Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tonight's Sky 11-30-17

No big deal, says Navajo

“I just want to thank you because you are very, very special people. You were here long before any of us were here. Although, we have a representative in Congress who has been here a long time … longer than you — they call her Pocahontas.”

~ President Trump

Joke said while honoring the Navajo Code Talkers

Read about it...and see the video.

CNN--very Fake News

Joyce Behar is out to lunch

Joy Behar is an unhinged, radical leftist moron. Even uber-liberal Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezrzzzrzrzrinski appear worried about Behar’s mental state.

Read Thomas Madison's article... and see the video. When a liberal feels the wrath to Mika and Joe, you know he/she's in a lot of big do do.

Matt Lauer caught on camera

A look at how ISIS is recruiting young Americans

Spoiled millionaire egotistical NFL crybabies

VIDEO: To stop the financial bleeding, the NFL is offering protesting players a $100 million proposition to get them off their knees. No deal!

Read about it... and the NFL willing to give $100 million to charities if players will stand for the National Anthem. It certainly is sad when the NFL is subject to a remedy such as this to entice their players because  "they are dealing with spoiled millionaire crybabies who don’t mind killing the golden goose for a little ego stroke." [Powdered Wig]

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sunset 11-29-17

SoFlo Snoballs coming to Lake Avenue

Unique ice cream shop to open in Lake Worth

Read about it... and SoFlo Snoballs coming to the old Hoffman's Chocolate space on Lake Avenue.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

I'm really gong to miss this guy dumping on Trump.

President Trump's 2017 Christmas Card

Trump flanked by two Empty Suits...err, Empty Chairs

Democrats used to be “all talk, no action” and now they’re “not even talk,” said President Trump.

Communist racist punks want to take-down our country

"BLM (Black Lives Matter) has announced their grand scheme to take down “White Capitalism” by using capitalism?

This Christmas season, BLM has announced that they will be fighting back against “white capitalism” by refusing to buy from white-run businesses. Apparently, they don’t see any irony in using their voluntary choices granted to them in a free-market society to opt-out of purchasing goods and services produced by white people. They said this as if capitalism is a bad thing, even though it’s what made the United States the wealthiest nation in the world."

Read about the crazy racist communists...

We're looking at the books, Pocahontas

Read about it...

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tonight's Sky 11-28-17

Schumer and Pelosi skip a meeting with the President

That confirms it. Democrats in Congress are clearly certified morons! President Trump is right--Democrats are obstructionists.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have just bailed on a scheduled meeting with President Trump to discuss a spending package that can be agreed upon and that will prevent a government shutdown.

Read about it...

The Pissant just fired another missile

It flew 2,800 miles into the sky. It appeared to land in waters in which Japan claims special exploration rights. What will President Trump do now?

The latest Liberal "breakthrough"

Is there no perversion that the Left will not embrace and promote?

Left-wingers champion themselves as the political party for Women’s Rights (ironically by promoting “independent” lifestyles that have made women more depressed than ever before in history) and for children’s rights (ironically by accumulating mind-boggling amounts of government debt for our children to inherit – if their mothers don’t abort them). []

Now, finally, they’re having another moment of insanity after saying they or their children can choose their sex.

Read about it...

Rick Scott pushing his Education Plan

Rick Scott visits Tampa to push his education plan

"Last year, the House killed his initiative to leave local property tax rates stable, allowing school districts to collect increased revenue stemming from rising values. Scott has again recommended the same idea to bolster his spending goal, and House leaders have reiterated their opposition"
Read about it...

Also read about-- Scott pitches 12 billion Budget...

Luis Gutierrez may not run for re-election

NBC 5 has learned congressman Luis Gutierrez will announce Tuesday he is not running for re-election after 24 years on Capitol Hill, sources say. Guitterez telephoned key democratic leaders late this afternoon to let them know of his plans. Calls to Guitterez tonight have not been returned.

We can only hope.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Dark and Gloomy Sky tonight 11-27-17

Melania's Whitehouse Christmas decorations

Kathleen Sebelius Breaks Silence

“Not only did people look the other way, but they went after the women who came forward and accused him,” said Former Obama administration Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to CNN political commentator David Alexrod during an appearance on his podcast, “The Axe Files.”

“And so it doubled down on not only bad behavior but abusive behavior, and then people attacked the victims,” she added.

Read about it... and deplorable Crooked Hillary.

We just lost a Shining Light today

Close friend, Barbara Jean Weber left this life this morning at 9:45 to pass into another. She was the most spiritual person I have ever known and without any doubt the sweetest. I never heard her say an unkind thing about anyone. Everyone she met was a "good" friend. She loved people and they loved her back.

