Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Smart Ass Chelsea Chick

No, not that Chelsea--

I thought she probably was a New Yorker but I found out she originally was from New Jersey. Most wise-guys I have ever known come from NY.  Handler, who thinks she's funny, was a vocal supporter of the 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and was critical of her opponent Donald Trump. In 2016, she told The Daily Beast that a Trump presidency would be the "end of our civilization." Supposedly she is a comedian but I find nothing funny about her smart ass "act."


Anonymous said...

hate this bitch.

Anonymous said...

She's an idiot who has it too good here to leave the country. Her "comedy" is sleezy, if a man speaks that way it's misogyny.

Vinnie said...

Now we know that this unfortunate looking creature is uneducated too.

The internet makes people like her stars when they really belong out of the public eye.

She's already exceeded her 15 minutes of fame.

Please, Ms. Handler, leave the country today and spew your hatred somewhere else.