Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lake Worth - Some Kind of Stupid

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Why can't the City call a spade a spade? Why can't they simply tell us the truth? The assessment for fire services is not for services at all. They tell us that it will be going for fire pension costs. But even if that is so, which it's not, pension costs are not services. What's more, they are not a public benefit. It would be better described as "making a killing."

We recently found out that there is absolutely no line item for pension costs. Why not? The City plans on dumping this money into the general the pot, for general services that they can spend for what they want, when they want. If this were not the case, it would be a dedicated line item every year in the budget.

So, what could this money really be going towards?

renovations at the Utility building on 2nd avenue North for $700,000
11th avenue North sub-station for $1,300,000
138kv tie-line for $700,000
curb and gutter repair for $1,669,000
sidewalk, bike striping and road improvements for $950,000
the new public services administration building for $1,281,480
Lake Worth Park of Commerce project for $1,700,000

42% of the five Year Capital Improvement Plan is budgeted in this coming year. Why is that? The billboard settlement money in the amount of $1,800,000 has been taken out of the CIP and now dumped into the general fund. Why is that? Who is watching over our cash? This was dedicated money per commission vote for the new city hall complex. Don't forget, the Finance Advisory Board approved of even more capital spending over 5 years than what is now in the CIP, $61.4 million over 5 years.

The citizens of Lake Worth have been conned by its very own Commission, the people who are supposed to be watching over our purse strings and watching over the residents. The only reason we are being special assessed for this amount is because the city manager wants to assess us for the air that we breathe--and it's fun just grabbing the cash and seeing us jump up and down like we're all on a pogo stick.

We don't need cheerleaders for Lake Worth, Commissioner. We need people to see through the mist and watch out for us.
Special Assessments for Fire Services may be used by local governments because fire services provide a special benefit by protecting property. Special Assessments for Fire Services are valid in Florida so long as they confer a special benefit to the property being assessed and the cost assessed is fairly and reasonably apportioned among the properties that receive the special benefit.

FIRE PENSIONS DO NOT PROTECT OUR PROPERTY but even if it was some other reason, it is going around a law that was created for local governments to come up with a solution to pay for an emergency cost that was un-budgeted and that benefited the property. Inefficiencies and over spending are not emergencies.

We keep hearing the same old tune coming out of City Hall...we are in a Financial Urgency and taxes need to be fair. We have had a system of taxation in this country for God knows how long and no one has complained about "fair." Not until now. Not until Lake Worth got into the act. I no longer can buy that financial urgency explanation. Yes, we need money...who doesn't? The City Manager knows this assessment stinks. The Finance Department knows this is wrong. The Commission, who knows? Baaaa.
That's the sound you hear when you are about to go to slaughter in just 40 days and 40 nights.


Anonymous said...

The answer is simple. The City lies.

Anonymous said...

Eventually this will all blow up, surprised it hasn’t taken place yet, the path Stanton and her band of thieves has, LW will collapse like a house of cards, no other choice.

Anonymous said...

That little butt kisser Frye needs to take a long walk.

Jon said...

Thanks Lynn for exposing all this to the public, we need to watch these guys like hawks, we can no longer believe or trust the government or people running it, we just need to vote out all incumbents, this is how we can impose term limits. I am tired of the waste and ineffectiveness of our government and especially our city manager who is rude and arrogant and not willing to listen to the people. How much longer will she last?

Anonymous said...

Lynn, how do you square your recent comments against what you used to say about how professional our CM is and about her getting more competent people in positions of heading departments?

The lies surrounding the assessment issue, the internal auditor, the beach "renovation" was all very evident to many people who were put down as just negative.

By pointing out facts or our opinions we were and still are subjected to ridicule.

I certainly hope you help to get rid of the clowns who are dragging us into the gutter and making us more of a laughing stock than we have been in the past.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused Lynn. You've always said they are all the best commission ever, so which is it?? The only people fooled by them are those of you who believed their bs and voted for them. I can tell you I was never fooled one minute. And you still say Rachel has no affiliation with Cara. Is it a coincidence that all Cara's followers are out campaigning for Rachel? Is it a coincidence that all Cara's appointees are out campaigning for Rachel? Just too many coincidences. Oh well, I'll just wait a few months for the blog entitled "Why is Rachel Waterman another Cara Jennings Puppet." It's not that hard to see the truth, just open your eyes.

Lynn Anderson said...

Happy to know, anony above, that you are just that much smarter with that much more indepth knowledge to call the shots and know how someone will turn out as a city commissioner. If we all had your skills in this regard, we would have a great city.

You NEVER know what you get until you actually get it. I believe that this commission is ethical but way too trusting and that makes them a touch above the bar of many past commissions. They are not doing the job that I believe it takes to come to making correct and sound decisions. They are relying on the CM to a point of stupid. I am also sure that you will disagree with that as well.

Lynn Anderson said...

To answer the other comment above that the CM is hiring highly competent people--As Scott says, she is building an empire. Whether true or not, we know that she is building loyalty and seeking top pros that are very good at what they do.

Anonymous said...

To say that the commission is ethicl is a stretch. They may not be bright, but they're involved enough to know something smells rotten. They choose to ignore and not ask the questions they should be asking. That is not ethical.

Anonymous said...

Stanton and the commission are absent of direction, motivation and most importantly leadership.

Anonymous said...

The City is going to get sued on this, their position is not defensible. An Attorney will bring a class action lawsuit, the attorney will win, city will have to refund assessment, pay attorneys fees and costs and us tax-payors will be on the hook for the litigation costs, which likely will outstrip the fire assessment costs.

Anonymous said...

I would rather pay the legal bill than let them get away with this.