Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tidal wave of student loan defaults

Back when I was in school, if you had a student loan, the first thing you did was pay it off. You wouldn't have thought about not paying a debt. Now the socialist agenda is in full force and these kids have been lead to believe that they should get a free college education. Taking the loan is their reward for going to college in the first place.

[Daily Wire] "President Donald Trump is still making good on his campaign promises. His focus on fixing the nation’s spending just got another shot in the arm. Just last year, Obama had created a $137 Billion (with a “B”) problem in the student loan business. This should cause a great outcry from the snowflake left and their feelings of entitlement."

With a variety of options to repay student loans. 42.4 million Americans owe $1.3 trillion in student loans with the problem growing to 14% increase in defaults. It was found that 30% of students use this money to party during Spring break.

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Anonymous said...

We shouldn't be shocked at this, entitlement, no priorities and amoral. These children weren't trained to be adults and will skip out as many times as allowed.