Monday, September 12, 2011

Alien UFO's in Lake Worth have taken over the Minds of City Commissioners

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You've Got Me Under Your Spell

No, this is not the National Enquirer. Dee McNamara thinks we are led by creatures from outer space. I keep getting these e-mails from her about aliens and UFO's. Her mailing list is usually comprised of distinguished people like State Attorney Michael McAuliffe, Governor Rick Scott, President Obama, Nikita Khrushchev and The Arizona Republic.

After careful consideration we think she might have something here. Nikita? N'awwwww, aliens don't tax and assess poor aliens the same fee as rich aliens or dead people. They tax according to the value of that space ship. And they don't devise means of grabbing the cash to sock it to us now and every year going forward.

Maybe a light beam came down and zapped them all.

Betty Anderson keeps saying it is the "voodoo dust." Perhaps that's all it is.


Anonymous said...

hehe funny. I am surprised though that this commisison is not considering the poorer resident within Lake Worth. Taxes such as this really do hurt people but then it is a problem that the city is collecting no taxes from some people. They need to run the city.

Joe said...

Time will tell, but I am not so sure Golden will be re-elected, maybe Waterman, Golden just is not listening or responding to the people and I think Andy will end up beating her because of this. We do not want more taxes and assessments at this time, we want our elected officials to work with less, spend less, and be more innovative and problem solve, stop waste in government.

Lynn Anderson said...

Yes, they do need money to run the city. They need to stop the spending. I haven't had an income in several years. Should I be taxed an income tax? Would that be fair? Arbitrarily assessing the same tax on every parcel is ridiculous in its premise. The only ones who would agree with the commission that it is fair are the wealthy, the very ones Obama is going after and those who just hate poor people in general.

Greg Rice said...

The mayor also voted for the special assessment and tax increase. These increases only affect homeowners since most residential renters don't pay property taxes, or special assesments. Those are paid by the landlord and in this real estate market landlords are reluctant to raise rents to cover those additional cost.