Thursday, March 23, 2017

Quote of the Day - Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

"This is not the selling of lawnmowers & office supplies. This is a Schedule 1 controlled substance.”

~ Rob Bradley, FL Senator

He has proposed SB 406 that would outlaw smoking medical marijuana and would limit medical marijuana for Florida residents only.

"The proposal would also place caps on the number of marijuana dispensaries, expanding the number of businesses by five when the state has 250,000 patients, 350,000 patients, 400,000 patients and then every 100,000 thereafter. Bradley's bill would max out at 20 companies providing medical pot to patients once the registry hits 500,000." [Sunshine News]

Even in spite of Commissioner Amoroso who believes that we all should have the right to walk around smoking dope, the Lake Worth Commission voted the right way on Tuesday night when they voted 5/0 to establish a moratorium on applications, confirmation letters, business licenses, development orders and permits involving uses relating to medical marijuana.

At the moment, there are two companies (more than enough) already approved to dispense medical marijuana in our city. Although it was said that they are "grandfathered in," I don't know how this proposed law would affect them if SB 406 should pass.


Anonymous said...

Hey ,our heights amendment wasn't "grandfathered in" so why should these crime magnets be???

Anonymous said...

your "heights amendment" was garbage. Medical marijuana is the law. That's why.

Lynn Anderson said...

I think he was talking about the dispensaries that have already been approved by LW.

Anonymous said...

"Medical" pot is a hoax and will further weaken our population with stoners.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that it's a hoax. The whole country just wants to "Turn on, Tune in, and Drop Out" For sure, we won't win any wars this way. Don't worry, we're finished anyway. The sun is rising in the east.

Anonymous said...

Our heights amendment won overwhelmingly and was a certified election.The only "garbage" was Mayor Pam Triolo ,Commissioner Andy Amoroso and Commissioner Scott maxwell who thought it was OK to $hit on an election in America.Oh yeah and city Attorney Glenn Torcivia who taught them just how to sit on the crapper and make it look legal.