She will be missed by so many and everyone she ever touched. Rest in Peace, Barbara Jean--an angel resting now with angels.

Welfare Reform Next

And we will see the liberals go "bananas" as some really feel that working is cruel and unusual punishment.

Two writers for Forbes said:
“The current welfare system provides such a high level of benefits that it acts as a disincentive for work. Welfare currently pays more than a minimum-wage job in 35 states, even after accounting for the Earned Income Tax Credit,” which offers extra subsidies to low-income workers who take work. In 13 states [welfare] pays more than $15 per hour.”
There is a lot of cheating and fraud that occurs within our welfare system.

Read about it...

Homeless man killed by sword in Lake Worth

Murder happened at railroad tracks at 7th Avenue North

Read about it...

Wright Drive has become a commercial slum

Our residential street in the ROLO neighborhood has become a commercial slum. This house at 436 Wright Drive has been a problem for over a year and nothing gets done to stop the abuse. The owner continues to park his commercial vehicles on the sidewalk and the city swale. He's been told not to by the Code Enforcement Department but he obviously doesn't give a hoot.

The mess on Wright Drive stated a few years ago when the house on the corner of Wright and 6th Avenue South, 535 Wright Drive, was allowed to change the front of the house to the side of the house because it is on a corner lot. That's when it all started with the commercial businesses taking over our residential street.

535 Wright Drive

This house below is on the same side of the street as 535 Wright. It has become one big joke. The owner parks his heavy equipment on the front of his property.

Morning Sky 11-27-17

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunset 11-26-17

Operation Jagged Knife

Tackling criminal economy and narcotics trafficking with full force.

This operation’s goal was “to target the source of Taliban revenue in much the same way the US military used airstrikes to destroy oil and other revenue sources for ISIS in Iraq and Syria,” according to CNN.

Read about it... and see the videos wiping out Taliban opium processing facilities in Afghanistan.

Neal McCoy's new hit, "Take a Knee, My Ass"

Who do these people think they are?

Read about the latest BS

Jon McNaughton painting on President Trump

Morning Sky 11-26-17

Christian bakers can't discriminate, but pro-gay bakers can

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission prides itself on opposing discrimination of all kinds.

That's why it punished a Christian baker who would not use his talents to promote homosexual marriage.

So, when three other bakers refused to make a cake for Christians with a biblical message, the same commission punished them as well for religious discrimination, right?

Wrong! And their reasoning will stun you.

Read about it... and see the videos.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Benjamin Netanyahu calls CNN "fake news"

Lou Dobbs speaks out on Robert Mueller's Witch Hunt

Sunset 11-25-17

Moving our U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

"It has been an honor to meet with the Israeli members of the Israel Victory Caucus this week and discuss the cherished friendship between our two nations. We agree that the greatest obstacle to peace is the refusal of Palestinians to acknowledge that Israel is the legitimate national home of the Jewish people.

America can help remove that obstacle by relocating our embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and a symbol of the Jewish people’s historic connection to the land. I am encouraged by President Trump's promise that it is a question of when, not if, he will chose to relocate the American embassy and I applaud his administration for standing strong by Israel."

~ Rep Ron DeSantis

Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel and Rep Ron DeSantis wants President Trump to fulfill his campaign promise of moving our American Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.

Jerusalam Embassy and Recognition Act

Pelosi--do your homework!


Read about it...

Trump Supporters this morning

Trump supporters near Dreher Park on Southern Boulevard west of I-95-- there until 1pm

Better back off says Conyers or I'll tell all

Can you even imagine seeing him prance around his office in his underpants?  Perhaps Maxine Waters would be the only one who would possibly see something redeeming.

Through his lawyers, Democrat House Representative John Conyers has issued a threat to Congress doing any further investigating. It is obvious that Mr. Conyers and his lawyer do not want the House to do an ethics investigation. The lawyers’ statement seems to threaten that many members of Congress will be exposed to charges if this proceeds.

What kind of rational defense of behavior is that? It reads like a leave me alone or I will tell all I know threat. I say that if there are many more members of Congress behaving like this, Go Ahead, Make My Day. It sounds like we need a good House cleaning to go along with draining the swamp.  [Allen West]

Read about it..

A Home for Homeless Gay People in the heart of Lake Worth

It may be coming.

"Vita Nova, a non-profit that started 10 years ago and offers programs and services for 18-to-25-year-olds who have aged out of foster care in Palm Beach County. The group recently received a five-year grant from the Family and Youth Services Bureau and Runaway and Homeless Youth for more than $194,000 to open a facility for older homeless people who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender between 18 and 22."

Jeff DeMario, the group’s chief executive officer likes Lake Worth as it is a welcoming community and his group is eyeing rental property on Dixie and Lake Avenue!!??

