Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finance Advisory Board

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Now that the Budget has been set, taxes proposed as well as the millage, the Finance Advisory Board meets tonight 6pm at City Hall for the following discussion:

1. Internal Auditor Position--Only one member opposed
2. Golf Course Discussion
3. Trolley Discussion--Vote--5/0 to oppose trolley at this time
4. Billboard Money Discussion--wants to look into Commission decisions on how to use the funds and then bring it back for more discussion
5. Conservation Fund and Available Loans--5/0 in opposition to the Conservation Fund and vehemently opposed to a Loan Program. Wants to dissolve the Conservation Program in its entirety.

Everyone come on out. Listen, learn and ask questions. This is your time, as this Board represents you and reports to the City Commission.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us informed! THANK GOD FOR BLOGS

Anonymous said...

Why do they keep on moving meeting times, and meeting locations and putting changes on agendas that are not published??? Last night I went to City Hall for the FAB meeting and found they moved it upstairs to someone's office. As I was looking for the
FAB, I noticed there was a CRB Meeting going on that was originally scheduled for Monday, and last week an item was added to a Commission Meeting that is STILL not on any agenda I've ever seen. They are making it difficult for some of those new voices to find their way around..... How can we fix this? Who do we bring these concersn to? Nobody ever answers any of my emails. And what about that new software that was bought to make sure everyone gets everything....and then people still saying at the meeting that they hadn't gotten that backup data......could the new software be used for that?

Lynn Anderson said...

Yes, I totally agree with you. The FAB meeting was properly noticed and as such was supposed to be held in the Conference Room. A member of the CRB came in and said that they were meeting there. She took a seat and did not get up. We all just looked at her and scratched our heads. The FAB then moved to Steve Carr's office upstairs. The FAB has always been the poor stepchild of volunteer Boards and frankly, it ticks me off.

Anonymous said...

Good sound decisions by the Board. What about the golf?

Anonymous said...

The utility, both water and electrical, is where much of the waste occurs. The city has had between $500K and one million stolen right from under their noses (material from the first electrical conversion) and could care less. God only knows what an internal auditor could undercover.

Anonymous said...

It just shows how backward this place can be. The FAB getting walked over when they are one of the sanest, earnest, educated, and frankly NEEDED boards is just priceless. Whoever is on the schedule should get priority. And they did make some good decisions..

AND why is CRB meeting on a non scheduled day...isn't that outside sunshine? Please advise? Can anyone clarify?