Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Snook Islands Project

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We deserve an uplifting message in order to get away from taxes, taxes, and the City spending our money like there's no tomorrow, but it's not to be. Although the Snook Island Project is an uplifting message, there are a few golfers who are ticked off and it's not from hooking their shots.

Money is not being spent on our golfcourse greens as promised. All you owners who live on the golfcourse--be prepared and don't be surprised when the City assesses you for a golfcourse capital project that takes place in front of your property. Well, after last night, you just never know and I am sure that Andrew Marra, editor of the PB Post, would probably agree to that one too!


Denny said...

At least this Snook Island will be a nice thing for Lake Worth, they will probably now charge for parking in all of this area too, the city manager will not stop at getting more money, this will be a nice thing for our community though. We really have the best city in South Florida, we just have the worst CM and elected officials.

Anonymous said...

We need a new city Commission and a new city manager.(along with a new city attorney,a new utilities director,etc.) We could hire a law firm to take over management of the city while a competent city manager is found. The law firm would cost less than the personnel that are dragging our wallets down now!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful project and we really do need to be thankful that LW has so much public waterfront. The majority of the costs of this project are not comoing from the City so even better.