Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No surprise in Lake Worth - Budget approved and Millage increased -

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Essentially, what that means is--
you have been taken over by Aliens.

The House was not packed last night. People had already given up from the last meeting. Public Hearings are essentially a waste of time. "Minds" are already made up. Two candidates were in the room taking notes. One spoke.

The Budget: Impossible to follow--impossible to read--it's about as transparent as a steel door. The budget went up from last year. Instead of reducing spending, it has been increased. But 3 commissioners voted for it last night (Mulvehill was absent) as well as raising the millage. Just a few short days ago, Mayor Waterman rejected the fire assessment (for all the wrong reasons) but last night she voted FOR the Budget that has the fire assessment in it. How can anyone be turned in such a short time? Aliens.

As someone said, "The three stooges were on the dais tonight"--talking down to the citizens and sucking up to Staff, complimenting them on a wonderful "500" page Budget. They don't even know the number of pages in it so it's no wonder that they have no compunction to make us pay and pay. Staff couldn't even tell us the proposed budget amount figure when asked by Maxwell.

It was a kiss fest to those who were about to rape the citizenry. They gave compliments to FAB Chair Pickett's Presentation that was not presented at all (it was in the back-up and they could read it they were told), ignoring the parts they did not like such as eliminating the Conservation department. The FAB sided with Staff 100% on the Budget and insisted that it was not a rubber stamp to the city manager. The commission gave political kudos as well to the IBEW, and no one explained how the DROP plan, left in the contract, is a benefit to those who pay it. We all wonder why these negotiations took so long. Kisses were given all around instead of where they really counted, to the people for whom they represent and pay the taxes they just voted to raise.

The Mayor tried to be polite to the taxpayers who showed up. Her contempt almost got away from her and it shows more than anyone sitting on the dais. How dare anyone question their authority. There was a totally condescending and arrogant attitude from the pack; they were the only ones who knew best and would not defy the city manager, the leader for whom they worship. Commissioner McVoy is trying his damdest to get to the front of the pack, if not already there.

One person who spoke to me about the meeting had this to say: "It's not any surprise that she (Stanton) got what she asked for; the commission is oblivious in managing the city. It is the responsibility of the CM and staff to present direction and when it is as misguided as the current proposals are, the expectations have to be lowered.

The very first thing that needs to happen is the leadership of LW-- all of them have to admit they have a serious problem and not bury their heads in the sand. Then, and only then, will they be able to start to correct the dysfunctional issues that are all around them. People would have more respect and offer more support if they admit the reality and not pretend everything is ok; it's not. This is where the CM needs to be a leader and begin the process, but she is so enamored with herself that the process can't start. And the commission is so on her side because of her tyranny status and believe that they are on the leading edge of political correctness."

The four on the dais have put themselves in the hands of the city manager and thus the entire populous of Lake Worth is in jeopardy. They could have found cuts in the budget; they did not try even though we spoke often, wrote to them as well, and asked that they do. No one bothered. They accepted the city manager's assessment of the legal robbery/fantasy--grab the cash and get in a better financial position, even though the city keeps leading us all down the garden path to bankruptcy through wasteful spending. Our message has always been, stop the spending. Their message--we can't.

As a friend said, "Someone has to finally say it's over, the citizens have. Now it's time for someone to be a leader." No aliens need apply.


Anonymous said...

Having the “vote” and comprehending the issues are two very distinct differences. It’s hard to understand how so many people in roles of responsibility can’t see the forest for the trees. With as much media attention to the financial problems at the federal, state and local communities, yet LW appears to be in denial of what is going on around them. All the assessments and taxes are symptomatic of wherein the issues starts, they haven’t cut spending proportionately to the increases in revenues, the problems are still not being addressed, it won’t be popular but needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

The commission is not heeding the message from the people. They need to get it on Nov 8.

Jessica said...

Now you know why I asked for a disclaimer on the FAB presentation.

Lynn Anderson said...

Not to take anything away from John Pickett who is a very smart guy, it just seems that much of his report/presentation was written by Stanton herself. Perhaps she has consumed the body of Pickett as well.

Chris said...

This is incredible Lynn, now we know that the commissioners and mayor are not listening to the people they represent, did anyone support them last night? This is why Waterman and Golden will not get re-elected in November. We need our reps to listen to us, to vote for what we want as our reps. I am not sure how much more the people in this city can take of this craziness here, the leadership is just out of control, the CM needs to step down or be fired. Adios Golden and Waterman, you are both leaving on bad terms with the people you represent, reminds me of when Bo Allen left. The arrogance got the best of them.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that wr can do now is vote in November to get rid of Waterman and Golden. This will send a very clear message that we have had it. Until that happens Stanton will run the show and we the people will get a royal screwing. Tell everyone and get out the vote. Our city's future depends on smart voters who know what's happening.

Anonymous said...

"You'll just have to get used to living in a ghetto" turned to "city on the rise"???

It seems the hole is deeper and the City Manager at the bottom keeps calling for more shovels.

The commission just gave her three more.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem like the city manager in her private weekly lectures/meetings with the BCE is telling them to disregard what the tax paying long time residents of the city are demanding? That she knows better.
That's what happens when the majority on the dais lack any leadership skills and are lead around by the nose by the c.m. and the unemployed anarchists.
One train wreck after another.