Sunday, October 18, 2009

He who controls the Water...

Willie Howard’s article in today’s Post was excellent and shows that we have come a long way baby! Once we knew that we could get rid of the waste by deep well injection, no other decision made sense but to continue on with our Reverse Osmosis System particularly after spending nearly $15 million on 3 wells. I would wager to say that this decision, down the road, will be the one that will eventually turn our city around to where we are actually making money...a seller rather than a buyer of the most important commodity. He who controls the water, controls the world.

As a former Mayor just stated, "No one ever asks the following questions--what does it cost us per gallon; what do we sell it for per gallon and if we are short on water, why are we selling it to other cities?" What will our water cost us per gallon after the RO is built as it appears we no longer have ALL the money to fund it. We still have around $15 million left from the $69.9 million 2004 bond fund. This RO and the deep well will run around $23 million after applying the Federal Stimulus of $2.5 million.

Joe Egly, former commissioner, must feel finally vindicated as he was the Commissioner who strongly advocated for our own reverse osmosis system. What does candidate for Mayor Loretta Sharpe have to say who was against the RO as I recall? Perhaps she believes as I do now, that because of the waste problem solved that it is the best way forward. Was it not she who sued Joe at one time because he dare question her from the dais when she was involved in the golf course concession that owed us money? (That will be a future story).

To see an old Lake Worth City Times on the Reverse Osmosis System and our decision to go forward in 2005, click here.

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