Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 - War against America

On 9/11, Holy War was carried out against the United States of America...Jihad...perpetrated by terrorists of the Muslim faith. Traditionally Jihad was understood to be a military effort. In an offensive war it is an obligation on the Muslim community as a whole (fard kifaya), and in a defensive war it becomes a personal obligation (fard 'ayn) on every adult male Muslim. Jihad appears 41 times in the Quran per Wikipedia. Allen West promotes film against Ground Zero Islamic Center.

We have been attacked on our own soil five times:

April 18th 1775- attacked by the British, most famous for Paul revere yelling "The British are coming"

August 16, 1812 - the British invaded and sacked Washington D.C. and burned the White house to the ground,

March 9th 1916- Pancho Villa and 500 Mexicans attacked New Mexico killing 18 Americans

December 7th 1941- Japanese attacked pearl harbor naval base in the Hawaiian Islands 2,350

September 11th 2001- Al-Qaeda, (Muslim terrorists) attacked the world trade center buildings, and the pentagon. Another plane was headed towards Washington, DC when it crashed in Pennsylvania. 2,976 estimated killed. Source: Wiki

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