Read about it...

Democrat Sex Scandals

DEMOCRAT NEWS NETWORK: CNN Fails To Report These 24 Democrat Sex Scandals

Read about the Democrats and SEX

Trump Tweet on Time Magazine Man of the Year

Friday, November 24, 2017

Sunset 11-24-17

Some dark moments on Black Fridays

Outlaw businesses that hire Illegal Aliens

"The recent passage of mandatory E-Verify by the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee brings us one step closer to ending the root cause of most illegal immigration into the United States — outlaw businesses that hire illegal immigrants. Illegal border crossings, visa overstays, and children born in the United States to parents here illegally would all be dramatically reduced or eliminated if we ended the ability for outlaw employers to take advantage of those that arrive here illegally.

There are hundreds of thousands of young-adult children of undocumented immigrants who have been here since childhood because we have allowed outlaw employers to hire and employ their parents illegally for decades. Roughly one-half of the nation’s undocumented immigrant population results from visitors who entered legally but who do not leave when their time is up because Congress continues to refuse to mandate the well-tested and widely used E-Verify system. When visitors sense that illegal employment is widespread, the temptation to break their visa agreements grows stronger."

Read the rest of Ken Blackwell's opinion...

Thanksgiving at Mar-A-Lago

Our friends, Dee and Laurence McNamara, attended the luncheon at Mar-A-Lago yesterday.

Students giving back on Thanksgiving

Students are learning more than just the 3 R's --that of giving back to those less fortunate

Read about Palm Beach Harvest and Lake Worth High School students helping needy people--View the video.

DOJ files lawsuits

Thankfully, President Donald Trump and AG Sessions have put the safety and well-being of our nation and children ahead of the citizenship of criminal immigrants — as it should be. Watch the crazy ACLU get involved.

Read about it...

The only NFL turkey yesterday

Not So Thankful: Giants’ Olivier Vernon Kneels During the National Anthem on Thanksgiving Day

Olivier Vernon signed a 5 year, $85,000,000 (that's MILLION folks!) contract with the New York Giants, including a $20,000,000 signing bonus, $52,500,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $17,000,000.

And guess what? The Giants lost 24 to 10!

McCain gets the boot

Songbird McCain says he wore the orthopedic boot on the wrong foot out of a spirit of equality, because his injured foot was getting all of the attention

Read this hilarious story...

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Toby and Dude at the Dorseys

Lori Berman runs for vacant Jeff Clemens' seat

Photo taken at Lake Worth City Hall

Lori Berman Tenders Resignation from Florida House to Run for Vacant Senate Post

Read about Lori...

Give me a "high five!" instead of a hug

Children Now Warned Against Hugging Their Family During the Holiday Season

Liberals have gone stark, raving mad and need to stay out of parenting.  The Girl Scouts have an article on raising "happy girls" and say one in ten girls are sexually abused so children, don't hug your family, especially during holidays and family get-togethers..

Hillary said, "It takes a village to raise a child." No, it takes a loving family that gives hugs and shows love, giving comfort and security to their children. Tell them often how much you love them.

Tobacco companies make corrective statements about the effects of smoking

No pardon for this turkey

President Donald Trump's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation


On Thanksgiving Day, as we have for nearly four centuries, Americans give thanks to Almighty God for our abundant blessings. We gather with the people we love to show gratitude for our freedom, for our friends and families, and for the prosperous Nation we call home.

In July 1620, more than 100 Pilgrims boarded the Mayflower, fleeing religious persecution and seeking freedom and opportunity in a new and unfamiliar place. These dauntless souls arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in the freezing cold of December 1620. They were greeted by sickness and severe weather, and quickly lost 46 of their fellow travelers. Those who endured the incredible hardship of their first year in America, however, had many reasons for gratitude. They had survived. They were free. And, with the help of the Wampanoag tribe, and a bountiful harvest, they were regaining their health and strength. In thanks to God for these blessings, the new governor of the Plymouth Colony, William Bradford, proclaimed a day of thanksgiving and gathered with the Wampanoag tribe for three days of celebration.

For the next two centuries, many individual colonies and states, primarily in the Northeast, carried on the tradition of fall Thanksgiving festivities. But each state celebrated it on a different day, and sometime on an occasional basis. It was not until 1863 that the holiday was celebrated on one day, nationwide. In the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the bloodiest battles of our Nation’s Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that the country would set aside one day to remember its many blessings. “In the midst of a civil war of unequalled magnitude and severity,” President Lincoln proclaimed, we recall the “bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come.” As President Lincoln recognized: “No human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy.”

