Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hudson Holdings finally on the ball - wrecking ball

Demolitions today at The Gulfstream Hotel.


Anonymous said...

Damn time.

Vinnie said...

An historic building in an historic district- any thing for a developer.

If an individual homeowner tried to get away with this they would be made to jump through 100 hoops and would still be denied.

A classic case of demolition by neglect.

The Commission and HRPZB spent countless hours at public meetings to save this building, wasting their time and the public's.

What a bad joke!

Anonymous said...

H H must have cried when Matthew, the CAT 4 hurricane slated to slam us did no such thing. We were supposed to take a direct hit, and absolutely NO shielding was put on the Gulfstreamm. Not even one strand of duct tape on a window.Had we been hit, every window in that place would have been gone and the damage would have been catastrophic.Maybe H H was even hoping that it might collapse,saving them the cost of demolition.

Lynn Anderson said...

@8:58--this was not the hotel itself but the outer buildings.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until they knock the rest down and build a new 60 foot tower. So much for your "heights vote".

Lynn Anderson said...

That will all be decided in court. The city keeps stalling.