Friday, September 30, 2011

Lake Worth City Annex, a big part of Lake Worth's History

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City Hall Annex
Once the pride of Lake Worth

The Old Lake Worth City Hall, also known as the Lake Worth City Hall Annex, is an historic site in Lake Worth, Florida. It is located at 414 Lake Avenue. On May 18, 1989, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Back in October 2010, we discontinued a lease agreement with the Lake Worth History Museum and the Lake Worth Art League in order to provide additional space for City Staff and City programs. That was the reason given. Rumor had it that the then mayor, Rene Varela, wanted to give the building to the Palm Beach Historical Society or the County. He had no sense of our history either, being here only a short time and then sneaking off in the middle of the night--no good byes, no nothing, just a note read by someone from the dais. His campaign treasurer back then is now doing the same job for Waterman.

He and the City Manager, both newcomers to the City with no sense of the importance of our history but both in agreement that certain important assets be self-sustaining, insisted that our Museum be just that. It was decided that it would become a non-profit and be responsible for its own survival and the museum was to try and raise funds in order to sustain itself and keep our history alive. The city literally cast off our Museum and the City discounted the importance of it never considering the residents. It was closed down because of an estimated cost of a measly $50,000 a year to operate. The rest of the commission sat there and their silence was consent. The Museum and the Art League were both kicked out/closed prior to 12/31/10 due to what the City later said were needed renovations.

The museum collection is extensive and had to be packed up carefully over many months. We were to get a new site for the museum. What has happened to that idea? And what has happened to our Annex? Are any improvements ever going to occur? Was one little thing done to our building this year? When asking an employee if the building has undergone any renovations of any nature this year, the question left her confused..."none that I know of" was the answer.

In checking the Capital Improvement Plan for 2012/2016, I can't find the word "annex" anywhere in the five year plan. The schedule of projects for this coming budget year totals 25,923,439. This figure includes the casino and beach redevelopment of approximately 10,881,209. Is it the $688,000 scheduled for what is called the "customer service building?"

As our centennial comes up in 2013, which is a really big deal by the way, we now have a Centennial Committee. That information is yet to be uploaded to the city's web site so no one knows, even individual appointees, who is on it or when it meets. We no longer have a museum. And for the last two years, we no longer have our Commissioner and Mayoral history on the walls at City Hall.

Our City Hall Annex, an important part of the history of our City, is still being used for the Utility customer service department. It is looking a little weary, falling in step with so many of our public buildings.

Signs have not been updated and still indicate
that there is a City Museum

Our somewhat now blighted City Hall Annex


Anonymous said...

The Annex just doesn't fit in with the look of the empire the City Manager is building.

Anonymous said...


If they are going to hide money then they are going to hide plans so that the public does not know....

The word Transparency to the CM and Commission means on a "need to know basis" and they do not think we need to know.

Lake Worth is characteristic to a typical Florida Beach Town which has more than enough charm for everyone and we do not need to loose this very marketable niche.

The Annex is part of that history and should be there for visitors to see our rich history!

The "SCHEME" to build an empire needs to be put to rest, the empire builder needs to go some where else and we need to try and continue growing our city in a way that is beneficial to our legacy and way of life.

This can include a wonderful downtown business district, Dixie Highway Business District and the 10th Ave Business District not to mention the future of our Park of Commerce.

This also includes wonderful single family neighborhoods and in designated area's our multi-family neighbors as well.

It is so black and white to most of us on how to improve this city and remove blight and encourage healthy growth but yet none of our leaders seem to get it and HECK they already spent every dime we had in order to try and guarantee their jobs (such as the CM) as she probably don't think we can pay the exit penalty on her contract....Guess what? We can tie that up in litigation for a couple of years if need be also....As far as I can see it...She has NOT lived up to her contract and should be cancelled with out penalty immediately.

dee mcnamara said...

Our Commission seats have unfortunately been occupied by disrespectful of heritage,primitives,self agrandizing delusional elements, as they are mutts,and cannot look back on their families' elegant or proof of good taste and culture filled lives.It is under the illussion that lake Worth's attraction is,
in what their total
lack of aesthetic sense, and refined taste(Addison Mizner style) which created the
mediterranean small Town charm of Lake Worth.Those void of respect for anything and subsequently ,manners, occupants has, as a result never maintained any of the historic treasures of Lake Worth,closed the Museum,any City knows this to be a sign that the Town is somewhat culturally evolved, but the savages closed it.An icon which their mugs cannot replace as attraction! Alibrary ,a source of learning and upgrading knowledge is in danger, and underfunded by the savages.Loin cloths next, any one!
The apathy of Lake Worth's majority lets sneaks get away with all degradation of our Town with their ignorance and incompetence, with their phony promises based on subterfuge!
Dee McNamara

Anonymous said...

Don't you idiots UNDERSTAND that THERE IS NO HISTORY BEFORE STANTON!! YES, B.S.!!There is no impotant history in Lake Worth B.S.!

Anonymous said...

No History in the Annex? Bull. Thats where Judge Bullock held Court.The Police Station and Building Depts.Police Chief Hall had a Thompson Machine Gun on the wall. Probably Dellingers.I wonder what happened to that Machine Gun.
Dennis Dorsey might know.