Saturday, September 17, 2011

Marco Rubio and Illegal Immigration

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Marco ran on a platform of reducing illegal immigration. Marco Rubio gets a B- rating with an overall C rating from NumbersUSA on Immigration. He has some generous analysts looking at his record as I would have given him a D- for his lack of any action whatsoever. To continue to say it is a Federal problem, (we hear that all of the time in Lake Worth) he needs to insist that laws be enforced.

Read about his grade average here.

The SharkTank writes: Rubio’s “pro-legal’ immigration campaign platform will be put to the test this year as the growing tide of Islamic extremism continues to seep across our borders, and our present non-enforcement policy will eventually lead to what Congressman Allen West describes as a “cataclysmic event” if nothing is done to address this threat.

Will it take another 9-11-style atrocity to make the politicos in Washington D.C. realize that the illegal immigration issue is not a racial issue, but a security issue? Senator Rubio, you have the proverbial ‘pelota’ (ball) in your hand, will you throw a strike against this growing threat, or will you intentionally pass?


Anonymous said...

Hispanics or Latinos are very patriotic and protective of their people, Marco wants the Hispanic vote and the majority want things waived for the illegals since they are Hispanics, they feel no harm is done. Look the other way, while he might be good by some people, his people, I just do not care for him, he is very hateful toward gays and is part of the problem as to why we do not have gay marriage equality in this country.

Dogger said...

NumbersUSA must be using some sort of new math!
(0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+100+36)/10=13.6 "F" where I come from.

As for ". . . very hateful toward gays", wait until this country capitulates to ISLAM! Then you'll find out what hateful is all about.