.I.P.

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Malcolm Cain
Feb 5, 1936 May 24, 2016

Just a month ago it was reported that Malcolm Cain, a barber for over 50 years in Lake Worth, was being forced to move.  The building that housed his business on Lake Avenue was sold.

From All County Funeral Home:

Malcolm Cain, 80, of Lake Worth FL, passed away peacefully on May 24, 2016 at Good Samaratan Hospital, West Palm Beach, FL. Born February 5, 1936 in Jeffersonville, In, Mr Cain moved to Lake Worth in 1961 and opened his first barber shop on Lucerne Ave. For over 55 years Malcolm became the “Barber of Lake Worth,” and worked until his passing. He had a passion for baseball, bowling, and above all else, golf. Survivors are his son Jeff of Fairfax Station, VA, and two daughters Belinda Massey of Alexandria, IN, and Virginia “Ginny” Warner of Lawtey, Fl. And a step-son, Jimmy Shideler of Livingston,Tx. He was pre-deceased by another Daughter, Kathy and his wife of 37 years, Faye. Malcolm also leaves behind 15 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. A viewing will be held at All County's Del Lago Chapel, 131 S. Lakeside Dr. Lake Worth, Fl., Friday May 27 from 6-8 pm and again on Saturday, May 28th from 10-11am, where a funeral service will follow at 11:00am. Final internment will be at a VA cemetery at a later date. In lieu of flowers the family request that a donation be made to the Lake Worth High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund in his name.

Chlorination process to begin June 1 for 19 days in Lake Worth

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May 25, 2016

Contact:           Timothy Sloan, Water Plant Manager
Phone:             561.586.1710
Email:              tsloan@lakeworth.org  

JUNE 1, 2016 THROUGH JUNE 19, 2016

Este contiene informaciĆ³n importante sobre su agua potable. Traducir, o hablar con alguien que entiende bien.

To maintain high water quality in the water distribution system, the City of Lake Worth Water Treatment Plant will temporarily change the water chlorination methods for two weeks from June 1, 2016 through June 19, 2016.  The City of Lake Worth will also increase hydrant flushing during this time.  This is a preventive maintenance process.

Starting June 1, a “free chlorine residual” water treatment method will be used to provide a somewhat stronger disinfection process than the “combined chlorine or Chloramines” treatment which is normally used.  The City of Lake Worth will revert back to the “combined chlorine” method by June 19, 2016.  As part of this process, the City of Lake Worth will be flushing fire hydrants.  This flushing will cause temporary water in the swales of the roadways.  Please do not be alarmed by this water as it will dissipate within a few hours.

The City of Lake Worth and their consecutive systems water utility customers including Lake Osborne Estates, Hypoluxo Village, John Prince Park, Lantana Cascade and Palm Breezes Club may notice a slight chlorine taste or odor in their tap water during this period.  However, these temporary conditions will not cause adverse health effects.  If you are especially sensitive to the taste or odor of chlorine, keep an open container of drinking water in your refrigerator for a few hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate.  Tropical fish tank owners, hospitals, dialysis patients and residents with pools should be aware of the chlorination changes and make adjustments accordingly. 

Any questions should be directed to the City of Lake Worth Water Treatment Plant at 561.586.1710.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sunset 5-25-16

Maria Elena Salinas booed at commencement for Trump statement

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Graduating students at California State University, Fullerton turned on the keynote speaker at a ceremony honoring the school’s College of Communications over the weekend after she used her speech as an opportunity to attack presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Source: The Blaze

Paul Spain for Congress

Click to read

Heart of Palm Beach Report

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Nearly a year ago, there was a joint workshop with representatives from Palm Beach County and seven cities in Shelley's Vana's district. The purpose was to discuss major opportunities and impediments to economic development of her District that comprises 18-square-miles. The population is 62,790 people and includes all or a portion of seven cities, including Atlantis, Boynton Beach, Greenacres, Lake Worth, Lake Clarke Shores, Lantana, and Palm Springs. About 60 percent of the land area is unincorporated county, with the remaining 40 percent falling under the jurisdiction of these seven municipalities.

