Friday, September 23, 2011

Union Pensions

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Last night Staff gave us the old line in order to soothe the pain of paying for firemen pension costs that will do nothing but go up, up and up. It was said that firemen take a lot of risk--it's a dangerous job--therefore we have to pay and pay and pay until they bleed our city and taxpayers to death. I didn't tell them to choose that as a profession, did you?

Pension benefits are a problem all over and Lake Worth is no exception.

"You say that, look, this is not about individuals. We have a system-wide problem in our state, and our city," he said. "At the end of the day, the taxpayers are on the hook, and I don't believe taxpayers should be left on the hook for a system that's not honest to them, and not honest to the people who are contributing to it. Now, one individual is not the problem," said Rham Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago

Republican lawmaker calls for end to union leaders' costly pension perks--Cross proposes legislation to close 1991 loophole

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Richard said...

They can have an increase when SS gets an increase. They get a pension plus SS.IMO thats double dipping.If they cant live on both, try survivng on just SS like many of us do.

Lynn Anderson said...

Actually these guys get three pensions:

1. A percentage of all fire premiums paid by homeowners in the State of FL
2. Social Security
3. Union

Anonymous said...

How many firemen does it take to go to Publix with a shopping list?I don't respect our fire men and women .All I see when I look at them is greed.When you do finally find my house, I'll probably already be dead,but my family will still get the bill for your "services". And how many duplicate "rescue" vehicles will show up at the scene of any accident in Lake Worth where the unlicensed illegal that caused it has already bailed out and run away?