Friday, September 23, 2011

Special Fire Assessment

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Last night was a kick to the head, no doubt. And the most revealing thing about it was the fact that this Commission that kicked us all to the ground did so with empty noggins and gave the Stanton line to justify it all. Gee, we sympathize with you. "We all pay it too," said the Mayor. Ah, Mayor, I don't think that you do pay it but we would be happy to send you our bills so that you can be part of the team.

Even Commissioner McVoy, who did not show up until after public commentary, commented. It was all the same old company line even bringing up the library. Gosh, is there any originality to the argument when you want to screw the people? We have never said that government should never spend any money, Commissioner. The problem here is that YOU have forgotten whose money it is. Is there ever any possibility that your mind will not be fed with garbage and manipulated by the city manager to the point of being a zombie?

The vote, as you all know, ended up on a 3/2 with Maxwell and Waterman dissenting. Waterman dissented for all the WRONG reasons. She didn't think it was appropriate to tax it this year because of hard times and instead, wanted to deplete our reserves down to zero and push back two new positions to be hired at a later time in the budget cycle. She voted "no" which was a smart political move. The entire matter comes back to the public on October 4.

Now I ask you, if you, Mr/Ms Homeowner, have a fixed bill that you know will go up every year, do you rob your savings to the point of a zero balance to pay for it for just one year? Have you ever heard of anything like that unless, of course, you want to go bankrupt? Whatever happened to cutting the spending? Whatever happened to stopping the waste? Whatever happened to your old laptops? Whatever happened to eating hamburgers instead of steak? You get my drift. The reason this country and this city is in the shape it is in is not only that people have less money and their property values have fallen like a rock, but it is the government spending. Everyone "gets" that but government. It is easy to rob that cookie jar.

Last night when Commissioner Maxwell asked about the reserves, Staff said it was $5 million that was spent. A few weeks ago we heard the figure $12 million and then we heard $15 million. They had so much of our money that they have NO idea what they spent or where they spent it or even why. Even the amount of the missing millions has them totally confused and they act like it is hay, not real greenbacks. It is constantly shuffled here, there and everywhere but in the meantime, it is the public that gets the big shuffle. Where's our money?

Ron Exline was right. The city could find this money by stopping the spending and pulling it from another account. But folks, that is not the objective here. It is simply to steal your money and unfairly assess you so that the city can once again get a reserve account. The other objective, of course, is to open the can of worms for future assessments, the creative way around inefficiency. The very people who robbed all of our reserves, now want us to put the money back in the kitty.

All citizens spoke out against the tax, even a preacher, a woman in a wheel chair, and just average folks from the community talking about the hardships, etc. but the Commission had already closed their ears before they entered the chamber, singing "I only have Eyes for you," as they glanced at the city manager.

Instead of Joe Kroll leaving, perhaps it is a good time for everyone to pack their bags.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it really is all about future assessments that they will bill to us. Deplorable situation by this commission created by staff.

Anonymous said...

Anybody ready????

Anonymous said...

Wrong link Sorry.... Try this one...

Lynn Anderson said...

Ok, now. do you want to start the petition process? We can get every voter signature out here in the Lake Osborne section and all of Lake Osborne Estates. Someone file and I can assure you that we will work hard to get this done and get it on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

What's nice about the process is that it forces the Commission to listen to us. If they don't, THEY must place the question on the ballot.

My only question is whether to place it on the ballot as a Charter amendment (to eliminate any further assessments unless the voters approve it) or just to reconsider the ordinance passed last night on a 3 to 2 vote. Ya Rachel, you voted against it after arguing FOR it all night.

Lynn Anderson said...

Petitioning is very difficult especially at this time of year. A lot of the voters are not back here for the season. You would have to get 15% of the electorate within 30 days. I don't know the rules with this election coming up so quickly but I suppose you could call for a special election.

If any activist out there wants to organize this, I will help and I know many who will.

Check with Pam Lopez on the requirements.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OK... how do we get around:

Initiative. Qualified voters of the city shall have power to propose ordinances to the city commission and, if the city commission fails to adopt an ordinance so proposed without any change in substance, to adopt or reject it at a city election, provided that such power shall not extend to the budget or capital improvements program or any ordinance relating to appropriation or money, levy of taxes or salaries of city officers or employees.

??? From the link above

Lynn Anderson said...

Well then, the CM has covered her butt. It sure is a mystery to me how this city government can ignore the people, ignore the economy, ignore the conditions right now as the market tumbles lower again. All they have to do is turn on the news and know that what they are doing is wrong. They have ignored the fact that the city has not produced a proper budget that funded pensions over the last several years. If you know you have an obligation, why are you not putting it on a line item in the budget? This is so much bull.

Anonymous said...

Vote the bums out of office. Vote Waterman and Golden out. Then get rid of Mulvehill and Mcvoy. Fire the city manager,the useful idiot Margolis,the utilities director and the worthless city attorney.Joe Kroll-don't even get me started!I would say "thank God" ,but Stanton probably has some even more dishonest puppet lined up to take his place!Can someone check his bank accounts?I have a feeling that his time with Lake Worth was quite profitable. No one is minding the store.