John Prince Park was discussed:
  • Address homeless camps at John Prince Park
  • Redo John Prince Park based on the changing demographic of the area and potential opportunities for Intracoastal Waterway access
  • Create a new Strategic Plan for John Prince Park.
  • Gold Coast Builders wants to focus on improving John Prince Park
  • Palm Springs said that John Prince Park is a real opportunity that could have a world class facility to attract tourism from all over.
Attendees from Lake Worth: Dolores Key, Economic Development Manager and William Waters, Director for Community Sustainability

Lake Worth's ideas for Economic Growth and comments:

Improve infrastructure within Lake Worth Park of Commerce

Have more community redevelopment; work with other cities to find grant initiatives; provide more housing availability; more business investment. Branding is important.

Crime and panhandling is out of control and gives the cities a bad image. This affects all the community, because it inhibits investment in the area.

Lake Worth has been building consensus from the community on redevelopment and has developed new land development regulations.

There has been $45 million in recent investment to the Lake Worth Park of Commerce.

Read the Heart of Palm Beach Report

Lake Worth City Manager Buys house in Lake Worth

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and now is selling it--

We were all happy when we heard that the city manager was investing in our city to live here in his own house rather than renting an apartment at The Lucerne. This was a positive. Michael Bornstein bought a house in College Park at the corner of  North Palmway and Wellesley Drive in November 2015.

What it looked like:  $274,000

What it looks like now:
Refurbished and remodeled and on the market for $339,900
A lot of work went into this house...looks really nice.

The Commerce Department said that home sales jumped 16.6% in April, so this is the time to sell.

Obama - Feds can't say "Negro" or "Oriental"

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This PC stuff is too much.

After this, and if Obama has the time to get to it, his agenda will be the ban on using "illegal alien" or just simply "alien."

Perhaps he can order the federal government to stop using these terms but he can't change the First Amendment. We have the right to tell it like it is. Years ago when filling out forms where you were asked your race, the choices were Caucasian, Negro, Oriental etc. Those terms have long gone and have been changed through the years. Why not simply go back to using white, black, yellow, red, and brown? The government wants more distinct classifications (probably for more entitlement purposes) and don't want to emphasize the color of one's skin; they don't want to offend anyone. Didn't we all come from Africa originally about 2 million years ago? Maybe we're all African Americans.

(Breitbart) – President Barack Obama signed a bill into law Friday banning the federal government from using the terms “Negro” and “Oriental,” making the official terms African-American and Asian-American.

The measure, H.R.4238, was an amendment to the Local Public Works Capital Development and Investment Act of 1976 to modernize terms relating to minorities. The legislation passed unanimously in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate earlier this year.

The law also updates the terms the U.S. federal government uses to describe minorities. American Indians will now be referred to as Native Americans, while, according to the law’s language, a “Spanish speaking individual of Spanish descent” will be referred to as Hispanic.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tonight's Sky after the rain 5-24-16

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Targeting Bathrooms

Courtyard behind Lake Worth Casino

Do you remember when the city was aerating this grass? Here are the results. Looks great.

Gorgeous day at Lake Worth beach

Memorial Day Services Lake Worth

Memorial Day Services

Presented by American Legion Post 47 &
Monday, May 30 | 10am | Pinecrest Cemetery | 12th Avenue South

Pedophilia next stop on Train

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One of these days, in the not too distant future, pedophilia will be the new norm.

Read what Glenn Beck has to say

Drew Martin Candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 3

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On Sunday, Drew Martin, running for The Board of County Commissioners District 3 (Shelley Vana is term limited), was at the home of Paton White, Atlantis. Ms. White is the president of the Audubon Society of the Everglades.

