Tuesday, September 20, 2011

By the Time I get to Phoenix - the Free Lunch in Lake Worth

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$4,000 Cost
Economic Development Conference
Phoenix, Arizona

Folks, the City is not serious about superfluous spending. They justify anything when it comes to fun, conventions, registration fees, memberships, subscriptions, travel and entertainment or something that turns them on. Last year it was Colorado. This year Phoenix. Vice Mayor Mulvehill was the only one earlier in the year who objected to one of these types of excursions. But most of them all love the free lunch and believe in it. Most politicians do. And then they have the nerve to raise taxes and invent special assessments to take your money to pay for the very things for which we object. The City is on the brink of bankruptcy but Commissioners still are into entitlements and give you excuse after excuse why they are taking that free lunch.

The National League of Cities describes its meeting's importance as follows: Creating Competitiveness from the Inside Out will be held Nov.10-12 in Phoenix, Ariz. as one of four concurrent conferences during NLC’s annual Congress of Cities and Exposition. The conference will offer local leaders tools and resources to build strong, globally competitive local economies. Hell, we can't even build a strong economy on a local basis and we are still fumbling in the dark. The city wants to assess us out of the insanity as a solution to the madness.

Now, once again, the Commission will vote tonight to send two of our commissioners to the League of Cities Annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. The City says that the dates are November 9-12. On top of all this wasteful spending for travel, lodging and registration, the City of Lake Worth has an election on November 8. Commissioner Golden might not even be a commissioner by the time she even thinks of getting to Phoenix. Can anything be more stupid than this?

Stop the spending. Get serious. You need to legislate by example. No more free lunch on the taxpayers of Lake Worth.


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If our Commissioners vote to go to this-I'm voting for new Commissioners!

Mike said...

I agree 100% Lynn, thanks for doing the homework on this. Stop the waste get rid of these leaders, we deserve better, enough with the mediocrity in this city!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't our Commissioners be boycotting evil Arizona?

Anonymous said...

Lynn, RIGHT AGAIN! I couldn't agree with you more! Haven't we wasted enough time on Arizona already? My favorite line:

'Hell, we can't even build a strong economy on a local basis and we are still fumbling in the dark.'