Sunday, September 18, 2011

Loggerhead Turtles and the Lake Worth Beach

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When Irene passed by us this Hurricane Season, we lucked out but it managed to wipe away all the turtle nests on our beach. All of us who are environmentally conscientious and care, are going through discussions about turtle lighting at the Lake Worth beach. For some reason, turtle lighting was overlooked on the beach re-development plan. How could that be? Those we hired now want $2 to $3 million dollars more and the city manager wants to give the very guy, Michael Singer, a Contract, who has worked on a volunteer basis after his initial fee and was the one who designed the beach redevelopment plan without the proper turtle lighting.

The Loggerhead has been listed as a threatened species for over 30 years. It's classification has now been reviewed by the NOAA and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have now listed it as "endangered."

We must get this turtle lighting straightened out. Apparently the reason why it was missed is the fact that the City did not consider that another tenant in the Casino might want later hours as John G's was always breakfast and lunch. It just never dawned on anyone that John G's would get fed up and leave town. The City told them that they would not help with the build-out, that it was their expense. Then what happens after they pull out?... Staff changes the rules and we ARE paying for part of the build-outs. This was NOT part of the original Plan but the City in all its fear of not getting tenants, changed the rules unbeknown to the public or to the City Commission. We all learned about it one day at a workshop--vanilla and black boxes, whatever in the hell it all meant. The Commission just went along. The self-serving Realtor even made a statement in the PBPost that we should help in the build-out. Who in the heck asked him for his opinion? We will pay this guy a commission for our own tenants to come back and lease. We do the dumbest things.

The solution could be to limit evening hours or perhaps find that national chain restaurant that would pay for the lighting. Or, kick them all off our beach not allowing them to dig one hole, and find someone who will work within our parameters for $5 million. We don't need to spend one dime moving parking lots around and losing all that upper level as well as decal parking a Cara Jennings and Rene Varela idea.

P.S. I was at John G's for lunch yesterday at their new location in Manalapan. Here is a business that was with us for 37 years and we kicked them to the curb giving a total stranger, Johnny Longboats, a better deal than was offered to them. Not a nice thing to do to friends. And you wonder why people don't want to come to Lake Worth.


Anonymous said...

I'm agreeing with you all the time lately and that's pretty scary. Only kidding. These jerks want how much more money? I'll just bet they do. If we give them one penny more than $5 mil, then everyone should be fired.

Anonymous said...

Parking should be left alone there. Everyone wants to park by the beach. What in the hell is wrong with these people? You don't fix something that's not broken unless you are LW and it becomes totally ruined. I've about had it with these people and this city.

Anonymous said...

I know it is sad, I saw an eff on Friday with an unhatched broke up egg of of turtle, it mad me wonder then, This is sad.

Anonymous said...

How is it that everything that takes place in LW always ends up the responsibility of anyone other than the employees that are paid as workers at LW. The beach is just another example of the absolute dysfunctional culture that is so pervasive in the so called organization. As stated in the article in the PBP that LW has a person that should be accountable, "Kathleen Margoles, project manager for the city", yet once again it is easier for the city to abdicate its responsibility and blame it on a volunteer. The city needs a project manager. It is so ridiculous for LW to consistently blame everyone other than themselves for poor performance at every turn. Everyone can clearly see that the turtle issue is incompetence, you make the call. Is this another example where they let others do the work and then have the taxpayers pay for work based on neglect, such as 6th Ave. and 10th Ave. widening. This story should be getting old, yet the CM must have had her operation that included placing Teflon for her skin as nothing seems to stick to her.

Nothing will change until someone provides some leadership and accountability for LW, who's paying the bills. I would think that all of us would be sick of the waste and incompetence, long overdo for a change.

Anonymous said...

I agree whole heartedly Anon 12:55...What also bothers me is why is our elected officials playing dead? Why are they not asking the tough questions and putting pressure on the CM and her cronies to be accountable.

incompetence is all over our city and elected officials and yet many of us who would consider moving can't....

So if your stuck here then don't be "stuck"...Stand up and start being a part and hammering city hall to also stand up and be accountable.

Anonymous said...

All roads lead back to Stanton. She is the spider at the heart of this webb. What Queeny wants,Queeny gets. No matter who or what (Lake Worth ) is destroyed in the process.To whom it may concern-keep stealing that damned golf cart key,then nothing will get done!!May the souls of those buried under the dunes rise up and punish the corrupt.