Drew talked about why he wanted to run for office--to have one more voice for sensible growth in Palm Beach County. He mentioned the humongous development projects in the county as well as in the Agricultural Reserve.

As the Ag Reserve is of special interest to everyone in the County as we passed a bond to protect acreage there, let's touch on that. Residential development is seriously impeding the ability of farmers to conduct large-scale farming operations. Those operations have fallen to thousands of homes, shopping centers and commercial businesses. Because of politicians, our state is being paved over.

According to Drew, Palm Beach County farmland is the biggest in the nation growing peppers, green beans, squash and other vegetables. The nurseries in Boynton and Delray were primarily the ones behind the push to change the land use development in the Agricultural Reserve and the present county commission allowed more development exceeding county rules. Years ago, we approved a $100 million bond issue for the acquisition of environmentally sensitive land and other lands for agricultural use to protect acres of farmland from development. Now things changed with this present commission. With the exception of Paulette Burdick, this county commission always votes for the developer.

The Palm Beach County web site says that Palm Beach County serves one of the largest agricultural counties in the U. S. in value of products sold, exceeding one billion dollars annually. Easing building rules and paving over more of our farmland is what this County Commission did. Shelley Vana in October of last year said, "It's the right thing to do."

Vote for Drew Martin for County Commissioner District 3, a grassroots guy with no hidden agenda; He's for the betterment of our county and all who live here. And he will never vote for a baseball stadium at John Prince Park.

Judge rules on Co-Ed California bathroom bill

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America's absurdity over bathrooms is now being fought in the courts, and one gutsy judge has just jumped right into the fray with an important decision.

"This is as far as they've ever gone. This is the most extreme" ...

Read about it... at WND.

In 2013, California, a state always ahead of the liberal progressive curve and probably why they're nearly bankrupt, adopted a law allowing students in schools to use facilities, showers, restrooms, locker rooms, etc., based on their “gender identity.”

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunset 5-23-16

Jon-Henri "Skip" Bonnard Memorial

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Skip passed away May 1, 2016, of esophageal and colon cancer. He was 76. Nephew of the French impressionist Henri Bonnard, Skip worked as a newspaper columnist in The Hamptons, NY, and managed the Millenium Art Gallery in East Hampton. He settled in Lake Worth in 2002 and for a while managed an art gallery on Lake Avenue. He was active in Lake Worth's recovery community and on May 4th would have celebrated 41 years of sobriety. He was mentor to many seeking recovery. A raconteur with a vast and sometimes acerbic knowledge of fashion and the arts, for many years he co-hosted the syndicated talk show "Sudsy Says" on WLNG in Sag Harbor, NY. His co-host was Nedda di Montezemolo, "Mrs. Sudsy." The show was briefly reprised on a Lantana radio station in 2013. Skip is survived by Mrs. Sudsy of Washington, DC, and his beloved, Camila Eran Hastings of West Palm Beach. A celebration of his life will be held on Thursday, May 26, 7:30PM to 9:30PM at Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe, Lake Worth. Source: PBPostObits

To express condolences and/or make donations: Visit PalmBeachPost.com/obituaries. The memorial will be held at--
Mother Earth Cafe
410 2nd Ave N
Lake Worth, FL 33460
Thursday, May 26
7:30pm to 9:30pm

Our Congressional Representatives Grade on Illegal Immigration

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Marco Rubio never could climb out of the Gang of 8 hole that he put himself in...that was his ultimate downfall while seeking the nomination for President of the United States.

Quote of the Day - Keeping Men Out of Women's Restrooms

"The Dallas Morning News published my latest op-ed about the outrageous, politically correct policies that have emerged in Texas and nationally to allow boys into girls' restrooms and locker rooms.

The policy, imposed by Fort Worth ISD's Superintendent and expanded by a national edict from President Obama, defies common sense and common decency. These policies are disruptive to schools and bad for children, and we are taking a stand in Texas to stop them."

 ~Dan Patrick
 Lieutenant Governor of Texas