Saturday, March 25, 2017

Progressive Socialism is a failed premise - The Healthcare Fiasco

Former Congressman Allen West has observed the GOP House leadership and finds it wanting. His junior officers in the Army were taught to plan, not react. Mr. West has been in Congress and knows the inner workings. here are his thoughts on what happened to the repeal and replace fiasco. And then he tells you how this could have been avoided.
This is where we are in America with progressive socialism. Some still don’t believe the stove is hot, and that progressive socialism is a failed premise of governance. And here comes the GOP trying to keep the people away from the stove, the flaming hot stove of Obamacare, a massive tax and welfare endeavor that will burn this nation. But the problem is, the GOP wants to try and keep the stove on, in an attempt to regulate its heat, instead of shutting it off.


Mildred said...

The Republican Party had 7 years to come up with improvements or a replacement that could pass and they just can't do it. They have a majority in the House and they couldn't get all their reps to back it because it was so, so very bad. That's not the Dems fault. That's not socialism's fault or whatever has-been Allen West is's totally and completely on Republicans led by Trump. The fact that Republicans can't own up to that and keep pointing across the aisle is the problem but it is so typical of every Republican alive.

There is not one American alive that doesn't want an improved healthcare system. The Dems did their part so why the hell can't Republicans do theirs? Let me answer that question: because they can't stand the thought of the wealthy paying a little more to help those less fortunate than they are. If they were able to get pass that, they would sit down at a table with Dems and work out something that benefits all Americans...and not just those whose political beliefs they agree with.

Lynn Anderson said...

I totally disagree with you 100%.
The Republicans are not blaming Democrats although not one Democrat supported the bill. Their goal is to obstruct anything Republicans and Trump do.
The Republicans did not try and pass something in the middle of the night that had not been published and read. They were totally transparent.
This is not Trump's fault. This is the Republican party's fault. Some just want a better bill and want to totally repeal Obamacra first.It is also the mindset of one-half of the country that they are entitled to healthcare and want the whole enchilada with the government paying for it all. This is a tough nut to crack.
It has nothing to do with your opinion and hatred of those with money. I would say your Hillary Clinton is extremely wealthy as are all her influential special interest backers and most Democratic elected reps in general. It has nothing to do with the wealthy against the poor and all that fake propaganda that you all like to spew.

Mildred said...

Who is "you all," Lynn? I am a Palm Beach County Republican who wants to see better healthcare for Americans. If that is what you mean by "you all" then I guess I'm your gal.

If you recall, Republicans did keep their plan from the public for days...even Republican Rand Paul got upset:

"On Thursday morning, March 2nd, Paul took to Twitter to urge House Republicans to share the full bill with Americans, something he said they have kept concealed.

“What is the House leadership trying to hide?” Paul asked. “My guess is, they are trying to hide their ‘Obamacare Lite’ approach.” "

I do agree with you that it's a tough nut to crack. But I don't see any serious effort by Trump and the GOP to crack it. They're moving on, saying that they're going to sit back and watch Obamacare "explode." Now that we're in control we have the responsibility of maintaining the current system....but if we don't like it, then we should change it and not just watch it burn.

I don't know about you but I need healthcare and I don't want the system to collapse.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Lynn!

Lynn Anderson said...

A little over a year ago, Donald Trump came out with a 7 point plan. Ryan did not follow it and Trump allowed others to run with it. He can't micro-manage every aspect of our government They should have repealed Obamacare before trying to patch it up. that was the first big mistake. We'll see what Tom Price does. It's over for the short term and Obamacare will be over too as no one will be able to afford it. It's the fault of the Republicans and politics and we can't forget the Democrats who are ALL out to destroy Trump at every opportunity. Nothing short of the government footing the entire bill for healthcare would have made Democrats happy.

Anonymous said...

It's been said many times that Americans just want the same health care that Congress has for its' members. Anyone who can disagree with that really belongs in the serf class. What idiot is going to be satisfied with paying their whole life for the ruling class to deny comparable benefits to those who put them in office. So for years, people haven't gotten raises, and continue to pay higher and higher costs for health care, and they are supposed to be happy with this. Not in a free society, it's never going to happen. Get a Grip on reality. Trump was elected for one reason: To make things better for the American people. If that doesn't happen, watch the polls!

Anonymous said...

Remember when Republicans were out to destroy Obama and he passed healthcare?

Good times.

Hey, Trump said he could fix it I don't know how many times during the campaign. I'm still waiting.

Anonymous said...

He can't micro manage every aspect of our government, say the folks who blamed Obama for everything for 8 years.

You're right. It's only healthcare. Something that he campaigned and complained about for a couple years. Something that he promised he would change immediately when elected. Something that, if he would have accomplished, he would have gotten all the credit for and you would still be writing posts about what a great deal maker he is.

You guys are so hilariously blind to your own hypocrisy, your ordinary comments become pieces of comedy.

Lynn Anderson said...

So happy to know you think we are funny...hilariously so.

Nothing hypocritical about this. Already answered to your charges above. It will get done...just not this time and just not as soon as Trump would have liked. He wants a good policy for the American people and one that they can afford.

Feel proud that you continue to obstruct and derail. Anarchists do that sort of thing. Please come to he realization that you liberals lost this election and you are dragging down this country with every breath you take.

Take that and swallow it.

Anonymous said...

I don't see this as a partisan issue!

Lynn Anderson said...

It should NOT be a partisan issue but it is! Obama's legacy and all that jazz.