Wednesday, March 1, 2017

On CNN tonight - McCain and Graham

Two major pain in the arses to President Trump--disgruntled losing candidates for president of the United States. They should be in their element tonight appearing on a biased news show, CNN, that is desperate to get people to agree with their false assessment of Trump and possibly move up their ratings that have been tanking.

9pm tonight if anyone is interested to sit there and listen to Trump bashing--a majority of Lake Worthians.


Anonymous said...

the dems and cnn have a good pair working for them wonder what they have been promised by either one

mike said...

A fossil who is senator from a state whose VA has the worst record of neglect and abuse of veterans seeking treatment, and a presidential candidate who attracted 1% of the primary voters.

It will give Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon a chance to get on their liberal soapboxes.

Are they aware that the new chair and co-chair of their beloved Democrat party are both avowed supporters of Sharia law?

Thank God that Donald Trump has ben elected and spoke so inspirationally last night.

Anonymous said...

Well said1 John McCain is losing all of his credibility, and most of the respect that people had for him. At this point, I couldn't care less if he was a hero. Maybe it was all a staging area for his career. He's filthy rich, as well, and he didn't earn his money the old-fashioned way. So where did he get all his money?

Anonymous said...

You couldn't care less that he was a hero? Incredible!

Anonymous said...

Everybody in America is a hero. Didn't you get your badge yet? I meant every word I said. If you constantly have to be patted on the back for something you did 50 years ago, you're not a hero, you're a publicity hound.

Anonymous said...

Is Graham a hero too, or is he just an old Rum Dum?