Today, we continue to celebrate Thanksgiving with a grateful and charitable spirit. When we open our hearts and extend our hands to those in need, we show humility for the bountiful gifts we have received. In the aftermath of a succession of tragedies that have stunned and shocked our Nation – Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria; the wildfires that ravaged the West; and, the horrific acts of violence and terror in Las Vegas, New York City, and Sutherland Springs – we have witnessed the generous nature of the American people. In the midst of heartache and turmoil, we are grateful for the swift action of the first responders, law enforcement personnel, military and medical professionals, volunteers, and everyday heroes who embodied our infinite capacity to extend compassion and humanity to our fellow man. As we mourn these painful events, we are ever confident that the perseverance and optimism of the American people will prevail.

We can see, in the courageous Pilgrims who stood on Plymouth Rock in new land, the intrepidness that lies at the core of our American spirit. Just as the Pilgrims did, today Americans stand strong, willing to fight for their families and their futures, to uphold our values, and to confront any challenge.

This Thanksgiving, in addition to rejoicing in precious time spent with loved ones, let us find ways to serve and encourage each other in both word and deed. We also offer a special word of thanks for the brave men and women of our Armed Forces, many of whom must celebrate this holiday separated from the ones for whom they are most thankful. As one people, we seek God’s protection, guidance, and wisdom as we stand humbled by the abundance of our great Nation and the blessings of freedom, family, and faith.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim Thursday, November 23, 2017, as a National Day of Thanksgiving. I encourage all Americans to gather, in homes and places of worship, to offer a prayer of thanks to God for our many blessings.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this seventeenth day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand seventeen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-second.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Facebook creating an important tool

Breaking News from

Facebook announced Wednesday that it will create a tool to allow users to find out what Facebook or Instagram accounts are sponsored by Russia's Internet Research Agency.

"We will soon be creating a portal to enable people on Facebook to learn which of the Internet Research Agency Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts they may have liked or followed between January 2015 and August 2017," the social media company wrote in a blog post. "This tool will be available for use by the end of the year in the Facebook Help Center."

Tonight's Sky 11-22-17

Crooked Hillary - Witness in the Uranium One sale

It seems that the United States Senate has themselves a secret witness, who is no longer secret, for the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One scandal. Within this fascinating piece of information, there are stories of bribery and extortion. The Russians really wanted to get at Hillary Clinton and influence her to go with the Uranium One sale. What will this investigation uncover? This could get to be a real thriller, says Allen West
Read about it... and Crooked Hillary.

Woman asks man to stop "manspreading" and he punches her in the face

This is what our country has fallen to--there are way too many depraved people in our society today--no morals--no respect for others--no understanding of what's right or wrong. How did we get here?

Social Media opened the can of worms and made it worse. People are free to lie and say the damndest of things with no punishment...totally free from the injurious consequences of their actions that have trickled over to our daily lives. Facebook is the absolute worse for this sort of behavior.

Sex Scandal in the Hillary campaign

(Christian News Alerts) – Following the 2016 election, the American people heard Hillary Clinton come out and say that she lost the election due to sexism and misogyny. It turns out that there was sexism taking place, but not in the Republican party.

Read about it...

ISIS Threatens to kill Barron

ISIS Issues Grave Assassination Threat Against One Of Trump’s Children

Read about it... and the evil, repulsive and cowardly terrorists.

Latest Roy Moore Poll

Judge Roy Moore Leads Liberal Doug Jones 58% to 35% in latest Tribune Poll

We keep reading that Doug Jones is ahead. Even Fox News reported last night that Moore was behind by less than a point. But not in this poll that was conducted in Alabama--

Judge Roy Moore Leads Liberal Doug Jones 58% to 35% in latest Tribune Poll by Jim Hoft

The Trussville Tribune reported:
"In an unscientific online poll conducted by The Trussville Tribune, Republican Roy Moore led Democrat Doug Jones by a healthy margin.
The poll limited participating IP addresses to one entry and had 2,741 participants. The Tribune covers the cities of Trussville, Clay, Pinson, Center Point, Argo and Springville in Jefferson and St. Clair counties.

When asked who participants would vote for in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race, 58.5 percent chose Moore over Jones with 35 percent. Less than 4 percent said they would not vote and less than 2 percent said they would write in a candidate.

Asked if they were affiliated with a political party, 46.5 percent of participants identified as Republican, 33 percent said they were independent, and 22 percent said Democrat.

The poll participants identified as conservative 55 percent of the time, moderate 30 percent, and liberal 15 percent.

Asked if they believed the allegations about Moore, 50 percent did not, 36 percent did believe the allegations and 14 percent were undecided."

Gloria Allred lied about Judge Roy Moore?

Like no one thought of that possibility?

Read about it...

U.S. Naval plane crashes into Pacific

Read about it...