Saturday, September 10, 2011

Invasion in Lake Worth - Is it Aliens?

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With the all things green City Commission in its decision to tax and assess every resident and justify the grab of his very last greenback, surely some Alien whispered in their ears. It's not a decision made by real people who govern real people. Is it?


Anonymous said...

What else?

Anonymous said...

This is so that we can pay for all the crap and everything in the capital improvements plan. New employees who are all managers. More salaries, more benefits and an internal auditor that will be controlled by the city manager. Rental license fees are going way up. Everyone is going to sacrifice big time so that we can get a trolley to the beach or just more bs.It's not going to help people. We have to pay for follies and are forced to believe the lies coming from city staff. I would have loved to have been that fly on the wall when the CM told her departments to reduce costs and raise revenues any way you can...I will sell it.