Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Single Family Residential Neighborhoods

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This is what single family residential neighborhoods could look like if City Manager Susan Stanton gets her way.

"Single family residences are not sustainable for Lake Worth," said William Waters, Director of Community Development. Since when? Single family neighborhoods are sacrosanct and it is an issue of great importance to me ever since the Sunset issue began six years ago. Stanton is developing a culture and has managed to hire everyone who fits into her way of thinking.


Anonymous said...

The very thing we have been fighting for years is being turned around by a city mgr only interested in tax base and development. We already know it is not the people.

Anonymous said...

Another fine example of how Stanton and apparently other department heads are trying to "snow" the public.

1. If Single Family Neighborhoods are not sustainable then why is there not multi-family buildings on every corner of our great country?

2. Take a look at the future land use maps which should be posted to the cities website. Notice that many area's are color coded to be medium density right in the middle of single family neighborhoods....

Get the Watch Dogs out as another shiny ball of "this is what is best for you" is coming to your door next and guess what....Its only what is best for them....You know those City Officials and Elects that only rent here? Who's in bed with who at this point of the game!

Anonymous said...

Are you people unthinking.what do you
not understand about,two story single family homes cannot.sustain this City or any other City.You must have business,commercial properties,
industrial and developers.You have had your way now we have increased taxes and special assessments.

Anonymous said...

Why did we ever spend the money developing a master plan? The future land use map has Sunset as Multi-Family.

Lynn Anderson said...

Thanks, Susan, for your above post. We see clearly where you are coming from.

I came from a city that was called a "bedroom" city of NYC. It is still beautiful to this day and property values are very high. It was mostly ALL single family houses.

You want to tax everyone to death? You want to see a ghost town?
You want Ft. Lauderdale here? BS

Anonymous said...

"You must have business,commercial properties,
industrial and developers.You have had your way now we have increased taxes and special assessments".
Lake Worth has plenty of business and commercial properties! And we have a MULTITUDE of areas where development would be welcomed and where the development would benefit our cities!Not in THE MIDDLE OF SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS!We are in this MESS because of the employees of this city ! Oh,duh, I forgot to do my job and send out utility bills for three years.Oh,duh,I just moved around millions of dollars in the budget and made it disapear! Oh duh, I just told those dumb elected officials that something costs 275,000 when we could do it in house for only 30,000- I could go on and on. Corrupt,incompetant ex city commissioners and corrupt city employees have put us in this mess, not the residents!Anon above- go do your job in Miami, or West Palm ,or New York- you have no business working in this city. This city belongs to the single family residents, not jerks like you. And FINALLY, city hall is not YOUR HOUSE !

Anonymous said...

Amen to Anon 5:46pm could not say it any better than that.

To Anon 4:46 are you a simpelton? There is plenty of room for commercial and business....Are you "unthinking?" Maybe your blinded by the possibility of slick investors....Who knows what your "unthinking."

Truth be told Mr. Waters plan over all is a good plan but when it comes to the single family neighborhoods BACK OFF! There is plenty of spots over all that will help this city thrive but none of us will see a turn around until someone ties the purse strings together with double knots in order to stop unnecessary spending.

Yes we are in a tax crisis based on values but gee didn't many of our values just inch up? There will be no miracle turn around until leadership learns to spend wisely and quick this nonsense of under bidding then asking for more in every darn contract. CIP should be on hold!

Anonymous said...

You certainly are angry.I have heard
all the charges of corruption, fraud, and past Commission actions.
But the only charges that have been proven,is against the finance director who wrote a check not approved by the Commission.They didn't prosecutor her they fired her. The plans being proposed are for 2 story buildings city wide.
I never said we needed anything in single family neighborhoods, except single family homes. Now you may call is GOOD Planning But I call it A disaster.I will stay in Lake Worth Where I have lived for many years And put up with the B.S,posted by people like you.

Weetha Peebull said...

Vertical Sprawl

Lynn Anderson said...

Perhaps for large development in Florida but single family residential neighborhoods are not sprawl here in LW.

Anonymous said...

While I support commercial and multi-family residential development where appropriate, this woman is a lunatic.

Single family neighborhoods are the backbone of our city, look at the north east corner of Lake Worth, where the bulk of residential taxes come from in this city and say that with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

Hummmm gee the proposed LDR's as I was listening to the last few meetings and heard that the last joint meeting, that the proposed included 6 story buildings with public benefit..... So make sure all of you do your home work....Two story buildings were not the only thing on the list "City Wide"