Monday, September 26, 2011

Union Pensions - Out of Sight

“The people responsible for the fiscal discipline of the government budget are also the people who are relying on the political support of the people they’re providing these benefits to. So you have an inherent conflict of interest,” Werther said. “The problem is: Who’s representing the interest of the taxpayer?”

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Municipal Pensions a bonanza for Employees/

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Anonymous said...

Stanton is blowing smoke at everyone on this issue, if she addressed these costs through negotiations they could be reduced, of course they can’t unilaterally discharge the pensions, to suggest that is arrogant and assuming the citizens are ignorant. Using this same analogy the IBEW lineman should be receiving a high hazard pension plan as a linemen’s job is more hazardous that a fireman’s position is. She is out of touch with reality and clueless in how to solve the problem, just tax everyone to death. The fireman’s and police unions are more difficult to confront than the IBEW, she’s taking the easy way out.