Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Florida Fair Districts

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Progress Florida says, Florida voters passed the Fair Districts amendments in 2010 so that politicians would stop selfishly drawing legislative and Congressional districts to protect themselves, but House Speaker Dean Cannon is still spending our tax dollars fighting them.

The Fair Districts amendments were supported by 63% of Florida voters, and seven court decisions have said the amendments are constitutional1. Why is Dean Cannon still fighting? Enough already.Tell Speaker Cannon: Drop the taxpayer-funded lawsuit against Fair Districts.


Anonymous said...

I believe that this is about the most important problem our state faces at this time! In order to have a fair election we must have fair redistricting and this problem has to be handled now. We voted for fair redistricting in November and now they’re spending our money to fight it! It’s beyond chutzpah! Please sign the petition to stop the Fair Districts lawsuit. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

If the idiots in the state of Florida keep voting in people like Dean Cannon and Mike"WHOREadopolis", then we get what we deserve.Our state isn't called FLORIDUH for nothing!