Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rankings of Importance by Lake Worth City Commission for Utility RFP

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UPDATE: MAYOR Waterman says that reliability and price are her priorities. The Commission is now meeting regarding the RFP on our power supply once we exit FMPA. Commissioner Maxwell is right when he says that this Commission is concentrating on renewables at a cost of 10-20% when we are trying to get a favorable price. Renewables were never in our 3 top priorities. It is much more expensive. Commissioner McVoy is ready and willing to charge the rate payers much more money for his green initiative. He wants NO more nuclear.

Blog of 6-10-10
In order of importance:
Lowest score being the top choice--

  • 1. Reliability: Varela (4), Jennings (1), Golden (1), Mulvehill (1), Maxwell (5)---Weight: 20%
  • 2. Competitive Rate/Fuel Diversity: Varela (1), Jennings (4), Golden (2), Mulvehill (4), Maxwell (2)---Weight: 20%
  • 3. Load estimation/forecasting/Demand: Varela (2), Jennings (2), Golden (6), Mulvehill (2), Maxwell (6) ---Weight: 20%
  • 4. Use of Renewable Energy: Varela (3), Jennings (3), Golden (4). Mulvehill (3), Maxwell (7) ---Weight: 20%
  • 5. Bill stability: Varela (5), Jennings (5), Golden (3), Mulvehill (5), Maxwell (3) ---Weight 10%
  • 6. Own vs. Purchase: Varela (6), Jennings (7), Golden (5), Mulvehill (7), Maxwell (1) ---Weight: 5%
  • 7. Term: Varela (7), Jennings (6), Golden (7), Mulvehill (6), Maxwell (4) ---Weight 5%
As someone recently said to me, "You might wish to use Bill's (Coakley) "Utility Waste Meter" to convey to your readers why 'reliability' should be #1, #2, #3, & #4 on the utilities list of priorities. Had reliability and waste management been at the top of the list, the city would have an additional $1.6 million to spend renovating the pool area.

Every time the utility blows up another piece of equipment, the entire cost of the labor and materials for the removal and replacement comes out of a budget which should be giving back to the city."

As noted above, Commissioners Jennings, Golden and Mulvehill agreed.


Lynn Anderson said...

Excerpt from a concerned citizen-- an e-mail just received:

"What the commission is attempting is noble, but by weighting the top four the same, they have postponed improvements to your system. Susan and Becky should have approached the commission and asked that virtually every dollar originating from the utility go back into the utility.......at least for a few years. They should then go out on the open market and bring in the best minds in the industry. Jim Burke would be a good man to build this team around. Jim & Clay & Becky could then bring in a bevy of professionals like Bill Winnerling and Larry Moore to get this utility moving in the right direction. The return on investment will be extraordinary and the pain will be short lived."

Lynn Anderson said...

To RJ-
I know who the e-mail was sent from. This policy is only relative to ME. I want to know the people posting here. I do NOT know you and I don't take your bull lightly. Go poke someone else...yourself as a starter. Go blow smoke.

Anonymous said...

Why, can someone please explain to me, why you would have individuals who have absolutely no idea about purchased power contracts rank the importance of what should be included in a potential contract. This is another example of having the wrong personnel managing a project. These decisions will have far reaching impacts on the city, just as they rushed into the FMPA deal. Unqualified individuals making poor choices and very costly, just look at the 67k a month for the gas line, not having a performance bond for the Enron project, do I need to continue. Garbage in, garbage out. One look at reliability being ranked a the top priority is a real indication of how clueless the commission is, again on this topic also, very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

It is very interesting how Mulvehil and Jennings had exactly the same rankings.Like minds?

Anonymous said...

If elected, or reelected the next time Lynn does this it will be Mulvehill, Waterman, and Amaroso