Saturday, September 17, 2011

Texting, Cell phones and the awful possibilites while driving

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No one knows what happened that day when my cousin, Cesar Figueroa, died while a passenger in an auto that was driven across two other lanes of traffic that finally crashed into a large tree. My cousin died instantly that day, an innocent passenger, just having turned 21. The anniversary of his death was on 9/13. He was a wonderful kid, a college student and the pride of the family with all sorts of prospects ahead of him. We wonder about the causes of the accident but some accidents can be avoided by following the simple message below--do not text or use a cell phone while driving. It is as equally criminal as driving under the influence.


Mike said...

Someone should tell the city manager this about texting and driving. She acts so high and mighty and above the rest, but one day I saw her driving on 10th Ave and A Street heading west, she was in the left lane, but wanted to go north on I95, no planning, and had to be very aggressive to get over to head north, I was behind her, I then saw her texting on I95 while driving. Way to go, someone who thinks she is doing such a good job in the driver's seat for our city as our CM, is acting this way on our roadways. I am sorry, but I just do not trust her at all. She is going to kill someone some day.

Anonymous said...

She's killing us all right now.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! The money she makes and she is texting? You mean she can not afford a $40 bluetooth model at Wal-mart and call the person back instead of driving and texting?

If she is that irresponsible behind the wheel of a car can you imagine how irresponsible she is behind the wheel of a city?

Not just her but anyone how does this should be pulled over and citation given....Repeat offenders get tougher penalties and someone explain to the person in this story who lost his life.

It scares me driving to work everyday how bad people drive in general and now we are texting behind the wheel...Scary

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