Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Citizens Come First

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Citizens Come First, Political Action Committee, was formed in Palm Beach County on December 26, 2007.

Our first campaign was for the defeat of three ballot issues voted on by 3 out of the 5 City Commissioners in Lake Worth who wanted to grab the power. This was placed on the January 29, 2008 ballot.

The people spoke loud and clear.

1. Three year Commission terms:......NO (68%) YES (32%)

2. Eliminate run-off elections:......... NO (67%) YES (33%)

3. Residency requirement for
Police & Fire Chiefs:..............NO (49.76%) YES (50.24%)

Because of the confusing ballot language of Item 3 (we wanted our chiefs to reside in the City by Charter), it lost by 21 votes.

I call all of this to your attention because the Mayor wants to revisit terms again. She said at the Public Hearing on the Millage (where she voted to raise our taxes) that there soon would be a workshop on the term issue to discuss extending their term from 2 to 3 years. She felt that the commission salaries should go up when the terms are extended. Susan Stanton agrees in extending terms.

The salary issue was first publicly noticed in the September 22, 2011 Lake Worth Herald. The hearing to discuss commission salaries will be on October 4 and term limits will be discussed in a future workshop. Read the Palm Beach Post article.

Does the will of the people count for anything?


Anonymous said...

As you said the other night, Lynn, we don't want to see their faces for 3 years.

Anonymous said...

I get so sick of all of this.

Lynn Anderson said...

I hope that you meant that you were sick of what's happening at city hall and not the blog article. :)

Seth said...

I am so fed up with all these elected officials, enough is enough, they can give them selves raises, since most are unemployed and make us pay for them, yet want to tax us to death and show nothing for all their ineffectiveness in this city, it is crazy here, getting crazier by the day and the city manager is the one making all these waves, every since she came this city has just gotten weird. She is such a control freak, what a freak, I have had enough. No raises, no new taxes, now extension of terms. Vote all of these people out when you can!

Anonymous said...

Three year terms and elimination of runoffs were soundly defeated in 2004 when the Romano led Commission put these issues on the ballot.
Do we citizens have to let our elected officials know every 4 years that we want 2 year terms and officials elected by a majority not just a plurality?
Part of this is a reaction to 2 elections within 4 months, a fluke created by the runaway mayor who wanted to control the city in favor of his cronies even after he left.

Anonymous said...

Just watched Channel 5 news and I must have been hiding under a rock to hear that the Mayor and Commissioners want a raise?

1st the CM and Commission try and tell us that the city is broke then spends thousands of our dollars to "lock up" our public building called city hall. (What are you afraid of Stanton?)

2nd they ignore the very public that elected them (except Scott)and city staff moves money all over the place to hide it and when Mr. Exline wants to tell them about it they refused to hear it.

3rd and not last...They tax and Assess the hell out of us....

and THEY want a raise?

So NO to a raise and say NO to them at the polls. AND Say NO every time you see them any where just walk by and say NO, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Two years are more than enough

Anonymous said...

It's SO HARD TO BRAINWASH SOMEONE NEW EVERY TWO YEARS !!! OF COURSE !!! Stanton wants extended term limits. Look how much work she has invested to turn Suzanne Mulvehill, Joann Golden,Christopher Mcvoy and Rachel Waterman into her hand puppets!These weenies are totally out of touch and arrogant beyond belief.Everyone had better be at that workshop-and bring your neighbors-to tell these Commission jerks to go to hell!!